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WATCH: John Calipari shows off UK locker room construction

WATCH: John Calipari shows off UK locker room construction

This slipped under the radar on a busy sports weekend, but on Friday, John Calipari gave fans a tour of the renovations to the locker room of the Joe Craft Center. Construction is still underway on what is being called the “Marksbury Players First Suite” (of course that’s the name), but the video gives you a good idea of the layout, and Cal is so entertaining it’s worth going over regardless.

“I’m having to coach like I’m 35 again”

Calipari came straight from practice to film the tour, and if his wild hair wasn’t indication enough, you could tell he was in a swaggy mood when he hopped up while saying, “I’m having to coach like I’m 35 again”:

He also gave us our official Calipari “LET’S GO” GIF:

That one will get a lot of use.

The main room will be split into a film area and a lounge

It will be paneled in dark wood

The entire lounge and locker room area will be paneled in dark wood, similar to Calipari’s recently renovated office.

“If you know me, you know I like dark wood,” Cal said. “Power, strength.”

As the daughter of an interior designer and also as someone with two eyes, I can tell you the wood in the renderings is not that dark, so hopefully the crew has plenty of stain to get it powerful and strong enough for Cal’s liking.

The mural will feature all of UK’s NBA players

Man, that rendering is outdated.

There will be a small kitchen for snacks

Just in case the players are too tired to walk the 15 steps to the Lodge.

The locker room will be “futuristic”

Cal said the locker room is being designed so that it won’t look outdated in ten years.

“It’ll be computerized, it’ll be the top things — I want this locker room, ten years from now, to be relevant. And so what you’ll see is, whatever we put in it, we’re thinking futuristic. What’s it look like ten years from now.”

I’m guessing that means USB charging ports.

There will be a hot tub, cold tub, and massage room

And maybe even a barber chair “if they allow us” (“they” being the NCAA).

Private showers and private bathrooms

The bathroom will include four individual showers, each designed for seven-footers.

“Kids don’t — there’s no more communal showers with the nozzles up there and the water goes — no. They will either shower by themselves or go back to the Lodge and shower.”

Even the bathroom stalls are designed with more privacy in mind, with doors that go to the floor.

Calipari will have his own steam shower

“I put in the steam shower for me. Not for them. They won’t go in the steam shower. I’ll go in the steam shower. I need to be in the steam shower to let off steam. To, instead of going nutty — as you get old, you get cranky. You get old and cranky. I don’t want to be that old, cranky guy.”

Cal has a steam shower in his office too, so he plans to use each every day so he “can be like a normal human being.”

We can’t embed the video here, but you can watch it at and check out a 360-degree view of the lounge and film room here.

Bol Bol is going to Oregon

(Kelly Kline/Under Armour)

Bol Bol has committed to Oregon.

The five-star big man and son of Manute Bol announced his commitment to the Ducks via a piece in The Players’ Tribune on Monday.

In the following excerpt, Bol admits growing up a Kentucky fan, but it was the Oregon coaching staff’s vision for him that was the deciding factor in the end:

About a week after I made my official visit to Eugene, I knew that that was where I wanted to go.

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hard decision. It came down to Oregon and Kentucky — which is kind of funny that it was those two schools. Because when I was a kid, after my family moved to Kansas, everyone on my AAU teams and school teams was a Jayhawks fan. As someone who likes to do his own thing — and yeah, troll a little bit — I always rooted for Kentucky. In Kansas, cheering for the Wildcats is like against the law. So I started telling telling people that I was cheering for Kentucky because I wanted to go to school there. Then when I got older, as a recruit, I really liked how Coach Calipari went about developing young players. That speaks for itself. Kentucky had been in my mind my whole life, so it was a little mind-blowing to me that I was offered an opportunity to be a Wildcat.

Oregon was just the opposite, in a way. I didn’t know much about the school until I started getting recruited by Oregon’s assistant coach, Tony Stubblefield. And then later by Coach Altman. Before that, I knew they had a lot of jerseys, a lot of different shoe combinations, but that was about it. But it was really those first few meetings with Coach Stubblefield that impressed me the most. He was accessible. He got to know me. He was really real with me.

And he was honest about the fact that Oregon has never really gotten a top recruit when it was between the Kentuckys and Dukes. He didn’t shy away from that. What he did was lay out the vision they had for me.

He also wrote, “Kentucky had been my dream school ever since I was a kid. I respect Coach Calipari a ton.”

Read the entire explanation of why it was Oregon here.

Kentucky falls to No. 8 in new AP poll

Kentucky falls to No. 8 in new AP poll

Kentucky dropped another place in this week’s college basketball poll, falling from seventh to eighth after a loss to Kansas in the Champions Classic and a home win over East Tennessee State.

Duke remains No. 1 overall, and that is unlikely to change over the foreseeable future.

Record Pts Prv
1. Duke (54) 4-0 1613   1
2. Arizona (11) 3-0 1527   3
3. Kansas 3-0 1504   4
4. Michigan St. 2-1 1390   2
5. Villanova 3-0 1345   5
6. Wichita St. 2-0 1321   6
7. Florida 3-0 1117   8
8. Kentucky 3-1 1104   7
9. North Carolina 2-0 1079   9
10. Southern Cal 3-0 1055   10
11. Miami 3-0 918   11
12. Cincinnati 3-0 893   12
13. Notre Dame 3-0 857   13
14. Minnesota 4-0 754   14
15. Xavier 3-0 750   15
16. Texas A&M 2-0 618   16
17. Gonzaga 3-0 540   17
18. Purdue 4-0 527   19
19. Louisville 2-0 466   18
20. Seton Hall 4-0 370   22
21. Saint Mary’s (Cal) 4-0 344   21
22. Baylor 3-0 206   25
23. UCLA 3-0 191   23
23. West Virginia 2-1 191   24
25. Alabama 3-0 133   –

Others receiving votes: Virginia 93, Texas Tech 81, TCU 36, Northwestern 20, Nevada 19, Providence 11, Maryland 9, Michigan 9, Texas 7, Creighton 6, Oklahoma 5, Temple 4, Oregon 4, Arkansas 3, Texas Arlington 2, Rhode Island 1, Belmont 1, Stephen F Austin 1.

C.J. Conrad will miss the Rest of the Season

Mark Stoops announced at his weekly press conference that Kentucky will be without tight end C.J. Conrad this Saturday against Louisville.

Conrad injured his left foot against Georgia.  The injury will require surgery and he will mist the rest of the season.  

One of Kentucky’s most lethal scoring weapons, every four times Conrad catches a pass it’s a touchdown.  This year he has 16 catches for 286 yards and 4 touchdowns.

In his place senior Greg Hart will receive the bulk of the reps in his final game at Kroger Field.  Justin Rigg will also be heavily involved; the redshirt freshman has steadily seen an increase in snaps throughout the year.

LIVE: Mark Stoops’ Monday Press Conference

Tune in now as Mark Stoops looks back on his team’s loss at Georgia and ahead to Saturday’s challenge against Louisville.

Go Cats.

Kentucky turned heads against a College Football Playoff-caliber team

Last week, Georgia was the No. 1 team in the nation with a spot in the College Football Playoff nearly locked up. They have two of the top running backs in SEC history, along with four and five-star talent layered throughout their roster.

To be exact, the Dawgs have 11 five stars and 44 four-star players. Kentucky? One five-star and 14 four-stars.

Top to bottom, the Bulldogs are more talented than Kentucky in just about every position group, and that’s no disrespect to the Cats. UK has built a roster with a solid mix of veteran leadership and young playmakers, and teams no longer chalk up this team as an automatic win. Mark Stoops has led this program to massive heights in his first several seasons as head coach, and teams are starting to respect that.

Just four years ago, the Wildcats finished 2-10 on the year and 0-8 in conference play. Stoops had an FCS-caliber team and had to start from (literally) scratch to build this program up. Kentucky was the laughing stock of college football and quite possibly the fifth best team in the state.

Following the loss, John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote an article titled “Kentucky football finishes another SEC season unable to compete with the big boys,” where he discussed the team’s ability to knock off teams at or below UK’s level. Anything beyond that, the Cats just aren’t good enough yet to hang with the nation’s best.

To an extent, I agree Kentucky is in no position to consistently defeat elite teams such as Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Clemson, etc., and who knows how long (if ever) it’ll take to get there. Nobody expects this team to be in that “elite” conversation, and frankly, Mark Richt was fired for winning 9-10 games a year at Georgia, whereas we’d name our football stadium after any coach that’d be able to do that.

But to say this team can’t compete with the big dogs, specifically after last night’s defeat, is just looking at the final score without taking into account what actually happened on the football field.

Last night, Kentucky landed the first haymaker against Georgia on national television.

The Wildcats picked off Jacob Fromm on the game’s opening drive, and were in position to take a 7-0 lead after inching their way to the red zone. Stephen Johnson threw three consecutive incompletions, and the Cats had to settle for a field goal. Execution.

On Georgia’s second drive, Kentucky managed to push the Dawgs deep into their own territory on a big TJ Carter sack and forced the punt. The Cats had all the momentum and had a massive opportunity to go up two scores early in the game. Roughing the punter, Georgia’s drive continues, touchdown Bulldogs. Execution.

Down 7-3, UK got the ball back and continued to move the ball down the field on offense. The Bulldog defense didn’t have an answer for Benny Snell, and the passing game kept them off balance. Eddie Gran was drawing up beautiful plays and made the defense extremely uncomfortable. After making it into the red zone for a second consecutive time, Johnson had a few misfires and we saw crucial drops from Wildcat receivers. Kentucky has to settle for another field goal. Execution.

Instead of potentially going up 21-0 after the first three drives of the game, UK was behind 7-6, and momentum shifted Georgia’s way. This was never a game Kentucky could win with field goals, and we saw exactly why in the first half.

Take away three or four crucial plays in the first half for Kentucky, the Wildcats likely have a lead going into halftime with the ball to start the third. At the very least, the game is tied, and UK could have flipped momentum back to open the second half.

Instead, the Cats had to fight from behind, the offense couldn’t execute, the defense got tired, and the wheels fell off. After cutting the lead to just eight points with 11:28 remaining in the third quarter, Kentucky either punted or threw an interception on every offensive drive to end the game. Georgia scored a touchdown on three of their next four possessions to end the game.

I am not a fan of moral victories, and I wouldn’t consider this one. Kentucky fought like hell in two quarters and couldn’t finish the job.

Head coach Mark Stoops agrees.

“I was disappointed in the way we played,” Stoops said.  “We knew we’d have to play a very good football team and we’d have to play some very good football on our end. I really didn’t feel like we did that.”

That being said, the Cats were in position to flip the script of this football game entirely and had a legitimate shot to shock the college football world. With execution on just three or four plays, who knows how that game ends.

The final score was ugly, and most people seeing the result on the bottom ticker on ESPN probably assume it was just another blowout loss for Kentucky. The UK coaching staff and players, however, had an impressive gameplan going into the game and went for the jugular of an elite football team.


RECAP: Six takeaways from a loss to a very good Georgia team

RECAP: Six takeaways from a loss to a very good Georgia team

Coming in, most of us just hoped Kentucky would keep the game respectable early on, and for the most part, they did. After taking the early lead, Kentucky hung tough despite some critical errors, but ultimately, Georgia was just too good. Behind the powerful legs of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, the Bulldogs rolled to a 42-13 win, moving the Cats to 7-4 on the season heading into next week’s finale vs. Louisville. Let’s go over it before we move on to prepare for the Cards.

Kentucky played great in the first quarter

After being told this was a cupcake game for Georgia, Kentucky came out with a chip on its shoulder. Josh Allen intercepted Jake Fromm’s pass, and Kentucky would have turned it into a touchdown if Stephen Johnson hadn’t overthrown CJ Conrad. Kentucky took a 3-0 lead and forced Georgia to punt on the next drive, but unfortunately, Lonnie Johnson roughed the kicker, giving the Bulldogs the ball back and turning what could have been a 10-0 lead into a 7-3 deficit. The penalty was devastating, but on the next drive, Kentucky bounced back thanks to an incredible catch by Blake Bone:

Unfortunately, that drive ended with three points, not seven, which is what really squelched Kentucky’s momentum.

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were unstoppable

One silver lining for tonight? It was the last time Kentucky will face Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. The senior running backs put on a show tonight, burning the Cats for 238 yards and five touchdowns. Chubb was particularly hard to stop, running for 151 yards on 15 carries. So, he averaged a first down. All in all, Georgia finished with 389 rushing yards. It was that kind of night.

Thank God we don’t have to see either of them again.

Three costly critical errors

Ultimately, Kentucky probably wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Georgia, but they didn’t do themselves any favors. Three errors were particularly costly: Lonnie Johnson’s roughing the kicker penalty, Tavin Richardson’s drop at the end of the first half, and Lynn Bowden’s pick in the third quarter. Most will focus on Johnson’s penalty, but Richardson’s drop was much more egregious in my eyes. Kentucky went for it on fourth down with 25 seconds in the half, and would have had it had Richardson hung on to it. Sadly, he did not, and Kentucky got zero points out of the drive, which really sucks because they got the ball to start the second half. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Fans have been clamoring for Lynn Bowden to throw the ball and in the third quarter, he did…to the wrong team. With the game was still in reach at 28-13, Bowden threw the ball deep to Garrett Johnson, but it was picked off. Kentucky was moving the ball well at that point, so I’m not sure why you roll the dice there, but for those of you asking for more exciting playcalling, there you go.

Georgia’s defense is very, very good

Georgia’s defense isn’t ranked in the top five for nothing. The Bulldogs lived up to their Junkyard Dogs nickname today, making it impossible for Kentucky to do almost anything in the second half. Georgia held Kentucky to 262 yards total, and the Cats managed only 4-13 on third down. The fact that Benny Snell had 94 yards is a testament to his refusal to go down because Georgia was all over him.

Stephen Johnson took a beating

Stephen Johnson didn’t have a great game (12-22 for 138 yards), but, as always, you have to admire his grit. Johnson took an absolute beating this afternoon, getting sacked three times, including a body slam that somehow didn’t draw a penalty. In fact, Johnson was the one who got a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct in the fourth quarter, quite possibly the most ridiculous moment of the season. After getting pummeled all day, can you blame him for barking back?

Kentucky plays Louisville next week

No one expected Kentucky to win today, and although the final score was pretty lopsided, you have to be happy with the fact that they kept it competitive for a while. Routs are never fun, especially given the number of missed opportunities the Cats had tonight, but I’m taking heart in the fact that a few years ago, games like this were the norm and now they’re the exception. Let’s put this game in the rearview mirror and go beat Louisville.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The game was decided when Georgia’s punter got touched

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A lot went wrong in Kentucky’s loss at Georgia today. For starters, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are unstoppable and it’s unfair that they’re on the same team. Those two guys are already two of the best rushers in Georgia history, and they share the rock in the same backfield. That is cheating. Then you can throw in the fact that Kentucky’s tackling was as bad as it has ever been, which made two elite running backs even better. Man, tackling was HORRIBLE. How many times did UK have them pinned in the backfield, only to watch them break it to the outside for a big gain? A lot, if my memory serves me well.

But let’s ignore the tackling and get to the real issue weighing on everyone’s minds: the roughing the punter penalty.


When your favorite football team loses by 31 points, it seems pretty crazy to stress over a single play. Obviously a lot of things went wrong, but I’m going to be irrational in my immediate reaction and say the game was over when Kentucky got flagged for roughing the punter. At that moment, Kentucky was up three points and stood to get the ball back with good field position. Who knows, maybe the Cats drive it down the field and punch it in to go up 10-0 at that point, if not for the flag. The way the game started, it’s not absurd to think that could’ve happened. What happens then? Momentum is all the way on your side and Georgia has just been punched in the mouth on its own turf.

A flag was thrown, though, and Georgia got a second chance to make something of its second drive. Instead of giving the ball back to a confident Kentucky team, Georgia drove 66 yards for a touchdown and the lead. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Georgia was scoring there, and they did. The touchdown flipped the momentum and the score, while deflating a UK team that had started well on the road. The game was decided right there.

Now for the decision to try to block the punt. Mark Stoops said on his postgame show he regrets the call. “Wanted to be aggressive and take a shot but it backfired,” he said. “That’s one I’m second guessing now.”

It’s easy to second guess now, but when you’re Kentucky football trying to make something special happen, you have to live with it when it doesn’t work. Should they have dropped back and played it safe? Yeah, probably. But as a 22-point underdog with a small lead you’re lucky to have in the first place, why not try your luck and go at them? It’s ballsy, but UK didn’t pay all that money for a “Why Not” Super Bowl commercial to not play “Why Not.” Unfortunately it ended in the worst case scenario, which decided the entire game, if you ask me.

Damn that roughing the punter call.

Kentucky Can’t Keep Up with Georgia, Falls 42-13

Kentucky Can’t Keep Up with Georgia, Falls 42-13

The Cats delivered the first punch, kept it close for a half, but could not contain Georgia’s powerful rushing attack in the second half.

Josh Allen picked off Jake Fromm’s fourth pass of the game.  Kentucky capitalized with a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.  The defense kept the momentum, forcing Georgia three and out…until Lonnie Johnson ran into the Georgia punter.  The Bulldogs turned that penalty into a touchdown and never gave back the lead.

A miraculous catch by Blake Bone put Kentucky in striking distance, but they could not finish the drive with a touchdown.  MacGinnis’ second field goal made it 7-6 at the end of the first quarter.

Kentucky was hanging around, until Georgia ran away with the game.

A 31-yard Sony Michel touchdown with less than two minutes to play in the first half gave Georgia a comfortable cushion.  Even when UK started the second half with a touchdown drive, it was too little too late.  The Bulldogs rushed for 381 yards, 258 in the second half.

It was a competitive game for a little more than a half.  Georgia simply bullied the Cats out of the game.  The nation’s No. 5 defense looked the part; so did Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.  Luckily, Kentucky will never have to tackle that pair ever again.

On to the next one.  Beat Louisville.

Blake Bone Makes the Catch of the Year

Welcome to the SportsCenter Top 10, Blake Bone.

Two plays after a Georgia touchdown, the Kentucky offense responded with a bang.  Stephen Johnson let his signature deep ball fly deep to Blake Bone.  After initially misjudging it, the senior Kentucky wide receiver hauled in the miraculous reception over his shoulder for a 45-yard gain.


UK vs. ETSU | What Went Wrong, What Went Right

UK vs. ETSU | What Went Wrong, What Went Right

Kentucky is 3-1 after edging out East Tennessee State, 78-61, in Rupp Arena on a lovely Friday evening in Lexington. It was a game that saw an early 10-point deficit and ended with a convincing win, with plenty of highs and lows in between.

Let’s discuss what went right and wrong below before we call it a night, shall we?


RIGHT: Quade Green’s offense

Quade Green’s defense is a liability, so what did Quade Green do to stay on the floor in this one? He was excellent on the other end, leading his team in scoring in the game and setting a new season-high mark for a Wildcat with 21 points.

Green is the obvious MVP in the win for his scoring and scoring efficiency. Calipari said afterward that the team needs him to play aggressive and make jump shots, as he did against ETSU. Green came to Kentucky to be a facilitator for the weapons around him; maybe he needs to do more attacking and scoring of his own because he’s as good as anyone right now.

WRONG: The first 10 minutes of the game

Kentucky couldn’t do anything offensively in the beginning, while East Tennessee hit several three-pointers to give itself a pretty good lead midway through the first half. The Cats had only eight points in the first nine minutes of the game before Quade Green hit a three-pointer of his own to get a 10-point deficit back down to single digits. Green hit another jumper, and then another three-pointer, and the Cats’ run was on. But the early scoring draught cannot go unmentioned because it was very concerning.

RIGHT: Defense

After settling in and regaining the lead, Kentucky played pretty solid defense throughout the remainder of the game. The Cats forced ETSU into 19 turnovers and held them to 32 percent shooting from the field, often limiting the opposing offense to long contested threes and tough twos. They still had some slip-ups for easy buckets from time to time, but for the most part, the defense used its length to hold off the Buccaneers when the offense wasn’t doing its part.

WRONG: Free throw shooting

I probably should’ve used a bigger font for this one because it was the glaring weakness in the game. Kentucky shot a horrible 20 percent from the foul line at a 3-for-15 clip. They missed their first nine attempts at the line! Nine! That’s unacceptable and very troubling moving forward.

RIGHT: Kevin Knox’s double-double

Knox recorded the first double-double of his career with 17 points and 10 rebounds in the win. Maybe even more exciting is the fact he hit four of his seven three-point attempts in the game.

While each of the Wildcats have struggled in various aspects of the game early in the season, Knox’s scoring has been the one constant at 14 points per game.

He good.

WRONG: Turnovers

Kentucky had 22 turnovers in this one. That’s 20 turnovers per game over the last two, and 18 turnovers per game for the season.

Knox and P.J. Washington had six apiece for 12 of the 22 against ETSU. It’s somewhat excusable early, but not for much longer.

RIGHT: Sacha Killeya-Jones

It’s time to give the starting job to Sacha Killeya-Jones. Nick Richards has held that honor for the first four games, but Killeya-Jones has separated himself from Richards in the race for the center position. Killeya-Jones played 25 minutes to Richards’ 11 against ETSU, so it’s clear he’s the preferred option. Now let’s reward him with a spot in the starting five on Monday.

WRONG: Nick Richards

My man is struggling. He’ll be fine in time, but right now is not that time.

RIGHT: P.J. Washington responded

Washington was pretty terrible against Kansas, and he bounced back with a much better game tonight. For the sake of the conversation we’ll ignore his six turnovers and 0-for-5 foul shooting, and applaud him for his rebounding and effort, which were much better.

Now let’s get back to the turnovers and foul shooting — he can’t play if he continues to do that. A power forward shouldn’t be in position to turn the ball over six times, and no one should miss all five of their free throw attempts in a game.

Still, I think Washington was better.

WRONG: They still have a long, long way to go

I still don’t know if Kentucky is good at this point in the season. If they are good, they definitely aren’t consistent. Right now it seems they’re relying on their God-given length to disrupt opposing offenses, which works, while still giving up easy scores when they get lost, which is too often. Offensively, I’m not sold they’re a good shooting team, and nobody outside Knox is going to give you consistent scoring each night.

So, are they good right now? I’m pretty confident they will be in a couple of months. Right now, though… I don’t know.

Calipari is wearing himself out in getting them ready. He said after the game, “It’s a process. I would tell our fans, just enjoy this, because I’m the one dying.”

RIGHT: They won.

And that’s good.



Quade Green shines in UK’s win over East Tennessee

Quade Green shines in UK’s win over East Tennessee

Kentucky moved to 3-1 tonight with a 78-61 win over the visiting East Tennessee State Buccaneers in the first game of the Adolph Rupp Classic.

Quade Green was your MVP after leading all scorers with 21 points in the game, which is the most a Wildcat has scored in any game this season. He was 9-for-13 from the field and 3-for-5 from outside the arc.

Kevin Knox also had a nice game offensively with 17 points of his own. Then there is P.J. Washington, who bounced back from a bad game against Kansas with 12 points and eight rebounds, although turnovers were still a huge problem for him.

Check out more numbers in the box score:

Grove St. Omen: Waka Flocka Flame concert in Athens tonight


Popular rapper Waka Flocka Flame has a concert at the Georgia Theatre in Athens tonight, less than a mile from where Kentucky will play the Bulldogs tomorrow afternoon.

Why should you care, you ask?

Because Waka Flocka Flame is responsible for Kentucky football’s official anthem: “Grove St. Party.” It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party!

Vanderbilt’s DJ made the mistake of playing “Grove St. Party” during last week’s game in Nashville. Kentucky immediately intercepted a pass the first time it played; Lynn Bowden returned a kick 93 yards right after it was played a second time.

Is Georgia setting itself up for a similar mistake?

Is it an omen?

Should the team go to the concert tonight?

7 Takeaways from John Calipari’s press conference

7 Takeaways from John Calipari’s press conference

John Calipari met with his favorite media friends to give an update on his team after the Kansas game and look ahead to tomorrow’s game vs. East Tennessee State. Here’s what you need to know.

He thought his team was going to get smashed

Like many of us, Cal was worried about Tuesday night’s matchup with Kansas, and even though there were still plenty of errors, he was pleased with his team’s effort.

“I’ve got a great group. One of the things I want to tell them is, I kind of thought we were going to get smashed up there. And at the beginning of the game, a lot of people thought we were going to get smashed up there. And these kids fought.”

He circled back to that later on.

“The biggest thing when you walk out of a game like that is, you have all freshmen, a couple sophomores who haven’t played much, basically all freshmen, really, and they didn’t wilt. And they got down twice, first half and second half, and they didn’t. Good sign.”

“We only have so much time in a day. I can’t spend 30 or 40 minutes on shooting”

Calipari praised Sacha Killeya-Jones for putting in extra time at the gym working on his shots, which he said this whole group has to do on their own because of all the other stuff he needs to teach them in practice.

“We only have so much time in a day. I can’t spend 30 or 40 minutes on shooting. What does that mean to you? Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about but the guys that have any semblance of education would know you have to do that yourself then. That means you have to get in that gym, you have to spend time, you have to walk across the street, walk 12 steps, and go in that building, grab a manager and shoot. They can’t be tiptoe shots, they got to be game shots.”

On the Maria Taylor arm grab “controversy”

Yesterday, Maria Taylor made it clear that Calipari grabbing her arm during the halftime interview on Tuesday night was no big deal. When asked about it today, Cal agreed, but said he wasn’t surprised that the media ran with it.

“Was it controversial? What I did was, I grabbed her arm and if you know me, when I’m talking, I don’t remember anything around me and I started squeezing her arm when I was talking about rebounding and I forgot I was holding her arm and that’s why I said, uh oh. But no, she’s a good girl. Maria and I are fine. But it became an issue? It’s just like anything I do becomes an issue.”

He wants to add 1 or 2 more players to his 2018 class

Earlier today, UK announced the signings of Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson, and Tyler Herro. Calipari praised each and said he wants to add one, maybe two more players to the class in the spring.

“With Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson, and Tyler Herro, we’ve got competitive fighters who wanted this in the worst way. They didn’t shy away from it. They’re not worried about sharing. They understand what this is and they wanted to be here. My guess is, we’ll probably try to get one more, maybe two, maybe and that all depends on how this unfolds.”

I interpret that as Zion and a big man, whether it be Moses Brown, Bol Bol, or James Wiseman, should he reclassify.

Some sarcasm

“It was a tied game with 40 seconds to go. We had a chance to win that. On the road, on national television. Biggest game of the year. The country was watching. Most of them were rooting for us.”

Then he made this face:

“What, what’s the laughter about? You know what? We still had our chance with a bunch of guys who were still on their senior prom six months ago.”

Oh, Cal.

Alan Cutler spent all of his bar mitzvah money

After a rant about late tip times, Calipari joked that he’d be willing to take less money from TV networks “as long as they don’t cut my pay.” When reporters laughed, he zeroed in on Alan Cutler.

Cal: “Alan, why are you laughing back there? You have your first communion money. No, it wouldn’t be communion money, what would that be?”

Cutler: “Communion? Me? Jewish guy from New York?”

Cal: “Bar mitzvah money, I don’t know what it is.”

Cutler: “That’s long gone.”

He’s not a fan of Friday games either

Earlier in the presser, Calipari ranted about late tip times, and at the end, he went after scheduling again, complaining about all the Friday games.

“I don’t know who made the — I’m still mad we’re playing Friday. Why are we playing Friday games? Why are we? I don’t know. We’re playing every Friday. Like, Friday? I guess we don’t want to step on football. I don’t know why we’re playing all these Fridays.”


Kentucky officially announces three fall signees

College basketball’s fall signing period is over and the University of Kentucky had three signees join its 2018 class.

The school officially named the three future Wildcats — who are Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro — in a press release Thursday morning.

“We’ve signed three really good players, really good kids who had a burning desire to be at Kentucky, which tells you they’ve got a toughness to them,” John Calipari said. “They didn’t need to be begged; they wanted to be here. All three are guards, all three are tough, and all three have a fight and a skill about them. All three of them are gym rats – the kind of guys who come here and do well. All three are driven and wired the way you have to be to be successful here. They’re going to add to what we do.”

In a video attached to the release, Calipari shared his thoughts on his new guys:

“I’m excited for this class,” he added. “And we’re not done yet. We have to see where all this stuff goes, but our need, we have filled. These three guys are what we needed, and that’s what’s happened. I’m excited.”

Go Cats.