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Dear SEC…



If you’re going to call the rarely-called offsides on a kickoff, you sure as hell better call it both ways. One could argue Kentucky’s successful onside kick that was called back single-handedly changed the outcome of the game. Kentucky was coming off a huge defensive stand that resulted in a safety; followed by a quick, five-play touchdown drive; capped off with a perfectly executed onside kick that Mississippi State never saw coming.  At worst, UK gets a look at a field goal, but with the momentum from the last drive and State on its heels and in panic mode, it’s very reasonable to think Kentucky would find the end zone yet again.

However, one official got whistle-happy and called Daron Blaylock offsides, whereas the second photo you see above shows he hit the brakes as Mansour’s foot came in contact with the ball. It’s a close call, sure, but it’s not one that had to be made.

Okay, so they’re calling it tight on kickoffs?

Well, no.  Apparently not…

Exactly one minute and seven seconds later, a Bulldog is CLEARLY offsides on a Mississippi State kickoff, yet no call is made. What happened to that whistle?  Where’s the call????

Explain, please. Enlighten us.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

41 responses to “Dear SEC…”

  1. BravoBigBlue

    Another moral loss. And the KSR excuse making machine is up and running.

  2. Bigslap

    It is easy. UK is out of bowl contention and MSU is not. UK will not get a call the rest of the season, except maybe against Alabama State. It is all about the money.

  3. Chas

    That and cowbells during the game ACTION which the SEC has outlawed.

  4. kdh2011

    Well stink. Also no one is claiming a moral loss here. Only a painful one.

  5. rainman

    Make an arguement? It DIRECTLY took the game away from them! MSU took that kickoff, (the second one) and scored their final, (and only) touchdown of the second half!

    Not to mention the interference call, and the offsides on the wideout!


  6. Ukato80

    Blaylock was the 12th man too

  7. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Seriously though, Max Smith just can’t throw a football well.

  8. BriceMC

    1) “KSR excuse machine?” GTFOH….nowhere in this post does it say Kentucky WOULD have won this game if not for that call, only that it’s perfectly reasonable to suspect that it very well COULD have been a possibility. These images clearly & unequivocally illustrate the inconsistency of the call & no-call on the kicks, and the post in its entirety is a perfectly reasoned explanation for how this call significantly impacted the game,and MAY very well have made the difference in the outcome. You clearly either just don’t want to believe that, or don’t have the cognitive capacity to understand it, but either way, feel free to take your negativity somewhere the f*** else.

  9. Mike Crossfield

    Blaylock should have never been close to the line of scrimmage. This team has more ingorance than any team I have seen. AKA too many bone headed plays.

  10. GeePee

    I’ll take 2 eggs over easy and biscuits and gravy for my home cooking.

  11. Plainclothes Man

    you have to remember that the officials aren’t going to see everything. i’m as upset as every other cats fan out there but i always find it hard to empathize with excuses over skin-of-your-teeth calls from the refs. if we really wanted to win this game we could’ve done plenty of other things like not allow big plays on defense, get off the field on third down late in the game, and max could’ve passed the ball MUCH better. it’s annoying to see refs whiff on stuff like this but there’s plenty of other things to blame.

  12. Thomas

    Dear SEC,

    Why do we have to contact you every damn week with this bullsh1t?

  13. worthythorn

    “it’s very reasonable to think Kentucky would find the end zone yet again.”

    That is never reasonable thinking.

  14. Tim Tebow

    Ref blew this call bad. We aren’t good enough to over come shitty calls. Can our receivers not catch!!!! We had at least 7 drops

  15. I. Melvin

    Did anyone notice when the flag was thrown?

    Was it thrown as soon as the ball was kicked? Shortly thereafter? Or after it became clear we had recovered the ball?

    Loved the call. This is exactly the aggressive approach Mumme understood that is required for us to get over the hump.

    Hate the slow-developing, East-West handoff on 2nd-and-short. Killed us all night.l

  16. Rickshaw

    Flashbacks to the phantom 12 men on the field call and the official moving the ball on 4th down giving the Gators the 1st down and the proverbial dagger… When will we catch a break?

  17. slash007

    It was a bad missed call, but it at least setup what could have been an amazing finish that would have made up for it. A one point win at the end would have erased the bad call and made it worth it. Unfortunately we decide to put Jalen in on 3rd and short and that was all she wrote. Anyone watching the game for more than five minutes knew he was going to run the ball there. A couple more of dink and dunk plays with Max and we really had a shot at winning. O well…

  18. joe

    Yeah they were bad calls but passes four ft over the receivers head and running the ball on 3rd and long numerous times and running and passing plays east and west instead of. Orth and south and bringing whitlow in at the end for one play and try and run, big surprise play . all that and more is a good reason for the loss.

  19. Bunny

    The football Cats will end up 2-10 just as I predicted before the season started. We will be better next year assuming most of our 2014 commitments actually sign with us…

    Can’t wait for basketball season to start…

  20. Mike Slive

    Have you morons been in the bourbon tonight? Do you really think I’m going to allow you to upset the balance of power in the SEC? Someone told me you guys have dreams of the title game in Atlanta? LMAO Make sure those hotel reservations are refundable. 😉

    P.S. Love your basketball team. Keep doing what you are doing.

  21. BigBluSoTru

    And we made fun of Louisville losing. Uk football what a joke. Bring on the round ball baby!

  22. Honesty

    I’m a ville fan and need wins from UK obviously, but after seeing multiple shots of it, the call was right. He was offsides. Is it unfortunate and inconsistent with the MSU shot maybe, but just like in baseball where a double play starting at 2nd is an area call if foot isn’t on the bag the offsides on kickoff by a foot isn’t a big issue EXCEPT with an onside because it is a possession determination.

    Finally I have coached and always said to handle your business so a call can’t be what you look back on. UK put themselves in a position with bad first half play that they should have zero complaints. Awful to just focus on a call vs all the mistakes made.

    Control what you can control.

  23. Truth

    So now you are down to calling out the SEC and claiming conspiracy because they didn’t overlook an obvious call that 5 minutes later happened on the other side???

    What a bunch of crying shit! We don’t want the right call we want it consistently wrong if it benefits UK. Whining and crying is why your program sucks!

    Love – The Ville, Clint Hurtt, Rick Pitino, Tom Jurich

  24. carnifex

    Did you guys really believe an SEC crew of officials wouldn’t hose us? We were lucky we weren’t playing a contender or we would have set records for flags on plays. The SEC hierarchy has 1 golden goose to protect and we ain’t it.

    I thought MSt was pretty dirty though. One first half slo-mo showed the State player actually strangling our player. The jerkwad announcers commented on how much they loved this guys meanness, I woulda’ enjoyed one of our guys breaking this bastards knee cap…all in good sporting fun.

  25. Clarification

    I am confused on this thread.

    Appears UK was clearly offsides. Barely, but was.

    Are we complaining that the call was wrong and he wasn’t offsides?


    Complaining that they caught it on us and subsequently didn’t against them the next kickoff??

    Two completely different things. One your blind, the other is whining? Please clarify!

  26. WhysHeSoDumb

    That idiot isn’t even involved in the play. How does he not know that? Why would he even risk it? The friggin announcer was beside himself with disbelief. Why even give them the chance to throw the flag? Dumb beyond belief.

  27. Hal

    sorry but looking at some of the dumbest comments ive ever seen. this isnt making excuses. if refs are gonna make “letter of the law” like they did w/ this offsides (where the call had no difference whatsoever on outcome of play) then call it all game. either holding, block in the back or pass interference could/should be called on 9/10 plays.

  28. musrat59

    I didn’t know that Doug Shows called football games too.

  29. kelly zimmerman

    This exact thing happened in the Bears vs Skins game the other day. Pereira said that officials are told on an onside kick there is no gray area. If player is barely offside then he is offside. On a regular kickoff they are not called as tight.

  30. JoeMoney333

    29. I hate that kind of refereeing

  31. The better question.....

    is why the hell are TWO UK players who are on the OPPOSITE side of the field from where the ball is going, even close to being offsides?!?!?!

  32. Bad call

    Bad call either way you look at it.

    Funny thing was the ref didn’t throw his flag until Blue had already made the catch! I’m so sick of the refs man

  33. haha

    Hey idiots, you ever think that maybe they’re more likely to call that on an onside kick attempt, than on a regular kickoff? It’s not like it doesn’t happen nearly every time on regular kickoffs. Different points of the game are refereed differently, that’s just the way it is. It has nothing to do with an SEC/media agenda, you idiots. Jesus christ, the ignorance on here. It was a good ballgame, and the cats lost a close one on the road. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If Whitlow had been healthy, I think we win this one by 2 scores. This blaming the refs stuff is the type of stuff you all make fun of Loserville fans for doing, but I’d argue that we are just as bad, and it’s unbecoming. Basically, stop acting like morons, it’s embarrassing.

    -concerned UK fan

  34. Eric

    HAHA… look at the 2nd guy from the top. He is past the line of scrimmage too. Even farther away from the play. It couldve been called on him too. The sad thing is… the guys on the side of the field where the ball came are all fine. Stupid, stupid play.

  35. Calipari

    Stoops, thanks for taking all the bad calls this football season! I expect none after the amount you all have seen! Oh wait, I’m sure Doug Shows will do plenty of our games. There goes 40-0!!!

  36. KG

    Saw a poorly officiated game. We beat ourselves but the officials didn’t bring their “A” game (if they have one)either. MSU’s O line could have been called for holding on most every play.
    We beat ourselves.

  37. LooksCanBeDeceiving

    UK was off-sides on the onside kick. Miss State was off-sides on their subsequent kick off. Both pictures clearly show the players off-sides. You get calls like that when playing on the road. Pathetic 3rd down offense and 3rd down defense is why we lost for the 5th time out of 6 games. I surely did not see improvement last night against a bad 3-3 team in front of a high school crowd.

  38. KevinM

    I’m as ticked as anyone else, but that call was called after we recovered the ball. The flag wasn’t thrown until after the whistle had blown. It shouldn’t have been called if it takes that long.

    Some of our play calls on that last drive were simply awful. This must be the year to make mistakes.
    We cannot keep making stupid decisions.

  39. 2020

    Relax. Drew Barker & Co. are coming!

  40. Billy Gillispie

    At least I left Calipari 4 future NBA players.

  41. tltaworl

    37. UK may have been, but it wasn’t Blaylock. The ESPN camera clearly showed Mansour touch the ball before Blaylocks foot went over the line.