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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

32 responses to “Benny Snell’s 40-Yard Dash Time is not Great”

  1. katfan33

    For decades teams have put way too much stock in 40 times.

    1. notFromhere

      40 times and star ratings for college recruiting as well

  2. Chade Sparrow

    I can definitely see him starting in the NFL as the 1st and 2nd down back. His numbers are similar to Alfred Morris who did good things with Washington for years.

  3. Kentuckiana

    Wishing Benny the best.

  4. Realme

    Typical negative title from Nick, even though he “met expectations”. No one thought he was going to suddenly become a speed guy.

    1. bigbluebanana

      Exactly. I do t think nick is a real person. I think he’s just an alter ego troll of Drew’s. Otherwise, I can’t explain how he has a job.

    2. Realme

      I think he’s a Jerry Tipton clone.

    3. BigolBlue

      Typical sensitivity from you little girls. If you disagree start your own blog. Im sure people would read…..

    4. runningunnin.454

      Hi BOB; typical stupidity from you. If we did start our own blog, you can bet your A$$ would be banned.

  5. StuckinLville

    Speed doesnt matter when no one can tackle you

  6. J-Dub421

    Benny has never been a speed back who was going to out-run people. Benny runs over people. That won’t change.

  7. Shlomo

    Durability is what counts.

  8. JTHinton

    If he has a chance to sprint 40 yards on the field in a game, then there is a 99% chance he is going to the end zone, regardless of whether his time is 4.2 or 4.7

  9. bddfromcincy

    IIRC, Emmett Smith also ran in the 4.6 range. And like Benny, he was at full speed on his first step.

  10. Bobbum Man

    Doubt this really surprised anyone… figured he’d be around 4.6ish

  11. Truth_Hurts

    He would be faster if he lost some weight, but then he would probably also sacrifice some power. Probably a good balance of speed and power.

  12. notFromhere

    Game speed is what matters. How often do most NFL backs run straight ahead for 40 yards anyway? 40yd has a lot to with technique. I ran a 4.60, but I couldn’t be a great RB. Payton wasnt a 4.4 or 4.5 40 guy either.

    Keep pluggin Benny!

  13. az1006

    The best NFL backs are guys that run downhill, and are able to find creases and explode through them. Benny is one of the best I’ve ever seen at those two things. Countless times, it looked like a play would be bottled up, and he’d find a way to squeeze through for 3 or 4 yards. That, and his durability, will be what makes his NFL career. 40-yard times for running backs should be secondary. Raw speed is far more important at other positions on the field.

    1. RAGE

      Speed is a pretty important for a RB.. but I do see your point

  14. BBNDan7

    Benny was always slower than average RB. And look at his numbers anyways, in the SEC.

  15. RAGE

    I don’t think this is surprising to anyone… Benny is not that fast and I don’t think he will be an every down back in the NFL.. He will probably be mainly used in short yardage situations and power formations.. In the NFL now to be an every down back you have to be able to catch passes and be a quote on quote home run threat every time you touch the ball… For Example Todd Gurley he is the rare combination of size and speed.. Not knocking Benny but he ain’t that caliber of player.. That doesn’t mean though he won’t have a really good or maybe even great career in the NFL but he is def going to have to get drafted by a team that he fits their scheme… More so than other RB but in this draft I don’t see many can’t miss RBs or every down backs… Maybe Jacobs or Harris from Alabama that is if Harris can prove he can catch the ball out of the backfield something he was not asked to do a ton at Alabama..

    1. RAGE

      I am sorry I meant that I don’t see many every down backs in this draft.. I made that confusing in my post… I left out some words in my original post and got confused… But I meant that he will have to get with a team with the right scheme.. More so than some backs from other drafts in the past… I don’t see many every down backs in this draft class… But I may be wrong…

  16. kentuckybackupplayer

    how often do you see backs in the nfl dash for40?, not often. its the first ten yard burst that matters. Benny will be fine.

  17. runningunnin.454

    Get ’em, Benny.

  18. michaelb

    People put too much into 40 times. Benny would run the same time in pads too. Foot speed is over valued in draft for running backs. Power and balance are golden when looking for a rb. I’d take a guy who had better balance over a guy with speed any day .

  19. michaelb

    Even if benny doesn’t get drafted he still will be signed and get a lot of playing time in the league next season .

  20. Alleykat16

    He did about what scouts thought he would. He wasn’t going to show up with Prime Time speed. That’s not what he’s about. He is a break tackle back and a punishing back. When the 4th Qaurter came he was the strongest guy on the field.

  21. mcp157

    Fast as a tank. Benny has heart and a sense of the game. Snell yeah!

  22. wildcatlove4life

    If Benny would keep his head down for the first 15 yards and run on the balls of his feet I bet he could run a 4.5. He starts to lift his head around the 6 yard mark. If you raise your head in the first 10 yards your torso will also lift and kill your acceleration. He tries to run too early, the first 10-15 yards is the drive phase where you should stay low and build max power by driving those legs into the ground.

  23. brian

    “On paper, it doesn’t look good for Benny. In reality, little has changed” more briallant blogging by Rousch. Between the ads and this kind of garbage writing, KSR has almost become unbearable. Matt, if your paying attention, be careful with this crap.

  24. CPACAT

    Benny’s career mirrors John Riggins; similar 40 times, powerful runners, overlooked, Riggins was a Super Bowl MVP….so there.

  25. cats646

    Things everyone already knows:
    1- bears sh!t in the woods
    2-Benny has never been that fast, but his heart makes up for it.
    Snell yea!!