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Benny Snell’s back on the road… See the rest of his tour schedule
by Maggie Davis on January 11, 2019 at 9:30 pm

Tonight was a wildly successful night at KSBar and Grille, as Benny Snell brought in a huge crowd for the first stop on his autograph tour across the state. Check out the scene by clicking HERE.

But, if you missed him tonight, don’t worry! There are still four stops remaining on his tour. Check out where he’ll be:

This is your chance for a picture, an autograph and a SNELL YEAH! with one of the best rushers in Kentucky football history – don’t miss out!

5 Replies to “Benny Snell’s back on the road… See the rest of his tour schedule”

  1. mashburnfan1 says:

    One of the best???? How about THE BEST………Snell Yeah.
    Benny do a signing in your hometown so those of us in Suckeye land can come see ya.
    Also news broke that UGA hired an OC, this time it is real and not reported by KSR.
    Bet Coley is glad Gran turned UGA down…..lol….hahahahahahahahahaha what a joke. KSR save that stuff for April 1st. UGA NEVER offered 103 Gran {his offense rankings the last 2 years} the OC job, never offered, never talked about that position. Maybe they wanted Gran to replace Coley as a position coach since he does recruit FL well, but they never thought of him as an OC……Never offered over 1 mill

  2. Blue Bill says:

    Glad you’ve got the inside scoop.

    1. mashburnfan1 says:

      no inside info, is public. KSR was just blowing smoke up BBN arse. Sure they got the hits they wanted though. Coley was #1 candidate the entire time. They prolly did ask Gran to take the position coach job Coley was leaving but I doubt it was for 1.1 million although it could have been. I saw that Coley was making $850,000 before the change.

  3. sprtphan says:

    Wow. You are very impressive. Maybe you can ask your mom for more room in the basement and start your own site.

  4. Benny
    Don’t forget the B B Q capital of the world, Owensboro. You have lots of fans that would like to see you before you start your NFL Professional career. Come join us in Owensboro & I’ll treat you to some of the best B B Q you will ever eat.

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