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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How Does This Not Excite You For 2015 Defense?

Yesterday, I put up the offensive players who have contributed a stat in any way, shape, or form at this point this season to highlight just how many of those guys will be returning next season (and beyond).  It is really amazing to think just how experienced next year’s team could be.  But many people asked about the defensive side of the ball.  Well, I would argue it is not quite as noticeable on defense as 3 of the 4 UK defensive linemen will be gone for sure and that can be a young group next year.  But the linebacker and secondary will remain largely in tact and guys like Jason Hatcher have shown great potential on the line.

Every guy listed has contributed in at least 1 statistical category.  I know there is maybe a player or two that have played and have not accumulated any stats, but those players are likely not key members as of yet.  Seniors have been marked out.   

Zadarius Smith (Senior): 4 starts, 23 tackles, 0.5 TFL, 0.5 sacks
Bud Dupree (Senior): 4 starts, 17 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1.5 sacks
Mike Douglas (Senior): 4 starts, 10 tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1.0 sacks
Melvin Lewis (Junior): 4 starts, 9 tackles, 2 TFL, 0.5 sacks
Jason Hatcher (Sophomore): 2 starts, 12 tackles, 4.5 TFL, 1.5 sacks
Reggie Meant (RS-Sophomore): 6 tackles, 2 TFL, 2.0 sacks
Farrington Huguenin (Junior): 4 tackles
Matt Elam (Freshman): 1 start, 2 tackles
Corey Johnson (Junior): 2 tackles, 0.5 TFL, 0.5 sacks
Jabari Johnson (Junior): 2 tackles
Christian Coleman (Senior): 2 tackles
RETURNING IN 2015: 42% of tackles, 59% of TFL, 60% of sacks

Josh Forrest (RS-Junior): 4 starts, 26 tackles, 3 TFL, 0.5 sacks
Khalid Henderson (Junior): 4 starts, 24 tackles
Ryan Flannigan (Junior): 15 tackles, 0.5 TFL, 0.5 sacks
Daron Blaylock (Junior): 3 tackles
Travaughn Paschal (Senior): 3 tackles
Tyler Brause (Senior): 2 tackles
RETURNING IN 2015: 93% of tackles, 100% of TFL, 100% of sacks

Fred Tiller (Junior): 4 starts, 21 tackles, 1 INT
AJ Stamps (Junior): 4 starts, 20 tackles, 2 INT
Cody Quinn (Junior): 4 starts, 12 tackles
Blake McClain (Sophomore): 3 starts, 10 tackles
Ashley Lowery (Senior): 3 starts, 16 tackes, 1 INT
JD Harmon (RS-Sophomore): 17 tackles
Nate Willis (Senior): 5 tackles, 1 INT
Glen Faulkner (Junior): 5 tackles
Kendall Randolph (Freshman): 5 tackles
Marcus McWilson (Sophomore): 2 tackles, 1 INT
Eric Dixon (Senior): 2 tackles
Keron Wakefield (Freshman): 1 tackle
RETURNING IN 2015: 80% of tackles, 67% of INT’s

Article written by Bryan the Intern

13 responses to “BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How Does This Not Excite You For 2015 Defense?”

  1. GO CATS!

    Good post. Shows UK is definitely heading in the right direction.

  2. Please

    Will someone please tell Fred Tiller to stop lining up 10 yards off the receiver? If he can’t cover like the other corners, then start Harmon. Probably a good kid, but just saying.

    1. Common Sense

      I personally like Harmon more than Tiller anyways. I also like anyone over Ashley Lowery.

  3. Common Sense

    This shows we need to be recruiting a lottttttttttttt of defense. 21 of the 29 listed above are Juniors or Seniors. However this post does not include current RS like Dorian Hendrix (LB), Nico Firios (LB), Kobie Walker (LB), Jared Tucker (CB), Denzel Ware (DE), Lloyd Tubman (DE), and Tymere Dubose (DE). I’m probably forgetting some too.

  4. jayfromyesterday

    Good post BTI! This is thought prevoking. Im starting to do something I haven’t ever done. Get excited for next years football season before basketball season has even started and this football season has even ended.

  5. The Big Stick

    We are redshirting 10 Freshmen. Some of these were among our highest rated recruits like Edwards and West. Both of those two were expected to get some playing time right away at DB.

    1. Common Sense

      I knew I forgot some. Sad thing is I probably forgot the best 2 RS’s. Sometimes I wanna kick myself.

  6. AVCat

    Reggie Meant is a RS FR this year, I think.

  7. Hollahollaholla

    Dline will suffer a bit next year, but Hatcher and Elam should be primed to step up

    1. Common Sense

      I think our D-line will be young but very talented. You also got to remember Tubman and Ware will be RS-FR. Cory “Poop” Johnson will also be a SR.

  8. UKfan

    I thought Lowery played well against Vandy. Safety blitz sack and interception looked pretty good.

    1. Common Sense

      The interception was literally thrown directly to him. He’s also a big reason we lost the UF game.

  9. LMU

    BTI, I like the perspective you’re bringing. I notice that there are 45 starts though when there should only be 44. Did Elam ever actually start? It always seems like he just comes in later on in the drives.