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Clint Hurtt goes after Kentucky football on Facebook

Clint Hurtt

You would think that after being slapped with NCAA sanctions, Clint Hurtt would think twice before speaking, but that’s not the case. UofL’s defensive line coach dissed the Kentucky football program this morning on Twitter, posting the following message:

Image via Clint Hurtt's Facebook page

Image via Clint Hurtt’s Facebook page

Stay classy, Clint.

UPDATE (2:44 p.m.): Predictably, Clint Hurtt’s post has been deleted. Luckily, screen shots live forever.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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150 responses to “Clint Hurtt goes after Kentucky football on Facebook”

  1. Pe pe

    That’s funny coming for a fat man. Especially one who cheats. He recruited teddy, got caught and somehow the NCAA doesn’t care. Cheaters never win

  2. ShepKat

    Clint Hurtt = Big Black

  3. Luther

    Unfortunately, he’s right…

    1. capt. lawson

      As much as I hate to agree with you, I do. What he said hurts, but he’s absolutely correct, and I am 100% a CAT FAN!

    2. tom

      Sadly, he is correct. All we are, at present, is a WIN for other teams. For two straight seasons we have absolutely ZERO influence on the conference. Now, should he have tweeted that? That’s another issue. But what he said was pretty accurate.

    3. Megolego

      Was coming to post the same thing. The truth hurts.

    4. Chad

      He isn’t wrong but that doesn’t mean someone with his background should be talking smack. Honestly he should just be lucky UL still employees him and keep his fat mouth shut.

    5. ZombieLibrarian
  4. kattwilliams

    CORRECTION: He doesn’t recruit players. He pays them and gets them hookers and blow (pun intended). You only RECRUIT when you’re not PAYING and PIMPING.

    1. KT

      Well said.

  5. Funny from a cheatin Brother

    He just needs a cheeseburger…. Which he will gladly pay you for tuesday…

  6. East Kentucky Infidel

    That is going to leave a mark.

  7. Glass houses

    Truth is a defense…

  8. Roofus Howls

    I’m sure his Facebook was “hacked” and he had “nothing to do with the comments”.

  9. Greg

    So you are a coach and get off to trash talking a fan, then you brag about it on social media…? He was hacked, by a 13 year old.

  10. Got to live with it

    I’m a 60 year UK fan, but I’m going to be real silent on this one, because he is right. Hopefully better days are ahead.

  11. jake

    haha so true number 8

  12. Mc

    Based on his comment, the Kentucky fan said that Louisville will need to watch out because Kentucky players are going to be better since playing in the SEC. The fan isn’t saying the SEC should be ready, but UL should be ready because UL is a big notch below a lot of the teams that UK is playing. So even if Kentucky merely participates in the SEC, they’ll play better when they play the inferior Louisville team. However, UL will finally be in a conference too so none of this really matters. They’ll get to participate in the ACC.

  13. Pepe

    Funny coming from a fat guy. He’s a cheater. A proven cheater, recruited teddy with cheating at Miami funny the NCAA doesn’t seem to care.

  14. Sammydog

    WOW. Pretty classless and juvenile response from an adult coach to an idiot fan from a rival school. Not hard to understand how his poor judgement and lack of impulse control got him in trouble.

  15. WestKYUKfan

    And just like that….poof his post has been deleted.

  16. Linda Taylor

    Maybe one of the promises he made to Teddy was that he would get him all the women’s clothes and accessories he could possibly wear if he would come to UL. He probably has a special budget for high heels, boas and cosmetics.

    1. Glass houses

      Based on that premise, I’d be interested to see what Gilchrist and Davis were offered. I mean, as long as we’re talking about explicitly gay behavior.

    2. Linda Taylor

      Glass Houses – Davis and MKG were offered the opportunity to play for one of the top programs in college basketball. What did the UL football program really have to offer other than money, mediocre competition and an inner city location? At least I didn’t initially write anything about what the vast majority of people suspect, that Teddy was bought and paid for by UL through the machinations of Hurtt, but thank you for goading me into writing about it. Your complete obsession with UK is unhealthy. You spend such an inordinate amount of time on a UK fan web site you leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that you are a social pariah.

    3. Glass houses

      Wow Linda, lots to think about. I’m sorry that my presence causes your (undoubtably) granny panties to bunch in such an uncomfortable way! I guess as long as you’re already fired up; I can’t really do anymore damage. First, if you think that either AD or MG came to play for uk, you’re dimmer than your posts suggest. They, like 90% of the 5 stars came to play for calipari – period. Is that unusual? Nope – as a high percentage of 5 stars go where they go to play for a certain coach. It’s just comical that bbn has deluded themselves to believe they’re coming for uk’s tradition – meanwhile JC is completely turned it on its head. Second, in addition to all of those things you’ve mentioned, Louisville offered Bridgewater the chance to call himself MVP of the Sugar Bowl champs – a phrase that will never be uttered by any uk player. Third, I guess the NCAA cleared Hurtt of any involvement regarding Bridgewater’s recruitment to UofL – at least as much as they cleared JC for all of the things that happened on his watch at UMass and Memphis. You remember those days right? The ones when you and the rest of the bbn thought he was the biggest cheater alive? As for obsessions, I’ll be your post outnumber mine 20 to 1 – is it really healthier because you like uk?. Guess that makes you the winner in the pariah contest!

    4. Glass houses

      I would also like to add that the reason I’m so obsessed with Anthony Davis’ butt it bc I wish he would let me play with his. I would love for him to rub his brow all over my body.

    5. Linda Taylor

      Glass Houses on this thread alone you have 10 posts at this point in time. I have 1 with 1 (working on #2 right now) reply to you. Apparently you find anything to do with numbers too challenging.
      I am not a grandmother. Is there something wrong with being a grandmother? Do you hate both of your grandmothers so much that you would make such an obnoxious comment?
      So you consider National Merit Scholars dim. You are the only person I know of that does.
      UK won the 1951 Sugar Bowl which gave them a national championship.
      Here is a list of the top players that Cal recruited to Memphis each year since the 2002 class (RSCI):
      2002 #72 Jeremy Hunt
      2003 #33 Sean Banks
      2004 #15 Darius Washington
      2005 #27 Shawne Williams
      2006 #41 Willie Kemp
      2007 #5 Derrick Rose
      2008 #3 Tyreke Evans
      No other player rated in the top 20 signed with Memphis during any of those years. It is only since he came to UK that Cal’s success in recruiting has skyrocketed beyond anything previously seen in college basketball.
      As far as my opinion about Cal before he was hired by UK: I didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to anything said about him until he was hired by UK. When he was hired here there was mention about the Camby and Rose incidents and at first that concerned me until I learned that UK had done their due diligence and he had been found innocent of any wrongdoing. He has statements from the NCAA to that effect. You really need to stop telling UK fans what our opinions were when you have no idea what they were. Making sweeping statements such as “you and the rest of the bbn thought he was the biggest cheater alive” is a really stupid thing to do.
      What we do know is that the NCAA has found Cal to be innocent and Hurtt to be guilty of charges. We do know that TB was one of the players involved in the Miami/Hurtt scandal. You admit that you are only guessing that the NCAA has not found anything wrong with Hurtt’s recruitment of TB to UL. They may still be looking into it for all we know.
      I spend 0% of my time on other team’s web sites. I have no interest whatsoever in trolling fans of other teams on their web sites. You make more posts/person than the vast majority of UK fans on this site. That is a sad commentary on your life. Just admit it, your life is pathetic. We all know your life is pathetic. It is time for you to admit it to yourself so you can start to make positive changes in your life. To spend time on your own team’s web site is normal. To spend as much time trolling a rival’s web site as you do is not normal or healthy behavior.

    6. thatguy

      Actually, teddy was not involved in the scandal at miami.

    7. Linda Taylor

      that guy: From Yahoo Sports: “Allen’s phone records show eight calls exchanged with Bridgewater that afternoon and early evening, as well as four calls exchanged with Hill. The former Miami staffer told Yahoo! Sports that Hill, a then-Miami assistant, was present at the restaurant and arranged for Allen to pick Bridgewater up and transport him home — a violation of NCAA rules. The staffer also said Golden was aware Allen was there to take Bridgewater home.”

    8. Glass houses

      Linda — So much banal vitriol for little ole me? The internet is fun — isn’t it? On here you can be anything you want to be — even a National Merit Scholar. Me, I’m an astronaut — but, I digress. I certainly hope that you have other things to be proud of — typically adults don’t continue to trumpet high school achievements — real or imagined. I will say that for someone who pretends to be bright, you really have reading comprehension issues — when did I say that you were a grandmother? I simply surmised that you were the type of woman that wore giant, unattractive underwear.

      You weren’t bright enough to understand the recruiting point that I made either. So hypersensitive you are, you failed to realize that the point actually compliments Calipari — as well as other elite coaches. The point is that Memphis enjoyed the best extended stretch of recruiting it ever had (sound familiar) under Calipari. Those kids went to Memphis to be coached by Calipari — period. I suppose the cumulative effect would be probably lost on you as well. Calipari continued to build his resume, getting better and better recruits to come play for him and putting many in the NBA. If he had not been so successful over the past 10 years, 95% of those 5 stars would not have signed with uk — more than that, it is doubtful uk would have hired him. Conversely, if he had gone from Memphis to NC or Florida or Ohio St., he would have had similar success getting top talent. Again so you don’t miss the point — this is a credit to Calipari.

      “You really need to stop telling UK fans what our opinions were when you have no idea what they were. Making sweeping statements such as “you and the rest of the bbn thought he was the biggest cheater alive” is a really stupid thing to do.” Oh Linda, the sheer irony of that statement…

      Lastly, what you do with your time is of little consequence to me — though it is telling that you are on a message board replying to me at after 2AM. Perhaps if you wore some better underwear, you might be doing something a little more exciting. Food for thought.

    9. Glass houses

      Bridgewater’s recruitment to UofL has never been in question by the NCAA. That you think Louisville fans should concern themselves, or be worried about what Miami did is just silly.

    10. Glass houses

      I am a complete idiot who thinks everything has “sheer irony”…even if said statement exhibits no irony at all.

      Also, whenever I look at Clint “Fat Ass” Hurtt, I touch myself…I honestly do!!

    11. Gridiron Cat

      GH, you REALLY need a life man. Seriously, don’t you have your own board to go to? You make fun of Linda but it looks like you’ve been on our fan site two days solid now and at least she is an actual fan. BTW, you have been pretty much wrong on 90% of your posts I just read too but it would take me two pages to explain that much to you (and you sound like an arrogant prick that wouldn’t listen anyway). I actually have a life and something to do tonight so I’m going to keep this relatively simple and help Linda out here.

      One thing you’ve talked about: Clint Hurtt. He seems to be genuinely poor excuse for a human being (and I’m being polite). He is one of the best recruiters in the game only because he is willing to stoop lower than anybody else. Seriously, the guy is quite possibly the dirtiest recruiter in the history of college athletics, not just football. What he has been involved with sounds much more like a FBI bust of a Cuban cartel than a D1 football recruiter and the evidence points to him being the kingpin behind that. 90% of the evidence the NCAA had on him was inadmissible because the NCAA screwed the pooch on the investigation. That is also the reason they just wanted the thing to go away at the end. They were broke, embarrassed and needed to disappear for a while. Even with 10% of the evidence, CH can’t recruit for 2 years, had they been able to use even half of it you would never see him around a college athlete again much less as a coach. I mean these were felonies he committed as well as NCAA violations and they were some pretty significant ones at that. Teddy followed him to Louisville and the perception will always be that you all cheat as a result. It is what it is, deal with it. The fact that UL is paying him 300k for the next two years to do nothing only makes sense if he’s got dirt on the people paying him = the logical conclusion most people will draw. He has one skill and that’s recruiting, he’s a pretty crappy coach in all honesty. The NCAA has one compliance officer right now and is on the verge of collapse so you will probably get away with everything but that doesn’t mean you guys are doing things the right way or that the dirtiest recruiter ever just happened to find Jesus when he came to Louisville. Heck, with as much of a scoundrel as Jurich is, Hurtt has probably gotten worse, not better. You should add “throwing stones in” to the beginning of your fake name and just remember that Kharma is a B and catches up eventually. Now go find something useful to do with your life besides spending hours a day sounding like an arrogant SOB on opposing teams’ fan sites.

    12. Glass houses

      Gridcat says, “REALLY get a life” – and wonders why I’ve chosen the name Glass houses. Here you have decided that my being on a message board is sad, while your’s, is heroic. It must be heroic, for here you are taking time away from your “actual life” to rescue another poster – Linda. Who says chivalry is dead? It is interesting that of all of my 90% “pretty much wrong” posts, you’ve chosen to focus on Clint Hurtt – I guess it suits your narrative better. Well ok then, here is the sum total of what I said about CH.

      “Third, I guess the NCAA cleared Hurtt of any involvement regarding Bridgewater’s recruitment to UofL…”

      I’m not sure how that one factoid warrants your run-on paragraph but hey, it’s your actual life that you’ve taken time from – so have at it. I will say that I don’t think uk fans in particular should want to play the “perception” game – UofL has certainly had a lot of bad press lately – some of it deserved but, they will have to ramp things up if they want to catch uk in the scandal department.

      I do feel bad for you if your replies take hours – this one here in is still under 10 minutes. While it might seem as if I’m here a lot – that may be when you compare me to those posters who change their name with every story. Besides, I’m a fan of this site. Where else can one get this many free laughs to go along with all of the UofL stories? Thanks for stopping by…

    13. Glass houses

      Why does my breath smell like Clint Hurtt’s d*ck?? Oh, yeah…I remember now lol.

    14. Glass houses

      Dear (Drew Barker’s) Diary – picked up another stalker today. Aren’t you the same genius that told me to get a life – meanwhile you are hanging on my sac over five threads after midnight on a weekday. I don’t mind if you follow me – just be a little creative. lol…

  17. Obummer

    True right now we do participate, but at least we arent playing in pattie cake league

  18. Ben

    Post has been deleted now.

  19. Bottom line

    Hurtt is right, we suck a@s. We haven’t won an SEC game in over two years. The old Big East booted lowly Temple years ago for being inept. The SEC should cut our welder check. We are awful.

    1. brandon

      Right bc KENTUCKY doesn’t carry everyone in basketball. In your same theory we should cut bama from the SEC bc they suck at basketball.

    2. we all know..

      The SEC is football.

  20. Bottom line

    Welfare, lol. Dang cell phone

  21. Denny Crum

    From the looks of things, it appears ole Clint has both participated – and played – in more than a few buffets.

  22. 2 and 10

    He is right, we suck. In the last two years, we have taken more beatings than Matt Jones took from his dad when he was a kid.

    1. TheBigToe

      Man you are a real winner, huh? You, sir, are a despicable human being, and truthfully not even a good troll. Any man who jokes about somthing like this deserves to be beaten with a sack of door knobs. Crawl back into your cave and live your sad, empty little life without polluting the rest of the planet with your jackassy attitude.

    2. Dr POD

      Looks like The BigToe has an in-grown, and it’s hurting him a lot! Shame on you 2 and 10.

    3. TheBigToe

      So Dr. POD, you seem to think it is OK to make “jokes” about child abuse? I feel bad for your mother. I’m sure she is really proud of her baby boy. Why don’t you just turn in your BBN card, and move your sorry ass across the border and become a UT fan? Because you make a much better fan of the dirty balls Vols, seeing as how you project yourself so similarly.

  23. BBNdownSouth

    Can’t we just laugh this off? as much as I hate the dirty birds…how mad would we be in a Loserville fan said something like that to one of Cal’s assistants?! It’s funny cause its true…we suck at football

    I’m so fed up of KSR doing all these Loserville articles…if we just collectively ignored them it wouldn’t happen…but we are feeding into the BS

    1. tyson

      Matt posts the articles for several reasons, the number one reason being more hits. It generates page views and since this site is still free to us, that is what it is all about.

      Plus, unfortunately what Hurtt said is true. And probably will be for at least one more year.

  24. Mana ole

    He was hacked.

  25. huntin chickens

    lol just lol i cant stop laughing at this, dont know why, just cant

  26. Greg

    23. I think the point of the post as our comments and yours, is the fact that we upset these bozos so much that their coach will brag about throwing an insult at a fan who is simply trying to get a rise out of him on social media. Not the fact that a fan would make a comment like that to him.

  27. Skip

    The NCAA just left him butt hurtt. Anyone would be cranky after that.

  28. RealCatsFan

    Cue up Kenny Klein with the latest excuse for someone in UofL athletics showing their a$$ (again) in three, two, one…

  29. UKBlue

    As much shit as Hurtt has already done, he is the last person that should run his mouth about anyone. You would think someone as stupid & greedy as Hurtt would understand money; we may have just participated under his definition, but we also just got paid real SEC TV money. UL won, lost & couldn’t even win their conference in the weakest conference in major college football, what exactly does that say about UL? Under Hurtt definition, we could go play against a youth football team, and just because we win we’re playing. Hurrt just proves: if you’re stupid, you can make it at UL.

    1. Al/in/Indy

      Nice! Not everyone get to play in the “HOSTESS” Conference……

  30. Clint Hurtt's Neck Rolls

    I figured I better talk smack while I can – next year we will be playing with a big boy schedule, and will get smacked around quite a bit by LEGITIMATE top 15 programs.

  31. BigBlue

    Hurt is a cheating douche but what he said is not something I’m going to get mad about. If UK football wants to stop being disgraced then they need to start playing, put on the bg boy pants and compete! Duke is in the ACC title, Vandy is doing well! No more excuses!! I hope they get called out all offseason!

  32. The Juggernaut

    He’s just in a snit because the hookers went up on him. He’s having to redo his whole recruiting budget now. During the holidays. What a mess.

  33. Rockfield, KY

    I guess he shouldn’t use the term “we”, since he will not be coaching directly until his show cause is up.

    Also, did UL not “play” Central Florida? They only “participated” in that game?

  34. Gus Chiggins

    hey Clint, for real, how much did Teddy cost?

    1. Glass houses

      Had to be at least as much as A. Davis.

  35. Bubba Earl

    This post and the Mega Suck SEC Circle will have to be taped to the locker room as a reminder and hopefully, motivation for next year!

  36. Bob Lawson

    Louisville plays nobody, what a ridiculous statement.

  37. Diogenes

    That was a brave fan. I would be afraid he would try to eat me. Clint Hurt hungry!!!!

  38. Wes

    34) he cost slightly less than Anthony Davis.

    1. TheBigToe

      OOOOOHHH, sick burn!! In Your FACE, UK.

    2. Yeah, riiiiggghhttt

      There was a single questionable “source” who alleged that Davis’ father shopped him. In contrast, the Miami fiasco that Hurtt was a part of are widely known and Hurtt has admitted as much – which led to the show cause against him. BIG difference.

    3. Glass houses

      Except, none of it had anything to do with Bridgewater’s recruitment to Louisville. Other than that small fact, you’ve… well, you’ve said nothing.

  39. IsRichieGonnaPlayTonite

    I might take a comment from some people but not from him. He may have a point but he shouldn’t even have a job. Clint Hurtt and Chane Behanan are perfect examples of two people that UofL athletics should walk away from.

  40. Gils

    Truth hurts, but that is a new concept for Hurtt who is a proven liar. Kenny Klein needs a medal for his damage control efforts on the mess that UL athletics has become. No integrity.

  41. Big Blue Nation

    As much as I hate to admit it hes not wrong. There was very little improvement from the beginning of the season to the end. The worst part is the guy we plan on bringing in to turn the program around (Drew Baker) has a friggin diary. What kind of football player writes all his feelings in a little diary. I can just see Barker next year crying into his diary after he gets a taste of real SEC football.

    1. JFK

      L(ouisville)1C(heat)4 Troll, stop pretending to be a Kentucky fan and get back out there and clean the shit stains off the toilets at the Speedway you work at, your break is over.

  42. Lol@theFatMan

    So since they didn’t win their crappy conference I guess they just participated in it, not played.

  43. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Anyone got the link to his facebook account?

  44. thick rick

    Yeah, hes right. We stink. It was kinda a low blow but the facts are in the stats. We can shut them up by beating them and we don’t do that.

  45. John

    Fair enough. But you are only considered a national contender when you play more than a glorified high school schedule Fat Albert.

  46. KentuckyFanInBellCounty

    So we can all call him a cheater but Cal isn’t one? But we all hated Cal and called him a cheater when he was at Umass and Memphis. If Hurtt was at Kentucky would we defend him? I hate all these new Kentucky fans.

    Matt Jones is what is terrible for the rivalry.

    This will get deleted by Matt Jones.

    1. M

      I never called Cal a cheater when he was at UMass and Memphis, but thanks for speaking for all of us.

    2. wrb

      Go back to the redbird board.

    3. Trolldar

      ButtHurtt was sanctioned by the NCAA for cheating. Cal has never been sanctioned, though schools that he’s coached have been due to players misconduct, NOT CAL’s! Therefore Cal is innocent until proven guilty like Hurtt.

      Also, if Matt is so terrible, get off his site. Or just keep making him more successful so he can be even more terrible.

    4. UKfan

      doubtful you are a wildcat fan in bell county. comments like that would get you lynched in bell county.

    5. LA

      Cal has never been charged with an NCAA violation, ever.

  47. RexRox

    No problem, Clint. You’ll probably be fired before loserville plays the Cats again. Guess you’re the real idiot.

  48. bbr

    The point is not whether his comment is accurate or not. Coaches are paid (a lot) to be professionals, which includes representing your school as an ambassador. In reality I think this coach actually is representing his school quite accurately as this seems to be the level of class all things ul sports.

  49. Coach Stoops

    45) easy with the name calling. I have been mistaken for Porky Pig by other fan bases.

    1. UKfan

      ha ha. good one. now sit down and shut up. your comedy career is officially over

  50. UKfanNKY

    Someone needs to inform fat Albert that anyone could have won games on their cup-cake schedule. Ok, so he has a point and speaks some of the truth on winning. But we don’t cheat nor play a cup-cake schedule so he should stop letting his fat mouth over-load his fat A$$!!

  51. KentuckyFanInBellCounty

    I mean, Louisville did beat Florida…. something we haven’t done in 20+ years. We couldn’t even beat them this year when Florida is having a terrible down year.

    1. Trolldar

      We didn’t say they aren’t better than us right now. But just two years ago we were beating Louisville…you know, 4 times in a row. And if/since we suck so bad, why would anyone brag about beating us? If you are a big time football school, you don’t brag about beating KY. Only teams down on our level brag about beating us.

    2. RealCatsFan

      If Louisville had beaten Florida BEFORE Joker was hired by them I would give them more credit… Their slide since then does nothing to legitimize UofL’s victory.

    3. Al/in/Indy

      Well guess what KFICB? Florida isn’t going to a bowl game either, it only goes to show that last year was no fluke that uvel beat them. Just like your basketball coach they were playing with fools gold last year.
      But that’s ok, because after your AMCO liberty bowl old Charley will be gone to USC and Hurtt will sing like a songbird!

    4. Glass houses

      I’ll have some of what allinindy is smoking. It’s pole you say? Well then, no thanks!

    5. Glass houses

      Umm trolldar, pretty sure he didn’t brag about beating uk – that would have been sad. He just (correctly) said uk is terrible. You’re welcome.

  52. He might be right BUT

    What he says may be correct “BUT” I will stand up for my team…… my mom might be crazy and I can call her crazy BUT if a non relative calls her crazy I will fight…….. Just because what he says may be right I will fight a outsider for saying it…. one thing for UK fans to say it.. big difference when a rival says it…….. Hey Fat Butter ball go tell another lie to the NCAA

  53. J-Burt

    Just give him a snickers!

  54. Why do dumb people breathe

    Uh dude, you just got busted in one of the biggest cheating scandals in ncaa history and your $hitty team couldn’t even win your weak a$$ conference with your “heisman” QB. I’d keep my mouth shut really fuggin tight if I were you.

  55. bluegrassjimmy

    Just remember you come to Commomwealth next fall FAT BOY! I am willing to bet your big mouth just cost you a win!!!

    1. Dump stadium

      Naw, we actually go to the toxic asbestos dump site. Assuming hurtt doesn’t eat it with all the papa johns branding.

  56. Earache


  57. Bald Guy

    Not really his place to say due to the fact they will be doing nothing but the same in the ACC… but guys, frankly at the moment and for the history of the program we have been spectators.

  58. Bald Guy

    And… one day it will come out that Bridgewater was paid and UofL will get the death penalty. The fans will deserve nothing less.

  59. Eric

    He may be right at the moment, but why take the time to post something unless you see them as a threat? Notice you never see coach stoops or any of his assistants wasting their time calling out Louisville coaches…. thats because they are too busy kicking their tails in recruiting. Wolves dont worry about the opinion of sheep

    Hurtt has to get his shots in now. He wont be able to in a year or two.

    Go cats

  60. Catpocalypse

    Boils down to this… Clit Hurtt is just pee’od (as well as Charlie) because we stink and STILL pull in more fans than UL. Even on Teddy B’s Heisman, and UL’s “National Championship” year. LoL!!!!

    Also by Hurtt’s definition of Play and Participating…. he must “play” with his food A LOT! Cheater, STHU and stop crying about our fans that are just smack talking the way rivals are suppose to…. Idiot.

  61. justiceforall

    UofL cleared him, cleared Ware, cleared Behanan……All their people are just misunderstood.

    1. KT


    2. Tony

      Don’t forget the baby murdering Pitino

  62. Skinny Rich

    Enjoy your trip to the Jock Strap Bowl, fat boy!!

    1. Glass houses

      Right on! So much better to be finished playing football by thanksgiving.

  63. turkeywildturkey

    Typical of classless cheater. If I were him, I’d be laying low and keeping my mouth shut. I guess there’s no excuse for stupid.

  64. TE

    When UK is the 2nd toughest team on the Cardinals schedule, it doesn’t matter how bad we suck, we at least play REAL teams. I’m sure we could have a winning record playing South Dakota State and Montana Tech.

  65. Daniel

    If Louisville played Kentucky’s schedule they’d be 7-5 with conference wins over Florida, Mississippi state, and Tennessee. Kentucky would go 7-5 with conference wins over Temple, USF, Rutgers, and Memphis if they played Louisville’s schedule.

  66. Daniel

    More like Clint ButtHurt.

  67. Jason

    People in fat houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  68. BT

    He’s right. Think about it every time you scream ESS SEE SEE!

  69. Brian

    Looks to me like he has most of the SEC stuffed inside that sausage roll he calls a neck….geesh….run a lap.

  70. jpg

    Guys, UK had the previous staff destroy UK in 2 seasons! Stoops took over a team that had little talent with a tough schedule. The funny thing is, Hurt is right, but UL fans/Hurt should remember the debacle the Kragthorpe Era was (they were horrible in a horrible conference). Stoops does not have the luxury of playing the like of Memphis, Temple, etc. I went to UL’s games against UCF and Houston and I was not impressed. They barley beat a 1 win Memphis team, at home.

    On top of all of this, Hurtt is a PROVEN cheater, yet he is talking crap. Stay CLASSY, Mr. Hurtt!

  71. LOL

    He played college football as a DEF LINEMAN. so I think he already knows that he is a rather large man. and as for calling a Kentucky fan an idiot………….I would say about 80 % percent of them are. His comments are true and probably a little hard for most UK fans to take. Just sit back and relax……the twins are here and its basketball season

  72. LA

    What does this douche know about being a winner? he looks like an obese, high colesterol, football cheatin, strong brownnosin, flava flav wannabe. i bet his college transcript is a comedy script. he better stay out of direct sunlight or he might burst into the biggest grease fire in state history.

  73. Judy

    He is not only fat, ugly and stupid, he also fails to understand his opinion is worthless. Why do you think he’s at u of l, because he belongs to the fraternity of CLASSLESS UNIVERSITY. Carry on FAT BOY!!

  74. the ring


  75. Turtleneck Tom

    To all UK fans, I called the Facebook people and had the post removed from the www thing. If any media outlet gives you “trouble” in the future please let me know and I will assist. Sincerely, Tommy T

  76. Al/in/Indy

    Good grief, and the laughs just keep getting better and better. A grown man get’s on a public media page and spews stuff like that? What ever uvel’s paying the Publicity Director, is surely nowhere near enough. I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next week…..Hell this is better than Not Jerry Tipton.

  77. eaux

    what an embarrassment. it doesn’t matter if he’s right or not, he’s a grown man and a representative of the university of louisville. if a uk coach said this, i’d be horrified.

  78. Joey

    LOL at the UL trolls coming over pretending like they’re UK fans. They think they’re fooling someone.

  79. here ya go

    Wise words coming from Mr. Hurt , Did he ever stop to consider that UK he doing something that he isn’t even allowed to do.. and that would be participate. so if he can’t participate then he obviously cannot win, so that pretty much makes him a loser. Simple logic really.

  80. red headed step child

    You gotta love the TARDS. The class that is displayed on a weekly basis.
    Cincinnati should beat ULOL, then we will see the TARDS for who they really are.

  81. lmao

    The reply to comment 41 by JFK is priceless! I can’t stop laughing…good one my man!

  82. bob

    “UK does not have the luxury of playing Memphis or Temple”, but they do have the luxury of playing WKU 2 years in a row.

  83. Sad but true

    Sad but true. Louisville’s football program isn’t exactly top 10 material themselves but they do have a respectable football program (at least on the field). “Participate” is an accurate word, with Kentucky’s last conference win coming two years ago. This recruiting class brings some hope, but there are very few successful freshmen in SEC football. His comments, however unnecessary, we’re pretty truthful.

    1. nuzeguy

      Louisville has a respectable program? They’re like Boise State without the results. Post a winning record (sometimes) a pathetic conference, go to mediocre bowls (with 1exception) and underachieve year after year. Does anyone remember this team was in a 3 way tie for 1st last year and only made the Sugar Bowl bc of the ridiculous non AQ rule of the BCS? We will see how strong the U of L program is after 3 or 4 years in the ACC. My prediction? They’re Virginia. Or Georgia Tech at best.

    2. Glass houses

      Umm, uk would kill to be Virginia or Georgia Tech. Dumbest post ever.

  84. Hat Size

    Judging by the size of that head and the stupidity of his comments….I bet his hat size and IQ are the same.

  85. Hat Size

    Good thing UL didn’t win the national championship! It would have take a stadium frame the size of a barn door for ole Clint to get that head in a picture.

  86. SevenT

    The comment is fair. Kentucky is a big time public university with tons of resources. The schools should put a better program together, no excuses. When you look at what is going on at Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Miss State right now you got to wonder who is responsible for this mess. None of those programs are bigger programs but they are winning and going to bowl games and we can’t win 1 SEC game in three seasons. That is truly pathetic.

    Just Saying

  87. KT

    Hurtt may be the dirtiest recruiter in the history of college sports. He fits in nicely at UofL. Keep him, he is a classless big-mouthed arrogant jerk that has built his career by stooping lower than anyone else was willing to go. Their fans don’t seem to care much about that stuff though based on recent transgressions on their campus anyway. He brought them their best recruits though including Teddy so I guess that makes everything alright.

  88. Glass houses

    Go brush your tooth, Truth.

  89. the real rich

    Remember glass houses, when the glass house crashes it is the owner who is hurt the worst. Your own bite can be the most painful. Beware UL.

    1. Glass houses

      How (inadvertently) right you are! Now, please look up the word irony while I slowly face palm due to your complete dimwittedness.

  90. hooters

    Hey its good old Bob. What’s up Bob? Clitt hurtt is the

  91. Elwon Seafour

    Come on Mrs. T.T.! Clearly his Facebook account was hacked. Its an epidemic of that stuff going on around here.

  92. Garion Hines

    Man, how much control do UofL or the NCAA, have on what he say ? He didn’t lie,UK ain’t nothing but a doormat in the SEC.Losing to other school in the conference 20 to 25 + years in a row. He was right I don’t care who said it.UK just participate in the mighty SEC.

  93. Belinda Taylor

    Who cares what Clint Butt-Hurtt aka “Lard Ass” aka “Pork Chop Boy” has to say?

    He is just miserable because he is so fat that he can’t make love to a woman.

    I bet he really smells bad also…all of those rolls of sweaty fat.

  94. Big Jim Thomas

    Ridiculous comment by Hurtt — how can any reasonable person claim UK has participated in SEC Football over the last four years?

  95. prpcat

    Yeah good luck in that power conference you are headed into

  96. Clint puts a Hurtt on an all you can eat buffet

    Clit Hurtt is nothing but an overpaid mascot at this point. Who cares!

  97. 90% of UL fans in Louisville live in the projects and leech off the government

    Who’s fatter? Clint Hurt or Big Black? I’d like to see these two pigs dress up like sumo wrestlers and go at it.

  98. HamburgDon

    Let’s see Clint Hurt gets caught cheating at Miami leaves and Charlie Strong brings him to Louisville, then one of the top recruits out of Florida, does not go to Florida, Miami, or Florida St, but goes to Louisville . So he follows Hurt to Louisville? Crazy, I would say Bridgewater got a lot of money to come to Louisville and that is why Hurt still has a job.

  99. ZombieLibrarian
  100. ZombieLibrarian