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ESPN releases their final Top-25… And doesn’t include Kentucky

ESPN just released their final Football Power Index rankings for the season, and Kentucky didn’t make the list.

That’s right, after finishing 10-3 including Citrus Bowl win over Penn State, the computer-generated ranking system didn’t have Kentucky as a Top-25 program. The FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. To make matters worse, Kentucky beat four teams that made it onto the list: Missouri, Florida, Penn State and Mississippi State.

Let’s think about that.

No. 14 Missouri finished the season 8-5, including a 15-14 loss to the Cats.

No. 11 Florida also finished 10-3, but let’s not forget that 27-16 loss to Kentucky inside the Swamp.

No. 10 Penn State lost to Kentucky less than a week ago, finishing their season 9-4.

No. 9 Mississippi State fell to the Cats 28-7, finished with an 8-5 record and earned a top-10 spot.

See the complete Top-25 list here on 247 Sports

This Kentucky team is used to being disrespected. My guess? This will only continue motivating Kentucky into the spring season. While the FPI rankings don’t actually “mean” much, it still stings to be completely left off the list following such a spectacular season in the Bluegrass.

In the wise words of Vince Marrow:


Article written by Maggie Davis

31 responses to “ESPN releases their final Top-25… And doesn’t include Kentucky”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. BBNDan7

    That poll is absolutely uselsss anyways

  3. Ridge Runner

    I yi yi… On drugs & alcohol during poll write up & release is a thought.. but I dunno.

  4. maximumscott

    Seriously, what metrics are they using?

    1. njCat

      Offensive efficiency?

  5. ukjaybrat

    W… Weren’t we 14 before we beat Penn State? Then dropped 12+ spots? So confusing. It’s like they just completely forgot about us.

  6. davis2319

    ESPN is irrelevant when it comes to stuff like this. They did this because they are trying to get clicks and a rise out of one of the biggest fan bases (us) to get attention. There are so many different sports outlets now that ESPN is becoming irrelevant and they can feel it. I just ignore any stupid polls they put out. We could win the CFP and would end up ranked somewhere in the 30’s in their post season FPI.

  7. Blue Jesus

    It’s the FPI ranking so I believe no humans are involved in the selections. Now as for whichever humans were involved in designing the ranking formula…

  8. playmorezeppelin

    – Two teams who went 9-5 and 9-4 in the Pac-12 (!!!!!) ranked ahead of us.

    – Missouri, a team we beat AT Missouri, a team that went 8-5 in the same conference and division as us, ranked TWELVE spots ahead of us. Mizzou SOS: 11 – Kentucky SOS: 13

    – Florida, a team who we beat AT Florida, who has same record as us in the same conference and division, ranked FIFTEEN spots ahead of us. Florida SOS: 10 – Kentucky SOS: 13

    – Mississippi State, a team who we beat by handing them half the number of touchdowns they allowed all season, a team who plays in the same conference as us, a team who had five loses this season, ranked TWENTY-ONE spots ahead of us. SOS: 5.

    – Penn State, a team who we just beat a week ago at the very end of the season, a team who went 9-4 in the Big Easy, with a SOS of 16, ranked SEVENTEEN spots ahead of us.

    – Wisconsin, a team who went 8-5 in the Big Easy, whose wins include Western Kentucky, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue, and Miami…. and whose loses include Minnesota, BYU, Northwestern, Michigan, and Penn State, ranked ahead of us. SOS: 28

    22. Fresno State
    23. Utah State

    Someone tell me what I’m missing

  9. KYjellyRoll

    I reported this first on a comments section

    1. playmorezeppelin

      Your trophy is in the mail

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Better be.

  10. lecantrell

    The list is a Joke, UK should be listed ahead of Florida

  11. bailey000


  12. cats646

    Good. Keeps that chip on our boys shoulder.
    Done it before, we’ll do it again!!
    Go cats!!!!

  13. east-ky-boy

    I agree this is crazy! The Tennessee loss KILLED us.

  14. jaws2

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. Get ready guys, we won’t be in the preseason AP next year either. These fuks are going to make us earn it all over again!! Sad but true. It almost makes it impossible to get to the top 10 where we could belong.

    1. Teamhhc1

      The way to early top 25 poll didn’t have us ranked.

    2. SGCanter

      The good thing about sec football is if we win we will always force them to put us in the conversation. I would give anything for a similar record next year.

  15. Larkin123

    This is a mistake…

  16. kydrummer

    Fuel for next year!

  17. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Paul Finebaum is like I’m definitely the smartest guy here.

  18. ohiokatfan

    Are we sure this is legit? I have looked and can’t find any reference to this ranking on ESPN’s website.

  19. notFromhere


  20. Duuuuuude

    Must have had Tim Tebo involved in the rankings. UK has poor facilities, right? lol

  21. makeitstop

    That is obviously a mistake – we were 14 going into the Citrus Bowl. Mizzou was 23 and Miss St 18 going into Bowls they lost. There is no mathematical formula that produces that, it’s literally impossible. Miss St moves up to 8, and Mizzou to 14? That’s some junior clerk pushing the wrong button and there is another ranking coming next week. It’ll be fixed then or it genuinely a rigged deal bc that math is myth.

  22. bigblue2284

    This is beyond dumb. That is all, ESPN not ranking UK in the top 25 says more about them than UK.

  23. mcp157

    ESPN the home of idiots!

  24. Miller45

    Weight room bulletin board material there

  25. njCat

    The FPI is a computer generated poll. Analysts, coaches and the press have no input. This same poll had them at #38 after the TN loss. It’s just a stupid algorithm. Seems our #100 ranked offense may have had an impact.

  26. Urincatland