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Eddie Gran takes the blame, says UK needs more downfield shots

Eddie Gran is receiving a ton of backlash from the fan base, but give the man credit for owning up to his mistakes. After the game, he pretty much said he thought Kentucky would be able to run on Tennessee, but Tennessee showed up and shut that down.

This is on me. I felt like there was an edge and I really felt good going into this thing,” he said of his game plan. “They took it to us. Hats off to them.”

In his defense, Tennessee was ranked dead last in rush defense in the SEC. To think Kentucky would be able to run is not crazy by any means.

He then admitted, “I need to create more shots down the field. We gotta take some chunks. We gotta do it early and we gotta do it in some rhythm. I’m not creating enough of that for our offense.”

For all the criticism Gran receives, some of which is deserved, he always carries himself well and accepts the blame when things go wrong. We’re not too far removed from a former offensive coordinator who would’ve doubled down on his mistakes.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

130 responses to “Eddie Gran takes the blame, says UK needs more downfield shots”

  1. Matty Arbuckle

    Gran’s offense has been unwatchable this second half of the season.

  2. blueblood4life

    Downfield shots lol ? new offensive coordinator !

    1. KYCat4EVER

      Yeppers! Like this confession is about 5 games too late!

    2. blueblood4life

      Exactly kycat!

  3. sportshawk

    So why didn’t he call more downfield shots? and put BOTH running backs in game so everyone on D does not key on Snell. A 2nd grader can see we should change things when offense struggles. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT dummy!

    1. Middy

      Don’t think he can adjust in game. His comments suggest this. If the original game plan doesn’t work, we’re screwed. When it does, we’re ok. Problem is that most everyone else adjusts in game!

    2. bwise

      Yea…correct….we have the only offensive coordinator that can’t adjust his game plan in the nation….lol

    3. CombatMedic_98

      Should have been downfield all Season…that’s the goal: GET in the end zone to win!!!!!

  4. Trueblue44

    Well congratulations. I mean seriously, are we commending the guy for taking the obvious blame here? If a thief accepts blame for robbing a bank, do we commend him for it? Hell yes it’s his fault, who gives a damn if he accepts it or not? Fact is, it’s ALWAYS been his fault and it’s yet to change. Sorry, get outta here Gran. At least back off and let someone else do it, God knows they cannot possibly be worse

    1. TheAssman


    2. makeitstop

      Show me ur serious: change QB’s, use the WHOLE playbook not the half u give Terry, get the damn ball downfield and change tempo – grind it when u have to not from kickoff to defeat. If u do that, cool. Otherwise it’s just BS. Spare us.

    3. cats646

      Why change QBs?? Gunnar came in and threw one pass. 0-1, 1 int. He’s not the option.

    4. makeitstop

      Bc Terry limits the playbook. He can’t read the D. He has horrendous mechanics, ball too low, too slow to release, etc etc. it’s not just individual atheticism it’s what a guy allows u to call to provide balance. And bc we have no choice. This isn’t close to working or improving.

    5. CATandMONKEY

      QB is NOT the issue – Despite your incessant protests. Where is our “Best offensive line in 40 years”? They WERE looking like that. As of late- not so much. How many dropped passes the last 4 games?

    6. makeitstop

      And while I had long since turned the game off, the Hoak pass was w a minute left down 17, and that’s going to show he can’t do better? C’mon. Wilson is the worst QB in the conference so if we have 2 guys worse we really have a gift for player development at that position bc they were all highly recruited.

    7. Trueblue44

      Hoak is far from the answer as well. Wouldn’t mind seeing Clark get a chance but Hoak isn’t the fix. Half of Hoaks throws are damn near sidearm and falling back on his back leg. Plus no zip on the ball at all. We have playmakers, just no actual design to get them into open space at all. We need an intelligent play caller and we need it immediately. Even the wrong play can be productive if it’s designed well

    8. cats646

      That alone doesn’t show that Hoak can’t do better. But his overall performance in every play his been in shows that he sucks.

    9. mashburnfan1

      make it stop, please watch games before commenting. Hoak was playing against a prevent defense and threw late and soft on a medium route, which they are giving us, and got picked.

    10. blueblood4life

      Great comment true blue! Get his ass out of Lexington !

    11. ukcamel

      Actually admitting culpability is admirable and rare in our society, but it doesn’t replace accountability. Stoops is going to have to think long and hard whether a change is necessary, especially with no Benny to lean on so much next year. But there’s no reason to not play out this season with Gran.

  5. sportshawk

    Hal Mumme has had his offensive plan copied by dozens of teams. How about offering HIM OC job? He would be great and take the job in a minute!

    1. makeitstop

      C’mon I loved Mumme but he got a show cause and left us in a mess. Plus guys want to play in a system that produces NFL talent. I’d take the 35 points a game right now but let’s get a young talent or an NFL guy who can show them who he’s coached. We have the money and the program is in good shape(ish) so it couid be a good gig.

    2. michaelb

      Gran needs to follow Hal mumme on twitter

    3. zoupman

      I agree with Gran saying it’s his fault and I agree we need to change QB’s. 10 games wasted trying to turn a donkey in to a horse. Tentative Terry is in no way a D1 QB

  6. BigolBlue

    HAS to be fired!!!!!

  7. sportshawk

    On another note…hey Drew…get somebody to answer your phones at KSR at end of the game. I called and called and it rang and rang and then finally it was BUSY with callers to the show. Run KSR like a professional operation…NOT like UK football.

    1. big cat

      KSR only lets callers through that he can cut off quickly. Matt can’t stand it when someone knows more than him.

    2. Jester

      So basically Matt can’t stand anyone.

    3. cats646

      Thank GOD they didn’t let you through. We would’ve had to endure more of your pathetic b!tching.

    4. CATandMONKEY

      Why would they answer the phone on a Saturday night UNLESS it was to speak with radio callers?


    Neal brown had a great offense before and after teaming up with stoops. Much like gran had a great offense at Cincinnati. Not saying fire stoops, but I think part of the problem is you have a head coach that is defensive minded. The worst thing that could havveee happened to gran, is our defense.

    1. Middy

      Neal Brown averaged 29 ppg with much less talent. We’d be undefeated with 29 ppg this season!!!

  9. Demolition_man

    How about you pencil us in for the Maaco shitty cheap paint job bowl

  10. ukcats1776.90

    much like the obama apologists who spew unrivaled vitriol at trump, drew Franklin is saying things are ok bc gran seems nice. obama had the best “bedside manner” of any president in history. and trump probably has the worst. but if the economy’s sick, who u gonna call? gran has great bedside manner but our offense remains sick. gran is our Obama

    1. big cat

      Very true. KSR employees are liberals after all.

    2. SanDiegoDave

      There’s always one right wing nut in the crowd drawing comparisons between two subjects that are completely unrelated.

    3. ukcats1776.90

      considering obama was lucky to have 1% economy growth in a country like ours with so much talent/wealth (which shot up to near 4% under trump), and gran has our offense moving at about 1 yard a quarter with the best RB and TE in uk history, I’d say the comparisons are valid

    4. big cat

      So, we do like Eddie’s conservative play calling? Isn’t that right-wing….lol.

    5. Irish son

      Fckn mouth breathing window lickers on here. Have to inject politics into everything

    6. big cat


    7. Scoop did the Math

      Always one moron in the bunch.

    8. cats646

      There’s more than one moron in the bunch. And they’re on both sides.

    9. RealCatsFan

      Obama inherited a complete [email protected]$k of an economy that the previous republican president left. Blaming Obama for that is kind of like blaming Stoops for the mess Joker left. So to put it in easy terms for you: Bush=Joker, Obama=Stoops, Trump=Bobby Petrino. The motorcycle crash just hasn’t happened yet. 😀

    10. ukcats1776.90

      funny how it took exactly Obama’s entire presidency for the economy to finally pick up steam. it was like he left office, trump came in, and all of the sudden all of Obama’s smart economic policy finally started paying off! the economy under obama wasnt his fault, but the economy now that obama is gone is because of Obama…democrats truly are the most psychological flexible among us

  11. binarysolo

    Right, so… if UT’s rush defense is better than we expected… why… don’t… we… adjust?

    1. unbridled

      That’s the point. It’s really not that hard. The first have is for analysis. The second half is for adjustments when needed. That’s just basic football. Get out of here Eddie.

  12. ScottGreene22

    Bullshit job can’t keep trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. Someone should be fired.

  13. makeitstop

    His starting QB cannot make a read, he’s literally cut the playbook in half. His QB puts the ball on the ground. He carries it so low he can’t release fast enough to hit an open receiver if he did happen to find them, and he can’t hit them in stride to get the most YACs. It’s unfixable. He invested the whole season in terry’s legs and u can bring the kid down w one hand… so all the development u could’ve gotten u wasted on a guy who – sorry Nick – can’t run an SEC offense.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      The most ironic thing about your comment is your screen name

  14. peaches76

    Astute observation/analysis by Gran. It’s only taken how many games to come to this conclusion?

  15. bigrich98


  16. jim tom

    Same old crap. Different day.

  17. tuk

    Is Gran trying to get fired. Does he have a huge buyout or something. Does he not like Lexington. Seriously asking as his playcalling is horrible. Have we ran a play action pass all season. We have one of the best running backs in the country and everybody knows he is our best weapon and focus on shutting him down. Just seems like a playaction may open some things up down the field which would open the running game up some as well.

    1. makeitstop

      Play action requires him to read the defense quickly and he panics and makes the wrong read… kid is just over his head and Gran sticking w him is career suicide. He’ll be back in All America Conference w that approach.

    2. Jester

      One can only hope he is back in any place but Lexington next season.

  18. Vile_Revolver

    Ok, but once the run isn’t working why wait until the game is lost to try and change the game plan?

  19. Brad

    When receivers drop 3 well throw balls. Doesnt help. We are going 9-3. This type of stuff happens to good teams all the time in ncaa football and we as a fan base cant handle it

    1. makeitstop

      Good teams score 1 TD per week on offense for half a season? And still go 9-3? I want to believe that but I can’t think of any.

    2. Jester

      Brad you really should watch the games before making comments like that.

    3. bigbluebanana

      Hear hear Brad. Go Cats!

    4. BigolBlue

      Dumb comment of the day. Getting manhandled by an unsuperior team shouldnt happen. B-rad

  20. dhard

    So everyone saw they couldn’t run the ball and what did gran do about it? Continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. Now where have I heard that before? That’s right, it’s called insanity.

  21. Bobbum Man

    Unreal, so ur gameplan is to run and u have no backup plan or any other kind of plays at all? When the entire country knows all u want to do is run because it’s all you ever do? sounds like a lack of creativity, lack of preparation, and lack of skills needed to be an OC. This guy has got to go

  22. KYJelly

    Please tell me Gran is not just now realizing we need to take more shots downfield. We took some early in the year and with some success. Wilson had one bad game and that part of our offense stopped. Come on

    1. Matt10

      True but what good will it do to throw the ball downfield when receivers drop it even when it lands softly into their hands?

  23. dcforuk

    Toughness in turning around a culture of unbelief — that Kentucky football CAN be a winning program — is the first sequential attribute but in parallel to that you also need to recruit, upgrade facilities, coach and win. Did today stink? Yep! Was I disappointed? Yep! The offense is somewhere between the hot and the cold and the new and the old identity wise. Generally speaking I think it’s a fact of life that we all, me and you alike, rely on the formula that has made us successful in our careers. My strengths, your strengths and Coach stoops’ strengths carried to extremes become weaknesses. You can’t argue that point. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find me and somewhere in the middle is where the offense is right now!

    1. sportshawk

      They have been ‘somewhere in the middle’ for the 54 years I have followed team. Get real. Take off your rose colored glasses and accept the fact that this program is never going to flourish with a defensive head coach who does not prepare his team every week. Stoops has used same excuse a dozen times. ‘Its on me…I did not have them ready.’ That is a bunch of BS. If you cannot prepare your team every week, you are NOT a head coach of any real worth. Period.

    2. Shively1978

      Terry’s issues are fixable. Grans may not be. Terry will get better with time and experience. He holds the ball to long and makes throws to late. Like the int if he was two seconds faster it could have been caught. We drop way to many balls that are good throws. The two big ones tonight really hurt. 5 or 6 times we are in Tennessee territory and can’t score. It’s not all Terry. The whole offense is in a funk and the blocking is awful. Not just the line our recovers did a good job early in the year of blocking down field and there getting pushed around to. Whole team effort just bad tonight. Hopefully bounce back next week but Mid Tenn state isn’t always a cupcake game. Don’t know about this year but they have been decent in the past.

    3. dcforuk

      I am not in a position to defend what we witnessed out there today. You are making my point for me but talking about 54 years. There is a culture of unbelief that things can get better as you articulate yourself. Does that mean we should not try? Does he get absolutely no credit for the seven wins that he has so far this year? You know that doesn’t just happen. Just like anything else in life it has to be managed. You can’t be bad at absolutely everything and get seven wins after 10 games

    4. sportshawk

      I never said they were absolutely bad. This is not the same team that beat Florida. It has digressed badly and THAT is on Stoops. It has happened EVERY year of his tenure. That is a fact.

    5. dcforuk

      There is a grind to the season and Kentucky has traditionally not done well in that grind. Even when we got ranked as high as number eight in 2007 after defeating LSU we went one in four down the stretch. They called it a grande for a reason. Everyone knows that we are trying to build our depth and make the bench deeper

    6. dcforuk

      Grind not grande. Siri is as bad of a listener to my dictation as I am at home!

  24. Nickerbocker05

    Gran has to be FIRED!!! guy is an idiot

    1. zoupman

      Nicker is right on. Any one who thinks tentative Terry is best option, doesn’t need to be an OC in SEC.

    2. ukcamel

      Not defending Take-a-Sack Terry, but he very well might be the best option. Gunnar shows little or nothing when he gets his shots.

      The clearest problem is our offense is the most timid in the SEC. We have gotten away with it because of Benny and the defense, but eventually you need a passing game that goes more than five yards down the field.

  25. dcforuk

    Gran is following Coach Stoops’ leadership. Coach will make adjustments. There are five categories of activities to mitigate risks of not achieving objectives: directive, preventive, detective, corrective and compensating. (Timely) detective and corrective activities are where the offense is right now. Time to make adjustments and they will!

    1. sportshawk

      I like your optimism but it has no foundation. They are on a bad slide and I am sorry will likely lose at least one of two remaining games. MTSU is better than TN. Louisville is horrible, but at this point…so are WE. Facts are facts and you need to take an objective look at this team. We have great talent on offense but without a QB who can pass and not get sacked a half dozen times a game. He can’t even get rid of the ball out of bounds when he needs to.

    2. dcforuk

      I do agree with you that we are definitely in a rut right now. I disagree that we will lose the last two games. I do hope that I do not have to eat my words on that because I do want us to go nine and three. Do you want us to go nine and three too?

    3. Jester

      I want us to go 12 and zero but I also have to pay attention to the reality of the situation.

    4. makeitstop

      Yea I’d like to go 10-3 from here but it’s going to take a change I don’t think Gran is capable of and a new QB that’s a roll of the dice. So I’m holding my breath for 8-4 and a bowl lame enough we can actually beat someone.

    5. ukcamel

      Sportshawk, you are either dumb as a rock or a troll if you think we are losing to MTSU. Our terrible effort today was good enough to beat MTSU.

      Stop trying to be dime-store Skip Baylis, you dope.

  26. dhard

    Quickly, someone tell me when we had someone go in motion? Quickly, someone tell me when we had a misdirection running play? Quickly, someone tell me when we had a designed run to the outside?

  27. Msmo

    I feel like every time Terry drops back he’s looking for a downfield play. Then pocket collapses and he finally decides to run, then takes a sac. We are not a 2nd and 17 team. Smash forward and take your chances on a mid second or short third. Terry thinks he had 6 seconds… he has 2.5. Where are the quick slants?

    1. michaelb

      Yea I’d rather Terry just run on every pass play that to see that happen . Don’t like seeing 300lb lineman catch our 4.2 qb

    2. michaelb

      I remember your call on the post game show . It’s correct

    3. isaacs

      ( …. The Gran Offensive system is predicated on the QB making the right RPO read consistently, leading to many quick read – lateral/mid-level passing options…Where the QB has to see the DEF RPO weakness & either give it to the RB, pull it-n-go or deliver the pass to a WR/TE quickly/accurately – in stride – in space……Unfortunately, UK isn’t getting that with any consistency in 2018…Far too often, QB3 is not pulling the ball when the DE is crashing down on Benny in back field & seems to run timid when asked/forced too… When asked to pass, he’s locked on his #1 target – Bowden – 80% of time-…Before going HappyFeet if option #1/Bowden is covered…(No progression down route tree a majority of time!)…All those early season “TerryTouchdown” flashes have gave way to a steady diet of “TerryTurnover” negative plays & indecisiveness….The saddest part is knowing that UK’s Break Out Year that was on the table just last week, but has quickly become just another in a long line of Would-Could-Should Years that has haunted the BBN for my entire life & then some.

    4. makeitstop

      Just seeing Isaac’s post – yes, that’s exactly the problem. He’s had time to get better, they’ve given him plenty of chances, done.

  28. Nickytoonuthugger

    Lets all go find gran and throw rocks at him??

  29. michaelb

    No dude … you need to mix up the run plays . Only tape we have is benny off tackle. We don’t even use Aj rose jr right at ALL. He’s and amazing
    Back capable of ripping chunks out of the d. Try running outside & other shit

  30. sportshawk

    Yes I would love us to go 9-3. It has only happened ONCE in my lifetime of following Cats. But I have also seen Stoop teams fold the tent in second half every year, so I do not see how he reverses that. Heck…Snell just came out blasting teammates in public when he should be doing that in LOCKER room. He has mouthed off every game and in last 3 has no leg to stand on. He has played as bad as everybody else.

    1. cats646

      Because he has been hit in the backfield everytime he runs it. I’d be sick of it too. He should call his line out.

    2. cats fan 858

      what are you guys that keep saying in my lifetime going to do when they end up 7-6

    3. Jester

      Probably they will say “is anyone surprised?” And then have a good laugh at the idiots who were surprised.

  31. michaelb

    Not using play action tells how inept he is . People would bite on that shit all game long

  32. dcforuk

    I gotta lighten the mood. Every time I see the user name makeitstop it does make me laugh a little. Look at the bright side. In a little more than 3 1/2 hours this horrible week will have stopped!

    1. michaelb

      Yea lol makeitstop is funny

  33. dcforuk

    Young kids get emotional. Heck, so do old people. Look at us on this blog! I tell my son two things before every basketball game. I tell him that emotion is your enemy and I also tell him that passion is defined as extreme emotion. Yes, he looks at me like I’m crazy!

  34. cats fan 858

    He’s got to go I wish we could have got Lincoln Riley’ I hope we can get Neal brown when stoops gets fired in a couple of years it’s going to happen who’s he got coming in to make it any better

  35. crwally

    Easy to shoulder the blame when there’s no chance or worry of consequence. Just lip service at that point.

  36. dcforuk

    Kentucky Football begging for Lincoln Riley is a little like Mississippi basketball wanting Nevada’s basketball coach. It ain’t gonna happen. They say that one critical attribute of a leader is to comprehend the reality. Us fans are fanatics. That is where the name fan comes from. We don’t comprehend the reality very well. Nor, should we necessarily. We are fans. We want to win and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  37. dhard

    And to show us how he has changed, C.J. Conrad will now run a 4 yard pass play instead of the 2 yard pass play he normally runs.

    1. cats fan 858

      THats a hailmary for this clowns offense but does turnover I take sacks terry have the arm for a 4 yard pass

    2. cats646

      Wtf are you talking about?! Terry can sling a ball. Not his fault the line sucks and 3/4 of our receivers can’t catch.

  38. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Fire this POS

    1. zoupman

      The line is fine. Tentative Terry gets ample time, problem is he is not good. Should not be playing at this level.

    2. CATandMONKEY

      The line WAS fine. It has been pitiful for most of the past 3 games.

  39. cats646

    Am I the only one here who HATES this new “sportshawk”guy?

    1. dcforuk

      I think he is just like a lot us trying to reconcile “emotion is your enemy” with “passion is defined as extreme emotion”. Do I like a lot of his posts? No. Do I support his right to post? Yes. Do I have the right to respond as I see fit? Yes! Sometimes, we just need to enter the tunnel of chaos together!

    2. bigbluebanana

      We all know it’s just another finger of the combatmedic98/slater hand.

  40. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    I’m so tired of hearing Gran’s excuses.

  41. Trueblue44

    Lmao so Stoops is holding our offense back? That’s a laughably bad take. Watch the Inside the SEC special from against Vandy, Stoops is the one that told Gran to hurry it up, and what plays to call for one series. That series…..6 for Snell that won the game. This is Gran, if your at the games you can literally watch Stoops look at him and throw his hands up at times. This isn’t Stoops on the offense, it’s all Gran. We just don’t have a good enough offensive mind elsewhere on the staff to take playcalling duties for the rest of the year

    1. dcforuk

      What was Stoops telling him to do? Do you remember?

    2. Trueblue44

      Run Snell off tackle……OFF TACKLE. Not belly runs or dives and not RPO bullshit. In that instance, running Snell was the ONLY thing working and Gran was wanting quick screens, which involves our receivers blocking for Bowden which absolutely NEVER happens.

    3. dcforuk

      That’s exactly right. Stoops loves smash mouth. Strengths carried to extremes are weaknesses but now he knows definitively. Time to rally the troops. We’ll be fine!

  42. FunkyMonkey

    Stoops just hired Gran who was old loyal buddy from FSU instead of the best OC he could find. Petrino has made some of the same mistakes hiring family that is a huge part of his undoing.

    1. zoupman

      Good point. Gran was a bad hire.

  43. FunkyMonkey

    Has anybody told Gran he can throw it to CJ Conrad even when it’s not for a touchdown?

    1. cats646

      I did at least 47 times tonight. Although I seriously doubt he heard me through the TV.

    2. Miller45

      It’s shameful how underutilized CJ has been for 4 years now. Dude would be at the top of just about any depth chart in the country. Hope he gets to play at a franchise where he can grow and flourish

    3. zoupman

      It’s terrible how this coaching staff has treated Conrad.

    4. Trueblue44

      Biggest question this year is where is the playaction tight end seam route that we threw last year? That was the only throw Johnson had trouble with but it was open 75% of the time. This year we’ve ran it once, in the Florida game, for a big gain. Never again have we even ran it

  44. BillytheUkkid

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before; BBN shows up to support a team over-hyped by KSR and we lose, nay get embarrassed. After the game, coaches take credit for the loss and KSR is lauding them for it. Rinse. Repeat.

  45. kjd

    The first series showed we were going to struggle running the ball.
    We also struggle to throw the ball- can’t catch it, a sack, QB can’t find an open receiver or doesn’t see the open receiver.etc.
    We are just plain pathetic offensively, so predictable and easy to defend due to our shortcomings.

  46. BillytheUkkid

    Folks, this is the Peter Principle at work. Not just Eddie Gran but Coach Stoops as well.

    1. FunkyMonkey

      Dude, Bobby Petrino used to be able to Coach too. Carmelo Anthony USED to be one of the best in the WORLD. Things change.

  47. bwhitehouse2

    Something is obviously not right with stoops and gran. To say Gran can’t call a game is crap his last year at Cinci they averaged 540 yards a game and 360 passing both top ten in the nation.

  48. J. Did

    120+ comments is the most I’ve seen on here in a while; somebody needs to relay that to ST OOPS in re the GRAN MAL SEIZURE.

  49. wildcatrobby

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
    Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  50. bobbycoe

    Eddie Gran has many shortcomings. That said, our offense was fine, even dominant through the first half of the Carolina game. I believe something happened in that locker room and whatever it was has festered and festered until we see what happened yesterday. This taken with postgame comments by both Snell and Conrad points to personal problems among the players, most likely the offensive line. Perhaps some of the astute correspondents of KRS could investigate this potentially destructive condition.

  51. CopenhagenCat

    I been saying its the play calling all year. They run, run, run. And then its 3rd and 12 and they expect Wilson to be Tom Brady. They dont give the kid enough down field plays to even get warmed up. Im tired of these lil 3 yard passes to the side of the field. Terrible play calling and the defense has been awful last few games also.