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Fan video shows Jordan Jones spitting at Southern Miss crowd (Updated)

Jordan Jones is a passionate and energetic football player, but he couldn’t keep those emotions in check on the sideline of Kentucky’s game at Southern Miss.

Jones got caught up in a verbal altercation with the home crowd seated behind his team’s bench, and now there is video circulating the internet that shows him yelling, and even spitting, toward the crowd.

Obviously this is some pretty poor behavior by Jones. He has to know to save that for the field (well, maybe not the spitting) and ignore everything going on behind him.

On that same point, that gum (?) had no shot at actually hitting anyone.


UK spokesperson says the coaching staff is aware of the video and handled the situation internally.

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19 responses to “Fan video shows Jordan Jones spitting at Southern Miss crowd (Updated)”

  1. Booby Petrino

    “please punish this kid for spitting…” hopefully Stoops gives him a stern time-out in the corner.

  2. InigoMontoya


    1. BlueGrass

      This is the kind of complete non-story the media creates (or in this day and age people on social media) to give us something to talk about. So…

      Talk about it, debate it, whatever…

      No suspension, no internal punishment, no worries.

  3. 2Dogs

    I’d hate to know the kind of crap these guys have to hear from the crowd. I’m sure it ranges from annoying to infuriating. Not to excuse a player for crossing the line, though I saw nothing in this video to suggest that Jones did, but there are a lot of fans that think because they bought a ticket everything they do and say is fair game. And if the player reacts he’s looked upon as the bad guy.

    1. 125Zartan

      I was sitting in the second row behind our bench and was really proud of how our guys dealt with the heckling from the crowd. For the most part our guys just moved down the sideline without any reaction. I think Jordan needs some education on how to deal with these situations because when he reacted to the crowd it only made him a target and made the Southern Miss fans want to push him over the line. I could excuse him maybe losing his cool and yelling back at the fans once, but I do think that trying to spit into the crowd is not a good look for our program. Something I would expect from a Louisville player but not our guys. I also don’t understand why no coaches tried to help him by moving him down the sideline away from these fans.

  4. TakenNotGiven

    Much ado about nothing. Doesn’t reveal the whole story. Gum didn’t hit fan and had no chance of doing so. I’d hate to be on video all the time and have every action scrutinized.

  5. Boogie31

    So grown ass people want to be able to yell anything they want from the protection of the stands and for him to sit there and take it without responding. If he does respond, all of a sudden he’s a bad kid. Ok. I don’t blame him for yapping back.

  6. runningunnin.454

    “Please punish this kid”….please shut up; your team plays dirty.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      RG, I just checked that guy’s (Josh McCoy) Twitter feed and he’s apparently a UK fan. Hmmm…

    2. Mc12

      My guess is McCoy was being sarcastic since that Brandt Jones DB copied everyone and their mother on the tweet.

  7. jahanc2uky

    I like the attitude. Too many times UK players would out their heads down, listen to the trash talk, and just take it. You want winning football players? Then you want kids that play with attitude, grit, and a mentality of spit on you! CATS!!

  8. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Look, he only had something caught in his throat, and he was only trying to loosen up his middle finger after it stiffened up a little. 😛

    This may warrant the equivalent of a time out like #1 said above. I don’t curse or flip people the bird, and I don’t approve of the behavior, but in the grand scheme this doesn’t deserve a suspension or anything like that. That lugee (sp?) was never going to hit anyone.

  9. RickE

    I’m glad he didn’t spit on someone. That is over the line. But Damn, there is more spitting on a Football field than any other behavior.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yeah, you’d think this was a baseball game or something.

  10. catsarerunnin

    Add spitting on a football field to the ever growing list of things considered “offensive”.

  11. kyball

    Bad look for our team. Whether our players like it or not, they need to take the high road with fans who choose to taunt them. Shut the fans up ON THE FIELD. And for our coaches to see this going on and not drag the player away is ridiculous. I am more upset at them than I am Jones.

    1. 125Zartan

      Agree- I think most upsetting is that coaches didn’t react whatsoever. If you want to help your player, you don’t allow him to escalate an altercation with fans.

  12. J-Dub421

    Oh No!!! Jones spit in someone’s general direction! The horror!

  13. bige

    They’re pissed because it wasn’t ‘take a bath week’ in Mississippi.