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Kentucky moves up to No. 16 in the AP Poll

Kentucky moves up to No. 16 in the AP Poll

The AP voters were impressed with Kentucky’s victory this past weekend over North Carolina.

In the latest edition of the AP Poll, the Wildcats moved up to No. 16 in the nation.

Following Kansas’ loss to Arizona State, the Jayhawks dropped to No. 5 while Duke reclaimed the No. 1 spot. Michigan (No. 2), Tennessee (No. 3), and Virginia (No. 4) rounded out the top five.

Within the conference, Tennessee holds the top spot while Auburn (No. 12), Kentucky (No. 16), and Mississippi State (No. 19) round out the SEC.

Interestingly enough, North Carolina (8-3) still sits ahead of the Wildcats at No. 14 overall.

Check out the entire poll below:

It’ll be nice to take away those four votes next to Louisville’s name next week.

Here’s Why Rick Pitino’s New Job In Greece Is Perfect

Here’s Why Rick Pitino’s New Job In Greece Is Perfect

Rick Pitino is reportedly on his way to Greece to coach Panathinaikos B.C. of the EuroLeague. It’s the perfect job for Pitino if you ask me.

Here’s why:


He has a winning record in Athens.

Pitino went 6-2 against Georgia as the head coach at Kentucky.

He’ll be coaching several players who couldn’t make it in the NBA.

So, not much different than the talent he had at Louisville.

He can pay players and the FBI won’t care.

This is a two-parter: (1) Panathinaikos plays in a professional league, so Pitino can (and is expected to) pay his players; and (2) he can do so without concerns of conversations being recorded by the federal government of the United States, which has no jurisdiction or authority in Athens — or anywhere else in Greece, for that matter.

He can’t ruin what is already in ruins.

To borrow a joke from my good friend Corey on Twitter: It is hard to leave a program in ruins if it is already surrounded by ruins.

He’ll be at The Derby every year.

Not the Kentucky Derby, but the “Derby of the Eternal Enemies,” the name given to Panathinaikos’ game against rival Olympiacos. It’s also called the “Mother of all Battles.”

He’ll get to coach Antetokounmpo after all.

Shortly after losing his job at Louisville, Pitino reached out to the Milwaukee Bucks about its head coaching vacancy. The Bucks were not interested, therefore Pitino missed out on the opportunity to coach Giannis Antetokounmpo, one of the stars of the NBA.

But now he can coach Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Giannis’ older brother, who is currently on the Panathinaikos roster.

The Greeks don’t like Trojans either.

But hopefully Pitino doesn’t go around leaking little soldiers out of his wooden horse. He, and Greece, did enough damage by doing that already.

Prostitution is legal in Greece.

According to a Google search and not my own personal experiences, prostitution is legal in Greece. This would allow Pitino to maintain his recruiting strategies from his time at Louisville.


See? It’s the perfect job.