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The Funkhouser Situation E20: Canada Geese are Ruining America’s Golf Courses

The Funkhouser Situation with Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse returns to talk about all of the exciting things happening in the world of pop culture, but first, Lee has to file a grievance.  The beautiful weather has put him on a golf course, face-to-face with his newest enemy, Canadian Geese.  Highlights from the rest of the show include…

—  Cruse’s controversial figure skating remarks.

—  Why is Coldplay the only music you can figure skate to?

—  A Breakdown of America’s No. 1 movie, Black Panther.

—  What’s the deal with Chris Rock’s new Netflix stand-up?

—  Tomlin celebrates Kurt Cobain’s birthday by sharing his beef with Nirvana.

—  Why aren’t Letterman’s Netflix specials funny?

—  Maysville’s star power and the time Young Lee met Nick Clooney.

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Why Fortnite Battle Royale is So Popular

Why Fortnite Battle Royale is So Popular

In the fall of last year, Epic Games released the early access to the game Fortnite, a game in which you could play in a battle royale by yourself, in duos, or in a squad of three or four. The game puts you on a large map of 100 people, in which you or your squad must outlast everybody, while a storm chases you into a shrunken map and forces you into action. This early access mode would become a massive hit and turn into one of the best games I can remember. I hopped on The Fortnite battle bus about a few months ago, I talk about it and play it with my friends very often. A question that comes up frequently though, why is Fortnite so popular?

It’s free

The first and probably the biggest reason Fortnite Battle Royale is so popular is that it’s free. You see, this game mode is original and revolutionary, except Fortnite wasn’t the first game to hold such a mode. Player Unknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG was the first to come up with the game mode, but you had to pay 30 dollars for PUBG. In fact, the two games are so much like each other Epic may be facing a lawsuit from Bluehole, the creators of PUBG, for holding so much similarity. Epic saw how well PUBG was doing on one console, they decided to create that same game mode in their early access mode, in the hope it would lead others to buy the full game. Although I’m sure it has led a few people to play the full Fortnite game, people are 100% content on just playing the early access. Then the question arises, how does Epic get money from so many people just getting the free early access? From the battle pass. Epic has allowed people to buy virtual currency, so people can buy skins for their characters, I probably won’t but the virtual currency for I see it to be a waste, but some people love it. So, for your average gamer who doesn’t want to drop 60 dollars on a game to play with his friends, you can get this game mode for free and connect with them through this game.

It is more than just a shooter

The most popular franchise that has allowed people to connect through a shooter has been Call of Duty. But, what makes Fortnite unique (more than PUBG even) is this game requires lots of strategies and requires you to build structures. Unlike Call of Duty, where really the main purpose of any game mode you play you must kill on a condensed map. Whereas in Fortnite, there’s a strategy that goes into it. Of course, you must eliminate one person to win, but there are multiple ways to get to that point. You can go the stealthy route and hide in little places here and there or you could hide in a bush, you could even build your own fort if you wanted to and stay protected in there until someone knocks it down. Then, of course, you could just go in hot into a populated area and try to rack up as many eliminations and loot as possible. Now, obviously you can’t hide the whole game, so Fortnite will force you into some action as the map shrinks to a different location every time, that way it doesn’t take and an absurd amount of time to find people and eliminate them.

It’s on all platforms

The biggest flaw PUBG made was it only released on XBOX and PC, but their counterpart Fortnite released on all major platforms (PS4, XBOX, and PC). Not only does this allow more traffic to their game, but it allows more people to connect with each other. For example, I’ve never played cross-platform before, but in Fortnite I’ve not only played with people on PS4, but I’ve been able to play with PC players as well, which creates a whole new gaming experience and a way for more friends to connect to each other.

It Holds Innocence Without Gore

At the end of the day, this is a shooter game, but what makes it reach more people is there’s no gore. Consequently, this can allow parents of kids to be more apt to let their kid get the game or if you’re an adult who just doesn’t like seeing blood all over your screen this game is perfect as well. I’m not even sure this game refers to the word “kill”, their word of choice is elimination. In a time where gun control is a hot topic, along with what video games teach to children and teens, this is a nice refreshing compromise to your typical shooter. Throw in the fact you can make your character dance, turn into a bush, be a teddy bear and even have a cupid themed crossbow as a weapon, this game can easily reach to a younger crowd as well.

It’s fun

Plain and simple this game is just fun. I can honestly say, I’ve never had more fun playing one single video game in my entire life. Not to be dramatic, but this game evokes such much human emotion, the thrill of getting in the top 10 and anxiousness to see if you’ll finish number one is unmatched. The deflation of tasting victory, only to get eliminated at the last moment can only be exceeded by leaving a  receiver wide open against Florida or Luke Maye hitting a last-second shot to stop us right in our tracks. Then, of course, the feeling of accomplishment and relief after finishing number one is the best feeling I’ve ever gotten while playing a video game. That, my friends, is why Fortnite is so popular.

The Funkhouser Situation E19: Migos Detractors Would Claim Otherwise

Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse are back for another exciting edition of The Funkhouser Situation.  Today’s big topic: the top five rap songs the music industry has to offer today.  The best of the best from this week’s episode…

—  Lee teaches Chris how Animoji’s work.

—  A lesson in eloquent vocabulary.

—  Chris is pleasantly surprised by The Shape of Water.

—  Golf > SAG card

—  A review of Lee’s acting performance in Tragedy Girls.

—  JT’s halftime performance was fine, but not as good as _____.

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The Most Noteworthy Commercials From Super Bowl LII

The Most Noteworthy Commercials From Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl always has something for everybody, rather it’s the commercials, the halftime show, or of course the big game there’s something for everyone to enjoy. I have never really paid too much attention to the commercials, sure I’ll pay attention to the ones that stand out here and there, I’ve never really watched for them. since taking on this role here at KSR I decided to pay a little closer attention to the most important commercials of the year.

Danny Devito as the red M&M

M&m’s definitely got lucky that they ran this specific ad this year. With Danny Devito,  who plays Frank Reynolds in  “it’s always sunny and Philadelphia”, and the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl this year it was definitely fitting. The message of the ad was that the red m&m  found a lucky penny and made a wish to be turned into a human (Danny Devito) so people would not want to eat him. A strange approach, but funny nonetheless. I’ll give it a 5/10.

David Harbour and Tide hijack the Super Bowl

This was by far the most brilliant ad of this year’s Super Bowl. The meta ad suggested that no matter what ad was running during the Super Bowl if it had clean clothes, it had to betide ad. We saw them spoof several commercials popping up at random times throughout the night, We saw them hijack companies ads such as Old Spice, Budweiser, and Amazon, it was fantastic. 10/10.

Alexa Loses Her Voice

In what was the most cameo-filled commercial of the night Amazon advertised their new Echo, only this time Alexa has lost her voice. So, what do they do? They really on big time celebrities such as Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, and a strange appearance from Anothny Hopkins(Hannibal Lecter) to save them. Rather it was Cardi B cramming Bodack Yellow down people’s throat, Ramsey yelling at someone for not knowing how to make a grilled cheese, or Rebel Wilson killing a nice evening with friends, it was easy to see why this ad was a favorite for many. 7/10.

Rap Battle of the Century

Moutain Dew and Doritos collaborated for this super bowl ad to advertise Doritos new Blaze chips and Mountain Dew’s new Ice themed drink. We saw Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage receive the help from Busta Rhymes to help perfect his Look at me verse for the battle, while Morgan Freeman gets the help from Missy Elliott to perform Get Ur Freak On. as a fan of hip-hop and Morgan Freeman I loved it. 8/10.

The Strange t-mobile ad

I enjoyed the message of this ad, it’s just that it doesn’t belong to a cellular company. I could’ve seen this ad being run by coke or something of that nature, but this really didn’t fir t-mobile. I like the message, just not the advertiser because it did nothing to promote what they do. 3/10.

Odell and Eli go Dirty dancing

Had it not have been for tide hijacking the night, this would’ve easily been my favorite ad of the night, and for most people, it was their favorite. Odell Beckham Jr. who is known for his great dancing skills and celebrations teams up with his quarterback, Eli Manning, to practice a celebration since the NFL has loosened up on their celebration policies. their celebration, you ask? the famous dance routine to Dirty Dancing. What makes this ad even better is that the awkward Eli Manning takes the role that has the most dance moves dance. This ad was fantastic 10/10.

Also, Tom Brady is now 0-3 when the New York Giants make an appearance at the Super Bowl.


Not one single franchise gets their fans as hype for an advertisement like Star Wars, and with the new Han Solo movie coming from the franchise this summer, of course, they had to drop a teaser during the Super Bowl. This ad wasn’t too revealing, all we really got was look at the characters basically because Star Wars wants you to mosy on over to their website/youtube channel to watch the full trailer. This one was just a teaser, but it reels you in. 4/10.

Now, the real one.

The Hammer

Nothing else to say here. Daryll Issacs hammered it home. 100/10.

We Get up

With me loving Kentucky Football nearly more than life itself, this was the one ad I was looking forward to the most, in fact, this was the number one thing I was looking forward to because my packers didn’t make the super bowl and I didn’t really have a team to pull for. Even though someone messed up and aired the first half of it a little bit too early I was still anxious to see the full thing. With Benny Snell basically starring the commercial with him looking like a total bad ass walking in the snow up to the camera and the obvious nod to the music city bowl with the #wegetup hashtag, it looks like the whole staff is on board the Benny Snell Heisman train. It wasn’t the best ad Kentucky football has run in the past, but it got me more than ready for football time in the bluegrass. SNELL YEAH! 26/10.

The Funkhouser Situation E18: Swimming with Dudes

The Funkhouser Situation with Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse returns just in time for awards season.  Along with a ton of pop culture topics, they get a little weird.  Highlights:

—  Lee’s fear of swimming with dudes in the ocean.

—  Interactions with Alligators.

—  A review of the films nominated for Oscars.

—  Tom Hanks will be Mr. Rogers?  And why does he have to change his shoes when gets inside?

—  Restroom problems at LEX-18.

—  The best action movie sequels.

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Relive One of the Best Royal Rumbles of All Time

Last night WWE held their annual Royal Rumble, while many people believe WrestleMania should be the best show of the year, many people would argue that the Royal Rumble (if done right) is the best show of the year. Needless say they got it right this year. This year’s rumble didn’t only hold one 30-man over the top rope battle royal, but two as the women made history once again, having their first ever royal rumble. Before the rumble even got underway rumors were running wild as to who could be in the rumble for the men and women. From Daniel Bryan to Stephine McMahon to Ronda Rousey and everyone in between, this was one of the most unpredictable Royal Rumbles in recent memory and arguably the best.

Handicap WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

The night got off to a hot start right away as the WWE championship kicked off the show, which is a rarity, but something rarer than that is a handicap match for the most coveted prize in sports entertainment. If you would have told someone three years ago that the phenomenal AJ Styles would fight Kevin Steen and El Generico (Owens and Zayn’s indie wrestling names at the time) in a handicap match for the WWE title they would have told you that you were nuts, but as Vince McMahon says, “expect the unexpected”. Even though Styles was at a clear disadvantage, many experts and analysts believed Styles would retain the title and retain it all the way to mania, so all we were really looking for was a good storytelling match. That’s exactly what we got. The chemistry for the life-long best friends Zayn and Owens was amazing, as they clearly had a rhythm throughout the whole match that only they could perfect. Accompanied by the fact you have a generational talent like AJ Styles in the ring at the same time, this match was beautifully done.

The match would essentially end on a false finish which played great into the storyline. Zayn hadn’t tagged in Kevin Owens, but while AJ was tossing Zayn out of the ring Kevin decides to try and perform his patent Pop-up powerbomb on the phenomenal one, in which AJ reversed into a roll-up pinfall victory to retain the WWE Championship. After the controversial finish, Owens and Zayn went to complain to Smackdown commissioner, Shane McMahon, the person who has had a few run-ins with Owens and Zayn the past few months. When Kevin asked him if he saw the controversial ending McMahon responded with a sarcastic “yep!”  in reference to the yep movement Owens and Zayn used to protest Shane and walked away. This should set up for a perfect WrestleMania match down the line.

2 Out of 3 Falls Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (c) vs Benjamin & Gable

Earlier this month one half of the Usos, Jey Uso, was arrested for a DUI. While usually, this can halt a push or maybe even result in a title loss, it just didn’t seem like it would be the case this time around. The Usos are easily the hottest team in wrestling right now, on their best run, and while Jey should be punished for the DUI, it just wouldn’t feel right if they dropped the belt. Especially to Benjamin and Gable, who WWE thought would be a team, the fans could get behind because it has the likable and almost pitiful Chad Gable teamed with the nostalgic Shelton Benjamin. It just hasn’t worked; the fans give them no reaction and they have no momentum really. So, this was basically a filler match and either way, it shook out was understandable. It took a while for the first fall to occur and after it did the next one almost came immediately as the Usos retain their tag team championship on a roll up.

The Men’s Royal Rumble

This was the first time the Men’s Royal Rumble took place in the middle of the card, as it’s usually the main event, but the women having a history-making match of course changed that. But, many people thought the Men’s would still go on last, however, that was not the case which made many people fear the worst. Roman Reigns would win the Royal Rumble to the displeasure of about 90% of wrestling fans and they didn’t want to close the show with a parade of boos, so the logic was there which had me anxious the whole match praying Roman Reigns wouldn’t win. I’ll get back to that later. The first two entrances I believe were picked well by WWE as they had Rusev slotted as entrant number one and Finn Balor at number two, both guys are over as hell with the fans, so it got the crowd hooked right away. Outside of that there were some good storytelling pieces in the first 15 entrances in the rumble as Baron Corbin threw his typical tantrum, Heath Slater just got wrecked by everyone on their way to the ring, Elias cut another great concert promo, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens beat up Tye Dillinger only to have Sami replace him, and Sheamus screwed himself by getting eliminated by Heath Slater immediately after throwing him into the match. The first 15 didn’t yield many surprises or big-name superstars other than Andrade Almas at seven Shinsuke Nakamura at 14 which was a good move by the WWE to have the big names in the latter part of the Rumble. But, some noticeable people remaining after the first 15 entrances were Finn Balor, Rusev, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Now, the good part, the second half of the royal rumble. In the Final 15 entrants of the royal rumble we saw the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns, the Miz, and Matt Hardy enter the Royal Rumble, but we also got a few surprises such as Hurricane at 21, Rey Mysterio who hasn’t been with company in a few years at 27, and ADAM COLE BAYBAY who had just performed an all-time classic match the night before at NXT takeover at 23. However, the 30 spot was still wide open, no one knew who it was going to be, it could’ve been Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, literally no one knew. It ended up being Dolph Ziggler making his return after a month’s long absence from WWE after forfeiting his United States Championship, rumors are he is getting a massive push very soon, so this was a fine last entrant. After his entrant he and Goldust would get eliminated to give us six remaining superstars, which gave us a cool different generation spot as it saw the 2000’s headliners such Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and Randy Orton form an alliance to face off against the new generation of headliners, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Roman Reigns.

The match would dwindle down to an epic final four, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena, and Roman Reigns. This may have been the best final four of all time, it pinned New Japan veterans such as Finn and Shin against WWE bred superstars John Cena and Roman Reigns. The narrative was perfect. The four would battle it out and after a lasting an impressive 57 minutes and 38 seconds, John Cena would eliminate Finn Balor. Three remain. In Kayfabe and reality, this put Shinsuke at insurmountable odds, a new Japan guy outlasting the last two faces of WWE is unheard of. Everyone’s worst nightmare was about to become true, Roman Reigns or John Cena was going to win the Royal Rumble once again. But wait, Roman Reigns has been knocked out, John Cena and Shinsuke are battling for their WrestleMania dreams on the ropes. Cena picks up Shinsuke, He reverses, Cena is now on the apron. Cena takes a desperate lunge at Shinsuke only to have Shinsuke dodge and Kinshasa John Cena out of the ring. Two remain.

The Philadelphia crowd was on pins and needles as the tense battle between one of the most beloved guys in wrestling and one of the most hated battled for a chance to headline WrestleMania and just when we thought Roman Reigns was about to win, Shinsuke hits him with a Kinshasa in the middle of the ring. The crowd is ecstatic, but still, Shinsuke needs to get roman over the ropes. To the crowd’s jubilation, Shinsuke picks up Roman and dumps him out of the ring. Shinsuke Nakamura has won the 2018 Royal Rumble.

After the match, Shinsuke would announce he will face AJ Styles for the WWE championship in the main event of WrestleMania 34 in a rematch from Wrestle Kingdom nine in New Japan. This defines the term dream match.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs The Bar

After all that, yes, we still had three matches to go. This match though was just more of a bathroom break, catch your breath kind of match. The Bar would end up winning clean to reclaim the Raw Tag Team gold, but nothing too notable here.

Triple Threat for the Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Kane

What’s a big four pay-per-view without a title match, right? At this point, most of the wrestling world know that Brock Lesnar is going to face Roman Reigns for the Universal championship at WrestleMania 34, it’s been set in stone since last years WrestleMania. Like I said they just had to have a championship match because it’s a big four and they wanted to make it believable to the casual viewer that Brock could lose so they put him up against two monsters. This match was basically a table breaking fest in which Brock would become triumphant, once again. Nothing too exciting.

The Inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble

The history-making match was basically booked perfect as Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch started out at one and two. This makes the most sense because Sasha has been at the forefront of every women’s history-making moment in this revolution. However, the question was what are they going to do with the other 28 entrants? You see, WWE confirmed only 17 women’s superstars and with a depleted main roster we expected a bunch of returns and NXT call-ups and we got them right from the start with Lita at number five. Some other returns included Molly Holly, Vickie Guerrero, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Torrie Wilson, and the Bella Twins. We also got few NXT superstars such as Kairi Sane and Ember Moon. The match would go on, and there were some notable spots here and there, but the best part really came when the 30th entrant came around. There were rumors running wild if Ronda Rousey was going to be in the rumble, so everyone was just waiting to explode when Ronda came running down that ramp. The clock ticked down…three…two…one… and Trish Stratus’s music hits. Not a huge let down because everyone loves Trish, but it was kind of like oh well no Ronda, it is what it is. Before I get to the final four, I would like to point out Sasha Banks used some pretty good heel tactics such as eliminating her best friend Bayley and having a few words with Trish in the middle of the ring. It’s only a matter of time at this point until she turns full heel to face Bayley at WrestleMania.

The Final four come down to Sasha, the undefeated Asuka, and the Bella Twins for a chance to go to WrestleMania. It started out as an alliance between Sasha and the Bellas to gang up on Asuka because she was the biggest threat, then Sasha started to turn into a cocky heel and that would be her downfall as the Bella twins teamed up to eliminate the Boss. Then before you know it, Nikki eliminates her sister Brie to cut it to between her and Asuka.The two would find themselves battling it out on the ring apron and then out of nowhere Asuka kicks Nikki Bella off the ring to remain undefeated and to become the first winner of the women’s royal rumble.

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte, WWE’s two women’s champions, join Asuka in the ring to share a special moment. Then… out of nowhere, Joan Jett’s bad reputation hits. Enter Ronda Rousey and Philadelphia erupts because WWE just pulled a double swerve and the whole fighting world was turned upside down. She had a stare down with the three women in the ring, shook Steph’s hand and walked back up to the ramp as the show faded to black. I’m excited for what’s in store with Ronda Rousey.

Overall, this was the best show WWE has put on since WrestleMania 31 a few years back, and this was one of the best rumbles of all time. From having two people last from one to thirty, putting New Japan over, and of course the signing of Ronda Rousey. Well done, WWE. Now we are finally on the road to WrestleMania.


Raw 25 Fell Flat

Raw 25 Fell Flat

Last night the WWE celebrated a huge milestone of 25 years of Monday Night Raw. This had the potential to be one of the best Raw’s in history, with weeks of advertisement, and rumors of legends returning going wild, everyone was so excited for Monday Night Raw. But, it sadly fell extremely flat and was a MASSIVE disappointment.

The show got off to a hot start with Vince cutting a classic heel promo, just to have Stone Cold Steve Austin come out to a massive ovation to give him a stunner just for old times sake. At this point, it looked like we were in for an epic night. After that segment, it then transitioned to the women’s tag match which was a fine every week Monday Night Raw match so no problems with that match. After that match finished they transitioned into a backstage segment where Kurt Angle, Brother Love, Teddy Long, the Brooklyn Brawler, and Jonathan Coachman all shared an odd encounter with the Boogieman. It was a fine segment, it just seemed like a weird group to have together and the only former manage I was excited to see in that segment was Coach, but I see him on every day on ESPN, so it was a fine segment, but nothing great.

Then came the biggest disappointment of the night, The Undertaker segment. This was Taker’s first appearance since he seemingly retired at this past WrestleMania, so we were all thinking, is he entering the rumble? Is he officially announcing his retirement? Is he announcing that he will face Cena at WrestleMania? Well, we got none of that. Instead, he cuts a weird promo directed at no one, and JR and Jerry Lawler acted as if he had handed out a threat of some sort, but that’s not the feel I got. That whole thing was just weird, and we honestly got left with nothing from that.

After that came the only notable thing to happen in the next two hours as the Miz battled Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship, in which he would end up winning. It was probably the right move to have the Miz win because he is now one of the most over superstars in the company, but this just means the inevitable Roman Reigns winning the rumble is going to play out and it’s just going to be so brutal. Now I did say that was the only notable thing to happen, but of course, they honored some GM’s and some former female talent, but outside of that, there was a Peep Show segment in which Christin wasn’t even the focal point as Jason Jordan just defined that he is now a modern-day heel. Then there was that backstage APA poker segment with Ted Dibiase, MVP, and some modern-day talent which resulted in a throwaway match when the Dudley Boys interfered. John Cena had a segment with Elias that will probably lead to a match at Fastlane, as well. Like I said, nothing too notable I just wanted to mention it. Oh, and Bray Wyatt beat Matt Hardy in a payoff match, which was unexpected, but that match featured two of WWE’s most underappreciated talent so who knows what’s going to happen with either of them going forward.

The Main event in the Manhattan center may have been the best part of the night. DX had another reunion moment as them and Scott hall linked up for a special Kliq moment and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, The Club, who uses the signature too sweet motion that the Kliq made famous, all embraced in the ring as a special moment. The Club would then go onto have a match with the Revival as the Revival would end up getting buried. Most people were upset about the Revival’s burial, but on the positive side Finn Balor may have just gotten really over, and could just be a sleeper to win this Sunday’s, Royal Rumble.

Raw 25 was better than your average Raw, but they could’ve done more with it. The Manhattan Center wasn’t pleased, they could’ve used more significant former talent, and set up more stuff for the Rumble and Mania, but they didn’t. It was a fine show but not as good as it could’ve been, it was kind of disorganized and it was clear it was difficult to put together. Overall, it was decent with a few nostalgia trips, but I’ll give it a 4/10 because it could’ve been so much better.

The Funkhouser Situation E17: Corporate America is the Real Freakshow

The Funkhouser Situation with Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse makes a hilarious, triumphant return to talk about the best the world of pop culture has to offer. Today they touch on a variety of topics, like…

— Lee’s review of The Greatest Showman.

— Chris’ message for all of the listeners.

— Ann Curry speaks out.

— Lee casually drops some exciting news.

— This week’s hits at the box office.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise. You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to The Funkhouser Situation podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Know Your Revenge Body Trainers

Know Your Revenge Body Trainers

Cultured people have no time for TV shows featuring the Kardashians. Lucky for me, I bask in the light of a good dumpster fire.  Khloe Kardashian’s spin-off, Revenge Body, seems to have some substance. Like a 2018 version of Extreme Weight Loss, Khloe and her jacked up entourage help participants maintain a healthier lifestyle.  While there are some problematic moments, for the most part, Khloe emphasizes dealing with issues that are at the heart of eating addiction, loving the body that you have and working hard to meet healthier lifestyle goals.

The most enjoyable part of the show is sitting on your couch, munching on some snacks, and watching others be active, throw-up from too much activity and transform into better versions of themselves.  The show would be less interesting if it didn’t have the ragtag group of trainers that she uses to help motivate each participant. But, even better than eating while others workout is pondering which trainer you would prefer if you were the one crying through crunches on national TV.  Here’s a handy guide of some of the trainers on Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body.
Gunnar Peterson
Specialty: Deep Conversations at the squat rack

Probability He’d Make Me Cry: 70%

Probability He’d Make Me Throw Up: 35%

Gunnar is a wild card.  For one, he spells his name with an “a.”  But more importantly, he is squatting renting the space above a parking garage.   I don’t know what this has to do with fitness, but it seems important to add.  Gunnar has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan and one time, on The Real Housewives of Orange County, he made Shannon Beador take off her shirt to measure her stomach.  He didn’t need to do that and I will never forgive him.  Gunnar has A LOT of equipment in his gym.  Like A LOT.  It really seems like a tripping hazard. Gunnar emphasizes the importance of nutrition first then exercise second.  Gunnar has me and my Cheezits shook. He makes meal plans for participants to not follow, then get confronted and then follow. (It happens every time.)
Lacey Stone
Specialty: Flexing while having a deep conversation

Probability She’d Make Me Cry: 100%

Probability She’d Make Me Throw Up: 46%

Lacey’s motto is “Passion. Persistence. Patience. = Excellence.”  Which tells me she’s kind and thoughtful and bad at math.  Her goal is to befriend you and then make you work out till your arms are as jacked as hers.  She’s most known for her flywheel classes where she enjoys “turning up the torque” and referring to the room as a “stadium.” One of my life goals is to be comfortable saying those phrases out loud.
Simone De La Rue
Specialty: Being teeny tiny

Probability She’d Make Me Cry: 20%

Probability She’d Make Me Throw Up: 100%

Simone’s workout philosophy is a lot of jumping.  Jumping on trampolines.  Jumping on the ground.  Jumping with some high kicks.  Hence the assured throw-up. Simone is four feet tall. (I think, I didn’t check.) But, they always give her super tall clients.  I think this is a strategy to make the participants feel even bigger.  It’s an evil thought, but I wouldn’t put it past reality TV producers.

What’s fun is that by the end of the twelve-week revenge body schedule, Simone always has her clients in shape and creepily dressed just like her. There are worse cults to join.
Luke Milton
Specialty: Being adorable and Australian

Probability He’d Make Me Cry: 0%

Probability He’d Make Me Throw Up: 52%

Luke has one shirt and that shirt says “mate.” It’s half the name of this gym.  It’s signifies that he is 100% Australian.  It’s an indicator that he wants to be your friend.   It’s everything you need to know about him.  Luke creates adorable nicknames for his client, like “Stephie.”  and makes them workout in large group exercise classes like normal people.

It’s refreshing.
Corey Calliet
Specialty: Intensity

Probability He’d Make Me Cry: 100%

Probability He’d Make Me Throw Up: 1000%

Corey specializes in “The Calliet Way” which is basically him being handsome and yelling at people.  He’s a great motivator for his clients because he has catch phrases that rhyme and they typically have a crush on him so they are likely to show up for his sessions.  Each of his clients eventually learn to show up for themselves and not for him.  Blah Blah Blah

It’s also important to note that he only has ONE JACKET that he wears to each reveal.  It’s a version of the leather jacket that Danny Zuko wears, but four times larger.  He always accentuates it with a black baseball hat, that makes his head seem even smaller than usual.  By my couch side calculations, it’s about the size of four Cheezits.

I don’t know what this has to do with fitness, but it seems important to add.

Kendrick Lamar is Setting the World on Fire

Kendrick Lamar is Setting the World on Fire

While I was not planning on doing a music post for a while, I struggled to find some good topics to write about. But one topic popped into my mind constantly. Kendrick Lamar is the most popular music figure in America right now. Not Drake, Not Taylor Swift but Kendrick Lamar. Many of you may wonder “Brent how can you say That? Drake and T-swift are on the radio all the time”, well, yeah of course they are, they have a commercial based talent. But, Kendrick Lamar has now reached a level of commercial success I thought we’d never see from him. Not because he’s not talented enough, I believe he’s the most talented artist right now, but he keeps it real and blunt. In 2018, it’s undeniable, everyone wants to hear from Kung Fu Kenny.

It was evident to me last Monday really, when he performed at the halftime show of the college football playoff (which was amazing), got asked to play the biggest role on the soundtrack of Marvel’s upcoming movie, Black Panther, and he has his own show coming out in a Nike collaboration on January 26th. It is literally insane; this dude is everywhere. Now, of course, they could have some negative effects like Ludacris and Kevin Hart did before him by being involved with anything imaginable possible which clearly took a hit on their popularity, but right now I’m loving it for Kendrick Lamar and I actually believe he will be immune to what happened to Ludacris and Kevin Hart. Because he doesn’t go “Hollywood” necessarily like they do, he stays true to himself and kind of stays out of the public eye unless he’s doing something with his music.

The timeline of his success is something to behold as well, Kendrick first burst on the scene with good kid m.A.A.d city in 2013, as he had commercial success with sounds like Swimming Pools, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Backstreet Freestyle, and Money Trees. He took a less commercial approach in To Pimp a Butterfly and even that was a hit, but when he teased DAMN. I never thought it’d have the success it has. I thought it’d be great, definitely not an all-timer though, but sure enough, it did and it has launched him into a stratosphere unlike any other. With the album spending 25 consecutive weeks in the top 10 and earning 30 million dollars in a calendar year, it’s obvious people love him. With the shoes, the multiple appearances on television, performances, movies wanting his music, successful tour, and the album it’s clear he’s setting the world on fire in 2018. I love that he is the biggest artist right now because his talent is unmatched. Kendrick Lamar is everywhere, and I love it.

A Pretty Good Good Place Fan Theory

A Pretty Good Good Place Fan Theory


I’m not a Jacksonville Jaguar fan.  I have a deep seated belief that football stadiums and hot tubs should not coexist and ne’er the twain shall meet.  Nevertheless, the team, covered in teal and lead by a Bortle will play this Sunday.  Their success creates a problem for the writers of The Good Place.  In “the good place,” Jason Mendoza is a faithful fan.  Part of his character development is that he is an idiot from the Sunshine State who blindly cheers for all things Florida: Pitbull, Fred Durst, the Jags.  He is a dum-dum and we know that because:


This is how he identifies soulmates:


And this is how he justifies why the Jaguars don’t suck: *pre-2017 season


Jason’s DNA specifies that he is a dolt who worships simple-minded things (like being a part of a 60 person dance crew.)  The Good Place, which is known for its plot twist at the end of season 1, was handed a plot twist of its own this year–the Jaguars are good.  What should the writers do with this new version of reality?

Here’s my totally unrealistic fan theory:

Jason is such a devoted fan that he showed up on the sidelines of the wildcard game this Sunday.  He is the Ashley Judd of Jacksonville. For me, this was an odd example of synergy.  Is it possible that the writers want Jason to be there to witness Jacksonville’s playoff run and then use this footage on the show?  Are they filming at the football stadium just to add the world’s greatest Easter egg in season three?

Here’s why I don’t think this is the craziest of ideas.  Michael Schur, the creator of The Good Place has established a precedent of having amazing guest stars on his shows.  Parks and Recreation had a Joe Biden, John McCain and Michelle Obama cameo, just to name a few.  Is it possible that 60,000 people at EverBank field just became extras on The Good Place last Sunday?

The show also relies are flashbacks to the characters’ lives before they ended up in “the Good Place.”  There is an opportunity for the epic playoff moment to have a place in season three.  The show has demonstrated that they aren’t tethered to the usual sitcom structure.  Could this be the next great step?


Really, we’ll never know if this is rubbish or not till the next season airs.  It’s all guesses and conjectures and like Chidi would point out, it’s basically turtles all the way down.


Or Bortles all the way down, if you will.

But, just keep in mind, you heard it here first.

Get Out Deserved an Award at the Golden Globes

Get Out Deserved an Award at the Golden Globes

Before I begin this post I would like to stress that this article does not reflect my political views whatsoever. The Golden Globes are often criticized for either pushing an agenda, or not progressing enough and this is not what this post is about. I just truly believe Get Out was a phenomenal film that deserved at least one award. I do recognize Get Out does address issues such as racism and that can be taken as a political stance, and that’s fine, I just believe there were so many cinematic elements that made this movie great for more reasons than addressing a modern day issue. Also, Spoiler Alert.

Last night the Golden Globes took place for the 75th time and per usual all the stars were out as movies, television shows, actors, and actresses were all celebrated in one night. There were many great movies, shows, and actors/actresses up for awards so it’s always hard to argue how one motion picture beat out the other and the same applies for television shows and actors. But, one glaring mistake from last night’s award show was how they mishandled Jordan Peele’s master piece, Get Out. Everyone always likes to talk about how “woke” the golden globes are, and for the most part they are. With Meryl Streep Last year and the times up movement and Oprah this year, I give them props for helping move this country forward. But, if they’re so “woke”, Get Out should have at least gotten ONE award last night, instead they went home with nothing.

Get Out was a massive success this summer, being the highest grossed film in 2017 with over 175 million dollars in the US. It was a modern-day horror story through and through that came out at the perfect time, as it chronicled a black man meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Showing horror through racism and hypnosis, it was a brilliant concept that deserved so much more. It had some of the most groundbreaking and deep scenes I have ever seen in a movie. Whether it was the girlfriend eating fruit loops separate from milk to show how deeply rooted her racism is by not wanting to integrate the colors into the white milk, or connecting the dots that the dad of the girlfriend uses brain operations to put a white person’s mind into a black person’s body to give them the physical advantages they didn’t have before, it was mind blowing. There were times I thought the protagonist would die at any moment, which is rare for movies nowadays because we’re so used to the “good guy always wins” plot. I was truly on the edge of my seat for this one and it deserved a lot more.

Anyways, back to the gripe. For lack of better terms, Get Out got the shaft, even way before the award show. The fact alone that it was under the musical/comedy category is a disgrace. This movie doesn’t touch comedy on any level, does it have some comedy elements? Sure, but almost every horror film does nowadays. The fact that this was in the same category as the Disaster Artist, is ridiculous. Now, would they have won in the drama category? I’m not so sure, but it stood no chance in the comedy category (even though it was the best movie of the bunch) you can’t win when you’re miss-categorized.

Most people were upset about Daniel Kaluuyla not winning over James Franco, but that doesn’t bother me as much because I feel like Franco nailed the role of Tommy Wiseua, but it does bother me that Jordan Peele wasn’t nominated for best director. He may not have won but he at least deserved a nomination because as I’ve stated so many times, Get Out was a brilliant concept. I feel like Jrdan Peele would’ve won that award, especially since Guillermo del Toro took home the award for The Shape of Water. It just blows my mind Get Out went home with nothing.

Here were some other reactions.

If 2017 had a verse in “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

If 2017 had a verse in “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

There’s something about the changing of the calendars that reminds me of Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire.”  It’s the “Auld Lang Syne” of the 20th century.  Since we are currently in the 21st century, the Piano’s Man’s greatest karaoke jam needs some updating.   Behold! The updated lyrics for the 2017 verse of “We didn’t start the fire.”   So, ignore Billy Joel drumming in your kitchen and sing-along.

Here’s the updated lyrics that no one asked for: 

*- 8 Bar Intro-*

Fidget Spinners, Iphone X, Charlottesville, Gucci Gang, Puerto Rico, Punk Eleven, Des-paci-to

Sassy Wendy’s, OJ’s Free, Money Moves, Angry Sean, Pepsi Ads, Icey Kings, Hash-tag Me Too

*- 4 Bar Break-*

Hugh Hefner, Bit Coin, Angry Swift, Eclipse, Roy Moore, Wonder Woman and Moonlight Actually Won!

Yonce’s Twins, Get Out, Markle got a new ring, Trump Robot, HowBoutDat?, Tom Petty Goodbye!


We didn’t start the fire.  It was always burning since the world’s been turning. And now, it’s stuck in your head for weeks.

My Top 10 Albums of 2017

My Top 10 Albums of 2017

Now that 2018 is here, we’re seeing all sorts of end of the year lists. Whether it’s movies, brands, tv shows, or music they’re everywhere. With that said, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon as well with my own music list. I have compiled my top ten favorite albums of 2017, but with a little disclaimer, I love hip hop music, so my list is basically that. With that said, let’s begin with some honorable mentions.


SYRE-Jaden Smith

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music-2 Chainz


Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1- Calvin Harris

Let’s get it started.

10. Freudian- Daniel Caesar

Highlights: Get You, Best Part, We Find Love

When I think of R&B I think of love songs, but in 2017 it seems the genre has switched from love songs to making love songs and it values lust more than love. What makes this album great is it goes against the grain of today’s R&B as this album is more about falling in love. The album gets off to a strong start when we hear Caesar’s great vocals in the smooth song Get You and it carries throughout the whole album. Had it not been for BROCKHAMPTON, I would have had Caesar as my breakout artist this year across all categories. But, as far as R&B goes, he was the best performer in 2017.

9. Luv is Rage 2- Lil Uzi Vert

Highlights: XO Tour Lif3, Sauce It Up, The Way Life Goes

If you would have told me two years ago, or even at the beginning of this year, that I would enjoy Lil Uzi Vert’s music I would have called you crazy. Let alone have one of his albums crack my top 10. But, Uzi had a great year in 2017 and he kicked off his great year by dropping the single XO Tour Lif3. After sitting on one single for a few months he then dropped Luv is Rage 2, the follow up to the mixtape Luv is Rage. This makes my list because the production on this album is amazing from XO Tour Lif3 to Sauce It Up, the beats are great. Although Uzi isn’t a great lyricist, he had some great vocals on this album shown off from XO Tour Lif3, Neon Guts, Feelings Mutual, and The Way Life Goes. This was a fun album to listen to in 2017 and you could get away with playing any of the songs of this album at a party.

8. 4:44- Jay-Z

Highlights: The Story of OJ, 4:44, Family Feud

It might surprise some people this fell at eight, but Jay-Z has never really done it for me. With that said, this sort of “tell all” Jay-Z album was really good as we hear Jay-Z open up about his marriage troubles that Beyoncé exposed to the world with Lemonade. This album was almost like a three-part story, starting as addressing what happened, moving to apologetic and remorse, then he seems to show that him and Queen Bey worked out their problems and that their relationship will get stronger from here. Was this one of Jay’s best albums? Absolutely. It’s a different approach from Jay-Z, but this album was fantastic. Although it was a different approach, we still got some classic Jay-Z as he rapped about money in songs like The Story of OJ (which was also one of the best music videos ever) and Family Feud. No one expected it, it had low expectations, but exceeded all expectations and proved Hov still has his legendary game.

7. I Decided. – Big Sean

Highlights: Voices in My Head/ Stick to the plan, Bounce Back, Moves, Jump Out the Window

The concept behind Big Sean’s latest album was his belief that he has been giving a second chance at life. In his first run on earth he believed he got though life and accomplished nothing, so the whole album we hear the interaction he is having with his former self to live life to the fullest. Big Sean arguably has the best flow in music right now, and he flexes those muscles in songs like Moves, Bounce Back, and Voices in My Head/ Stick to the plan. But, we also see a softer side of Big Sean in songs like Jump Out the Window where he talks about struggling relationships. One of the most touching songs though was Inspire Me, where he pens a dedication song to his mother. Overall, I decided was a solid album and I do believe it’s been underappreciated this year and gets lost in the shuffle with all the other great albums we had this year. Oh yeah and he had a song with Eminem, but Eminem has been trash for the past five or six years, so there’s that.

6. Flower Boy- Tyler, The Creator

Highlights: 911/ Mr. Lonely, Who Dat Boy, See You again

Tyler, The Creator has never been one for commercial success, as he raps with an “I don’t care” attitude and raps about what he feels, if it goes big great, if not who cares. I have been a fan of Tyler for some time now, ever since his days in Odd Future. I can easily say he is not for everyone and some people may think he’s weird, but he’s a very talented artist. In fact, he prides himself on being weird and that’s what makes this album great. It got extremely successful and Tyler didn’t change a thing. Having his biggest commercial success in the song See You Again, people started to floc to this album instantly. Dropping a few singles before the albums release, it was evident this was going to be Tyler’s most successful album. It was kind of odd to see Tyler take a softer approach on this album, but we still see the same hard-hitting stuff in songs like Who Dat Boy. I loved seeing him have a great 2017.

Cover Art, Album Cover, Album Artwork for “Everybody” by Logic. Illustrated by Sam Spratt

5. Everybody- Logic

Highlights: AfricAryaN, 1-800-273-8255, Everybody

I never thought much of logic before this year, I always found him annoying and I don’t know why. I never really gave him a chance, but this spring I had a friend show me this album and man is it amazing. Logic is not only a great lyricist with a great flow, but he has a great singing voice as well. Logic may be the most underappreciated artists in all of hip hop right now in fact. The theme of this album was simple, equality. Rapping about issues we have in today’s society such as racism, depression, anxiety, and suicide (we’ve all heard the song) he, with the help of Neil Degrasse Tyson who voiced God, gave us the idea of a religion almost like Buddhism where he has the mind set that we are every person that has ever lived, so what we do to others we are doing to ourselves. While this idea may be totally false, it does bring the idea that we should treat everyone how we want to be treated. This album would have landed higher on my list, but the only issue I have with this album is in every song Logic raps about being biracial, almost to the point where fans were like “we get it”. My favorite song on this album is also the longest, AfricAryaN. I like this song so well because Logic shows of his vocal range throughout the whole 13-minute song and we even got a raw feature from one of my favorite artists, J. Cole, to close the track. This album was great, and it made me more appreciative of Logic and his talent in music.

4. More Life- Drake

Highlights: Do Not Disturb, Passionfruit, Get it Together, Teenage Fever

Although Drake dubbed this a “playlist”, but for all intents and purposes this was an album. First teased in October 2016, Drake kept pushing the release date back and back until March 12th of this year. Drake needed a strong outing after most people believed Views was overhyped and underwhelmed, sure enough the six god delivered. This truly was the sequel to Take Care, Drake’s most successful album, with a mix of upbeat songs and then the sad, cheesy, love songs only Drake can make cool like Teenage Fever (which sampled JLo), Nothings into Somethings, and Since Way Back. This album had a variety of music and it definitely had some vibes that you would hear from across the pond in songs like No Long Talk. He also had some fun songs with some of his best verses like Gylachester, Can’t Have Everything, and Sacrifices. Drake’s biggest song on this album was Passionfruit, as it gave a smooth Caribbean feel to the song that everyone can vibe to. In my opinion Drake gave us one of his best verses in More Life’s outro, Do Not Disturb, as he rapped about how he tries to get everything off his chest when closing out his project. He then goes on to say it would take the rest of 2017 off to get some rest and bring him back to his regular life. He said he would give us the summary in 2018, and being the Drake Stan I am, I’m more than ready.

3. Ctrl- SZA

Highlights: Love Galore, The weekend, Prom, Drew Barrymore

SZA has been featured in a few songs before 2017, but in 2017 SZA finally had her own success with her amazing solo album, Ctrl. Dropping the single “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott a few weeks before the album released, people loved the song but I’m not too sure anyone had high expectations for this album. SZA blew everyone away with Ctrl. SZA’s main purpose of this album is she is critiquing herself, whether it with self-doubt or full confidence, she’s just trying to figure it out. SZA only added to TDE’s already successful year as a music label, and with her great voice and flow she will be a force in the music industry.



As I mentioned earlier, BROCKHAMPTON is probably the best breakout artist this year. The group released three albums alone this year, all titled Saturation and each one was better than the last. Therefore, my favorite album of theirs is their most recent, Saturation III. This may be a little high on my list because I might have some recency bias, but I have listened to it non-stop for two weeks. Starting the album off with the fun and eccentric son BOOGIE, it reels you in quick. It then goes into ZIPPER which has a great flow to it as well. The best song on this album though is probably BLEACH, it’s a mellow toned song but BROCKHAMPTON member Matt Champion dominated this track with an incredible first verse. Coming in high up on the list is SATURATION III.

1. DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

Highlights: the whole album

This album is basically the consensus album of the year across all media and deservingly so. Kendrick Lamar is the best artist right now and has been for a few years now, known for his impressive lyricism, deep conceptual thinking, and the crazy amount of engineering done on his tracks, he always delivers. Not only did Kung-Fu Kenny deliver, he dropped a classic with DAMN. First teasing a new album coming in the song the heart pt. 4, then dropping HUMBLE. everyone was hungry for this album. Kendrick first brings us in with BLOOD. In which he is telling a story in a mellow tone, then out of nowhere he hits us with the hard-hitting DNA. which set the tone for the rest of the album.

Most people thought Kendrick Lamar had a crazy two album concept with this album as well. Assuming there was aother album on the way, this was the conspiracy( that actually made sense) that Kendrick would have a follow up album to DAMN. in three days.

In reality the deep concept of this album was it could be listened to backwards as it told the story of Kendrick growing up and the obstacles he had to face to become what he is today. The stories he told in the individual song were great as well, which we’ve got accustomed to with Kendrick. Songs like XXX., FEAR., and LUST. are all great, but my favorite has to be DUCKWORTH. In DUCKWORTH. he tells the amazing story of how his music manager, Top Dawg, robbed the KFC where his father worked. But Kendrick’s father helped out Top Dawg by giving him free food and consequently Top Dawg spared his father’s life. I could honestly do a whole post over this album alone…damn.