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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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7 responses to “After an offseason of questions, the Kentucky secondary has come up with answers”

  1. eyebleedblue

    The defense has been stellar. Haven’t given up over 29 points all season and that’s with being on the field, especially in losses, far too much. If Terry stays healthy, this team wins 10 games. Stoops and Brad White have earned their paychecks with the turnover from last season. The opportunity is on offense.

  2. ScoggDog

    I don’t know where UK football is going, long term.

    They’re pretty much smoke and mirrors now at QB – and the staff has shown what they can do with limited resources there once their backs were against the wall. I also agree with the above – if Wilson stays healthy, this team is in the mix in the East. BUT – it stuns me, if a running QB is what Stoops/Gran wants to go with, why they don’t have more than one on the roster.

    I do know this – every DC promoted to head coach plays conservative. Nick Saban himself seems allergic to excessive points, if they come too fast – keep the defense on the field too much – or turn the ball over. So I’m just not sure how much of the sometimes stale offense is Gran, or how much is Stoops. I do know – because I’ve watched it over and over again – that this team takes a lead then lets the other team back in it pretty routinely due to risk aversion on offense.

    They can absolutely run the table, finish 8-4, keep the recruiting class together, and keep building toward something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime in Kentucky Football. But they really can lose three of the next four, miss a bowl, and take a step back. I have no idea which will happen.

    But I’ll be watching regardless. Cussing, posting comments that never make the live blog, but watching all the same. The next four games – and I don’t think this is an overstatement – are the most important games for UK Football in my lifetime. The program is on a razor’s edge – it could go one way or the other.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Actually Saban’s philosophy has changed over the years, to many high powered teams with equally good defenses have made him have to overcome a halftime deficit or lose all together. Now Alabama and LSU still use their high powered Ds but have made it a team have to overpower them on offense to.

    2. makeitstop

      I agree w u – They could win all four or lose three and the difference in the trajectory for the program is night and day. The defense has improved tremendously but let’s not forget that there were two monsoons they played through that helped limit the offense – and two good offenses. Next week will really tell us how far they have come this season because Tennessee is capable of moving the ball and if we can stop them and win that game then these guys have earned their salaries.

    3. ScoggDog

      Saban has “changed” for all of two seasons now, with Tua at QB. And St. Nick still looks like he’s got a case of the shingles on the sideline whenever the offense scores quick, turns the ball over, or fails to rattle off a string of first downs. It’s just in his DNA to want to control the clock and the ball. He’s more comfortable doing run, run, run, play action for 20 yards, and repeat. I expect his head to explode one day, kind of like a scene out of Scanners, when the offense goes three and out without a single run play. But – like you say – the realities of modern college ball have forced him to embrace a different offense – at least for now.

      I think you can win in today’s game playing an athlete at QB – and there are plenty out there than can throw well enough and also run. I just wish, if that’s the route Kentucky wants to take, that they’d recruit that way and have more than one on the bench.

  3. Ridge Runner

    All good points in the article with numbers as well as the comments above. I do think makeitstop mentions something (the two monsoon weather events) that has certainly played a part. Still, I’m not taking away any of our accomplishments overall. Very satisfied defensively.

  4. BluKudzu

    Look, I get it. The numbers are there. Stats are just stats we have improved defensively in the numbers in the back field.
    Another thing to consider…..passing is not as important if you can’t stop the run.
    Getting off the field on 3rd down % is a number that is critical to evaluate defense. We improve that number year over year…we are going places.