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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

151 responses to “Eddie Gran is a Top Five College Football Offensive Coordinator”

  1. StillBP

    oh lord the haters are gonna come out of the woodworks on this post.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      I am certainly not a “hater” and think Gran did a good job … not a great one. I am sure I can find a quote from a talking head praising the Easter Bunny’s ability to carry all those eggs … doesn’t make it so.

    2. StuckinLville

      10-3 isnt great huh dont recall seeing a better season in my 33 years. Besides, Gran can only make due with the talent he has, which is coming in more and more. People need to get off his back and enjoy this season.

    3. recliner coach

      His play calling when we were in the lead in the 4th quarter in more than 1 game was questionable.

    4. BPatte

      I think he did a better job than he was credited with!

    5. StillBP

      well if you aren’t a hater then I guess I wasn’t talking about you. Reminds me of Cal talking about a rock and yelping dogs lol

    6. catsby90.1

      If Eddie gran is top 5, then house is in a league of his own.

    7. BigolBlue

      StillBP knows everything apparently

    8. StillBP

      Bigol I know that you don’t know anything so there’s that.

  2. Booher

    Haters mean you doing it right?

    1. StillBP

      huh? What does this sentence even mean?

    2. ukjaybrat

      hes saying no one hates it when you suck. you have to be good to have haters… which is not really relevant. it’s usually when other fans hating on you. not you hating on your own coach

    3. StillBP

      oh okay. The question mark is confusing there…and the missing “are”. I didn’t understand if he was asking a question or making a statement.

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    “It’s a tough pill to swallow, but face it, Eddie Gran is good at his job.”

    No. I don’t agree with that. I think Gran did better than many Cats fans think, but it was so frustrating watching this team play at times. Gran deserves a lot of credit for the 3rd quarter in the PSU game, but what did the offense do the rest of the game? When we got a lead we became ultraconservative. It took forever to get Bowden into the game plan … and what about Conrad? Does Gran just not like throwing to TEs? I think we could have done things to maximize the talents of the QB and minimize weaknesses.

    Is it all Gran’s fault? Probably not. I think the conservative approach comes from Stoops.

    But hey, we won 10 games … let’s celebrate that!!!

    1. Mathlete

      In fairness to Gran and Terry Wilson, Penn State was one of the best in the country at pass rushing this year. Terry was getting zero time to throw most of the time because the pocket was collapsing in about a second. We had to “go conservative” and run it more because they were so effective at taking the passing game away

    2. wes720

      Penn State had the same defense in third quarter that they had in fourth quarter. Only difference was play calling. Not throwing blame or hating, just saying.

    3. ukjaybrat

      Mathlete, that’s when you sprinkle in play actions and screens. which *should* be an integral part of any run heavy offense. but we didn’t use either of those very well – that and not getting Conrad the ball enough were my only two complaints of Eddie

    4. Mathlete

      @ukjaybrat – we did, we put a lot of swing passes out to the outside, hit Conrad over the middle for a 25+ yard gain (mostly Conrad was essential to blocking though).

      We averaged about 20 pass attempts per game, but throw out the outliers of Tennessee, Georgia, and Mizzou where we were playing from behind most of the game and we averaged 17.4 attempts. We attempted 15 against Penn State, so we were right in line with the same game plan we had all season. It worked most of the year, why would Gran stray from it? Ride the same horse that got you to the Derby.

    5. jarred_combs

      Gran’s not even a top 5 oc in the SEC. does this guy even know that we had a game we didn’t have a snap on the opponents side of the field? I pull for Gran, basically because we are stuck with him and I want us to be successful. But we haven’t developed a QB, the playcalling is bad for the most pet, but the good thing is we never have to worry about him getting a head coaching gig, so we’ll have continuity.

    6. Miller45

      My mother and sister could have had more success calling the offense

    7. KSR Spy

      I can never think Gran is a good OC just for how insanely underutilized CJ Conrad was all year long. The dude was averaging over 10 yard a catch, had huge play making ability, and could catch anything in his zip code. Yet, somehow, we rarely threw to him and Gran had to be talked into it at Missouri.

      UK’s middle game was so underutilized this year it made me sick. Defenses were either stacking the box or going heavy deep cover when they were able to pressure with 3 or 4 men in the box. Short/mid pass was open ALL DAY LONG for our future NFL Tight End.

      You know what happens when you start hitting those? They have to start covering it. Which either opens up the run or cut routes on the outside because you have to bring more coverage in the middle.

      Eddie Gran did some great things, but I will never be able to forget his inability to properly use the myriad of weapons he had available to him this year.

    8. Miller45

      You would definitely get along well with my family

    9. madarchitect

      It’s called clock management. When you’re up by multiple scores in the fourth quarter, you run the ball as much as possible and avoid an incomplete play pass at all costs. We gave Penn State one second at the end of the game. Other than that, the play calls were perfect and throwing the ball would’ve been risky. Had we thrown and not completed a pass, all you haters will be on here whining about that instead whatever you were currently whining about after a 10 win season.

    10. Miller45

      SMH. That dreck helped us have a nuclear meltdown last year against florida*. Trying to sit on the ball with leads in the fourth quarter gave Mizzou, Tennessee, and EASTERN FRIGGIN MICHIGAN the chance to win those games outright on the final play of ALL 3 of those games.

      *we all know what the defense did in the Florida game but we are talking about offense

  4. CopenhagenCat

    He is awful. Waits until 3rd and 15 and tells Wilson to be Tom Brady. And then everyone says Wilson sucks while poor kid isnt allowed to throw it past 5 yards. Snell did it himself. Play calling has been awful all year. And dont get me started on not using Conrad enough.

    1. StuckinLville

      He’s awful huh that’s why Benny’s the all time rushing leader and we went to 10-3. Just awful.

    2. bwise

      You’re a moron lol zero logic

    3. Smyrna_Cat

      We are 10-3 because of Benny, Bowden, Allen, Bunchie, a very good D, etc. … not because of good play calling on offense.

    4. StillBP

      Benny’s the all time leader bc Gran put the ball in his hands. Sounds like a good plan to me.

    5. StillBP

      lol Stuck I just realized your comment was sarcastic. My bad. But hey Smyrna, if you’re going to include Benny in there don’t you have to give credit for Gran for calling up plays for Benny?

    6. Smyrna_Cat

      Still … I do give Gran credit for giving the Ball to Snell. But that isn’t enough. Even Snell couldn’t get a yard on many of those 3 and 1 or 3 and 2 plays where we just tried brute force to pound it out. That doesn’t work against most SEC teams. If Gran had opened it up a bit … more passes to Conrad, etc. … it would have made it easier for Snell to carry the ball. Like I said earlier, I think Gran did a good job … not one of the top 5 OCs, though … that is just silly.

    7. StillBP

      I’m not agreeing that he’s top 5. Not disagreeing either. It’s just easy to argue on all the points people are listing as to why he’s not good at his job.

    8. EdC

      Kentucky was great this season because of defense and Benny.

      Multiple games were closer than they looked like they should have been because Gran went all Tom Brady deflating the ball when ahead by 2 touchdowns.

      In this particular game. 6 points were completely blown by Penn State. Penn State practically gift wrapped the first field goal we settled for because the offense couldn’t move the ball and the first touchdown was special teams thanks to great blocking and Bowden.

      Benny got only 10 yards less than the entire rest of the offense thanks to his skill and the offensive line, not play calling.

      If somebody wants to take this game as evidence that Gran is a good OC I think they are REALLY stretching it.

    9. Miller45

      Wildcat wildcat wildcat punt

  5. ukjaybrat

    I’m not an Eddie Gran hater, but to claim he is a top 5 coordinator is just stupid. come on.

    1. UKFan7787

      I hate to agree but I do. I don’t dislike Gran but his playcalling/decisions could be better more often than not. Our offense during the second half of the season was mediocre at best regardless of the Defense we faced. So, Top 5 no but Top 15-20, maybe…

    2. Cat68

      I believe Gran single-handedly shut down Benny’s Heisman hype against T A&M. Benny had so much more left in the tank. And a 3rd and goal end-around in the bowl game kinda says enough.

    3. StillBP

      but Cat, according to the experts here Gran had the ball given to Benny too much bc he had no other play calls. Now you’re saying he should’ve given it to him more? Man, this is so confusing, all these expert opinions.

  6. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Gawd. This post is Nick hanging off Gran’s nut sack. How many 3rd downs did we convert in the bowl game? Our record accurately reflects how well our defense played, not necessarily how great Gran is at coaching. So many holes in this argument.

    1. michaelb

      Spot on

    2. StuckinLville

      Is Gran playing qb or offensive line? Dont think so. Some things are on the players, like the missed bomb between Wilson and Bowden. Some UK fans are the worst. You’re never happy. No wonder other fan bases hate us.

  7. Alex90

    Matt Jones was right. These guys really don’t have a clue about the stuff they talk/write about.

  8. cozbob

    Barrett says he is good. I say he is not. Anyone care to break the tie?

  9. Smyrna_Cat

    By the way, Sallee predicted UK to be 6th in the SEC East. And he is the “expert” Nick is hinging on? Fail.

    1. JohnnyCheeseSticks

      Lol exactly. As I said, so many holes in his argument.

  10. cats646

    If Eddie gran was a top 5 OC, then he would realize where the first down marker is and on 3rd down would actually throw it PAST the line. He doesn’t do that-he’s not a top 5 OC.

    1. cats646

      Also, let’s not forget that he completey wasted the best TE in the SEC. We may have scored more this year. But that is because our O-line is better, we have more overall talent, and Louisville sucks absolute cock.

    2. JerryCat

      95% of Kentucky football fans have no idea that CJ Conrad was being “used” every single down. He was used in blocking schemes, which he is excellent at and chews up defenders in the middle of the field to open holes for Benny

    3. Smyrna_Cat

      I think the point is that CJ was one of the best “pass-catching” tight ends in the league, and we seldom throw him the ball. Why is that? PSU used their tight-end much more effectively.

    4. StillBP

      And Penn State lost. So perhaps our play calling was better, because we stuck to what we’re good at. Maybe Penn State should’ve thrown to their TE less and maybe won the game.

    5. Smyrna_Cat

      StillBP … are you a Gran relative? Seems like it. Penn State lost because Bowden ran a punt back for a touchdown, or D played well, and we had a good 3rd quarter offense. Your comment about Penn State throwing the ball less to their TE is just … well … silly. But I am sure you know that. It seems to me your arguments are more for the sake of arguing and really don’t have a purpose. Sorry.

    6. StillBP

      my arguments are for the sake of arguing because most of the comments on here are not good arguments. You all keep trashing him with comments that make no sense. So yes, I’ll argue against them because it’s easy. My comment about throwing to the TE less was more about playing to your strengths…which Gran did. Our strength was in running, so we ran the ball a lot. I don’t know enough about Penn State’s strengths to know whether throwing that much to their TE was a good call on their part. You state that they used theirs more effectively, insinuating we didn’t use ours effectively, yet we won the game. We used CJ to block and we threw to him when needed. We won. Gran won. I’m no relative but I guess you must be a scorned cousin.

    7. Smyrna_Cat

      Still, haven’t you actually READ the comments in this thread? Some are off base, but some are spot on. Many give Gran credit where credit is due, but point on the flaws that our offense had. Do you no see that? Are you arguing that Gran is one of the top 5 OCs in the nation? That is what started this discussion. Saying, “We won” is correct. Are you saying we won primarily because of Gran? I don’t think that is the case. Like I have said several times in this thread (but please feel free to ignore again), I think Gran is a good OC … maybe top 30 or so. But he will need to improve his game next year if we are going to continue to win. I think Gran did a good job of matching offense to strengths, but his play calling at times was terrible.

    8. StillBP

      yes I’ve read the comments. and my arguments are relative to the comment which I’m replying to, not arguing he’s top 5. But you all keep listing reasons that don’t make sense. “He’s not great bc he under utilized CJ”…well he utilized him plenty in ways other than passing so I’m not going to say he did a bad job with CJ.

    9. StillBP

      and there are so many things to factor in when you talk passing. TW is the best we had to use, but he’s not great. Passing was not our strength, play calling is limited due to that weakness. Hopefully TW improves. I don’t think Terry is awful like a lot of people here say, but I know he isn’t great. But I still think he’s the best option we have, and the guys who get paid lots of money to do this (Stoops and crew) obviously agree he was the best we had/have.

    10. cats646

      CJ Conrad gained at least 20 yards almost every time the ball was thrown to him. And Gran decided to throw it to him once. You can’t tell me that’s smart football. I like Eddie Gran, I want him to do good. He just doesn’t. I’ll give him credit, every once in a while he does draw up a nice play but most of the time it’s predictable and it’s easy to stop. Running a screen pass behind the LOS to Bowden when there is only one blocker and two defenders out there is just not good play calling. And besides the wildcat and handing it to Benny, that’s what he does 95% of the time.

    11. CATandMONKEY

      Our D almost gave up the ship in the 4th quarter.

  11. JoshtheCATSfan

    I will give Gran credit for changing the offense to meet his team’s strengths. Other than that he is a terrible play caller or Terry is a dud of a QB. How can you be a top 5 play caller when you are literally doing the same thing over and over and simply hoping it will work. I think he will be exposed big time next year without Snell and an elite defense to lean on.

    1. ukjaybrat

      good thing is, our schedule next year is MUCH easier and Rose won’t be THAT big of a drop off. no he’s no Benny, but he’s still capabale of being an everydown back. plus we have a lot of depth there. the dropoff in defense is where we will have to worry. i’m already impressed bu the new wave of edge rushers and linebackers. the secondary is what i’m concerned about.

  12. JerryCat

    Never understood the gran hate at all. Developed one of the best running backs in SEC history, coached up one of the best offensive lines in the country including multiple all Americans. Won 7, 7, and 10 games against top tier SEC defenses. All of this with journeymen quarterbacks on a short learning curve. We’re not gonna realize what we’ve got until a bigger program comes and snatches him away

    1. ukjaybrat

      Offensive/Defensive Coordinators are not responsible for developing all of those positions. they are primarily responsible for game prep and play calling. position coaches are primarily responsible for player coaching and development. However Gran is also the Runningbacks Coach, so I will give you that (not the linemen). and certainly not the wins. we won many games over the last few years (especially this year) because of defense. not offense.

    2. JerryCat

      Nope. Our defense was not winning games prior to this year. Our excellent running game carried the weight for the last few years.

    3. Smyrna_Cat

      Sorry, Jerry, I disagree. Gran wasn’t the reason we won 7, 7, and 10 games.

    4. dylangeorge7988

      Me either really. I can understand times of being frustrated, probably the most of which this season for me was in OT against A&M.

      But people complain about Conrad not getting involved in the passing game as much, listen folks, a lot of the reason we went 10-3 is because Gran figured out a way to utilize the run game with CJ involved in pivitol blocking schemes. CJ’s blocking ability helped him shine a lot and is one of the reasons he’ll be drafted pretty high.

      You play to your strengths, which for the last few seasons was our run game. For as much as I love Benny (please retire he and Josh’s #s), I’m kind of glad to see him go, because I know this will be a turning of the page in our offense.

      I expect next year, Gran will start catering the offense to Terry and Lynn a lot more, using the RBs out on the swing and in screen passes, a lot of short option dig routes to soften up the secondary. It should be exciting to watch and I’m looking forward to it. With losing Bunchey and George, getting Landon back is going to be huge for the pass block next season. EJ, Nassir Drake and Landon should be getting Terry the needed time in the pocket to start connecting on effective underneath passes. We’ve got the speed and athleticism in our wideouts to make that kind of passing game REALLY work.

    5. beastmodekp

      It’s group effort man. If said play doesn’t work, the coaches will always get dumped on. Hell, even that screen play to Lynn vs PSU could have blown up in our faces. It works and some people still can’t give credit. Better believe they’d be screaming at Terry or Eddie if Penn State read it. I’m not saying Eddie is a G or anything, but most everything revolves around execution. If one block is missed, the play can get F’d up.

  13. CatManDo

    Definitely don’t think he is a top 5 OC (I think this is what-did-I-see-last mentality) and he isn’t near as bad as some fans are saying – he is somewhere in between.

    Quite often football games are won by teams that make the least mistakes, especially if they are similar in talent. When a coach has a strong D and running game they tend to be very conservative to reduce mistake chances on offense and rely on it on D.This is probably a big part of the play calling this year, especially with a QB that isn’t a true drop back passer.

    I just hope if Wilson develops into a better throwing QB or one of our new guys is that type of player, we use that as a weapon a little more for better balance.
    Not complaining this year though – 10 wins!

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      I agree. I think it will be interesting how Wilson develops between now and the start of next season, and how Gran calls plays that maximize his chance to be successful. The evaluation of Gran should wait until next year.

    2. makeitstop

      Yea I’m not picking on Wilson, but the numbers are what they are and he’s in the bottom 2-3 in the SEC, yet we won 5 SEC games, one of them he played a huge role in (UF). So he’s ok, but inaccurate, indecisive, easy to bring down w one arm, fumbles too often and too easily and can’t make it through half a progression yet despite a solid O-line, maybe the best in the East. If Gran can develop him into a legitimate top HALF of the SEC QB next year he is doing a great job and that’s a good goal. I think that’s possible but not likely, and sure hope he has a plan B in case it doesn’t pan out, but there’s no guarantee Hoak, who has the most experience, stays, so Gran will earn his fairly robust OC paycheck next year for sure.

  14. islandcat

    Ranked #92 in total offense out of 130 teams in college football. Ranked #115 in passing offense. Ranked 36 in rushing offense with arguably the greatest running back in UK history. Total Defense ranked #14…It doesnt take a genius to figure out how we won ten games…and it wasn’t behind the offense mind of Gran. This article is a joke and Nick’s concurrence is eqaully as laughable. And for what it’s worth we averaged 25.4 ppg last year and only 24.8 with similar personelle, so I guess he was top 4 or maybe even 3 last year…

    1. The Professor

      Kudos for the best post. How many times did we run the Wildcat on 2nd and long for no gain?

    2. islandcat

      And on 3rd and short or 4th and short. Atleast mix it up once in a while and make them think we might pass instead of just letting them stack the box and hoping that our guys will be better than their guys.

      I also don’t disagree with RickH below. Stoops may be holding the reins on all of his OC’s for whatever reason and because of that it might not really matter who has the title until he gives them freedom.

      But then again we won 10 games (most were ugly), but maybe that will just be our MO, an enemic offense with a stellar defense gauranteed to win more games then we lose but never to be great. Im okay with that, but then again I’m one those basketball fans who just wants to see the football team be competetive in the SEC.

  15. RickH

    Look at what Gran did at Cincinnati. Gran’s Cincinnati offense scored 33.8 pppg(36th nationally), and ranked seventh in total offense, with 537.8 yards per game.

    Look at what Neal Brown did before and after Kentucky.

    Stoops is the common denominator with them becoming “conservative” on offense. Not to mention being limited in what he can do with our QB situation since he’s been here.

  16. makeitstop

    Nick, c’mon. Our offense got fewer than 300 yards against Tennessee and Vandy and under 200 against TAMU! We had 60 minutes of no offensive TD against Missouri. He had some great drives. He developed a helluva RB. We won 10 games, and we love it, but top 5 bc some guy who predicted we’d be a doormat had to explain why he was wrong? Please tell me that’s just u being provocative and not actually a thesis, bc if it is, you have this conundrum: if the low production is not Gran’s fault bc he’s so good, and clearly not Snell’s fault or our all-American anchored O-line or our NFL bound TE, then it must be the QB, who u love. So, did he do a great job w a poor QB or a poor job w a great QB? But u can’t have it both ways. Personally I think he is a top 25 OC, coaching a top 20 offense run by a top 50 QB, and calling plays to milk the clock so a top 10 defense gets enough rest to play like a top 5 defense… that’s off the top of my head.

    1. JerryCat

      The last two sentences of this post nailed it. This year Gran played to win the games, and it worked

    2. Nickerbocker05

      Where in the world did you see that UKs offense was top 20???

    3. EdC

      Sorry, UK’s offense is bottom 3 in the SEC. Certainly not top 20 in the nation.

    4. nadkin

      Yeah, MakeItStop, this is spot on, in fact, I am buying what you are saying, and I have been saying the same thing, in a lot more words for the last two years! Great post!

  17. eyebleedblue

    Is this an onion article? Oh wait, it’s Sallee the original ‘freezing cold takes’ take. Eddie gran is not good at his job. Conrad will be drafted in spite of him. Offensive commits will continue to de-commit midseason watching his offense. It’s a good thing Stoops is an elite defensive coach.

  18. BluKudzu

    10-3. He was as much a part of that as anyone. Top 5? Maybe. Think a bout having a first year QB, not even top tier, run your offense, and win 10. He beat Florida when every OC before him could not.
    Those that do not like him, too bad. He will be here a while.
    10-3. What is wrong with you folks?

  19. Snapper42

    It’s really simple: Not everyone sees things thru the same prism of perspective. For me, a 10-3 season warrants keeping the staff intact. Did Gran dial up some questionable calls on occasion, sure he did. So did every other OC in the nation. Too many positives experienced by the team this year to even think about dismissing our OC.

  20. StillBP

    Only expert opinion I care about is Stoops, and if Gran is the guy he wants I’ll trust his judgement over the KSR comment board experts.

    1. Snapper42


    2. makeitstop

      No argument. And Nick got his clicks, so he’s a top 5 blogger, too.

  21. Gus Chiggins

    After this post I will no longer take Roush serious. NO ONE in their right mind believes Eddie Gran is a good OC. Take a step back and look at this year as a whole. We are 84th out of 129 teams in scoring offense, 103rd out of 129 teams in total offense with possibly the greatest RB in history, and 116th out of 129 teams in passing offense with one of the most dynamic players we have ever had a slot WR. The offense scored 0 points in 3 out of 4 quarters against Penn State. We were lucky that Lynn returned one and PS gave us a gift of faking a punt in our territory in the 1st qtr. There were so many games this year where I have pulled my hair out watching this offense that it infuriates me when Roush takes a small minority of examples to push that Eddie Gran did a great job. His plays are predictable, his playbook can’t be more than an index card, and he makes the most BIZARRE calls in the most crucial of situations.

    1. JerryCat

      Very selective stats there. You conveniently left out that we were a top 40 rushing offense. When you have a top 10 defense, you run the damn ball, milk the clock, and only pass when you’re down. We weren’t down much this year and had the luxury of playing very conservatively on offense en route to 10 wins. Why was playing conservative such a luxury? Because we had an inexperienced turnover prone QB. Terry will be great with another offseason under his belt too. Also how can his play calling be both predictable and BIZARRE?

    2. Gus Chiggins

      I’m missing the point where being ranked 40ish in rushing when you run the ball constantly is a compliment? Not 100% predictable and 100% bizarre. But when I can watch a game and call what he’s about to run for a majority of the game that’s predictable. Then in situations where he should 100% hand it too Benny and runs a reverse to Richardson I’d say that is bizarre. So with your logic every team who has a great defense should just run the ball?

    3. EdC

      Gus it is especially easy to predict what he is going to call when he is up 2 touchdowns which is why Penn States defense was able to load up and kill all offensive momentum we had right before we were up 2 touchdowns.

  22. Teamhhc1

    What kind of respect does everyone think our football Cats will have coming into next season?

  23. UKinIN

    I got frustrated with the play calling just like most fans but you have to acknowledge that together Stoops and Gran have gone 24-15 without QB play that you could even call consistent.

  24. Ken Grizzle

    In my opinion firing Eddy would be a huge mistake! The only guy that I would trade him for is Neal Brown and that ain’t happening! Under his guidance we Beat Penn St. and won 10 games! You guys are nuts!

    1. michaelb

      We’ve had Neal brown before , nothing to write home about . The defense is why we could score 15 pta and still win games

  25. Nickerbocker05

    Ppl who think Gran is even remotely good at his job are idiots and never played a snap on the field. Benny and the defense are the reason why UK is 10-3, special teams was more productive then EG offense.

    1. StillBP

      so you’re saying Benny was not a part of the EG offense? Weird, seems like I saw him on the offense.

    2. Miller45

      No hes saying that thank God that the o line, benny, and the defense were good enough to bail EG out and get away with some horrible scheming

    3. StillBP

      Also, I guess that means Stoops is an idiot because I’m pretty sure he thinks Gran is good at his job.

  26. JusSayin

    Lol this is ludacris.

    If Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless said this would you believe it? Just because a pundit says something doesnt make it true.

    He didn’t even provide any data.

  27. l503423

    I don’t think this is black & white. It’s gray. On one hand, he deserves credit for the development of the players and the offense as a whole. So I’ll give him an A for that.

    When you drill down to situational play-calling within games (which is the rub for most of his detractors) it’s fair to say he hasn’t always made the best calls. I do think he improved in that regard, as the season went on. There was only 1 play during the bowl game w/Richardson that I felt was truly bone-headed.

    So on the whole, I think he’s been a net positive for UK.

  28. BluejayK

    Prepare for some humble pie? Covering the Cats and being around the team, coaches, and around the facilities I understand how you can be blinded by the light, but seriously top 5? Come on man , there is no way you believe that. Gus Chiggins said it way better than I could have. Facts!!!

  29. UKCatAttack

    Based on the accounts of many people who know a lot more about football than I do Eddie Gran is a good coach, but you have to be crazy to think he is top 5 in college football. Stats and facts suggest otherwise. Now our defensive coordinator might be top 10… I could buy that based on stats.


    No, YOU face it… Gran was lucky to have a once a generation talent in Benny Snell Jr and an above average offensive line to save his job. Remove Benny from the equation. And Gran couldn’t “coach” this team to 5 wins this season. Lord knows Terry couldn’t carry this team offensively and Grans anaemic play calling would have kept us behind the entire game. I would be hard pressed the call Gran a “good coach” at the D-II level.

    1. StillBP

      I bet Stoops would call Gran a good coach. But you know more than Stoops huh? Fire Stoops, hire BBNBRIAN!

    2. Smyrna_Cat

      Stoops can think Gran is a good coach all he wants. He should think that. Does Stoops think he is a top 5 OC? Doubtful.

    3. StillBP

      Smyrna now you’re the one who is arguing just to be arguing. Brian’s last sentence says “I would be hard pressed the call Gran a “good coach” at the D-II level” so my comment was relative to that. Your comment isn’t relative to Brian’s comment.

    4. EdC

      Literally laughing out loud at StillBP’s posts on this thread. He is as predictable as Gran is when he has a 2 TD lead.

  31. clarks

    I think the offense looks a lot different next year with rose as a bigger receiving threat and yes this offense was frustrating but think our line as a whole was better run blocking than pass blocking which fits benny. I think jury is still out on gran but next year will be very revealing one way or the other.

  32. michaelb


  33. Cousins Fake Tooth

    That’s hilarious.

  34. JPGott2

    I facepalm with all the people that get offended when people say ‘Gran is not a good offensive coordinator’.

    Look at the numbers. Look at reality. UK’s offense had so many more weapons than the struggling offense showed. UK has an NFL caliber tightens that never gets used, 0 play action even though we have one of the best RB’s in the COUNTRY, and the most predictable playcalling in the business.

    If PSU did not miss an easy FG and have another blocked, on top of UK’s special teams running one back, they easily lose. They outgained is by almost 100 yards.

    Heck, I was invisible of the playcalling from PSU. They were going misdirection and getting their players in space (kind of like our 3rd quarter). We just happened to have a better defense that buckled down in some situations.

    This season was all on our elite defense and Benny Snell. I felt bad for Benny when another run up the middle on 2nd and long was called. Whiteout the defense, UK wins 4 games.

    Oh, without the defense not allowing a single 1at down against Missouri in the 2nd half, UK is not even in the game, let alone getting the walkoff. Needing that touchdown to win with what the defense had done is ridiculous.

    Go Cats!!!

    1. dUKesUKs

      I agree with you JPGott2. And if Gran is so highly thought of then he won’t have any trouble taking that garbage somewhere else next season!!! Give the Cats an OC with some skill, swagger, and moxie!

  35. CoolStoryBro

    I don’t think Gran is top 5 but he does have to utilize what he’s given. Inconsistency at the WR/QB positions mandated we be creative in keeping defenses honest in trying to slow down Snell. Sometimes these play calls backfired but it forced the opposing defenses to guard for the reverses and wildcat and Wilson being split out wide. I think Gran has done a bang up job

  36. michaelb

    We’ve had Neal brown before , nothing to write home about . The defense is why we could score 15 pta and still win games

  37. BigolBlue

    Im late to the party, but lol!

    1. StillBP

      no one invited you to the party, as usual.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Go back to bed, OlBlew; we’re all stocked up on crazy.

    3. BigolBlue

      I hear crickets after than one runnin. Did you forget your oveltine and butterscotch today?

  38. Wade

    Hopefully recruits especially wr and qbs buy that bs! Gran is handcuffed a bit bc of the d and stoops philosophy but I hope next yr terry takes a step forward and we somehow get the lee kid to come along with Gilmore. At one point I don’t think people believed we could put up 21 a game!I’m not bashing him but I do watch the games and maybe it’s just qb play but decision making sometimes is silly. The tn game really showed bc our defense was gassed and played a bad game ,it was his time to carry the load on o. that didn’t happen! Just Benny all day! That was a game to be creative and show something! I’m proud of our team but we have some spots that need major help. Great season with great all around team! They did it together. Let’s just progress and continue to build I think we have the right staff and I think an open competition a qb this offseason will be healthy. A running terry won us one game at fl but frustrated the crap out of me all season. But I’ll take that win for sure that was a fun game! No bashing but who is just in love with gran here? Dawson and brown had the same problem here so maybe he’s getting a bad rap!

  39. kykats

    Good coaches are successful with similar talent to the opposition and win a few more than they lose. Great coaches take lesser talent and beat better personnel often. Gran is in the latter group.

  40. secrick

    10 win season, i say shut up. Gran is the man.

  41. bwise

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha click…bait

  42. Tony9h

    Wasn’t there a NFL scout earlier this year commenting on how vanilla and predictable UK’s offense was?

    1. cmgormanjr1

      Yup, sure did. If pass plays are always at the line of scrimmage or even behind the line, it allows defenses to ignore our passing game altogether. Thank God for our offensive line and Benny Snell. They ran against a stacked line every game.

  43. 3dcatfan

    Welp some guy from CBS that we’ve never heard of said it so it must be true. LOL Humble pie my a$$

  44. cmgormanjr1

    Eddie Gran isn’t close to a top 5 coordinator. That’s funny.

  45. kjd

    That’s a subjective comment to say Gran is a top OC. It’s is not supported by any stats concerning offensive categories.
    Yes, we have improved win totals as our defense improved. Yes, running the ball is our strength, but our passing attack is pathetic which us indicative of middle if the road QB talent.

  46. Alleykat16

    Keep this simple I like him and hope he stays.

  47. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    No more screen passes please.

  48. notFromhere

    Well said alleyway. Erybody else EAT IT!

  49. ClutchCargo

    I’m just here for the comments, and they haven’t disappointed!

  50. notFromhere

    Kat… spellchoke…

  51. east-ky-boy

    Face nick, you suck at your job. You’re just at KSR because you are a snotty nosed rich kid who thinks he’s something he’s not

  52. east-ky-boy

    Gran is an excellent running backs coach and a high school level pay caller

  53. Steady

    Top 5 defensive coordinator, possibly. Top 5 offensive coordinator, hahahahahahaha.

  54. bigrich98

    As written by Teddy Tran

  55. tmcclan16

    Thank you we are all more stupid for reading this! Good god man!

  56. CombatMedic_98

    OC is only as good as the players on the team period…! QB had to adjust to SEC football and likewise for OC. Should have been 11-2 but, 10-3 since 1977 cum on let’s go for SEC Championship next season!

    1. notFromhere

      COULD have been 11-2.

      SHOULD have been 5-7 or 6-6 because they were underdogs almost ALL year, and because everybody said they wouldnt make a bowl game or might just barely.

      New QB, lost 2 starters before the season began. Big difference between could and should. They’re learning STILL. When they finish games where they play a FULL 60min like Bama does most games, they’ll look better. Things will flow smoother.


    2. notFromhere

      Other than that, I agree…

  57. brainesman

    Considering Barrett Sallee picks against Kentucky every week, I don’t really consider him an authority on the matter

  58. rlburd2

    Lol @ this clickbait. Tommy turtleneck said he and Rick are innocent. Swallow that pill everyone else. incredibly obvious and sad bait here.

  59. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Eddie Gran’s adjustments got the big lead Stoop’s conservative nature with a lead lost it. So all the Eddie haters are actual sating Stoops sucks.

  60. KYCat4EVER

    Hey Nick…

    Pardon me if I missed this in your article but where does it say in your article…how or why…

    “Eddie Gran is a Top Five College Football Offensive Coordinator”???

    In my humble opinion, GRAN is a top FIVE “Must be Fired” candidate… period!

    His offensive play calling has been criticized by a LOT more than I this year… and by those in a lot more high profile than I.

    Get rid of this baseless article and take GRAN with you please!

    1. CATandMONKEY

      You have to watch the video.
      Nick didn’t originate the comment. He just reported it,

    2. east-ky-boy

      Yea but it obviously thrilled him to do so. Nick is KSR’s only idiot. He and gran needs the pink slip

  61. notFromhere

  62. michaelb

    He obviously just posted this for clicks . It’s the hottest button of all buttons around here . Lol . Does Eddie deserve to be fired ? Not in actuality . Did he call some crappy predictable , ball deflating , lead grasping plays way to early in games ? Yes. I don’t like some of the things he did , he also did well at times . I just hope he improves with everyone else after another year . In all likely good they will . Glad this season was a good one & ready for another . Been a long time since we can actually say that .

  63. CoachCat

    Reading all the “ well we won ten games” comments makes me laugh. We won ten games with defense and special teams. How many games did the defense or special teams bail out the offense? Look it up.

  64. bigbluehank

    10-3. Best record the program has had in years. Big win over a great team in a notable bowl game. Gran did the best with what he had, which was a dominant line and running back, a mediocre quarterback in his first season of D-1 ball, and two legitimate pass catchers. His calls played to the offense’s strengths. The team didn’t have the personnel to run a complex, crowd-pleasing, pass-happy offense. Yet, despite these “limitations”, he helped the team win ten games.

  65. Larkin123

    Lololol humble pie???? An offense that was around 105 out of 130???

  66. goose2

    Im reading some crazy crap here. Someone earlier said something about bad clock management, I can think of at least 3 games we have won due to great clock management, clock ran down to under 30 sec. we won those games,Llouisville, Miss. St, Missouri, great clock management coach Gran. I loved this team, but the best team uk has produced in my lifetime was the 1977 team and I was at all home games. We beat a good Penn St. team that year in Happy Valley.

  67. ukcamel

    I’m definitely not a Gran hater, but some analyst declaring him a top-5 OC doesn’t make it so. That’s just silly.

  68. bailey000

    Oh I am a hater of Gran. I love the kids that certainly were talented enough to make him seem like a good coach to some analyst at CBS. BTW did that analyst predict us winning 10 games? No. Pretty sure he said 5 maybe 6 wins. Eddie seems like a nice guy, but we would have had 11 wins if he had a clue at A&M. Then he questioned our talent on offense??? Yeah let’s listen to CBS. Go Big Blue! I Love Those Kids! They won those games in spite of Gran!