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Coach Floreal (@KentuckyTrack) with Sha-Keela Saunders.

UK Women’s Track & Field Reaches #1

Coach Floreal (@KentuckyTrack) with Sha-Keela Saunders.

Coach Floreal (@KentuckyTrack) with Sha-Keela Saunders.

For the first time in school history, the Kentucky women’s track and field team is ranked #1 in the nation.

The Cats jumped from second to first over Arkansas after a little change-up in the way the computer rankings work.  Edrick Floreal’s team has six athletes ranked in the Top Five of their respective events.  

In the 100 hurdles Jasmine Camacho-Quinn is second in the nation, while Jacklyn Howell holds down fourth.  Kiah Seymour has the third best 400 hurdle run of the year.  Sha’Keela Saunders is ranked second nationally in the long jump.  The race that the normal, uneducated fan pays attention to, the 100 meters, Kentucky has crushed it.  Destiny Carter has the third best and Kianna Gray has the fourth best showing of the year.

It’s a fantastic achievement, but I have a feeling this is only the first of many record-setting accomplishments for this team.

Kentucky Drops Two of Three at Auburn

JaVon Shelby

UK Athletics

The BatCats dropped the first two games at Auburn before winning Sunday’s game 9-6. It was a tough series for UK, who is now 27-17 (11-10) on the season. Zack Brown and Dustin Beggs both allowed five or more runs and UK blew a 5-0 lead on Saturday. The UK offense overpowered Auburn on Sunday’s win. JaVon Shelby hit a pair of home runs and Evan White drove in three runs while Kyle Cody dominated over 7.1 innings. We’ll see tomorrow how this week affected the tournament odds for the BatCats, but I don’t think it’s time to hit the panic button quite yet. With a pair of series at home against South Carolina and at Ole Miss, I don’t think it’s out of the question that UK could still rise back up after the slump.

Game Notes

JaVon had a great last two games

The weekend was good for the slumping Shelby. The third baseman drove in six runs on five hits, including two home runs on Sunday. His swings on Saturday night were some of the best he has had in recent memory. He didn’t load up and moved easily through the zone when he hit a pair of doubles. His home runs on Sunday were absolute bombs over the left field wall. He now has nine this year.

Kyle Cody saved the series

For the first time this season, Dustin Beggs really struggled. The offense was able to pick him up and give him the no decision, but Dylan Dwyer and the UK bullpen blew the game in the 8th. There were some questionable pitching changes in the 8th inning on Saturday that might have cost UK a chance to win, but that’s in the past. Today’s story was Kyle Cody. The senior went 7.1 innings, striking out six and allowing only two earned runs. Cody has thrown in some good starts as of late, and will be a big piece to winning the next two weekends.

What happened Saturday night?

Kentucky jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the second, but watched the lead evaporate throughout the game. Beggs pitched seven innings and allowed six runs before the bullpen self-destructed in the 8th. I understand matchups and believe they should be utilized, but the move to Logan Salow in the 8th after Dwyer was interesting. The bullpen as a whole struggled this weekend. Sean Hjelle allowed three runs on Sunday after Cody and Justin Lewis allowed three runs through eight. Hopefully the pen gets back to normal heading into the final three weeks.

What’s next?

I’m a glass-half full kind of guy, but everything is gray at this point. I think a positive record at the end of the season definitely puts UK as a two seed, but a bad series against Mizzou could bump them out. A sweep or two and winning all three series could give UK a way to host. Lose all three and they would miss the tournament and Coach Henderson is probably out of a job. There is no way, with as much talent as UK has, that they should miss back to back tournaments. But as for now, they are positioned for a two or three seed. Next weekend’s series against South Carolina could be a huge boost for the guys. There is a midweek against EKU on Tuesday. It is a make up for earlier this season.


The Matt Jones Podcast: E36 Booger McFarland & Jen Smith

FullSizeRender (25)

This special weekend edition of The Matt Jones Podcast brings the week’s two biggest topics to the table: Laremy Tunsil’s insane draft night and the upheaval around Matthew Mitchell’s women’s basketball program.  Former LSU defensive lineman and SEC Network analyst, Booger McFarland, gives context to Tunsil’s wild night while Jen Smith of the Herald-Leader helps get to the core of what’s gone wrong for UK Hoops.  Highlights include:

—  Fantastic Boogerisms like, “If you’re gonna start down the yellow brick road, don’t jump off when it gets hot.”

—  Is Hugh Freeze done at Ole Miss?

—  Why Mitchell came off worse on KSR than he did in the other media opportunities from this week.

—  Why Shannon Dawson didn’t work.

You can have every podcast delivered straight to your phone by searching for The Matt Jones Podcast on iTunes and clicking “subscribe.” It doesn’t get much easier than that. If you aren’t an iTunes person, you can also stream every podcast on Podbay or check it out on the Stitcher app.

Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics

Barnhart still has Matthew Mitchell’s Back

Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics

Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics

To use Matthew Mitchell’s words, the initial “upheaval” surrounding the women’s basketball program seems to have come to a close (knock on wood).  Yesterday Mitchell had a chance to defend and explain the events surrounding his program.

The defections seem to have stopped as the program attempts to move forward.  The only person we hadn’t heard from yet is Mitchell’s boss, Mitch Barnhart.  Kyle Tucker of The C-J spoke to UK’s athletic director today about the fallout.  Barnhart’s best reasoning for why all of this has happened…

“I think sometimes, as you try and replicate things over and over and over – if you had something you really liked, and it changes, for instance the staff that he had four or five years ago, you say, ‘I really liked that,’ and you try to replicate it over and over and over. Sometimes, that style – it’s really hard to do. You get to a spot where you’re just chasing what you used to have. So being able to adjust is important, and you have to understand that you might not have exactly what you had before.

Barnhart never saw the situation as a fireable offense or a “this is the last straw” type of ordeal.  He described their close and candid relationship.

“I’ve talked to him. He’s not only my women’s basketball coach. He’s a friend. When friends are hurting, you’re going to make sure that you pay attention to them. And then the other piece of that: I’ve got a friendship, and then he’s my head women’s basketball coach, and I’ve got to make sure that I balance both those things out. I don’t want to get clouded by either view.”

For the entire Q&A click here.

Listen to Matthew Mitchell’s interview on KSR


Matthew Mitchell came on KSR this morning to address the turmoil surrounding the UK Hoops program and, well, it was awkward. First of all, kudos to Mitchell for agreeing to come on; however, after twenty minutes, I’m not sure we learned anything. Mitchell danced around the issues and didn’t give any clear answers to what was admittedly a very tough line of questioning. Here’s a brief recap of his appearance, along with the full clip of the interview.

Matt started by asking the obvious: after six players, two future players, and three coaches distanced themselves from the program, what the heck is going on?

“I think you have an opportunity to grow through times like this,” Mitchell said. “It definitely was a tumultuous end to what was a really enjoyable season for me on the court. The kids really played hard, showed up every day with great attitudes and worked hard on the court. We got some great results, made us very proud. I think if you put it in the context of it all happening right now, it’s really not accurate that it’s happening right now.”

Mitchell admitted that maybe the program grew too quickly after its initial success during his tenure and that that the coaching turnover in 2014 may explain some of the issues since.

“I think all of these events are really a culmination of us trying to improve the program to get better,” Mitchell said. “As Kyra [Elzy] left for Tennessee and Matt [Insell] left for Ole Miss, we’ve been trying to recreate that and it’s been hard for me and I think that’s what my responsibility is. I’ve got to do a good job of making sure we have some stability on the staff. That’s 100% on me.”

So…what are we supposed to make of the three assistants that just left?

“Well, one situation is I didn’t renew a contract and that is me deciding that the coach [Amadou] and I are not going to go forward and renew the contract, and that’s between that coach and me,” Mitchell said. “The other two coaches [Tamika Williams-Jeter and Camryn Whitaker] decided they didn’t want to be here. I explained their value and what they could do at Kentucky and they decided that wanted to be elsewhere.”

There have been rumblings on social media from former players that Mitchell is too hard on his players, which Mitchell denied has any impact on the departures.

“I do not. I have been a demanding coach, but as I said, we — every practice has been open. I have certainly grown as a coach and in my younger days — have I learned how to be a better coach? There’s no question about it. The intensity that you have as a young coach, do you learn how to be more effective with that? You do. I make no bones about being a tough coach and a coach that is intense, but I love our players. We’ve had great success here.”

When pressed, Mitchell refused to pin this on one situation or incident, instead preaching the need for stability.

“I understand that it doesn’t look good and I understand that there are things on social media that you want this all buttoned up and I understand that our entire staff left, but I can’t really deal — those are people’s lives they want to live and what I need to do now as we turn the page here and move forward is make certain we are getting closer to people who want to be in the building.”

“Ultimately, it’s all on me because I’m making the decisions to bring people here,” Mitchell said. “We need to get it better and we need to get it more right than we’ve gotten it. We have to. That’s 100% on me. I have to build a staff where we can have a level of stability going from year to year.”

“The seven players that are in that locker room right now that are on campus are absolutely the kind of people we want in that program and I’ve got to make sure I’m there for them.”

Listen below:

UK Athletics

UK Softball Comes From Behind to Beat Louisville 2-1

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

Trailing on the road 1-0 entering the top of the seventh inning, Rachel Lawson’s team refused to quit fighting. It wasn’t easy, but they found a way to win.

The Cats had two outs and a runner on first. An error put another runner on base, setting the stage to drive in the winning run.  Abbey Cheek and Brooklin Hinz had a pair of back-to-back RBI liners to give Kentucky two unearned runs for the final margin of victory.

The game ended with a swinging strikeout delivered by Kelsey Nunley. While the BatCats floundered near the finish against UofL, the softball team showed they have ice in their veins to close out the Cards.

Notes from Matthew Mitchell’s press conference

Notes from Matthew Mitchell’s press conference

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.35.33 PM

After his appearance on KSR this morning, Matthew Mitchell went in front of the media this afternoon to address the state of the UK Hoops program. Mitchell took questions and spoke for about 45 minutes about the turmoil and turnover that’s surrounded his team in recent days, and, while it feels like there’s still a lot we don’t know about the situation, Mitchell was more forthcoming in his answers than he was on KSR. Here’s a recap.

Mitchell takes the blame for the lack of chemistry on the staff

Mitchell touched on this during his interview this morning, but it seems the problems in the program began when they lost Kyra Elzy and Matt Insell. Before Elzy left for Tennessee in 2012 and Insell for Ole Miss in 2013, Mitchell said the staff was very close; however, once they were gone and Mitchell and his wife started having kids, he admitted he wasn’t able to devote enough time to bond with his new staff.

“One of the feedback I got from the staff [after Elzy and Insell left] was we didn’t spend enough time planning practices and being together there, so I tried to learn from that. Also, Presley was born that year and I was not around as much as I normally would be with a newborn baby. That’s all on me. Something’s rolling along well and you think it’s will just going to keep rolling along well, and that’s a mistake you make.”

Mitchell said he felt as though he spent a lot of time with the new assistants this year, but for whatever reason, the chemistry just wasn’t there.

He didn’t want Williams-Jeter and Whitaker to leave

While Mitchell maintained that the decision not to renew Adeniyi Amadou’s contract was his, he said he did want Tamika Williams-Jeter and Camryn Whitaker to stay on staff.

“We did not have the kind of chemistry we needed to result in us moving forward, so I parted ways with one coach and the other two coaches had decisions to make about whether they wanted to return or not, and I was very much in favor of them returning, I wanted them to return, I tried to explain to them how it would all work together and fit together. Kyra [Elzy] was going to come back and that was the staff I would have loved to go forward with, but, you know, they had to decide what they wanted to do with their life and they decided not to come back to Kentucky. That’s an incredible turnover and tremendous upheaval and somewhere along the way, I didn’t communicate well enough for them to want to stay. That’s 100% on me and my responsibility and I need to learn the lessons from that situation and move forward in a real productive manner.”

Mitch Barnhart expressed his concerns

Considering the turnover, some fans have asked to hear from athletic director Mitch Barnhart on the situation. Mitchell admitted that Barnhart approached him and told him to get the program back in line.

“I’m so appreciative to Mitch Barnhart who has just been so helpful in his feedback with this. He’s been very candid with me about, ‘you need to do a better job in getting people in a stable situation and we cannot have this type of situation happening again.’ It’s been a three-year revolving door of staff, and that just creates tremendous upheaval.”

Mitchell added that he feels a “sense of urgency” from Barnhart on resolving the situation, but he is confident the additions to the coaching staff will make a difference.

“What we do with our staff is going to signal stability,” Mitchell said.

Anthony Epps voices concern over UK Hoops

Anthony Epps voices concern over UK Hoops

Matthew Mitchell just wrapped up his press conference about the state of the UK Hoops program, and while he was a little more forthcoming with information than he was during his interview on KSR this morning, the really interesting stuff happened off camera. Mitchell started his presser by thanking the players and their parents for their support.

“What I’ve particularly appreciated is the support of the parents,” Mitchell said. “I’ve spoken with every parent or close connection to those seven players and that response has given me tremendous confidence and strength and I’ve had unwavering, overwhelming support from that group of people and candid engagement from them and that is appreciated.”

Everybody but Anthony Epps, it seems. Upon seeing that quote on Larry Vaught’s Twitter feed, the former UK great and father of Makayla Epps spoke out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.17.35 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.18.48 PM

When UK Hoops beat writer Jen Smith pointed out that Makayla’s parents aren’t together anymore, so Mitchell may have just spoken with her mother, Epps said he didn’t believe that gives Mitchell a pass, but that he still supports Mitchell and the program.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.40.31 PM

Makayla was present at the press conference, and Mitchell used her as an example of a player he’s given special attention to in the past few years because of her off-the-court issues. After the recent departures, Mitchell admitted to reporters he needs to give all of his players that kind of attention.

“I think one of the things for me that I have learned over the past couple of years is there’s no substitute for one-on-one communication. Makayla and I were talking about this. Makayla hit a rough spot there last year and we had to make some decisions on how she was going to turn her life — which way she was going to go. I was really frank and blunt with her that there was only one way I was going forward with her and that’s if she made some changes and got on a positive path.

That came in a time of year in May, June, July, when the demands of the season aren’t as great and she and I could spend a lot of time one-on-one. She talked about that with me, she said, ‘Coach, you know that’s powerful, that one-on-one time where we can just be there together.’ She said, ‘I’m 100% clear on where your heart is for me and I want you to know where my heart is for you.’ And that was a powerful time.

I think where I’ve erred over the years is sometimes the kids that are having trouble, my natural tendency is to pull them up and pull them along, so sometimes a kid’s that just doing great and coming in with a great attitude everyday and doing her job, that I have missed that. That they need what I gave to Makayla.”

More notes from the presser coming soon…

UK Hoops assistant coach Camryn Whitaker also leaving program

Uh oh…here we go again. With less than an hour until Matthew Mitchell’s interview on the show, a source tells KSR that UK Hoops assistant coach Camryn Whitaker is also leaving the program. Whitaker is the third assistant coach in the past two weeks to part ways with the program following Mitchell’s decision not to renew Adeniyi Amadou’s contract on April 14 and Tamika Williams-Jeter’s resignation on Monday.

Whitaker, a Cynthiana, Kentucky native, joined Mitchell’s staff last April following a successful stint at Dayton. At the time, landing her was a huge deal for the program, making this morning’s news even more disturbing.

Tune in to KSR at 10:30 a.m. to see what Coach Mitchell has to say about Whitaker’s departure as well as all of the other drama surrounding the program.

100 Days ’til Rio’s Wednesday Morning Wakeup

One hundred days from now, the Summer Olympics will be upon us. From Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 21, the world will turn its eyes to Rio de Janeiro, whether the city is ready or not. The Zika virus, water pollution, political issues, and venue delays have plagued Rio over the past year, making everyone pretty nervous about the Brazilian city pulling off its first ever Olympics. I mean, have you seen the pictures of the dead fish? And they want Olympians to row and sail in there? No thanks.

Regardless, I’ll be watching it like I always do, because I love the Olympics, especially the Summer Olympics. Not only will we have track, gymnastics, and swimming to entertain us, we’ll have at least a few former Cats to watch. DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, and John Wall are all on the list of National Team finalists, although Davis won’t be able to play because of knee surgery. Make us proud, boys.

So, get it together, Rio. We’ll be watching. Now, on to much more pressing matters in UK sports land…

Matthew Mitchell be on KSR at 10:30 a.m.

Just this week, one player, two future players, and one assistant have severed ties with the UK Hoops program, the latest in what has been a tumultuous year for Matthew Mitchell’s squad. This morning at 10:30 a.m., Mitchell will come on KSR to discuss the changes, and at 1:30 p.m., he’ll hold a press conference at Memorial Coliseum.

The program did get a much-needed bit of good news yesterday when word got out that former UK assistant Kyra Elzy is rejoining the staff as associate head coach. Elzy worked at UK from 2008-2012 before leaving to join the staff at Tennessee.

Charles Matthews had a minor surgery yesterday

Matthews gave the BBN a scare last night when he uploaded this picture on Instagram:

Thanks everyone for all the love. Really appreciate it!! Minor setback for major comeback. I'll be better than ever.

A photo posted by Charles Matthews (@charles1matthews) on

Don’t worry; KSR is hearing Matthews had a minor procedure and shouldn’t miss any significant time.

Patrick Patterson got his first career playoff start last night

Shoutout to Patterson, who moved into the starting lineup for the Raptors last night, his first start of the season and his first ever playoff start. Patterson had seven points and four rebounds in the Raptors’ win over the Pacers. Toronto now holds a 3-2 lead over Indiana in the series.

The latest update on Marques Bolden is…

…there is no update on Marques Bolden. Carry on.

Tonight’s NBA Playoffs schedule

  • 8 p.m.: Hornets at Heat, TNT
  • 10 p.m.: Trail Blazers at Clippers, NBATV
  • 10:30 p.m.: Rockets at Warriors, TNT

In case your head has been in the sand the past few days, Steph Curry is out for two weeks with a sprained MCL. Take care of business while he’s gone, Warriors.

Pearl Jam rocked Rupp last night

The band uploaded this picture of their setlist on Twitter last night and the guitarist wore a UK shirt:


I’m sure many of you were in the audience, if so, how was the show?

Shoutout to BTI

I planned to share the #MoreThanMean PSA with you guys this morning, but BTI beat me to the punch, so I’ll just say thank you to him and everyone else for their kind words the past few days. Twitter bullying is the worst thing about social media, and while women in sports media may encounter it more than others, no one should have to deal with it. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t tweet it. Simple stuff, really.

KSR in an hour

It’s a big one, so get some work done now so you can give Matthew Mitchell your full attention later.

She Gone: What’s going on with UK Hoops?

She Gone: What’s going on with UK Hoops?


What in the world is happening with UK Hoops?

That’s the question on all of our minds this evening. Since October, six players and two assistant coaches have left the UK Hoops program, and two high school stars committed to the team have reopened their recruitments as well. To give you some perspective, over Matthew Mitchell’s eight seasons prior to last year’s, nine players transferred out of the program. In the past two days alone, one current player, two future players, and one assistant have severed ties with Mitchell and his squad, leaving fans and media looking for answers.

While we wait to hear from Matthew Mitchell himself, here’s a timeline of who’s left the program in the past eight months.

October 16, 2015: Oregon transfer Chrishae Rowe dismissed from team

Rowe transferred from Oregon to Kentucky in January 2015 after earning Pac-12 Freshman of the Year honors. She would have been eligible for the 2015-2016 season, but was dismissed from the team in October for “failing to uphold the program’s standards.” She is now at Ole Miss.

October 26, 2015: Linnae Harper announces plans to transfer

Harper was one of Mitchell’s highest-rated recruits and, coming into her junior year, one of the best players on the team. As a sophomore, she led Kentucky in rebounding and was the only player in the country under 5’8″ to average more than seven rebounds per game. In her goodbye letter to fans, she said her decision to leave Kentucky was the most difficult of her life. She is now at Ohio State.

November 3, 2015: Morgan Rich announces plans to transfer

The true freshman became the third player in as many weeks to leave the program. The Allen County-Scottsville native was a Top 30 player in the 2015 class and had to sit out Big Blue Madness because she “had not met certain program standards to practice,” according to UK. She is now at Oklahoma.

December 11, 2015: Kyvin Goodin-Rogers transfers to Western Kentucky

The junior from Marion County started 15 of her 39 games at UK after missing her freshman season due to health reasons. She averaged 4.2 points and 2.9 rebounds. At the time, KSR was told a decrease in playing time was the main factor in her decision to leave. She is now at Western Kentucky.

March 29, 2016: Ivana Jakubcova announces she will transfer

The Slovakia native was at UK for two seasons after transferring from Murray State junior college in Oklahoma. She missed her junior season due to injury and played sparingly in her senior season, averaging only 1.1 points and 1.1 rebounds per game. She will graduate from UK in May and spend her final year of eligibility at a different school.

April 14, 2016: UK decides not to renew Adeniyi Amadou’s contract

Amadou joined the staff in 2014 after Mitchell decided not to renew Sharon Pillow and Jeff House’s contracts and fellow assistant Danielle Santos resigned to take a job at Florida State. A few weeks ago, a UK spokesman confirmed to the Herald-Leader that Amadou’s contract would not be renewed. He was responsible for working with post players Evelyn Akhator, Alexis Jennings, Alyssa Rice, and Batouly Camara.

April 25, 2016: 2017 commit Madison Treece reopens her recruitment

The 6’4″ Treece is considered the 5th best post player and the 30th overall player in the 2017 class by ESPN. She committed to UK back in October, but yesterday, her mother told ESPN that she’s reopening her recruitment.

April 26, 2016: Batouly Camara announces she will transfer

In her freshman season, Camara averaged 5.1 points and 4.3 rebounds, starting 14 of the 33 games in which she played. Camara was a highly-touted recruit, ranked as high as 9th in the country, and picked UK over UConn. In her goodbye letter to fans, Camara said that remaining at UK was not in her best interest. Interestingly, she thanked her teammates, friends, and “those staff members that have supported me through this challenging year.”

April 25, 2016: Assistant coach Tamika Williams-Jeter resigns

The former UConn star joined Mitchell’s staff in 2014 and worked primarily with the guards. Her contract was set to expire on June 30.

April 26, 2016: 2016 commit Lindsey Corsaro reopens her recruitment

Corsaro is ranked the 35th best player in the country by ESPN and was one of only two signees for UK next season, the other being Chanin Scott. Only three weeks ago, Corsaro told reporters at the McDonald’s All-American Game she was “so excited” to be a part of the Kentucky program:

UK confirmed that Corsaro has been released from her LOI, but that Mitchell and staff are still actively recruiting her. Her father gave this quote to the Indy Star this afternoon:

“It’s a tough situation for us,” said Corsaro’s father, Greg Corsaro. “Kentucky has had some uncertainty the last couple months with some coaches and players and Lindsey felt like she should reconsider her options. She’s not ruling out Kentucky.”

April 26, 2016: Kyra Elzy rejoins the staff as associate head coach

Elzy was an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator under Mitchell at Kentucky from 2008-2012 before leaving to join Holly Warlick’s staff at Tennessee. This afternoon, Jen Smith reported that Elzy will rejoin UK’s staff as associate head coach.

April 27, 2016: ?

As it stands now, UK’s roster for next season only includes eight scholarship players:

  • Freshman (incoming): Chanin Scott
  • Sophomores: Maci Morris, Taylor Murray
  • Juniors: Makenzie Cann, Alexis Jennings, Alyssa Rice
  • Seniors: Evelyn Akhator, Makayla Epps

At 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, Matthew Mitchell will hold a press conference at Memorial Coliseum, presumably to address the departures and the hiring of Kyra Elzy.

Until then, stay tuned…

Matthew Mitchell will be on Kentucky Sports Radio Tomorrow

Matthew Mitchell will be on Kentucky Sports Radio Tomorrow


Before he speaks to the media at a 1:30 press conference, Matthew Mitchell will speak directly to the fans at 10:30 on tomorrow’s edition of Kentucky Sports Radio.  Normally Mitchell’s KSR appearances are joyous occasions, but what’s happening with the UK Hoops program is not normal.

Make sure you’re listening on 630 WLAP, 1080 WKJK or online right here.

Matthew Mitchell is Holding a Press Conference Tomorrow


The people are getting what they asked for.  After high-profile commitments re-opened their recruitment, player departures left and right and outgoing assistant coaches, Matthew Mitchell will discuss the state of the program with the media at 1:30.

The way the story has unfolded so far has been so unpredictable, who knows what will happen tomorrow.  Mrs. Tyler Thompson will have more on the insanity surrounding the program later tonight.

UK Hoops adds new, former assistant

UK Hoops adds new, former assistant


It did not take Matthew Mitchell very long to fill one of the vacancies on his staff. Jen Smith of the Herald-Leader is reporting Kyra Elzy is set to return to the Kentucky sideline, where she worked under Mitchell from 2008-12. Elzy left UK to coach at Tennessee, her alma mater, but parted ways with the Vols program earlier this month.

Elzy is also a former standout at Oldham County High School in Kentucky. She was a runner-up for Kentucky’s Miss Basketball in 1996 and is set to be inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame this summer.

Welcome home.

UK Hoops loses ANOTHER ONE

The hits keep coming to UK Hoops…

Lindsey Corsaro, a five-star guard and 2016 McDonald’s All-American, has backed out of her commitment to the University of Kentucky. The Indianapolis native committed to the Wildcats in May of 2014, but will reopen her recruitment to other programs, according to a report.

Alright that’s enough. It’s time we hear from Matthew Mitchell. Fans deserve an explanation. That’s now four people distancing themselves from UK Hoops this week and it’s only Tuesday afternoon. At this rate he will be standing in any empty locker room trying to coach three or four chairs and a towel rack by Friday. He can’t stay quiet any longer, pretending this isn’t outrageous. Something’s going on and it needs to be addressed.