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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

100 responses to “Could Eddie Gran be on the Move?”

  1. Bluebloodtoo

    Make your money, Mitch.

  2. CayutsBy90

    Hope so. Would really love to smoke Georgia next year

    1. StillBP

      so you think we’d smoke them with a brand new OC? What are you smoking?

    2. loservilletard

      yes, with gran as their OC, it would make the job much easier than if he stays at UK. Good riddance

  3. UKfansNKY

    Yeah,yeah he struggled some this past year, but the CATS must find away to KEEP COACH GRAN!! HELLLLOOOOOO…………..GEORGIA wanting him, that alone say’s ALOT about him!!! GO CATS!

    1. StillBP

      The people who get paid to coach football for a living think he’s great. KSR commentors think he’s terrible. Gee, I wonder who we should believe. You’re right, we need to keep him, despite what the dummies here say.

    2. Alex90

      Or maybe you could look at his offensive rankings the past 3 seasons to judge. He has done a great job in recruiting and developing the running backs but the offense as a whole has not been very good. Terry showed that he is skilled but it never seemed like the offense fit him.

    3. satcheluk


    4. Cousins Fake Tooth

      @StillBP they do? You mean, when the NFL people ripped him and said his play calling is horrible?

    5. StillBP

      yeah Cousins you mean that one “anonymous” scout? Great source you have there.

    6. mashburnfan1

      Now hold on. When Miami fired their coach KSR comes on saying they would go after Stoops, well they hired their guy hours later so there was never a look at anyone else if they made the decision that quick. I heard UGA fans at our game this year, there was as many UGA fans as UK fans there. Even they were yelling “move up they won’t throw deep.” Was not just BBN that saw it, was every DC we played as well.Why did so many teams we played we scored so low on them when most other teams scored 28-50 points on them. Look at Mizzou, A&M, Vandy, MTSU, CMU, Tenn. Teams lit them up and we struggle to put points on them. That is on Gran.

    7. StillBP

      Gran can’t get out there and throw the ball, mashburn. Terry is a first year QB in real college football (not counting junior college). He has a lot to learn. He isn’t a Lamar Jackson or Trevor Lawrence, he can’t just walk out year 1 and be great. He can get better, but not if we keep switching OC on him. Gran utilized what we did best on offense…run the ball. Sure, he made some bad play calls. I’m not saying he’s great. But he’s not terrible. Losing him would be bad. I would wish he would go just so you all can see how wrong you are but I don’t want to wish that on the players or fans who aren’t so narrow minded.

    8. J. Did

      I say this with all due respect; he did the best given his circumstances and direction.

      With Eddie Gran as OC at KENTUCKY, he was like a top NASCAR professional driving the little engine that could.

      Think of what he could do at GEORGIA. It is scary.

      So yes, I would hope he stays with the CATS but I understand; we need to give him him what he wants to keep him in LEX.

  4. Wilfred Smith

    Jesus tap-dancing Christ…

    Gran has had inexperienced and or limited QBs, plus Boom AND Benny since he’s been here.

    No, he’s not perfect, but 24 – 15 over 3 years is as good of a stretch of UK football as I can remember.

    Hell, last year part of the job was to keep the defense off the field.

    1. loservilletard

      and if he was a good OC, their record would have been much better. They have lost many games by having too conservative an Offense and poor play calling in crucial times. He damn near lost the Citrus Bowl with his play calling.

    2. bigbluebanana

      I’m not a football expert, but it boggles the mind how so many people put the conservative play calling on Gran. Conservative offense is Stoops calling card, it was like that before Gran, it’ll be like that after Gran…it’s all Stoops’ call. How is this not obvious to everyone with eyeballs?

    3. Blue Bill

      Amen BBB.

    4. krautdog

      AMEN,AMEN & AMEN!!!

  5. Cousins Fake Tooth

    please please please

  6. RackEmWillie

    Well, out of all the things that could happen, this is one of them. I don’t think Gran was as bad as a lot of people think he was, but I definitely wouldn’t think he was good. And I’m not really sure the numbers would even put up that much of a fight that he was good.

    I’d be more than happy to find a new OC, though. So, if he wants to go, I wouldn’t blame him. Heck of an opportunity there.

  7. EastKYCAT

    This is not good for us. If he leaves we will struggle next year. Our QB needs to do a lot of work during the offseasons to improve. Eddie Gran is going have to stay, so our Offense can stay on track. Come on people we went 10-3. When was the last time we did that. Our QB could not make game day decisions. Terry needs to improve, then our scheme will improve.

  8. Alex90

    I could see the negative impact this would have in recruiting but the offense couldn’t be much worse than it was the last half of the season.

  9. UKinIN

    Doesn’t UK have some of the highest paid assistants in the country? Gran is making $875,000 and $900,000 the next two seasons. Will GA’s offer even be competitive?

    1. My Dixie Wrecked

      Several assistants make over $2 million and many make over $1 million at other schools.

    2. UKinIN

      GA DC had a base of $390,000 but GA claims total salary was $900,000. If I’m Gran I don’t leave a guaranteed $875,000 for only $390,000 guaranteed.

  10. katmandue2you

    I’ve been telling the “dumbskulls” to shut up the bitching about Eddie Gran. And now we see WHAT PEOPLE IN THE KNOW REALLY KNOW!!!! I may not be intelligent enough to just refrain from commenting on this site but at least I’m smart enough to know just how little the “grantagonist” know. I’ll say it again. Eddie Gran format more football and particularly offensive football than most all commentators on here will ever know!

    1. michaelb


  11. mashburnfan1

    Please take him, but I am sure Smart is smarter than that. No doubt Gran helps recruit Florida {I don’t know how or why} but he calls stupid plays and is not a good game play caller. His throws go side to side and seldom down the field. He did this at Cincy as well but he was not playing the SEC speed defenses. Id why teams like Cincy score a ton until they played a fast defense. Any WR who sees us play should run from the stadium, we hurt CJ as a draft stock case. He would be a top TE, 1st round pick had he played at OU, Mich, and many others. Here he had 1 route down field and all others were 2 yarders to the sideline. Now we did help him in the eyes of the NFL in blocking but we wasted his catching talent. We could have been 11-2 or 12-1 this year if not for Gran. His excuse at Tenn was “we thought we could run on them”….well at some point you see it is not working, or down 21-0 you make changes…At A&M we were running for almost 5 a carry but he does not give Benny the ball because going in we did not think we could run. That is just stupid. He almost lost us a 27-7 4th quarter lead in Orlando. Teams only had to worry about 5 yards behind scrimmage and 10 yards past it against us, seldom made their defense play the entire field.

    1. katmandue2you

      You don’t know shit from apple butter

    2. StillBP

      his throws go side to side and seldom down the field? I had no idea Gran was throwing. that clears a lot up, mashburn.

    3. mashburnfan1

      He calls the plays, and he calls most plays that passes are behind scrimmage or 2 yards in front. They may travel 20-25 yards but is side to side. Anyone with half a football mind knows what I’m saying, speaks to your brain. Also on 3rd and 5 or more he seldom gives us a chance to make the 1st down. Either runs {which is ok sometimes as a mixup} but when we throw it is seldom long enough to get the 1st down. Rules heavily favor the WR so why not throw it down the field on 3rd and 5 or more, may get a PI, defensive holding or our guys might make a play. Gran seldom gives UK that opportunity with his play calling. Benny should have gotten a ton of carries, no doubt, but he also should have been used in play action and fakes {like the UF fake sweep} much more often to open things up for our inexperienced QB. Bottom ine is he made alot of other teams defenses look good against UK when they got lit up vs other teams, even bad teams.

    4. bigbluebanana

      To be fair mash, I think it’s pretty obvious Gran doesn’t get to play the offense he would like to. Stoops runs this show man, offense has been conservative since before Gran, it’d be that way if Gran leaves too, because Stoops calls all the shots.

    5. Blue Bill

      Another example of a know it all arm chair QB that knows more than the people whose gazillion dollar salaries depend solely on winning. Comical.

    6. BBNnCLE

      Hey mashburn I was going to respond but my thumbs are too tired from scrolling through your bs. Find yourself a different hobby bro no wonder everything is a conspiracy with you

    7. sec dominance

      Absolutely brother. Finally someone on here with some damn sense! The players don’t call the plays. 3rd and 2 inside the 10. Snell lines up in the wildcat having ran over everybody to get there. Couldn’t stop him! Then, timeout. Come back on the field, snap the ball, and pass over the receivers head. We lose to [email protected]!! That’s not Grans fault? This happened over and over. Then you have these knowledgeable fans blaming Stoops instead? Well, that’s what Stoops wanted. No!! Gran is the OC. He’s atrocious!! And Kirby Smart doesn’t want that nonsense. Whoever is promoting this lie is full of $#it. Hello, basketball fans we went 10-3 because of our defense. So quit blaming Stoops and blame the idiot that couldn’t score on anybody. And for God sakes learn something about football. You guys would hire the fox to guard the henhouse. Well, we lost 20 chickens but it could have been 50. Besides look at the chicken wire we had to work with…

  12. Gus Chiggins


  13. Blue Bill

    So funny, arm chair qb fans want to run him off. Think they know more than the people’s whose livelihood depends on winning. Hilarious.

    1. BigolBlue

      Only thing thats funny is Blue Bill and his comments

    2. Blue Bill

      Yeah, I forgot… who have you actually coached?? Little league maybe? I am sure you know much more than the people who actually do this for a living. Maybe you could get off your mommas couch and make a career change from flipping burgers to coaching an SEC team.

    3. StillBP

      BoB at least he can write a sentence properly. It’s funny how you can’t.

  14. 2blues

    I think one of the reasons our team has gotten better, is the stable coaching situation. Always starting every year with coaching changes makes it harder to build a program.

  15. W1ldCats4Life

    You guys realize the Cats have the 3rd most NFL combine invites only behind ALABAMA & CLEMSON.

    Yet you think we should be happy to lose Gran??? WTH people! We were 10-3 because of people he helped recruit and coach.

    Maybe he did vanilla offense because some players under-performed yet he had to find a way to be successful.

  16. StillBP

    Just saw that Jalen Hurts has entered the transfer portal. maybe Matt can start a rumor about him coming to UK to save the year after Gran leaves.

    1. ClutchCargo

      As many turds as Matt throws at the wall, one is bound to stick sooner or later.

    2. Miller45

      LOL throw those turds with some velocity!

    3. StillBP

      hahahaha clutch

  17. eddiesuttonsliver

    CALLING ALL MOUTHBREATHERS! Now is your chance to wipe the Doritos dust off you fingers and let us know why Eddie Gran should go.

    1. cats646

      We didn’t score 20 points against Vandy, or Mizzouri, and we had the best RB in UK history.

    2. cats646

      Do us all a favor and hold your fukin nose.

  18. shelby

    Why leave unless the pay is significantly better?

  19. Irish son

    I think Gran does a good job, but the reason his offense was “ explosive “ in Cincinnati is that they don’t play in the SEC

    1. jaws2

      Without a doubt Irish. But, this offense is what Stoops WANTS! He believes in smash mouth football and that’s it. I know I’ve bashed Gran for some really questionable play calling under certain conditions, but his “conservative” play calling is all about Stoops. I’d like to see what he could do with an SEC caliber QB and Stoops take the chains off. I personally believe we’d all be happy.

    2. bigbluebanana

      100% right jaws.

    3. hillbilly cat

      Agree. Neal Brown and Gram had explosive offenses until they are under Stoops. Hard to watch but also hard to argue with 10-2 record

  20. N-UR-i

    Every single year the NFL, NBA, and top tier NCAA sports teams make dozens and dozens of hires that are complete busts. These ARE those “people in the know”.

    The “mouth breathers” are the people who cannot think for themselves and rely on others to always tell them what right looks like.

    If Gran left I wouldnt be mad. I would rather lose him than House or Marrow for sure.

  21. zoupman

    Every coach that is ever talked about, they say recruits Fla well, so that means nothing. I like Gran. Don’t blame another school for wanting him. Grans problem is we have a guy starting at QB that is not a D1 QB.

  22. UKBoo

    Brown is known for explosive offenses except when at UK, Gran was known for explosive offenses except when at UK. Gran said he never ran a Wildcat play in his life before he got to UK, yet here it is in all it’s glory. Maybe the OC isn’t the problem on offense? Maybe the Head Football coach should focus on his area of expertise and let those that run offenses… run the offense. Granted, a full game plan includes coordination with all three phases, but I fully believe Stoops is the primary cog in the wheel. Well, that and a QB that couldn’t go through progressions and wasn’t accurate unless he had a two second bead on the receiver last year.

    1. jaws2

      Rinse and repeat! Stoops is the friggin boss, this is HIS offense! He loves how the offense is run.

    2. michaelb

      This is my view as well . I’ve come to realize it’s mostly stoops holding the reins

    3. bigbluebanana

      Completely agree boo

  23. ClutchCargo

    We just went 10-3, with a less favorable home/away SEC schedule than 2017, and had the best season of UK football I have witnessed. I don’t want to lose any coaches.

    1. zoupman

      I doubt he is leaving, but will certainly get a raise out of it. Let’s just all hope Wilson improves, for it’s obvious no one else is getting a chance.

    2. UKfan in St Louis

      Agree with Clutch. Here’s why we fight to keep Gran, along with Stoops, Marrow, House, and all the rest of the coaches: The records of these last 3 years 7-5, 7-5,10-3, Citrus Bowl.
      Rebuilding this UK football program relies upon consistently winning with the players you have, developing those players, and then getting better players. You can only do that with a strong coaching staff. If keeping all of our coaches mean we win 7 to 10 or more games per year consistently, that sure beats the past of anything we’ve EVER done. A few years of this in the SEC, and we will begin attracting the elite recruits and will lead to better records and eventually a championship. I don’t want to disrupt that for anything in the world.

  24. CKTermy23

    I want Pete Carmichael as OC

  25. UKFootballYall

    I am not worried, I think KSR pulled this one out of their [email protected]$ to create a story. I just checked some of the “KSR” sites for Georgia and he doesn’t make a single list of top 10 potential candidates. Relax people.

  26. kjd

    One person mentioned Gran. Doesn’t make him a top candidate.

    1. jaws2

      It does when your getting paid for clicks!

    2. StillBP

      well it does say “if” he becomes a top candidate in the last sentence, it doesn’t say he is.

  27. BigolBlue

    He would be much better there. They have a competent qb and thay can make throws.

    1. secrick

      10 and 3 baby, he’s good we where good and everyone knows it outside the BBN. 12TH in the Country. Stop moaning and bitching. GO yell for the 2- and 10 cards.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Bigolblue, I’m being serious here. I’m going to start donating $1.00 USD to the ASPCA for every positive thing you write about UK. I will donate it in your name too. By default, I now feel comfortable saying that bigolblue hates puppies because I know I’ll never have to spend a penny in your name. Those poor animals.

    3. Blue Bill

      You won’t have to donate much, that’s for sure.

  28. michaelb

    Under another program he would be a super power offensive captain . Under us he’s pedestrian . Welcome to Kentucky football .

    1. Blue Bill

      I’ll take 10-3 “pedestrian”.

  29. catsby90.1

    Well, bye

  30. michaelb

    I can’t find this anywhere else in the news . Just looked

  31. sprtphan

    If we get a new oc he will coach the same way because that is what Stoops wants.

  32. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Neal Brown was interviewed at Troy and sayed the reason he was such a good coach was what he learned from Stoops. He also sais Stoops REQUIRED him to run the offense a certain way. Gran is no different. Add in there that Wilson has the down field accuracy of an old bent daisy pellet gun and you can see his issue.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Trying to get past this ad don’t notice when I start typing one thing and finish as something else. Said for example.

    2. jaws2


    3. sprtphan

      Truth hurts.

  33. bwise

    Next article from KSR click bait is jalen hurts transferring to UK

  34. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Screw Gran. Hope he drives off a cliff.

    1. cats646

      That’s a little much. Maybe a very small bluff.

  35. mcp157

    Does Neal Brown ring a bell? BBN raked him over the coals, too. The QB ‘s development came slow this year. My beef was not using the TE more. I think he will play on Sunday’s somewhere and we did not get him enough chances!

    1. mcp157

      But Gran is fine minus the wildcat plays. Those were stale after Benny’s freshman year!

  36. Logic_Prevails

    I am a sure it’s been said but since he has been here, the runningback that started with him broke all of the school rushing records. Does anyone really think he has been that bad?

    1. cats646

      The running back has just been that good

    2. Logic_Prevails

      Even still, he brought the running back in. Benny deserves a ton of credit but Gran is much better than a lot of people want to give him credit for. The real test will be to see what happens now that Benny is gone. AJ Rose looks like Star too but i guess it’s just luck at that point. I would rather have the luck that comes with Gran than what we had the previous 100 years of football.

  37. Logic_Prevails

    I think the naysayers must not remember the 10 years that proceeded him being here and now a National Championship Contender thinks he may be better than the guy they just let walk to a division rival but UK can probably do better. Wake up and shut up Morons.

    1. katmandue2you

      Unfortunately logic doesn’t prevail

  38. Soylentbeans

    Just saying the Bearcats averaged like 400 yards of offense and a ton of points when he was there, so if you people think he wont ne great at GA. You’re crazy.

  39. KYCat4EVER

    Don’t get angry and leave…. just leave!

  40. sec dominance

    There’s no way Georgia wants Eddie Gran! They want to win. And for these fools who think Gran is great. Do you watch the games? He can’t score more than 14 on anybody. Well, he did the best he could with what he had. Are you brain Dead? Best back in the league,pretty solid O line, and a decent qb. If we hadn’t had a top defense we wouldn’t have won a game. But you fools want him back? Fans like you want to keep us in the toilet. And you know nothing about football. Absolutely nothing. You people are as embarrassing as he is…

  41. CopenhagenCat

    Wouldn’t bother me if he leaves. The play calling was awful. I keep thinking Wilson would improve later in the year but the kid didnt have much of a chance with the conservative play calling. Wilson has speed and a good arm but seems like they have no faith in him. Maybe a new offensive coordinator could open up the passing game.

    1. sec dominance

      Great analysis man. It’s useless to try and convince this comment section loaded with obvious basketball fans. I agree about Wilson. You utilize his speed with some plays designed specifically for him to run. Because he’s super fast and can cover 10 yards in 2 steps. But no. No running plays for Wilson. And these guys say look what he had to work with. Snell broke a school record. And you don’t brake school rushing records unless your running behind a good O line. So yeah exactly my point. Look what he had to work with and you can figure out real quick how good of an OC he is…

  42. makeitstop

    There were times I would’ve called Delta and booked him a ticket myself (UT) but overall, keeping this staff together is best for the program. He does develop talent. He does get credit for Snell bc well Bennie says so, but also bc 18 yo kids don’t develop themselves into NFL running backs. And if we are going to keep the momentum we need to have our 2 QBs continue to get better and that means continuity. One more year of good progress and we could handle losing the OC. One year of disastrous play calling and we don’t need him. But one more year we need, and then let’s decide.

  43. Miller45

    Some of the readers/posters need to grow up these comment threads are turning into an episode of big brother. Debate and arguments are encouraged but jeez people

    1. N-UR-i

      Agreed. Scary they are “adults”

  44. Logic_Prevails

    It’s good to see that how many Bear Bryants we have on this thread. All of the people saying we are better off without Gran would do a much better job I am sure. I am now sure I can name a better coach that is willing to come to UK and Coach offense. Chip Kelly has a job and so does Jimbo Fisher. Who can we get that is better?