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Matt’s Blog

Matt’s Journal: January 1: “Top Ten TV of 2015”

Matt’s Journal: January 1: “Top Ten TV of 2015”


Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone sees those New Year’s Resolutions fail. It’s basically a requirement of modern life that we try at the beginning of every year to make big changes to our lives, we give a valiant effort for 1-2 weeks and then we give up and go back to eating nachos and watching Wheel of Fortune (how are Pat Sajak and Vanna White still on tv?) Most of the reason for Resolution failure however can be found in the expanse of the goals. People too often want to introduce revolutionary change in their life, when what might make them happier and more successful is a gradual change to their everyday existence. So while I probably should exercise more (and will try), volunteer to help others more often (a noble goal) or find a wife (a high mountain indeed), my goals this year will be much more attainable in my working life. Two Resolutions for this year…get the “Matt Jones Podcast” started and write more. That’s it…easy, doable and I am committed to making both successful.

With that in mind, the idea of a daily journal seems the most fruitful. I tried this once before and I quickly lost interest, but that was because my mind was on other things. Not now…it is time to write again, in part on UK sports but also in part on whatever strikes my fancy. I am committed to doing it every weekday and some weekends, come hell or high water (the latter of which could be fixed by calling 1-800-SERV-PRO). You will be able to see all of the past ones by clicking on the section of the KSR app (which you should have if you don’t) and by the “Matt’s Blog” button on the top of the page (which you should be using to filter posts if you aren’t). Some will appear on the front page of the site and some won’t. If people like it, I will be happy. But if they don’t, I am determined to not let it change my resolve. This journal will be used like the radio show and podcast…to document what is on my mind, while also giving any fact checkers for future political runs substantial amounts of background material to use in commercials against me. See, we all win! And if you are about to say “STICK TO SPORTS!!!!!” save your breath. I am not going to…sorry. Although I will try to limit my anti-Trump comments to one a week.

With that in mind, it is New Year’s Eve and I am at home watching football alone. That may sound sad to you, but it is a decision I do not regret. I hate New Year’s Eve for a variety of reasons that could be their own journal but I will pass on for now. Suffice to say that the buildup is nearly always a letdown and a disproportionate amount of my least favorite nights of my life have been when the ball dropped (that’s what she said). While I will use future journals to talk about the state of the UK Football program and some basketball scuttlebutt, tonight’s is going to be much more joyful. With 2015 coming to an end, I am going to put on my inner pop culture critic hat and give my list of MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS of 2015.

Now the list comes with a bit of a caveat. We are currently in the best time for television in the history of the medium. Simply put, there is more good television on now than at any time ever. I haven’t watched all of it, or even close to all of it (I do have the semblance of a life). However late at night before I go to sleep, I usually watch some shows and this represents a change for me from recent years. From 2005-2010, I probably watched five shows total: Sopranos, Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and 30 Rock. Most everything else on tv sucked. Not now…below are my 10 favorite comedies (I will do the Dramas tomorrow), but know that there are great shows that I simply haven’t watched. I hear wonderful things about Manhattan, The Affair, The Knick, Silicon Valley, Transparent and others, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. This is what I have seen and specifically what worked for me in 2015. Who knows…it might work for you too:


10. The Last Man on Earth: There hasn’t been a comedy with a better premise in a decade. Will Forte is the last man left on earth and his job is to survive and entertain himself in solitude. The audacity of the idea is amazing and for it to be able to keep a person’s interest in such a confined world is impressive. When the show debuted last year, I loved it and thought the first few episodes were inspired greatness. Since then, it has added characters (which to be fair, I guess it had to) and I think has lost a bit of quality. Still the writing is good, Kristen Schaal as the annoying wife is hilarious and Will Forte is consistently funny. I still will DVR every episode, so its a win.

9. Married/You’re The Worst: I put these two together because both are on FX, usually on the same night and they share a self-loathing brand of humor that I love. “You’re the Worst” is probably the better show and few sitcoms can deal with depression in a way that is so consistently funny. But the characters on “Married” make me laugh and the idea behind it (that being married in your 30s is kind of a bummer, especially when you think deep down that you are still young and potentially cool…and you are neither) hits close to home as my potential future. Both might not be your cup of tea, but they are mine.

8. Louie: Here’s the thing about “Louie.” It is only barely a comedy. Most of the show isn’t funny and it is actually more of a profile of real life for a certain segment of people in New York than a knee-slapping good time. However the raw realness of the show and the way that is showcases Louie’s personal emotions in its individual episodes is something that I find fascinating. The last season was not his best and I wonder just how much more he really has to give. But before “Louie” I had never seen a show quite like this and I usually find something I like from every episode.

7. Grinder: At times I feel like I am the only person watching this show, but I don’t care. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage’s spoof of an actor who plays a lawyer on TV, only to believe he can be a lawyer in real life is so absurd and ridiculous that I can’t help but praise each episode. The writing is witty, Lowe is hilarious and the supporting cast is one of the best on any comedy. I thought when 30 Rock went off the air that the idea of a Network comedy ever being absurd and successful was over and it would be up to cable/HBO/Netflix to produce such shows. Grinder reaffirms my faith and seems to be only getting better.

6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Being smart is hard. Being smart and funny is harder. Being smart and funny while trying to tackle really difficult subject matter is damn near impossible. John Oliver’s show does it as well as any I have ever seen and may be the smartest, non-boring television I ever seen. The format works for Oliver in a way that is different than what Jon Stewart did so well. He takes long-form topics, explains them in detail and with humor and in so doing, makes them like funny medicine that you feel good ingesting. His piece on the Kentucky Governor’s election was brutally hilarious (and clearly had no effect), but was just one of a weekly selection of home runs from our British friend. If you want to laugh and feel smart, watch John Oliver on Sunday night…but then get on Facebook and read your distant relatives’ political opinions. We don’t want you getting to high and mighty.

5. BoJack Horseman: I just picked up this show this week during my vacation and I love it. Cartoons are hit or miss with me as their ability to not be hampered by reality can turn them into either unique, witty commentary (Simpsons, South Park, etc) or have them hit into absurd realms of comedy that are simply outside my taste. BoJack walks the line perfectly and is one of the best blends of goofy double-entendre, joke-a-second word play (think a faster paced Naked Gun) with deep story lines that actually can be quite thoughtful. An alcoholic washed-up sitcom star horse would not seem like the best vessel for comedy based on loneliness and depression, but it actually works and when combined with some of the best pop culture references of any show I have seen, the whole combination really works. This is one of the few shows (Andy Griffith, 30 Rock, Curb) that I actually think I might like better on repeat viewings and may easily rank higher on my list next year.

4. Master of None: I watched the first episode of Asiz Ansari’s new show and kind of hated it. The pilot episode tried a little too hard to be cute and while my initial reaction may have been due to my past dislike of Asiz’s comedy (I dated a girl once who loved him and I never understood why), I do think the the show changed for the better after their first shot. However from Episode 2 on (which brilliantly contrasted the lives of new immigrants to their Americanized kids), the show was a bullseye. Like a millenial version of “Louie”, Asiz sets in comedy in the real world (or at least the real world of New York) and what makes the show funny is less a string of jokes than revelations about life. I found his dating relationship the second half of the show to strike very close to home (don’t make me analyze why) and the “Nashville” episode is one of my favorites of any show (in part because it had Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Tom T Hall on the soundtrack). It is always nice to be wrong and I thought Asiz’s show would be mediocre at best…instead I can’t wait for Season 2.

3. Catastrophe: Probably almost no one reading this has watched this Amazon show and if you haven’t I understand. When it comes to TV, Amazon is Netflix’s redheaded stepchild (although I hear good things about “Man in the High Castle” and critics love “Transparent”). But “Catastrophe” is worth your time and was one of my favorite surprises of the year. The show builds around a relationship of two people who become pregnant after a one night stand and then try to create a life together for the best interests of the child. The interaction between the new couple is awkward, funny and contains some of the most realistic dialogue of those newly dating speak to each other that I have ever seen on television. It made me laugh quite a bit, but I also was really invested in the two characters, an odd thing for me even on a show I like (I never cared whether Jim and Pam would get together). Watch it since no one else you know likely has and then you can hold it over your friends’ head…with the added bonus that it is also really good.

2. The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt: I loved “30 Rock.” I still think it might be the smartest network comedy of all-time and (along with Seinfeld and Andy Griffith) my most quotable show ever. So when I say that Kimmie Schmidt is in the same league as “30 Rock”, that is high praise indeed from me. I love Tina Fey’s sense of humor and in Kimmie Schmidt, she has found another perfect vehicle. The storyline (a woman was kidnapped for years and is released knowing little about the world in New York) is ridiculous but the acting and comedy is not. I love everything about the show…the writing is crisp, the characters are hilarious and the stupidity is at just the right level. Netflix allows Fey to push the envelope a little bit more than on “30 Rock” and the season only got better as it went along. I recommend this show to almost everyone I know. Most shows on this list require a certain sense of humor…to me if you have ANY sense of humor at all, you like Kimmie Schmidt. Watch it and thank me later.

1. VEEP: For me, “Veep” is perfect. It is smart, clever, well-acted and about politics. I couldn’t ask for much more. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss may be the best female comedy actress of our generation as I can’t think of another who has been so good on two shows. This season saw her run for President, allowing the ridiculousness of a campaign to infest a show that was already terrific political satire. What is amazing is just how much our current campaign has veered off the rails to make some of the scenes from Veep actually look like predictors of the 2016 race. I would nominate the “Testimony” episode scene where they read Jonah’s nicknames as perhaps my favorite comedy scene of the year. Everything about this show is great and this was probably its best season of its four year run. For me it was the comedy of the year, and thinking about it has me laughing so much, I may just watch it again.

So there you go…I will do dramas later this weekend, after we hopefully take out Stefan Moody and Ole Miss on Saturday. I hope you have a Happy New Year and enjoy the day of consistent football. Your winners today will be Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford and Ole Miss. Invest accordingly. Hope we have a fun year together in 2016 and let’s start it off by finding this panda in the picture below (it really isn’t all that hard)


I Have a new KSR Podcast Coming…Be a Part of It

I Have a new KSR Podcast Coming…Be a Part of It


When I made the decision a few weeks ago to not run for Congress, a number of things were part of the final decision. The factors ranged from timing to the political climate, but it also included the desire to continue to improve KSR in 2016 and take it to another level. I think you will see in the early months of 2016, a renewed emphasis on keeping this site at the top level and adding new features to take KSR into areas. Along those lines, we are expanding the KSR Podcasts, starting with a twice-weekly podcast that I will be hosting. Because creativity is not my top strong suit, I am naming the new podcast “The Matt Jones Podcast”, allowing the extra time spent on naming to be used on content. It will basically be a chance for me to interview guests in a longer form about a variety of topics, ranging from UK sports, pro sports, pop culture, politics or Kentucky issues as a whole. Its a chance in a different form than the radio show to get into a variety of issues that we don’t touch on a lot on the show and hear from people that normally we don’t have time to get to. I think people will really enjoy it and it should help give readers/listeners more content. In addition, we will be starting a UK Basketball podcast in the vein of the UK Football one, giving listeners a chance to get more insight on the team during the year.

With that in mind, we want to give people a chance to be a part of the show. We are currently adding sponsors for our podcasts and the site as a whole heading into 2016. As anyone who has been a part of KSR knows, sponsors who have been part of the radio show have almost universal success and we expect the same to be true on the Podcast. If you are interested, please email me before Christmas at and we can discuss how to make it happen.

Thanks for everyone’s support and we look forward to a BIG 2016 around these parts.

My Congressional Decision

My Congressional Decision


As some of you may know, I have been considering running for Kentucky’s 6th District Congressional seat in 2016. It was an idea first brought to me to this past summer and has occupied a great deal of my time in the months since. I have taken the idea very seriously and spent the fall doing my homework, including learning in depth about what being a member of Congress and Congressional campaigns actually entail, the needs of the 6th district and the counties that are within it and the political landscape as a whole that I would be entering. I also have spoken at length with many in the Kentucky political realm on both sides of the aisle, all of whom have been generous with their insights and given me great advice on the subject. I spent time with family and friends to talk about the effect such a campaign would have on my personal life and that of those around me. And most importantly I listened to the people who helped make this entire scenario possible, our KSR fans who have been so kind throughout. This has actually been a wonderful process that has helped me learn a great deal that I will undoubtedly use in the future.

But after much consideration, I have decided not to pursue any office in 2016. The decision is more personal than it is political. Were I to have entered the race, it would have been winnable and a chance for me to put forth a platform that I think is desperately needed in this fractured political landscape. While I think now more than ever, a person who is willing to put aside political affiliations in order to actually work for the common good is needed, it just isn’t the right time in my life to do it. I am extremely proud of what we have built here at KSR and the amazing opportunity I get to have as a part of it daily. Every day I get a chance to get up, work with friends I love and try to entertain thousands of people about a topic we all share. The reality is that as of now, I cannot say I am ready to completely give it up.

At some point in the future, it is likely I will pursue public office. My interest and desire to enter into the political realm is strong and I do hope to at some point to be able to serve the public. However the time is not right for me at this moment. I am not yet 100% ready to turn the page on this segment of my life and while I am not sure total immersion into the political world is what our Founding Fathers intended for public office holders, it unfortunately is a reality of our current system. Running for office is a full-time job, a significant portion of which is the demeaning process of calling everyone you know and begging them for money (breathe easy friends, your wallets are safe now). I have too much love for my current job to completely step away, so I know my heart is not ready to shift gears entirely as running a successful campaign would demand. Rick Pitino left UK’s Camelot early in 1997 and ended up finding himself the Coach at UL. I would hate to make the same mistake and find a similar fate.

Thanks to everyone who spent time with me discussing this along the way. Your friendship and help is appreciated more than you know. Those that counseled me to run and helped get my political juices flowing, know there will be a day in the future to make it a reality. Today just isn’t that day. I look forward to getting back to business now and continuing to do what I love, while helping KSR grow to greater heights.

So with that out of the way, let’s get back to the pursuit of #9.

Kentucky May End up in a Bowl Game, Win or Lose on Saturday

Kentucky May End up in a Bowl Game, Win or Lose on Saturday


Every year the Bowl situation is confusing and isn’t sorted out until a mad scramble over the last few days. But this year, the confusion is even more intense. There are currently 40 Bowl games scheduled, which means that 80 teams have to be eligible. At this moment, only 71 teams have the 6 wins necessary to be eligible. There are currently 13 teams (of which Kentucky is one) that have 5 wins and thus the chance to get bowl eligible next week (you can read more about it here). If one looks at the schedule, it becomes clear that is unlikely 9 of those 13 will win, meaning that at least a few 5 win teams are going to be headed to a Bowl game. This scenario has been contemplated by the NCAA and thus they instituted a provision that stated that if there weren’t enough teams eligible for a Bowl game at 6 wins, any team with 5 wins that is in the top 5 nationwide in APR score, would be eligible as well. The problem is that as of this moment, no such team exists. Thus some amount of 5 win teams are likely to be bowl eligible, and there exists no obvious criteria to determine who they will be.

So what does this all mean for Kentucky you may be asking? Well first it means that a Bowl game can still happen with a loss…and THAT MATTERS. Even if you don’t think Kentucky would “deserve” to make a Bowl, the 20 extra practices and recruiting help means you take it no matter what. So how will this happen? Let’s make it simple:

BEAT LOUISVILLE: If Kentucky beats Louisville, they become bowl eligible and will be slotted into one of the three bottom places for SEC Bowls…at this moment that would mean the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Birmingham Bowl or Independence Bowl in Shreveport. As of this moment, Auburn and Arkansas both have six wins…Auburn plays Alabama this week so they won’t win another. Arkansas plays Missouri at home, a game it likely wins. Thus the Hogs will probably get the top slot of these three bowls, meaning they go to the Liberty. UK beats Louisville and thus the Cats and Auburn are divided between the other two. Since The Birmingham Bowl is in Alabama and thus Auburn would sell tickets, but likely do little for tourism AND because the Independence Bowl is on the same day as the UK-UL Basketball game…my guess is Kentucky would be sent to Birmingham, likely to play Memphis or Houston. Get your Legion Field Funk-protective clothing ready.

LOSE TO LOUISVILLE: This is much more complicated. The NCAA is meeting tomorrow to decide how they will determine which 5 win teams get to go to a bowl. If its APR score, Kentucky is screwed. Of the 13 teams with 5 wins, we are 12th on the list…so it is a no-go. But I can’t imagine the NCAA is going to rely on that alone…so let’s see who these 5 win teams are:

Tulsa (5-6) at Tulane (3-8)
Virginia Tech (5-6) at Virginia (4-7)
Iowa (11-0) at Nebraska (5-6)
Indiana (5-6) at Purdue (2-9)
Northwestern (9-2) at Illinois (5-6)
Wisconsin (8-3) at Minnesota (5-6)
Florida Atlantic (2-9) at Old Dominion (5-6)
UMass (2-9) at Buffalo (5-6)
Washington State (8-3) at Washington (5-6)
Louisville (6-5) at Kentucky (5-6)
Missouri (5-6) at Arkansas (6-5)
Boise State (7-4) at San Jose State (5-6)

So looking at those, who is likely to win. I will give a win to Tulsa, Va Tech (Beamer’s last game), Indiana, Old Dominion and Buffalo. That is 5. Others could win, but those seem most likely. In addition, Texas and Kansas State both have 4 wins and are likely to win one more to get to 5. So this would be the group to select from…

San Jose State
Kansas State

4 of those 9 teams would go. Texas and Nebraska are going…too big programs not to. But after that, I think Kentucky is a pretty solid pick. The fan travel, plus the SEC name means that bowls that could never sniff a SEC team now get a chance to have one. Throw in the fact that one of the Bowls (the Independence) would presumably not have a SEC representative and slotting UK there would make sense. Plus, the Bowl in Detroit (scheduled for Dec 28) currently doesn’t have any team projected to be eligible (you can see the projections here). Kentucky being so close to Detroit would seem to only make sense.

Thus depending on (a) what the NCAA decides tomorrow the criteria for 5 win teams will be and (b) whether any of the above 5 win teams pull an upset next week, Kentucky could end up in a Bowl game, whether they beat Louisville or not.

But let’s just beat them anyway…Petrino is the worst.

Mark Stoops on KSR Radio Tomorrow Morning

Mark Stoops on KSR Radio Tomorrow Morning


Tomorrow’s KSR Radio should be very interesting as UK Head Coach Mark Stoops has agreed to join me for an interview. It has been a tumultuous three weeks for the program and I like the fact that Stoops has agreed to come on and address the fans directly. The time on the show is still up in the air due to team meetings but will likely be 10:30 or later. Make sure and tune in.

The Most Blatant Ignored Walk in Basketball History

The Most Blatant Ignored Walk in Basketball History


Like you, I have watched a lot of basketball in my life. And like you, I have seen a lot of plays that I was certain were travels, but yet were ignored by officials. However last night, the Thunder’s DJ Augustin gave us the most blatant no-call walk in the history of basketball. I challenge you to watch this video and not shake your head in shock as Augustin takes one dribble from half court and makes a layup. Notice that the whistle blown is not for a travel, but rather for goaltending, which the officials did see. Put this one in your brain, you may never see a no-call six step travel again in your lifetime.

Time for the first basketball postgame show of the season!

Turn your radios and your radio streaming devices to 630 WLAP in Lexington or 840 WHAS in Louisville to hear what Ryan Lemond and the KSR callers have to say about tonight’s game.

Or if you would like to be heard, give Ryan a call at 1-800-444-8484 or 502-571-8484.

Listen online here.

Discuss below.

Ten Takeaways from the UK ESPNU Practice

Ten Takeaways from the UK ESPNU Practice


I enjoyed tonight’s UK televised practice/NBA Combine quite a bit. While watching, I jotted down a few thoughts about the festivities:

1. Skal Labissiere Has a Sweet Mid-Range Jumper:

Of all the players on this year’s Kentucky (with the exception of the two new walk-ons) the one that I have seen actually play basketball the least is Skal Labissiere. His athletic talent is obvious and one need only watch him play pickup for a few minutes to know that his basketball future is bright. However from a basketball skill set standpoint, I didn’t know a ton about what Skal could bring on Day One. While yes, it was just a practice, watching Skal shoot mid-range jumpers was quite the revelation. He elevates extremely well, has a high release point and his touch is astounding for someone that big. Whether he can do it in the flow of a game consistently remains to be seen, but he is as good at that shot…one he will get quite a bit in this offense if he wants it…as any of Calipari’s big men that I can remember at a similar point.

2. Tyler Ulis is Going to Be REALLY Good:

Last year Tyler Ulis was probably the most popular reserve in all of college basketball. The combination of his basketball IQ, never-back-down attitude, and small size made him unbelievably entertaining to watch and when those qualities hit their peak against Kentucky’s in-state rival, a fan favorite was born. But watching tonight just confirmed for me what I already knew, that this is Tyler Ulis’s team and his year. He was great in everything he did on the court and was able to score with ease in whatever game type was being played. Tyler said in an interview with Andy Katz said he was going to be a leader by “leading vocally but also just making sure we can get wins.” I have a feeling he will do that very well.

3. The ESPN U Broadcast Was Much Better:

I have been to a good number of Calipari practices over the last few years and this was as close to an actual practice as I can imagine UK allowing on television. Unlike last year, when they spent way too much time talking, interviewing and not focusing on action, the cameras spent the majority of time of time actually showcasing basketball. We got to see lots of drills, 3 on 3, 5 on 5 and inside the huddles with Calipari and the team. Throw in the fact that Jay Williams, Seth Greenberg and Doris Burke did a great job keeping the commentary entertaining and I thought this was a tremendous telecast produced by ESPNU.

4. We Learned a Little More About Skal’s Situation:

Andy Katz let us know that the NCAA situation with Skal is one that is about amateurism issues rather than academic issues. This is not something that has been public but has been known by those around the program. Listening to Greenberg and Jay Williams talking afterwards made it seem as if the issue is who paid for part of his high school education. I am not certain the issue but I do know that the folks around UK are not worried about it. They believe he will be cleared and will be able to play. It is a decidedly different feeling than what was around the program during the Enes Kanter situation, when everyone knew it was a tough issue. I think the assumption is now that Skal will be cleared and that the young man, who is an excellent student and a great kid, will get to showcase his talents this season in Lexington.

5. I Love the Ulis/Skal Chemistry

During the 3-on-3 part of the practice, the winning team was Tyler Ulis, Skal Labissiere and Charles Matthews. While Matthews played well, the revelation was the chemistry between Tyler Ulis and Skal. They already have produced an inside-outside chemistry that I think will continue to grow as the season goes on. They ran pick and roll a ton (in part because Humphries has a ways to go defending that in isolation) and the two of them made the correct decision time and again. With these two players both being so smooth and (along with Murray) two of the three most skilled on the team, I expect to see their one-two ability to be a key part of the way this group plays all season.

6. Isaac Humphries is Raw but Skilled

To be 17 years old and as skilled as Isaac Humphries is currently, is quite the situation. This is a kid who will get to play for the Cats this year in what is essentially a free season. He doesn’t turn 18 until January and he isn’t eligible for the NBA Draft due to age. So he can play, learn, practice against the best and compete however Calipari sees fit. And I do think he will find his time on the floor. He has a nice touch from the mid-range, has good low post moves and can rebound surprisingly well. Defense is going to be a real issue, especially early, as his lateral quickness leaves much to be desired. But his skill set is such that I think you will see him improve and give Kentucky the occasional boost during this “bonus” college year for him.

7. Lob City, Lob City

Athleticism…that is what stands out to me about this group. They all can leap and get up, making the lob a huge part of the offense. In 2012, lobs were the most devastating part of the UK offense. Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist were all able to get easy baskets by heading directly to the rim where Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb did an effective job of getting them passes in the right spot. With Skal, Marcus Lee, Alex Poythress, Charles Matthews and others showcasing that high-flying ability this year, I think you will see a similar emphasis on creating lob lanes, especially with the ability of Tyler Ulis, Jamal Murray and others to hit open jumpers, keeping defenders from being able to sag deep to stop it.

8. Isaiah Briscoe Shows No Fear

In 2008, I helped run the UK Barnstorming Tour with Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley and it was one of the most fun three week periods I have had in my life. There were many reasons for this ranging from getting to travel the state to me being completely overwhelmed. But probably the biggest reason was the people and I really grew to especially like Ramel Bradley quite a bit. His personality was infectious and his charming trash-talking ways made him a joy to be around. I see a lot of Ramel in Isaiah Briscoe. Like Ramel, Briscoe has no fear, believes he can score on anyone and loves to go to the basket. Plus, he likes to talk…telling everyone from players to coaches just what he is able to do. I always enjoyed watching Ramel do it in his day and I think Briscoe will play what Seth Greenberg calls “city ball” at a very high level here.

9. The Potential of this Group is Tremendous

There is no doubt that this group is nowhere close to where last year’s group was at a similar point last season. With the return of the Twins/Willie/Alex, etc, plus the trip to the Bahamas, the Kentucky team clicked from day one last season. That is not the case yet with this bunch. But one can easily see the makings of a great team. The guards are excellent and may be the best set of guards as a group that Calipari has had at UK. Ulis/Murray and Briscoe can give you a ton of looks and if they learn to play together, will be tough to stop. They still don’t have a lot of meat or toughness down low, but their athleticism is off the charts. They will take some lumps early. But I like this team over the long haul and think they will be right there in contention at the end.

10. UK is Still the Show

Only UK (and maybe Duke) could get this done tonight. Two hours of practice live on national television, with three announcers commentating…it is what makes Kentucky different. Kentucky is the show, no matter who is on the team. That is Calipari’s genius and why he is the perfect captain of the UK Battleship.

Daniel Orton to be Cut from Greece Team for Discipline

Daniel Orton to be Cut from Greece Team for Discipline


The saga of Daniel Orton continues to be troubled. This news today from, a site that follows European Basketball:

Per SDNA, AEK Athens have called Orton to apologize since they are very troubled with his behaviour. Orton,in the halftime of the game between AEK and the Skyliners,was laughing in the locker rooms. Sakota admonished him and when he left the locker rooms, Orton was out of control and started to smash things. Assistant coach Angelos Koronios tried to calm him down but Orton pushed him back. What is more,the 25-year-old center in the past, had missed unreasonably a training and had abandoned a team dinner.

I wish Daniel the best. Things haven’t gone well for him for quite some time.

The UK Conversation Most Fans are Having: Towles and Barker

The UK Conversation Most Fans are Having: Towles and Barker


Sports fandom in the modern age is very interesting. On the one hand, fans have more ability to interact with each other and express their opinions about their favorite teams that at any time in the history of sports. Thanks to social media, message boards, comment sections, etc, fans who have virtually any opinion about their team cannot only give it out to the masses, they are likely to find others who share it and can legitimize its support. Thus there can be a fan chorus of thought that begins in the internet world and slowly becomes the talking point of discussion, regardless of whether or not it is acknowledged by the mainstream media. To put it another way, in today’s fan environment one doesn’t need a newspaper, tv station or radio show to tell them what the major story is after a game, the fans themselves can decide it.

Since Saturday night’s disappointing loss to Florida, this fan/media dichotomy has clearly existed in the UK world. While the media focuses on missed opportunities, poor line play, Wide receiver drops and play calling, in some of the minds of fans only one topic matters: the conversation begins and ends with the situation at Quarterback. Walking (or in my case running to beat the traffic) out of Commonwealth Stadium, I heard multiple people complaining about UK’s Quarterback play and discussing (or in one case arguing) about whether a change should be made. The Twitterverse after the game erupted with calls for Drew Barker to get snaps and my post game show had a number of opinions that essentially asked, “how much longer of a lease should Patrick Towles get?” Whether it is discussion #1 in media write-ups of the game or in the preparation for Missouri, amongst the fans, Towles vs Barker is the only issue.

I find this relatively disheartening. First and foremost, the Quarterback always gets too much blame whenever a team loses. Because fans naturally follow the ball, their eyes stay on the Quarterback through virtually the entire offensive half of the game and his mistakes are always magnified in a way those of others never will be. If an Offensive Lineman is beaten off the line of scrimmage, a Wide Receiver misses his block or a Running Back doesn’t hit the right hole, hardcore Football fans may easily notice (standing next to Jared Lorenzen on the sideline has been a lesson in how natural that becomes to a former high level player), but the average fan is likely to miss it on first glance. But even the most casual fan knows when a Quarterback makes a bad decision and thus for Armchair experts, his play will always be the most critiqued. There is no doubt on Saturday that Patrick Towles did not have his best game. He missed open receivers, held onto the ball too long and made a couple of bad decisions that were crippling. But it can’t be overlooked that he also dealt with an offensive line that was beaten (often badly) off the line of scrimmage, had key throws dropped in crucial moments and too often was left on an island by other teammates who were struggling. Had Patrick played better, Kentucky would have won…but there are others on the team who could have had the same statement said about them as well.

Mark Stoops reaction to this on Monday was understandable and reassuring. He said that after losing one game by one possession, now was not the time to make a change at Quarterback. He noted that Patrick made mistakes, but he also made some good plays and remains the leader of the team. This is a rational viewpoint and one that I expected him to have. However there is a strong percentage of the fan base that holds the opposite view. For them, the Florida game represents the final proof that backup Drew Barker should be given a chance. It is an oft-quoted expression that the most popular player on the team is the backup quarterback. This is especially true when that backup is like Barker, a highly touted recruit with an exemplary high school career who has never showcased any of his weaknesses to the fan base on the college level. Whereas Kentucky fans are familiar with Patrick Towles, warts and all, Drew Barker is a clean slate, ready to come in and make no mistakes while leading the Cats to victory. Just as in 2013 when Jalen Whitlow struggled to lead a 2 win team and fans called my post game show every week to ask “Where is Towles?!?”, now the shoe is on the other foot and Towles is receiving the same questioning for a younger version of himself.

Fortunately for them, the “PLAY BARKER!” chorus doesn’t have to accept facts and reality yet. Theirs is a view clouded in the mystery of what Barker might be, rather than what he (or Patrick Towles) is. Unlike the coaches, staff, administration and players (all of whom see the Quarterbacks compete everyday), they are free to have their opinion stripped of that nuisance that can make arguments so much more difficult to maintain…facts. I am constantly amazed that fans don’t trust the judgment of the individuals who have the most incentive to play the best players, the coaches. Think about Mark Stoops for a second. His contract is set up where each victory pays him a substantial sum of money and each SEC victory over 2 is worth A LOT of money. So if he honestly believed that Drew Barker were the better option, don’t you think he would play him? A source close to the program told me yesterday, “look Patrick has to play better, but if Mark (Stoops) thought that Drew was the better option, he would be playing yesterday, regardless of his age or anything else.” This group WANTS TO WIN. It is their primary goal and when I have been around them, I am constantly amazed at how obsessed they are at making it happen. Their football judgment collectively is much better than mine and if they believe Towles is the best option (or if one day they believe Barker makes the most sense), I will trust their opinion over my own.

At this point, here is where I think the situation stands. Patrick will be the starter against Missouri but he needs to play well. The two-time defending SEC East Champion is vulnerable and the Cats are a favorite against a Top 25 team for the first time since 2007. For Kentucky to win however, Towles has to play well and if he does and UK gets the victory, the overall start puts Kentucky in a very good position. However if he plays poorly and the game goes South, causing two straight disappointing home losses, I think there is a good chance we might see a different situation for the EKU game. At that point, the coaches may believe that it is worth giving Barker some run, so as to see if they hope amongst many around the program (that he can be a “gamer” like Johnny Manziel, better under the bright lights than in practice) could be true. A bad Towles performance might lead to a situation where both play against Eastern and then the situation is reevaluated after. If the coaches go in this direction (and I think it is possible they could), that would make perfect sense to me.

But for now, Towles is the guy. No amount of fan grumbling or frustration will change that. He has talent and has the ability to play on a high enough level for UK to succeed. The UK coaches believe he puts the Cats in the best position to win Saturday and going forward…my hope is that the fans will give the coaches and Patrick the benefit of the doubt, and get behind that decision for the huge game Saturday against Missouri.

Basketball Recruiting Update: Bridges Falling Down

Basketball Recruiting Update: Bridges Falling Down


Hello KSR friends…I check in to deliver a couple of quick recruiting tidbits, one of which is not good and one of which is more positive. The first is concerning one of my favorite recruits in the 2016 class, Miles Bridges, who at one time was a near certainty to go to Kentucky. Over the past two weeks, he has visited Michigan State and Kentucky and now my confidence in his ending up a Cat has dissipated quite a bit. I am hearing that Bridges had a tremendous visit to Michigan State and they put on the full court press (including visiting with some former Spartans) for he and other top talents. His visit to Kentucky was this past weekend and while it went well, there is a growing feeling that the Spartans may have overtaken the Cats as the leader. Bridges is of course making his decision in two weeks and things can always change. But for a long time, I assumed Bridges (one of my 3-4 favorite players in the class) would end up a Cat. I no longer feel that is certain and after talking to some folks today, if forced to predict as of today, I would bet on Izzo getting the commitment (and finishing up maybe his best class ever).

In better news, I feel good about Kentucky’s chances with star Point Guard De’Aaron Fox. He is the best point guard in America and I think John Calipari has done a great job moving the Cats to the top of the list. It is still a dog fight to get his services, but I like Kentucky’s position much more than I did this summer.

If I were to predict now, I would say that UK’s most likely members of the 2016 class would be Fox, Malik Monk and Wenyen Gabriel (replacing Bridges). These three would join current commitment Sacha Killeya-Jones and likely another player or two in the rest of the class (maybe Bam Adebeyo?) There is still a lot of time for things to move, but for now this looks to me to be the most likely scenario.

KSR is LIVE on Campus Friday with a Chance to win UK-Duke Trip

KSR is LIVE on Campus Friday with a Chance to win UK-Duke Trip


This is a big weekend in UK land…the Cats play South Carolina on Saturday, are hosting the Calipari Fantasy Camp beginning Saturday, have the Alumni Game on Sunday and some big basketball recruiting visitors beginning on Friday. It is a great weekend to be a Cat. Thus KSR will be doing a LIVE SHOW on campus at the K-Lair on Friday from 10-noon. The show is sponsored by UK Federal Credit Union and will have me and Ryan doing our thing right in the middle of the campus. In addition, if you are a college student at UK or ANY OTHER Kentucky college, you can register while there to win an all-expense paid trip to see UK and Duke in Chicago in December. That trip includes tickets from and expenses paid by yours truly. So come see us on Friday, enjoy the show and win some tickets. A good time will be had by all…especially whoever wins.

KSR UK/Louisiana-Lafayette Game Coverage Roundup

Last night was quite a night in UK land as Commonwealth Stadium went from one of the best Pre-game atmospheres I have ever been a part of to the brink of utter disaster in a four hour period, finishing with a sign of relief and an important victory. Because I spent today with one of the very few “do nothing” days of the last few months (I went and saw “End of the Tour” which I would highly recommend if you like David Foster Wallace novels or movies that are dialogue-driven…if it is a no to either, you will hate it), my restlessness brought me to the computer tonight to summarize the evening. Rather than do it in a post (I will probably do that tomorrow), I thought I would do it with links to the coverage from the weekend on this site as there has been a lot and you may have missed it. So without further ado, the Kentucky-Louisiana-Lafayette game as told by KSR posts:

The old UK Football mentality tried to showcase itself at the end of the game but the new coaches wouldn’t allow it

Freddie Maggard breaks down the game from his perspective.

The Boom Williams’ run and Tom Leach’s call of it was awesome

Here are the postgame interviews with Coaches and Players

Patrick Towles took the blame on himself for the late collapse

Kentucky has the 2nd most Big plays of any team in the country Saturday

Matthew Mitchell performed pregame. Watch it here.

Special Olympics athletes came out before the 4th Quarter and it was a very special moment.

The Cat Walk was possibly the best one ever. Pictures prove it

Here is what it is like to walk like a UK Player or Coach down the Cat Walk

UK/Louisiana-Lafayette Box Score

My Favorite Moment of 2014 UK Football

My Favorite Moment of 2014 UK Football


As we get ready for the start of UK Football season (and by the way, please get tickets if you don’t have them yet), a quick reminder of what I thought was the coolest moment of last season. One can’t quite describe just how loud Commonwealth was at this moment during the South Carolina game. The new uniforms, the night atmosphere, the upset in the air, made the place special and when the Special Teams began to dance…well the place was unreal. I hope we see similar moments during the three home games in September…I believe we will:


The now infamous pregame fight picture from the Kentucky Kernal.

The now infamous pregame fight picture from the Kentucky Kernal.

It is time to fight…about what you may ask? Well candy of course. Tomorrow on KSR, we will have the first ever KSR CANDY BRACKET. It will of course have 32 of your favorite candies, divided up into two sides…sugar and chocolate. The divisions aren’t perfect (Tootsie Rolls could be in either, but I put them in sugar), but it works fairly well. Here is the bracket and feel free to do your own Bracketology before the show



1. M&Ms
8. Dove Bar

4. Butterfinger
5. Baby Ruth

3. Reeses
6. 3 Musketeers

2. Hershey Bar
7. Whatchamacallit


1. Snickers
8. Almond Joy

4. Twix
5. Crunch Bar

3. Kit Kat
6. Heath Bar

2. Milky Way
7. Mr. Goodbar



1. Skittles
8. Good And Plenty

4. Tootsie Rolls
5. Candy Corn

3. Jelly Belly
6. Spree

2. Twizzlers
7. Pez


1. Starburst
8. Pop Rocks

4. Gummi Bears
5. Junior Mints

3. Hot Tamales
6. Fun Dip

2. Nerds
7. Blow Pop