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Article written by Adam Luckett

16 responses to “10 Takeaways From Kentucky’s Win Over Eastern Michigan”

  1. Catscats23

    What the hell is a fetty wap score??

    1. runningunnin.454

      I don’t know; don’t pay any attention to him…he’s probably so drunk he can only see with one eye.

  2. jakew60

    One positive for me is that Ahmad Wagner is going to be lethal this season him one on one when Bowden is getting double covered is gonna be something wild to see

  3. DaniTheGirl

    On a brighter note this volunteer road show on YouTube That’s like a call in post game show for Tenn is absolutely insane right now and is a beautiful disaster.’s so bad is so good it’s just ….beautiful

  4. will4thewin

    A fetty wap score is any combination of 1738 sp 38-17 or 17-38. There was/is a rapper named Fetty Wap and his crew was named 1738 so its a nod to those guys.

    1. 4everUKblue

      So KSR is giving the nod to some ridiculous rapper? Sounds about right.

    2. classof68

      How could I have not known that?

    3. runningunnin.454

      I AM SO PROUD, that I did not know that!

  5. bbn606

    We shot ourself in the foot too many times with fumbles and costly penalties.

    1. zoupman

      Sure wish Gunner had stayed.

    2. Natureboy42

      I see what you did there zoupman lol

  6. gasman01

    The biggest takeaway for me is that L.B. will be lethal in the Wildcat. He can really pass the ball out of it.

  7. UKFanSC

    Assuming Wilson is out, we can introduce a few plays featuring Lynn Bowden as a passer. Former QB.

  8. makeitstop

    That really was not a clean game. The fumbles would kill us in the SEC. the 2 unsportsmanlike like penalties are out of hand. The holds cost us, what 100 yards and 2 scores in all probability? The missed passes and dropped passes… we looked good at times, as a whole team, but it was not the dominant performance it could’ve and should’ve been. The 2 lines and the LBs are great, the backs are going to be hard to handle IF they can hang onto the rock, and the TE room is terrific but after that it was isolated individual performances like Bowden and Wagner bc no unit played great. Little scary heading into next Saturday w so many things to improve… the staff will earn their money this week!

  9. JASUN74

    Just a couple things. All an all we have a lot of positives to build on. I think we need to try someone else at kick returner and punt returns. It’s killing Bowden. He’s so tired all game and it’s hurting his productivity. He’s still a superstar!! Hahaha. Also, it time for you writers to stop comparing these guys to Josh Allen and Benny Snell NOW!! They are who they are and that’s good enough for us. They don’t have to be Josh or Benny!! I love this team as much as I have every team we’ve ever had and whatever happens,happens. Let’s just go with them, support them, and have a great time watching all these talented players that choose to come to Kentucky to play Football. Thanks

    1. JASUN74

      The same goes for the basketball team!! We need to just support whoever chooses to come to Kentucky and get behind them. These young me could’ve went anywhere they wanted and choose UK. That should be enough. Also, we’re going to have a helll of a team this year, I’m talking Championship Level team. Go Cats