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Article written by Adam Luckett

10 responses to “2018 Kentucky Positional Previews: Quarterbacks”

  1. nschulte13

    I guess I still want the Air Raid back, which is why I edge towards Hoak (plus I love his first name. Come on, Gunner is the best first name for a QB). But Wilson makes more sense, he can thrive in the RPO we ran with Johnson. And if he can master the short pass to Conrad, forget about it (insert bad Italian accent)

  2. runningunnin.454

    Both QB’s should get an even shot; bringing Hoak in when the opponent knows we have to air it out might be a little unfair, no?
    I recall one year, I think against UL, we did the same thing to Towles and UL was already in their prevent defense.


    There has been a lot of talk about Hoak’s arm strength being his biggest issue. That said, from the people who made it to the Spring game this year what are your thoughts on Hoak’s arm strength? And the next question; do the Cats really need a guy who can throw a bullet on target 35 plus yards down field to be successful this year? Can the Cats be successful with a guy who can consistently make all the throws under 35 yards?

    1. dismore

      If you can’t take the top off a defense it makes the shorter throws that much tougher.

    2. UKfanforlife

      Anyone that says Hoak has a D1 arm is blowing smoke up your skirt. They are using the term “accurate” . They should use the term ” back up” or “break glass in case of emergency”. He was not being redshirted last season. I will repeat that again, in case somebody missed it the first time. Hoak did not red short last year. When Smith had his arm about to fall off at the shoulder, did Hoak get the call to come in? Maybe I am wrong, but if we check the stats, Hoak’s name is not listed anywhere in the stats for last season. If he is so damn great, why didn’t he get a single snap, last season, especially with a running QB that weighed a buck 65, soaking wet with a 10lb rock in his pocket.

      I am skeptical as hell of the QB coach. Why the hell did he not have anyone to put in the game for a dude that couldn’t throw the ball at all? Johnson is who he is. I am questioning the coaching staff.

    3. UoKFB PHAN

      @ UKfan4life, you’re correct, Hoak did not redshirt last year and he did play any last year. As to his arm strength, did you go to the Spring Game this year or last year or did you see him in high school?

  4. blueballs80

    RPO is the way to go. You don’t need a QB to run all the time but just enough to be a threat. We still need a QB who can be accurate and make that short-range passes. I say start with Gunnar in the first game and see how it goes.

  5. UKfanforlife

    If Kentucky goes with Hoak to dink and dunk that damn ball, the offense will be in big trouble.

    It should be TD Terry or Clark. To hell with the dink and dunk. I have seen better passing from high school teams, last year.

  6. bwise

    Julius mays…best ever

  7. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Clark will be QB1 for the foreseeable future.