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Dale Peveto is officially gone


Yesterday we told you UK assistant Bradley Dale Peveto received an offer from Les Miles and LSU to coach the Tigers’ special teams. Last night, while we were watching the Cayts, Dale Peveto confirmed he accepted the offer at the school where he was a member of the 2008 BCS National Championship staff.

He told, “It’s good to be home, a real honor and a privilege. I’m very excited to get started. I think the world of Coach Miles and the world of LSU. He’s a great coach and I enjoyed working for him before. He’s pretty special.”

Time for Mark Stoops to find his replacement on the UK sideline. My vote goes to Drew Barker. Why, you ask? Because, why not?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to “Dale Peveto is officially gone”

  1. hangin#9

    Any names floating around for a replacement other than Hargreaves from Houston?

  2. Highway 119

    “If Mark Stoops says…” blah, blah, blah. For someone so gung ho about working for Stoops and being here, sure didn’t take him long to jump ship. Highly disappointed, but then again, I wasn’t too impressed with our special teams play this year. Maybe we bring back Steve Ortmayer. I sure know that we haven’t had the special teams play any better since he was let go by Joker. Whomever it is, they need to be someone who wants to be here, and believe that we can be as good as LSU. We can’t be a stepping stone coaching job anymore. I believe in Stoops and what he is doing here, so should the next coach in.

  3. tltaworl

    Is he leaving his first, first name in Lexington?

  4. Hayley's quadriceps

    This would be a great time for those out there who think that they can do a better job coaching to submit their resume.

  5. aengr

    I agree, the special teams this season did not seem to be very well coached…..a break down in almost every game. I was disappointed in Stoops when he announced “the entire staff” would return. Peveto needed to go……. maybe Stoops helped him decide. In any case we don’t need anyone that goofy.

    1. Chris

      Totally, in all other facets of the game we lacked talent and depth. But on special teams we were loaded and it’s all the fault of lousy coaching. That’s your point? Idiot.

  6. Biff Switters

    This is a chance to really help our team for the next two years
    If Stoops makes a good hire that will whip those units into
    shape that would be so huge? With these athletes we’re
    We should be able to start blocking kicks and returning
    other kicks and punts for TD’s like in the Abney days!
    Special teams and practice is best way for new, young,
    and walk-on guys to set themselves apart. If we could get
    a game changer or two on special teams that alone puts
    us in games that have traditionally been beat downs.
    I’d be ecstatic to see solid special teams and a very scrappy
    opportunistic defense that knows how to create turnovers
    and momentum shifts! GO STOOPS AND GO CATS!!

  7. Coach Jamin

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new name to the coaching ranks brought back. Say someone who dazzled on the field in special teams, brought excitement to the program, wanted to be here…

    How about, Dicky Lyons Jr.?!

  8. Bubba

    Whoever it is it is going to be someone with ties to Georgia , specifically Atlanta…. My guess, David Walkosky of GT …. was a teammate of Marrow

    1. hangin#9

      Would be a good hire, connections in both Ohio and Georgia…

  9. jaws2

    Special Teams is an integral part of any good teams program. I’ll guarantee you the top programs place a very high emphasis on that part of their game plan. We need someone who can ‘bring it’ and experience when it comes to a replacement.

  10. Head-scratcher

    Wait, some of you actually think Peveto was a bad coach? The guy that Les Miles just sought out and hired to coach special teams on perennial SEC West contender LSU?

    What is it you people drink to cause brain damage?

    I would rather have sought-after coaches every year than have a staff no one else wants. If anything, the Peveto defection proves CMS had the right idea when putting together his first staff. There is no doubt the new candidate will be carefully selected and a quality coach/recruiter.

  11. schwing


  12. UKfanNKY

    Well Coach congrats we will see you Oct. 18th in Baton Rouge when we run the opening kick off back for a TD and WIN the game by 7!!! GO CATS!!!

  13. Zach

    Cobb and Locke. Nuff said.