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Vince Marrow compares Xavier Peters to Josh Allen, says there is a “very strong possibility” he is eligible this season

Vince Marrow compares Xavier Peters to Josh Allen, says there is a “very strong possibility” he is eligible this season

On Wednesday, the Kentucky football team received a commitment from Florida State transfer and former four-star pass-rushing target Xavier Peters.

Just two days later, Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow came on KSR to discuss the newest Wildcat and what he’ll bring to the table during his time in Lexington.

To get things started, Marrow said that the transfer actually just became official earlier this morning, meaning this is the first time he was able to talk about Peters publicly.

“It actually just went legal about 10 minutes ago,” he said.

Out of high school, Peters was committed to Kentucky from July of 2017 through January of 2018, but then flipped his commitment to Florida State right before National Signing Day.

When asked about what changed from his original recruitment to now, Marrow said the newest Wildcat simply got caught up in the hype and didn’t follow through with where his heart truly was.

“I mean, when you get Deion Sanders to recruit him personally, that just tells you how (big of a prospect he is),” he said. “He received negative feedback from fans after his decommitment. He got caught up in it all, (Florida State) was just where he wanted to go. Reality set in that he wanted to be with his family, he missed his son.”

At the time of his announcement, we all knew it was a massive get and that he’d end up being a star for the Wildcats eventually. When he’d be eligible to play due to NCAA transfer rules, however, was the only question at hand.

According to Marrow, though, fans should expect to see Peters on the field this fall.

“There is a very, very strong possibility that he’ll be eligible this season,” he said. “He’ll be a freshman.”

And he didn’t even attempt to slow down the hype train, either. When asked about his potential impact at Kentucky, Marrow said he sees a lot of Josh Allen in his game.

“Oh, he’s going to get minutes this season,” he said. “He’s probably the closest thing to Josh Allen, at least physically, right now. Xavier has that ability. He has the potential (to be like Allen).”


BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: KSR Friday Summer Storytime

Every Friday from now until the beginning of football season, I open the Friday Rants and Ramblings post up to the reader.  Part of what makes this fanbase great is the memories and stories that people cherish so much.  So I am asking you to send me your favorite UK story.  Whether it be a joyful moment or one that brings tears to your eyes because of the heartbreak, something that sticks with you as a fan of UK.  You can send these stories to [email protected].  You can even send me a picture if you want.  Either way, I like hearing from you.  Today, a trio of stories from one Cats fan:

Three come to mind. The first is about Cawood Ledford. As great as Cawood was in basketball, he could tear your heart out calling a football game. It was always caught and dropped, interception and dropped or touchdown and dropped. One particular game, UK scores and Cawood says “hold the phone, now they are saying he stepped out on the three”. Ralph Hacker chimed in and said, “Cawood, they are lining up for the extra point”.
In 1978 the seniors came to Cawood High School in Harlan County and played two games on their barnstorming tour. In between games Rick Robey who was always real personable and approachable was in the middle of a crowd 5 or 6 deep answering questions. Robey at 6′ 11″ was standing way above the crowd and in that crowd was a little old man about 5′ 6″ wearing overalls, tobacco juice on the edge of his lips gazing up at him the whole time and finally says, “Hey buddy, didn’t you all win the state tournament this year”? Robey stopped in mid sentence and looked down and said, “We won a hell of a lot more than a state tournament”.
We had an older gentleman who was an American History teacher at Cawood H S. He could have been cast as a college professor in any movie, pencil thin mustache, top coat, fedora, umbrella and brief case. So this elderly gentleman comes in the dressing room to meet Jack “Goose” Givens and Goose was on the john which was in a small offset from the dressing room with no door. He walks over to Goose with his hand held our and say “Goose Givens, I’ve always wanted to meet you”. Goose just waved him off and said “Not now man”.
-Ron Osborne

KSR Show Thread 5/17: Live from the Ronald McDonald House

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Friday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Today, the gang is at the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington to support the wonderful work the organization is doing in the community. If you’re in the area, please come by to enjoy the show and bring some of the donation items they’ve asked for:

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the KSR Texting Machine at (772) 774-5254.

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KSBar’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

KSBar and Grille is the place in Lexington to catch University of Kentucky games (pre and postgame too) as well as other events such as the NBA Playoffs, UFC fights, the World Cup, MLB games, PGA tour events, and more.

KSBar might be known for their smoked wings but don’t miss out on the brisket platter, fried katfish, chicken and waffles, and the great assortment of burgers. Start off with the house chips loaded to the ceiling smothered with pulled pork or chicken straight off the smoker topped with the house BBQ sauce. 

Head to the KSBar and Grille website to see a full menu and drink list. 

Be on the look out for different specials and events.

KSBar and Grille is located at: 1030 South Broadway, Lexington, KY 40504

You can be a part of KSR’s Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day.

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#10 Wildcat4Life

I, for one, am all for it. WOO!

#9 Kimberly Wright

What a great first game to go to! Also, you’re raising your kids right.

#8 Brock Engler

Dare I say, golf school?

#7 KY Clips

This should be in a Smithsonian

#6 Not Jerry Tipton

But who’s counting right?……I NEED IT.

#5 Taylor Coots

Not to date myself, but today was the first day I ever heard that story and MAN, do I need to know more.

#4 Susan V Mustain

The perfect statue doesn’t exs-

#3 Jake From State Farm

I see no differences.

#2 Owen

Why did you have to make me cry on a Thursday night, Owen? It’s beautiful.

#1 John Robic’s Hair


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What can these NCAA discussions mean?

Earlier this week, the NCAA released a statement that they are now having a discussion about the allowing of student-athletes to profit off their own likeness.

Here is Nick Roush’s article on what was released.

The one big thing this can also mean is the revival of the college football and basketball video game titles. Here is what Drew had to say about that.

One reason for the discontinuing was the court case on the basketball side of the deal. Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA is a court case that was settled in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in which former UCLA and 1995 NCAA Champion power forward Ed O’Bannon pursued a court case with the NCAA over the college basketball video game. O’Bannon’s likeness appeared in the game under the UCLA Legends squad. Not only was he trying to fight for himself but for the thousands of student-athletes who were currently in school and having their likeness being used for NCAA profits. This in itself goes against Sherman Antitrust Laws and the NCAA’s own definition of “amateurism.”

A revival to the video game industry in the NCAA aspect is something to look forward to. Imagine picking up a copy of NCAA Football 2020 this summer and being able to play as the Kentucky Football team. Taking shots down the field with Terry Wilson as he throws that perfect pass to Lynn Bowden Jr. for the Touchdown, and like in the past Spring Game, kicking 50-plus yard field goals with Chance Poore.

Although you can download updated rosters created by users in the NCAA Football 2014 title, the graphics update alone will make this a best selling game of the year in the sports gaming world.

What has me thinking is that this can mean big deals with shoe companies and the NCAA student-athletes. When reading all of this, players may have the opportunity to seek deals with brands such as Nike and Adidas while in college. Also, the possibility of NCAA college football and basketball stars having shoes named after them.

This is a step in the right direction for the NCAA as a response to all of the scandals that have opened up in recent years.

If this ever became a thing for the NCAA, there are two positives to this that can go a long way.

One way is allowing these players to see profit first hand in a controlled space. In 2012, an ESPN 30 for 30 showed us a real glimpse of what it is like for players coming straight out of college with no financial training and going bankrupt. It is titled Broke. While watching this casually on Netflix one night, it got me thinking of how this can be resolved. With the possibility of the NCAA allowing players to make money in college from big-named shoe deals, they can also be coached about what to do with that money.

That is what college is for right? Setting students up for success in the future? This can help prevent the number of athletes going bankrupt. When looking up some statistics about the number of athletes going bankrupt this is what I found. According to a CNBC articlesixty percent of NBA players within their first five years out of the league end up bankrupt and 78% of NFL players face financial loss within two years post-retirement. Can you imagine what these numbers would be if student-athletes found money in college but are required to take financial courses while in school to help them control their money?

Now, the viral postings on social media with players buying their family members cars and houses are great, but having money to bring families out of poverty and set future generations up for success is even better.

The second reason I see this being an alley to pursue the NCAA is what this means regarding the scandal that is actually happening underground. What is happening to colleges such as Louisville, Kansas, and Arizona is not illegal, it is being settled underground and away from the public that makes it worse. If the NCAA goes on ahead with shoe companies contacting student-athletes with contracts, this can be handled in a way where no one is going to prison and does not look bad for the NCAA. A win in both columns.

The notions the NCAA is hinting at this week is a step in the right direction in sports in 2019. However, this does not seem like a short-term discussion by any means, but allowing the student-athletes to seek money off their own likeness is the way to go for everyone to be happy.