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KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day


The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its
own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen,
mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s
has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for
the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

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#10 Justin Suiter

Some of the best radio ever.



#9 Becky

Drew’s kind of a big deal.



#8 Clayton Abernathy

NOT Fake News.



#7 Marla Highbaugh

Banner/Bed Sheet season is the best season.



#6 Terry Sweet 16 Brown

You came over to the good guys. Kudos.



#5 Tanner Coleman

The KSR effect is no joke.



#4 Phoenix Suns

Every day is National Cayts Day in the NBA.



#3 TJ Beisner

Haters will have a hard time hating this.



#2 Shannon Danis




#1 SB Nation

Hey Lebron, want a spot on the team?

You Should Read Gary Parrish’s Column on Cal’s Return to Memphis

CBS Sports writer Gary Parrish knows John Calipari well.  The Memphis native cheered for the Tigers as a child, and grew up to be their beat writer for five years for The Commercial Appeal, the city’s newspaper.  Few people are more familiar with the precarious position John Calipari is in than Parrish.

Tomorrow Calipari returns to the FedEx Forum for the first time since March 14, 2009.  Here’s how things changed since his last game in Memphis.

When he left Memphis for Kentucky on April 1, 2009, while the NCAA was investigating Derrick Rose’s fraudulent standardized test score that ultimately caused the 2008 season to be vacated, UK fans who previously called Calipari a slimy cheater embraced him with open arms while Memphis fans who treated him like a god decided he was the devil. It’s all ridiculous, of course, because Calipari’s not much different in 2017 than he was in 2007. His zip code changed. But he didn’t. And I’ve never understood how hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions, can have their view of a human flip so drastically based on where that human works.

Parrish paints a broad picture of the dichotomy for the people of Memphis: they either want to see him fail, and fail hard, or they’re just happy he was, and is still a part of their city.  There are plenty of the former, few of the latter, but Don Deweese, the owner of Gibson’s Donuts, understands Calipari’s decision and appreciates everything he did for Memphis.

“He had to take the Kentucky job. … Now I understand some people’s bitterness because if he would’ve stayed we would’ve had those players —  [John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Xaver Henry and Eric Bledsoe] — and we would’ve won the national championship that next year. So I understand the bitterness about that. But John Calipari was good for Memphis. He was good for Gibson’s Donuts. And he has done so many good things for people in Memphis that people don’t even know about. He’s still probably the biggest supporter of Streets Ministries. So he’s still helping the youth in Memphis today. People don’t realize that.”

Read this to help you understand the situation: As Kentucky’s John Calipari returns to Memphis, is he more hated than appreciated?

WATCH: Bam Adebayo on his mom’s reaction to Kentucky’s win over Wichita State

WATCH: Bam Adebayo on his mom’s reaction to Kentucky’s win over Wichita State


On Sunday, no one was happier about Kentucky beating Wichita State than Bam Adebayo’s mother, Marilyn Blount. After the game, Bam’s mom was asked how she thought Bam did in the wake of Darral Willis Jr.’s vow to “shut that down,” and she let loose in a video I really hope you’ve seen by now.

This afternoon, I had to ask Bam about his mom’s viral moment, and he laughed.

“You know, I’m just glad she was excited that we won. She loves all of us, she was just out there having fun.”

And no, you don’t need to worry about Blount having a LaVar Ball moment when it comes to her son.

“She knows what to do. She just leaves it alone, I don’t have to tell her or anything.”

Smart lady.


Hey Kentucky! on Coach Cal’s Memphis Legacy

Hey Kentucky! on Coach Cal’s Memphis Legacy

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 7.28.19 PM

On tonight’s Hey Kentucky!, Matt and Drew hosted the show from Graceland. The crew also looked into what Coach Cal’s legacy really is in Memphis as he makes his return for tomorrow’s Sweet 16 matchup with UCLA.

Watch the Full Episode after the jump.


Calipari: “It’s kind of special to be back”

Calipari: “It’s kind of special to be back”

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.42.27 PM

When Kentucky and UCLA throw it up tomorrow night in the second South regional semifinal, John Calipari will be coaching his first game in FedExForum since March 14, 2009; his last home game as head coach at the University of Memphis.

The boos he heard while taking the court in Thursday afternoon’s open practice tell the story of how many Memphians feel about his return to the city, but for Calipari, Kentucky’s trip to his former workplace is a great time to catch up with people from his past.

“We met with friends last night. We had a reception, and a couple hundred people were there, and we got to really touch and feel and thank those people, and it was a special night,” Calipari said, when asked about his return to town. “Ellen and I loved our time here, and it was a special time. I say this over and over again. This is not the kind of place where one person can do something. You have to all be together, and this community and the administration, the school just all came behind all of us, and it was a terrific ride. We loved our time here.”

I understand some people were upset that I left,” he continued. “I get that. I mean, and I accept that. It doesn’t bother me. I know last night we had a couple hundred people in that room, and close to tears, all of us, because we enjoyed the ride together. You know, it’s kind of special to be back. Been back many times, many, many times, but this is the first time coaching in this building since I left.”

There is one noticeable change to the arena since he was last here: the 2008 Final Four banner has been removed. He had already made the move to Lexington when the decision came down from the NCAA to have it pulled.

To that, Calipari said, “There’s nothing that can take away what that run was about for all of us, including the city. It was a special time. I mean, special kids. Antonio Anderson last night hit me, and Robert Dozier hit me, and I know Chris Douglas is — it’s unfortunate, but I’ll tell you what, that was a great run.”


It was a great run, and Cal will try to continue another great run Friday night as he looks to make it 16 straight wins in FedExForum. He lost only two home games in his last three seasons with the Tigers and road a 15-game home win streak until his time with Memphis came to an end.

Pick up where he left off Friday night?

Jim Brown | USA Today

Lonzo Ball, Steve Alford talk about De’Aaron Fox

Jim Brown | USA Today

Jim Brown | USA Today

Have you heard about tomorrow night’s big point guard matchup between De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball? It’s kind of a big deal. They’re saying it’s the best individual head-to-head showdown of the entire tournament.

Anyway, Ball was asked during Thursday’s press conference about going up against Fox once again and he was very complimentary of Fox’s game.

“De’Aaron is a great player, one of the best guards in the country hands down,” Ball said. “It’s a tough match-up, got to come ready to play because I know he is.”

UCLA head coach Steve Alford also weighed in, going a little more in depth with his comments.

Alford said, “We thought he was awfully good when we were in Lexington in December, and I think he’s just continued to get better. He obviously is like a lot of freshmen, they look one way in December and by the time they get to March, it’s not just their skill set, but now you combine their skill set with some experience. And so now that’s what you’re doing. He’s got experience now. He knows what this is about now. He knows what road games are about. He knows what tournament play is about. But he’s just such an elite skill set as a ball handler, and his speed and quickness to get by people, you just don’t see very often. He’s like a lot of them that are elite like he is. As they get older, it seems like they just get better. He’s one of those guys that he looks a lot better now than what he did in December, and we had a awful lot of respect for him in December. He had a really good game against us in December.”


It’s going to be battle between the top two point guards on NBA draft boards.

Can’t. Wait.

Malik Monk says having family in the stands will only make him play better

Malik Monk says having family in the stands will only make him play better

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.49.11 PM

Although he went to high school in Bentonville, Arkansas, Malik Monk’s hometown is Lepanto, which is about 40 minutes away from Memphis. When I asked him how many family members he’s expecting at tomorrow’s game, Monk said he can’t even put a number on it.

“I really can’t even tell you. I know there’s a lot out there right now. I don’t know, I know I’m going to have a lot though.”

As we’ve seen several times in the Calipari era, some players don’t handle “homecoming” games well; when asked if having his family in the stands puts more pressure on him to perform well, Malik just laughed.

No. It’ll make me way more comfortable. I’m just comfortable. My family is here, I know I have to play good, so I’m going to be comfortable.”

Enjoy more Q&A with Monk in the video below:


HE MAD: Gregg Marshall picks UCLA over Kentucky

HE MAD: Gregg Marshall picks UCLA over Kentucky

Gregg Marshall is probably looking for a good reason, any reason, to get out of the house these days, so CBS Sports invited him to be a part of its on-air March Madness coverage.

The Wichita State head coach, who I am not expecting a Christmas card from this year, was on a guest analyst on this evening’s March Madness 360 program, and the crew had him fill out what’s left of the bracket, which does not include his team because he lost to Kentucky last weekend.

Marshall, of course, picked UCLA to beat Kentucky in tomorrow’s regional semifinal here in Memphis:

There was no shot in hell he was picking Kentucky there, right?

It’s almost like HE MAD.

WATCH: Calipari booed as he takes the court for practice in Memphis

WATCH: Calipari booed as he takes the court for practice in Memphis


Everyone’s been wondering what Memphis fans’ reaction would be to John Calipari returning to Memphis, and if today’s open practice is any indication, some of them have been waiting for this moment. We were seated in front of a very passionate group of Memphis fans, who booed Cal lustily both when Kentucky took the court and when Calipari came out a few minutes later:

While eating lunch at Huey’s, I asked our server about Calipari coming back to town and he said he anticipated a rough reception because Memphis fans “know it will never be as good as when he was here.”

Calipari didn’t seem bothered by the boos; in fact, he had a smile on his face the entire time he was on the court. Drew will be by in a bit with more of his comments from today’s press conference.

Calipari posing with an Andrew Harrison mural in the arena

Calipari posing with an Andrew Harrison mural in the arena

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.07.00 PM


John Calipari ran into an old son while walking through the bowels of FedEx Forum on his way to Kentucky’s open practice today.

Cal shared this picture of Andrew Harrison, one of his many former point guards, who now plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.

On that note, we stopped by the Grizzlies store to see if they had any Harrison merchandise out. They had t-shirt jerseys for almost every player on the team, but no Harrison. Someone dropped the ball on that one with Kentucky in town.

The NCAA Rejects UofL’s Defense of Pitino


In a 118-page response to the University of Louisville, the NCAA denies that Rick Pitino adequately monitored Andre McGee.  First reported by WDRB, the NCAA stated:

“Pitino did not supplement his trust in McGee with frequent spot-checks, including actively looking for and evaluating red flags, asking pointed questions and regularly soliciting honest feedback to determine if monitoring systems existed or were functioning properly.”

It’s one of the many positions the NCAA disputes with the university.  This response contains forceful language:

“Put simply,” the NCAA said, “arranging and funding sexual intercourse for a prospective student athlete on an official visit is a severe violation, wholly inconsistent with NCAA principles, whether valued at $80 or $120.”

For more, read the WDRB report, which includes the response from the NCAA in its entirety.  This post will be updated with further details.

UPDATE: The university’s statement regarding the NCAA’s response:

“We continue to regret that NCAA legislation was violated by a former UofL employee. His behavior was shameful and wrong. This behavior is the reason we self-imposed severe penalties on ourselves. In this latest correspondence, the NCAA Enforcement Staff’s Response reiterates its previous position and, in fact, makes clear that the allegation does not state that Coach Pitino should have detected or known about the violations. We have faith in the NCAA process and look forward to demonstrating at the hearing that Coach Pitino properly monitored his staff.”

UPDATE: This portion of the response makes Pitino’s plausible deniability defense much more difficult to believe, form Jason Riley of WDRB.



UPDATE: Former UofL assistant and current N.C. State head coach Kevin Keatts has a quote worth sharing: “everybody assumed that everybody was doing the right thing.”

From KSR listener Michael Davis.

Listen to the KSR Crew Get Kicked Out of the Peabody

From KSR listener Michael Davis.

From KSR listener Michael Davis.

KSR’s wonderful week continued in their first remote from Memphis.  About 15 minutes into the first hour, they were asked to leave the historic hotel with words that will enter KSR lore, “I ain’t feeling him right now.”

They were forced to take the show on the road, across Beale Street.

Hear it all go down in today’s podcast.

The Wall Street Journal: Calipari is Awesome Because He Gets His Own Coffee

Now imagine coffee instead of tea, and Calipari instead of Kermit.

Now imagine coffee instead of tea, and Calipari instead of Kermit.

There’s been a ton of hype surrounding John Calipari’s return to Memphis.  Oddly, the most typed story is about his favorite local watering hole, Gibson’s Donuts, where he used to enjoy coffee each morning.

Calipari brought a similar routine to Lexington, joining the “horseshoe of wisdom” at Wheelers from time-to-time and enjoying Dunkin’ Donuts each morning.   The Wall Street Journal believes Calipari’s accessibility is what has made him successful at each stop, especially at Kentucky.

Since the Wall Street Journal has a paywall and you’re probably not interested in reading the entire story anyway, here are the four best parts to the story.

1.  Cal uses a Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty card.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you don’t use your loyalty card to scoop freebies from time-to-time, you’re wasting money.

2. Calipari attended Psychology class after arriving at UK.  He didn’t need it to finish his degree (cough Masiello, cough cough), he did it because he was asked by the professor.  Jonathan Golding has been asking basketball coaches for years to attend his class and Cal was the first to accept the invitation.  Calipari did it during his first semester on campus.

“He understands the importance of dealing with the general masses,” Golding told the WSJ.

3.  Joey Palumbo gets not one, but TWO quotes.  A friend of KSR, Palumbo’s early-morning coffees with Coach Cal give him unique insight for this story.  The quotes in all their glory:

When one local Dunkin’ Donuts closed, “he was actually the one who said, well, let’s find another one,” said Joe Palumbo, a real-estate developer who meets him in the morning…

…That someone in his position was so willing to be seen in the wild might have surprised Palumbo before they met. But then he got to know Calipari. “And it wasn’t surprising at all,” Palumbo said. “Cal understands the position he’s in and what it means to people here in Kentucky.”

4. Cal has a reserved seat at Gibson’s.  If the coach arrives and someone is sitting in it, they immediately move to make room for the coach.  Calipari also has another special privilege: he can go behind the counter at Gibson’s.

[The Wall Street Journal: Why Calipari Gets His Own Coffee]

Cats Jump Up Draft Boards Ahead of Sweet 16


The NBA draft gurus have had mixed opinions on Kentucky’s three freshmen phenoms — De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk and Bam Adebayo — throughout the year.

Projected lottery picks in the preseason, they’ve touched all corners of the first round this season.  Ahead of the Sweet 16, the spotlight is providing plenty of love from ESPN’s Chad Ford and Draft Express’ Jonathan Givony.

Jonathan Givony’s Draft Board

Considered the third-best point guard in the draft, Fox’s exceptional play as of late has him near the top five, falling at No. 6 to Sacramento.  Malik Monk is one spot ahead of Fox, going fifth to Philadelphia. Near the bottom of the mock draft is Bam Adebayo.  Givony places Bam at No. 30 to Utah.

Chad Ford’s Draft Board

Ford is all in on Kentucky’s trio.  After knocking Bam out of the first round in the middle of the season, Ford now has all three Wildcats in the Top Ten: Fox at No. 3, Monk at No. 4 and Adebayo at No. 8.  There’s one caveat to Ford’s decision-making — he only includes players participating in this week’s games.

Six Updates from Spring Football


—  Keeping terminology consistent under Matt House. The new defensive coordinator has a similar scheme to what the Wildcats played a year ago, but it’s not exactly the same.  House is trying to adapt his system to the calls D.J. Eliot used.

“At the end of  the day you try to keep it as close in terminology as you can, because here’s what you don’t want to do,” House said.  “We got a lot of kids who are first year players.  You don’t want ’em to come back and learn a new language.”

—  Good news from the D-Line.  The weakest link on the 2016 defense, Derrick LeBlanc’s unit is currently rolling through nine players, three strings deep, to see who can fight for the right to be first on the field.

It’s encouraging to hear early praise from redshirt freshman Kordell Looney and sophomore T.J. Carter.  The biggest difference between this year and last year is who is in charge.  LeBlanc’s style is much different.  In individuals with Jimmy Brumbaugh, there was usually a lot of standing around while Brumbaugh went from person-to-person to provide instruction.  There’s no standing around with LeBlanc, and much less yelling.  That is saved for position group meetings.

—  A “rusty” Darius West.  The safety is moving around well after suffering a 2016 preseason leg injury, but Matt House said he’s still getting his feel back on the football field.  “(He’s) Maybe not as fast-thinking as you want.  Maybe not as quick to anticipate.”

To make up for lost time, West has spent an extensive amount of time in the film room with Coach Clinkscale to iron out the mistakes.

—  Watch action from the indoor facility.

—  Emerging outside linebackers.  Denzil Ware and Josh Allen have locked down their starting spots.  The concern entering this season is who is behind them.  Last year their depth was extremely thin.  Now Dean Hood is seeing growth from JUCO transfer Jordan Bonner.  Jaylin Bannerman has been a treat, but an illness kept him out of a few practices, forcing Jamar “Boogie” Watson to take all of the Jack linebacker reps.  Watson has been splitting time on both sides, but Hood said the workload while Bannerman was out has been beneficial to Boogie.

—  Courtney Love’s Pup is a Beast.  Technically, he’s a King; that’s the name of his pit/boxer mix.  I’m not sure how we got on this topic, but it’s probably the best interview I’ve had in four years of covering Kentucky football.

He brought King from Nebraska, and he’s become best friends with Greg Hart’s pup.  Naturally we had to show pictures of each other’s dogs.  I’ll always believe my pups are better, especially considering King is a Steelers fan.



 Hear everything Matt House’s gravely voice had to say after the jump.