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Prosecutors claim UofL paid for an additional recruit

Prosecutors claim UofL paid for an additional recruit

Photo via UofL Athletics

This morning at the college hoops trial, prosecutors revealed an interesting new allegation against the University of Louisville.

According to Dan Wetzel, while questioning UofL compliance director John Carns, prosecutors claimed that Brian Bowen’s family wasn’t the only recruit’s family to receive money from the Louisville coaching staff:

Carns said he had no knowledge of those payments. Both Johnson and Fair were fired after the scandal broke last fall. Johnson now works as an assistant for LaSalle University and Fair coaches an AAU team. In May, Rick Pitino vouched for Johnson’s innocence to the Courier-Journal (as if that means anything). Johnson and Fair have also been accused of altering Bowen’s unofficial visit documents to cover up the presence of Christian Dawkins, one of the three men on trial for plotting to pay Bowen’s father $100,000 in exchange for his son’s commitment to Louisville.

Speaking of Bowen’s father, he could take the stand as early as this afternoon and has immunity from prosecution in exchange for his side of the story. Bowen’s family has claimed innocence until now, but after financial advisor Munish Sood’s testimony yesterday that he personally handed almost $20,000 in cash to Bowen Sr. on be half of Dawkins and Merl Code, things could get really interesting…

UPDATE: Pitino issued a statement to the Courier-Journal about Johnson paying Bowen because of course he did.

Pitino told the Courier Journal on Thursday he was “dumbfounded and devastated” by the allegation that Johnson made the $1,300 payment.

“He looked me square in the eye and said he did nothing wrong,” Pitino said. “I hope it’s not true.”

Financial planner says he gave Brian Bowen Sr. almost $20K in cash

There are two sides to the Brian Bowen play-for-pay story and we’ll soon know which is being truthful.

On one side we have the Bowen family and Rick Pitino and others, all deniers of any knowledge of any payments to the Bowens. Then on the other side we have Munish Sood, a financial planner in New Jersey, who says otherwise.

Sood stood in front of the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York on Wednesday, on Day 3 of college basketball’s bribery and corruption trial, and said he personally handed $19,400 in cash to Brian Bowen Sr., the father of the former Louisville commit. Sood said the payment was to ensure Bowen would attend Louisville and he handed it to Bowen’s father in a parking lot in New Jersey on July 13, 2017. Bowen had already committed at that point.

Sood was advised to deliver the payment by Christian Dawkins and Merl Code, he said, and that he was working with them to land high school and college basketball players.

So, somebody is lying about payments to Brian Bowen’s family and I have a hard time believing it’s the guy who testified in court today.

But according to Jeff Goodman, Bowen Sr. will be called to testify in the case and he has immunity from prosecution in exchange for his side of the story. Will he admit to the hand out?

Hey Kentucky: Matt interviews Michael Sokolove

Hey Kentucky: Matt interviews Michael Sokolove

Tonight on Hey Kentucky!, Matt interviewed Michael Sokolove, the author of “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino,” the inside story of the corruption scandal that rocked college basketball.

Watch below as Sokolove describes what he learned about Pitino’s involvement in the scandal and what he believes the FBI’s investigation means for the sport moving forward.

For tonight’s complete episode, visit

UofL assistant coach reaches plea agreement in DUI case

Much like his team, Louisville tight end coach Chris Klenakis is done for the year. The only difference is the team must keep showing up while Klenakis has been placed on administrative leave following a DUI arrest last month.

On Thursday, Klenakis reached a plea agreement on charges of driving under the influence and second-degree wanton endangerment, according to the good people over at the Courier-Journal. He will serve four days in jail and pay $728 in fines and fees. He will return to court on October 25 for further sentencing, where he’ll face up to 180 days in jail.

According to the police report, Klenakis recorded a .165 BAC after he was seen swerving in and out of lanes, and narrowly missed a construction site where workers were actively working on I-64. He was then pulled from his vehicle once he refused to exit on his own.


I really need Katina Powell to chill out

As a big fan of Katina Powell’s work, I must say I’m a little disappointed in her behavior lately. She is such a great author — Breaking Cardinal Rules is a masterpiece — but it’s tough to stand in her corner when she finds herself in trouble so often.

The latest allegations against Powell are pretty bad. Really bad, actually.

According to WDRB, she is under investigation for a violent robbery of a Louisville dentist:

Thomas Tyre, who has previously disclosed a relationship with Powell, claims in a Louisville Metro Police investigative report that Powell and her brother, Ernest Powell, entered his home Saturday night and Katina Powell demanded money.

Ernest Powell is accused of pulling out a knife and cutting Tyre inside his mouth. The two men struggled and Tyre suffered knife wounds on his hands, according to the report.

Tyre, 55, said Katina Powell told Ernest “not to hurt him that bad during the assault,” according to the police narrative. [WDRB]

Tyre isn’t a new character in the Katina Powell story. He’s the man she allegedly stole blank checks from and then cashed at a liquor store in a case that is still pending. He’s not so clean, either. WDRB notes he is facing three counts of unlawfully prescribing or administering controlled substances to his patients, and was arrested last month.

If I’m going to continue to back Powell, I need her to reel it in a little bit because this is killing her brand as an author. It’s also killing the value of my Katina Powell memorabilia collection.

One year ago today, the FBI College Hoops probe broke

Let me take you back to September 26, 2017. It was a simpler time, when the biggest story in Kentucky sports was yet another heartbreaking loss to Florida in football and Immanuel Quickley’s recent commitment. That all changed at 10 a.m. when the FBI’s college basketball probe went public.

It’s wild to think how many things have changed since that day. Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich are out at Louisville, Brian Bowen is playing professionally in Australia, and Kentucky finally beat Florida in football. What a year it’s been.

We’re going to commemorate the anniversary throughout the morning here on KSR, starting with links to our biggest posts from that day. We had some good ones:

Just think, back then, Pitweetos weren’t even a thing.

Ep. 81 Aaron Torres Sports Podcast: Michael Sokolove author of “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino”

It’s a new episode of the “Aaron Torres Sports Podcast,” and Aaron has a special guest. After Rick Pitino joined the show last week, this week it’s author Michael Sokolove, the author of the “other” Rick Pitino book, “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino.” Before we get to Sokolove though, Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey to recap the weekend in sports.
A surprising conversation about Tiger Woods: The guys divert from college football momentarily for a quick talk on Tiger Woods’ tournament win on Sunday that momentarily took over the sports world. What is it about Tiger that makes fans so fascinated to watch him?
A recap of Kentucky’s wild win and the rest of Week 4 college football: The guys recap a wild weekend of college football, including Kentucky’s dominant win over Mississippi State. Are the Wildcats actually underrated at No. 17? And why Benny Snell is a major Heisman candidate. The guys also talk about Oregon’s crippling loss, and is Alabama officially too good for the rest of college football? The guys think so.
Next up, Aaron welcomes author Michael Sokolove to the show. Sokolove has a new book out called “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino” which is chronicles the rise and fall of Louisville athletics and Rick Pitino. The guys discuss:
Their interactions with Rick Pitino: The guys talk about their experiences with Pitino. Pitino joined Aaron’s show last week and Michael interviewed him for the book. Is there anything believable or redeemable about Pitino or anything he says?
What led to Louisville’s downfall? Michael talks about his experiences diving into the Louisville athletics program. He does a deep dive on how the excesses of Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino made it pretty much inevitable that the athletic department would blow up.
The guys also discuss Brian Bowen and whether he knew that his family was soliciting money for his play, and also the FBI scandal as a whole. Is the college athletic model sustainable?

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Louisville held without touchdown in loss to Virginia

Louisville held without touchdown in loss to Virginia

We knew things weren’t going great for Louisville this season, but…yikes. The Cards just lost to Virginia 27-3, the Cavaliers’ biggest ACC win since 2012.

Louisville only managed a field goal, the first time they were held without a touchdown since 2010 in a 20-3 loss to Pitt, according to Brett McMurphy. Bobby Petrino’s potent offense was held to 214 total yards and two interceptions. For Card fans, the game was best summed up by this decision to down the kickoff at the 1-yard line:


Rick Pitino is Still Tweeting

Rick Pitino’s new soiree into Twitter has been…something.

Since the account’s inception two days ago, we’ve seen a plethora of errors and the creation of the phrase “Pitweetos.”  Folks, the objectively corny phrase is here to stay.

Pitino’s only mistake was trusting his social media account manager too much.

Pitino dubs his Twitter followers “Pitweetos”

A brand new day in the Bluegrass is made even better by the fact that Rick Pitino is tweeting again.

After promising to bring a spirit of optimism to social media in his first tweet yesterday, Pitino brought the jokes this morning, apologizing to his followers, aka “Pitweetos,” for the spelling errors in his bio:

Leave it to Rick to blame it on someone else.

He followed that up four minutes later with a tweet about visiting the Bellarmine basketball team, for which he received “15 beautiful handwritten letters”:

Commas are your friend, Rick. But, please, don’t stop.

We have Rick Pitino’s first tweet!

Rick Pitino couldn’t hold it in any longer, so he shot one off early.

I am talking about his first tweet, of course.

After telling Terry Meiners he would begin his tweeting on Friday, Pitino went ahead and began his Twitter journey Thursday afternoon with a tweet to his growing list of followers.

He tweeted, “For years I have stayed away from Twitter because there was very little positivity. I will stay completely away from cynicism and destructive words. I hope to bring a spirit of optimism, which is so needed today.”

Unfortunately for Rick, all of the responses are cynicism and destructive words. What else did he expect? It’s Twitter. People are animals on Twitter. There is no chance his thin skin survives in that world.

And he’s not helping his case with a bio that reads, “Winner of two National Championships & one of two coaches to take three different schools to the Final Four.”

Ummm… you don’t have two national championships. But if you did, John Calipari would have taken three different schools to the Final Four. You can’t pick which count and which don’t.

At least he fixed the spelling of his last name, though. There’s a start.

Rick Pitino has a Twitter account and its graphics are terrible

Rick Pitino has a Twitter account and its graphics are terrible

My dear good friend Rick Pitino is now on Twitter at @RealPitino and he already sucks at it. Take a look at the header graphic on the page. It’s the logo for his The Pitino Press podcast (coming soon!) and his last name is misspelled.

I can’t imagine that is Rick’s doing, so some poor graphics kid is probably getting yelled at right now.

As for Pitino’s actual tweeting, he has not put out his first thought just yet, but he told Terry Meiners his first couple of tweets will go out tomorrow. So get excited.

Me, I’m just shocked I’m not already blocked.

Adidas responds with controversial ad of its own

Adidas responds with controversial ad of its own