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Ray Allen chose UCONN over UK in ’92 because of Rick Pitino

Photo: Fox Sports

If it weren’t for Rick Pitino, Jesus Shuttlesworth would have been a Kentucky Wildcat.

In his autobiography ‘From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love’ released back in March, NBA shooting legend Ray Allen said his college decision came down to Kentucky and Connecticut, but one final visit to Lexington during Big Blue Madness sealed the fate of the Cats… in the wrong direction.

Why? Because Pitino wouldn’t even talk to the future NBA all-time leader in three-point field goals.

On the visit, Kentucky legend Jamal Mashburn took Allen and his roommate Derron Sheffer out to lunch at a restaurant owned by Pitino. During the meeting, the former UK head coach was sitting just a few tables away, but didn’t say a word to the prized recruit.

“[Coach Pitino] happened to be there that afternoon, sitting with some friends a few tables away,” Allen said. “Perfect, I figured, he’ll stop by for a few minutes to say hello, and I’ll learn more to help me make my decision. Only he didn’t stop by. He waved, and that was it. Coach [Jim] Calhoun would never have ignored us. He and I, in fact, enjoyed several meals together on my visit to Storrs.”

In fact, Allen said Pitino’s approach proved he wasn’t valued as a recruit at all. Instead, the future Hall of Famer wanted to go somewhere “where it’s clear somebody wants you to be an essential part of what they’re doing.”

It’s not the first time Allen has talked about his recruiting process and Pitino’s lack of dedication during it.

Pitino, he’s so high on a pedestal,” Allen said in a past interview at UCONN when asked about Kentucky. “He does everything and talks about himself. It’s “I” before his players or the team. He’s always talking about himself and what he has.”

He also told the same story about Pitino’s restaurant and the Kentucky head coach not paying him any attention while visiting.

“He had a restaurant… Jamal Mashburn was taking me around on my visit and I went in there and Rick Pitino, he sat with his friends on the other side of the bar. Me and Derron joke about it; we said if it were Coach Calhoun, he would be sitting down at the table and getting our food for us because he really wanted us.”

You can see the full interview here:

Could you imagine the UK Alumni Game with arguably the greatest shooter of all time participating? Allen’s jersey hanging in the rafters?

Thanks again, Rick.

The UofL players’ lawsuit against the NCAA is comedy

The UofL players’ lawsuit against the NCAA is comedy

Just when we thought the Louisville stripper scandal had given us all it could give, it reloads with a new lawsuit and new material to make us laugh.

Today we learned former UofL players Luke Hancock, Tim Henderson, Gorgui Dieng, Stephan Van Treese and Mike Marra are suing the NCAA over the vacating of games from the 2012 and 2013 seasons. And to show how serious they are about the lawsuit, they brought in the services of Morgan & Morgan (For the people!) to get the job done. That, in itself, is hilarious. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. Was ‘Better Call Saul’ not available?

Anyway, John Morgan from Morgan & Morgan (For the people!) came up from Florida for a press conference and he brought all of his other Morgans with him. They spent an hour talking about how the NCAA is the devil and its rules aren’t fair and it preys on college athletes — a lot of which is true. I believe Morgan, who is for the people, said something like the NCAA is “Goliath” and he and his plaintiffs are fighting back against its bullying. He even said, “We’re here to get Pitino’s championship back.” Good luck with that.

Hancock, who was the only one of the five former players to attend, said he can’t go two days without someone asking him about strippers. He also said he didn’t do anything wrong and the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, and that he would trade Louisville’s improper benefits for the $900 million the NCAA made on the tournament. I don’t think that’s an option, bud.

I could go on and on about how Morgan & Morgan (For the people!) preached about justice for the Cardinals who did not participate in the sex stuff, and how they’re trying to “get the players’ good names back.” But there are two main points of emphasis that we really need to address at this time:

(1) Morgan & Morgan (For the people!) isn’t ready for the fight it is fighting. At one point during the press conference, John Morgan, who is for the people, said the NCAA invented its one-and-done rule so it could profit off the best basketball players for at least one year. But if Morgan, who is for the people, had done his homework, he would know it’s an NBA rule and not the NCAA’s rule.

(2) This made me laugh:

Everyone got sprayed, he says. Interpret that however you’d like.

In the end, this won’t last long. It’s completely idiotic in the first place, so someone with some sense will tell Hancock and his pals to shut it down before they open a brand new can of worms that don’t need to be opened. Did the players not take into consideration that Pitino, Jurich, Louisville and their teammates could get called to testify under oath? Be smarter, guys.

As for Morgan & Morgan (For the people!), it has to know this is frivolous. The law firm clearly knows enough to afford all of those TV commercials, so it must know this is all one big waste of time.

It’s also worth noting John Morgan hails from Lexington and proudly reps Big Blue Nation. So, Go Cats.

Good luck to all parties, though. We’ll be watching. And laughing.

Read the lawsuit here if you feel like wasting your time.

Former Louisville players suing NCAA (Good luck with that)

According to media free agent Jeff Goodman, former basketball players from the University of Louisville intend to sue the NCAA over the vacating of games during the 2012 and 2013 seasons, which of course includes their beloved fictional NCAA championship.

That sounds like an enormous waste of time and money, but good luck to Luke Hancock and his pals on their fight for justice.

Maybe they’ll get a win that actually counts.

Matt Jones’ name included in President Ramsey documents on Louisville scandal

Matt Jones’ name included in President Ramsey documents on Louisville scandal

Even though he once claimed to have never heard of Matt Jones, KSR’s founder was clearly on James Ramsey’s mind. Documents were released today about what the former University of Louisville president knew when deciding to self-impose the Cardinals’ 2016 postseason ban, and according to Jason Riley, Matt’s name showed up in reference to some tweets:

The rest of the documents mostly pertain to Chane Behanan, specifically the sale of his Final Four ring (he passed a polygraph test claiming he had no knowledge of it) and a speeding ticket; however, as Riley writes, there seems to be more to come:

Pass the popcorn.

What to Expect on Rick Pitino’s Response Album To Drake

What to Expect on Rick Pitino’s Response Album To Drake

After the heavily anticipated Drake album, Scorpion, dropped late Thursday night there were plenty of highlights and Instagram captions to be had, as is the case with every Drake album. But, it wouldn’t be a Drake album without showing some bias to Kentucky Basketball and the BBN. We’ve heard Drake say he needs a girl from Kentucky, Rocks Kentucky Blue, and has Calipari flows, but the best line he’s ever blessed the BBN with is the one from Scorpion where the Six God calls out Rick Pitino.

Drake is no stranger to rap beef as he’s thrown shots at the likes of Meek Mill, Kid Cudi, and most recently, Pusha T. Well now it’s Pitino’s turn, and if Pitino knows anything about rap beef, we should hear a response from Rick Pitino anytime soon.

Here are some tracks we might see on Rick Pitino’s response album to Drake:

1 AM in Porcini’s

Andre’s Plan

Katina’s Room

Not So Faithful

100 Bands (Ft. Brian Bowen)


1 for 9 Freestyle

Career’s Over Interlude

Wasn’t All Me

Big Ring (Ft. NCAA)

University 6 god

15 Second Man

More than One Dance

Fired and Retired

Rick Pitino is on the clock, and we know how quick he is. Keep an eye out for this summer’s quickest album.

Drake calls out Louisville, Rick Pitino on new album

Drake is arguably the biggest superstar in the music world right now. He has won 99 music awards and has been nominated for 469 total. He has won three Grammy Awards to go with thirty-five total nominations. He has 37.5 million followers on Twitter to go with 42.7 million on Instagram.

And he reps Coach Cal and the Cats with the best of them.

He shouts out Kentucky in his songs, hangs out the team, regularly comes to Rupp Arena for major events, and even has a “Kentucky Blue” John Calipari Pack of his special edition OVO Jordan 8 shoes. He’s a Kentucky superfan.

Now, he’s giving us even more reason to love him.

Drake released his latest album, Scorpion, last night, where he called out Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals in the song “Sandra’s Rose.”

“Louisville hush money for my young gunners,” the lyric reads. “Rick Pitino, I take them to strip clubs and casinos.”

So the Cats get “I need a girl from Kentucky” and “I rock Kentucky blue” in past songs, while the Cards get hush money and strip clubs.

Welcome back, Drake.

More UofL investigation records for your reading pleasure

The University of Louisville is doing its best to move on from its troubled basketball past under Rick Pitino’s watch, but we here at Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com are not done consuming all stripper-related information we can on the Dirty Birds, so we were excited to see WDRB’s Jason Riley roll out even more information from the case.

The new stuff isn’t all that exciting or important, but it provides yet another good reason to smile at Louisville’s demise.

We have irrelevant things like a receipt from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Louisville, where Pitino, assistant coach Mike Balado, and Orlando Magic head coach Frank Vogel met up for a Tuesday happy hour dinner in January of 2017. One had the soup and salad; one ordered the sea bass; and the other went with the stuffed chicken. Dirty Grey Goose martinis (a timeless cocktail) and Cakebread wine were the drinks of choice.


Balado was a key player in the investigation. UofL police did a complete background check and obtained his bank and phone records, as well as his call logs. He was the famous “Coach Mike” we’ve heard so much about. Katina Powell said he was aggravating and he wanted a white girl with big boobs and a big butt, among other things I don’t feel comfortable typing:


Riley’s new information rollout also has a little bit about “Shay,” Powell’s youngest daughter, and how she “took one for the team” by doing things without pay.


There is also some stuff from Powell’s discussions with Dick Cady, the author of her book, that says drugs were sold on campus and recruits would go outside to smoke to avoid smoke detectors. “Could smell it in the cars,” she said.


To digest it all, spend some time scrolling through Riley’s timeline here.

RIP to the 2013 national championship.

Nine Suggestions For Rick Pitino’s New Book

Nine Suggestions For Rick Pitino’s New Book

Yesterday, Rick Pitino told Terry Meiners he plans to release a new book this fall documenting the events leading up to his firing from Louisville. Because we’re such big fans of Pitino here at Kentucky Sports Radio and always willing to lend a hand, I came up with some suggestions for book titles and covers.

Rick Pitino is writing a book

Rick Pitino called in to NewsRadio 840 WHAS in Louisville to chat with his good pal Terry Meiners about the recent passing of C.M. Newton. Newton of course hired Pitino to resurrect the Kentucky basketball program in the early 1990s, so Meiners asked Pitino to come on his show because he knew Newton as well as anyone.

Pitino said of his former boss, “He was one of the most honest men I’ve ever met in my life; one of the most selfless people, who loved his alma mater. But his honesty was something that just stuck out.”

“The term ‘southern gentlemen,’ if you looked it up in Wikipedia or in an encyclopedia, C.M. Newton’s picture could pop up,” he added.

After spending a couple of minutes reminiscing on old C.M. Newton stories, Pitino told the show he is in the process of writing a new book.

“It’s going to cover my whole career, basically,” he explained. “But it will go into great depth about some of the situations that we just experienced and it’s not all pleasant, obviously. Life has its up and downs, but I don’t like a lot of things that have happened, that were really unfair. But life can be unfair sometimes and you just have to get through it.”

He plans to release the book this fall.

Shocker: UofL tried to withhold sex scandal records

In news that won’t surprise you, the University of Louisville tried to conceal records about the sex scandal that led the NCAA to vacate their 2013 National Championship.

According to WDRB’s Jason Riley, Jefferson Circuit Judge Barry Willett ruled today that the university made a “deliberate attempt” to keep “embarrassing and damaging information” from going public, including the material that led UofL to self-impose a postseason ban in 2016. Willett ordered the school to turn over those documents within 30 days and ruled that they must pay court costs for Dr. Peter Hasselbacher, who previously requested them in accordance with the state’s open records act.

“The University has consistently refused to produce those records based on an unreasonably narrow interpretation of Dr. Hasselbacher’s open records request,” Willett ruled. “Moreover, the University has never articulated a plausible legal basis for denying Dr. Hasselbacher access to those records. Under the circumstances, the University’s conduct appears to be nothing more than a deliberate attempt to conceal information that it considers to be embarrassing and damaging to its reputation.”

It’s always something with them, isn’t it?


Andy Lyons | Getty Images

Louisville down to eight players with new departure

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

Louisville is running out of basketball players for Chris Mack’s first year.

The team was already running low on bodies, and it got worse today with the news that would-be sophomore forward Lance Thomas will transfer to another program.

A four-star prospect in last year’s class, Thomas was expected to provide much-needed depth in Mack’s frontcourt, which lost Deng Adel, Ray Spalding and Anas Mahmoud from a year ago. Thomas will instead leave the Cardinal brotherhood behind, telling his Twitter followers, “After returning home at the end of the semester I was just thinking about my future. I feel it’s in my best interest to look at other options for my career.”

Thomas’ exit leaves Mack with only eight scholarship players on next year’s roster, which includes the recent grad transfer addition from Samford.

Good luck, Chris!

Louisville Reaches Settlement with Tom Jurich


The University of Louisville and Tom Jurich have reached a formal agreement to part ways.  Instead of litigating the matter, Jurich and the Louisville Board of Trustees settled out of court.

The former UofL athletic director will be paid $4.5 million for his termination.  Jurich will receive a few extra benefits as well, like eight club-level seats and two parking pass to UofL football and basketball games for the next 20 years.  UofL also agreed to strike from the record the aggressive termination letter written interim President Greg Postel.

Meanwhile, Rick Pitino is still fighting in court with the Board of Traitors over his settlement, which should produce quite a few fireworks.

Find more details of the settlement in the WDRB report.

Meanwhile, at the KFC Yum! Center…

Meanwhile, at the KFC Yum! Center…

The KFC Yum! Center is removing its “2013 National Champions” window display that once hung so proudly across the arena’s glass front. It’s yet another tragic part of the process of removing any and all references to Louisville’s fictional NCAA championship of five years ago.

A friend of the KSR program snapped a photo of its removal Monday afternoon.


So sad.

So, so sad.



(Just kidding I love it.)