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Louisville Fans Hire Attorney to Sue NCAA for Title Banner

Louisville Fans Hire Attorney to Sue NCAA for Title Banner

Louisville fans are taking extreme(ly stupid) measures to keep their beloved 2013 National Championship banner.

Fans created a group, the University of Louisville Protection and Advocacy Coalition (Louisville PAC), and hired attorney Robert Florio to file a lawsuit against the NCAA.  Florio told the Courier-Journal he plans to charge the NCAA with breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and arbitrary and capricious treatment of a member school.  The Louisville PAC hopes this suit will reverse the NCAA’s decision and remove all penalties.

Rick Pitino said last month the University of Louisville Board of Trustees should sue the NCAA for vacating UofL’s wins.  When the board did not take action, fans did, even though I don’t think that’s how the law works.

Louisville earns two-seed in NIT, will take on Northern Kentucky in opening round

Louisville fans had their hearts torn out when they officially missed out on the NCAA Tournament this afternoon.

Soon thereafter, news broke that not only did their tournament dreams burst, they weren’t even considered one of the First Four Out.

Just now, the Cards reached a new low, as they will not only miss out on the Big Dance, they will be the TWO-seed in the NIT against Northern Kentucky in the first round.

On the bright side, Louisville has been looking for something to replace the 2013 National Championship banner in the Yum! Center. An NIT title banner would look pretty good in the rafters as a replacement if you ask me.

Did Louisville Make the NCAA Tournament?

Rick Pitino to Georgia?

After news broke that Georgia fired head coach Mark Fox, Mrs. Tyler Thompson wrote:

Both the Ole Miss and Georgia jobs are now open. Hopefully neither of the schools are dumb enough to hire Rick Pitino.

Georgia might just be dumb enough to do it.

Now that the dust has settled, people are talking.  Jay Williams is listening and he’s heard that Slick Rick’s name is hot in the streets.  The ESPN analyst’s exact words were:

Been hearing Rick Pitino’s name a lot from trusted sources regarding the Georgia job.

Pitino did say yesterday that he’s hired an agent and he plans on a return to coaching.  If Pitino doesn’t want to keep losing to Calipari every year, another former rivaled foe might.  Mike Decourcy reports former Indiana coach Tom Crean is interested in Georgia’s head coaching vacancy.  This coaching search is gonna be…something.

Rick Pitino is Kept Up at Night by UofL’s “Board of Traitors”

Rick Pitino lasted almost a month…without talking to the media.

Unable to contain his urges any longer, today Pitino talked to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman about his future.  He’s hired a new agent and plans on coaching again.  Pitino even said he had an informal conversation with one NBA representative.

Of course, Slick Rick couldn’t just stick to the future.  Once again, he brought up his scandalous past and these comments might be his craziest to date.

“Every night I go to bed, I’m bitter at the U.S. attorney’s office and at the ‘board of traitors‘ at Louisville,” Pitino said. “I’m not bitter at the school, but at the board of traitors.”

But wait, there’s more!

“I’ve never offered any player $5,” he said. “I’ve been assassinated by the Southern District of N.Y. without any wiretap or shred of evidence, and the University of Louisville. That being said, I love teaching basketball and am more passionate than ever.”

Keep fighting the good fight, (and providing content) Rick.


Tom Jurich Manipulated Nepotism Rules to Promote Son


Tom Jurich was a master rule-bender during his UofL regime.  A Courier-Journal investigation into his son, Mark, reveals exactly how the elder Jurich maneuvered around nepotism policies to help his son become the eighth-highest paid administrator in the school.

In order to elude the university’s nepotism policy, Mark Jurich reported to either the UofL Foundation or the president’s office.  We learned about this relationship quite some time ago.  What we did not know is exactly how he got into this position in the first place.

Mark Jurich spent four years as an intern before his father hired him as an assistant director of development over 63 other applicants.  From that point forward, Mark’s salary came from different parts of the university to elude the nepotism clause.  How did the different departments know how much to pay Mark?

“Mark is a high-quality guy, but one of the reasons that I didn’t supervise him very long was I did not have input on raises or promotions,” former supervisor Keith Inman said. “We were just told, ‘This is what Mark’s gonna make next year, this is your half.'”

Mark’s salary increased often.  The paper trail was spotty and many of the promotions were positions that did not have a vacancy.  In other words, Tom Jurich created positions to give his son multiple raises.

Read more about Jurich’s tactics in Danielle Lerner’s exceptional investigation for the Courier-Journal.

More receipts leaked from college basketball investigation

More receipts leaked from college basketball investigation

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Oh my, Louisville

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville suffered one of the worst losses in basketball history Thursday night.

Hosting No. 1 Virginia and in desperate need of a win to reach the tournament, the Cards controlled the game for 39 minutes and 59 seconds.

That last second, though — it was a wild one.

Up four with 0.9 seconds left, Louisville fouled a Virginia shooter to send him to the line for three shots. He made the first two, and then a lane violation gave Louisville the ball back. All Louisville needed to do was inbound the ball and it would seal the victory, and likely an NCAA berth. However, Louisville turned the ball over on a traveling call before putting the ball in play, which gave Virginia the ball back, down two, and the clock still at 0.9 seconds.

Then this happened:

Ball game in unbelievable fashion.

Heartbreak for the Cards, again.

Latest FBI emails recovered involve Brian Bowen, Kansas, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan State, Louisville, and more

Indiana, Michigan State, Louisville, Kansas, and (more) Arizona, come on down!

Yahoo! Sports released another report late last night involving recovered emails in the FBI scandal, with the fascinating recruitment of five-star Brian Bowen being heavily discussed.

Christian Dawkins, one of the central figures in this FBI investigation, reportedly “dangled” Bowen, among other prospects, to various teams and coaches. In fact, Bowen was used as “trade bait” to steer talented recruits/players on the team to ASM Sports.

Two of the assistant coaches named in the emails: Dwayne Stephens of Michigan State and Chuck Martin, formerly of Indiana, and currently with South Carolina.

Dawkins, 24, provides a roadmap for the quid-pro-quo relationship between the agent world and college coaches. He dangles a high school prospect – five-star recruit Brian Bowen – as potential trade bait for schools to steer their best players to ASM Sports. On the same July day, Dawkins wrote to Miller that he connected with two Big Ten assistants, Dwayne Stephens of Michigan State and Chuck Martin, formerly of Indiana.

“Dwayne Stephens – Trying to close the deal on Brian Bowen for Michigan State. Trying to do a trade deal for (Spartans) Gary Harris, Miles Bridges, etc”

“Chuck Martin – Trying to close the deal on Brian Bowen for Indiana. I told him if we can work together and if he can push for us to get (Hoosiers) Thomas Bryant and OG Anunoby two projected first rounders from IU this year we can work something out.”

Arizona also reportedly got in on the Bowen action, adding to their $100K payment for DeAndre Ayton.

“Now I can’t promise that this kid that they want [Bowen] is going to Arizona, but Joe told me verbatim he will help us get all the Arizona players so put his feet to the fire.”

After all parties talked, Louisville was declared the winner, and the end of the Rick Pitino era came.

Dawkins ran the recruitment of Bowen, the decorated high school recruit who turned up in one of the U.S. Attorney’s criminal complaints as being allegedly sold to Louisville, via Adidas, for a six-figure payment. (That revelation led to the firing of Louisville coach Rick Pitino.)

After Bowen signed with Louisville last summer, Rick Pitino oddly told Terry Meiners that he spent “zero dollars” on Bowen and that in 40 years of coaching, it was the “luckiest” he had ever been.

“We got lucky on this one,” Pitino told Terry Meiners. “I had an AAU director call me and ask me if I’d be interested in a player (Bowen) I saw him against another great player from Indiana. I said ‘Yeah, I’d be really interested.’ They had to come in unofficially, pay for their hotel, pay for their meals. We spent zero dollars recruiting a five-star athlete who I loved when I say him play. In my 40 years of coaching this is the luckiest I’ve been.”

Now we know, in essence, Michigan State, Indiana, Arizona, Louisville and others were in a bidding war for the five-star athlete.

Interestingly enough, Chuck Martin, the Indiana assistant involved in the original set of emails, ended up at South Carolina following the scandal… the same place Bowen ended up after leaving Louisville… Hmm…

Arizona also jumped in the action AGAIN, including players such as Rawle Alkins and Lauri Markkanen, to go with DeAndre Ayton and Brian Bowen.

The emails illustrate how Dawkins attempted to manipulate a powerful collegiate program like Arizona and how the client recruitment dance plays out in the recruiting world.

Dawkins, 24, who has no formal college education and was in his early 20s at the time, slowly accumulated power with the Arizona staff to the point where he’s heard on federal wiretaps saying he can attend Arizona practices “like I’m on the team.”

There are more Arizona mentions in Dawkins’ emails on Aug. 18 in reference to former Wildcats assistant Emanuel “Book” Richardson.

Dawkins writes to Andy Miller and others: “coach book from Arizona called me and basically told me he wants me to take [current Arizona guard] rawle alkins. He said he is picking the agent, period….What’s your position on the situation?”

He goes on to encourage Vye, a veteran ASM agent, to build a relationship with Markkanen’s father. “Arizona will do pretty much whatever we ask of them right now, until my kid decides on a school.”

We’ve been waiting for Kansas’ involvement to come out since news broke back in September. Josh Jackson was listed on the leaked document yesterday morning for receiving a loan of $2,700. In the latest Yahoo! emails, Jackson’s mother, Apples Jones, was getting $10,000 a month from Under Armour, on top of the payments from Adidas.

In the same email, Dawkins summarized a meeting with Apples Jones, the mother of Kansas’ Josh Jackson and a self-styled AAU entrepreneur: “His situation is going to get done at the very end. UA is giving her 10k a month and she’s also getting paid by adidas now — so she’s plenty taken care of.

Washington’s Markelle Fultz, Michigan State’s Miles Bridges, Clemson’s Jaron Blossomgame, Xavier’s Edmond Sumner, and Iowa State’s Monte Morris were all also included in the emails and the complete report, which can be read in its entirety here.

Most importantly, Kentucky wasn’t named in the latest breaking news at all.


Rick Pitino says NCAA ruling is “unconstitutional”

Rick Pitino says NCAA ruling is “unconstitutional”

He’s back!

If you didn’t get enough of Rick Pitino’s comedy caravan yesterday, you’ll be glad to know he had more to say today.

Pitino went on “Ramsey and Rutherford” to continue his Feel Sorry For Me Tour 2018, and in his lengthy interview with the show, he said he believes the NCAA’s ruling is “unconstitutional.”

Now I’m no expert on constitutional law, but I think he’s going to have a tough time backing that one up. I don’t think our forefathers sat around the Constitutional Convention talking about hookers and skeezers and how partying with them in an on-campus dorm room should impact the NCAA tournament.

I’d like to hear Rick explain which amendment is in play here.


Louisville’s 2013 championship banner now hanging from a bar


Louisville’s 2013 banner already has a new home away from the KFC Yum! Center.

It’s hanging outside of a bar.

Is anyone surprised????


It’s a replica.

Rick Pitino’s presser proves he’s determined to go down in a blaze of irony

Rick Pitino’s presser proves he’s determined to go down in a blaze of irony

We’ve seen a lot of crazy Rick Pitino press conferences over the years, but today’s takes the cake. Following the NCAA’s decision to uphold their penalties in the UofL stripper scandal, Pitino did as Pitino does and demanded the spotlight, calling a press conference this afternoon in New York. The results, as you might imagine, were ridiculous.

He wants everyone to know he can only see out of one eye

Before the press conference even began, Pitino played the victim card, asking the audience’s forgiveness if he can’t read his statement correctly because he can only see out of one eye right now. Just in case the people in the back didn’t hear, he brought it up later.

He wouldn’t stop blaming the Board of Trustees

Pitino spent most of the 19-minute press conference blaming the Board of Trustees — the one appointed by Governor Bevin — for everything, even going so far to remind everyone that the US Attorney tried to disband that board to no avail. Even though he took “full responsibility” for hiring Andre McGee, he circled back to the Board repeatedly, blasting them for not giving him and Tom Jurich a chance to defend themselves. He also said he wants UofL to sue the NCAA over all of this. Ha!

The ESPN article pissed him off

One might think the NCAA’s announcement yesterday was the cause of this presser. Oh, no. Pitino said he called the presser to “get the facts out” after ESPN ran an article yesterday (presumably this one) blaming Louisville’s downfall on him. Even Warren Beatty‘s shaking his head at that.

He still doesn’t get why the stripper parties were a bad thing

In the wake of the 2013 banner coming down, Rick again attempted to argue that the “parties” held by Katina Powell had no correlation to UofL winning the national championship.

“Did a few of them partake in parties they didn’t organize? Yes, they did. But that had nothing to with an extra benefit. That had nothing to do in helping their eligibility or performance in winning a championship.”

He also argued that because the hookers were cheap, the NCAA should have let it slide. Classic Rick.

“We preached treating women with dignity”

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Rick Pitino talking about treating women with dignity. I can’t.

His lawyer tried to step in and stop him but he kept going

Poor lawyer.

He got in the Billy Minardi/9-11 reference

You knew he would.

“I feel awful for what has happened. I’ve run a clean program my whole life.”

That’s Pitino, aka Coach-2, saying that. The same Coach-2 listed in the FBI complaint as working with adidas to paying Brian Bowen’s family $100,000 to come to Louisville. But it’s all the Board of Trustee’s fault, right?

He wants to coach again

The more I think about it, the more I think today was just a PSA that Rick is for hire. He talked at length about how much he misses coaching, his specific methods of connecting with players (“I do something different than any other coach in the business”), his accomplishments, his impressive coaching tree, and how healthy he is — except for that one eye, of course!

His last line was pure irony

For the grand finale, Rick Pitino brought one of the most ironic lines in the history of the English language.

“In today’s world, with what you’re all about, with Twitter and the electronic [sic], anybody who lies is a fool today because the truth is going to be revealed and come out.”


Rick Pitino’s press conference was sad, yet hilarious (mostly hilarious)

Rick Pitino’s Wednesday afternoon press conference lived up to expectations, in that it was EXACTLY what we all expected from him.

Deny. Deny. Deny. Poor me. This is so wrong. Deny. Deny. Deny. Boo-hoo. Unfair. So unfair. Deny. Deny. Deny. Please feel sorry for me.

With one last chance to accept any responsibility for his scandalous tenure at Louisville, Pitino continued his deflecting and denying with no real accountability, while pointing the finger at the NCAA for all of the wrongdoings in this unjust and unfair punishment handed down to Louisville.

“I hired the wrong person for the job,” he stressed, for like the millionth time, referring to Andre McGee. I guess he still wants us all to believe McGee was a one-man wrecking ball in the downfall of a program that had not one, not two, but three major scandals under his watch.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Pitino’s argument of, sure, there were parties in the dorms, but they didn’t cost very much and they didn’t give us an advantage on the basketball court. Or that he ended the press conference with this gem: “Anybody who lies is a fool. Because the truth is going to come out.”

The whole thing was a complete laugh factory (complete with a “premature” question from our friends at Pardon My Take) as he remains oblivious to how he is perceived by everyone listening to his nonsense. The man is a complete nutjob, which is a little sad, I guess; but it’s hard not to laugh at his every word because his defense is so hard to believe.

I’ll give it to him, though. He’s committed to dying alone on his hill of denial and crying victim.

LIVE: Rick Pitino’s press conference in New York

KSR had feet on the ground at Rick Pitino’s press conference, but we were denied entry, unfortunately.

Luckily the good folks at WDRB are all set up inside, so you can watch their live stream below:

WDRB 41 Louisville – News, Weather, Sports Community

You can also play Rick Pitino Press Conference BINGO, courtesy of @mark_collier22 on Twitter:

Predicting what Rick Pitino will say today

Rick Pitino will hold a press conference in New York later today to comment on the punishment handed down to his former employer, the University of Louisville.

It’s a really dumb thing to do, but it’s so Rick Pitino. When most people would stay silent and move on with their lives, Rick Pitino wants to spew more of his drivel, in hopes someone will feel sorry for him.

So what will Pitino say today? I have some guesses.


“I can’t believe we’re talking about this on the day Billy Graham died.”

If not Graham, Pitino could also turn to the anniversary of the deaths of Malcolm X, Pope Benedict XIII or the great Tim Horton. (Love me some Timbits.)

“It’s all Andre’s fault!”

One of the more likely scenarios is Pitino continuing to place all of the blame on his former assistant, Andre McGee. Pitino will go to the grave denying any knowledge of the stripper parties, and he may use this afternoon to further his denial.

“Poor me. It’s so unfair. Wahhhhhh. Poor me.”

He is the victim here, you know. He’s quick to tell you that.

“I passed a lie detector test so you should believe me.”

When Pitino sat down with Jay Bilas to deny any knowledge of the Brian Bowen scandal (LOL), he pointed to a lie detector test — one he voluntarily took on his own dime — to prove his innocence.

I think he keeps one in his closet.

“I accept fully responsibility and I’m truly sorry.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Yeah, right.