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Article written by Nick Roush

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22 responses to “C.J. Conrad Believes Terry Wilson will be One of the Best Quarterbacks in the SEC”

  1. highway119

    I can’t wait for this season! We may take a step back, but we have a more favorable schedule, and some young talent that can more than fill the gaps left behind. Plus, man, it’s FOOTBALL!

  2. clarks

    Roster is full of talent cant wait to see it bloom

  3. Alex90

    Will be interesting to see how Gran adjust his offense now that he has seen Terry operates better in an up tempo offense. I would expect a lot of play plays where Terry roles out wide to give him the run/pass option. I think if you put Terry, Rose and Boden in the backfield that is a dangerous trio with unlimited possibilities for play calling

  4. CoachCat

    Let’s hope they don’t drug test CJ before the draft. He’s obviously on drugs

    1. secrick

      10 wins is all you need to know.

    2. ThankfulCat

      Wilson is better than anyone on Loserville roster that’s for sure.

    3. Skooms

      Hey CoachDouche, thanks for stopping by. There’s the door and it’s heavy, so please let it hit you on the way out.

    4. CoachCat

      Ouch. That hurt my feelings

    5. Carcrook

      As much as we all won’t to believe that, I have to agree. If this team takWes a step back it’ll start with Wilson!

    6. StillBP

      CoachCat is an expert coach, you guys, don’t argue with him. I’m pretty sure he’s actually Nick Saban. Thankfully he has crook’s support… Never argue with a person who can’t write a decent sentence.

    7. CoachCat

      You know better to argue with me BP because you never win. I’ll base my opinion on stats. Which are factual. Where as you base your opinion on some crush you have on Wilson.

    8. bigbluebanana

      StillBP makes you look silly coachcat, always has, always will. (Not that he/she has to try that hard, you do most of that heavy lifting yourself simply by writing).

    9. CoachCat

      Don’t forget to wipe your chin BBB

    10. StillBP

      Yes, you’re all facts. You stated CJ is “obviously in drugs” so please let’s see your facts to back that up. Lol you lose again. It’s too easy.

    11. StillBP


    12. CoachCat

      I’m sure he takes Advil or ibuprofen. I win

  5. bwise

    What is he supposed to say? He’s garbage lolol I’ll wait to see it on the field…

  6. Alleykat16

    I agree with CJ with a year under his belt. I just hope we will be able to run the ball so that our defense is on the sidelines because I think that will be our weakness with all the players leaving on that side of the ball. But can’t wait for August 31.

    1. CoachCat

      You are all right. I’m wrong. Wilson is the greatest QB Kentucky football will ever have. He reads the defense like a pro, has the arm of a Greek god and is more accurate then a laser guided missile. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have the next Heisman Trophy winner.

  7. Luether

    My sources say he still has a long way to go to “be one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC next year”…

  8. notFromhere

    Testicle hair does not count as a source, Luether. Every guy gets them eventually, so we’re glad you’re catching up and all, but keep your “sources” to yourself

  9. notFromhere

    CJ is right. When Wilson is running what he’s familiar with and he’s not hesitating or 2nd guessing. Florida showed that as did the UL game. I expect plenty of running the ball, though. We’ve got some great guys waiting to carry the football.

    Still need that balance to have the homerun option.