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The Ones That Got Away: Checking In On The Recruits Calipari’s Missed On Over The Years

The Ones That Got Away: Checking In On The Recruits Calipari’s Missed On Over The Years


Earlier this week, a KSR caller gave us a great research topic: the recruits that John Calipari wanted but didn’t get. I spent the past few days making a list of the top recruits Cal’s coveted and missed on, and what they’re doing now. Join me as we take a stroll down memory lane…

2009: Xavier Henry


Then: Chose Kansas over Kentucky and Memphis

Calipari brought most of his Memphis recruits with him to Kentucky in 2009, but not Xavier Henry, the second best shooting guard in the 2009 class that was committed to Cal at Memphis but reopened his recruitment once he left. After a lot of drama (including a potential last minute change of heart), Henry decided to follow in his father’s footsteps at Kansas.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Oklahoma City Blue in the D-League

Henry left Kansas after one season, during which he averaged 13.4 points. He was drafted 12th in the 2010 Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies. Since then, he’s spent time on the New Orleans Hornets, the Los Angeles Lakers, and their respective D-League squads. A torn Achilles set him back in 2014, and since then, he’s struggled to find a spot on an NBA roster. He spent this past season playing alongside Dakari Johnson for the Oklahoma City Blue in the D-League.

2010: Josh Selby


Then: Chose Kansas over Kentucky, Arizona, UConn, and Tennessee

Selby decommitted from Tennessee in July 2009 and became one of Calipari’s top targets at point guard along with Brandon Knight. In what would be a blessing in disguise, Selby picked Kansas while Knight chose Kentucky.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays overseas in Israel 

The NCAA suspended Selby for the first nine games of the season due to his relationship with Carmelo Anthony’s business manager, Robert “Bay” Frazier. Selby struggled in his one year at Kansas, and apparently, stopped going to class after the season was over, moving to Vegas to prepare for the draft. He was drafted 49th by the Grizzlies and was assigned to the D-League after a few months. He stayed in the D-League until taking his game overseas in 2013. He’s now with Maccabi Kiryat Gat in Israel.

2010: CJ Leslie


Then: Chose NC State over Kentucky and UConn

Power forward and aspiring poet CJ Leslie played alongside John Wall at Word of God Christian Academy in Raleigh, but unlike Wall, Calipari was unable to persuade him to leave his home state.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Raptors 905 in the D-League

Leslie played for NC State for three years before going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft. Since then, he’s been in and out of the D-League and played overseas for a few years before landing with the Raptors’ D-League team, the Raptors 905.

2011: Andre Drummond


Then: Chose UConn over Kentucky, Georgetown, Louisville, and West Virginia

Drummond could have been the best big man in the 2012 class and gone straight to the NBA because of his age, but stunned everyone at the last minute by reclassifying to 2011 and enrolling at UConn. In the 2011 class, he was considered the best player behind Anthony Davis.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Detroit Pistons

After a year at UConn, Drummond was drafted 9th overall by the Detroit Pistons and has been there ever since. He was voted an All-Star in 2016 and played for the US in the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

2011: Quincy Miller


Then: Chose Baylor over Kentucky, Duke, Louisville, and Oklahoma

Miller was a top 10 player in the 2011 class and even though he enjoyed doing the John Wall dance, passed on an offer from Kentucky in part because they wouldn’t offer his close friend, Deuce Bello. Also courted by Louisville, Miller was so bitter that Bello didn’t get an offer that he flashed the Louisville “L” at the UK Football team and stared down Calipari while on a recruiting visit to the UK/UofL football game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in September 2010. Ultimately, both Miller and Bello ended up at Baylor.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays overseas in Israel

After one year at Baylor, Miller was drafted 38th by the Denver Nuggets and was in and out of the D-League until he was waived in 2014. After stints with the Reno Bighorns, the Sacramento Kings, and Detroit Pistons, he moved overseas, where he now plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel.

2012: Shabazz Muhammed


Then: Chose UCLA over Kentucky and Duke

Shabazz and Nerlens Noel were considered the best two players in the 2012 class and buzz was that both would land at Kentucky; however, Shabazz elected to stay on the west coast and chose UCLA over Kentucky and Duke.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Timberwolves

Oh boy, where to begin with Shabazz? Muhammed’s year at UCLA was mired in scandal, from his suspension for the first three games of the season for receiving illegal benefits during his recruitment to his father lying about how old he was to pouting when his teammate hit a game-winning shot. Shabazz was drafted 14th by the Utah Jazz and quickly traded to the Timberwolves. After being sent home from the NBA rookie transition program, Muhammed spent time in the D-League before returning to Minnesota, where he’s been ever since.

2012: Alex Oriakhi (transfer)


Then: Chose to transfer from UConn to Missouri over Kentucky

With UConn facing a postseason ban in the 2012-13 season, Alex Oriakhi decided to transfer for his senior season to be able to play in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. With most of the 2012 National Championship team out the door, Calipari was in hot pursuit, but the day before he was scheduled to visit Lexington, Oriakhi decided to go to Missouri instead.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Playing overseas in Spain

Oriakhi did get to play in the NCAA Tournament, but the Tigers lost in the first round to Colorado State. He was drafted 57th in the 2013 Draft by the Phoenix Suns, fizzled on their Summer League team and rotated between overseas pro teams and the D-League. He’s now with Vaqueros de Bayamón in Spain.

2013: Andrew Wiggins


Then: Chose Kansas over Kentucky, Florida State, and North Carolina

Ah, the recruiting saga to end all recruiting sagas. Kentucky was considered the favorite for Wiggins for most of his recruitment along with Florida State, but he surprised us all by picking Kansas. Did landing Julius Randle scare him off?

KSR headlines at the time included:

If you’re curious, 812 posts have been written about Andrew Wiggins on KSR, which has to be a record. Bamba’s recruitment is nothing compared to his.

Now: Plays for the Timberwolves

After a year at Kansas, Wiggins was drafted first in the 2014 Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers and traded two months later to the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s one of the Timberwolves’ young stars alongside our own Karl Towns, with whom he actually shared a room at the Nike Hoop Summit back in 2013.

2013: Aaron Gordon


Then: Chose Arizona over Kentucky, Washington, and Oregon

Gordon was one of Kentucky’s top targets in the 2013 class along with Wiggins, but like many West Coast recruits, couldn’t tear himself away from that side of the country, not even for Calipari.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Orlando Magic

After a season at Arizona, Gordon was drafted fourth in the 2014 Draft by the Orlando Magic, whom he’s been with ever since.

2014: Emmanuel Mudiay


Then: Chose SMU over Kentucky, Kansas, Baylor, and Oklahoma State.

Emmanuel Mudiay was poised to be the next great Calipari point guard, but surprised everyone when he picked SMU.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Then: Chose China because of eligibility problems

In many ways, not getting Mudiay was a blessing in surprise. Eligibility problems forced him to forgo his college career and play in China for a season. Meanwhile, Kentucky went after Tyler Ulis, now considered one of the greatest point guards in school history.

Now: Plays for the Denver Nuggets

After earning over a million dollars playing for the Guangdong Southern Tigers in China, Mudiay was drafted seventh in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets. Now, he’s the backup behind Jameer Nelson, and is losing minutes to another Wildcat, Jamal Murray.

2014: Cliff Alexander


Then: Chose Kansas over Illinois and DePaul

Kentucky was high on Alexander early on, but backed off once they got a commitment from Trey Lyles. From there, Alexander cut the Cats from his list and committed to Kansas, making his dad the happiest person in the world:

Confession: That video is the only reason I kept Alexander on the list.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays in the D-League

Alexander averaged 7.1 points and 5.3 rebounds in his freshman year at Kansas until he was suspended in late February over an NCAA investigation. After claiming he “got dealt a bad deck of cards” at Kansas, Alexander entered the 2015 NBA Draft and was undrafted. He signed a training camp deal with the Portland Trail Blazers, but struggled due to injury and was waived. Since then, he’s been in the D-League.

2015: Stephen Zimmerman


Then: Chose UNLV over Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, and Arizona

2015 was a tough recruiting year for Calipari because many of the players he wanted most decided to stay home instead of coming to Lexington. Stephen Zimmerman was one of those players. Calipari made it clear Zimmerman was one his top targets, but Zimmerman couldn’t bring himself to leave Las Vegas, choosing UNLV instead.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Plays for the Orlando Magic

After one year at UNLV, Zimmerman was drafted 41st by the Orlando Magic in the 2016 NBA Draft. He was in and out of the D-League in his rookie season.

2015: Malik Newman


Then: Chose Mississippi State over Kentucky and Kansas

Kentucky was considered the favorite for the top point guard in the 2015 class for most of his recruitment, but Newman shocked everyone by choosing to stay home and play for Mississippi State instead.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Then: Transferred to Kansas

Newman’s decision to stay home and play for Mississippi State came back to bite him. After averaging 11.3 points in his freshman year, he tried to go pro but discovered his stock wasn’t high enough, so he withdrew his name and returned to school. Unfortunately, he had a bad habit of skipping classes, so he wasn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms, so he decided to transfer.

Now: Plays for Kansas

Newman had to sit out the 2016-17 season, but will suit up for the Jayhawks this fall.

2015: Antonio Blakeney


Then: Chose LSU over Kentucky and Missouri

Blakeney was one of the top shooting guards in the 2015 class and in September 2014, committed to Louisville only to decommit eleven days later. We didn’t know it at the time, but that’s because UofL tried to woo him with prostitutes, which you know, is pretty disgusting, so after the grossness of it all sunk in, he got the heck outta there. From there, it looked like he would come to Kentucky, but he elected to join Ben Simmons at LSU instead.

KSR headlines at the time included:

Now: Preparing for the 2017 Draft

Blakeney’s freshman year at LSU with Ben Simmons didn’t exactly go as planned (JUST LIKE THAT RECRUITING VISIT TO LOUISVILLE, AMIRITE), with the Tigers failing to make the NCAA Tournament and turning down the NIT. It didn’t get any better in his sophomore year, with the Tigers finishing 13th in the SEC behind Missouri. Now, he’s signed with an agent for the 2017 Draft even though he’s barely in Draft Express’ ranking of Top 100 prospects.

…However, he did help expose the Louisville sex scandal and for that reason, will forever be in our hearts.


KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day


The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s

has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for
the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

You can be a part of McDowell’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day.

If you are interested in sponsoring KSR’s Top 10 Tweets, please contact us at Via Email 

#10 Jarrod Early

Who knew people had such strong opinions about movie brackets?

#9 Jeff Pile

Matt’s new motto.

#8 Scott Darst

I mean, the resemblance is pretty spot on.

#7 Casey Miller

Hopefully, Papa’s not the only thing coming down from the rafters.

#6 Mark Cornette


#5 KSR Commenter

Well well well how the tables have turned…

#4 Dylan Cornett

It was only a matter of time before we got this tweet out of the movie bracket.

#3 Derrek Barkley

Come on guys, it’s rule number one.

#2 Brett Winston Strong

Dumb and Dumber remake?

#1 Brandon Grachek

Never forget the Lamar fumble.

Mark Stoops Offers Bear Bryant’s Kin

*30 for 30 voice* What if I told you, it was time to reverse the curse?

Sixty-six years after Bear Bryant left Lexington, his great-grandson could return to the University of Kentucky.  Earlier today, Mark Stoops extended a scholarship offer to 2019 quarterback Paul Tyson.

The 6’4″ 210-pound pro-style quarterback hails from Trussville, Alabama.  The offer from Kentucky is just Tyson’s second scholarship offer, following Jacksonville State.  The junior-to-be has also received some early interest from Clemson and, of course, Alabama.

If there is some kind of curse since Bryant left, here’s Stoops’ chance to change the program’s fortune forever.  If not, he’s still a pretty good QB who could blossom into a star at UK.

Share Your Kentucky Derby Story

Jamie Rhodes | USA Today

Jamie Rhodes | USA Today

There are Kentucky Derby people, there are people who could not care less about the Derby and there are Derby Week freaks.  I subscribe to the latter group.  Accomplishing anything down the stretch is a chore because the most wonderful time of the year is almost here.

It’s difficult for outsiders to comprehend why there is so much passion for a horse race.  It’s because the Kentucky Derby is so much more than a horse race.

To help others understand that the Derby is not just Mint Juleps, big hats and sprinting horses, I am asking the most passionate fans to share their stories.  You probably have many, but usually one comes to mind when you think about the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports.”   Many have tales of sneaking kegs into the infield, fighting in the mud or scoring $100 from a celebrity for a can of Grizzly.

Whatever your story is, I ask that you share it with KSR by e-mailing  I’ll share the best on the site over the next ten days.

If you need any inspiration, my story as an infant with Pat Day is why I’m a Derby fanatic.  If you want more, the tale of my weekend as a Millionaire’s Row security guard is worth your time.

Isaac Humphries joins Hey Kentucky!

Isaac Humphries joins Hey Kentucky!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.47.32 PM

Kentucky forward Isaac Humphries took some time out of his busy schedule to join Matt Jones on Hey Kentucky!  Come to hear about how he discovered Kentucky basketball, what it was like when he got to Lexington and what’s next.  Stay to see Isaac almost take a tumble in the middle of the interview.

Watch today’s entire episode after the jump.


Two NFL Draft Prospects are Using their Unique Names to Make Money



Before top draft prospects make money off NFL contracts, they’re using their names to sign endorsements.  Deals with shoe companies are inevitable, along with some from local businesses.  Two draft prospects are using their unusual names to their advantage.

WKU offensive lineman Forrest Lamp will likely be selected in tonight’s first round.  You might remember him from his touchdown catch in the WKU bowl game, but if you don’t, you probably remember Brick Tamland’s famous quote, “I love Lamp.”  Forrest is sharing his love for lamps by promoting Lamps Plus, the nation’s largest specialty lighting retailer.

Michigan tight end Jake Butt is expected to be selected in the second or third round tomorrow night.  Undoubtedly the best name in the draft, Butt is using it endorse Charmin toilet paper, a match made in heaven.



The NFL Draft begins tonight at 8:00 in Philadelphia.

Jarren Williams told he still likes Kentucky

Justin Rowland over at has some excellent news for Kentucky football fans.

Rowland caught up with Jarren Williams, the rising high school quarterback who decommitted from UK last week, to gauge Williams’ interest in the Cats since re-opening his recruitment.

Williams told him,  “UK is number one.”

That is great to hear considering most decommits rarely jump back on board with their original schools. Many fans considered Williams to be long gone once he backed out of his Kentucky commitment, but it’s comforting to hear he still has his old team above the rest.

This recruitment still has a long way to go and there are a ton of big-time programs on Williams’ offer sheet, Alabama being the most intimidating. But the Cats are still in it, at least for now.

Read the whole story here.

Get back in here, Jarren.

United settles with passenger dragged off its flight

The biggest story of 2017 has its ending now that United Airlines and Dr. David Dao of Elizabethtown, Ky. have reached a settlement.

Dao’s lawyer said the two sides came to an agreement; the details, however, have not been disclosed.

Here’s the news release, courtesy of NBC News:


Do we have any guesses as to how much Dao was paid to move on?

I’m going to guess one million billion dollars.

KSR Movie Madness: Field cut in half, updated bracket

KSR Movie Madness: Field cut in half, updated bracket


We trimmed 32 of the 64 movies in KSR Movie Madness on this morning’s show as the action moved to the second round. We will be back at it again on tomorrow’s show to (hopefully) complete the tournament and name our winner.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket through one round:


Print it and tune in to tomorrow’s show.

Derby Clubhouse Vs. Derby Infield

Derby Clubhouse Vs. Derby Infield

.berkeley-hats-at-the-kentucky-derby-20  hqdefault

Hello, friends. I hope you’re well. You look fantastic. Would you maybe sometime like to – no? Okay? I’m sorry to have bothered you, I didn’t know that was your boyfriend. Husband? Oh, okay then. You two make a handsome couple.

Friends, if you’ve ever been to the clubhouse at the Kentucky Derby you know that it’s a very classy affair. And if you’ve ever been to the Derby Infield you know it’s decidedly different from that. But how does the Clubhouse translate to the Infield? Let’s have a look, shall we?


CLUBHOUSE: Here, I have a chocolate in my purse.
INFIELD: Here, I have a plastic flask of Fireball duct-taped to my inner thigh.


CLUBHOUSE: I just dropped $300 on an appealing trifecta.
INFIELD: I just dropped my cellphone into a dirty hole.


CLUBHOUSE: I admire your hat and I think it is very fashionable.
INFIELD: I admire your doo-rag and I think it is on fire.


CLUBHOUSE: Excuse me, would you care to join me for a delicious aperitif?
INFIELD: Excuse me, would you care to join me for a joint I’ve been holding in my butt?


CLUBHOUSE: This shirt is linen and it really is a great weight for early May.
INFIELD: This shirt is bothering me and I’m just gonna take it off.


CLUBHOUSE: Bob Baffert once shook my hand at a charity luncheon.
INFIELD: Kid Rock’s drummer once pushed me down a flight of stairs at an Econolodge.


CLUBHOUSE: My father is both the CFO for a Fortune 500 company and has invested well.
INFIELD: My father thinks I am both at work and not-pregnant.


CLUBHOUSE: I would like some more champagne, please.
INFIELD: I would like some more Buck Cherry, please.


CLUBHOUSE: Good day. I am a gentleman; I believe I may have found a handkerchief you dropped.
INFIELD: Good day, I am a gentleman hobo; I believe I may have pooped in your cooler.


CLUBHOUSE: Hi there! I would like $60 on the number four horse to place.
INFIELD: Help me! I would like to dislodge my leg from this portable toilet!


CLUBHOUSE: I have thoroughly enjoyed this day at the Kentucky Derby.
INFIELD: I think I need to probably go to an emergency room.

Jay Bilas clarifies his tweets on KSR


Jay Bilas was kind enough to call in to KSR today to talk about his tweets and criticisms of SEC commissioner Greg Sankey pulling double-duty as the chairman of the NCAA infractions committee.

In case you’ve missed it, Bilas has been very active on Twitter in voicing his concerns over a conflict of interest with Sankey leading the investigation into the North Carolina scandal. He first made this known publicly when Sankey said he wished there had been more about academics in John Calipari’s One And Not Done.

Like many of you, I don’t understand Bilas’ rationale here. I normally side with him in his assessment of all things, namely hip-hop, but this particular topic is one we don’t see eye to eye on.

Matt Jones also doesn’t see eye to eye with Bilas on this discussion, and that is very clear in today’s interview. They went into lawyer-mode while arguing each of their points and it made for good, intelligent radio (in the middle of our movie debates).

Give it a listen around the 22:15 mark in the second hour podcast below:

Diallo projected as second-round pick

Chet White | UK Athletics

Chet White | UK Athletics

Hamidou Diallo should return to school.

He made the right decision by entering the draft; hopefully he will make the right decision and return to school, if the current projections are where he really stands to go.

The latest to project Diallo’s NBA draft future is, which released its updated mock draft Wednesday evening. DraftExpress’s new projection has Diallo going No. 33 overall to the Orlando Magic in the second round.

ESPN’s Chad Ford said the same thing about Diallo a couple of days ago, adding that he could climb his way into the lottery by playing one season at UK:

Hamidou Diallo, SG, Fr, Kentucky*

Diallo enrolled in Kentucky this winter and practiced with the team, but never suited up for the Wildcats. He was widely regarded as a top-15 high school prospect thanks to elite athleticism, a strong motor and an aggressive offensive game based on attacking basket. His jump shot is the biggest question mark for scouts. He’d likely be a late-lottery to mid-first-round pick in 2018 after playing at Kentucky next season. If he stays in this draft, he’ll get looks in the late first round and would be a likely second-round pick. [ESPN]

So unless there’s a team out there that tells Diallo they’re willing to gamble with him in the mid- to late-first round, it would be in his best interest to come back and ball out in Lexington next year. Then again, maybe a team will fall in love with him at the combine, who knows.

But for now, the early projections aren’t great for the potential none-and-done Wildcat.

The deadline to return to school is May 24. The combine will be held May 9-14.

Andy Katz speaks up about ESPN layoff

Andy Katz is the most shocking name among the ESPN layoffs. Katz covered college basketball for ESPN for almost two decades, and today he is a free agent after the network let him go as part of its massive firing of talent.

Katz took to Twitter to make a statement about his departure Thursday afternoon:

Reading that, along with knowing how well he is respected in the business, makes the news even crazier.

How do you let go of Andy Katz?!

Pre-NFL Draft Offseason Football Notes

Pre-NFL Draft Offseason Football Notes


Things will be a little quiet along the football front in the month of May. Players have the option to get away from the game for a while or stay in Lexington and continue to work out. June marks the start of the official summer training program. Let’s take a look at some goings on as the long offseason begins:


NFL Draft

The Draft starts on Thursday with first round coverage beginning at 8:00pm. Rounds 2 and 3 are at 7:00pm on Friday. 4th though the 7th round kicks off at noon on Saturday. ESPN and the NFL Network will cover the event in its entirety. Kentucky’s Jon Toth and Boom Williams participated in the NFL Combine and have the highest likelihood of being drafted.

Center Jon Toth’s projection is all over the place. He could hear his name as early as Friday night or on Saturday in rounds 4-7.

Toth Projections
-247 Sports 3rd round to the Dolphins
-Fox Sports 5th round to Chargers
-PFF 5th round to Dolphins 6th round to Browns
-PFF ranks Toth 132nd out of its top 250.’s Bottom Line Analysis

“Toth is a tough, four-year starter. Will appeal to teams looking for centers who can operate in a power-based rushing scheme. While he’s better in a phone booth than on the move, he understands his limitations and does a good job of staying within himself. He’s not the best athlete at the position but his size, arm length, strength and consistency should outweigh that on the next level. Toth has the traits and ability to be an eventual starter in the NFL”.

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

Boom Williams’ draft status also varies. 23 running backs were selected a year ago. Williams is listed as the 21st best RB according to Mel Kiper and the 150th best available player. That equates to a 5th round selection. No other service ranks Boom in the Top 250 nor do they project him to be drafted.

Williams offers a diverse skill set and the old draft adage is applicable, “It only takes one team to fall in love…”. Will Boom hear his name called? I sure hope so but it wasn’t likely early on in the process. But, the situation appears to be trending up. Latter rounds are possible for Williams. He will certainly be a priority undrafted free agent if his name isn’t called.’s Bottom Line Analysis

“Scat back with outstanding burst who can create for himself in space, but is not about that life when asked to run between the tackles. Williams doesn’t have the blocking or hands to be a full-time third-down back and he lacks the decisiveness and vision necessary to handle snaps as a backup. While he does have plus athletic ability, Williams may be too limited in what he can offer a team from a roster flexibility standpoint”.

Depth Chart Podcast

You can listen here.

We discussed QB Jarren Williams’ decommitment. There were flagrant signs of this happening. In my opinion, “committed” prospects that use social media to enthusiastically announce additional offers and continue to make countless visits to other football programs present giant-waving red flags of uncertainty. We wish the young man the very best in future endeavors, but life and searching for a 2018 quarterback must go on. It’s not personal, it’s personnel is relevant in the Williams situation. As we’ve learned from recent history, quarterback recruiting can be a tricky proposition.

The longest offseason in sports begins now. The quieter the better.

Boom Williams climbs up Mel Kiper’s big board


The biggest name in NFL draft coverage has Kentucky’s own Boom Williams moving up his board on draft day.

Mel Kiper, the king of the draft, ranked Williams at No. 150 in his final rankings, which would be a fifth-round selection if the rankings hold up. That’s Williams’ best projection to date and the only one that has him anywhere close to being drafted.

Unfortunately, Kiper lists Jon Toth as his No. 278 overall prospect, which would mean undrafted for the former Wildcat center. Toth’s projections are all over the place, ranging from fourth-round pick to not selected. Toth is No. 169 in Todd McShay’s final rankings.

Neither Wildcat is expected to get picked up tonight or tomorrow, but Saturday is a big day for their football futures.

[ESPN: Mel Kiper’s Final Big Board]