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The Funkhouser Situation E10: We’re Casting a Hollywood Film!

Lee Cruse and Steely Dan-hater Chris Tomlin are back for another excellent edition of KSR’s pop culture podcast, The Funkhouser Situation.  This week they share what movies they watched this weekend, dish on Larry David’s SNL monologue, and…

—  This week’s Big Story: Chris and Lee cast a Hollywood Action Comedy.

—  Why Lee and Chris dislike Avatar.

—  Lee knows what is wrong with UK football.

—  As usual, Tomlin provides a Kevin Can Wait plot update.

—  Are writers too harsh on Trump?

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The Inspiration for the Zumbo Test

Zumbo’s Just Desserts and Other Oddities

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is like the Great British Baking Show but on acid.  The Netflix show, set in Australia, uses Zumbo’s fanciful desserts as inspiration for baking challenges.  Presumably, Zumbo is some sort of household name in the land down under.  Since there are so many baking and cooking shows on TV it’s hard to be shocked by something innovative.  The Great British Baking Show, Holiday Baking Challenge, Top Chef, Food Network Star and Chopped have all settled their own corner on the market.  But, Zumbo’s Just Desserts has managed to craft something unique and different.  The recipe for a Zumbo’s Just Desserts episode is as follows:

  • 1 cup Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
  • 20 lbs of dry ice for dramatic effect
  • A pinch of obscure Australian references
  • Two heaping spoonful’s of slow motion photography
  • Stir counterclockwise (Cause, Australia) till well mixed!

Zumbo embraces all things quirky and whimsical.  The participant’s professions seem to embody this commitment to all things odd. Here are some of the amateur baker’s professions:

  • Brogen (a stay at home mum)
  • Michael (Brickie)
  • Ashley (airline crewing)
  • Wendy (art lover)
  • Daniel (Bouncer)
  • Peter (Car Salesman)
  • Kate (No-nonsense Mum)
  • Patricia (Eternal Optimist)

The bakers are a ragtag group of dessert-enthusiasts who say things like “I like the feel of flour on my skin” or seem slightly unhinged.

The Inspiration for the Zumbo Test

The show culminates with the Zumbo Test. The test, while tragically named, is perfectly designed.  The bottom two contestants are given a dessert, created by Zumbo, to recreate. The dessert is presented under a dome veiled by dry ice clouds.  The presentation is overly dramatic because the moment is dramatic.  The bottom two contestants have to sweat under the lights for four hours while trying to imitate Zumbo’s masterpiece.  The rest of the contestants get to sit for four hours and silently judge their competitors skills.   It is deliciously satisfying to watch amateurs mimic the techniques of master Pastry chefs.  The glorious catastrophe of watching regular people attempts gels, sablees, salted caramel curd, mirror glaze, and 1,000 other techniques is exactly what Zumbo’s Just Desserts is about.

The amateur baker’s representation of his creation.

In the end, the contestants made two mirror glazed raisins that looked like deflated examples of Zumbo’s creation.  The end results are pitiful creations made with good intentions and inexperience.

Overall, Zumbo’s personality is bland, but what he lacks in personality he makes up in creativity, pizzazz and showmanship.  Similarly, his contestants are amateur bakers, but what they lack in skills they make up in quirky personalities and determination.

It’s the best.

The Walking Dead “Monsters” Review

The Walking Dead “Monsters” Review


Welcome back viewers! It has been an unusual start to Season 8 of TWD so far. We talked about the problems in the first episode 2 weeks ago. Last week was so off kilter I couldn’t come up with a review that felt halfway right, so after a week off, let’s talk about the characters and ongoings of Rick and his war on the Saviors. Negan is still trapped by Walkers at The Sanctuary with his gang and Gabriel. That leaves the frontal assault on the alleged gun hideout and other outposts. There are 3 main groups that have split the team up, bogging each of them down in different ways. Here is a look at what each one is dealing with.

The Kingdom: Ezekiel, Carol, good guy Jerry, random warriors, and Shiva 

The King has led his group, along with ass kicking Carol, to fight against outposts that have been warned of their approach. Ezekiel has been his Shakespearean best before these conflicts which arise beyond the horizon! Sorry, got carried away. Which I think is the point for Ezekiel. His bravado shown to his troops has truly put their fears to rest as they attempt to take the fight to the Saviors. Waving his sword around, chatting with Carol along the way, even the little conflict last week with the grenade throwing Savior have placed his group in a battle frame of mind. The strategy Carol comes up with works out for the Kingdom, saving them from an ambush. Their first battle appears to be won, but alas! Hark! Scatter! They have a… Yeah, moving across an open field is never a good choice in war. In Carol and Ezekiel’s defense, they believed the big gun was at another outpost. Watching the warriors jumping on top of Ezekiel shows how much he means to them in a weird Save The King! way. We shall see if Carol can save the group by infiltrating the compound all by herself.

The Hilltop: Jesus, Morgan, Tara, group fighters, and lots of prisoners 

This is the group of the show that had Twitter in a tizzy last night. I’ll discuss Twitter at the end to not get side tracked, but this was a difficult portion of the show. I don’t understand how people can watch a moral debate and crap on it so much. I’ll give you some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy, which seems to be an unfortunate theme this season. However, this has always been a part of the show. The debate between Tara, Jesus, and Morgan of what to do with the captured Saviors is the context of this groups portion of the show. Walkers falling down the hill was entertaining. Morgan’s insistence on taking out the prisoners led to a fight with Jesus. The fight was actually well done, even with the eventual Morgan leaving the group. His demons have been unleashed again, not in a good way. This group is walking that fine line of morality of kill or be compassionate to your enemy. It really isn’t until Jesus says, “We have to live with these people after its all over.” that the main point is made. The Apocalypse is a civil war in a way. Every one of these people are ‘Muricans by God! With so few people left, every one of them means something for the way forward. Let us just hope Morgan comes back quicker than his 5 seasons between appearances this time.

Alexandrians: Rick, Daryl, Aaron, Eric, Tobin, and fighters

To someone who has watched the show from the beginning, to have an original season 1 character pop up was cool. Hey Morales! How’s it been going? Oh, your whole family died and you suck now. It was a great, quick chat Rick and Morales have. It shows you the that no matter what group you belong to, you can be seen as a monster from a certain point of view. Daryl’s thoughts on the whole kill or be kind debate is easily answered. Aaron losing Eric is heart breaking. We should all be that upset over the loss of your partner in life. Aaron clearly has plenty of guilt over the death, especially since it was his idea to join the fight. Taking over care of the discovered baby at the end of the episode was odd, yet it could show his heart is in the fight fo all the right reasons. Rick and Daryl appear to be headed off to save Ezekiel and Carol with the knowledge the guns they believed they were going after are actually at the outpost the Kingdom is attacking.

Loose Ends and Random Thoughts 

The brief scenes with Maggie and Gregory worked well. Maggie has shown she is the true leader of the Hilltop now. I had no idea pancakes were such a hot commidity at the Hilltop. The Walker eating someone’s bald head was the kill of the week. Where are the Heapsters? After being heavily involved at the end of season 7, not a bad haircut has been spotted so far this year. Morales showing up, while brief, was a nice nod to the earlier incarnation of the show. I think he talked more in this episode than all of season 1.

Twitter and Trolls 

Finally, a quick thought on Twitter and trolls. I know this season hasn’t gotten off to the best start for viewers, and something that has become a trend is to totally crap on a show when people think it has jumped the shark. Granted I like having informed discussion about TWD, but last night was a quagmire of hate. To be honest, I didn’t watch until this morning, yet I followed on Twitter to see reactions. This may become the new normal for this post, to say I can stay outside of the mob mentality. Was Monsters the best episode? No it wasn’t. Was it total crap that viewers said it was? I disagree. There was plenty of action, much better context, and some moral dilemas to hash out. For anyone still sticking with the show, this post will return every Monday! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. We can follow all the differences that we have as fans. Until next Monday, ta ta.

You can follow me on Twitter @BradTheMedic02

The Funkhouser Situation: Episode 9

You hear that?  It sounds like another amazing episode of The Funkhouser Situation.  This week, LEX18’s Hayley Harmon makes a special guest appearance that leads Chris and Lee to a discussion about all of the exciting things that happened in pop culture from 2003.  Other highlights include…

—  Lee Cruse is a Halloween curmudgeon.

—  Another ridiculous update on Kevin James’ sitcom.

—  The dynamic duo’s favorite players in the World Series.

—  What is Tomlin’s problem with Steely Dan?

—  Lee shares his love for Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Does the Preview of Hearth & Hand™ live up to the hype?

Does the Preview of Hearth & Hand™ live up to the hype?

They say you should write what you know.  I know that on November 5th, 2017, I will be using my extra daylight saving time hour by purchasing Hearth & Hand items.  H&H, the Magnolia Homes/Fixer Upper/Joanna Gaines brand for Target, has items available for preview, but won’t be available for purchase till this Sunday.  The preview allows consumers to pre-game their strategy for the upcoming release date. How early should I begin my camp out in front of Target?  Does the lady in line in front of me look like a fast sprinter? How aggressive do I want to be for a name card holder?  In short, is the Hearth & Home brand worth the hassle?

Verdict: A Mild Disappointment

Not all the items available at Target are home runs.  There are a few pieces that the world could live without.  For example, Joanna Gaines may have overestimated America’s love for goat-centric decorations.  Also, the collection uses a consistent color-scheme of black and white stripes with hunter green accents.  The overall effect is a Starbucks/Prison work release vibe. Regardless, the main concern with the Hearth & Hand experiment is that the brand would be too much exposure for the Gaines.   With the news that this will be the last season of Fixer Upper, I’ll take whatever exposure I can get.

Verdict: A Guilty Pleasure

In reality, none of these items are necessary, but what is fascinating is how cute frivolous items can be.  Wreaths that are 75% complete = delightful! House shaped cookie cutters = need.   Malformed dinner plates = manufactured artistry!   The collection even has a category called, “giftables.”  I wasn’t aware that there was a word fancier than gifts and presents combined. (In theory, I believe that all things can be “giftables”) However you wrap it, each piece of Hearth & Hand has the potential to brighten someone’s day.

Verdict: Worth It

A fortune cookie once told me, “Sometimes the anticipation of a big thing makes the actual thing seem small.”  Overall, the anticipation of Hearth & Hand looks like it will be worth the wait.  The collection promises to “add some nostalgia to your child’s playthings” with a vintage dollhouse.  And even though I desperately want to hate on a toy that brings “nostalgia” to toddlers, the result is so sweet it’s impossible to hate.

Along with the Starbucks/Prison Work Release vibe, H&H also continues with a simple house motif.  The simplistic look, perfected by the Shakers, is clean.  The minimalist construction of one square house with one triangle roof is calming.  The clean lines remind me of when I used to draw one square house with one triangle roof.  The house motif adds some nostalgia to remind me of my child playthings.

Oh I see what they did there.

It’s hard to properly judge these pieces before you can actually get your hands on them. Sometimes you need to feel the heft of a good giftable before you gauge if they were worth all the hype.  If you need me, on Sunday morning, I’ll be doing just that.

Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Are So 2017

Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Are So 2017

It’s that time of year again!  It’s the time for people to pair their love of dress up with their favorite piece of pop culture.  Over the year, I’ve saved all of the best trends, characters and iconic moments from 2017, just so you can have the most perfectly relevant costume at whichever monster mash you attend! I’m sure you’ll win the Most Original Costume trophy while everyone else is dressed as Wonder Woman or Sexy Pennywise. (It’s a thing!)

Best Costume For Infants – Literal Baby Driver

Items Needed: A baby, A baby carrier, Baby Steering Wheel, Cool Ray Bans, Iphone headphones, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Blaring.

This costume will help you weed out who you actually want to talk to at the party. If they haven’t seen Baby Driver, then they can go talk to the twelve other people dressed as Eleven in the corner.  Be sure to perfect the perfect Baby Driver snarl to complete your look.


Best Couples Costume – BBC Interview Girl

Items Needed: A man who is all business, a charming girl (or lady for couples!) in yellow

Nothing brings me more joy than this viral video.  I love the dad who just wants to talk about South Korean politics.  I love girl #1 who strolls in with the most confidence ever seen.  I love girl #2 who’s gone rogue in a stroller.  I love the Mom who tries to casually crawl behind the husband to protect his stodgy reputation.

I need this costume to happen.  We must not allow ourselves to forget.

Most Regional Specific – Ellen Calipari

Items Needed: A tasteful turtleneck, A Brad Calipari jersey, A fresh Mom Cut, Dangling Silver Earrings, the quiet confidence that you possess the greatest brownie recipe ever known.

Most likely, the first woman of UK would not be recognizable outside of the tri-state area.  It’s best to keep this costume confined to the Bluegrass state, otherwise you might be confused with someone’s aunt who has earned, not given.


Most Fabulous – Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement

Items Needed: An elaborate floral arrangement, a mossy green veil, maroon undergarments

Although it seems like years ago since Beyonce dropped her iconic pregnancy announcement, the actual post came in February.   Which means, it’s fair game for Halloween 2017!  Pregnant women will probably have a better time being recognized with this costume.


Most Likely to Make Others Uncomfortable –  Sexy Mr. Clean

Items Needed: white eyebrows, piercing blue eyes, a single gold earring, fitted white tee, a mop (obviously.)

Sexy Mr. Clean makes everyone around him uncomfortable.  Perhaps that’s how he gets rid of germs.   When Mr. Clean 2.0 was released in 2017, I knew he was bound to be the inspiration for many costumes.


Most Basic/Horrifying – Unicorn Frappuccino

Items Needed: Unicorn Head, glitter, basic Starbucks costume, more glitter, pink feather boa.

In April 2017, if you were honest with yourself, you considered getting a Unicorn Frappuccino.  Whether your motives were ironic or good-intentioned, the Frappuccino was a sweet symbol of fantasy, prediabetes and over priced drinks. Although the drink is gone, but not forgotten, the Unicorn Frappuccino Costume will help the dream live on for one more night.

Most 2017 – Snapchat Hot dog Man

Items Needed: Hot dog costume, green headphones, hot dog eyebrows(!?)

No one asked for a Hot dog wearing headphones with weird little wiener joints, but we got one anyway.   Snapchat’s most exciting protein would make a great addition to your Halloween wardrobe.   


Least Recognizable – The Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Items Needed: Three participants, red tank top, plaid short sleeve button up, creepy whistle/cat call, light blue tank top, a look of utter disgust

No one will guess what your costume is, but as long as you know that going in, it will be fun to watch people flounder.  It’s also a conversation starter.  People will love explaining their favorite version to you!  Here’s mine!


Most Open to Interpretation – Covfefe

Items Needed: Coffee with fefe?, negative press?, IDK

The is a huge amount of artistic license for those who want to be, wear or embody covfefe.  At the very least, a “Hello,  my name is Covfefe” name tag will suffice.




Most Intrusive – Solar Eclipse

Items Needed: eclipse glasses, all black attire, commitment to standing in front “the sun.”

Where were you when the great eclipse of 2017 happened? Probably standing outside wondering, “is this it?”  Regardless of your geographical location, this costume should get you a path of totality right to the Best Costume Award.  The key is “eclipsing” others throughout the night (i.e. standing directly in front of others.)

Happy Haunting Y’All!

Geek Out with the New Podcast from Hey Kentucky’s Cameraman Daniel: Nerds for Normal People

Geek Out with the New Podcast from Hey Kentucky’s Cameraman Daniel: Nerds for Normal People

If you’re like me, you only know enough about what is fondly considered “nerd culture” to make conversation for a little while before it’s very clear that you don’t know a lot about what you’re talking about. It’s a good thing I have wonderful friends who do, and they’re very patient with me. Now they’re willing to do the same for you.

You all know Cameraman Daniel, who works with Hey Kentucky! and who has been dragged around the country with Matt, Drew and Ryan. On Friday, Daniel launched his new podcast Nerds for Normal People, which helps filter through the fanboyism to present deep cuts from comic books, film, fantasy, sci-fi and more in a way those who don’t devour the extra source material can learn from.

Check out the first episode, “Of Mustaches and Supermen” at iTunes here and give it a whirl. If you like it, get a subscription. And then start wowing your friends and neighbors with references to people like “Darkseid” and complain about Suicide Squad like a professional.

The Funkhouser Situation: Episode 8

Just in time for Halloween, The Funkhouser Situation dives into horror films to discuss the best the genre has to offer.  Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse dish on the 25 highest-grossing horror flicks of all-time to help you get in the mood for Halloween.  Highlights:

— What makes a horror movie scary?

—  An update on Kevin James’ ridiculous sitcom plot.

—  A critically-acclaimed Netflix horror-flick about a haunted STD.

—  Does Lee like Tomlin’s Mindhunter recommendation?

—  What the Ghostbusters reboot did wrong.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Profession Ranked –From Best to Worst

Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Profession Ranked –From Best to Worst

Even though it’s October, it’s not too soon to start planning your Hallmark Christmas movie lineup.  Last Friday, the king of holiday movies unveiled thirty-three new Christmas titles.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t immediately comb through the gallery of movies while silently judging their premises.  In an attempt to make this idle time more productive, I’ve ranked the given professions of the female main characters.  Occupations were judged on their desirability, profitability and charm.  While I maintain that all Hallmark Christmas Movie proposals come from mad libs, the quirky careers will provide all the whimsy needed for a predictable meet cute, adorable courtship and inevitable happy ending.

Here are all of the available Christmas movie professions, ranked.

14. Lawyer

The legal profession is too real for my Christmas movie heroines.   In Christmas Festival of Ice, Emma finds out that there is “more to life than legal briefs.”  Emma will shuffle through manila folders, have a tight up-do and wear the entire collection from Ann Taylor.   There is zero whimsy and charm in the legal profession.

13. National Christmas Tree Hunter

It’s unclear if Holly Kuhn’s (terrible name) actual profession is a Christmas tree hunter, but we’re going with it.  Holly the Tree Hunter, from Miss Christmas, has no job security.  She profits from destroying forests and she doesn’t even have a cool reality series like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

12. NYC Real Estate Developer

Anna, in The Christmas Shop, takes the worst land in the best neighborhood and flips it for profit.  By the sounds of the summary, she is grinding it out in NYC.  Boring.  Give me a cute couple working together to flip houses in a quaint town in Texas and I’m game.

11. Town Veterinarian

While being a doctor is lucrative and respectable, I’ve seen how my pets act at the vet office.  There is nothing romantic about fleas, rashes and anal gland expressions.   Christmas in Evergreen is set in Vermont, so the good doctor’s problems probably involve weird goat afflictions and dairy cow disasters.  Bah Humbug.

10.Santa Fe Interior Designer

There have been plenty of designers in Hallmark holiday movies, but has there ever been a Santa Fe Interior Designer?  Enchanted Christmas plans to right this wrong.  Laura’s day-to-day life is rough.  Probably from having to decorate homes with this image all day: 

Laura, crippled from the arid desert air, has to turn to salsa dancing as a release.  From there, in the least festive setup ever, Laura gets in the Christmas spirit.

9. House Manager for an Exquisite Estate

Coming Home for Christmas  explores how fulfilling it can be to plan galas and events for people who own an exquisite estate.  While planning fancy parties with other people’s money sounds nice, I’d prefer to attend the parties rather than plan the party.  

8. Struggling Broadway Actress

Christmas Encore is a “modern take” on A Christmas Carol.   The struggling Broadway actress isn’t played by Sutton Foster, so I’m not interested. 

7. Ski Lodge Owner

Everything I know about ski lodges I learned from that one episode of Boy Meets World.  Ski lodges have roaring fires, limitless potential for ankle sprains and infidelities.  Owning a ski lodge seems like the perfect way to pair eavesdropping on drama and wearing good flannel.

6. Ad Executive

With Love, Christmas adds a little Mad Men flair to your favorite Hallmark movies, hopefully with less addiction and second hand smoke. Melanie has to find a way to sell the newest phone to the masses.  I literally can’t wait to see how horrible this ad campaign is.

5. Sweet Bookshop Worker

In A Gift to Remember, a “sweet bookshop worker” has to help a man get his memories back.  I’m not sure of the science behind this story, but what I do like is that the main character doesn’t own the store, she just works in it.  Owning a bookstore is so 1998 with You’ve Got Mail.  Not owning a store allows for you to restore memories in your freetime, a luxury you could not afford if you were a small business owner.

4. Travel Writer

 Emory is a free spirit, but you already knew that because she’s named, Emory.   All free spirits are either yoga instructors, kindergarten teachers or travel writers.  Emory won the free spirit lottery when she snagged the most exciting of the three.  I really look forward to the character development they use by giving Emory a big leather bag to help describe how worldly she is.

3. Aspiring Romance Writer

Being a romance writer is like being a travel writer, but better. Travel writers have to wear jackets with lots of pockets, haul luggage and write accurate reports about places. Romance writers get to wear pajamas, stay at home and make up sassy stories.

Romance writing is the superior profession.

2. Bridal Boutique Owner

Imagine a job where you get to help women prepare for their best day.  Imagine a job where you get to observe family dynamics influenced by stress.  Imagine a job where you profit from overpriced dresses that will only be worn once. Owning a bridal shop is the trifecta of desirability, profitability and charm in a profession.

1. American Gingerbread Competition Contestant

While I remain loyal to Christmas movies, the Holiday Baking Challenges on Food Network hold a special place in my heart.  The Sweetest Christmas is the perfect recipe for a combination between these two sweet treats.  Played by Lacey Chabert, the Queen of Christmas movies, a “struggling pastry chef” competes in a competition, but has to use her ex-boyfriend’s pizza oven.  While the premise is strained, the result is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Plus, everyone looks cute in an apron.

The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War


Per our time together last season, I’m assuming you watched Sunday’s episode. If not, Don’t Open, Dead Inside.


Welcome back to another season of The Walking Dead! Rick and his group of survivors begin to take back their lives by standing up to the Saviors and Negan, or at least die trying. Last year’s season finale brought the 3 major communities together to fight the oppressors from the Sanctuary. Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop joined forces to battle Negan. The season of All Out War has started and there is only one word that comes to mind in describing the opening salvo: disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, it is cool to have the show back on. There was just something off in Mercy. Was it mood? Too much knowledge I have of the comic? Rick’s brooding? I can’t pinpoint one part of the episode that brought me to the conclusion of disappointment. However the problems can be placed into categories, so let us explore them.


Probably the major issue I had was context. The circle of friends I discuss the show with have a mixed bag of knowledge of TWD. One is a show only watcher. Another one, who actually introduced me to the comic, stopped reading the books awhile ago yet still watches the show. Funkhouser’s own Josh Juckett has kept up to date with both mediums like I have. In discussing last night’s show we all had different issues, with the main one being context. Book readers know about Old Man Rick. Show only fans have no idea what that means. Why bring that glimpse into the show now? It did nothing to forward the story, only confuse people. Also, showing Rick red eyed and asking forgiveness with his wrath while a rainbow danced across his head was completely unnecessary. What the hell was that? It made no sense whatsoever. If they had dropped every scene that was a possible flash forward, or a flashback, the show would have been streamlined better, leaving the main plot less confusing. Last but not least, the scenes with Carl looking for gas, stumbling upon a starving person, leaving him food? I have no idea what good that did for the story going forward. Maybe a tease setup for the Whispers? There is so much time left in the season surely it could’ve been done at a later date. It just lost me.


Writing up a review is always trying for me. I write, delete, write some more, move this paragraph up and down, then reread until my eyes look like bicycle girl from the first episode. In other words, I try to put the best story forward. The editing of Mercy left a lot to be desired. If show runner Scott M. Gimple wanted to give a glimpse into the future, or possible futures, shoe horning the scenes in between Rick’s assault on the Sanctuary was a poor choice. Building tension makes the show great. Who can forget what it felt like when Negan played Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, walking with Lucille in front of the gang, whistling impending doom. In Mercy, we get Negan walking out of his holdout, then a commercial, then a flash back. Any tension built up has escaped us. Placing Carol, Morgan, Daryl, and Tara bringing the herd of Walkers was well done, but without the tension the payoff still seemed lacking.


This turned into a mixed bag. Rick and Negan yelling at each other was great. Old Man Rick wandering through his house casually talking not so much. And the line Negan says to Gabriel at the end? What a waste. I’ve been waiting for that scene for two seasons. In the comics it is delivered in the same time frame, with the fences down and Walkers everywhere. It is meant to convey how much trouble the Saviors are in while drenched in sarcasm. The scene they choose to use “I hope you’ve got your s#@$tting pants on.” falls flat. Jeffery Dean Morgan is made for this role. It felt like his first misstep in his potrayal of Negan. At least we’ve learned from press release Negan will be allowed to say his favorite word at least two forking times this season.

What Did Work

There were bright spots. Carol, Morgan, Daryl, Dwight, Jesus, Maggie, and Ezekiel shined in their brief times. The look on Gabriel’s face when he locked himself in unknowingly with Negan was well done. Daryl’s ride from hell was cool. Starting this battle for the Apocalypse sputtered, yet I still have faith. The next few episodes show the promise of more action. With so many Saviors at different outposts needing to be dealt with, people will die. Will it be major characters? If they make it right, this could work. I just hope the show finds it footing.

Who Will Die?

One thing that didn’t happen was a major character death. Not too surprising given last years onslaught at the start. However, with war comes casualties. Who will they be? I place Carol, Morgan, and Simon on the list. We also didn’t see the Junkyard Dogs, so their leader could be up there. Who do you think will die this year? When will it happen? Let me know what you think in the comments. You can also tweet Josh Juckett @banterjosh, and myself @BradtheMedic02 for further discussion and insight. Until next weeks episode, ta ta.




The Funkhouser Situation: Episode 7

Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse are back for another excellent edition of The Funkhouser Situation.  KSR’s pop culture podcast touches on a variety of topics from the week, including…


—  Are the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees any good?

—  Take ’em or leave ’em: which Hollywood celebrities they can live with and without.

—  Is Taylor Swift fun to hang out with?

—  Netflix series recommendation: Mindhunter.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Tom Petty and the NBA Outlook You’ve Been Looking For: Part II

Tom Petty and the NBA Outlook You’ve Been Looking For: Part II

The NBA season starts tonight so here is the final bit of prognosticating before tip off.  In case you missed last week’s Eastern Conference preview you can check that out here.  Remember, the team predictions are all in honor of Tom Petty and therefore each team’s song will be a Tom Petty song.

Dallas- “Into the Great Wide Open”

“His leather jacket had chains that would jingle
They both met movie stars, partied and mingled
Their A&R man said, “I don’t hear a single.”
The future was wide open”

The Dallas Mavericks have been riding on the Dirk Nowitzki train for a long time.  As Nowitzki prepares for his 20th season, the Mavs appear like they’re trying to gear up for one more playoff push.  The Mavs will have a veteran team with a potential star in rookie Dennis Smith.  Ultimately I think the West is just too tough and probably the Mavs will be staring into the post-Nowitzki void in the near future.  From there who knows what to expect for Dallas.