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Louisville got new uniforms for the Kentucky game

Louisville got new uniforms for the Kentucky game

The unranked Louisville Cardinals were paid a visit by Santa (or head coach Chris Mack dressed as Santa) over Christmas. He delivered the team some Christmas cheer in the form of new hideous Adidas uniforms and hideous Adidas shoes for the game against Kentucky this coming Saturday.

I don’t like when Chris Mack comes off as likable. He needs a good scandal soon so we can all laugh at him. Give us a scandal, Santa.

Louisville Dance Team coach fired after allegedly taking $40,000 of team funds

Louisville Dance Team coach fired after allegedly taking $40,000 of team funds

Today in University-6, the Cards have fired dance team coach Todd Sharp after he reportedly took nearly $40,000 over a two-year period.

According to this letter of termination from UofL Athletic Director Vince Tyra, Sharp engaged in financial misconduct, taking the money meant for the team for himself:

You may remember Sharp from Lifetime’s reality show, “So Sharp,” which followed the Ladybirds. His spirit animal is J-Lo:

Just when you think they’re done with the scandals, here comes another one…

Coach calls out Louisville’s Scott Satterfield for pulling scholarship offer

Coach calls out Louisville’s Scott Satterfield for pulling scholarship offer

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On Sunday night, Franklin-Simpson offensive guard Jack Randolph received a call from the Louisville coaching staff saying that new head coach Scott Satterfield was pulling his scholarship offer. Now, Randolph’s high school coach Doug Preston is fighting back, tweeting that Satterfield is no longer welcome to recruit players from his school.

Preston didn’t stop there, calling Satterfield out for making recruiting staffer Pete Nochta deliver the news instead of doing it himself.

Football recruiting isn’t always pleasant and transitions between staffs are tough, but this could have been handled better. Preston tweets that Randolph, a three-star player, had the grades to qualify for full academic scholarships to some prestigious schools, but passed because he had an offer from Louisville. Now, with just over a week until Early Signing Day, he and his family are scrambling for options, while Louisville is scrambling to get commitments for the 2019 class, which currently consists of only three players.

Nice move, Scott.

Louisville’s Football Recruiting Class is Running Out of Recruits

Louisville’s Football Recruiting Class is Running Out of Recruits

You can count the players in Louisville’s 2019 football recruiting class on one hand.

If you’ve checked Twitter over the last 24 hours, you’ve probably seen a Cardinal commit reopen his recruitment.  After announcements from three players — LaRue County athlete Anthony Adkins, Franklin-Simpson offensive guard Jack Randolph and New Jersey wide receiver Stanley King — Louisville is down to just four three players in the class of 2019.

The wound to the Cards’ recruiting class appears to be self-inflicted.  Randolph told the Courier-Journal he was informed Freddie Satterfield’s staff that he “didn’t have the length or the weight to play in their system, so they pulled their scholarship.”  The about-face by Satterfield completely shocked the three-star recruit.

“We were told from somebody at Louisville that all of the commits that were still there were going to have their scholarship hold up, no matter what happened with the new coach,” Randolph said.

The attrition may not be over.  One of the Cards’ four remaining commitments, three-star offensive tackle Zach Williamson, has an offer from Kentucky and officially visited UK over the weekend.

With only ten days left until the beginning of the early signing period, it’s a bold move by Satterfield to start pulling scholarships, especially when the rival is breathing down your neck.  But then again, Freddie Satts is a bold guy.  Is bold the right word?

UPDATE (12:35)

Unfortunately, this post was outdated before it was even published.

Louisville will reportedly hire Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield

USA Today

The Big Blue Nation has a new public enemy.

The Courier-Journal reports Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield will be named the Cardinals’ next head coach tomorrow.  A press conference introducing Satterfield will follow a host of board meetings that will confirm the contract around 4:30 p.m.

Vince Tyra turned to Satterfield after Jeff Brohm left Louisville hanging last Wednesday.  Satterfield waited to meet with the UofL athletic director until after his team locked up the Sun Belt Championship and a 10-2 season.

Aside from his alliterative name, I do not know much about Bobby Petrino’s successor.  What’s good to know is that it was not Brohm or Neal Brown.  Their Kentucky ties would have been quite a threat on the recruiting front.

Instead, the Cards went with Plan B.  It’s going to take Scott “The Sensible Salad” Satterfield some time to revamp the recruiting scene and reinvigorate the Louisville football program.

10 Completely Serious Coaching Suggestions For Louisville

10 Completely Serious Coaching Suggestions For Louisville

The University of Louisville needs a head football coach. It had one, but he sucked and nobody liked him because he was a jerk so he was let go before the season ended. The plan from there was to hire Purdue’s Jeff Brohm, who, according to UofL football message boards, was to be the second coming of Christ. Brohm was going to save the program and Louisville was going to win 50 straight national championships under his guidance, according to the fan base. But Brohm looked at the sh*t storm that is the Louisville football program and said, “Nah, I’m good on that. I’ll stay here at Purdue and not suck.” Those were his exact words, I think.

Now Louisville’s coaching search is in panic mode. Brohm was the first and only name on its list of candidates, but his name was crossed out in permanent marker and covered with white out and then the paper was wadded up and soaked in gasoline and lit on fire because it’s never happening. Sorry.

So who’s next? You can’t play football without a head coach. Somebody has to take the job. I do not know who Vince Tyra will turn to, but because I am a good person, I have some suggestions he should consider:

1. Lorenzo Ward
Last head coaching job: Louisville (Interim), 2018

Ward went 0-2 as Louisville’s interim head coach to end 2018, losing those two games by a combined score of 108-20. Both losses came at home by the way.

A simple solution to Louisville’s problem would be to remove his interim tag and give him more time to put his mark on the program. His offense showed a lot of potential and the university will save on moving costs and paperwork.

2. Butch Jones
Last head coaching job: Tennessee, 2013-17

Butch Jones needs his own team again. He currently serves as an analyst for Alabama, whatever that means, but he was born to be a head coach. Give him what he deserves, Louisville. He’ll take you to the “championship of life.” It’s the biggest championship you can win, so he said at Tennessee.

3. Lee Corso
Last job head coaching job: Orlando Renegades (USFL), 1985

Since Louisville likes to re-hire its former coaches, why not give Lee Corso another look? After all, he did take Louisville to its second-ever bowl game in 1970.

4. John L Smith
Last head coaching job: Kentucky State, 2016-Present

Like Corso, John L. Smith needs another look. He led the Cardinals to five straight bowl appearances and back-to-back Conference USA titles in 2000 and 2001. So what if he told his team at halftime of the 2002 GMAC Bowl that he’s leaving for Michigan State? He’s a proven winner, and at 70 years young, he’ll inject much-needed energy into the program.

5. Howard Schnellenberger
Last job head coaching job: Florida Atlantic, 2001-2011

Brohm was the hometown hero Louisville wanted, but Schnellenberger is the hometown hero Louisville needs. He built the program once and he can build it again today.

And if he turns it down because he’s 84, try Ron Cooper.

6. Clint Hurtt
Last job head coaching job: None

A former Louisville recruiting coordinator, who was responsible for bringing Teddy Bridgewater to the ‘Ville and was named 2011 National Recruiter of the Year, Hurtt should get a call. Never mind all of those NCAA sanctions from paying players at Miami, he’s a changed man and he is doing a great job as the assistant head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Plus his penalties from the NCAA ended in 2015 so he’s good to go.

7. Art Briles
Last job head coaching job: Estra Guelfi Firenze (Italy), 2018-Present

Former Baylor head coach Art Briles recently took a job in Italy, but we all know he’d jump at the opportunity to get back into America football. Most programs wouldn’t even consider a guy who covered up a campus-wide sexual assault scandal involving multiple players, but this is Louisville we’re talking about here, not some place with morals.

8. Hugh Freeze
Last job head coaching job: Ole Miss, 2012-16

Freeze lost his job at Ole Miss over strippers and hookers. Need I say more?

9. Bobby 3.0
Last job head coaching job: Louisville, 2014-18

So Bobby 2.0 didn’t go as planned. It started well, but ended poorly, to say the least. But wait ’til you see Bobby 3.0. He caddied for his granddaughter and he’s a changed man this time. Plus he’s an offensive genius. He’ll have Louisville back to prominence in no time, once he has a little time to bring in his own players and system.

10. Papa John Schnatter
Last job head coaching job: Papa John’s Pizza, 1984-2008

Who better to put butts back in the seats of Cardinal Stadium, than the man who put the seats in Cardinal Stadium? Papa John Schnatter is Cardinal Stadium. He is University of Louisville athletics. And dare I say… Peyton Manning as his offensive coordinator?

Better ingredients, better football. Papa John’s.

Andre McGee claimed UofL players asked him to bring Powell’s daughters to dorm

It’s been too long since we reminded you about that time Louisville lost its 2013 national championship because members of the staff provided prostitutes to players and recruits. Remember that? Holy hell what a fall that program took in only a few years. I still laugh about it from time to time. In fact, I was driving down the road the other day and just burst out laughing because that T-Pain song about strippers came on and all I could think about was the Minardi Hall stripper parties and how the 2013 banner is probably buried in some dump on the outskirts of Jefferson County somewhere. It will never not be funny to me.

Anyway, there is a new update on the UofL basketball scandal today, sort of, courtesy of the news team over at WDRB. Through an open records request, WDRB uncovered an interview between Andre McGee and an investigator back in 2015, in which McGee denied providing any money for prostitutes or strippers. He acknowledged a relationship with Katina Powell, but said the players knew Powell’s daughters socially and would ask him to bring them over to Minardi Hall.

It’s the only known record of McGee talking about the scandal.

The new findings also reveal former UofL assistant Mike Balado told police he couldn’t remember why he deleted text messages to McGee during the exact timeframe Antonio Blakeney, a recruit, was on campus and participated in parties with Powell. Balado’s memory is a little hazy as to why he would’ve deleted any texts, and he denied any wrongdoing. (Yeah, OK. Coach Mike.)

Read the whole story here.

Louisville player kicked off field, goes back in because of course

Louisville player kicked off field, goes back in because of course

There have been a lot of hilarious moments in tonight’s game, but this one may best encapsulate the dumpster fire that is Louisville football.

After senior tight end Micky Crum (no relation) committed an unsportsmanlike penalty in the third quarter, interim coach Lorenzo Ward told him to go to the locker room. After Crum argued, Louisville athletic director Vince Tyra had to step in and tell him to do the same:

Here is Crum sulking on the sidelines:

You would think this is the end of the story, but it’s not. Crum not only refused to go to the locker room, HE WENT BACK IN on Louisville’s next series.

Keep in mind this is the same player that pointed his finger at the chest of an official earlier in the game:

Stay classy, Louisville.

Brohm: “It’s important for me to not comment”

Jeff Brohm is at the top of Louisville’s list of head football coaching candidates. You can even say Jeff Brohm is the list of coaching candidates for the Cards.

On Monday, Brohm was asked about the new job opening at his alma mater during his weekly press conference at Purdue. He responded, “I’ve heard the noise just like anyone else. It’s important for me to not comment on any speculation. We’ve got work to do. And a lot of it.”

That’s not a denial, and Purdue fans can’t love it.

If Brohm remains in West Lafayette, other names of interest for the job include Charlie Strong and Lane Kiffin, which is funny.

You can even bet on who will get the gig:

Jeff Brohm -200
Chip Long +250
Ryan Day +300
Charlie Strong +350
Brian Brohm +400
Lane Kiffin +450
Field +150

Good luck, baby bro.

Bobby Petrino was fired during his weekly TV show

Bobby Petrino was fired during his weekly TV show

Being fired is embarrassing.

Being fired while your weekly television show is on the air? Now that’s just brutal.

Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports broke the news this morning that Louisville had fired Bobby Petrino, effective immediately. It wasn’t a surprise, as the Cards are currently 2-8 and haven’t won a game in seven consecutive tries. At least 20 players have already requested transfer paperwork, they’ve lost recruits, the fans have given up, etc. The timing was absolutely necessary.

But man, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing that announcement on the bottom ticker with Bobby’s emotionless face in the background is just beautiful. The show is recorded prior to the official airing, but the point remains: He is “Coach Bobby Petrino” no longer.

UofL radio host Drew Deener also reports each of Petrino’s three family members have also been let go.

His son Nick was the team’s quarterbacks coach, his son-in-law L.D. Scott was the defensive line coach, and his other son-in-law Ryan Beard was the safeties coach.

In case there was any doubt, college football insider Brett McMurphy also confirmed today that Louisville will focus on Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm in their upcoming coaching search.

KSR’s Matt Jones reports that while Louisville will make a hard push for the UofL graduate, it’s not a done-deal Brohm accepts the offer.

“I am told it is far from certain he takes the job,” he said. “But in the end, it’s hard for me to see him turning down his hometown and home school.”

On that note, I’ll just leave this right here…

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

More trouble for Louisville on the way?

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

More trouble could be on the horizon for the University of Louisville.

Dan Dakich tweeted, “Huge news coming out of Louisville in the next 72 hours..remember last time I gave U of L news it was spot on.”

Dakich is certainly right about one thing in the tweet: He was one of the first to say Louisville’s appeal would get denied and the school would have to lose its 2013 NCAA championship. He cited “sources in the room,” and days later we learned Louisville’s appeal got denied and the 2013 championship was no more.

Will his prediction be accurate again? I wouldn’t bet against him.

And for what it’s worth, a friend of the KSR program told me early this morning, long before Dakich’s tweet, that Louisville has more coming out and it ain’t good.

With two people saying there is more to come, I’ll go ahead and get some popcorn popping for when it happens.

Jim Brown | USA Today

REPORT: 20 Louisville football players have requested transfer paperwork

Jim Brown | USA Today

After starting the season 2-7, things are only going to get worse for Bobby Petrino and the Louisville football program.

According to a report by Louisville radio host Mark Ennis, 20 players have requested paperwork to initiate a transfer from the team.

Ennis followed it up with an update from the athletic department, who disputes the high number of potential transfers.

“An athletic department representative contacted me and disputes that Louisville has had this many football players request transfer paperwork,” he said. “I stand by my earlier report, but in the interest of full disclosure Louisville denies it.”

Former Under Armour All-American and son of former Wildcat standout Craig Yeast, Russ Yeast, announced he was transferring from the University of Louisville just two days ago. Freshman quarterback Jordan Travis also announced he would transfer last week.

Louisville also lost commitments from their highest-rated 2019 recruit in Austin Griffin, three-star offensive lineman Jamari Williams, and three-star defensive end Kristian Varner.

There is no way Bobby P makes it out of this season as Louisville’s football coach.

FBI wiretaps released from college hoops trial

Earlier this week, a jury found former Adidas executive James Gatto, would-be agent Christian Dawkins, and former Adidas consultant Merl Code guilty on felony charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Now, you can hear the wiretaps the FBI used to take them down and expose the seedy underbelly of college basketball.

ESPN released the audio this morning, which includes conversations between the guilty parties and Brian Bowen Sr. about the payments for his son to go to Louisville, and voicemails from Gatto to Rick Pitino after Bowen committed. Gatto and Code also discuss Arizona’s $150,000 offer for Nassir Little and whether or not Adidas would match it to make sure he went to Miami.

If you’ve been following the case, there’s nothing really new here, but it is interesting to read the transcripts to see how the sausage is made, so to speak. Keep in mind that the NCAA can use these to start their own investigations. To dive in, head on over to the Worldwide Leader.


UofL tight end accused of rape days before playing in game

The UofL Ethical Leadership Program already has its hands full because there’s another scandal brewing on Floyd Street.

Kemari Averett, the Louisville tight end arrested for holding a gun to a woman’s head, is now accused of raping a different woman in mid-August. Petrino suspended Averett for the gun incident on October 16, but the alleged rape happened in mid-August and reported to UofL police on October 9. Averett played in UofL’s game vs. Boston College on October 13. (The alleged victim reported the incident to the on-campus sexual assault crisis center on the same day, but the police didn’t open the case until October 8.)

Both Petrino and Vince Tyra claim they didn’t know about the alleged rape before the Boston College game, but how could the UofL Police not have brought it to their attention?

For more on the allegations, which Averett is denying, check out the Courier-Journal.

[C-J: Louisville football player accused of rape days before appearing in game]