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A.J. Rose Stars in Kentucky Spring Game 45-32 Victory for UK Offense

A.J. Rose stole the show from Benny Snell.

With Snell’s carries limited and Sihiem King in concussion protocol, the redshirt freshman running back rose to the occasion.  A.J. rushed for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns on just 11 carries.  He also caught a pair of passes for 12 yards.  The star of the spring game, he played with a bounce and explosiveness that gave Kentucky fans something to cheer for after a sluggish start.

The signal-callers gave fans plenty to consider until September.  Gunnar Hoak was efficient, but struggled to make medium-range throws.  Wilson showed off a big arm and incredible speed, but could not consistently connect with his weapons.  Hoak finished 14-of-25 for 121 yards and a touchdown; Wilson threw an interception and completed 10-of-24 passes for 131 yards.

To no surprise, Josh Paschal’s pass rushing was incredible, Kash Daniel led the team in tackles and Mike Edwards picked off a pass.  However, a pair of local wide receivers — Zy’Aire Hughes and David Bouvier — made a few surprising plays.  Bouvier, a Lex Cath product, caught three passes for 35 yards and McCracken County’s Hughes reeled in four receptions for a game-high 56 yards and a touchdown.

It was not an efficiently executed spring game, but it had enough great moments to make 36,090 fans hungry for September 1.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

20 responses to “A.J. Rose Stars in Kentucky Spring Game 45-32 Victory for UK Offense”

  1. USMC5150

    It’s truly hard to say who the best QB is. All of them seem to have skills but all seem to have noticeable things to work on. I can’t wait until September!!!

    1. CatManDo

      This is looking like a really tough call for the coaching staff. Gunner may be a little more consistent but we have been hearing how they want more explosive plays this year. Terry averaged 13 yards per completion compared to less than 9 for Gunner, and that INT was a total gift by the receiver.

  2. BBNDan7

    But what did Zion Williamson eat for dinner?

    1. truebluefootballfan



    Absolutely great to hear about Rose!!! I couldn’t make it to the game. Did Rose seem to have a burst of speed? Did he make any good cuts or was he more noth/south?

    How did the NT position look?

    1. cats646

      Rose had all of the above. Should make an excellent back-up for Benny. I cannot wait till fall!!!!

    2. USMC5150

      Rose looked looks fast on his feet. He doesn’t look as fast as Boom nor does he have the hitting power of Benny thus I would say a hybrid of the two.

    3. chris43

      It’s early but the Qb play is a bit alarming considering the defense. I probably set myself up for disappointment but I expected more from Teddy. If he can start to connect we’ll be dangerous with his wheels along with Benny.

    4. shelby

      What i saw was a team that will be better than last year on both sides of the ball.

    5. Miller45

      I saw him play high school and was very excited about him coming. dude is noticeably bigger and faster, hope he keeps improving and can be an impact contributor

  4. MadHatter

    rose was great, obviously. But what about those holes he had to run through? Our run d was non existent.

  5. mhs1964

    What does Tgt stand for in the score sheet?

    1. FBtimeintheBG

      Targets. So Bowden had 7 catches on 12 targets.

  6. mhs1964



    Sorry for more questions – what about the QBs? From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like Hoak has a lot of zip on his passes but he can make most of the touch throws in the short and mid-range game. It sounds like Wilson has the velocity on his throws but his accuracy isn’t what it needs to be.

    Of the 25 incomplete passes between the two were most of them poor throws, bad execution by the receivers or good defense?

    1. callitlikeiseeit

      Hoak and Wilson made some good throws and missed some open guys. We also had probably 5 drops including the int. Hoak looked bad early but seemed to settle in, maybe had some nerves early. Hard to say if one was better than the other will probably see both in first game to see who handles it best. Wood came in late in 4th and had a few real nice throws although his TD was a Spring Game gift as the WR was out of bounds on the catch. Was still a real nice throw in traffic.

  8. USMC5150

    I can’t remember the QB’s name that was the true freshman that they put in 4th. Considering he is s true freshman he looked impressive over the rest considering time/development. I will grant that he wasn’t probably planning against the high level defense backs at that point in the game.

  9. Alleykat16

    Whoever the qb is its going to be a close call for sure. But in a couple years Wood maybe the head man I know he had only one completion but the one to the end zone was a good throw just alittle out of bounds. For his first year and first spring game televised not bad

  10. DennyC

    6-6 w losing record in SEC again. But Stoops gets his $250,000 bonus for the Sami-Flush Toliet Bowl bid… progress in Year6???? Smh….. #SameOlSongAndDance

  11. TBW3011

    If Gunnar isn’t currently way ahead of Wilson then Wilson needs to start. Gunnar has a 2 yr head start. No reason for him to not be more advanced. Either way QB play has to be better than the last couple years. QB play kept us from being an 8-9 win team the last 2 years. We need an above average QB. Not someone you try to hide like Johnson.