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Article written by Adam Luckett

8 responses to “2019 Kentucky Positional Previews: Running Backs”

  1. Ridge Runner

    I think Rose will get less time as opposed to a true RB1 -being spelled by Smoke & others. More committee approach based on play specifics.

  2. dcforuk

    Are you certain the following statement from this post is accurate? Do you have supporting data? I went to the MS St game. Snell seemed to break out for a chunk run at least once per game. You better hope the man who refers to himself in 3rd person does NOT read this post……especially if there is little to no supporting data. Perhaps there is, though. If there is, then I would like to see it because it sure did seem like Benny had many (chunk runs)!

    If he keeps that pace up in a larger sample size it would mean the Wildcats are getting plenty of chunk plays from their backs. Something that did not happen the last two seasons with Benny Snell

    1. az1006

      Benny did have some chunk runs, and pointing to the Mississippi State game is obvious. He was unstoppable in that one. But Benny’s one weakness has always been his short-burst speed (his 40-time is evidence of that). He was able to run through contact better than any back I’ve seen in a long time at Kentucky, but on edge runs he was more limited because he didn’t have the speed to break them. With more speed-oriented backs, I think we’ll see a more open playbook, as opposed to the between-the-tackles runs Benny was so good at.

  3. az1006

    I love what Benny brought to the program, as we all should. But, I think this group of backs offers far more diversity than we’ve had the last couple of years. It was easy to lean on Benny for 20-30 carries per game, but his big-play ability was somewhat limited and it led to some sluggish offensive possessions. He was able to rack up yards because he rarely took a loss, but he also had a high number of carries to aid in that. With this group, I think you’ll see the carries be spread out a bit more, based on the down and distance, but I also think we’ll see more explosive plays than we saw with Benny. Again…Not a knock on him at all, he was just built to be more of a bruiser, and he ran that way.

  4. dcforuk

    Benny’s (1) patience, (2) competitive fire, (3) vision and (4) strength combined together helped him overcome whatever is less from a speed perspective. Those four attributes actually helped him secure some chunk runs. You are correct that he did receive a significant amount of opportunities each game. Although I am very excited to see what AJ Rose can do, even though I am a Steelers fan, I would rather see Benny in blue and white than black and gold this fall ….

  5. UKinIN

    Sliver or slither?

    1. dcforuk

      That’s ok because I think the following at least once a day myself:

      “Why do I do and say the things that I don’t want to do and don’t want to say and why do I not do and not say the things that I want to do and want to say”

  6. samodamo

    Rb I think will be fine, but I feel like everyone is sleeping on Rodriguez. They are all good but he’s going to be a good one. Imo