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Louisville’s new Cardinal Stadium graphic is hilariously average

Louisville’s new Cardinal Stadium graphic is hilariously average

Louisville just brought Microsoft Word’s clip art back to life.

As you can see above, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium has a new and not-so-improved look going forward. They have apparently found the most low-budget graphic designers to create the latest post-Papa logo. As Matt Jones put it on Twitter, it looks like they found some students from a middle school art class to do the job.

In fact, I timed myself to see how long it would take to come up with something as generic and boring on Microsoft Word, and this bad boy took me a whopping minute and 48 seconds:

Stock “animated red football stadium” image, Word Art, and a generic Cardinal head. Where do I sign up?

Louisville fans aren’t too pleased about it, either…

I hope those art students had an extra 15 minutes of recess as a reward for their hard work.

Rick Pitino’s lawsuit against Adidas got dismissed

A federal judge dismissed Rick Pitino’s lawsuit against Adidas on Tuesday.

The former Louisville coach, now a frequenter of a Best Western outdoor bar in Miami, filed the lawsuit last October. He was seeking damages for emotional distress and humiliation from Adidas putting him on blast in the Brian Bowen play-for-pay scandal.

U.S. District Court judge David J. Hale tossed it out like a fake national championship, saying it must be settled in arbitration, as Pitino’s endorsement with the shoe company states.

You can read the full order over at

Of course Rick Pitino owns a horse named “Party Dancer”

You can’t make this stuff up.  Rick Pitino owns a horse named Party Dancer.

The horse ran first yesterday in the fifth race at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.  The maiden claiming race produced a $33,380 purse. A $2 win bet on Party Dancer paid $10.80.

I wonder where Rick found his inspiration…

This is so ridiculous, I now believe Pitino has become self-aware.  He knows he will never coach basketball again, so during his down time at the Best Western bar, Pitino is thinking of the most creative ways to troll America.  “Party Dancer” the horse is step seven of a master plan that involves a book, podcast and Twitter account.  The next step: Pitino becomes a Papa John’s franchisee.

Chane Behanan’s Arrest Draws Cheech and Chong Comparisons

Getty Images

Chane Behanan’s Saturday night arrest quickly became a quick punchline, one the Louisville Metro Police could not even resist.

The former University of Louisville forward and National Champion was arrested at a traffic stop on Seventh Street Road for possession of marijuana and a stolen firearm. A passenger in the vehicle, initial reports were sparse on details, aside from a stolen Sporter 7.62 AK-47 and the smell of marijuana.

Yesterday the LMPD’s social media accounts took some time to give a pat on the back to officers in the 4th Division.  It did not directly call out Behanan by name, but the details in the arrest match up with the Facebook post.  Pictures of property taken from the Saturday night Seventh Street arrest reveal a stolen AK-47 and quite a bit of marijuana.

Even if this post is not related to Behanan, the LMPD social media account manager deserves a raise for the line, “Cheech and Chong would be impressed at the amount of apparent weed smoke pouring out of the windows.”

Source: Louisville Metro Corrections/WDRB

Chane Behanan arrested on marijuana, gun charges

Source: Louisville Metro Corrections/WDRB

Good ‘ole Chane Behanan is at it again.

The former UofL forward was arrested for enhanced possession of marijuana and receiving stolen property. Behanan was one of four arrested during a traffic stop on 7th Street Road in Louisville late last night.

According to WDRB, a stolen Sporter 7.62 AK-47 style rifle was found with Behanan in the backseat, along with marijuana residue in the the former Louisville forward’s lap. An enhanced marijuana possession charge indicates there was a minor involved or the incident occurred in a school/protected zone, and harsher punishments will likely follow.

Behanan was part of the 2013 National Championship team that never existed, per the NCAA. Rick Pitino eventually kicked him off the team for repeated team violations, which Behanan eventually admitted was due to failed drug tests.

Behanan’s court date is scheduled for tomorrow, August 6.

Rick Pitino Does (Another) Interview, Says He’s Done Coaching

Believe it or not, Rick Pitino did another interview.  This time he admitted his coaching career is probably over.

“I’m not looking to coach again,” Pitino told Terry Meiners on 840 WHAS.  “I think that the university and the Southern District in New York put me in such a light that I don’t think coaching is in my future.  It’s a shame.”  

Pitino returned to the airwaves on the same day UofL officials released text messages that proved Pitino knew Brian Bowen was seeking $200,000 to play college basketball.  Naturally, he categorized the message he sent to Kenny Johnson as “gossip and rumors you see on the internet every single day.” Pitino condemned the university for dragging out the settlement process, because in his mind it’s only going to hurt the basketball program.

Pitino is going down swinging.  He’s willing to go all the way to court to settle with UofL.  Before he drags in his former players to testify, he’s prepared to go after three people — he alluded to Papa John, David Grissom and Governor Matt Bevin — in his upcoming book.  “Everything in that book is 100% the truth.”

Pitino’s entire 13-minute conversation with Terry Meiners is another wild ride.  Click here to listen to all of the madness.

UofL: Rick Pitino knew schools tried to pay Brian Bowen

Following Rick Pitino’s termination at the University of Louisville, the school and former head coach have filed lawsuits against one another.  Through discovery, UofL revealed that Pitino knew schools were trying to pay for Brian Bowen’s services.

“DePaul trying to pay Bowen 200 K to come there,” Pitino texted then assistant coach Kenny Johnson. “Crazy world.”

David Padgett acknowledged in a deposition that the information about DePaul would have been a red flag.  The once interim head coach said he would not have recruited a player who was allegedly accepting money from schools.

UofL also detailed Pitino’s relationship with agent Christian Dawkins, one that was never reported to compliance officials.  A text message on June 2, 2017 from Dawkins informed Pitino that other schools were trying to “influence” Bowen’s decision.  Dawkins encouraged Pitino to call Bowen.  The following day, Bowen committed to UofL.  Pitino celebrated the news by telling Terry Meiners this:

“In my 40-some-odd years of coaching, this is the luckiest I’ve ever been…It fell into our lap, and we got very lucky, and every once in a while, you need a little luck.”

For more details, read the WDRB report and keep up with snapshots of the discovery from Jason Riley’s timeline. This might be the juiciest nugget so far:

Rick Pitino’s book has a release date (LESSGOOOOOOO)

Put me down as super excited for Rick Pitino’s new book.

The Washington Post has a story about it today in which we learn it will be called “Pitino: My Story” and it is set to hit bookshelves on September 4.

The former Louisville coach promises to “tell all” and will “lay all his cards on the table” in the book that is co-written by Seth Kaufman and will cover his entire career, all the way up to his scandalous exit from Louisville.

But isn’t laying on tables what got Pitino in trouble in the first place?

[The Washington Post: Rick Pitino promises to tell all in upcoming memoir]

Photo: Louisville Metro Corrections

Katina Powell indicted on theft charges

The “escort queen” who single-handedly took down the Louisville basketball program is in the news yet again.

Katina Powell has been indicted by a grand jury on criminal possession of a forged instrument and theft by deception charges.

According to the arrest citation, Powell is alleged to have stolen blank checks totaling $2,900 and attempting to cash them at a liquor store. The reported victim, Thomas Tyre, has since dropped the charges.

“I want her in my life,” Tyre told the Courier Journal in May. “I’m sad about what happened.”

The arrest occurred on May 17, where she was seen wearing a Louisville football shirt in her mugshot.

Photo: Louisville Metro Corrections

Powell was evicted from her home back in April after her daughter reportedly pulled a gun on a man in front of their home back in January. The court deemed Powell was in violation of her lease agreement.

Powell was also arrested in January for allegedly shoplifting a toothbrush from a Walmart in Louisville.