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Tuesday’s Top 10: Emotional Boogie, Rapping Trebek and Kentucky/Mizzou

Tuesday’s Top 10: Emotional Boogie, Rapping Trebek and Kentucky/Mizzou

The only time the arena will be filled all season.

The only time the arena will be filled all season.

Yesterday was pretty wild.  Get caught up with all the shenanigans from Monday before you begin to prepare for a late Tuesday night with your Kentucky Wildcats.

The Three Biggest Stories from Monday

The Kentucky fan’s dream team of Davis and Cousins in New Orleans dominated the sports news cycle around the country.  Last night Boogie said an emotional goodbye to the city of Sacramento.

If you asked a UK fan from the state of Kentucky and surrounding region, the second-biggest story would be “Cowherd’s an ass.”  However, if you were on the elliptical in the gym and looked up to see OTL on ESPN, you would see Jay Bilas discussing Calipari’s postgame comments on college coaches being dismissed during the season (if that scenario sounds oddly specific, it’s because I’m referencing myself).

The dichotomy is interesting.  The regional outrage at Cowherd is merited.  After refusing to give him attention until after 11:00 p.m. last night, my insides churned as Cowherd talked down on my beloved Cats.  That feeling compares to the surprise when I heard Calipari ask a crowded press room in Athens, “We’re firing coaches in midseason…Are you shitting me?”  A man that doesn’t like to curse didn’t give a damn.  The scope and power of Cal’s words are more profound than I previously believed.

The news cycle changes quickly.  With a game against Mizzou tonight, all of these stories will quickly go away.  Is it good or bad or both?  I don’t know.  The only certainty is that I gotta quit watching The Newsroom late at night or I’ll continue to subconsciously rant about the philosophy and current climate of the media industry.

Alex Trek’s Rap Game is 💯

That got a little heavy.  Let me lighten things up with the best Jeopardy category ever.

But wait, it gets better.

There’s a New Hey Kentucky, The Bachelor

You probably missed that fantastic Jeopardy category because you were busy watching the latest installment of Hey Kentucky, The Bachelor.  If you missed it, re-watch it here, and if you’re in Louisville, you no longer have to watch it online.  Beginning last night, Hey Kentucky! is airing every night at 10:00 on WBNA-21 in Louisville.

Kentucky Plays Mizzou Tonight

I’m not are why they’re actually making them go through with it.  To say “Mizzou is trash” wouldn’t adequately describe the state of their basketball program athletic department.  After some early success on the football field, the Tigers have given the SEC nothing except a coerced trip to St. Louis for the SEC Tournament in 2018.  If the Cats can’t win tonight, they can’t win another basketball game ever again.

All the Info on UK/Mizzou

It’s a late starter that gets the rare SEC Network treatment.  Adam Amin, Joe Sundvoid and Laura Rutledge  will have coverage from Columbia, starting at 9:00.  The No. 10/11 Cats are 16-point favorites. The tale of the tape:

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.55.38 PM

The UK Women are in the NCAA’s Top 16

The NCAA placed Matthew Mitchell’s team at No. 15, a four-seed, with just three weeks of basketball left until Selection Monday.  The men’s committee only released one preview of the bracket, while the women received three early looks.  Kentucky was a four-seed in two of the three previews. They return to action Thursday at 7:00 against Miss. State for Senior Night at Memorial Coliseum.

I Can’t Get Crocodile Rock Out of my Head

After hearing the Elton John jam at a piano bar Saturday night, I can’t stop singing, humming and whistling the catchy tune.  I’ve tried all the tricks to get it out of my head, yet Crocodile Rock persists.  Luckily, I’m a big fan of the song.  For those who hate it, I hope the “Laaaaaa, la, la, la, la, la,” is immediately imprinted on your brain.

Jarrett Allen Killed a Guy Dunked the Basketball

I can’t say he “killed a guy” when Bob Huggins almost died on the sideline.  That’s insensitive.  Huggins fell to his knees in the first half after he apparently began having issues with his defibrillator.  The good news: Huggins is fine.  He returned to the sideline for the second half.  However, one of his player’s is not fine, not at all.

College Basketball on TV Tonight

The first game on this list could have an impact on Kentucky’s chances for an SEC regular season title.

  • 7:00: South Carolina at No. 13 Florida on ESPN
  • 7:00: Oklahoma at No. 9 Baylor on ESPN2
  • 7:00: Clemson at Va Tech on ESPNU
  • 7:00: Auburn at LSU on SEC Network
  • 9:00: Ole Miss at Miss. State on ESPN2
  • 9:00: Indiana at Iowa on ESPN

KSR Starts in an Hour

Get with it or get lost.

What they’re saying about Boogie to New Orleans



The pairing of Kentucky’s elite post players was the biggest story in the sports world today.  It was covered in a variety of angles from essentially every sports media institution.  Instead of wading through it all by yourself, let this post get you caught up.

If you’d rather see the reaction from players instead of writers, The Washington Post’s blog has you covered.    Speaking of the The Washington Post…

The Washington Post’s Josh Plano

While the rise of the positionless player in the NBA is well documented, New Orleans is now presented with an interesting spacing conundrum. Cousins and Davis represent two of the league’s premier big men, athletes that draw ample attention — and frequent double teams — in the half-court offense. They’re rare breeds who oscillate between the two frontcourt positions, power forward and center.

Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver

For New Orleans, the trade opens a new era with Cousins and Davis as a fascinating big man duo. This isn’t a traditional old school Twin Towers approach, as Cousins can stretch out to the three-point line and Davis is comfortable operating far away from the hoop. Both face questions regarding their defensive impact, and pairing the two together could produce stretches of mismatches against spread lineups. But this is a gamble that a shaky ownership group, a beleaguered GM and a helpless Davis all badly needed. Cousins’s arrival should spark interest in a team that’s been stuck for years, it should improve New Orleans’ pitch to future free agents (“We’ve already got two stars”), and most importantly it gives Davis reason to believe that his heroic efforts aren’t in vain.

The Vertical’s Michael Lee

Every time Cousins earned an All-Star moment, disarray hijacked it. NBA commissioner Adam Silver recognized Cousins’ overwhelming talents by naming him an injury replacement in 2015, but he spent the entire weekend addressing questions about the Kings hiring George Karl as head coach. Last year, Cousins had to address his ongoing feud with Karl. This year, Cousins avoided any upsetting questions the first two days, then the Kings put him in the awkward position of finding out that he could be traded moments before he was asked about it. “I was happy coming in, but the last day and the last couple of minutes, something had to happen,” Cousins said. “It’s disappointing.”

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor

Pairing Cousins with Anthony Davis is the most fascinating frontcourt duo of the decade; there have rarely been pairings of two legitimate top-10 big-man talents. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph patrolled the paint for years, while Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan’s air show made jumpstarted the Lob City Clippers, but this is different. We haven’t seen this before.

The Ringer’s Danny Chau asked on Sunday: “Is it too indulgent to imagine a 5–4 pick-and-roll with Cousins handling and Davis rolling to the rim?” I hope not. Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry would be shorting himself if he doesn’t take full advantage of all the tactical possibilities this pairing presents. The Brow and Boogie can both handle the ball, shoot outside, dominate inside, and create space off the dribble like guards. While other teams are zigging by going small, the Pelicans are zagging with two of the most purely talented big players in the league.

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore

Cousins has an unbelievable opportunity here. He gets to start over — in a city that will embrace him in a way that few will. You want a redemption story? New Orleans is a great place to find it. You want somewhere that wants its guys a little less than squeaky clean? Try the Big Easy. He joins a good friend and fellow Wildcat in Anthony Davis, who also happens to be a top-10 player.

He gets to change everything about his career. If he keeps his emotions in check (unlikely) and embraces the defensive end, he’s going to have a chance to do real damage in this league. Davis can play power forward next to him, and their combination of scoring, rebounding and passing is going to be a nightmare for opponents.

Fox Sports’ Nate Scott

Davis gets the scoring partner he needed in NOLA and a chance to finally break through and make a splash in the Western Conference. The team is still painfully thin at the wings, and if Jrue Holiday gets hurt again I’m not sure who will play point guard (Boogie, maybe?). They have too many bigs as well — Omer Asik still has three (!) years on his deal.

But Davis finally has a partner in crime, and that might be enough. With Cousins commanding a double-team down low, Davis will have his pick of 15- to 18-footers. And if Boogie wants to step out to the perimeter and take 3s (which he can), Davis will have more room to work inside. This could work extremely well for both of them.

Five Thirty Eight’s Chris Herring

This is less about the trade and more about Boogie in general: nobody in the NBA gets their shot blocked more than Cousins.

Cousins’s shots get blocked 1.6 times per game, which represents a slight decrease from the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, when opponents stuffed Cousins 1.8 times per contest. (He was the most-blocked player in those seasons, too.1) All of which is surprising, considering the 26-year-old’s clear advantages in height, strength and skill.

Cousins’ blunt explanation is fantastic.

Before he was traded, I asked Cousins why he gets blocked so much, and he said that I didn’t have to search for a complicated explanation. “It’s because I can’t jump,” he said. “It’s really as simple as that.”

John Wall had the best reaction to the DeMarcus Cousins trade

John Wall had the best reaction to the DeMarcus Cousins trade


Everyone’s been weighing in on the DeMarcus Cousins trade today, but lost in the shuffle has been this awesome video of John Wall learning the news last night. When a reporter asked Wall for his thoughts on Boogie and Anthony Davis teaming up in New Orleans, Wall did his best impression of the “Kermit sipping tea” meme:

Wall will be an unrestricted free agent in 2019…could he join Boogie and the Brow in the Big Easy? That would give the Pelicans 3/5 of John Calipari’s dream team, something I’m sure Cal will ask Wall about on his podcast, which drops on Thursday.


Boogie to New Orleans is official



In case you were worried it was just a dream, the NBA just approved the Kings/Pelicans trade that will send DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans. The Pelicans shared the news with this picture of Boogie in his new jersey minutes ago:

We are all King Cake Baby right now:


If you’re like me and trying to find a time to go see the Pelicans play, here’s the rest of their schedule:

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 2.33.44 PM


Going to New Orleans may cost Boogie $30 million

Going to New Orleans may cost Boogie $30 million


While DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis teaming up is insanely exciting, it’s worth pointing out that it comes at a cost for Boogie. Cousins was poised to sign a $209 million extension with the Kings this summer, but now that he’s going to New Orleans, he’s only eligible for a $180 million max extension with the Pelicans. So, while DeMarcus has to be happy to get out of a dysfunctional franchise like the Kings, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst points out, he can’t be thrilled about being out $30 million.

“That $200 million extension was only possible with the Kings. Under the new rule, he can’t get the same deal with the Pelicans or any other team. If he were to sign a max extension with the Pelicans this summer, it would be for five years and $180 million. So the trade might cost him $30 million. His agents were afraid of this. They were saber rattling in hopes that he wouldn’t re-sign if he was traded; they were trying to scare the Pelicans and other teams off. It did not work.”

I realize that I’m a full-time blogger, so you know, not rolling in the dough, but what’s $30 million when you don’t have to deal with the Kings, get to play alongside Anthony Davis, and live in New Orleans?

Lots of good details on the trade in the link below, so check it out:

[ESPN: DeMarcus Cousins Trade FAQ]

Monday’s Top 10: Kentucky dominates All-Star Weekend, finds a way to win at Georgia

Monday’s Top 10: Kentucky dominates All-Star Weekend, finds a way to win at Georgia


Good morning, friends, and to those in the banking industry, happy President’s Day. While these days, the holiday has become synonymous with mattress sales (what up, Sleep Outfitters!) and school breaks, the majority of us are at our computers per usual, just trying to get through another Monday morning. Thankfully, there’s plenty going on in the world of UK sports to distract us, such as last night’s monumental late breaking news that…

1. DeMarcus Cousins has been traded to New Orleans

In case you’re like me and woke up to that news, well, what a way to wake up. What started as rumors at the beginning of All-Star Weekend turned into reality late last night when Boogie and Omri Casspi were traded to the Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, New Orleans’ 2017 first round pick and the Sixers’ 2017 second round pick. No one has ever accused the Kings’ front office of being smart, but that was a really, really dumb trade. Sure, it was probably best that they parted ways with Boogie, but that’s what they got?! Ha!

No wonder the Pelicans are feeling so good this morning:

2. Boogie’s reaction to the news was priceless

How happy is DeMarcus to get out of Sacramento? Check out his reaction to finding out the news last night during interviews:

New Orleans is already one of my favorite cities in America, and now that they’ve got Boogie, Anthony, and Terrence Jones? Thank goodness I have friends who live there because I’m going to visit all the time.

3. Calipari and Kenny Payne were also at the All-Star Game



Of course John Calipari was in New Orleans last night to see Anthony, DeMarcus, and John Wall play in the All-Star Game. Before the main event, he, Brad, and Kenny Payne posed with Anthony’s family, who had to be proud because…

4. Anthony was named MVP


Davis took home MVP honors after setting an All-Star single-game scoring record of 52 points in addition to 10 rebounds. Davis broke Wilt Chamberlain’s previous scoring record of 42 points set in 1962 in leading the Western Conference to a 192-182 victory over the Eastern Conference. Davis was 26 for 39 from the field, and had an astounding 18 dunks.

Watch all of his highlights below:

5. Don’t forget, Jamal Murray was named MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge

Making All-Star Weekend even sweeter for Kentucky was Jamal Murray’s performance in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday night, which earned him MVP honors. Murray put up a game-high 36 points and 11 assists in just 20 minutes. Murray scored 27 second-half points and made a ridiculous nine 3-pointers. In a game that also featured Devin Booker, Karl Towns, and Trey Lyles, Murray shined.

I mean, really, what a weekend for Kentucky basketball, and we haven’t even gotten to what happened with the current team yet.

6. The Cats found a way to win at Georgia

I was in Marshall County watching PJ Washington on Saturday night, but I did watch the replay of Kentucky’s win over Georgia and I’ll say this: a win is a win is a win. When I saw Yante Maten went down, I thought the game was in the bag for Kentucky, but the Cats didn’t look alive or fight until De’Aaron Fox turned it on the last eight minutes. There are plenty of positives from the win — Dominique’s continued good play, Derek’s 12 rebounds, Mychal Mulder’s resurgence — and no matter how much some want to nitpick, I’m just going to accept the win and move on. Looking at the schedule, the road game at Georgia was arguably the toughest task left in the regular season, so instead of worrying about Isaiah Briscoe, I’m going to take solace in the fact that Kentucky found a way to win a game they would have lost a month ago.

7. How bad is Missouri?

Well, horrible, but after a 13-game losing streak, the Tigers rallied for their first conference win at Texas A&M a few weeks back, and then topped it off with a home win vs. Vandy on February 11. With that momentum, they took Alabama to the wire last week before getting routed by Tennessee in Knoxville this weekend:

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.10.08 PM

Needless to say, Kentucky should take care of business tomorrow night in Columbia. One thing is for certain…

8. The crowd will be larger than this:



As you can see in the picture above, Missouri fans have reacted just about as you’d imagine to their basketball team thus far this season, but three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and crappy SEC teams packing their arenas for Kentucky.

9. Calipari will be on the SEC Teleconference at 11:35 a.m.

John Calipari and his fellow SEC coaches will take turns talking about their team on this week’s SEC Coaches Teleconference. If this week’s appearance is anything like Cal’s last one, that means I get to hear him talk about his team while huffing and puffing on the elliptical. Since the Cats are on the road tomorrow, this will be Calipari’s only media availability today, so check the site around lunch for a recap of his comments.

10. Tony Barbee, Kenny Payne, or Joel Justus will address the media at 2 p.m.

Calipari’s doing the SEC call, so he’s handing the Missouri preview presser to one of his assistants. Kenny Payne, Tony Barbee, Joel Justus…who will it be?! I know the suspicion is just killing you, so check the site around 2 p.m. for a live stream or shortly thereafter for a recap.


Radio in an hour…

Watch Boogie’s reaction when told he had been traded

Watch Boogie’s reaction when told he had been traded

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.40.54 AM

There is video evidence of the moment DeMarcus Cousins learned he had been traded, during his postgame interviews following the All-Star game.

Watch as someone leans in and whispers something to Cousins and then how he answered the next question:

Boogie loved Sacramento and wanted to be there forever, but he seems excited to be going to a playoff contender, two hours from his hometown.

Cousins traded to New Orleans to team up with Davis

Image via @BleacherReport

Some late breaking news out of the NBA tonight as Sacramento has agreed to trade DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The deal includes Buddy Hield and a 2017 first-round draft pick, according to the reliable Adrian Wojnarowski.

Boogie and Davis together in one frontcourt. Big Blue Nation, you have a new favorite NBA team.

UPDATE: The Kings got ripped off.

In one of the all-time worst trades, the Kings will get Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, one future first-round pick and one future second for Cousins.

That’s laughable.

Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports

Anthony Davis broke a record and more from the NBA All Star Game

Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports

Bob Donnan – USA Today Sports

Despite being underwhelming to some people *cough Colin Cowherd cough*, former Kentucky players took up three selections in this years NBA All Star game.

Because that wasn’t enough, Anthony Davis was on it from the very start. Scoring the West’s first points of the night and defeating Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most points scored in a single All Star game. Davis ended up with 52 points and 10 rebounds compared to Chamberlain’s 42 points.



John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins also competed in the event. Wall finished with 12 point and six rebounds while Cousins only got three points in two minutes of playing time. However, rumors of the Kings eagerness to trade Cousins could have contributed to his lack of playing time.

Boogie addressed the rumors in post game interviews with the “whatever happens, happens mentality.”


Sights and sounds from the NBA All Star Games


The NBA All Star Games are underway in NOLA and there is plenty going on. Personally, I want to see Boogie break up a fight between Russ and KD, because we all know he’s a peacemaker, but we’ll see. Here are a couple sights and sounds from the Big Easy.

John Wall was interviewed before the game:


Brad and Coach Cal are there because of course they are

And the first bucket of the game for the west from AD


More to come…

Reminder to tune in to watch all of your BBNBA All-Stars tonight

Reminder to tune in to watch all of your BBNBA All-Stars tonight


After an All-Star Weekend filled with former Kentucky Wildcats, the actual All-Star Game is finally upon us. Make sure you’re in front of the TV tonight to watch Anthony Davis, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins play among the league’s best at 8pm ET on TNT.

Kentucky has more players in the All-Star Game than any other school in the country. That is a pretty “underwhelming” fact, if you ask Colin Cowherd. But if you ask anyone with a brain, it is really, really impressive.

Through the first half the season, Wall is scoring 22.8 points, dishing out 10.6 assists which is second in the NBA, grabbing 4.4 rebounds, and stealing an NBA second-best 2.08 balls per game. Wall is also having his best shooting season of his career, as a 45.2% field goal percentage and 81.2% free throw percentage are both career highs.

As for Anthony Davis through the first half of the season, his numbers are just as impressive. Davis is fifth in the NBA in scoring with 27.7 points per game, sixth in rebounding at 11.9, second in blocks at 2.47, and is also averaging 2.2 assists and 1.3 steals per game. At 6’11, Davis is shooting 30.6% from 3 and 80.1% from the charity stripe.

And finally, the best center in the league, DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins is averaging 27.8 points, 10.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 1.3 blocks, and 1.4 steals per game. That makes Boogie fourth in the NBA in scoring and 11th in rebounding. His shooting has been a revelation this season as well, shooting 35.6% from deep and 77% from the free throw line. Keep in mind that Cousins is doing this with a pretty bad supporting cast if you consider how talented the rest of the Western Conference is.



Report: DeMarcus Cousins potentially joining Anthony Davis in Nola

Report: DeMarcus Cousins potentially joining Anthony Davis in Nola


Every few days, DeMarcus Cousins is questioned on his desire to stay in Sacramento long term. He has always been adamant about wanting to spend his entire career playing for the Kings and have his jersey hung in the rafters. However, news has been circling today that the Kings’ front office has been shopping DeMarcus Cousins here and there, and are definitely hearing offers for him.

The most interesting one that I’ve heard, is the report that the New Orleans Pelicans are pursuing a deal that would bring Big Cuz to Nola. Could you imagine how incredible that front court would be? Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins on the same team. Halfway to the all UK All-Star team that Coach Cal mentioned earlier this week.

Usually, I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in reports like this, but if Adrian Wojnarowski tweets a report, you best believe that things are moving behind closed doors. The guy even tweets out draft picks correctly, and he’s always two to three picks ahead of the curve. Since Woj’s tweet, Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated have also reported the same thing.

Big things could be on the way for UK fans everywhere. I can barely contain my excitement.

Take a look at the entire NBA rumor mill here. The NBA Trade deadline is this Thursday at 3pm ET, so more to come on this in the very near future.


A post shared by Tyler Ulis (@tulis3) on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:57pm PST

Chicago’s Marian Catholic Retires Tyler Ulis Jersey

A post shared by Tyler Ulis (@tulis3) on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:57pm PST

(@tulis3) on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:57pm PST

As mentioned earlier this week, Marian Catholic (Chicago) planned to retire Tyler Ulis’ #3 jersey. On Friday night, while Tyler was in town to watch his younger brother Ahron, Ulis was honored at halftime. Marian Catholic presented Ulis with his own framed #3 Spartans jersey, along with his current Phoenix Suns jersey.

The gymnasium was near capacity for Friday night’s game, knowing the Suns’ rookie point guard would be in attendance. Ulis arrived to a loud ovation from the crowd.

“I was just going to come back and see Ahron play,” Ulis said. “Then all of this happened, which is great. It’s been a long journey.”

Ulis graduated Marian Catholic as their program’s all-time leading scorer (2,335 points) and assists leader (578)He led the Spartans to consecutive Class 4A Elite Eight appearances and was a four-time East Suburban Catholic Conference selection, a two-time ESCC and Daily Southtown Player of the Year honoree, and McDonald’s All-American. Ulis is the only basketball player to have his jersey retired at Marian Catholic.

Following the presentation, Ulis stuck around to sign autographs and take pictures with every fan who was waiting.

“You get used to signing autographs at Kentucky,” Ulis said. “We did this at our home games all the time.”

Congrats, Tyler!

Tyler Ulis Honored at Marian Catholic

Can Calipari’s top five win NBA title? Boogie says “F***ing right” they can

Can Calipari’s top five win NBA title? Boogie says “F***ing right” they can


TMZ caught up with DeMarcus Cousins outside Morton’s Steakhouse in New Orleans to ask if Cousins believes if he, John Wall, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns (Calipari’s dream staring five) could win an NBA title.

Cousins simply said, “F—ing right.”

John Wall responds to LaVar Ball’s insane comment

John Wall responds to LaVar Ball’s insane comment


Big Blue Nation’s own John Wall has chimed in on LaVar Ball saying his son, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball, is better than Steph Curry. (If you missed that one, scroll down or click here.)

Wall was asked about the outrageous comparison in an interview (that may or may not have been recorded in his hotel bed in New Orleans), to which he said, “It’s funny… I feel like he’s putting a lot of pressure on his kid though … he added fuel to the fire for when he plays Steph Curry, or any other point guards after he gets drafted.”

Sounds like the bullseye in on Lonzo’s back when he gets to the league next season.