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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: My 11 Years at KSR

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It’s hard to believe but on Monday, it marked 11 years since I began writing on KSR.  Very few of you were actually reading the website at that time and on December 3rd, 2007, I actually was an intern for Matt’s radio show in Louisville called The Sports Mob with Matt and Rob.  Nonetheless, if you read my daily post at 11am it was called “Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click”.  You can read my first post here.  I did that daily link dumb until March 5th, 2010, when for some unknown reason Matt decided that my OPINION was worth putting on this site, and the Rants and Ramblings were born.  My first Rants and Ramblings here.

And now, for the past 8 1/2 years, the management at KSR has allowed me to put nonsensical, often times misspelled, ramblings on this site every weekday at 10am.  I have had some posts that I stand by to this day and some that were quite foolish, but one thing you can guarantee is I believed every one of them with a passion at the time I wrote them.  The post that got the most comments?  Simply a post asking who you favorite UK players of all-time was (408 comments)?  And in that same time, I had put 73 posts up on this site that didn’t garner a single comment.

But throughout all of this, I can honestly say it has been the coolest thing to be a very small part of for the past 11 years.  I have gotten to see the rise of KSR from a ringside seat and never once in my run at KSR have I been asked by Matt, Drew, or Tyler to change the way I do things, pull back on any opinion, or bus tables at the restaraunt.  One time Tomlin did threaten to stab me if I used bold text too much, but that was a long time ago and it’s water under the bridge now.

Nonetheless, I just wanted to say thank you to the management of KSR for all their support over the years and most of all, to the readers of KSR.  The entire “BTI Sucks” movement has been a lot of fun to be a part of, believe it or not, but I can not tell you how many nice emails, tweets, and messages I have received about my posts and KSR in general.  When I have had the opportunity to go to KSR events, like the bar opening a few months ago, I was blown away at the people who told me they enjoyed the Rants and Ramblings.

So I am very excited to see where KSR continues to grow in the future and I fully plan to remain on the fringes, ranting all the way.  Thanks to all of you!

KSR Show Thread 12/6: The U.S. Embassy to Canada

KSR Show Thread 12/6: The U.S. Embassy to Canada

From the White House to Beale Street and beyond, Kentucky Sports Radio has done live radio from a wide variety of locations.  Today we can cross “foreign embassy” off the KSR to-do list.  Matt, Ryan, Shannon and Drew will talk about everything happening across the Big Blue Nation from the United States Embassy to Canada.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the KSR Texting Machine at (859) 300-3264.

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Matt and Drew explore Montreal on Hey Kentucky!

Matt and Drew explore Montreal on Hey Kentucky!

The Hey Kentucky! New York Road Trip is still underway, and the television crew is getting colder and colder by the day.

Yesterday, they took a pit stop in Jackson, New Hampshire to explore the highest peak in the northeast, Mt. Washington.

Chris Tomlin had to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go snowshoeing in the harsh conditions:

While Tomlin was snowshoeing, Matt and Drew had to get through the coldest television standup in history.

Just looking at them makes me want to crank the heat and throw on a coat:

After New Hampshire, the Hey Kentucky! crew managed to cross the border and visit Montreal, Quebec.

There, Matt and Drew talked about Wandale Robinson’s decision, Matt Bevin blocking people on Twitter, Hemp legalization, toll bridges, and more.

Check out the entire episode here:

Courier-Journal exposes Bobby Petrino’s poor recruiting efforts at Louisville

Jim Brown | USA Today

It’s no secret Bobby Petrino didn’t always give it his all on the recruiting trail, especially when it came to elite in-state talent. As Petrino’s second tenure grew longer at Louisville, top-level prospects within a 100 mile radius seemed to opt elsewhere at an alarming rate.

During that time period, one former high-level local talent told KSR the former Louisville head coach was easily one of the worst recruiters he had come in contact with during the recruiting process, and it was a big reason he opted to attend college elsewhere.

“He wouldn’t get off his couch to come talk to me,” he said. “Why would I even consider Louisville?”

When his recruitment ramped up and a decision crept closer, Louisville was one of the first schools cut from the recruit’s final list.

And it seems to be a recurring theme with other in-state talent such as Stephen Herron Jr., Milton Wright, Demontae Crumes, JJ Weaver, Shawn’Kel Knight Goff, Jared Casey, Rondale Moore, and Tahj Rice in the past two years alone. There’s a hotbed of talent, but almost none of them are opting to stay home and play at Louisville.

This afternoon, Jason Frakes of the Courier-Journal investigated Petrino’s old recruiting efforts and how new Louisville football coach Scott Satterfield has pledged to change that narrative.

Satterfield said during his introductory press conference that the school’s “doors are open” going forward, meaning high school coaches and players are welcome to visit at any time and he would return that deserved attention to in-state prospects in the immediate future.

Frakes interviewed some local head coaches about what that means to them, and the responses were pretty telling.

Moore High School head coach Rob Reader shared a similar story to the one KSR heard a while back, saying Petrino never went out of his way to see one of the state’s best pass-rushers over the last several years, Kentucky’s latest commitment JJ Weaver.

“Bobby Petrino never came to our school and we have a four-star defensive end that everybody in the country was after,” Reader said. “He never took the time to drive 10 miles to our school. To hear the new coach opening that back up and being willing to share and build bridges and fix that PR is great. I’m excited for it.”

Male head coach Chris Wolfe said the difference between Charlie Strong and Petrino was night and day. While Strong invited coaches out for beer and pizza to help develop a personal relationship with each of them, Petrino stayed distant.

“Charlie Strong was very accessible,” Wolfe said. “Charlie Strong called me personally three different times, and he had his (defensive coordinator) over here every spring, no matter what, even if we didn’t have kids. He called and offered use of his facility when we were getting ready for a state championship and the weather was terrible. That goes a long way in building relationships and getting high school coaches to feel like the local colleges care about you — not just for your kids but for your program.”

With Satterfield and his promise to turn things around with local talent, Ballard coach Adrian Morton said he’s interested to see how recruiting battles will be going forward.

“It’s important to build a fence around the city,” Morton said. “I’m interested to see how the recruiting battles between Kentucky and Louisville go now.”

It’s been fun stealing away local talent such as Weaver, Crumes, Knight Goff, and likely Casey tomorrow, but the competition hasn’t quite been there from the Cardinal coaching staff over the past few years.

Let’s see what happens with the new administration.


Kentucky football serves those in need at Dining with Dignity

Kentucky football serves those in need at Dining with Dignity

The Kentucky football regular season may be over, but that’s not stopping them from proving this is a special group both on and off the field.

Before bowl practice starts rolling again on Friday, the Wildcats used their time off to give to those in need.

This evening, several Wildcats went to Dining with Dignity, a part of Lighthouse Ministries, to help prepare and serve dinner for some very special individuals.

The official UK Football Twitter account sent out the following pictures, featuring Josh Paschal, Miles Butler, Naasir Watkins, and former linebacker Courtney Love, among others. (It looks like soup and sandwiches were on the menu):

You’ll never believe who helped orchestrate the entire event…? You guessed it, former KSR employee and current UK Director of Player Development, Freddie Maggard.

Here was a picture snapped by his wife, Jennifer, of Freddie and his daughter wrapping some forks:

Here was Naasir Watkins pouring drinks for folks in attendance:

And Courtney Love making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:

Keep up the good work, Wildcats!


Kentucky receives preferred walk-on commitment from Moore HS standout

Kentucky receives preferred walk-on commitment from Moore HS standout

The Kentucky football squad may have found their newest Charles Walker or David Bouvier to groom for a few years.

Kalon Howard, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound wide receiver/strong safety out of Louisville, has accepted a preferred walk-on spot at the University of Kentucky.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the schools that I have communicated with and those who have extended offers,” he said in a tweet. “I have received a preferred walk on to the University of Kentucky! I want to thank my teammates, all of my coaches, and the staff and administration at Moore for helping me daily.”

Here was the entire tweet released this evening:

A Moore High School standout, Howard is teammates with Kentucky’s newest four-star defensive end commitment, JJ Weaver. Like Weaver, Howard plays on both sides of the football, finishing with eight sacks in 2018, good for No. 12 in all of 4A. He also led the team in tackles.

Here are some of his senior-year highlights, featuring plays on the outside as a receiver and in pass-rush and coverage situations on defense:

I think that’s a “respect my decision” we can all get behind.

XFL announces cities for its 2020 return

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The XFL will return in 2020 and now we know the eight cities that will host XFL teams, and folks, don’t get too excited because seven of the eight cities already have NFL squads.

Remember, the WWE and NBC are set for the reboot in 2020 after the XFL started and folded in 2001. The XFL will try to compete against the NFL, but don’t forget about the new Alliance of American Football, which starts in February of 2019.

At least the AAF is going to cities that don’t currently already have NFL teams (besides Atlanta and Phoenix).

Eh, we’ll see if either league pans out (I hope at least one does), but I guess for now if you want to watch bad and disorganized football in Kentucky you’ll have to continue to go to Cardinal Stadium.

I’ll leave you with a concussed Jeff Brohm video:

Three more Wildcats accept invitations to Reese’s Senior Bowl

Josh Allen won’t be the only Kentucky Wildcat at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. Mike Edwards, Lonnie Johnson, and Darius West have also accepted invitations to the annual all-star game, which takes place January 26 in Mobile, Alabama.

The Senior Bowl is a great opportunity for players to show off their talent for scouts. Josh Allen, a first-round staple in most mock drafts, doesn’t need much help with that, but his teammates could use the exposure. Also, the Reese’s Cups.

Speaking of Allen, the latest CBS Sports mock draft has him going 18th to the Tennessee Titans. I think Allen should go higher than that, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Titan blue…

KSR SHOP: Last chance to get a FREE hat with bowl gear!

KSR SHOP: Last chance to get a FREE hat with bowl gear!

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