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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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28 responses to “Clemson is proof Kentucky football has more barriers to break”

  1. BluKudzu

    The last time Alabama looked this bad was when Governor George Wallace stood in front of the door at the schoolhouse.
    Alabama was lucky they did not play us this year.

    1. kjd

      We were not going to beat Alabama this year. Clemson made Bama look bad. We’re not Clemson.

    2. BluKudzu

      It was a joke. Don’t get your Crimson Tide shorts in a knot.
      It will be ok……they will be back someday.

  2. UKfansNKY


  3. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    With accuracy down field this year we would have been 12-1 at worst.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Sorry 12-2.

  4. UKInsider

    Nice article Jack. I miss UK football already. Hoping we can secure a few more players for the February signing.

  5. Go_Wildcats_Go

    Solid article Jack! I thought the same thing when Dabo was speaking last night. Continue to build our talent and program and the sky is the limit! GO CATS!

  6. maximumscott

    Not that TW is bad I like him as our QB, but if we had a Drew Lock or Kyler Murray we would have been on the Playoffs. Our Defense was elite enough to get us there.

    1. IndianaSucks

      Fact. But (assuming) without snell next year, TW needs to be a whole lot better for us to be even middle of the pack.

  7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I remember Bill Curry posing in front of a sign that said “University of Kentucky: future NCAA national champions” right after he was hired. Hopefully we get closer with Stoops than we did with Curry. Good man, but not a very good coach.

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Curry was a good coach, but he wasn’t the right coach for Kentucky. Give him a top-ten class, and he’ll get top-ten results out of them. Give him only a top-40 class, and he’ll get top-40 results. He wasn’t a player-developing coach. He wasn’t a visionary. He was sort of like the Tubby Smith of football. That’s not a bad thing to be, but it made him not right to build a program from scratch.

    2. notFromhere

      We’ve already gotten closer with Stoops than with Curry. I don’t want it to stop there. Just saying we have to recognize the trajectory

    3. ClutchCargo

      Agree, STE. He would have been a good “caretaker” if we already had something to take care of. With a string of AD’s who never bought in to football being a long-term priority, we needed a miracle worker, and he wasn’t it.

  8. IndianaSucks

    I didn’t realize that this was even a question… of course, we have more work to do. One really good season doesn’t automatically mean we’ve arrived. I’m just hoping we can build on the success and not revert to the kentucky football of old.

    1. Based God

      Me as well. I love the enthusiasm, and it is definitely possible, but there is one major difference between Clemson and Kentucky, and that is location. Clemson is an afternoon drive from roughly 1/3 of the best high school football players in the country. Our best hope for catching up is to lock down Louisville and Cincinnati while UL and Ohio State are in transition. Aside from that if we can keep snagging a few 4 stars from the South we should be able to at least sustain our current success.

  9. kjd

    Next year will show where we’re at. Losing a lot on defense. Time will tell if the young guys are what we think they are. Offensively, we have the RB talent to replace Snell, enough where several RBs could be used.
    IMO, defense (young) and QB (passing efficiency and mental) will determine whether we hold our own, improve or backslide.

  10. dukeisking

    Nice article. Please don’t drink this koolaid. You are off your rocker if you think the Uk program will ever when a championship. You can’t even win the SEC East. It’s a basketball school folks!!

    1. bigbluebanana

      “ever when a championship”…dude

  11. Wade

    Be in 5 big bowl games in a row finish in the top 12 those years and win most of them. Consistently battle fl and win at ga and win the east in those 5 years once! After that the culture should be built. Still gonna battle fl and ga in east but I like being with that pack and hoping to face Alabama . Win or lose who could want anymore but the chance in the sec. we are a top 5 team in the sec better than fl imo but next yr will be the truth about mark stooops. Can’t just be one yr thing. Consistency is what we must bring. Being a ky football fan this yr has been wow!!!! Proud of this team!

    1. JASUN74

      Yes Sir Wade! It’s going to show on the field as much as the final record next year. I honestly think 2030 is our year to win the East. Next year we can absolutely win ten regular season games. It’s right there for the taking. The only games I believe we lose is Georgia, and either one of Florida/Mississippi State, That’s two losses. Sugar Bowl win over Oklahoma, after they miss the Playoffs and ranked Five in the country. I think we beat will beat them and end the season as the 4th best team in the country. If you really look at our roster, as I have and I’m sure you have. Next year we’ve got some guys ready to take the country by storm. It’s hard to beat some of the seniors we had out. Lol. Really I don’t care the final record as long as they give their all on the field. Thanks brother.

  12. kykats

    Absolutely the truth! Uk can win it all if they get filled Kroger Field crowds and continuity in staff.

  13. Miller45

    It’s scary how many of clemson’s playmakers are underclassmen

  14. bigbluebanana

    Jack, I’m not attempting to pretend I’m the biggest Kentucky football fan here, I grew up in a small western Kentucky town, my school didn’t field a football team, so football has never been a sport I go crazy over. Don’t get me wrong, I root like crazy for UK, and I watch a lot of games, but I’m no expert. That being said, this article made me feel like a binaries football fan for maybe the first time ever. Very interesting read and was well written. May be one of the best articles I’ve read on KSR in a long time. Good on ya man.

  15. UKfanman01

    Soooooo…. Season kicks off in…. 2 weeks???

  16. jaws2


  17. kelseyt

    Love this article, Jack! You make some really solid points. So glad KSR hired you full-time! 233 days until college football season.

  18. JASUN74

    I liked this ok, but it wasn’t 1 game that made Clemson, as you say!! It was months and months even years of hard work and recruiting!! You don’t just win one big game and then bam, you’re on your way! That’s crazy to overlook how much time and hard work they put into becoming a championship caliber team.

    Ohh And the,” if you’re being honest, the Wildcats fans chuckled too”, comment rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know anyone except a few nonbelieving kids on here that think we wouldn’t ever have a chance to win!! I’ve never chuckled at the thought of us becoming a powerhouse, as a matter of fact, What kind of adult chuckles?? Lol. Just messing with you a little there jack,

    Honestly man I’ve always believed if we could get the right coach in here, Kentucky was a sleeping Giant!! We have everything a kid could ever want, we feed the heck out of them and they’re a big family!! What else would a kid and their parents ask for? We’re on our way and which it’s true, and possible, we may never win a championship in my time, we will get to the playoffs and compete our ass’s off and have a chance!!

    Look for the people who don’t believe, it’s fine! Go have a drink and tailgate and enjoy the game. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday I’ll tell you right now!! But for us that actually know about the game, it takes exactly what’s going on in Lexington right now to build a championship caliber team. We’re definitely trending
    upwards with high school players and their parents, and are one of five or six Cool schools at the moment, it’s going to start paying off soon with recruiting! Once our Coaching Staff can get some big time, ready now talent in here, there’s no limits on this program! Thanks Chuckles. Haha