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Drew Barker shows off UK’s gray uniforms

Photo @db_714

Photo @db_714

Drew Barker is officially on the team, and today, posted a picture of himself in UK’s new gray uniforms, one of the first times we’ve seen the complete look. ¬†What do you think?

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122 responses to “Drew Barker shows off UK’s gray uniforms”

  1. Why does the grey uniform have moobs?

    The kid deserves better.

  2. Wildcat72

    Our colors are Blue and White. I am sick of this nonsense. Might as well run them out there in hot pink.

    1. Sara S

      I TOTALLY AGREE Wildcat72, and it’s too bad they didn’t have a uniform in Mr. Barber’s size. That one wouldn’t even fit my 5th grader.

    2. Get your crap together

      Who is Mr. Barber? TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    3. C....A....T.....S.....CATS!

      Wildcat 72…. COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER….




    4. Tinsley

      “They have to be blue or white, because were Kentucky.” Really, people? It looks good and UK football definitely needs a identity change from the tradition of being crap. Both physically and mentally. And this is a step in the right direction. If they could change the logo, and maybe a new home and away uniform, they’ll finally drop the history of being the losing, crappy team. Also, if they win, that’s another key component, in them getting new and better recruits.

  3. Drew Franklin


    1. Linda Taylor

      That was my exact response. I wish there had been a way to vote meh.


      for those that wondered. (i know i did till i consulted the interweb)

      What is MEH?

      MEH is “Indifference, equivalent to shoulder shrug”

    3. The Real Linda

      Drew is a good looking dude…I would like anything he was wearing.

  4. Michael

    They look like sweats. Not a fan.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Exactly what I was thinking – they remind me of an old set of practice sweats that have been through the wash one time too many.

      If they were a brighter silver or even a dark charcoal, they would look better, but that shade of gray is just kind of blah. Maybe they would look better with more blue on them.

  5. Oldtimers


    1. Haha

      Now where’s my damned social security check!

  6. Blue Virus

    Good idea, piss poor execution. Needs more blue and needs to be NEON blue. Sorry, old farts….its the 21st centry.

    1. Samukgrad

      If I were a recruit, and you told me I was going to wear THAT in a game, I’m looking for a new school with a REAL uniform.

    2. beavis606

      yeah Samukgrad, look at how piss poor Oregon is doing with those stupid uniforms!

  7. I Am Spartacus

    Not my favorite…Look kinda “dirty” to me.

  8. JO

    Lets called them “platinum” or silver…. if UK wins in them ill like them

  9. JoeMoney333

    I just think we need a picture of them w/o the Instagram filter.

  10. pfife

    All we need now is gray/blue shoes and gray/blue helmets and they can be both the home and away jerseys. Very confederate.

    1. Sara S

      Who comes up with this nonsense anyway? Our colors are BLUE and WHITE, not “sweatpants gray”.
      Let’s forget out the blue/gray helmets, socks, pants, and shoes….please!


    The name and numbers need to bin blue and outline in white would look alot better.


    EDIT: be in blue.

  13. Everyone on this site is so damn negative.

    Be happy for the kid. He’s not going off to some war in Vietnam or Iraq to die in a minefield for politicians.

    1. Shut it, hippie.

      It’s thanks to the war in Iraq that you aren’t speaking Sharia, punk.

    2. Leave the politics to those with brains

      Shut it hippie…..Lol, sure, the war in Iraq kept the Iraqis from using their fictitious WMD’s and invading our beaches. Do you have to try hard to be stupid, or does it come naturally?

    3. Umm

      Should…should I even point out that Sharia isn’t a language?

    4. Lexington 3

      What does “Shut it, hippie” have against Shakira? Must be a Toby Keith fan.

  14. Jeremy Schmidt

    I can tell you how this vote is going to go. The younger open-minded voters will like them, the older folks will be so enamored with “tradition” that they will scream from the hills that they are awful. I think that if we want to change the perception of the football program then we should try alternate uniforms. We should also try maybe filling up the damn stadium every week as well.

  15. Kevin

    Drab, uninspiring.
    GoBigGrey just doesn’t work

  16. Big Burley John


    1. an old fart

      LOL and HA HA HA …very funny. So you think it SUX too uh!!?? It does seem to be perfectly clear that the majority of BBN doesn’t not want to see their team take the field in sweats, I know I would not be happy wearing something that looked like that. Doesn’t help recruiting either does it?

  17. Mike In The Wood

    These uniforms don’t exist

  18. not matt elam

    (not shown in the picture) but the chrome helmets are tight tho son

  19. Matt from Hodgenville

    You have to love them or hate them. There’s no “gray” area. Get it. #puns. Oh, are we not doing that anymore? No? Ok. My bad.

  20. jerry

    They actually looked good on some of the other players, on Barker it looks like he just rolled out of bed.

  21. Jason

    I understand he is a quarterback and wears rib protection, but it looks like he has a gut and no shoulders.

    The jersey and pants are fine, but with his pads it looks like a poorly produced space movie instead of a football player.

  22. TravisC

    I think blue helmets, blue jerseys, grey pants would look pretty cool. A new grey helmet wouldn’t suck either.

    And keep in mind, this is supposed to appeal to 17 year olds.

  23. Fancy

    I voted “hate” them. I don’t “HATE” but that was the only other choice. I just don’t like them very much. I like out school colors. I don’t mind some black or some gray, but I just don’t like the gray look. Maybe with blue pants, or a blue jersey (or “more” blue on the jersey) I would like it more

  24. Haha, haters.

    I voted “Love them” hundreds of times to negate your hatred. Go Big Blue!

  25. tadpole

    I’m tired of these people saying it’s tradition, like Matt says, what tradition does uk football have we need something new if we wanna even start a tradition….. Shut up old folks

    1. Tur.dpole

      Ugly has nothing to do with tradition or lack of it. Oregon’s uniforms have more than drabness to them. If natural selection has its way, you won’t get old.

  26. Kyreds

    We that is UK are not gray we are BLUE&WHITE ! Stick to those colors!

  27. UK's dichotomy

    UK’s an interesting institution… we have a truckload of tradition in basketball and almost none in football. I’m all for keeping the basketball traditions alive, but what we’ve been doing in football just isn’t cutting it. If interesting uniforms gets the attention of the talented players we need to start building the program, let’s give it to them already!

    Also, can we get some blue chrome helmets with claw mark stripes too? Seriously, who do I need to call at Nike to make this happen?

  28. Cupid Stunt

    I don’t mind alternate unis, but my beef is, has, and always will be voiced ad nauseum: i hate the Tennessee end zone sleeves. I don’t care that they are sold as a nod to racing silks. The Joker era ushered them in and it was a disaster. I want the Joker-era sleeves gone. The only great thing is the thin, single-stripe helmets. I love those!

    1. Common Sense

      So do you have a problem with them still being on the basketball uniforms as well? It’s not a Joker thing…

  29. Wal-Mart

    This uniform looks like something we sell on the close out rack after the holidays.

  30. cristoforouk

    They are different, and with kids these days different is always good. Different is cool.

  31. Mike

    I’d go darker with the gray and more of an electric blue so it pops!

  32. JPL

    It’s not inspiring or anything more than average looking.

  33. Tommy

    We are the big BLUE nation!!! not the big gray nation hell id rather see black ones

    1. RUPPS_rhetoric

      So by that logic you’re also against WHITE uniforms. After all it’s not the big WHITE nation is it? We don’t so “go big WHITE” do we?

  34. 9-asty

    I like the grey unis as an alternate worn once a year, no more than that. I definitely prefer the grey to anything with black in it.

    I agree with 28 about the checkered sleeves. I’m not a fan of those. I’d also like to see the white helmets more, which I think would look pretty good with the grey unis.

  35. ukdavid

    The gray jersey looks better in the picture of Josh Krok. The quality of the picture is better

  36. Go Cats

    Why does it fit so poorly…did they not have one in his size?

  37. Tom Evans

    Too plain, too drab – ugly!!

  38. 44 Stitches

    They are a 100 times better than the black uniforms.The black uniforms are awful.

  39. BillDozer

    They are ok. Nothing over the top or special about them.

    Our version of the ‘Confederate Grays’ that Ole Miss has.

  40. Nuidat1611

    Are you sure this isn’t Ole Miss throw back to the fifties uniforms

  41. Chaz

    Back to the drawing board. Fail.

  42. Virginia

    UGLY ! SCHOOL colors are BLUE/WHITE ! These look like sweats ! Hideous.

  43. Derp

    Those are sweet. Whoever said they hate them must be over 50

  44. Bluehax

    Civil war GRAY: horrible! Catch these on sale or good will ? Surely not !!!’

  45. Eric

    Ugly! Did Nike design these? They put a splash of blue the shoulder pads of an all gray uniform and call it done? I don’t understand the desire of the athletic department in experimenting with non-school color uniforms.

  46. Missing the chrome helmet!!

    You all aren’t seeing the whole package. I believe they have chrome and blue helmets that go with them. With the helmet included, it’s a pretty awesome uniform. However, without the helmet it does look pretty “blah”/basic/plain/etc.

  47. beavis606

    If it brings in recruits, then hell yes. Look at Oregon! Some of you people are idiots

    1. TotalSpectrumOfColors

      Right you are. I always thought Oregon should dress up in grey.

  48. ukfaninsc

    The pants and blue down the side of the leg, just can’t see it from this angle

  49. ukfaninsc


  50. klassact32

    I hate anything that is not blue and white, the school colors!

  51. Dribble-drive high-five

    Just win baby

  52. ukwiseman

    While I love mixing up the unis and don’t mind them doing it at all, these just don’t really make the grade IMO. seem kind of blah to me! the black ones I think look awesome, but these not so much.

  53. Just sayin'

    Is it me, or is Drew developing a beer gut?

  54. JHA

    I say do away with school colors. Having one or two colors is very discriminating and does not encourage diversity. There is no room for anything that does not promote diversity on a college campus. Get with it UK it is 2014. There are a lot of colors to enjoy. Mix it up

  55. Dennis Smith

    Who actually made the decision to change our colors from Blue & White to Gray and ? I thought the entire student body had to vote before change in colors could occur. Who the hell is responsible?


    Dang, those pants look like Knute Rockne’s mother stiched those up freehand from a gray wool blanket!

  57. Rae

    I actually might not mind it if they were more of a silver rather than grey. But hey, I’ll back the boys up no matter what they wear. BBN.

  58. BigBlueVein

    Looks like he has breasts.

  59. BigBlueVein

    All they need now are leather helmets…..looks like throw back.

  60. Darrell

    Grey stinks, it just sucks. Go with Blue and White with a different style but not grey. Grey is death!

  61. playersfan

    So for money, we let a manufacturer change KY’s colors to blue and grey, instead of blue and white. WHY? I have loved blue and white for 70 years, why should it change to grey and white, and why should we follow other schools that are permitting their colors to be changed, just so they can sell caps, shirts, etc. with grey and blue in addition to blue and white. It is marketing, nothing else.

  62. Gloria

    I love Big Blue colors!

  63. Kkennedy1985

    Cats fans! We are currently 3rd in the running for the 6thFan NCAA competition behind Arkansas St. And Tex-Pan American. This is unacceptable! You can vote once a day on or tweet #UK and #6thFan . Help earn prizes for yourself, win the university $100,000, and most of all show the nation who the best fans are! Let’s go BBN!

  64. Drew Franklins Toe Fungus

    I am in the MEH category. They are not inspiring. Our Colors are Blue and White, don’t rememeber seeing grey in there any where, but if we win I don’t care as long as we are not wearing red, pink, baby blue or any of the rediculouse oranges out there.

  65. jaws2

    Nice looking practice sweats! The day that I see real football schools like AL, LSU, or any other historical program go to this kind of crap, I guess I might change. Let’s just leave tradition where it is. Wear the blue and white proudly!

    1. Bubba

      Hmm… Let’s see what do Bama, Penn St, USA and schools like that all have in common? They have a ton of football tradition. The could wear whatever they want and still be fine. We have 0 tradition at UK. Look at Oregon, the number 1 reason they are where they are is because they let Nike take over and now they are known as the cool uniform school. Now if we had Bama tradition I would be all for not changing. But we don’t have their tradition. So shut the hell up about “tradition” cut this school has 0 when it comes to football…. A cool ass uniform is more likely to get a big recruit than telling them about our title in the 1950s

  66. pfife

    If the players are concerned with uniform colors (and hopefully they’re not) this would be an issue. They just look stupid. I am waiting for a peer reviewed link saying gray unis will result in better win/loss total than blue/white. They won’t.

  67. TheBigTrout

    For those saying our colors are blue and white, do you guys not realize grey or silver accents have been a part of the basketball uniforms in the past? It’s not like they’re adding red or orange, just a neutral color. Anyways, it’s just a uniform.

  68. 2 and 10

    What is the difference? Lose in white or lose in grey. It is all the same.

  69. Attitude adjustment

    Barker needs to quit using twitter!
    He’s off a lot of people with his recent tweets!!!
    Practice and shut the he!! Up!
    Grow up!

    1. Chris

      I see nothing on barkers twitter that would make anyone mad

  70. Ky girl

    Hate them!!! Blue & white with an accent of silver or gray is fine but not this ugly gray!!!!!

  71. loosey


  72. bluegrassstu

    Add some scarlet and UK will be OSU south, WTF!!!!!!. Our colors are blue and white in case anyone has forgotten.

    1. TheBigTrout

      And that hasn’t changed. Grey is a neutral color, just like white is. If we didn’t have a two tone color scheme w/ white being one of the colors, then grey would seem odd. like it did with Kansas because of their red and blue. However, grey has been a part of our uniforms far before the grey alternate uniform craze. What about all the MLB teams with their grey road unis? It doesn’t change our colors at all having a grey uniform, get over yourself with your cries of blue and white and actually look up some history, this isn’t the first time we’ve had grey.

  73. sharpsburgdude

    Who gives a rat’s ass what they are wearing as long as they are winning football games? March’em out their in tutu for all I care, just win some games!

  74. Bubba

    Hmm… Which of the following is more likely to attract recruits

    A) talk of the 1950s title

    B) cool ass uniforms…

    1. Bobby Petrino

      Here’s how I handle recruits, prior to Clint Hurt, who had a similar tradition at Miami and UofL, in terms of drawing in recruits like flies on a fresh turd:

      1. Ca$h money
      2. White perfumed hog ridin’ honey

    2. DerbyDemon

      When the university finds those “cool-ass uniforms” please let us know.

    3. Wat Do I Think?

      I suggest we go with uniforms consisting of blue jeans that fit below the ass cheeks and helmets that are designed to fit sideways on the head. That way we will be cool and hip …. screw those old 50 year old players.

  75. Black Uniforms

    Umm…dont forget you’ve had me for a few years as well. My cousins, the gray uniforms, used to be worn by the bball team “back in the day.” But lets all freak about these cool uniforms.

    Also, he does look like a football player, which is good.

  76. Old School

    How about all of the commenters who complain about the old folks vote buying season tickets. There are plenty available and would make your vote more important. Do you really think changing the color would help? really? Is Drew our new poster boy? He may very well be a redshirt. Towles had big high school numbers too.

  77. Lexington 3

    Yes, the whole point is to make all of us who have been out of college for 20 years happy. It doesn’t matter what the CURRENT college kids might like…. it’s about US.

    1. Wat Do I Think?

      When the current college kids have been out of school for 20 years and have gained a bit of wisdom through life’s experiences….then they should be allowed to have an opinion.

  78. Old School

    Have you been to a game ? The students don’t go. Tats why the tickets allotted to students was reduced.

    1. Lexington 3

      The kids ON THE TEAM are going. And if this is what they want to wear then fine with me. I do join you in not caring too much about the missing kids on the stands, though.

  79. Sweet Wm

    Looks as if Wal-Mart had a closeout sale.

  80. KY BLUE

    How about an ORANGE uni………opps, sorry, that’s taken,

  81. DerbyDemon

    “On, on, U of Grey…”? The school colors are Kentucky Blue and White. What’s so hard to understand about that?

  82. George Rosenbaum

    I always HATE it when people want to change the school colors. It is the BIG BLUE not the Great Grey.

  83. Wat Do I Think?

    I think Barker needs to buckle his belt !

  84. CTE

    That outfit looks like long underwear! I wonder if they have a flap in the back??

  85. Anthony


  86. Winston

    The Mummy returns…

  87. Cat fan

    Gray isn’t Kentucky’s colors. BLUE & WHITE is our colors. Why ruin the looks of the uniforms. The fans can’t say Go Big Gray!

  88. bill

    I know you censored me earlier for no reason…
    but again…
    Nice tits granny.

  89. J.A.

    obviously Louisville fans are voting yes

  90. ModernCat

    Those will be badass with the blue or white helmet!

  91. Hooky586

    I love the uniform template and I really like these new grey uniforms, but what I don’t like is having a lot of different uniforms. So if the team burned the black uniforms and used the grey set sparingly, then it would be a lot better….but they need to go back to all-blue for every single home game.

    1. Hooky586

      Oh and this grey set would look 100x better if the numbers were blue instead of white.

  92. OLDFART66

    Blue and White with a Power K!!!