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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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37 responses to “Auburn star quarterback transfer Joey Gatewood will visit Kentucky this weekend”

  1. CatsNationBBN


    1. BlueGrass

      Speaking of MASSIVE…the kid looks like an absolute beast next to those high school kids. I’m never seen a QB who passes the eye test more than this one.

    2. notFromhere

      Yes, it would.

  2. WKY Cat

    Huge! Hope we get him!

  3. UKinIN

    Would this have any impact of Beau Allen’s commitment?

    1. Dark Soul

      I thought the same thing

    2. Optional Facts

      I don’t think so… he would come in and start as a junior

    3. UKinIN

      But may have thought he could fight for the starting job as a redshirt freshman.

    4. Optional Facts

      He could compete for the backup job as a true freshman and only play if needed

    5. GoCatz

      Great question.

    6. JerryCat

      You go for the best guys

    7. MacAssassin123

      No because they could redshirt Allen which could gurrentee him at least one year as the starter. It might force Gilmore to transfer though.

    8. kydrummer

      Gilmore also plays baseball, he might just give up football

    9. MtnCat

      QB’s are made to transfer. U compete to be the best at the school of your choice.


      Allen would be behind him in depth chart. We are talking a 5* dual threat WB who reminds me of Fields who instantly can make us EAST AND CFBP contenders. If Allen wants to be a back up for couple years he sticks with UK if not he enters Portal. I would say Allen would Redshirt a year and would probably only have to play back up 1 year. Gatewood could be a NFL prospect by that time enter draft. I hope Allen sticks but Gatewood is a 5* QB that could bring you a national title not only an SEC CROWN! PINCH ME RIGHT NOW CAUSE I FEEL LIKE I AM TALKING ABOUT A LSU,BAMA,UF,UGA, QB NOT A POTENTIAL UK QB! WOW! IMAGINE HOW GOOD THE D WILL BE BY THE TIME GATEWOOD IS READY TO START!?

    11. satcheluk

      This kid is a true Freshman, would redshirt next year, then have three years eligibility. Allen would have to beat him out or redshirt and wait until his Sr year.

  4. 2Dogs

    Why would it be assumed he’s automatically going to be the starter in 2021?

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Why does it matter what a sports writer thinks will happen in 2 years with a transfer QB that were don’t even know if he’s actually coming here yet?

    2. ukjaybrat

      Why does anything matter? geez you must be fun at parties.

    3. Bluebloodtoo

      Oh yeah, I’m a riot at parties. Tons. Of. Fun.


      He is a 5* QB and has JUSTIN FIELDS TYPE POTENTIAL. YES HE STARTS we are talking a QB TALENT that schools like LSU,UF,UGA,OSU,OU,BAMA, CLEMSON GETS. YES HE STARTS. This isn’t some 3* or even 4* potential start after a year or 2 in system developing holding clip board, NO this is a 5* national Championship caliber QB that can carry a team like a super star QB CAN. KID is a flat out STUD and it will be a huge get! If it Happens. We will probably be ranked 13-20 coming into the season he starts that is How good he can be.

    5. MacAssassin123

      Agree ?!!!

    6. mashburnfan1

      Vader I hope you are right but temper it a bit. We really have no idea how good he will be. He was rated {not that ratings mean anything but still} behind the current UCLA QB who has been below average in the weak PAC 12 where no defense is played. I do hope he is all you say and more but he has taken 35 snaps and most of his stats are vs Kent State. Yes I am excited that he may come here but will level expectations till we see what he can actually do. Just like basketball, I wait till late January to make my pick for how far our team can go.

  5. cats646

    Hell yea. Let’s show up for this UT game and show this kid what commonwealth is like!!

    1. mashburnfan1

      good luck with that. Most were complaining weeks ago about this night game. We will be there but it will be 40 degrees so most of these wimps will be too cold. Guess they never heard that coats were invented long ago. Sadly he will probably see a 2/3rd filled stadium with several of them wearing orange.

  6. Wild Turkey 101

    You can’t have too many QB’s look what happened this year.

    1. cats646

      We had 1 decent QB. What are you talking about?? The other two sucked lol

    2. Soylentbeans

      646 he is using what has happened this year(qb injuries) as the cautionary tail of not having enough good talent at qb.

    3. StillBP

      646 looks to me like he’s saying you can’t have too many bc injuries and other circumstances can come into play… Which is true

    4. ukjaybrat

      Who are you implying sucks ? They’re all injured. no one played poorly while healthy

  7. CombatMedic_98

    As long as he can throw accurately

  8. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Nah, I’ll take Mani Gilmore all day. He’s our QB1 in 2021 & beyond

    1. notFromhere

      People (here) are underestimating the young men already on our roster. Whichever QBs are on our roster, they will all have a shot to EARN the starting spot. Nothing is guaranteed to anyone.

      Gilmore and Scalzo, Allen, Wood, Smith, Wilson. All will be in the competition when Spring and Fall camps open up.

  9. gasman01

    Wonder if takes a trip to Fla. State just in case??

  10. chris43

    Hopefully we land him. Hate that he’s going to be here on a weekend we play UT as we normally suck against them for some reason. Just like last year….should have beat the brakes off them but ended up being the exact opposite.

  11. shelby3605

    Really really really want this young man at UK

  12. notFromhere

    We need to show up for this young man, for Josh Allen, and for our football future as a program!