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Cincinnati Bengals release RB Boom Williams

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

According to several reports, former Kentucky star running back Boom Williams has been released from the Cincinnati Bengals.

With an impressive stable of backs already in Cincinnati, we all knew it was going to be difficult for Williams to make the 53-man roster.

After the former Wildcat managed just one carry for four yards last night in the Bengals’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, his release seemed all but certain.

Hopefully Boom can find a new home and keep his professional career afloat.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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15 responses to “Cincinnati Bengals release RB Boom Williams”

  1. kyle heavy

    Meanwhile, the Cats are working hard as a team and working towards one goal less than two weeks from season opener. Enjoy being unemployed.

    1. Optional Facts

      Don’t knock someone for taking a chance for his family… his stock and NFL potential was not going to increase this year…

    2. maximumscott

      He had alot of weak areas he couldve improved on. Its not just a numbers game. He needed work on intangibles.

    3. BCO

      OF – there debatable. The was a big loss, and as a senior could have been the top offensive weapon on a 8 or maybe even 9 win team. I think another stellar year would not only have boosted his stock, he would have probably gone down as one of the most beloved Cats ever, which could really help him post football.

    4. maximumscott

      I agree. He wasnt polished as a RB. Remember Gran was struggling with Boom being patient and running between tackles. Also, could have been utilized on screens. He could have used another season to improve those items bc those were definitely identifiable weak areas. Luckily he was fast bc that allowed him to still be effective. NFL backs are not only fast, but they do everything that Boom didnt do and they do it well. Coming back would not have given him larger numbers but he could have worked on those items to be a better all around RB.

      I wish he wouldve come back, but not to upset. I think we are very good with RBs. More snaps to Benny will be better. Plus, King is almost just like Boom, except he runs through the tackle box. King is a mix of JoJo and Boom. AJ Rose is going to be real good also.

      Honestly, this offense didnt need Boom as much as Boom needed another year.

    5. UoKFB PHAN

      I’m with MaxS… he should have come back and worked on some areas. Was he that good at picking up the blitz and blocking for his QB? How good of a pass catcher was he? I wonder if Stoops and Gran would have let him return punts and maybe show the NFL see how his speed could be utilized on special teams.

  2. maximumscott

    Serious question. Was Badet and Boom one or 2 of the players who werent team oriented last year?

  3. THOTsViews

    Yes.. Boom was the same dude that quit the team, only to come back a week later.

    He was electric on the field, but a burden in the locker room.


    1. Luether

      He was just like his Dad…


    Does someone in his position look to head north and play a couple of years in the CFL and then try with the NFL again? I don’t think the NFL has anything like the minor leagues for MLB or the D-league for the NBA.

    1. trumpetguy

      CFL may be only option for awhile. Notice Bengals released STANLEY Williams, not “Boom”. Takes quite a bit more than a catchy nickname to be NFL caliber back, especially one who wasn’t too fond of running between tackles. Add apparently a questionable attitude, ……

  5. ArmyCatFan

    I think Boom and Badet both represented a “talent level” Kentucky has not had in the past, with an attitude we would not put up with in the present. Good luck to the kid but I doubt he has the work ethic needed to be successful in the NFL.

  6. BobNWeaver

    I’ll only ever say good things about these kids that work so hard to play SEC level college sports. They earn their scholarships each year by their work and dedication to the team that year. After each year, they make decisions based on many factors (health, advice from family and others, etc) but ultimately they just want to do what is best for themselves and their families. They don’t owe us (fans) anything, and we get to enjoy watching them play and compete. I wish them all the Best, Always!

  7. timewilltell

    Great talent. Poor attitude. Can’t believe Stoops put up with him as long as he did. Bagdet was not as bad but did have issues.

  8. Luether

    Boom getting cut should not be a surprise to anyone…