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Karl Towns reads mean tweets about himself

Karl Towns reads mean tweets about himself

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.06.46 PM

Famous people reading mean tweets about themselves has become a popular skit thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, and this week, the Minnesota Timberwolves got in on the fun. Karl Towns, Tyus Jones, Shabazz Mohammed, and Zach Lavine took turns reading people’s insults, and, Karl being Karl, he fully committed to the part:

Is Tyus Jones the most boring person in the world or what?

Anthony Davis served Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless last night

Anthony Davis and his family served 300 homeless men at the New Orleans Mission last night. It was the first event of the season for Davis and his charity, AD’s Flight Academy, in New Orleans. AD’s Flight Academy is a series of community service events throughout the year; last season he did a number of events with underprivileged teens around the city, including trips to the bowling alley, movie theater and laser tag.

Thanksgiving dinner with Davis has become an annual tradition in NOLA.

“I was trying to give Thanksgiving to some people who might not have family around or are less fortunate to celebrate,” he told ”So I brought my family here and some of my closest friends to celebrate with these people. It’s an honor. They talked about basketball and they’ll post me up and all this. It is just fun to see them smile.”

For a full photo gallery of Davis’ Thanksgiving, click here.

Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

CBS thinks Brandon Knight is one of the unsung players in the NBA

Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports named Brandon Knight as one of five players that have gone under-the-radar this season.

After signing a massive long-term deal in the offseason, Knight has been proving he’s worth every penny. Playing the best basketball of his career, Knight has teamed up with Eric Bledsoe to lead the Suns to, as of this writing, the fifth-best record in the vaunted Western Conference.

Knight is averaging 21.9 points, 5.0 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game. Knight is shooting 45.3 percent from the field and 41.3 percent from thee-point range. Knight recorded his first triple-double of his NBA career against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday with 30 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds. All these stats are career-highs for the former Cat.

Knight and Eric Bledsoe are being talked about as one of the best backcourt combo’s in the league (obviously behind Steph Curry and Klay Thompson). The Suns currently sit 4th in the Western Conference, many thanks to the two former Cats.


David Zalubowski | AP

Brandon Knight with a Career Night

David Zalubowski | AP

David Zalubowski | AP

Brandon Knight was En Fuego last night for the Phoenix Suns.  He had six three-pointers, good for a career-high 38 points.  If he didn’t spend some time on the sideline after tweaking his ankle, he could have messed around and got a triple-double, finishing with 11 rebounds and 6 assists.

He wasn’t the only former Wildcat that crushed it last night.

Knight’s Wildcat running-mate, Eric Bledsoe, had a casual 22 points for Phoenix.  In Anthony Davis‘ return from a hip injury, he not only filled up the stat sheet (20 points, 18 rebounds) but he helped the reeling Pelicans get a win over the mighty San Antonio Spurs.  He did it in typical Anthony Davis fashion – by dunking on people.

Nerlens Noel also had a decent night, leading the insufferable 76ers with 16 points and 9 rebounds.  The Hornets big lead over the Sixers allowed Aaron Harrison to see an NBA court for the first time, although he failed to score.

The Real T Jones had 10 points for the Rockets, Enes Kanter had 11 points and 13 rebounds off the bench, joining Julius Randle on Team Double-Double.  Randle led the Lakers with 18 points and 12 rebounds.

In an unfortunate news, Karl-Anthony Towns did NOT get a double-double.  I’m just as shocked as you are.  He had to settle for a measly 17 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

The Toughest Players Nazr Mohammed has Ever Guarded

Nazr Mohammed, LeBron James

The first Wildcat I ever became enamored with was Tayshaun Prince.  I pounded my chest when he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons and enjoyed their run to an NBA Championship over the Los Angeles Lakers.  Throughout the entire series he guarded Kobe Bryant.  “Man that’s cool, and HAS to be impossible,” I thought to myself many years ago.

Since then, my favorite question for all former Wildcats that made it to the NBA is, “Who’s the toughest guy you’ve ever guarded?”  Nazr Mohammed has been in the NBA for 13 long years and he’s seen the best of the best.  He broke down the six most difficult tasks for The Players’ Tribune.  Coming in at #1 – Shaq.

When I saw him on the schedule, my main goal was to just not let him dunk the ball.

That was it.

You knew he was going to get good shots, but trying to keep him from dunking ensured that I stayed aggressive. In his prime, it was a good night for you defensively if you held Shaq to 20 points and 10 rebounds with no dunks.

Shaq was the cream of the crop, the one that stood out above the rest.  He listed the following five but he remained diplomatic, putting them in no particular order.

  1. Rasheed Wallace
  2. Dirk Nowitzki
  3. Tim Duncan
  4. Yao Ming
  5. Kevin Garnett

It’s a must read for any basketball junkie, especially if you’ve ever had to bang with the big guys in the post.  It’s also a testament to Nazr.  The fact that he’s lasted this long against some of the greatest post players to ever set foot on a court is almost unbelievable.

[The Players’ Tribune]

DeMarcus Cousins suspended one game for hitting Al Horford


It look like Boogie’s temper got the best of him again. The NBA has suspended Demarcus Cousins one game for throwing an elbow at Atlanta’s Al Horford during last night’s game:

If you’re curious what a one-game suspension in the NBA “costs,” Cousins will not be paid for the game and will lose roughly $178,620 of his $14,728,844 salary this season. Ouch.

Karl Towns to Save the Day

Photo by Matt Hernandez

No matter how good we’ve seen Karl, we’ve never seen his best.  The Timeberwolves superstar Superman Rookie turned heads once again.  Tonight, it was in the form of a blocked shot to force overtime.

Unfortunately he wasn’t there to block Evan Fournier’s game-winning three in overtime, but Towns still managed another double-double.  His final stat-line: 21 points, 12 rebounds and a career-high 6 blocks.  He’s the second-youngest player in the last 30 years to go for 20/10/5.  The youngest?  Anthony Davis.

The man is unbelievable AND HE’S ONLY PLAYED 12 GAMES.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Boogie is paying for a funeral of a high school football player

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The news that surrounds DeMarcus Cousins isn’t always positive, but today it is. Earlier this afternoon, it was reported that Boogie was going to pay for the funeral of Jaulon Clavo, a senior football player at Grant Union High School in Sacramento.

Clavo was 16 years old and was driving four other players when he was reportedly shot in the neck. Cousins has been seen attending Grant Union football games and has donated to the school in the past.

This is an incredible gesture by Boogie and shows a side of him rarely seen. My faith in humanity is restored for a while.




Cousins and Rondo were Fantastic for the Kings



Earlier this week the Kings could have renamed Sacramento “Dysfunction Junction.”  Since Boogie’s locker room outburst, it appears that the team has turned things around.

Sacramento got their second straight win behind DeMarcus Cousins’ 40 points and 13 rebounds.  Feeding Boogie was former Wildcat Rajon Rondo.  He’s been logging a ton of minutes lately, but it has paid off.  Rondo had a triple-double with 23 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds.

This assist to DeMarcus was destructive.

Watch Karl Towns interview Kevin Durant in high school


Karl Towns is tearing it up in the NBA right now, with six double doubles in his first eight games. He’s currently averaging 16.1 points and 10.5 rebounds, which puts him in some rare air as a rookie, but shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us who saw him play at Kentucky.

Before he was turning heads in the pros, Karl was doing his best to get to know his idols. Last night, TNT aired this footage of a young Karl Towns interviewing Kevin Durant his freshman year of high school:

Karl being Karl, he dressed nicely for the interview, professionally and politely asked the questions, and wished Durant “continued success on and off the court.” Karl will face off against Durant on January 12, meaning we’ll probably see this clip a million times between now and then.

And now I miss Karl.

Daniel Orton is on tonight’s tickets

You’re looking at tickets for tonight’s game featuring…Daniel Orton? You mean the same Daniel Orton who didn’t finish his classes, got drafted, went to the D-League, went overseas, got kicked out of the Philippine Basketball League for insulting Manny Pacquiao, got cut from a Greek team, and now is back in the D-League? Okay.

My guess is they’re highlighting Calipari’s draft picks on tickets this season, which explains why Orton is on there. He is a goood kiiiiid, I guess.


The Kings Craziness Continues



Earlier today we told you about DeMarcus Cousins’ locker room tirade.  Well, things have only gotten more interesting since then.

Cousins manned up and apologized for going berserk, attributing his outburst to their sluggish 1-7 start.

“It is no secret that we are all frustrated with losing – me more than anyone.  I let my frustrations get the best of me in the locker room after the San Antonio loss – that is my bad.  For the record, my frustration is not about any one person or player or coach.  There is no one person to blame.  All of us are accountable.  My frustration is that we are 1-7 simple as that.”


Even though many may take that apology to Yahoo’s Marc Spears as BS to save face, that sounds like it came directly from Boogie.  I think we can all agree that being 1-7 would suck after kicking so much ass at UK.  However, that wasn’t the entirety of this evening’s soap opera.

After Cousins went off, Karl wanted to suspend Cousins for two games according to the Sacramento Bee.  Vlade Divac was NOT having it.  The GM said Karl did not have the authority, then went back to Marc Spears to say that he completely empathized with Cousins and that if there were any disciplinary actions, “whatever I do, as far as I know, will stay in house.”

To make the Suicide Squad’s story even better, USA Today is reporting that Karl could be fired within the week.

We’re only eight games into this NBA season and the Kings have already turned into an episode of “As the World Turns” (I did that one for you, Oscar Combs).


Kings owner reportedly courting Calipari again

Kings owner reportedly courting Calipari again


DeMarcus Cousins’ relationship with Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl has never been great, but over the summer, it looked like the two were attempting to patch things up. Well, not anymore. According to The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre, Cousins cussed Karl out in the locker room following Sacramento’s loss to San Antonio Monday Night.

Boogie having issues with Karl is not exactly surprising news, but in McIntyre’s article, he mentions growing buzz that the Kings’ front office will oust Karl and owner Vivek Ranadive has one coach in mind to replace him: John Calipari.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported in June that Ranadive was interested in Calipari, and that interest has developed into full-blown man crush in recent months. The Kings over-drafting Willie Cauley-Stein 6th last summer was mostly due to Ranadive’s friendship with Calipari. Ditto the signing of Rajon Rondo.

In early October, The Big Lead has learned that Ranadive cleared everything off his schedule one week to jet to Lexington, Kentucky at the last minute at the behest of Calipari for a Kentucky basketball event.

Ahhh, so that’s why Drake was on the Kings’ sideline wearing UK gear this week. Okay. Love you, Kings, but please stay away from our coach.

[The Big Lead]

Checking in on the top NBA Cats after Week 2

The 22 NBA Cats that started the NBA season have quickly been cut down to 16 after a tumultuous week for the former Kentucky players. Chuck Hayes was waived, MKG, Jodie Meeks, DeMarcus Cousins, and Nerlens Noel missed time due to injury, and James Young was sent to the D-League. Still the players that did get to log minutes this week turned in some solid performances. Here are your top five former Cats from week 2 of the NBA season:

Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans- 27.33 points, 8.33 rebounds, 3.33 blocks (3 games)


Anthony Davis and his Pelicans have their season in jeopardy already after starting the season 0-6. Only one team in Western Conference history has been able to recover from an 0-6 start and still make the playoffs. The Pelicans will attempt to right the ship as they host the Dallas Mavericks but the bottom line is that Anthony Davis just doesn’t have any help. It’s going to be a long year for the MVP hopeful.

John Wall, Washington Wizards- 16.33 points, 11 assists, 3 steals (3 games)

The Wizards went 1-2 this past week but passed a major benchmark with a win over the Spurs. The Wiz only play 4 games over the next two weeks but none is more important than tonight’s game against the Thunder. Washington fans are hopeful they can witness Wall dishing the ball to Kevin Durant next season so you can expect the hometown kid to get the largest pop of all.

Eric Bledsoe- Phoenix Suns 23 points, 7.66 assists, 2.33 steals (3 games)

Spot the Wildcat

Don’t look now but Mr. Bledsoe is already putting up numbers worthy of a trip to the All-Star game. He ranks 14th in the league in scoring and 15th in assists. Unfortunately Eric plays in a conference with Steph Curry, Damien Lillard, CP3, and Russell Westbrook so him making an All-Star game is extremely unlikely. Still the former Cat is quickly becoming the best player on Phoenix’s roster.

Enes Kanter, Oklahoma City Thunder- 15.67 points, 7 rebounds (3 games)

Another good week for the former Kentuckian but a disappointing week for his team. The Thunder went 1-2 against three good but not great teams. Next Up: the aforementioned trip to the nation’s capital.

Karl-Anthony Towns- Minnesota Timberwolves 13.33 points, 9.67 rebounds, 3.33 blocks (3 games)

Big KAT is shattering NBA records as the first teenager with 4 double-doubles in his first 6 games. He’s been the difference to the young Timberwolves team so far and it isn’t crazy to call them a playoff dark horse team this early in the season.

“Boogie to Cauley-Stein”

Or, “Kentucky Seven-Footers Run the Fast Break”

That dunk was the first two points since Cousins returned to the lineup.

Suicide Squad? Kentucky Kings? I don’t know what to call them, so I’ll just call them awesome.