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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

9 responses to “Benny Snell takes aim at Recruiting Camps and the NCAA in Wide-Ranging Interview”

  1. Melvit

    It’s unfortunate that he used the slave comparison. There is a huge difference between ranking players and slavery.

    1. CombatMedic_98

      Isn’t that what’s actually going on…all these companies universities and organizations making millllions of dollars just of his IMAGE, NAME, and NUMBER…and he gets ZILCH! Modern day slavery is exactly right. Sad and needs changed.

    2. A_Blue_Wildcat

      He gets a college education and recognition. No one knew who he was coming out of highschool, 3 star recruit, no chance at making the NFL. Now he’ll be an NFL draft pick, all because of the evil slave system

  2. secrick

    Remember Benny it’s about the love of the game not money and that’s what you said.

    1. shepdog3720

      You right, but is he not allowed to point out the obvious?

  3. Wade

    Lets focus on football Snell! when the season is over air your grievances that we all stand behind! Players should get endorsement money and a cut of jersey sales! The stars don’t matter if they gave you 5 all the time there would be no room for improvement and fire in the hearts of snells and josh Allen’s!but this ain’t the time and place! We got GA this week. Your a hero to all and I like how you want to raise up others but heart isn’t measured it’s shown day in and day out. Sometimes it hard to notice one ant amongst a field of worker ants!That’s the business in camps to see what you can see, and evaluate. it’s a hard business and lots go into it.even 5 stars aren’t sure bets on speed and size alone but they help. The word Can’t and the feeling of disrespect keep people grinding!Show your passion against ga this week and not get sidetracked. One week at a time young fella! THe world is ours GO CATS!

  4. John Henry

    Not good Benny, stay focused. You were shut down by aTm and Mizzou. When it was crunch time your number was not called. Georgia wants you to run your mouth and get sidetracked. You are smarter than this.

  5. JoeMoney333

    We’re so blessed to have all these people tell Benny what to think!

  6. Go Deep

    He’s comparing the process of the recruiting camps to how people would evaluate slaves. It’s actually a really close comparison. South Park did an episode that made the same comparison that was surprisingly eye opening. The amateurism aspect is a bit different, but also somewhat unfair that a few kids can have that kind of impact on a product on can’t take a sandwich from somebody. We definitely need to modernize the rules for this type of situation.