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Breaking down Kentucky’s bowl scenarios

What bowl will Kentucky go to this year? After Saturday’s loss to Ole Miss, probably not one as nice as we all would have liked, but still, as a Kentucky football fan circa 2012 would remind you, a bowl is a bowl is a bowl. Let’s review the possible scenarios, with three games left in the season.

TaxSlayer Bowl — OUT

December 30, Noon, Jacksonville, Florida (ESPN)

Unfortunately, the TaxSlayer Bowl can only invite a team once every three years, so this rules Kentucky OUT. That’s a shame because that’s one of the few bowls that doesn’t conflict with the basketball team’s schedule and I think fans would welcome another trip to Jacksonville over, you know, Memphis. Speaking of…

Liberty Bowl — If Kentucky goes 6-6 or 7-5

December 30, 12:30 p.m., Memphis, Tennessee (ABC)

Should Kentucky lose out or only win one more game, the Liberty Bowl is a likely destination. The game time doesn’t conflict with basketball, and, even though the stadium isn’t in the best part of town, Memphis is fun. It’s a doable drive and, although the bowl isn’t prestigious as others we had hoped for, BBQ and blues ain’t a bad thing.

Outback Bowl — If Kentucky goes 9-3…or maybe even 8-4

January 1, Noon, Tampa, Florida (ESPN2)

Did Saturday’s loss to Ole Miss knock Kentucky out of contention for the Outback Bowl? Barring a miracle upset of Georgia, probably. Even if Georgia and Alabama both make the playoff, there are other teams higher than Kentucky in the pecking order, such as LSU and Mississippi State. Just because I love Bloomin’ Onions and sunshine so much, I’m going to let myself dream that the Outback Bowl is still a possibility if Kentucky beats Vanderbilt and Louisville. The founder did go to UK after all, and man, would we travel.

Belk Bowl — Basketball conflict

December 29, 1 p.m., Charlotte, North Carolina (ESPN)

The Belk Bowl could be an excellent landing spot for Kentucky…if the basketball team didn’t play Louisville at the exact same time. While Mitch Barnhart said last week that UK isn’t ruling out playing in a bowl game on the same day as a basketball game, why would the bowl take a team whose fanbase is going to be split between the two games? What a shame. The Belk Bowl’s Twitter account is hilarious.

Music City Bowl — Sort of a Basketball conflict?

December 29, 4:30 p.m., Nashville, Tennessee (ESPN)

The Music City Bowl kicks off at 4:30 p.m. ET, so about an hour and a half after the Louisville game would be over. The 23,000 or so fans that go to the Louisville game at Rupp obviously wouldn’t be able to make the trip to Nashville, but what’s stopping the rest of the Big Blue Nation from coming down to Music City, watching the basketball game at a bar or tailgate, and then rolling into Nissan Stadium in a real rowdy manner? Unlike the Belk Bowl, TV audiences wouldn’t be split, and many UK fans may be willing to make the three-hour or so drive down to Nashville if they can see both games. I realize I’m biased here (mostly because I’m lazy), but this sounds like a good option.

Birmingham Bowl — Basketball conflict

December 23, Noon, Birmingham, Alabama (ESPN)

This game takes place on the same day as the basketball team’s game vs. UCLA in New Orleans, although it would likely end just as the basketball game was beginning since UK/UCLA drew the second game of the CBS Sports Classic doubleheader. The timing of both trips is problematic as it’s so close to Christmas, so let’s hope Kentucky can at least go to the Liberty Bowl to avoid this scenario.

Texas Bowl: Possible, but likely an SEC West team

December 27, 9 p.m., Houston, Texas (ESPN)

An SEC West team has gone to the Texas Bowl since the SEC became its league partner three years ago. Auburn, LSU, and Mississippi State are all bowl eligible, but if they get picked by other bowls, this could be an option.

Walk-On’s Independence Bowl — If Kentucky goes 6-6 and all of the other bowls pass on them 

December 27, 1:30 p.m., Shreveport, Louisiana (ESPN)

Current projections have a team from another conference in this bowl since it’s likely the SEC won’t fill all of its bowl spots, which is just fine by me. No basketball conflicts, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to this.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

46 responses to “Breaking down Kentucky’s bowl scenarios”

  1. Memphis UK Cat

    Liberty Bowl is heck of a lot fun downtown memphis. The stadium sucks

  2. Wildcat85

    Yo TT, which bowl would you put your money on if you were to guess? Also,


    1. KYcats11

      Could we please get rid of Wildcat85. He has no football iq and is only a fairweather fan and acts like a 2 year old. Plus, I guess he’s stupid enough to think that Eddie Gran, Stoops, and Mitch Barnhart read the comments section on ksr and will fulfill his request.

    2. Wildcat85

      If you’re looking for political correctness, you’re on the wrong blog, idiot.

    3. KYcats11

      Well I’m sorry… you can live in your fantasy world. We are not going to fire gran because we have a winning record 9 games into the season, and that hasn’t/ doesn’t happen too often around here. I guess you would prefer for us to get ole Shandon Dawson back.

    4. Wildcat85

      Gran is just Dawson 2.0. You’re a fan that settles for mediocrity and probably old because you’re fine with 7-6/6-6 “winning” seasons.

  3. Swizzle

    What does 6-6 get us. Cause that’s what were looking at

    1. ikle757

      I’m right there w/ you Swizzle. That is what this team will finish 6-6 w/ 2 blowout losses bu Geo and UL. Vandy will beat U.K. By at least 10.

    2. Eazy

      You’re right about GA but Louisville is not good. They are 2-4 in the ACC. It’ll be similar to the Ole Miss game.

    3. Rembrandt

      Have courage.

    4. UKPROF

      LOL… 6 and 6 will get you a 2AM start time in the Toilet Bowl.

  4. Rauh Gauh

    Basketball conflicts…. hahahah sorry UK football players.

  5. BigBlue4EverUK

    Looks like the Independence Bowl here we come!

  6. Blue Jesus

    Wildcat85, do you realize your posting has actually had the effect of encouraging people to stand up for Gran? Posters are tired enough of your incessant remark that people who were originally frustrated with the offense have started to defend Gran as a result.

    1. Wildcat85

      Yeah idgaf. Fire Gran.

    2. Rembrandt

      Wildcat85, the robo-poster.

  7. AGSlater

    Any interest from Toilet Bowl?

    1. Eazy

      You do realize Louisville is one of the most disappointing teams in college football, right. They don’t have one quality win all season.

  8. Wildcat85

    We’re going to go to the Dollar General Electronics Section Bowl because Gran can’t coach a 2nd half offense. Shit-head.

    1. ukkatzfan

      Dear SH, How do you find out Gran’s ability? Is his job evaluations available via public records? How do you know where the failure falls? With you having all of this knowledge, why don’t you apply for a OC job in the SEC ? Sincerely UK football fan

    2. Rembrandt

      Wildcat85, the robo-poster.

    3. Wildcat85

      Since you’re showing your age and don’t know how to “Google,” UK is a public university, you can access all of their info–including Gran’s coaching history. Also, it doesn’t take anyone with extensive football knowledge to know this is terrible coaching: 2nd Half – 3 plays, 5 yrds, Punt. 3 plays, 2 yrds, Punt. 3 plays, 3 yrds, Punt. That’s a total of 10 yards over 3 different possessions. GTFO.

  9. dan213

    Well guys it is what it is. We still pretty much suck at football. Can’t be too hard on Wildcat85 he/she is just expressing their feelings about it. Far as that goes why do we have to be pc here? Matt Jones himself called the coaches out today on KSR. Not in a bad way he just stated how he felt as a fan(disappointed) and said what a lot of us are thinking. As for football iq if that’s what it takes to be excepted or fit in around here I’m pretty dumb as well. But I can count to eleven and even I know not to leave the other teams wide outs uncovered.

    1. ukkatzfan

      With KSR’s warning about Mondays “gripe-a-thon”, I have now given up listening to KSR any time after a football loss up to 1 month. I will listen every day after a win. The football negative ninnies on KSR are a waste of my time. I do not understand how long matt jones thinks broadcasting negatively about UK will pay good dividends. I think he has forgotten how mean of a s.o.b kharma will be. There are a team of coaches on the sideline and up in the booth, how can anyone narrow it down to one coach while ruling out all other coaches and the players too ? Do those ppl watch game film for 8 hours on Sunday ? Jones needs to quit KSR and go to politics. He knows nothing about football. Matt should just stick to kissing Cal’s butt and leave the football to people who have knowledge about football.

    2. AGSlater

      Just cant take people expressing their opinions on a bad team. Gotta take the good with the bad bud.

    3. Eazy

      Louisville is 2-4 in the ACC. Lol. The SEC is 5-1 vs the ACC this year. Even Tennessee was able to win against that conference. FSU is the biggest bust in the country. Louisville is a joke. Why are you talking when your team sucks.

    4. J-Dub421

      You’re right dan, you are pretty dumb because you don’t know the difference between excepted and accepted.

    5. Rembrandt

      Explain how 6-3 sucks. If we win and go 7-3 on Saturday, will you admit that you suck?

  10. dan213

    Lol ok ukkatzfan you’re right about the negative people after a loss. At the same time you can’t ask fans to get hyped up, show up at the games in full support and say things like “why not here?!” And then lose games to teams they should have beat. Had beat. And then get mad when people express their disappointment. Doesn’t work that way. Do we not expect a certain amount of success with the basketball team? And yes we’re probably spoiled when it comes to basketball and Cal. He’s set a pretty high bar. And we’ve become accustomed to nothing less. And I’m not comparing the football team to the basketball team or Stoops to Cal. That wouldn’t be fair. At the same time Stoops is paid pretty good at UK. Something like 3.7 million a year. Not bad….anyone here make that? I don’t. If you’re hiring though I’m available. And I can even count to eleven.

    1. Wildcat85

      Dude ukkatzfan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. As a fan, he doesn’t understand it’s ok to be irrational, just not illogical. Watch him scratch his head at that one.

  11. jzoneblue

    the penn state boards are just as bad as here. the few are the loud, and like to bitch about something regardless if it has any relevance or not.

  12. bigbluechesticles

    Don’t think very many fans are really worried about it at this point. Good chance we finish the season with 4 straight losses. And the bad thing is we have more talent, but coaching decisions and game plans have been the reasons for the down slide. Unless you’re in the final 4, bowls games never have really meant much to me, I’m care more about big wins during the season. Oh well, it’s a nice little way to kill time on the weekends until basketball gets back into full swing.

    1. Rembrandt

      That’s according to you. If we win on Saturday and go 7-3, will you admit that you don’t know what you are talking about?

    2. Wildcat85

      Even if we go 7-3 on Saturday doesn’t mean the coaching is great. Plus, it’s Vanderbilt. Not covering open receivers, time management, and the total collapse of 2nd half offense is on the coaches.

    3. bigbluechesticles

      Beating Vandy doesn’t really do much for me. If we are proud of that kind of win, then we’re pretty pathetic. I could probably coach a team to a win over Vandy. If we can beat University 6 and give GA a competitive game, then I’ll feel a little better, but just don’t see that happening at this point.

  13. BluKudzu

    6-3. Is this called “Turning the Corner”?
    Are we there yet? Is this the competitive team we were promised when Barnhart arrived as AD?
    We fans must have zero expectations, to accept results that would have any other coach in the SEC fired, after doing what this guy gets an extended contract for at UK.
    The sad thing, is with Barnhart, this will be as good as it gets.

    1. Eazy

      Barnhart has made UK a top 10 athletic department.

    2. AGSlater

      Eazy wouldnt mind if we were 2-10 every year. No expectations.

    3. Rembrandt

      Who is “we fans”? Speak for yourself. I am speaking for myself, and I have an answer to your questions. UK football turned the corner in 2016 with a winning season and a bowl. As long as our team doesn’t regress, there is no reasonable cause for the panic we see from weak minded commenters. If our 6-3 record doesn’t satisfy you, then find another way to spend your time that is more satisfying. That seems simple enough.

    4. BluKudzu

      Let me paint a picture for you Rembrandt:
      I only speak of “we fans”, as those that have continued to financially support the program for years, attend the games both home and away, which honestly have a right to express their opinions about what they see on the field, and what they know happens elsewhere in the SEC.
      Perhaps you are not included in any of the above, I am not sure, but it seems you are not, so please refer only to yourself, when being accuasatory about a weak minded commentator.
      6 years of hype to a 6-3 season that seems heading to 6-6 with the bowl, likely a 6-7 year…which by my reasoning, more losses than wins, is still a losing season, right?
      Or should I wait until the end of the season?
      Drink more Kool Aide Remmy, it makes the reality of being the “Rube” that you are, less humiliating when speaking of college football expertise, amongst others that have more insight and ability than you, by your words in your reply.

  14. inside info2

    Rembrandt, we HAVE regressed. We have supposedly increased our talent each year under Stoops (Morrow). But the last 2 years have been the WORST years for the SEC in football I have seen, and we still can’t make headway.

    Had trouble against Southern Miss and almost lost
    Had trouble with and couldn’t stomp EKU
    Could not beat a terrible UF team (for two years in a row)
    BARELY beat Eastern Michigan
    Got trampled by a good Miss St team
    BARELY beat a terrible UT team
    Got beat by a terrible Ole Miss team

    The coaching is the problem. Stoops may have been a great DC, but he is not a good HC. He is making the same mistakes he made in Year One. That is not acceptable. We supposedly have better talent on the field but the coaches can’t do anything with it.

  15. dan213

    I hate to admit it but I have to agree with inside info2. I recall Brooks being stubborn as hell too but he didn’t make the coaching mistakes we’re seeing now. Plus the games he won was with inferior talent.

    I do think Stoops is a better recruiter. But Brooks and his staff did a better job coaching the kids up and managing the game.

    Be nice to someday put it all together with talent and coaching and see what they can do. Never gonna be Alabama or Florida or even Tennessee in football but we can be a better version of what we have been in the past and not be everybody’s doormat in the SEC.

  16. Marcus Areolas

    Any chance Kentucky misses a bowl at 6-6? I mean after all it is Kentucky. And that is a Kentucky Footbally thing that would happen.

    1. AGSlater

      Its almost a certainty. Take the chance out

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      WRONG! For a couple reasons. One is that UK fans travel to bowls and spend money. Another is that there was at least one team in a bowl with a losing record last year. Three is that Slater is a UL troll.

  17. UKfanman01

    They’re going to the toilet bowl after their last showing. I like how everyone hates Gran but you never hear House’s name mentioned (cough cough-he’s the defensive coordinator). UK’s offense stalled for 3 possessions in the 3rd, in which Johnson was hurt and limping. His throwing was off. How about the fact that the D didn’t stop Ole Miss at all? A 2nd string QB and 2nd string RB smashed UK.. The RB would get hit at the line of scrimmage and he’d gain 8 yards. That’s not Grand fault