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At The Half: Tennessee 17, Kentucky 0

This is embarrassing.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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98 responses to “At The Half: Tennessee 17, Kentucky 0”

  1. DirtyDave

    For one thing we can’t block a window!

  2. AFR0_SAMURAii

    Can Mitch Barnhart and Stoops come to an agreement after this loss to fire then promote a new OC? Because if they don’t we’re looking at another 7-6 season and a HUGE let down after such a promising start

    1. syrin23

      Nah, a;; we need to do is throw an out pass the sideline a few dozen times. They’ll NEVER see it coming.

  3. Mc12

    Let’s play Bowden at qb. At least it will be entertaining

    1. notFromhere

      Fk yeah

    2. Cmart0907

      Hell yeah

    3. Papaw

      Wilson is spineless. He took a slide 5 yards before a defensive man was near him. But he’s QB to stay. He must have pics of Gran doing a no no

  4. T-wah

    1 word: unacceptable

    1. UKPROF

      UK football’s new motto… “Guaranteed To Disappoint”

    2. CATandMONKEY

      NEW motto????

  5. Wade

    We keep doing what we’re doing we won’t win another game. Think the Terry Wilson project is over! Danny spark time. He has the attitude this team needs. Our defense is suffering from no offensitits.

  6. Vile_Revolver

    What the hell? This is putrid. I got up at 0530 to listen to this?

  7. sportsbird66

    Cereal Bowl here we come!!!!

  8. md57

    Drew, the proper term is PATHETIC!!!!!!

    And Terry needs to throw away that ugly ass orange mouthpiece.

  9. UKinIN

    UK doesn’t show up for big games. This is on Stoops. He doesn’t get consistent effort or fight out of his teams. And Gran gots to go.

  10. sirsmooth

    This is Kentucky football, no offense at all. What do you think is going to happen if we are playing in a bowl game against a West Virginia or Ohio State?

    1. BlueTXHeart

      Agreed – Kentucky once again doing Kentucky things

  11. jpendleton

    Where the hell is the defense.

  12. Cmart0907

    Wow. They scored 14 points all game AGAINST CHARLOTTE!!! This is extremely embarrassing

  13. The Fake World Wide Wes

    Defense can’t carry every week like they have..they gotta be tired

  14. big cat

    Espn needs another FB commentator. Mark Stoops, come on down! This game rests on YOU. Grow a pair, coach. Get rid of GRAN….now. If not, recruiting will suffer.

  15. Shively1978

    My little nephews the third grade team won there championship the other nite. They Probably would’ve give these wildcats a good one today.

  16. twdisciple

    Fire Gran and whoever the receivers Coach is. They can’t catch the ball when it smacks em in the face.

  17. CatsandPats

    West Virginia and/or Ohio State could run up the score as much as they possibly wanted. We will be lucky to win another game this season. Hey, at least we have basketball to look forward to. Oh wait, that’s not started too well either. Let’s just get this damn football season out of the way. Nothing but a major letdown.

    1. bigbluebanana

      Literally hundreds of other schools you can go cheer for bud, don’t let the door hit you.

  18. Clyons

    These guys have lost the fire they had at the first of the season. Seems like no one even gets hyped anymore. Where has the fire gone?

    1. Clyons

      ……And it starts with the O line

  19. Jester

    Right now this is 100% on Gran. If Stoops doesn’t fire/force him to resign after the season, then it will be on Stoops

    1. Miller45

      Digging his own grave

  20. Kat4Life

    How in the hell are we the number 11 team in the nation

    1. BigolBlue

      They arent

    2. CatsandPats

      Don’t worry, we aren’t. The Tennessee fans were chanting OVERRATED for a reason. I hate to say it, but I completely agree with them.

    3. mashburnfan1

      Won’t even be top 20 next week. Also so long Peach or Fiesta Bowl. Still a probable Citrus or Outback Bowl but with this effort they are not deserving of it. Seems like they could care less and are settling for what they have accomplished to this point with no desire to go for more. Wish I hadn’t ordered my Outback and Citrus Bowl tix already, now have no desire to go. This is disgusting. Gran has no offensive creativity. The plays are so easy to defend, the wr routes are confusing and, short and simple {often going to sideline or coming back to line of scrimmage}. Wagner should have caught the pass, was dropped before he got hit. Beautifully thrown pass, only spot it could have been put.

  21. BigolBlue

    And the 2nd half starts like the 1st . terrible play calling

  22. henderblue

    3 and out to start the second half. Ugh..

  23. big cat

    We are cooked. Done. Fan base will loose their minds. Empty stadium next week

  24. Papaw


  25. KYCat4EVER

    EDDIE GRAN should be FIRED immediately at Halftime… this is a joke! Same old BLAND offensive plays, no imagination, no creativity, and totally reliant on our Defense to keep us in games. How long do we have to keep giving Eddie Gran a paycheck for this?

  26. zoupman

    Gunner needs to be in the game.

    1. henderblue

      Gunnar won’t have any protection or any receivers open either. And he won’t be able to keep a receiver from dropping a pass that’s right in their hands.

    2. zoupman

      I disagree. Receivers get open, but Terry doesn’t see them because really only looks at one game. Doesn’t see the field at all. I believe Gunner would.

    3. Wade

      Gunnar officially sucks too it’s Danny spark time


    Tenn is very weak. Our team is no longer playing with any desire. Pathetic effort. Stoop’s head should explode any minute now watching those 250 Gs flying
    Out the window (again) .

  28. davis2319

    Embarrassing. Tennessee is so bad too is what is the problem. Great week for UK athletics

  29. Baldguy11

    Is there been a worce week to be a Kentucky fan

  30. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    If KSR doesn’t push to fire Gran and stop jumping on the Dookie band wagon they should chang their name to DSR

  31. zoupman

    If Gran is still on the staff next Sat , my four season seats will be empty. Can’t support this.

  32. drew_123

    The team has officially given up and that’s disappointing.

  33. Shively1978

    Can we start a go fund me account for an OC. Gran has to be fired after this game. I no longer care about his connections with FLA

  34. jakew60

    Team is trash

  35. JoshtheCATSfan

    Gran is horrible!! Need a QB!!!! Stoops be a coach and fix this shsit before next season. You wasted the best df you will ever have with a shitty cant do anything offense!!!!!

  36. gasman01

    Down 24-0 and running the ball. Absolutely insane.

  37. njCat


  38. Shively1978

    If officials can’t get together and decide what I’d targeting and what isn’t get rid of the rule. That was just as much targeting as West call last week. Stoops is a dumbass for punting. You don’t have time to be punting.

  39. BPatte

    Ridiculous!!!!!! We’re not as good as we have been told. Probably can’t beat Middle Tennessee either!

  40. Papaw

    Serious question for everyone. Have you ever seen a QB that was as scared of a hit as Wilson? He has no business playing football. Take up piano

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Maxwell Smith

  41. zoupman

    What? They finally throw the ball downfield to Conner. Why do they not do this more often? I wouldn’t want Gran calling the okays for my flag football team.

  42. RondoTheDonThough

    Worst thing ever for Stoops to have success this year. Always has and will be a Big Ten type assistant coach.

    1. Papaw

      Then send him and Gran back to the Big Ten

  43. GrumpyKitten

    Absolutely ridiculous! The only thing Kentucky will catch today in Knoxville will be a cold!


    Gee, I never would’ve thought a Mark Stoops coached team would finish the 2nd half of a season so poorly. /s

  45. Shively1978

    Why does it always take us 3 quarters to start playing with a little fire and urgency.

    1. Wade

      Bc the game is out of the way and the defense just wants to keep people in front of them and not give up a big play! That’s when terry’s numbers get padded.

  46. zoupman

    If Stoops and Gran can’t see Terry is not a D1 QB I’m afraid this is good as we will ever be.

  47. zoupman

    Down 17 and we attempt a field goal? Poor coaching.

    1. recliner coach

      Needed a field goal to be able to tie

  48. Cousins Fake Tooth

    This season must of been a fluke.

  49. Shively1978

    Everything that could go wrong in UK sports this week has. Did the cheerleading squad loose to. Why do the sports gods hate us so much lately.

    1. zoupman

      I believe we will beat Mid Tn but I won’t be there. My four seats will be empty as a protest to the incompetence of Gran.

    2. RondoTheDonThough

      I hope they get 20,000 or less.

    3. cats646

      I’ll be there. It’s senior night for these boys who have worked their asses off for this program. Fuk y’all for not wanting to show them appreciation.

    4. JASUN74

      I hear what you’re saying cats but it’s just going to show them it doesn’t matter if we’re losers and don’t care. I’ll always support the kids but nothing will ever change if we don’t speak up. May not even then. Lol. “ checker boards”.,!

    5. cats646

      What we need to do is put Eddie gran on the Jumbotron and everyone boo him.

  50. friendsofcoal

    Can we beat Mid TN? If so, I’m happy with 8 wins but it could’ve been much better.

  51. big cat

    If you are Stoops what do you say to this team? “Uhh, sorry guys, I just got outcoached…oh yeah and Im way overpaid.”

  52. Shively1978

    The O line is just been trash the second half of the season. Complete garbage.

    1. zoupman

      Hard for linemen to stay sharp when the QB behind them is terrible.

    2. InigoMontoya


    3. cats646

      The RB behind them is great and he can’t even get to the line of scrimmage without meeting a wall of defensive lineman who made our O-line look pathetic.

  53. ScottGreene22

    Sucks this team isn’t that good and get questionable at best coaching. Gran needs to go

  54. Paw

    Wow getting our ass kicked by Tennessee all night Tennessee!!

  55. recliner coach

    Gosh dang give another QB a chance

  56. RondoTheDonThough

    Been telling everyone all year we would lose this game. And Bobby Petrino owns UK.

    1. zoupman

      Gunner should have started the second half. Fact of the matter, he should have started the game. Tentative Terry is not a QB.

    2. cats646

      Gunnar sucks. That settles that

  57. Robert

    Why they have not tried Hoak is beyond me. Wilson is just not very good.

  58. Robert

    Worst week for UK sports in a long, long time.

  59. Shively1978

    Tennessee just owns us in football even when they suck. And believe me they suck we just made them look way better than they are. They had 20 net rushing yards against CHARLOTTE.

  60. InigoMontoya

    I’m switching to the Hallmark channel with my wife.

  61. My Dixie Wrecked

    Benny for Heisman! LOL.

  62. michaelb

    Only running between the tackles gets predictable. Terry needs to run more on the passing plays , it’s the only way we’re gonna move the ball. lol @ these people who thought the other teams were gonna give us these last 3 games . Looks like we might win one more if we’re lucky

  63. cats646

    FIRE EDDIE GRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Shively1978

    Just proved my point the way Gunner was running around. O line can’t give any QB time to throw. And our non route running receivers can’t get open or catch.

  65. katmark

    I said it for the last couple of weeks our offense sucks. Our defense can’t carry us all the time.

  66. katmark

    L bet Louisville will give us a fight as well

    1. zoupman

      Stoops is not a great coach, but he is certainly a good one and I’m glad we have him. He gets needs to let Gran go and bring in a guy who can develop an offense.

  67. dismore

    At the time of my post there were 87 posts before me. Not one was positive. Where are all the Stoops is awesome folks? Where are it’s not Grans fault folks? Where are it’s not Wilson’s fault folks? And please don’t compare to Joker and say well it’s better now then back then. The fact is Stoops has done better than previous coaches but still not a good coach. Problem is KY can not hire a good coach. It’s called beggars can’t be choosers.