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LEAKED: UNC Championship Celebration Schedule

LEAKED: UNC Championship Celebration Schedule


The Walking Dead Episode Recap: “Last Day on Earth”

The Walking Dead Episode Recap: “Last Day on Earth”


(The following recap is guest written by Brad Morris for Funkhouser)

Well… this is the post I’ve been dreading all season. The post to end season 7 of The Walking Dead. I’ve now rewatched it twice for you dear reader, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I also went to the source code, reading the comic issues that most reflected the events that took place on “The First Day of the Rest Of Your Life”. This post will be a hodgepodge of thoughts, so bear with me. Lots of moments and characters to get through. That happens with a 90 season finale. First let’s touch on the characters and groups.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


And Abraham!!! I know Josh and I have been down on Sasha this season, mainly due to her storyline repeatedly going through the same motions, but I think some of that was redeemed last night. Love Bob? He dies and you get suicidal. Love your brother Tyreese? He dies and you get suicidal. Love Abraham? I think I see a pattern here. The writers did have to be delicate in their delivery because there are viewers who do enjoy her character. So how best to execute it? Although he was trying not to put his new boss Negan in harms way, Eugene did just that by giving Sasha a suicide pill. She had begged for a weapon to use against Negan, and become a weapon herself she did. Taking the pill and killing herself while trapped in a coffin made her the distraction that saved, for the moment, Rick and the gang.

The flashback scenes with Abraham, harking back to the day they all left for the Hilltop for Maggie, was sweet and made me miss Abraham as a character. And that’s something TWD has done well over the seasons. Take a character already gone and bring them back to help usher off another that they had been close with. That being said, I’m glad this story arc with Sasha is over and done with. Good luck to Sonequa Martin-Green, as she travels to the new edition of Star Trek on CBS.


I said last week that the final scene needed to play out before I commented on it, and I’m glad I did. Dwight is extremely pivotal to Rick’s group going forward and that first meet up was well done. Dwight has nothing left except revenge against Negan. He’s lost Sherry, he’s lost his pretty face, and he’s lost pride. Going to Alexandria was a huge risk on his part, but the rewards I feel will come much further down the road. His first bit of info was left in the form of a little action figure found by Daryl at the end of the episode that simply said “didn’t know”. He had to be referring to the Scavenger group being a part of Negan’s plans. Obviously if he had known that it would’ve been the first thing he told Rick. His story arc in the comics was a joy to read, and we’re off to a great start with Dwight undermining the Saviors.


The Battle For Alexandria

This was what the entire second half of the season had been building up to. The pulse of a true battle ebbs and flows, like the tide. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re on your knees again. Although Rick thought they had prepared well for this, the Scavenger’s double cross threw a big ole wrench into the best laid plans. The saddest point in the battle of Alexandria wasn’t Rick and Carl on their knees. It wasn’t Walker Sasha being revealed. No the saddest moment was when Rick looked at Eugene and decided he could no longer be counted on. Looking at Rosita and telling her to blow the explosives was Rick showing he was willing to end Eugene’s life for the greater good. Of course this didn’t happen.


Negan gave a great speech as always, and even told Rick this was going to hurt. Walker Sasha gave the gang time to act. Carl didn’t hesitate, taking out 3 or 4 Scavengers like they were target practice. The fight Michonne had on the rooftop was brutal to watch. Walker Sasha didn’t get Negan, but she did munch on a couple of Saviors. How important was she? The Talking Dead pointed out that this was only the second episode in the series to have only 1 walker, the other being Season 2 when Dale was killed by 1.


When Rick and Carl are on their knees (again), Rick doesn’t back down from Negan this time. He doubles down on his promise to kill him showing no fear. And then the highlight of the season. As Carl is about to be batting practice, Shiva saves the day! Was it telegraphed and obvious? Yeah. Was it fracking cool? Hells yes! The Hilltop and the Kingdom save Alexandria in an epic gun battle. Morgan and Carol have returned to fighting form. Maggie leads the Hilltop with Jesus’s blessing. Seeing Shiva in action was spine tingling. Great CGI this time makes up for the deer a few episodes ago.


Seeing King Ezekiel lead his people into battle was very Braveheart. I’d also like to thank Greg Nicotero for a nod to “Escape From New York”. After Shiva’s arrival, Negan picks up a gun that looks just like Snake Pliskin’s. And I’d like to ask what kind of Call of Duty gun was Daryl using near the end? I could go on and on and on about what happened in this battle, but what’s the point? You watched it!!!

Season 8

I 100% predicted Negan’s last words for the season, “We’re going to war.” Negan flipping everyone off as he left in a truck was priceless. But now we’ve fully set up what next season is going to be about. None of this whining about getting stuff for Negan, its time to take him out. My prediction is next seasons promotional theme will be “All Out War”. Now will it fully follow the comic? Of course not. Eugene being a Savior now is something I didn’t see coming. But the seeds have been planted for a great season. Scott M Gimple, the main show running, said that the first 4 episodes of next season are 🦇 💩 crazy. Does this mean next season will be the last? I’m not sure. Josh and I will have a huge podcast to talk about that very thing later this week.


Robert Kirkman

I’d also like to point out a couple of highlights from the Robert Kirkman Q and A that took place last week at EKU. I was able to ask a couple of questions and I’ll have the extended answers on the Deadcast. But something of note that I think you, the viewer, would be interested in is his answers about Negan. He didn’t flat out say it, but heavily hinted that 1 episode next season would deal solely with Negan’s backstory. That is something that was only recently dealt with in a short comic series, and if they stick to its script, Jeffery Dean Morgan will eat that up. Another funny answer he gave was who he sees playing every character he writes about, and that is Ed O’Neil. Someone asked who he sees playing Mark from Invincible in a movie, and his answer was Ed O’Neil. He doesn’t like to say who he sees as a particular character, because if that person doesn’t get the role they might be pissed, and the fans might not like who they do cast. Great answer.


Whew! That was a ton of stuff to get through. I can’t wait to tape the Deadcast with Josh this week. So many topics to go over and chew on. I am sad that this is my last post for the season. For those of you that have followed along, I thank you. For those of you that have just come on board, I thank you. My first endeavor into writing has been a joy to do and I can’t wait to continue on this summer with other pop culture articles. 1 thing I will tell you I’m doing, just for you fans, is I’m attending Walker Stalker, a TWD convention in Nashville this June. It should lead to several interviews and podcasts that can get us through to next 6 months until TWD returns. Once again, thanks for reading, and until we meet again, ta ta.

Do Pop Culture Audiences Deserve Good Endings?

Do Pop Culture Audiences Deserve Good Endings?


*inevitable mild spoilers*

I’ve been thinking a lot about the endings to movies, TV shows and podcasts.  It all started when I was disappointed with the end of This is Us.  I felt like I was owed an explaination for a specific storyline that ran through the first season of the show.  In the end, I was left with this weird question mark.  It was like ending a song on the wrong chord.  I felt like I had been wronged.  I was ready to rage against the writers.   I wanted to make an embroidered hat that read “Make Stories End Again.” The injustice got me thinking, do audiences deserve good endings? Are cliffhangers viable options? In non-fiction especially, should the storyteller tie up all the loose ends or is “that’s how life is” an acceptable retort? Today, we will explore all of the possible answers and come up with a neat and tidy resolution in the end. 

Q: Do Audiences Deserve Good Endings? 

A: Yes

The ending of a story should feel like a solution.  Every piece of the puzzle should paint a picture that leads to an unexpected, yet completely satisfying explanation of what happened.  Last Sunday, audiences were treated to the perfect ending of Big Little Lies  on HBO.  Though the show had its faults, the pieces to the puzzle all came together in the end. Not only was the mystery solved, but it came to satisfying conclusion (so much so that audiences were asking for a second season of the show.) 

But, it’s not that simple. Big Little Lies shows that a cut and dry ending isn’t always true to the story.  The show’s executive producer, David E. Kelley said, “You want to give your audience a sense of closure, and at the same time, life doesn’t serve up closure very often. And in <the final scene>, we were endeavoring to show that the women had come together, that the story is not over.”  Kelley’s endeavor that he was endeavoring to show was that stories don’t have perfect endings.  Which leads us to our next question…

Q: Do Audiences Deserve Good Endings? 

A: No

If I am honest with myself, part of why I finish books or a TV series is to know the mystery.  I want to know the ending so that it can’t be spoiled for me.  Knowledge is power and if I know whether Jon Snow is alive or dead, then it can’t be spoiled for me.  In this case, it is not about whether it is a “good” or “bad” ending, it is just that I know the outcome.  In the case of the three podcasts Missing Richard Simmons, Serial and S-Town, there isn’t a set answer to be known.   There are theories.  There are life lessons to be learned, but there isn’t a neat little bow that ties up the whole package.   Missing Richard Simmons ends with the sounds of the beach.  The answer to the question “where did Richard go?” is up for specualtion.  There is a sortof consensus answer about his whereabouts, but no definitive answer.  

And that’s ok.

Part of what Missing Richard Simmons’ creator Dan Taberski learns through his podcast is that Simmons lead a extremely public life.  Maybe in his recent retreat out of the public eye, he has found a way to become more private.  Maybe Simmons isn’t missing or hiding, he’s just living.   That’s an ending to a story that isn’t very satisfying because it makes the public the bad guy, the villian Simmons is hiding from.  This ending isn’t as satsifying as my working theory as I listened to the podcast.  My theory was that Taberski would peel back the curtain to reveal that Simmons had gained lots of weight and was hiding out of shame.  That’s a Hollywood ending that is satisfying.  That’s a Hollywood ending that says more about me than it does about  Simmons.  I was looking, searching and listening for an ending that was scandalous.  I wanted an ending that was dramatic.  In reality, the real end to Missing Richard Simmons was the correct way to end a story about a man who lived in the spotlight.  It is correct, because it’s the truth. He ends up on a beach, doing what he wants without the scrutiny of the public who wishes the worst for him at the end of a podcast.  It’s not a good ending, but it is the ending that was meant to be told. 

Q: Do Audiences Deserve Good Endings? 

A: Maybe So

Endings can be maddening.  Rational viewers/listeners know that non-fiction stories don’t necessariy have to have perfect endings.  In S-Town, the mystery of finding the gold is never solved.  It ends with this linear description of John Brooks McLemore’s family history.  His story was a series of events that culminated in his ending.  It is what it is and to wish for a different ending isn’t being true to the story. Audiences want Adnan from Serial to have a burping confession like Robert Durst’s from The Jinx.  We want Making a Murderer to end as neatly as Breaking Bad.  That’s never going to happen and we shouldn’t expect them to. 

Endings can be maddening.  And that’s a good thing.  Stories that trail off stick with you.   If you aren’t garunteed an ending, then there is still the thrill of hope.   Do audiences deserve good endings? Yes.  Are good endings guaranteed? No, but we will keep hoping for them anyway.

The End.

The Last Ride

The Last Ride


Last Sunday marked the end of an era for the WWE.  The Undertaker took the ring for the last time in the main event of Wrestlemania.  After losing to Roman Reigns, Taker left his trademark gloves, coat, and hat in the middle of the ring.  This act served as confirmation for what many believed going into the night, the Undertaker was bidding farewell to his life as an in-ring performer.  After the match, the Undertaker stayed in the ring to soak in the moment, which brought many of the fans in Orlando (and those watching on TV) to tears.  The ten minute curtain call was easily the best moment of Wrestlemania, as we looked one last time at the man many consider to be one of the top three wrestling characters of all time.

The match preceding the curtain call, however, has been widely criticized by many wrestling fans and critics.  Twitter was alight with bemoaning of Taker losing, the quality of the match, and the whole Roman Reigns thing.  To be honest, the match itself had some difficult moments to watch.  The nearly-failed Last Ride, the botched reverse Tombstone, the awkward application of Hell’s Gate.  These moments were unfortunate for sure.  The match also was way too long.  There was no reason this match needed to last 20+ minutes, yet it did.  One thing that was lost in the knee jerk reaction of the match was that despite the awkwardness and length, the match told the perfect story.

Yes, you read that right, I thought the storyline of the match was perfect.  Look at the build up to the match.  This match was about whose “yard” the WWE was.  I agree, the metaphor of the “yard” is unfortunate, but this match was designed to end the Undertaker’s career.  Not in a “loser leaves town” or “retirement” match gimmick, but a true swan song for one of the best to ever step in the squared circle.  The Undertaker clearly struggled along at points in this match, but that was what we were being sold in the story.  Reigns had to be, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the better man in this match to sell this angle.

The Undertaker dominated the beginning of the match, but as it wore on Reigns clearly took over.  Look at the bumps Taker took in this match: running into the ring post, getting speared through an announcer table, taking 1000 spears, chair shots, going over the top rope and landing on his feet (this counts as a bump for a guy with the medical history of the Undertaker).  We (fans) wanted to see Taker dominate Reigns like Kendrick Lamar dominating fools in his new song Humble (NSFW).  That would not have served any purpose though.  What does the WWE gain from Undertaker winning?  Sure the feels would’ve been there, but wrestling fans are notorious for holding out hope that our favorites have one more match in them.  Does anyone really believe that the Undertaker has one more match in him after that?  I think that was the point.

That brings us to the Roman Reigns thing.  I’m not going to make a case for Reigns to be (or not to be) whatever the WWE is trying to turn him into.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from listening to Bruce Prichard’s “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, it’s that you have to work with the guys you’ve got available.  All of the other big names were involved in storylines and matches for Wrestlemania, storylines that play out beyond this one night in April.  Ric Flair, Stone Cold, and Shawn Michaels all had the benefit of going out against guys who were there peers in terms of greatness (HBK, Rock, and Undertaker, respectively).  There is nobody on the current roster who is on Undertaker’s level.  Randy Orton and John Cena are the closest, but Orton has been in a storyline with Bray Wyatt and honestly Cena gets booed almost as much as Reigns does.  Triple H may have been an option, but there’s no logical angle there.  The situation was what it was, and Reigns drew the short straw here.  Those who argue for a heel turn may eventually get that, but to turn heel Sunday night Reigns would have risked overshadowing Taker himself.

Ultimately, Undertaker’s last match at Wrestlemania wasn’t about the match at all.  This was an opportunity for him to come out one more time on the stage where he transformed himself into the Phenom.  When we think back on the Undertaker’s career we won’t think about this match.  We’ll think about Wrestlemania 14 when he faced off with Kane.  We’ll think of the 1998 King of the Ring when he threw Mankind off the cell.  We’ll think of Casket matches, Buried Alive matches, the Streak, and all those ridiculously classic matches with Shawn Michaels.  I’ll personally think of 2002 Unforgiven, the only pay-per-view I’ve ever attended.  On that night I watched the Undertaker rip my 16 year old heart out when he beat Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship.  As he laid his gear in the center of the ring Sunday night, he left his heart there for the fans in the arena, for the fans watching, and for me.  #ThankYouUndertaker

undertaker 2


Get Acquainted With ‘S-Town’, an Earnest and Worthwhile Audio Reliquary

Get Acquainted With ‘S-Town’, an Earnest and Worthwhile Audio Reliquary


In the late 1950’s Jack Kent, a well-known and nationally-acclaimed illustrator began writing children’s books, and in 1968, his first book Just Only John was published.  Now considered a collectors item, the book is a delightful tale about a four-year-old boy named John, who desperately yearns to be anything but himself.  So he visits a witch and obtains a magical concoction that allows him to turn into all sorts of animals, including: a lamb, rabbit, pig, and even at one point a long-bearded, teeny-weeny, little old man.  As one can imagine, when he transforms, he is fraught with unexpected dilemmas, but in the end, John discovers an oft-forgotten but essential lesson: Sometimes it’s better to just be yourself.  But that’s easier said than done, especially in a small, rural whistle-stop in Alabama.  More on John in a minute.

S-Town is the latest binge-worthy podcast, presented by This American Life, the same folks that brought you another celebrated, time-siphoning obsession, Serial.  Hosted by producer Brian Reed, the new seven-part series, is just as, if not more all-consuming than it’s predecessor.  While I found Season One of Serial to be gripping, entertaining and unquestionably binge-worthy, frankly I wasn’t ever able to connect with its characters and/or its events on a deeply personal level, and therefore, I’m ashamed to admit—I never finished it.  I’m sure I’ll get around to it though.  But S-Town?  Now that’s another story entirely.  Both Serial and S-Town rely heavily on a narrator, who takes listeners on a journey, investigating a real-life, whodunnit mystery, which starts out simple, but deliberately and methodically unravels into a labyrinthian narrative.  Complete with recorded interviews which are palpable and humanizing, the series is actually fairly straightforward, yet it contains enough false clues, red-herrings and rabbit holes that will have you completely mesmerized, while keeping you guessing after each episode.  It’s consummate storytelling in its purest form.


Artwork by Valero Doval, courtesy of

Initially the bones of the series begin as a murder cover-up, but pretty early on, the narrative begins to quickly shift, and while an underlying mystery remains, as do storm clouds of suspicion, the story dramatically alters its course, unearthing an unbelievably bizarre, but earnest and emotionally penetrating story.  At the center of it all, is John B. McLemore, an eccentric 47 year old man who lives with his ailing mother, on a sprawling farm, map tacked in the small town of Woodstock, Alabama—population 900—which John affectionately refers to as Shit Town.  For years he’s talked about leaving—yet never has.  Why?  “That informed who he was so much and it mattered to him so much that he never left, and he was so tortured about that,” Reed says.  “I think a lot of people have that experience, and it’s an important experience to document.”  Despite being a lifelong resident and well-known around town, John is considered an outsider, a black sheep, a weirdo, some would say.  His fondness for small town gossip surely conveys normality, but the garden hedgerow maze with 64 permutations he’s constructed on his property is certainly peculiar.  Through the interviews we learn John B’s unconventional ways are the talk of the town: there’s faint whisperings he keeps dungeons under his home, and then there’s the gold.  Troves of it, supposedly buried in the woods.  The company he keeps on occasion, including a small group of racist, bigoted, small-minded individuals, as well as some distant relatives, seem awfully interested in the later, and that’s not all the secrets he’s hiding.


Artwork by Valero Doval, courtesy of

There’s no denying that John is a vexing character, in many ways he’s also a walking contradiction. Upon first hearing his profanity laced musings and conspiracist theories on climate change and the looming collapse of society—which he may have predicted, my immediate thought, other than the fact his voice sounds strangely similar to someone I know, was that the guy is a total sociopath.  On one hand he’s arrogant, vile and often crude, and minutes later a sage-like savant in chemistry, botany, and above all horology—a person who studies time—don’t worry I had to look it up too.  Part antiquarian, part misanthrope, part Mad Hatter.  Enigmatic?  Very.  Complex?  Extremely.  A lot like the clocks he meticulously repairs.  But you and I have more in common with him than we might realize.  While he hasn’t made a lot of true friends or sustained meaningful relationships over the years, he’s amassed quite a cache of secrets, locked away unrealized dreams, buried his doubts, fears, and insecurities—not unlike all of us in many ways.  After all, what will your life’s story say about you?  Who will tell it?  And who’ll want to hear it, or remember it?

The book I mentioned earlier on, John Only John, is one John B. owned, cherished, and even gifted to his friend/mentoree Tyler to read to his kids, hoping they’d adore it and learn its lesson—it’s ironic and incredibly sad John never did, or couldn’t or wouldn’t rather.  Or did he?  But what about the murder cover-up?  What about the gold?  You’ll have to listen for yourself to see if they ever found John’s buried fortune.

But maybe, in the end, it was John’s story that was the real treasure all along.

Still, there’s so many unanswered and abiding questions I have about S-Town, and I’m sure after finishing the series, you will too.  I honestly didn’t want the podcast to end, because I was pulled into the vortex that is John B’s psyche—and I’m not alone.  So that’s why the writers of Funkhouser and I are looking forward to unpacking our thoughts on everything S-Town on an upcoming podcast of our own.  We’d like our readers to be a part of it all, so share your thoughts, favorite moments, or lingering conundrums that you have about the series.  Simply @ me on Twitter, and we’ll see if we can include them for our discussion.

To learn more about S-Town visit their website at

“And as the years go by
She will grow old and die
The roses in her garden fade away
Not one left for her grave
Not a rose for Emily…”

Funkhouser Presents The Kentucky Deadcast: Episode 14

Welcome back to the Kentucky Deadcast. The season finale is coming up faster than a Dawn of the Dead zombie, so we’re here to prepare you for it. Brad and Josh have all the insight you need this week to be prepared, as well as finishing off the Walking Dead bracket and going over the episode “Something They Need.” Some of the topics this week include:
– The Winner of “Who is mostly likely to die” bracketology
– Negan being Negan
– The assault on Oceanside
– Sasha and Eugene’s between door conversation
– Lots of comic book spoiler talk in the second half of the podcast

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes, streaming on Podbayor via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Who Can You Pull for in the Final Four?

Who Can You Pull for in the Final Four?


Ah, the Final Four. That halcyon weekend when Kentucky battles it out for the NCAA National Championship. Unfortunately, in 2017, because of a stupid game last Sunday, our Wildcats are not playing this weekend for a national championship. So what the hell are we supposed to do on Saturday? Or even Monday? This is just the worst. But if we have to watch all this dumb basketball, we might as well find out who we can root for. So let’s take a look, I guess.


Notable Alumni: Dirty basketball player John Stockton, Mean Father Bing Crosby
Fun Fact: Gonzaga is located in beautiful Spokane, Washington, where the campus is safe and protected from the many, many serial killers burying bodies in the nearby foothills. Also, your meal plan card now works at Panda Express on Boone Avenue!
Why you should root for them: Three weeks ago, picking Gonzaga to make the Final Four would have meant you know nothing about college basketball – but that same pick this year makes you look like you know a lot about college basketball.
Why you shouldn’t root for them: Gonzaga stole Kyle Wiltjer from us. He was part of the duo “The Goonies,” with Willie Cauley-Stein, and his leaving robbed us of that magic.


Notable Alumni: Jilted Today Show host Ann Curry, WKRP in Cincinnati’s Howard Hesseman
Fun Fact: Oregon University, which partners with nearby Nike, has a long list of avante garde uniforms. For two weeks in November, the team wore those checkered chef pants with clogs and the entire month of February saw the Ducks clad in nothing but men’s Spanx™ and tie-dyed doo-rags.
Why you should root for them: Despite the fact the Ducks mascot is the exact visage of Donald Duck, Oregon has managed to successfully evade Disney attorneys for over seventy years.
Why you shouldn’t root for them: Dana Altman is the highest paid coach left in the tourney, earning $2,651,000 per year and he’s never taken a team to the Final Four before. SUCKERS.


South Carolina
Notable Alumni: 2015 Celebrity Apprentice winner Leeza Gibbons, husky-boy football coach Charlie Weis.
Fun Fact: The State of South Carolina recently removed the Confederate flag from in front of its statehouse in Columbia; it was replaced with a flag bearing the word CHINA with a circle around it and a line through it.
Why you should root for them: If you don’t, Frank Martin will personally rip your arms off and beat you to death with them.
Why you shouldn’t root for them: The school’s plan, should they win the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, is to display the trophy in the South of the Border rest stop and roadside attraction on Interstate I-95.


North Carolina
Notable Alumni: Folksy lawyer Andy Griffith, blonde screamer Chris Matthews
Fun Fact: Roy Williams pumps up his team before each game by enthusiastically playing hambone on his spoons.
Why you should root for them: You’re a spy in this state and you will be discovered WE ARE ONTO YOU.
Why you shouldn’t root for them: You treasure joy and happiness. Also, look at that damn prissy walking goat. YOU AREN’T A MAN, GOAT.

Funkhouser Predicts: Wrestlemania 33

Funkhouser Predicts: Wrestlemania 33


In just two days, we are about to go upon the “Ultimate Thrill Ride”.  No, it’s not being crammed in a vehicle with Ryan Lemond and three other guys on a trip sponsored by Pie Five Pizza. It is, however, the Super Bowl of Wrestling*, Wrestlemania.  Wrestlemania (the number has been dropped to not remind people how old the event is – #33) takes place in Orlando, Florida, and the WWE looks to wrap up one roller coaster of a year with its biggest show of the year.  Think about it.  In the last year, Raw and Smackdown have become wholly separate brands, phones have been hacked, and Goldberg is your Universal Champion!?!?!  So, it’s time for this round to end and get a completely fresh start on the Raw after Wrestlemania.  But first, we’ve got to get through the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’, Wrestlemania 33.

As always, we thought at Funkhouser that we would predict the outcomes of the matches happening at the six, yes six, hour Wrestlemania event. Josh Juckett, Jay Winkler and I try our hands at figuring out what the hell is going on.  Who will make more correct guesses on a pre-determined sporting event?  Only time will tell.

(*They’re both scripted…)

SD Women

Smackdown Women’s Six-Pack Challenge for the SD Women’s Championship

Richmond: I will completely admit that I am Team Blue, watching pretty much every episode of Smackdown, more so than Raw.  That being said, while Smackdown has the better show, the women’s division on SD needs just one bigger name.  They added Mickie James to the mix earlier in the year, but she’s been getting Zoe Barnes’d over on Impact for the last decade. This match is on the pre-show, and in Orlando, so I think Naomi picks up the win after returning from injury.  I just don’t know how people will get to ‘feel the glow’, unless she confiscates everyone’s sunscreen at the door.

Josh: Bliss seems unlikely to retain the belt here, but I like to root for the underdog on occasion.

Jay: Alexa Bliss once sent a death glare in my direction at an NXT live event. Well, it’s time for her comeuppance! Recently returned Naomi will win back the belt in her hometown.


Neville (c) vs Austin Aries – WWE Cruiserweight Title

Richmond: I feel like a good number of the predictions will include the phrase “returning from injury”, but that’s the kind of year we’ve had.  Neville was out for a good spell after an injury, but has completely reinvented his character into Neville: King of the Cruiserweights.  His distain of being a sideshow act for his one move, The Red Arrow, has bled into his character and now he’s the evil champ of 205 Live, WWE’s cruiserweight program.  Austin Aries, coming off of injury, has been playing reporter on Monday Night Raw, but has finally made his way to the ring again to challenge Neville for his title.  While it’s been good to see Aries back in the ring, I think you keep the title on Neville.  Maybe he gets a surprise challenger on Raw the following night.  All Hail the King.

Josh: This match should be exciting and what more exciting way to get things going than with a title change. Aries wins this round and sets off a back and forth between these two that will last a while.

Jay: Neville should hold the Cruiserweight Title for years. He’s a little English monster man who can flip like a UK cheerleader. He’s just the best. But I think A-Double, Austin Aries, will be celebrating with a nice banana after a big title win.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Richmond:  Cesaro.  Big Show.  Baron Corbin.  Those are the first three names on the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy.  Your odds on favorite is Braun Strowman.  You should just give him the award just for having the best build up of any big man since the Big Show debuted at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre all those years ago.  That being said, Sami Zayn finds a way to be the Ultimate Underdog and pull off a win like Cesaro did three years ago.

Josh: Braun Strowman seems like the safe pick here, but I don’t like safe picks. I’m going with Big Show, unless Shaq shows up in which case I choose Shaq. Maybe this is how Hulk Hogan makes his return, but I doubt it (though I do think Hogan will be involved in the event somehow).

Jay: It only makes sense for the next great giant to triumph in the match dedicated to the first. As much as I’d like to see Sami Zayn pick up the Cinderella victory during Final Four weekend, I’m taking BRAUUUUUUN Strowman.

Raw Ladder

Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Richmond: I envision a couple things happening in the WWE Tag Team picture soon.  1) The Revival, aka Top Guys, debut on Monday or Smackdown on Tuesday (probably Tuesday).  2) Matt and Jeff Hardy make a surprise return to the WWE and spread their Broken Brilliance all over the landscape.  I would picture them on Raw, as two semi-teleporting beings (The Hardys & Bray Wyatt) should probably not appear on the same show.  So, I think the Good Brothers, The Club, Gallows and Anderson pick up the win here, to have someone big to face off against the Hardy’s when they return soon.  Also, it’s a ladder match at Wrestlemania, when would you rather have Matt and Jeff return?  Lastly, if there’s not an appearance by Chad 2 Badd and Tex Ferguson… I want my $9.99 back.

Josh: After The New Day held the belt so long it makes sense that the title should switch around a few times before settling somewhere for a while. Enzo and Cass haven’t had the title yet. If they’re good enough for the KFC Georgia Gold, then they’re good enough for Raw Tag Team Gold.

Jay: Ah, ladder matches at WrestleMania. You rarely disappoint. And this year, it’s gonna be a certain Certified G and his 7-foot comrade finally winning the gold. I’m taking Enzo and Cass.

IC Title

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Baron Corbin – Intercontinental Championship

Richmond: Say what you want about Baron Corbin, but his stock has risen 10-fold since he won the ARMBAR (my shorthand for the Andre Battle Royal).  His skills on the mic have improved over on Talking Smack, and while he’s only really faced three people in the last year, he’s fun to watch in the ring.  A Corbin victory at Wrestlemania would be nice.  I mean, who really cares.  Zach Ryder won the IC Title last year and dropped it to the Miz the very next night.  Reward Corbin for an awesome year, then drop it back to Ambrose on Tuesday.

Josh: Corbin has gotten some good licks in on Ambrose in the run-up to this match, but ultimately Ambrose gets the last laugh here.

Jay: I wish this was a No DQ match. These two could put on a real gnarly show with such a stipulation, which may happen in months to come, but for now, I think the better “wrestler” will win, and that’s Dean Ambrose.

Miz Cena

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs Miz and Maryse

Richmond: Can we mention that the biggest news of this match is that Al Roker is the guest ring announcer for the match?  Has that been lost in all of this?  Someone made a joke on Reddit that after John Cena and Nikki Bella get married, Nikki’s initials will be NBC, and that’s why Al Roker is doing the ring announcing.  Miz and Maryse have been doing next level stuff, but come-on… Cena and Nikki for the win

Josh: I have no strong feelings on this one. The real question is whether John will pull a Derek Willis and propose on the biggest stage of them all.

Jay: There’s really just no way Miz and Maryse win this match. I’ll be legitimately shocked, and not necessarily upset, if they do, but I just PROPOSE that Cena and Nikki get it done in the RING.

Best Friends Forever

Chris Jericho (c) vs Kevin Owens – United States Championship

Richmond: These two.  Jericho and Owens have been carrying one of the best storylines on their back for the last 6-8 months.  Owens wins the title, Jericho becomes his best friend and helps him keep the title.  During this time, Jericho finds a clipboard and starts to put people who make him mad on, The List.  The fact that Jericho can get a list to be the most popular thing on WWE TV, proves that they should induct him into the Hall of Fame tonight.  After being woo’ed by Triple H, and annoyed by Jericho’s everlasting friendship, Owens turns on Jericho in one of the most honestly sad moments of WWE in quite some time.  This past Monday, Owens earned his name as the final spot on The List before Wrestlemania. Jericho should win this one to get his revenge on Owens.  But for some reason, I see Owens walking out the US Champion.

Josh:  Jericho is my choice because I like Owens’ potential for other storylines. Owens belongs in main event level matches and I think he’s poised for a push back into that status. To do that he needs to wrap up this thing with Jericho and move on without the US Championship holding him back.

Jay: Is an apron powerbomb at WrestleMania too much to ask for? I don’t think so. With that in mind, I’m taking KO to wrench the US Title away from his former best friend.

Women's Raw

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match

Richmond: I agree with Jay below.  I think this is exactly how it happens.  Bayley eliminates Charlotte to prove she can get the job done without Sasha, then Sasha ‘turns’ on Bayley setting up a nice Bayley/Sasha feud that runs all the way through Summerslam.  BOSS for the win.

Josh: Charlotte always seems like the safe bet in the pay-per- view events, but I like Sasha’s chances here. The real hope in the match is for the event to live up to last year’s triple threat match.

Jay: Logic dictates that Nia be eliminated first through a combined effort by Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha. Charlotte goes next, also bounced by the teamwork of Sasha and Bayley. I think this is when the old BO$$ emerges to reclaim the title. Sasha wins.

Shane AJ

Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles

Richmond:  Corey Graves said last week on “Bring it to the Table” that the Shane/AJ match did nothing for him. I agree.  AJ Styles had been WWE Champion for nearly six months, as the Champ That Runs The Camp.  AJ styles puts on a next level show when it comes to in-ring performance.  Shane on the other hand is good for one good death-defying (and at his age… you never know) jump and then a bunch of really bad punches.  Both lost at Wrestlemania last year, but I see Shane winning, AJ moving to Raw with the Good Brothers (and Finn Balor), and the Club reuniting to run roughshod over the flagship show.

Josh: Shane-o- Mac got destroyed last year at Wrestlemania in the Cell match with Undertaker. He also got knocked out at Survivor Series. It’s time for McMahon to pull off the big time win.

Jay: Apparently, the WrestleMania set is designed to be a roller coaster. If you know Shane McMahon, you know that’s too tempting to not jump off of. But AJ is smart enough to avoid the impact. Styles gets his first Mania win here.

Seth Destroyer

Seth Rollins vs Triple H

Richmond: Seth should get the victory here.  You know that Samoa Joe will be involved in some form or fashion, and maybe that’s a good way to bring Finn Balor back to even the score. Rollins and Balor have both been on the rehab track together returning from injury.  The storyline for these two has been running for so long, almost two years, but for some reason it seems like it doesn’t have the “Final Showdown” feel that it should.  Maybe its because of Rollins injury recently, but I’m ready for Seth to move on to something else.

Josh:  Like Undertaker vs Reigns, Rollins and Triple H has a very “torch passing” feel to it. The biggest difference is that where Reigns has remained a boo-machine from fans, Rollins has been better received from fans and doesn’t need Triple H to give him a push. Because of that I like Triple H here. I expect Triple H to use every heel trick in the book and get his Wrestlemania win % up to .500.

Jay: I smell shenanigans happening here. Samoa Joe is AWOL on the rest of the card. He’s gotta make an appearance somewhere, right? Still, somehow, someway, I think Seth Rollins is gonna get the job done.

Taker Big Dog

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

Richmond:  I’m going to parlay my pick for the next two matches.  Undertaker is nearing the end of his career and everyone knows it.  I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he lost to Roman Reigns, for multiple reasons.  1) Reigns is slated to be “The Guy”, no matter how much no one wants him to be “The Guy”.  2) Undertaker is old, he’s bound to not be at the top of his game anymore.  Rumor is that they already have the main event of Wrestlemania 34 planned as Roman vs Lesnar for the title.  Why not just have Reigns defeat the Undertaker, Lesnar defeat Goldberg for the title, then pull a Cena/Rock and just make the match a year ahead of time. That way, you can get the fans prepared 364 days in advance.

Josh: Reigns feels like he will never be over. Beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania in an epic match could be what finally gets him over, but at this point it seems like it will take a miracle for that to happen. This could be that miracle.

Jay: The first ever “Whose yard is it?” match. I’m going to be completely unbiased here and say that Roman is going to win, frankly because I’d be surprised if Taker could still get Reigns up for the Tombstone. Sad!

goldberg lesnar

Goldberg (c) vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Universal Championship

Richmond: See above. Not the ridiculous picture of Goldberg holding the title in 2017, but the match before.

Josh:  Law of averages right? Goldberg has dominated Lesnar so it seems like the right time to for Lesnar to get the win and the belt. Goldberg never seem destined to have a long-term run in the WWE after coming out of retirement so it also makes sense that this would be his way to drop the belt and get ready to ride into the sunset.

Jay: We learned at Survior Series that, yes, Goldberg did have one last devastating Jackhammer left in him. At Fastlane, we learned that apparently, he actually had 2. I don’t think the third will pack the same punch. Brock Lesnar walks out with the Universal Title.

Orton BRay

Bray Wyatt (c) vs Randy Orton – WWE Championship

Richmond: Can we all agree that Randy Orton has been the bad guy in this feud the entire time?  Especially since breaking off from the Wyatt Family?  Since Wyatt won the title, he hasn’t really been doing any of his nefarious act as he used to.  But at that point Orton had been in the Wyatt Family for a couple of months and was working his way out from the inside.  First he turned Haprer against Wyatt, then vowed to not challenge Bray for the WWE Championship.  Then things happened, including burning down the Wyatt compound and setting fire to the remains of Sister Abigail.  Orton’s kind of been the worst.  Just as a fan, I’m picking Bray.  His title run hasn’t been long enough.

Josh:  I went back and forth on this one, but Bray Wyatt doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania champion. You know, the guy at the end of the event holding the belt aloft in celebration of having won a main event on the biggest stage of sports entertainment. Orton, on the other hand, is definitely that kind of champion so I expect him to hit a few RKOs and get the belt.

Jay: Bray Wyatt is finally realizing his potential as America’s Next Top Supernatural Grappler. But you know, all it takes is one RKO to get to Viperville. No enchantments needed. Randy Orton will be your new WWE Champion.

Walking Dead Recap: “Something They Need”

Walking Dead Recap: “Something They Need”


Post guest-written by Brad Morris for Funkhouser.

For the second time in four years, I’d like to thank TWD for something. And that is to escape the reality of another UK basketball season ending on a sour note. When we lost with the 38-0 team, I was physically ill in the last few seconds. Sunday’s game brought back memories of “he who shall not be named” 25 years ago. And of course the dude last night wore number 32. Karma right? However, despite my mood, and after securing the rug rats to sleep mode, waiting for me was our weekly respite from reality, The Walking Dead. And since it was the next to last episode of the season I was expecting a great one. And I think they got it half right. Let’s check in on some of the characters involved.



There were many, many characters involved in “Something They Need”, but I think Tara should be the starter for this post. The one off episode in the first half of the season she was involved with was brutal to watch, however this episode was the payoff. Tara knew that Rick had become desperate for weapons and finally gave in and told him about the Oceansiders. I had been rolling through the different ways the group could approach this armed to teeth group for some time. Do they go in guns blazing, does Rick go in alone with a white flag, send a candy gram for Mongo, etc. etc. In the end they went with Tara’s plan. She was able to sneak into the camp having been there before and was successful in talking to their leader Natania. The plan was simple and worked, partially. While the Alexandrian’s are successful in acquiring the weapons they were so desperate for, Natania is adamant the Oceanside will not join the fight. A good showing by Tara in showing some gumption in helping her people out and managing to have not one life lost. And you know the episode is good when you flip off a trash talking 12 year old.



Ah Jeffery Dean Morgan, I remembered why I need more Negan soliloquies. As has been the case several times this season, pages of the comic were pulled right off the page and put on the screen. After the attempted rape of Sasha, Negan turns into the white knight and saves her. His little talk with Rapey Davey was a good insight to Negan’s thoughts on how he controls the Sanctuary. There are rules to follow and Negan’s word is law. And God forbid you break them in his presence. His offer to Sasha was genuine. He really does want her to join his group to make them stronger. I think in his twisted mind that his way to rule brings safety to the new world in some insane way. And his charisma is on display as well in the form of Eugene, who seems to have truly bought into the whole “We Are Negan” clan. This is an offshoot from the comic that Eugene has joined him and I’m interested to see how Negan controls him going forward.


Maggie and Gregory

Like I said at the beginning, lots of characters on screen this week. We see Maggie and Gregory have some fun outside the walls of the Hilltop. Gregory’s cowardliness was on full display as he cant take down a walker. It can’t be that hard at this point, right? Even my 8 year old knows how to take one down, “You bop them in the head!”. After Maggie rescues Gregory, he actually has the decency to thank her, but his mind is made up. He heads straight to his office for a drink, a map, and a ride to the Sanctuary. He. Is. Done.

Maggie showed quite a bit of trust in letting Gregory watch after her while she played in the dirt, doing what I have no idea. Was she planting that tree? Was she pulling it up? No clue here except as a plot point to have her and Gregory talk. I think since we’ve seen the last of the former head of the Hilltop, Maggie will be assuming full time command. The good news for her is that thanks to her tractor skills and feisty killing of walkers, she already has the backing of the people.



We’d only seen the leader of The Oceansiders once before and her second appearance still has me asking as Jerry Seinfeld would, “What is your deal?”. Seriously, coming to tell you that an army has been raised to fight the Saviors, a force that has taken everything from you has to be a great chance at revenge. And as my esteemed colleague Josh Juckett pointed out, there has to be another reason why Natania won’t fight or risk her people. A very close, personal relationship with one of the Saviors maybe? Who knows. Her reluctance to fight was a bit annoying the first time we met her, this time it was almost to brutal to watch.

I’ll also say this about the raid on the armory. The end result is not in anyway how I thought it would play out. I thought for sure Aaron’s boyfriend would die after his “I want to be out here with you” speech. The possibility of the Oceansiders coming on board to fight was high. Taking all of the weapons and leaving without a scratch to anyone? Not what I foresaw. So go take a nap Natania, we’ll show ourselves out.



Pretty straight forward for the badasses of the group this week. They had a plan and it actually worked. We do see that Andrea’s storyline from the comic has been merged with Michonne’s on the show. I went back to look, and I’ve never seen her with a gun in her hand at any point on print. I’m fine with this because she has become warrior supreme now. Sword play and sniper? Very helpful indeed. Just enough of the main characters to move the show along nicely.


Sasha and Eugene

Per usual I saved the worst for last. In a color me shocked moment, Sasha has been captured *gasp*. I’ve already referred to her encounter with Rapey Davey, of which Negan took care of the situation. She fakes interest in Negan’s offer and admits to Eugene she just wants to die. Of course she’s lying a little bit. She wants to die if she can kill Negan. After telling Eugene she wants out of the great game, he provides her with the suicide pill he made a few episodes ago. She’s brought to her knees with the pills because her plan has been foiled before it could ever take off.

I’m not sure what to make of Eugene anymore. I thought he would bide his time and at the right moment help out his friends, however that doesn’t seem to be the case. Eugene admits how scared he was the night Abraham died, and being at the Sanctuary has made him feel safe for the first time in forever. Will he turnout to help his former group? Only time will tell. I am looking forward to all the memes being made with Eugene leaning his face on the jail cell door.


Is that it? Did we cover it all? Man there was a lot that happened this week. I’m not even going to get into what happened when our gang got back home. That final scene is a big setup going into the season finale and I’ll touch on it next week because then we should have the full story on our burned faced turncoat Dwight.

Thank you to all that read the weekly recaps of TWD. I hope that viewing it from the characters perspective has been a different take on the post apocalyptic zombie world that AMC and Robert Kirkman has created. Josh and I will be back with the Kentucky Deadcast later this week to talk about this episode, what we can look forward to in the season finale, and we finish up our Walking Dead bracket of who is more likely to die. We’re down to the final four, so tune in and have a listen. Go Cats and ta ta.

The Before the Movie Book Club: The Circle

The Before the Movie Book Club: The Circle

The Circle Technology

Movie Premiere: April 28 Buy Tickets Here!

Starring: Emma Watson, Emma Watson’s American accent,  Tom Hanks and John Boyega.


 Mae Holland works for a giant internet company.  The Circle is a mega-corporation with all of the power of Amazon, Google and Facebook combined.  The job seems perfect at the beginning.  There is a gym.  The cafeteria has vegan options (Here’s some of my favorite vegan options!). They have a guest speaker on campus every night.  It is like listening to a new TED talk at work everyday.  The Circle is the complete package. In Eggers’ world, this perfection comes at a cost.  The emphasis on “sharing is caring” might not be as thoughtful and innocent as it seems.  

As of today, you have less than a month to read this best seller before it become a movie.  The book doesn’t come without controversy.  Some argue that the setting of the novel is skewed.  Eggers presents an incorrect version of Silicon Valley.  One of the biggest knocks on Eggers is that he doesn’t regularly use Twitter.  This is the last tweet that Eggers has sent:

Honestly, I’m not even sure if that’s his actual twitter. It’s not even verified.  If so, he definitely put the Egg in egg avatar. Terrible joke aside, the problem lies in Eggers writing a commentary on the state of technology but isn’t completely versed in its vocabulary and rituals.  Another common complaint is that Eggers didn’t even visit the campus of a real life tech giant.  How could anyone write about a place they’ve never visited? Surely imagination and world building isn’t enough.  (Sarcasm intended.)

For some, there seems to be joy found in pointing out the glaring mistakes of The Circle.   Opponents claim that Eggers’ premise is that all technology is bad. In this post, the author claims that the setup of The Circle is opposite of what the real internet giants are.  The post also claims that the book puts too much emphasis on the importance of social media.  These are all valid arguments, but what the logic is missing is that Eggers didn’t write the book to PREDICT the future, he is writing to speculate.  He’s writing to suggest a specific possibility. 

Dave Eggers isn’t a prophet.  (According to his wikipedia, he’s just an American writer, editor and publisher.)   He is not meant to been seen as EGG-stradamus.  His goal is to expand an idea that he sees in our world.  The goal is to play out the scenario of “What if” to see where this particular train of thought will take us as a society.  The end goal is not to make the correct assumption. This assumption is the glaring mistake of the counterclaim’s argument.

What the novel is good for is its ability to capture the anxious feeling that technology generates.  Eggers spends a lot of his time showing how Mae ramps up her focus on sending zings, frowns, smiles, surveys and “connecting” with others(You can follow me: HERE). She becomes so consumed with making these connections that by the end of the novel her  workload has just become meaningless, to the point that it mimics the terrible job she left.

The Circle has its faults, but its redeeming quality is its ability to mirror the anxiety and the neediness of the internet.  I’m curious to see how this nervousness will be translated on screen.  To imitate that urgency of being caught up with the news or to describe the pleasure of receiving likes over the internet seems easier to describe with words than images.  How will the description of the “tear” that Mae feels translate onto the screen?  The Circle elegantly points out the sinister nature of trying to simplify the internet.  Eggers points out the trade off between streamlining technology and losing your privacy.   The subtle transition isn’t easy to replicate in a novel.  Eggers effortlessly describes the new state of mind.  Honestly, I too tried mimic this dependency on technology.  For this post, I linked to eleven articles to try to simulate the tension that Eggers describes in his novel.  It’s not easy.  Scrubby writers, like me, make those connections awkward and forced.  Eggers ramps up the tension without seeming too obvious.  It’s worth reading before the story hits the theaters just to see if the tension that Eggers describes makes it to the screen. 

Movie Posters Explained by Kids:  Spring 2017 Edition

Movie Posters Explained by Kids: Spring 2017 Edition


In this Funkhouser series, I conduct spontaneous interviews with my daughters, “A” age 11 and “E” age 8, where they are shown an image of a theatrical movie poster and asked to share their insight in an attempt to decipher the forthcoming feature film’s plot.

Welcome to Movie Posters Explained by Kids.

Ghost in the Shell (March 31)


A:  About this girl who goes to the beach one day and she finds a seashell.  She opens it, and it transforms her into a ghost.
E:  A girl that maybe gets turned into a ghost, and then she’s a human again, then a ghost, then back to a human.  She’s actually stuck inside her computer, and someone is turning it on, off, on, off…!

Going in Style (April 6)


A:  Oh, the movie is about these grandpas who are trying to be really cool, so they’re being bad so that people will think they’re cool and pay attention to them.  They dress all cool.  They have guns, money, and stuff.  They teach the cool kids it’s not that bad to be old.

The Transfiguration (April 7)


A:  About this guy who’s fine during the day—he turns into a monster at night.  Either because it’s natural, or because he’s bitten by something or probably poisoned or maybe possessed.
E:  He turns into a monster, because he’s been hanging around his friends—who are real monsters.

Gifted (April 7)


A:  Might be about someone who’s really talented at something, and she’s got this special gift to do something for someone in her life.
E:  That girl—she’s really special to her dad, or her parents, and she gets a lot of gifts from them because she’s really spoiled.

1 Mile To You (April 7)


A:  Someone who wants to see someone so bad, and they’ll do anything to see them.

Colossal (April 7)


A:  I think it’s about this monster who’s nice and the monster helps the girl or the girl helps the monster. Together they save the world—says it right there on the poster.
E:  A girl who has a cool shadow that does the same things she does.

The Lost City of Z (April 21)


A:  These kids who travel around a lot—it’s sorta like Narnia maybe—they’re looking for this place.  Like Narnia, they look inside a closet and find this lost city—and the adventure begins.
E:  Was there a fire?
A:  Sleep!  Sleep!  Get it?  Z.  Like Z…Z…Z.
E:  Yeah, someone casted a spell on them, and they’ve been asleep the whole time.  Or the townspeople created a tonic that poisoned everyone so they couldn’t wake up, but someone does.

The Circle (April 28)


E:  These people who go into a circle maze and try to get out of it, but other people are trying to keep them inside and they barely get out—but they do.
A:  Spoiler alert geez!
A:  They get lost—but in their minds.

Snatched (May 12)


A:  Hmmm.  Skip it.  The movie, I mean.
E:  Two sisters and they don’t like one another.  Never have, never will.

Everything, Everything (May 19)


E:  They miss each other because they’re really good friends but there’s a mirror…
A:  Maybe they’re in another dimension!
E:  Both of them are in different places, but they really want to see each other.  Looks sad.

Alien:  Covenant (May 19)


A:  About aliens and they crash into Earth, and they’re stuck underground for a million years.  In the future, two people are messing around in a graveyard, and they dig up that egg and decide to crack it open.  Nothing’s inside, so they take it home and then, like something comes out of it, and it terrorizes everyone.
E:  There’s these Alienbusters, kinda like Ghostbusters, that try to kill the aliens but everyone dies and it’s not very funny and really gross and scary.

Baywatch (May 26)


A:  Hey, is that the Rock!?!  The Rock!  I like The Rock.  People who are lifeguards, but they’re really bad at their jobs and really, really, greasy and tan.  Aw man, The Rock!
E:  Who’s Rock?

It Comes at Night (June 9)


E:  People have to keep this little dog on a leash in the backyard, because they bought it, but it became really mean and it will attack anything and everything.  I don’t think the owners were mean, it was just born that way.  Or…or…someone uses a pet wolf to hunt for clowns at night, like the ones on the news.

The Book of Henry (June 16)


E:  Two boys, one who’s small and one that’s taller make things—like inventions.  Like they create them first on their chalkboard, like from their drawings or from the things they study.
A:  A boy and his best friend, a robot who wears a sweater, find this place, like they uncover a mystery, that someone was working on, but the person died before they could uncover what it was—and they’re going to finish the quest.

Amityville: The Awakening (June 30)


A:  Hey is that Bella Thorne?
E:  This girl moves into a new house—oh it’s haunted for sure!  She finds all these clues and discovers there’s a monster.  Then she tries to tell her parents, but they don’t believe her and don’t listen to her, so the monster attacks them, and she ends up being the only one left and has to survive without her parents inside that scary house forever and ever.

The KSR Quiz: Are you LaVar Ball?

The KSR Quiz: Are you LaVar Ball?


With the UK/UCLA matchup on the horizon for an Elite Eight berth and UCLA’s Lonzo Ball leading the Bruins through their tourney march, Ball’s outspoken father LaVar has spent as much time as possible running roughshod through the national media and talking to whoever will have him. But are YOU LaVar Ball? Take our quiz to find out!


1. The number of sons I have is:
a. I don’t have any sons.
b. I have two sons.
c. I have three sons.

2. My relationship with Charles Barkley is:
a. We get along great.
b. We have our differences, but usually agree to disagree.
c. We are currently at odds .

3. My children are worth:
a. My time.
b. The attention I give them.
c. One billion dollars.

4. If I were to play Michael Jordan one-on-one:
a. He would probably defeat me.
b. It might be a comparable matchup and could go either way.
c. I would kill him.

5. My son’s basketball coach:
a. Loves me
b. Likes me somewhat.
c. Pretends to like me.

6. The number of voicemails I have left at Nike headquarters today is:
a. 0
b. 1
c. 34

7. When I see a possum rummaging through my trash, I:
a. Turn on the porch light hoping it will scare him off.
b. Shake a broom at him.
c. Catch and sell him to a zoo for five million dollars because he’s the best possum.

8. When I wipe ketchup off my mouth with a napkin, I:
a. Politely return the napkin to my lap.
b. Toss the napkin into the trash.
c. Take the napkin to Polo and tell them they can put it on a shirt for thirty million dollars.

9. When it is a beautiful night outside my house, I:
a. Sit outside and look at the evening sky.
b. Comment how beautiful the sky looks.
c. Charge people four-hundred dollars a piece to look at the moon.

10. My best friend is:
a. My wife.
b. My childhood schoolmate.
c. David Steinman, VP of Marketing and Branding Content at Nike

11. The last time I went to a county fair, I:
a. Enjoyed the rides.
b. Appreciated the time with my family.
c. Won all the games and got all the stuffed animals, then sold them all for one thousand dollars apiece.

12. The first thing I think when I smell a rose is:
a. The simple joys in life make everything worth it.
b. It’s important to slow down and enjoy the world.
c. How much can I sell this smell for?

13. The last time I played basketball with my children, I:
a. Laughed and enjoyed each their company.
b. Made memories that will last a lifetime.
c. Beat all three of them five-hundred points to zero and they told me I was better than they are and always will be.

14. When my family goes to take a Christmas card photo:
a. We all dress up so we look nice.
b. We always make sure to take a “silly picture.”
c. I stand in front of the camera and start talking about myself until the manager of Olan Mills tells me that the camera only takes regular photographs.

15. My children see me as:
a. A firm but fair disciplinarian and mentor.
b. A confidant and supporter.
c. The reason they’re not allowed at the Chino Hills YMCA anymore.

16. Someday I hope to be remembered:
a. As a good father who made smart decisions for his children.
b. As a savvy businessman who did right by his family.
c. As the person after whom the newly discovered planet LaVar X-32 was named.


SCORING GUIDE: a=1, b=2, c=3

If you scored:
15 – You are not LaVar Ball.
15-30 You are probably not LaVar Ball.
80-90 – You are LaVar Ball.