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Article written by Maggie Davis

18 responses to “A look at Kentucky’s finalized 2019 recruiting class”

  1. ricko52

    Decent class,some very good talent at dB and lb but it really stings when 6 4* players leave the state,imagine what this class would been ranked with them,it is also key to keep this talent here to go to next level and compete for East title and championship.

    1. Alex90

      They played for the East Title this year, next step is winning the East.

  2. UKfansNKY

    GO CATS!!

  3. notFromhere

    They already are competing for the SEC East title with the recruiting they’ve been doing. Theyll get the players they want and need. I like the guys they got and am excited to see what they do in Lexington. Wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

    UK wants the ones that want to be here. Not everyone wants to put the team first. Not everyone wants to be in KY. They won enough that there’s no reason not to stay except just not wanting to be here, so whining about them is pointless.

    1. bbn606

      I think they recruited to their needs really well.

  4. UKFan7787

    So, what’s the latest with Javonte Richardson and Elijah “Eli” James? According to CatsIllustrated, it shows “Previously committed” for both profiles. On James’ profile, it says he signed a LOI to LU on 2/06/2019 so I don’t think the list above is totally accurate. Javonte’s twitter still shows love to the Cats but nothing officially has been said about either..from what I’ve read.

  5. mothandras

    Hopefully there is a stand out in this class coming in.. we are losing a lot on paper with a tougher schedule, we may not be bowling again next year.

    1. secrick

      Don’t think the schedule is tougher, could be wrong but looks easier to me.

    2. Middy

      Schedule is definitely easier. 8 home games and Arkansas in lieu of A&M. Plus Mizzou will probably be easier game due to probation. Miss St losing a 4 year starter at QB plus a couple studs off their D line is probably also an easier game than recent years.

  6. dismore

    Good class but honestly thought after this season we would have a little more recruiting momentum and finish a bit higher ranked.

  7. rickwhitetx

    All 3 and 4 star recruits. Not too long ago we would have been excited to have a single 3 star recruit.

  8. Rick_S

    Very, very, very poor class..If we want to compete for the SEC crown we have to have much better..12th in the league will not cut it..Look for more 6-7 win years….

    1. highway119

      Yeah, we need to forget these 2 and 3 star players like Josh Allen and Benny Snell that Stoops and them have been getting, and go for more 4 stars. I know we need talent, but talent isn’t always based on how many stars they have by their name. We have had several of those 4 stars recently that have been more bust than boom. At some point, you need to trust in the program and what these coaches are doing. If you haven’t bought in after 2 7-win and a 10-win season, maybe you just need to go cheer for loserville or something.

    2. N-UR-i

      False. Solid class. Gonna be a good year.

    3. krautdog

      Agreed. There aren’t many Benny Snells & Josh Allen’s out there! 12th & 34th don’t cut it !!!

    4. catsarerunnin

      No need to scream..

  9. Robinson73

    Where’s all the the LOVE for this TEAM? We just won 10 games. If U can’t get behind this team. Find another one.

    1. notFromhere

      EXactly! Tired ofthe ingrates that are never happy about anything. They can Go Fkthmslvs