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Chris Tomlin enjoys spirited salutations

FAQ: The University of Southern Mississippi

FAQ: The University of Southern Mississippi

What is Southern Mississippi?

Good question. For these purposes, “Southern Mississippi” can either refer to the actual southern region of the state of Mississippi — or as the colloquial nomenclature for “The University of Southern Mississippi,” which is the opponent for the University of Kentucky Wildcats’ 2017 football opener.

Let’s start with the former. What can you tell me about southern Mississippi?

I can tell you that it’s in Mississippi which, largely, is an unforgiving hellscape of Biscuitvilles and Winn-Dixies held together as a society only by the lifeblood of the state’s inhabitants, dialyzed through the hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes which literally transfer this blood from citizen to citizen.

You don’t make it sound very great.

Oh, it’s fine. It’s one-thousand degrees in the dead of summer, with 300% humidity, and then in the fall it’s still pretty hot. Then, in the winter, it doesn’t get that cold but the leaves still fall off the trees, which just makes everything ugly and it still doesn’t feel like Christmas. Also, there are a great number of things in Mississippi which can kill you, which include but are not limited to timber rattlesnakes, cottonmouth snakes, bears, sinkholes, tornadoes, ticks, raw oysters, wild hogs, sick raccoons, falling out of a tree stand while hunting, skunk apes, letting your cousin shoot an apple off your head, distillery explosion, driving your truck into a swamp, livestock judging mishap, youth archery club accident, and crushing sadness.

What about Southern Mississippi, the University?

That’s probably better, I guess. Southen Miss’ official team mascot was, until the early 1970s, “the Southerners,” before being changed to the “Golden Eagles” in 1972. Critics have hailed this move as misguided, as the golden eagle tends to be found in the western and northern US states and as of 2014 had a southeastern population of only 5,100 when there are currently an estimated 2.99 million southerners in the state of Mississippi. In 2003, Southern Miss tried to trademark a new “golden eagle” logo but was the subject of a lawsuit filed by the University of Iowa, who claimed it looked too much like their logo. Many scholars agree that this is the most boring lawsuit in history.

What is campus life like at the University of Southern Mississippi?

Being honest, if there is a party center of Mississippi, it’s Hattiesburg. It’s about 90 minutes from the ocean and about two hours from New Orleans. They have a giant crawfish boil called “Crawfish Fest” for the school once a year and its list of intramural games include “Battleship” and “Yard Games.” It’s also heavily a greek campus; this greek system, however, consists of only one large fraternity, and even then that fraternity’s letters inexplicably include the letter D, a Pepsi logo and an emoji of a ski boot. Each Friday in the fall the school hosts a “movies at the Hub” event outside the school’s student center, with every week being a showing of the 2005 The Dukes of Hazzard reboot.

What’s it like to be a student at Southern Miss?

Students wishing to register for the fall semester may still do so by visiting Miss Odette in her home at the far corner of Lake Thoreau, where she will scatter bones to tell you what your major will be (registrar’s note: the Boiled Peanut Management major is full for the 2017 fall semester, minor is still available). Ratios for class structure are, generally, 12 students per teacher, 1 teacher per five classes, 8 horses per classroom. Class sessions may be held outside in case of wasps and students are responsible for purchasing their own books, class-required supplies, Yetiâ„¢ coolers and bait.

Who are Southern Mississippi’s most famous alumni?

Well-known graduates of the University of Southern Misssippi include musician Jimmy Buffett, quarterback Brett Favre, celebrity chef Cat Cora, The Real World: Las Vegas’ Trishelle, Doug Harvison (the one who ran for city council, not the one who manages the Whataburger on Route 10), Smart Bill down at the courthouse, Dancing Ronnie and Calvin’s slutty girlfriend Taylor, the one with the three kids who works at the truck stop and makes the breakfast sandwiches.

If it’s cool with you I think I’ll just stay here. I’m good.

Suit yourself. More grits for me.

Airbnb Reviews from Tent City

Airbnb Reviews from Tent City



Hello, friends. How are you? What have you been up to? Hey, why aren’t you talking? Hello? Friend? Wait a minute this IS A MANNEQUIN DRESSED AS YOU. Oh, there you are! Ha! You got me. I totally fell for it. Good one. Where did you get a mannequin?

Friends, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the line for Big Blue Madness tickets is in up and running and Tent City is in full force. If you’ve never been to Tent City, it’s kind of like Bonnaroo for the types of people you might see at your local barber shop. You have to get there early to get in line or you’re sunk — and getting a good place in line isn’t easy. That’s why it’s fortunate, then, that the hip new app Airbnb has begun to list open tent spaces in Tent City for those seeking accommodations. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb, it essentially allows you rent a room, a house, a space or just a bed for the night from someone who has an extra one open, and for a predetermined fee. But what spaces are available on Airbnb for Tent City 2014? And how are the reviews? Let’s look at some potential candidates in a piece we’ll call Airbnb Reviews from Tent City, shall we, and see if there are any deals out there? Enjoy, friends, and I’ll see you here next week.


Orange Tent, Northwest Corner
About this listing:
Spacious mylar tent sleeps three, offers moon flap and vented windows. Easy access in and out, light and airy.
Accommodates: 3
Nearest Restroom: 45 feet
“Not bad, close to Qdoba”
images-1images-1images-1images-1 by Marion P.
Linda and Tad were great hosts; they had Nutri-Grain bars and Capri-Suns for when we needed a snack and they really made us feel at home. Comfortable, warm. Will be back. Four stars.


Peaceful Oasis in Tent City, Close to Memorial
About this listing: Large, comfortable four-person dome tent, 63 square feet, with fiberglass poles and WeatherTec moisture repellent system.
Check-in time: 2:00 pm
Pet-friendly: No
“Great tent except for Gary”
images-1images-1images-1 by Jennifer H.
Was recommended to this tent by friends. Very nice tent but host Gary kept trying to hold my hand. Woke in the middle of the night to him watching me sleep; insisted on calling the tent “Smoochville” and trying to kiss me as he claimed to be the “Mayor of Smoochville.” Good tickets not worth this. Some underwear may still be missing. Avoid at all costs.


Great Spot for Superfans, Center of Tent City
About this listing: True Blue fans host other Wildcat supporters in six-person tent with zippered doors and cushioned tarp floor. Wind-resistent walls/roof.
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice
“Perfect for Willie Cauley-Stein fans”
images-1images-1images-1 by Charles O.
Debra and Steve seemed really cool at first, big fans of Willie Cauley-Stein; later in the evening they started showing me pictures they drew of Willie as a half-man, half-dragon and reading fan fiction about him as a space wizard in love with a human woman named “Moonwolf” (clearly supposed to be Debra). When they told me they’d pay me $5,000 if I kidnapped him I called a friend to come pick me up. They are keeping my deposit and I’m okay with that.


Luxury Camping Above-Ground
About this listing: Heavy-duty polymer material, rainfly, metal pole support, sky-vue window
Minimum Stay: 1 night
Meals: No
“Wayne Just Tried to Kill Me”
images-1images-1 by Brad M.
Can somebody please tell the police I’m in the back of a truck tent and my host wayne just told me tried to give me a WILDCATS 2014 tattoo with a paperclip and when I refused he said he was going to murder me i convinced him to let me have time to write this review and im using it as my message for help im behind the papa johns please somebody help me two stars will not use this location again


Compact and Cozy
About this listing: Petite turnkey tent with great Memorial Coliseum view; friendly host.
Smoking: No
Accommodates: 1
“This Tent is for a Dog”
images-1 by Lawrence P.
Do not be fooled by the photo; this is a tent made for a dog. The picture is of a small dog, not a regular size tent with just a very large dog, like I thought. It is a very misleading picture and if you are a normal-sized human this is not the tent for you. The dog is very cute, however. And the view of Memorial is nice.That part is accurate.


De-stress and relax in peace!
About this listing: Woven polymer material, rain/wind resistant
Bed: None
“What is this thing?”
(no stars) by Shane T.
Too small. I want my money back. Body got cold during night. I better get great tickets for this. Next year will be getting in line early, with my own tent.


Originally posted September 19, 2014.

Reposting today because it’s one of my all-time favorite Tomlin pieces.  And because, ya know, Tent City is going on right now.

“This Tent is for a Dog” will never not be funny to me.

— Drew

NBA Summer League VS. Nike Peach Jam

NBA Summer League VS. Nike Peach Jam


The perennial Jones/Franklin/Tomlin road trip has taken on many forms, from lonely, long desolate road trips through snow-blown Iowa to beer-guzzling at on-campus bars in Marquette, but the last few have seen our trio head to luxurious not-luxurious North Augusta, South Carolina for the Nike Peach Jam. North Augusta is a garbage town, forgive my saying so, its amazingly beautiful golf course notwithstanding. It’s the kind of town where you literally see cockroaches scurrying across the dimly lit sidewalk in front of you as you walk through the center of downtown (THE CENTER OF DOWNTOWN!) and as you approach most stores and restaurants you quickly realized they are closed. Forever. But the Peach Jam, for all its southern, sticky humidity is a fascinating look into the world of high school basketball and college recruitment; it remains a strange and unique thing happening out in the middle of nowhere, and it can frequently be a blast.

If there was ever a time to visit the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas it was this year and it helped that our decision was made for us in that we got the dates wrong for the Peach Jam altogether. The multitude of Wildcats past and present on display for their new teams — or, alternately, returning to the States in a last-ditch attempt to secure a roster spot — offered surely enough fodder for our purposes, and, let’s be honest, it was Las Vegas. So off we went, crammed into middle seats and barely making flights through Atlanta before landing at McCarran, with its trap-snare airport slots, epic cab lines and five thousand baggage claim carousels.

The next few days we’d head to the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV or, in many cases, the much smaller Cox Pavilion, to see what Summer League had to offer and check out how our beloved Cats were performing. In many ways the NBA Summer League was similar to the stakes of the Peach Jam, but with very subtle differences. So if you’ll indulge one more non-absurdist post from me this week, let’s throw out this question for a layman like me to answer: If one is an evaluation ground for high schoolers and one was an evaluation ground for future pros, how would the two events stack up against one another?

Unknown-2  Unknown-1

1. Venue: Thomas & Mack Arena Vs. Whatever the Sports Center Is Called for the Peach Jam

It’s telling who wins this simply on the fact that I’ve now been to the Peach Jam three times and still have no idea what the name of the place where the Peach Jam is held. Thomas & Mack is in the middle of the desert and is air-conditioned as a meat locker while the Peach Jam’s joint is hot and acrid and feels like your local YMCA on church league night. You can come out of Thomas & Mack feeling like a million bucks after a day of games while you walk out of Peach Jam-Town feeling like you’ve just spent a full day licking underneath the bleachers of your high school gym. I’d say that the Peach Jam would take edge because of the intimate setting, but NBA Summer League nails that too with games in Cox Pavilion, which is like a very nice smaller gym with plenty of nice seats and cool music and between-quarter audience competitions. I don’t know what the locker rooms are like for the players, but Summer League has crowd comfort down. In spades.

2. Star Quality: A Hundred Top Name NCAA Coaches Vs. LeBron James

While player quality in North Augusta is mainly of the maybe-they’ll-be-big-someday variety, you can go to the Peach Jam a million years in a row and you’ll never not feel that it’s kinda cool you’re standing next to Tom Izzo eating a chili dog or overhearing Josh Pastner on his phone telling his kids to go to bed. The sheer magnitude of all these coaches in the same location is so impressive and yet no one seems to care who anyone is. On paper, one might think the NBA Summer League would be teeming with familiar faces, and it sometimes is (we ran into Heshimu Evans in the concourse and Jason Kidd sat two rows behind us as we watched Devin Booker play), but largely the NBA’s most famous names don’t go to Summer League. A mighty exception to this rule was when LeBron James walked into Cox before the Timberwolves/Cavs matchup and took a seat on the front row with Cleveland top brass. The room, when that happened, became crazy electric and you could truly sense James’ star power. Every phone camera in the house was clicking at once. To put the excitement over LeBron’s appearance into perspective, later that night Chris Paul would literally sit six feet away from us at a slot machine and no one would even realize it. Plus, most NBA teams don’t even send their head coaches to mind the teams; the sheer impressiveness of the Peach Jam’s roster of stellar coaches makes it a little more star-striking.

images  IMG_0619-1

Afterhours: Sin City Vs. Raccoon City

There is no universe where I’d rather be in North Augusta, South Carolina than Las Vegas, Nevada. NONE. At the Peach Jam, you come home to a coupon book for O’Charley’s and Keith’s Dry Cleaning; at the NBA Summer League, you come home to THE MOST FUN PLACE IN THE WORLD. You could be having a four dollar beer at the hotel bar in North Augusta and listening to an assistant coach at Southern Illinois State talk about his lost bags or you could be having an six dollar beer at a place where people pour shots directly into your mouth and patrons are getting violently thrown from a mechanical bull. You can go for a walk and see a squirrel eating out of an empty McDonald’s wrapper or you can go for a walk and see AN ERUPTING VOLCANO. You can bet on craps or you can bet on how long it would take you to be lured into a dark alley and brutally murdered by a cash-strapped local. Your choice.

Level of Play: Talented High Schoolers Vs. Bored NCAA Stars Vs. Guys With One Last Shot

Here’s where, I think the rubber meets the road (is that the right metaphor? I’m sticking with it): it’s very interesting to gauge the level and excitement of play for both events. At the Peach Jam, you have high school kids trying their hardest to catch the eye of your Jim Boeheims and Kevin Ollies, knowing that their entire lives — prep schools, AAU teams — have led up to this moment in the spotlight. It’s fun to watch real high school talent shine at the Peach Jam; when you see a kid who’s good you’re generally seeing a kid who’s REALLY good. At the NBA Summer League, on the other hand, you see these former, exciteable high schoolers after their NCAA fortune and glory, after their first or second round draft pick, confident and cocky and knowing they’re someone now. It’s why Tyus Jones, who I saw playing his heart out at the Peach Jam a couple of years back and last year in the NCAA Championship, is now leisurely dribbling the ball up the court with no passion — he knows he’s making the team, why put himself out there too much? YAWN, he says, let’s get this over with, right? I’ve got groupies to meet. I’m a star now.

The great equalizer at NBA Summer League are the guys who only have one or two more shots to make it in the pros, and these are the guys who make the Summer League interesting to watch. We commented on Archie Goodwin last week — dude was practically auditioning for a cartoon role in Space Jam — but he was working it. He knew in any given game he probably had nine to eleven minutes to show them EVERYTHING he had. Ditto DeAndre Liggins, returning from tours in Russia and Germany to work his way back onto an NBA roster in Sacramento (he was playing hard, and was high point man at the game we watched). Josh Harrelson had a solid turnout as well after playing in China. You pull for these guys, and not just because they’re ex-Cats, but because they’re as close as you get watching these games to seeing someone who’s just like you, having to work for it. Having to earn it. These are the stories and figures who are the most fun to watch.


At the end of the day, while the Summer League has its charms — mainly a Vegas locale, some scrappy prodigal sons and the ultra-chilly Thomas & Mack Center — I feel like the more pivotal moments I’ve seen were at the Peach Jam. After all, the NBA Summer League players were, many of them, once Peach Jam players themselves. This is their next proving ground — and it’s fitting that it’s in a gambling city like Vegas, since for many of these players the chips are all on the table. We watch it as entertainment but at the NBA Summer League, many of these guys are playing for their lives. It’s this or go back to Czech Republic basketball. That would certainly make me play my heart out. It’s just a shame that the big name rookies all seem to take it so much in stride. I understand this on some level, and many of the Cats we saw were playing really strongly (have no worries about our first-rounders, gang), but you’d just think the level of each game would be so high with potential and excitement. I guess when all’s said and done, however, those who loaf at the NBA Summer League are only dooming themselves. There are no more scholarships, there are no more Cals and Coach Ks visiting your homes or calling to see how things are going. It’s all on you by this point, lonely and solitary. All you can do in Vegas, I guess, is hope you don’t crap out.

A KSR Book Club Excerpt: Fifty Shades of Blue

A KSR Book Club Excerpt: Fifty Shades of Blue


Hello, friends. You’re looking well. Say, is that a new hat? It’s sharp. Most people can’t pull off a top hat in July, but you do it well. I’m not sure the monocle is necessary.

Friends, those of you who know me know that I’m nothing if not an entrepreneur, always looking for a new and quick way to make a buck. And friends, there’s no easier money these days than the erotica novel franchise. Come up with some sexy writing and the audiences will flock. Since we’ve had some downtime in the past few weeks I’ve had a little time on my hands to start a new project that I’m sure will make a gazillion dollars. And I’m not sharing it with Random House today, I’m sharing it with you. My friends. Today I’d like to introduce the first excerpt from my seductive, racy new novel. I hope you like it. I don’t want to brag, but it’s probably the sexiest thing you’ll ever read. Take it to the beach this weekend! Use it to rekindle the passion in your marriage! And, as always, I’ll see you next week.


Chapter 4

Hamilton shuts the heavy oaken door behind him as he steps inside the room. I tremble, sitting on the edge of the large leather couch. His aroma fills the spaces around him, between us, a bold, masculine fragrance — like the unforgiving progeny of a DeSha’s hot brown and the floor of the old U-Club at closing time on a Friday night in 1992. It is both delightful and threatening and I drink it in like it were water in a desert.

He walks to the couch, standing square before me, his body inches from my face. His suspenders, highlighted by a descending line of WLEX True Blue buttons, clink and clank a cacophony of metallic, tinny beats. I look up into his eyes.

“What is this place?” I ask. My lady parts are all sweaty and gross in a good way.

“I have some things to show you, Delilah,” Hamilton says. The floor of the room is polished basketball-court hardwood bearing the faint, faded insignia of the 1976 NIT Tournament. A rack of hard-to-decipher items hangs neatly against the wall, where Hamilton walks. He runs his hand over the rack and my woman zone tingles. Slowly, he pulls down a long, white object and walks back to the sofa. He presses it into my hand. “Here.”

“What is this, Hamilton? What is…oh no, no.” I shudder when I realized what I’m holding. It is a size thirteen Nike hightop, worn but still very clean. “This…this is Keith Bogan’s shoe from the Wisconsin game. But why would you-“

Hamilton cuts me off. “Look at it, Delilah. Look at this ankle support. It’s terrible. It’s really only a thin layer of padding. Look at it!”

“I can’t!” I gasp, dropping it to the ground. “Don’t do this to me. You won’t. I won’t let you.”

Hamilton reaches into his back pocket and produced a velcro wallet emblazoned with a University of Kentucky logo. The Velcro rips and tears as he opens it up and pulls out a strip of paper. He holds it in front of my face, as if daring me to read it.

I look into his blue eyes, then back to the paper, and begin to read aloud. It’s some sort of ticket stub. “September 10, 1994…Kentucky Wildcats versus Florida Gators…” I start shaking with fear. “Stop! Stop it, Hamilton. Please…we went one and ten that year. We lost this game seven to seventy-three!” My body riles at the horrific thought of Bill Curry in a way that, strangely, makes my senses feel alive. I want him to stop, but not in the way I wanted Bill Curry to stop, because I really actually wanted Bill Curry to stop. Also, I am getting really hot. You know, like sexy hot. In my female tubes and my flabby babbies.

“Ssshh, ssshh,” Hamilton says, cradling my head against the soiled Rashaad Carruth jersey into which he has inexplicably changed when I wasn’t looking. “Here, take this.” He produces a glistening gold chain and delicately reaches around my shoulders to clasp it against my neck.

“Oh, Hamilton,” I coo, “I can’t..I mean..this is…it’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, it’s the gold chain Shawn Kemp stole from Sean Sutton.”

Suddenly my body erupts, like four wretched years hanging around my head, viscerally burning. “Get it off! Oh, Hamilton get it off!” My doodads are really excited right now. It’s such pain. Such glorious pain.

He mercifully removes it and places it back in its case. “Look around this room, Delilah. It’s all for you.”

My eyes, through the tears, begin to focus on the walls. A Gardner-Webb pennant. A signed photograph of Claude Bassett grinning, mocking me. A mascot head of Scratch. No, not Scratch! Scratch is the worst! The worst! Why do we even need him?

“Wh-what’s that?” I ask, frightenedly pointing to a wooden board hanging on the wall.

“Oh,” says Hamilton. “That’s something that I got at Court Days in Mount Sterling. I just thought it was cool. It’s some old antique or something, like from a farm.”

I sigh in relief.

“But now I want you to see this,” he says, picking up the remote control and turning on a monitor on which replays the Laettner shot over and over, on a hellish loop. He holds my head and makes me watch it. I squirm and writhe, unable to watch, unable to look away. Hamilton and I are probably going to end up doing it in the sack or something, because I’m really super duper horned-up for his jimmer jammer.

I cry tears of pain, tears of love, tears of happiness that he has chosen me to bestow this upon. I nestle into his chest and he strokes my hair.

“That’s it,” he says, “That’s it. We’ll have the best recruiting class in the nation again next year, Delilah.” It’s all different now. The pain has become the pleasure, and my bing bongs are like hello!

I know he’s right. And I trust him. I trust him with my life. I think he’s going to touch my monster mams, and he does. I’m totally okay with that. Because I’ve earned his hot loving. His hairy toot-toot action is mine and I suddenly realize that, now, I am forever his.

A Letter from the University of Wisconsin Dean of Students

A Letter from the University of Wisconsin Dean of Students

Dear Students,

Good morning! I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely Wisconsin spring weather. Hopefully we will only get two inches of snow today, so I’m sure I will see many of you outside studying in the park!

A couple of notes as you start your blessed Thursday at the University of Wisconsin:

-The annual Sans-a-Belt Slacks job fair will be held in Grainger Hall from 2-4 pm today. It’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an industry we can all agree isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I encourage you to stop by. The Hostrawser Food Wholesale Group job fair has been moved to April 16 and the Schlitz Brewing Company meet-n-greet will be on April 22.

-We heard your requests and saw your petitions — so get your dancing shoes on because Richard Marx and Peter Cetera are coming to Union Theater on April 12th! We hope you’ll be “Right Here Waiting” because “If You Leave Me Now” then I guess we “Should’ve Known Better!” Like Richard Marx, the UW Student Diversity and Cheese Temperature Regulation Union won’t stop until you’re “Satisfied,” so you can thank them when you see them on campus today.

-A pair of white men’s PONY sneakers were found in the lobby of Dejope Hall on Wednesday. Please visit the student union to retrieve them if these are yours:


-The Department of Public Safety has been alerted to the fact that rock and roll music has been playing in some of the residence halls. As science has proven, this leads to devil worship. Please refrain from such music.

As you undoubtedly know, this weekend marks another Final Four matchup between our own beloved Wisconsin Badgers and the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. What a rivalry! Finally we have the opportunity to vindicate our loss to them last year. How exciting! I think we are all in agreement that this will be a real hoot!

This is also a great opportunity for UW students to show the nation how respectful they can be. As such, I’d like to point out some appropriate clothing and hairstyles for those of you traveling to the big city of Indianapolis on Saturday. If you will be headed to the Final Four, please stop by the Dean’s Office for a pamphlet on the subject.


To celebrate the Badgers, all day Saturday Van Allen’s Drug Store next to the Woolworth in Madison will be serving cherry malteds for a nickel apiece. Stop by and enjoy one! If you have more than one, as always, we encourage you not to drive. Buzzed driving is dangerous!

For those of you staying in Madison, the game will be broadcast on the Columbia Broadcasting System. For information on how to receive the Columbia Broadcasting System please ask your telephone operator to connect you to Comcast at phone number Greenfield-85998. If you are listening by transceiver the game will be available on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Also, please remember that if you meet or are aware of a known communist or communist sympathizer it is important to report him or her immediately to the UW Department of Anti-American Affairs. The Red Menace is real.

Have a great day, Students! And Go Badgers!

Henderson Baldwin
Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin

Photobombing: West Virginia University

Photobombing: West Virginia University


Welcome, future Mountaineer, to West Virginia University! Here all your dreams of higher learning come true, you’ll experience top-rated professorial guidance and create long and lasting friendships with the very people you’ll inevitably rely upon to pry your foot out of a sprung bear trap later in life. We all need those people and you’ll find them — and a lasting education — at West Virginia University! Let’s see all the great things WVU has to offer!


Classroom time is important, and at WVU you’ll find open, accessible instructors in every class setting. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that the average wait time as your professors seek to figure out the overhead projector has been cut, after comprehensive training, from twenty minutes in 2013 to only fifteen minutes in 2014!


Visit our library to find literally tens of books and feel free to enjoy an apple, bagel or coffee as you study diligently for your next quiz. Whatever your major, we promise you will find a minimum of two books or three comprehensive brochures on the subject. Here we find Susan, who has been working to pass Pre-Calculus for the last eighteen years. You’ll get it this year, Susan!


“Siri, what is the weather today?” Ha, ha! Just kidding. No one knows what this machine does. But it just goes to show the inventiveness of a Mountaineer imagination knows no boundaries! Who knows what you’ll invent at WVU? The sky’s the limit! (Please note that mountains are closer to the sky than many other geographical areas, minimizing limits.)


Here are two friendly representatives from the WVU Creative Role-Players Club. Due to more restrictive regulations placed upon student activity groups in 2014-15, there is a significantly less chance of them murdering you and wearing a suit made of your skin as their next creative role-play. Sign up today!


The West Virginia University Beard Club boasts 700 members and has been nationally recognized by the…hey, wait a minute — Janice, when did you shave your beard? These students live in Beard Hall, where it’s always a party and no shower drains are operational at any time. To qualify for beard hall please include a picture of your beard with your student application.


West Virginia University is all about tradition — timeless, annual events like ‘Beat Martin Sheen at Cornhole.” Last year he defeated over six-hundred teams and he didn’t even have a partner. His elbow has been acting up so this might be the year you’ll take him down! Good luck!


There’s nothing like “dorm life!” Relax with friends and talk about your favorite Netflixes and emojos. Like Hunger Games? Hang up a poster! Please remember that if you are going to have three or more persons in a room at any time you’ll be required to have a dorm soldier present.


Your interests are always represented at West Virginia University! From archery to zoology, there’s a group for you to join and make new friends. Here’s the members of WVU’s Invisible Horseback Riding Team trotting around campus. Giddyup, ladies!


No matter how large your residence room is, you’ll want to all gather very closely together in one corner to enjoy popcorn and talk about your favorite bands and music albums. Here are four happy West Virginia Tech students laughing about that great viral internet memo today. Hey, you guys! Where’s your dorm soldier?


Weekends are for letting your hair down and relaxing. Hang out with friends, go to Mountaineers games and yell at foreigners. Go back to Maryland and eat your crab cakes, you ain’t welcome here! Just kidding. But seriously, get out of here crab face.


Attend formals, dances and other great get-togethers at West Virginia University! Maybe you’ll be crowned the next Mr. and Ms. Mountaineer! (pictured: Mr. and Ms. Mountaineer, 2014).


At West Virginia University you’ll be well on your way to a great new life in your chosen field and on graduation day nothing will feel as great as the sense of accomplishment on a great four years and a great degree. Please do not toss your caps into the air as you may kill any number of predatory hawks or falcons circling overhead as our university is located in a mountainous hell of no escape. See you soon at WVU!

Get to Know the Midwest Region!

Get to Know the Midwest Region!

NCAA Middle Tennessee Basketball

Thursday begins pool play for the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which means exposure to a host of new teams we don’t normally know much about. On paper, any one of these teams could rise to meet us on our path to the finals, so we’d probably better school ourselves on them, don’t you think? Here, then, is the Definitive KSR Guide to the Midwest Region for you to keep on hand over the next few days. You’re welcome, BBN.

Hampton University
What You Need to Know: Hampton University is located in Hampton, Virginia and its coach, Edward Joyner, claims to have Jesus on speed dial this basketball season. He also regularly faxes Moses for tax advice, is Facebook friends with Hindi deity Narasimha and regularly swings by fourth century B.C. religious leader Zoroaster’s house to “just dish.”
Fun Fact: The oak tree, a symbolic icon of Hampton University, is said to have inspired funk and dance-pop group Morris Day and the Time’s hit tune “The Oak Tree.” Many Hampton University references have similarly inspired Day’s other successful singles, including “Jerome H. Holland Love,” “Do the American Missionary Association” and “The Normal and Agricultural Institute of Funk.”

Purdue University
What You Need to Know: Purdue has won fourteen straight first-round NCAA Tournament games. Not to be outdone, their opponent Cincinnati’s bench has fourteen straight aggravated assault charge acquittals in the month of February.
Fun Fact: There’s no way head coach Matt Painter isn’t an illegitimate son of Bob Huggins. Look at him! Just look at him!

University of Cincinnati
What You Need to Know: Cincinnati is coming in strong after a regular season boasting major victories against Temple, San Diego State, Tulsa and…I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be laughing. It’s just cute, that’s all. I mean, good for them. Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude.
Fun Fact: If you root against Cincinnati at Fifth Third Arena an obnoxious 59 year-old Proctor and Gamble executive will scream at you and then strangle you to death with a necktie covered in little Tideâ„¢ logos.

University of Buffalo
What You Need to Know: Buffalo is coached by former Duke guard Bobby Hurley, who is slightly less hateable since we’ve learned that he also hated Christian Laettner. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, no?
Fun Fact: The mascot for the University of Buffalo is — as you probably have guessed already — the Bulls.

West Virginia
What You Need to Know: Star point guard Juwan Staten has missed West Virginia’s last four games but is expected to be back and moving “exceptionally well” for the tournament. Also, BOB HUGGINS WHY ARE YOU IGNORING YOUR SON MATT PAINTER? HE NEEDS A DAD.
Fun Fact: The Mountaineers’ home court is located in a dark cavern nearly a half a mile beneath the foot of a mountain in Nitro, West Virginia, and 75% of fans who visit their games contract black lung.

What You Need to Know: Valpo won both the regular season and conference tournament championships for the Horizon league this year, and for it they received a trophy with a piece of masking tape reading “Horizon League Champions” in sharpie placed strategically over the existing engraving “Sack Race Second Place.”
Fun Fact: Valparaiso University’s motto is “Vestibulum ut ante via portorium Chicago Optimus locus,” which roughly translates to “The last place to get gas before the toll road to Chicago.”

What You Need to Know: Maryland beat the formidable Wisconsin Badgers this year when the Badgers were at full strength. Which might mean something. Or not. I don’t know what you find interesting, okay? I can’t read your mind.
Fun Fact: Maryland was recently voted “Most Boring Major Program in NCAA Basketball” just now, by me.

What You Need to Know: During the Big East Tourney, Butler’s live mascot — a bulldog named “Blue III” — vomited on the middle of the court at Madison Square Garden. He was so hammered.
Fun Fact: Someone in your office will say “Oh, I like Butler, is that young coach with the glasses still there?” The correct answer in any situation to this question is “No, SUSAN, he’s at the Celtics. Why don’t you start paying attention to things? This is probably why we lost the big account, you dummy.”

What You Need to Know: Texas the team leads the nation in blocked shots. Texas the state leads the nation in blocked arteries.
Fun Fact: ESPN’s “Longhorn Network” actually only shows three hours of Texas athletics-based programming a day, the other twenty-one are just re-runs of the 1984 Sally Field/Danny Glover Texas-based drama Places in the Heart.

Wichita State
What You Need to Know: Fred Van Vleet, title character in the Dr. Seuss classic The Forty French Vests of Fred Van Vleet, has led the Shockers to another great year and many think they’ll off Kansas.
Fun Fact: Watch the stands for all the old people holding up their fingers in the classic “shocker” configuration, because that never, ever gets not-hilarious.

What You Need to Know: Suddenly getting admitted into the tournament at the 25th hour really screwed up Tom Crean’s plans to binge-watch Friends on Netflix all this weekend long. So he’s postponed it until next weekend.
Fun Fact: Indiana fans this year have the most unchecked aggression in the NCAA. But they’re not mad at you, they’re really just mad at themselves.

Notre Dame
What You Need to Know: Notre Dame beat North Carolina three times this season, which means that we should be totally okay with them. Also, Mike Brey often dresses like a standup comedian from 1989’s Montreal “Just for Laughs” festival.
Fun Fact: With St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, look for a large contigency of big foam “leprechaun” hats and beads in the stands today as those items were all on clearance yesterday.

What You Need to Know: No, you don’t know anything about them. Everything you think you know about them is stuff you actually know about Northwestern. But go ahead and tell anyone you know anything you want about Northeastern, because nobody is going to call you on it.
Fun Fact: Northeastern gained access to the 2015 NCAA Tournament after defeating a table lamp in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament. In two overtimes.

What You Need to Know: The space on Kansas’ roster previously occupied by Cliff Alexander is these days filled by sophomore forward Landen Lucas, and the space on Bill Self’s head previously occupied by hair is these days filled by fake hair.
Fun Fact: Kansas’ lineup includes Kelly Oubre, Jr.; Wayne Selden, Jr.; Frank Mason III; Devonte Graham Sr.; Perry Ellis, Esq.; Jamari Traylor, D.M.D. and Brannen Greene, CPA.

New Mexico A&M
What You Need to Know: The Aggies recently won a Supreme Court decision upholding their players’ conceal-and-carry rights on the court, which makes their appearance in the tournament this year a lot more of a wild card.
Fun Fact: While the university suffix “A&M” usually means “Agriculture and Mechanics,” in New Mexico’s case it actually stands for “Animal-Husbandry and Medieval-Studies.”

FAQ: The SEC Tournament

FAQ: The SEC Tournament


What is the SEC Tournament?

The Southeastern Conference is a basketball conference consisting of several members of NCAA Division I basketball, primarily ones which exist in the southeastern parts of the United States, and this is its annual tournament. The winner of this tournament, which features seeded teams in a single elimination format, is guaranteed a bid to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

All of this so far has nothing to do with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nope. Different SEC.

So can I get my money back for all the tickets I bought with a fervent enthusiasm for securities and exchanges and the regulations put in place to protect private investors?

You could scalp the tickets outside the arena for more than you paid for them, maybe, and take advantage of the demand for tickets. That’s kind of how things are done, secretly.

Oh, so this IS something the Securities and Exchange Commission might be interested in. Maybe I need to be placing a phone call to current Chairwoman Mary Jo White about this?

Whatever you want.

Where is this thing being held?

The 2015 SEC Tournament will be held in Nashville, Tennessee at Bridgestone Arena. Traditionally it is held at a fairly centralized location to accommodate fans and fan travel.

That’s still a long way from Texas A&M.

Yeah, most things in the SEC are a long way from Texas A&M.

I would like to know who is going to win this tournament, please.

Well, it hasn’t been played yet — so no one knows who is going to win. The smart money is on the University of Kentucky, which is currently an undefeated 31-0 since the season began. A second choice might be Arkansas, Georgia or LSU.

What about The University of Wyoming? What are their chances in this tournament?

Zero percent. They have a zero percent chance of winning.

Says you, maybe.

Says everyone, actually.

What is Nashville like? Is it like the rest of Tennessee? Because a lot of Tennessee is not where I would choose to spend any of my very valuable time.

Nashville’s one of the good places in Tennessee, along with sometimes-Memphis, Dollywood Splash Countryâ„¢ family fun and water park and beautiful Rock City, which you must see.

What if  I dislike Tennessee so much that I need to get out of it right away?

You will like Nashville. It’s great. And even if you were in Murfreesboro, which is the geographic center of Tennessee, you’re never more than three and a half hours away from Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia or North Carolina, among others.

Ew, none of those sound like an improvement on Tennessee. 

At least some of them have beaches.

I’m going to tell all of my University of Missouri friends to come and let’s watch them play at the SEC tournament. That will be such fun!

No, that will probably not be fun for you or for those other people.

What if my team loses? Can I get a refund on the ticket I bought to that game?

Again, that’s not how it works. You are purchasing a ticket in the agreement that a basketball game is scheduled to play at a certain place at at a certain time and the outcome of that game could be the victory of one of either teams scheduled to play.

That sounds like a very convoluted agreement. I’d rather just buy a ticket to see a team who is going to win its game.

Then you should buy a ticket to one of Kentucky’s three likely games.

My cousin went to the 2012 National Championship game and, when the final buzzer sounded, he looked up at the ceiling and got a piece of confetti in his eye; he is still in litigation with the NCAA and the Superdome and it’s taking forever. What if this happens to me?

You should probably just stay home and watch things on television. Enjoy!


CBS NCAA Tourney Prep Notes, 3/4/15

CBS NCAA Tourney Prep Notes, 3/4/15


From: Steve Carlson, Production, CBS Sports
To: Sean McManus, President, CBS Sports
Date: March 4, 2015
Subject: Tournament production bumpers/teasers

You wanted me to report back to you on the progress for the bumpers and teaser promos for the upcoming NCAA Tourney coverage. I’ve checked in with all teams and have some updates. I think you’re going to be really pleased with the creativity and outside-the-box thinking our teams have done on this project.

1. Coach K’s people are being difficult about the shots we have of him. They don’t want him to come off as having a “mad face” or look “mean.” We are currently fixing his eyes in CGI to make sure he looks less threatening. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

2. From the regular season, we have a file folder of nearly 800 clips of Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell sinking a shot, turning around and getting low to the ground and screaming at the camera dramatically as he runs down the court. Of course we’ll run one of these going into every commercial break when Louisville plays, as usual, but we’re going to have to find other ways to burn off these clips otherwise. Perhaps we can superimpose a handful of TD Ameritrade brochures into his fists for one, if that would please the sponsors?

3. Some great marketing/coach tie-ins this season: Mark Few has agreed to liberally apply Nivea for Men face lotion during the games, Roy Williams will eat out of a mason jar of Red Millâ„¢ Gluten-Free sorghum at time outs and Mike Bray has sold advertising space on the band collar of his shirt to a company that makes band-collar shirts.

4.  Since the big story this season is Kentucky’s big dominance over the season and into the tournament, we’ve been working on some graphics for our analysis pieces and musical clip packages. Team has some good ideas:

-A stylish montage of each of the two Kentucky platoons shooting then cutting to a shot of a basketball goal comically overstuffed with basketballs because the team has shot so many, then the backboard and rim explodes into confetti spelling out “NCAA Tourney on CBS.”

-A clip of John Calipari devouring a large rotisserie chicken with his bare hands, stuffing it into his mouth to show his dominance as a coach. The rotisserie chicken is other teams.

-Superimpose crowns onto the heads of UK players. This signifies that they are the kings. Of basketball, or of a fictional land where basketball is a thing people can own and govern.

-We make all the basketballs Kentucky players dribble look like earths. We can do this with a Microsoft paint program. This means that they are really good and the world is their oyster, and the oyster is a basketball.

-A graphic where John Calipari loads his team into a bus and the bus starts down a highway toward the sun, and then the bus flies up into the sky and directly into the sun, and the sun explodes, and then night falls over the planet and most people die as the human race decreases its fossil fuels and resources,  but those who live forge a new world underground in caves along streams and underground rivers until one day they walk out of their cave holes and look up into the sky, blinking and shielding their eyes because they’ve lived underground for so long, and then the dark clouds of ash which have covered the earth in darkness suddenly part and there’s  big “NCAA on CBS” logo in the sky and animals come out of the woods and flowers begin to bloom again because life is new again and it’s time for basketball!

Let me know what you think.




Forty Minutes of Hell

Forty Minutes of Hell


Hello, friends. You’re looking well today. Oh hey, look at this..let’s see, it’s right over…HERE — You looked, now I get to hit you twice on the arm for looking. Ready? Hold Still. ONE…TWO. There…no, you can’t do it to me, the game’s over. We’re not playing that anymore.

Friends, I don’t have to tell you that this weekend Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson will bring his Hogs (players, not actual hogs) into Rupp for a shot at the king. The Razorbacks are currently second in the SEC and Anderson will no doubt be bringing his favorite strategy “Forty Minutes of Hell” to the proceedings, which of course is his version of the basketball strategy the great Nolan Richardson made famous many years ago. But what exactly is Anderson’s version of “Forty Minutes of Hell” and why should we fear it? I’m pleased today to print, in advance of the game, Anderson’s exact plans for us on Saturday, minute by hellish minute. Shall we? We shall.

First Half

20:00 — Full-court press.
19:00 — Full-court press.
18:00 — Jabril Durham calls Devin Booker and hangs up, repeatedly.
17:00 — Nick Babb stands behind Sam Malone and keeps flicking him in the ear.
16:00Scary Movie 5 DVD director’s commentary
15:00 — BlueCross BlueShield customer claim hotline.
14:00 — Bobby Portis performs nasal irrigation for sixty seconds.
13:00 — Wildcats attend a one year-old’s birthday party.
12:00 — One corner of Dakari Johnson’s bedsheet keeps coming off the mattress.
11:00 — Kale chips for everyone.
10:00 — Willie Cauley-Stein helps Anton Beard move.
9:00 — Karaoke with ONLY Elton John songs.
8:00 — Karl Towns attends a timeshare presentation.
7:00 — Anthlon Bell stares uncomfortably at Tyler Ulis.
6:00 — Razorbacks flip through radio stations without stopping on one.
5:00 — John Robic accidentally clips a fingernail down too far.
4:00 — Dominique Hawkins goes to Fayette Mall on December 23.
3:00 — A Time-Warner representative goes over their new promotions.
2:00 — The Wildcats remove a tree stump in the heat.
1:00 — Couples’ baby shower.

Second Half

20:00 — Aggressive press.
19:00 — Internet is down.
18:00 — Michael Qualls leaves his wet towel on the guest room carpet.
17:00 — Cal loses Ellen’s Gladwareâ„¢
16:00 — Alandise Harris sends Andrew Harrison an email with the caps lock on.
15:00Mysteries of Laura marathon.
14:00 — Slice Rohrssen waits for an oven to preheat.
13:00 — Maroon 5 plays three encores.
12:00 — Ky Madden eats an orange with no plate on Aaron Harrison’s couch.
11:00 — Moses Kingsley shows Kenny Payne photos from his trip to Washington D.C.
10:00 — Brian Long loses a contact lens on a busy carpet.
9:00 — Bill Meck breaks in with weather news.
8:00 — Mike Anderson “sexy-dancing.”
7:00 — The Wildcats try to figure out which smoke alarm is beeping.
6:00 — EJ Floreal zips himself up in his fly.
5:00 — Tod Lanter can’t merge.
4:00 — Trey Lyles has to babysit while his friends go to the biggest party of the year.
3:00 — Total breakdown of society.
2:00 — The dark lord Satan turns the arena into a pit of fiery torment.
1:00 — Fouling.

Excerpts from John Calipari’s Book Club

Excerpts from John Calipari’s Book Club


Hello, friends. You’re looking well. You have a little ketchup on the edge of your mouth. There. No, there. No, my right. Look. I’m a mirror. Right here. There, you got it. Oh, yikes. No, you’re bleeding profusely from the mouth. You should probably go to a hospital.

Friends, if you were on board for last weekend’s ESPN College Gameday you, like me, learned that Cal and Willie Cauley-Stein have a “book club” together where they read books and talk about them. In fact, Willie credits Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus for helping to reawaken his potential and fire of late. Sharing books to keep players hyped and interested is, I think we can all agree, a positive and constructive thing for Calipari’s coaching style, but I was looking through some of the books he’s been handing out lately and I’m detecting a little more at work. Some of these books seem to be slightly altered; I’m calling shenanigans. After all, it IS a great way for Cal to get his message across. See for yourself.


Unknown-2Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“…That night, in the mid-watch, when the old man–as his wont at intervals–stepped forth from the scuttle in which he leaned, and went to his pivot-hole, he suddenly thrust out his face fiercely, snuffing up the sea air as a sagacious ship’s dog will, in drawing nigh to some barbarous isle. He declared that a whale must be near. Ahab rapidly ordered the ship’s course to be slightly altered, and the sail to be shortened. This was the first tweak. The second tweak would come a few months later, when Ahab would lower the boat himself with his harpooneer, leaving Starbuck to the Pequod, to address the white whale; there would be talk in the newspapers of a third tweak but the second tweak so far seemed to work pretty well so a third tweak, many would agree, was probably not necessary…”


Unknown-3Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

“’Have some wine,’ the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. `I don’t see any wine,’ she remarked.
`There isn’t any,’ said the March Hare.
`Then it wasn’t very civil of you to offer it,’ said Alice angrily.
`It wasn’t very civil of you to sit down without being invited,’ said the March Hare.
`I didn’t know it was your table,’ said Alice; `it’s laid for a great many more than three. And why aren’t you going after that 50/50 ball? Why, that seems positively mad!’
‘As mad as going for a ball-fake, when it’s been clearly telegraphed?’ said the Hatter.
‘That’s preposterous as well! Someone’s going to sneak in there and you’re going to drop a game in the SEC with ludicrous decisions like those!’ said Alice. ‘You have to keep your head in it, like your coach repeatedly tells you!’”


Unknown-5Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus said to Jem one day, “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something, and I asked Miss Maudie about it. “Your father’s right,” she said. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing except make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corn cribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. He’s also right about staying in front of your man on drives; you’re going to lose every time if you don’t stay in front of your man. That’s a sin, too. And be nice to Boo Radley, he’s right about that, too. Also, brothers’ keeper. And gold standard. Remember all that stuff.”


Unknown-1William Shakespeare, Henry V

“Now all the youth of England are on fire,
And silken dalliance in the wardrobe lies:
Now thrive the armourers, and honour’s thought
Reigns solely in the breast of every man;
Whence the gamecock approaches be wary
Its crowing and fast break without fault
Take their hearts and minds not for granted
As thou might have Vanderbilt
For T’would be grievous folly to overlook
And therefore fall in turn, falling, falling
To those would mock and cry
‘South Carolina!’ How foolish! What error!’
For soon may come the age of Zags, who play no one.”


Unknown-4Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the time of staying in the stance, it was the time of ballwatching, it was the season of being the needle, it was the season of taking smart shots. France was ready to fight. And you gotta. You gotta fight hard under there because that’s the only way it’s gonna happen, Dakari. I mean France. ”

University of Florida Student FAQs

University of Florida Student FAQs


As a student at the University of Florida you’re certain to grow accustomed to your surroundings on your own; however, you may still have questions. Here are some of the most common questions asked by on-campus residential UF students.

Where can I eat on campus?
The University of Florida offers a number of great dining options, from the food court at Reitz Union to the Gator Corner Dining Center and the convenient stores and fast food of Little Hall. A map is available at student services for you to discover the locations nearest you.

What can I do if I lose the key to my dorm room?
It has happened to all of us at one point; you misplace your key and can’t find it anywhere. In the event of a lockout please call the residence advisor on duty in your building and he or she will grant you access until a replacement key can be requested.

My roommate has a lot of pet birds. So many that it’s hard to sleep, and our room is beginning to smell a little bit. What can I do about this, and why does he have them?
Many times the “learning curve” of a new roommate can be difficult, and you’re not the first to report this difficulty. It’s not uncommon for some UF students to make some “extra money” importing and selling rare or endangered birds to collectors around the country. The good news is that the peak buying season for illegal birds is from November-March, so your room should grow increasingly emptier as your school semester progresses. Hang in there!

Why is there a baby alligator in my toilet?
Great question! Actually, that’s likely not a baby alligator as much as it is a full-sized caimen, which is in the alligator family. These reptiles can swim up through water pipes and on occasion may pop up where they’re unwelcome! Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as an alligator; however, its tiny teeth are very sharp and can rip flesh and muscle from bone at a rapid speed, so don’t anger it. Instead, please call the headcampus janitor at extension x8889 or email him at [email protected] and he can take care of it for you.

Last night as I was sleeping, a meth-crazy stripper cut off my genitals. What now?
Welcome to Florida! You may have noticed that the very image of a meth-crazy stripper cutting off a sleeping man’s genitals is on our license plate. Around here we have a old saying before before bed: Good night/sleep tight/don’t forget to wrap an elaborate system of string and bells around your room and wear your steel genital casing.” The student health care center should be able to help in such situations, give them a ring at x9833.

An escaped convict from a nearby prison broke into our dorm yesterday and when we came home he had created a Satan-ritual altar to gain the powers of the devil. We fought him off before he could complete it but we’re afraid he might return.
Oh, that old story! He probably is more afraid of you than you are of him. Alert the authorities if you know of the direction he is currently headed in and they will handle the rest. Be sure to clean up; remember that lighted candles are not permitted in residence halls.

I was studying in Broward Hall when a reticulated python began to strike at me around the face and, once I was on the ground, wrapped itself around me and began to crush my body. My friend had to hack it to death with a fire axe and there’s blood everywhere, both mine and the snake’s. What should I do?
This happens all the time. Give Janitor Walsh a call and he can take care of everything.

My Bigfoot museum got swallowed by a sinkhole. Do I have to start over?

An Oral History of Mike Krzyzewski’s 1,000 Wins

An Oral History of Mike Krzyzewski’s 1,000 Wins


Gil Corrano, Sports Reporter, The West Point Gazette
“I covered his first game as a head coach – Army versus Lehigh – in 1975. Army had been 3-22 the season before and no one was expecting much out of this new first-timer. But they beat Lehigh by 27 points in the season opener. Afterward, I caught up with him and asked him how it felt, you know, to be turning things around. I’ll never forget it; he looked me the eye and said ‘Now I have to win 999 more.’ I remember that I laughed, because I thought it was a joke, but then he held up a walnut and crushed it in his fist and let the shattered shell fall to the floor. I could see even then that he was motivated.”

Jim DeSalle, Duke Athletics Staff, 1980
“The weekend after we made Mike’s hiring official, I took him out for a drink to talk to him about his future at the university. I kidded him that his name was hard to pronounce, that it looked like some sort of crazy vanity license plate meant to convey a phrase with all the vowels taken out. He didn’t like that; he smashed a Michelob bottle on the bar and held the jagged glass to my neck. He was wild-eyed and screaming ‘Everyone will learn to say my name! Everyone!‘ The whole bar got quiet. It was weird, but I could tell he meant business.”

Linda Preston, Owner and Operator of Linda’s Playplace, Durham, NC
“In 1982 we filmed a PSA at our facility about kids and exercise, and Coach Krzyzewski came to film a piece on being a good sport. Everything went well on-camera, but off-camera one of the kids told Coach that he liked basketball even when he didn’t win. Coach Krzyzewski got really mad; he started smashing lego structures with his hands and kicked a ball through a plate glass window – and he told the kid that winning was the only thing. He ran outside shrieking and ripped some monkey bars out of the ground and did like $2,000 worth of damage. The kids were all crying and scared. One of those kids was Clay Aiken.”

Karl Malone, Member of the “Dream Team,” 1992 Olympics
We had just won our game against Panama and I hadn’t played as well as I could have; I was walking out of the arena and a taxi cab ran over me from behind, then stopped, backed up and ran over me again. Coach K was hanging out of the window of the taxi yelling ‘You will not take this win from me! You will not take my wins away from me!‘ I was really injured badly and was like ‘You’re not even the head coach! This doesn’t even count on your record!’ People were running around like ‘No mas! No mas! Detener the automóvil!‘ But we went back out there and brought home the gold.”

J.J. Redick, Duke University Basketball Player, 2002-2006
“We lost a game at Maryland in 2003 and after the game, I told Chris Duhon that we’d get them next time. Coach overheard it and picked up a brick – I don’t even know where he got it – and threw it at me, screaming that it would have been his 650th win and we screwed it all up for him. Then he stopped the bus on a bridge and made me get into a burlap sack, tied it with rope and pushed it into the Patuxent River. I almost died but I barely escaped from the sack before I froze to death. I guess I just didn’t have the drive, back then, that I needed. Coach gave me that drive.”

Bobby Knight, former Indiana Head Coach
“I remember after that 903rd win, where he broke my record. He visited my home and rang the doorbell. I came to the door to ask who it was and he said ‘Coach, it’s me, Mike. I wanted to talk to you about how much you’ve meant to me and what an inspiration you’ve been.’ I think he thought I’d be happy to see him, but instead I asked him to take one step back and then I pulled the lever that activates a trap door on my porch and he fell into the hole I had built to capture trespassers. People aren’t supposed to even get that close to the house to begin with.”

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Head Coach
“There will be others who win more, but it’s kind of neat to be the first person to 1,000.”

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse Head Coach
“I don’t know who did this, but someone threw a rock through the front window of my home last night with a note that read STOP WINNING GAMES OR ELSE. I’ve turned it over to the authorities for a proper investigation, but I have my suspicions.”


Attn: Coach Martin

Attn: Coach Martin


Hello, friends. You’re looking well. Why, there’s positively a spring in your step today! Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, that IS quite a pronounced limp. I didn’t mean to call attention to it in front of your lovely young lady friend.

Friends, I don’t need to tell you that the SEC, surprisingly, has become quite the League of Would-Be Assassins this season, taking us to repeatedly nailbiting finales since conference play began. Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt!) — they’ve all come to get us. This weekend, presumably, will be no exception when our Cats roll down into Colonial Life (Colonial Life!) Arena this weekend. Head Coach Frank Martin will certainly be gunning for us as his comments concerning his team after Tuesday’s loss to Tennessee were anything but flattering, a sentiment which may have gotten him into dutch with the administration. We explore that particular email, and Martin’s history of upsetting management, in a piece today which we’ll call Attn: Coach Martin. Shall we? We shall.


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

Dear Coach Martin,
While your frustration with the team following Tuesday night’s loss to Tennessee was certainly understandable under the circumstances, your negativity toward the team – i.e., referring to the team as “no good,” and repeatedly emphasizing “selfishness” and “shame” – might not be the best course of action when instilling a positivity in your team and serving as a representative of the University of South Carolina. Please monitor your words and language more closely in the future to ensure stronger press and reception.



From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

Coach Martin,
It has recently come to our attention that the Basketball Operations office has been neglecting to separate its plastic recyclables from its glass recyclables, which I have learned is becoming a problem for our physical plant to resolve when preparing deliveries to the Columbia recycling plant. Please see that this distinction is made in the future.
Thanks, Harris.


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

Coach Martin,
We have rarely discouraged extracurricular “night jobs” for University of South Carolina personnel, but your current activities have been brought to our attention as we have been approached by several people in the community who claim you have threatened to cause them bodily harm should they not pay your employer. We feel this reflects poorly on the basketball program and would suggest you terminate said extracurricular employment immediately.
Yours, Harris


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

While we regret the accident which recently doused you with dangerous gamma rays (we are still investigating the incident at the Physics Building), we encourage you to please attempt to keep your temper under control as we figure out our next steps. The several automobiles you threw through the bay windows of the Thomson Student Health Center last night are not inexpensive to fix and the hole you punched in the ground in front of the bookstore has caused several problems this morning. Please see that this does not occur again in the future.
Best, Harris


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

Although your feelings toward the town eccentric Maurice’s lovely daughter are well founded, as she is an exceptional girl, I have been disheartened to hear that of late you have been bragging at the tavern that you will “make” her fall in love with you, as this is likely in violation of our campus’ sexual harassment laws. Furthermore, your claims that you are going to kill her monstrous housemate are uncalled for, especially since the fact that he was once a person still makes the act one of human murder and punishable as such. Please desist.
Sincerely, Harris


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

I’m not sure what you were doing in the construction area of East Campus late last night but one of our industrial plumbers visited my office this morning to inform me that not only had you kidnapped a female student but that you were foiling attempts to rescue her by hurling oil drums at oncomers. You should consider yourself very lucky that no one was hurt during this incident and I can assure you that this behavior will not stand at the University of South Carolina. I hope not to hear of this type of event again going forward.
Sincerely, Harris


From: Pastides, Harris – Office of the President
To: Martin, Frank – Basketball Operations
Attn: Coach Martin

It has been three weeks now and your deliberate ignoring of my multiple requests to separate glass and plastic recyclables is unacceptable.

Consider this strike two.