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“Who Steals Soap?” Eastern Kentucky man wonders after cousin robs him

“Who Steals Soap?” Eastern Kentucky man wonders after cousin robs him

I’ve seen a lot of local news videos in my life, but this one from Eastern Kentucky may take the cake. A man in Floyd County was robbed this week by his cousin, who he suspected was high on meth. What did he steal? That’s where this gets interesting.

“It’s the most random assortment of things. It looked like he was getting ready to go to a pallet sale,” the victim, Mason Tackett, told WYMT. “Who steals a cheese grater? He’s got the works. Lysol! He stole an empty bottle of spray! What got me the most was my soap. He stole my soap! Who steals soap?!

Honestly! Tackett confronted his cousin, Philip Hagans, before he took off with the items, which is when things got a little scary.

“I went around the back of that house he was at and seen my stuff. And then I come back out and he pulled a gun on me when I got back around the house. I guess he thought I was upset with him.”

Hagans was charged with receiving stolen property and being a convicted felon with a firearm.

“Must have been been a bad batch around here because Floyd County’s gone crazy the past four days,” Tackett said.

Meth’s a helluva drug, kids. Stay away.


Top Golf is (kinda) officially coming to Louisville!

Top Golf is (kinda) officially coming to Louisville!

It’s happening! Well, at least for a handful of days. Top Golf is setting up a remote location at UofL’s Cardinal Stadium (remember, it’s no longer Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium). The cool kids (and the company) are calling it Top Golf Crush and the setup will look similar to what you see above. That was at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, but Top Golf Crush has also made stops in Austin, Nashville, Kansas City and Seattle.

You can checkout Top Golf Crush in the Commonwealth from October 31st to November 10th. Smart move by Top Golf to be in town when the Breeder’s Cup is happening right across the street, and assuming the weather cooperates this will be a major hit. Fore! (probably time for me to log off).

Basically it’s Top Golf Lite. It’s the same concept and a similar setup that you would see at a real Top Golf, but there are fewer targets and bays. The goal is to hit in those targets and you get points. I even think they may put your name on the jumbo-tron. Top Golf is already putting tickets on sale and they start at $25 for students and $35 for non-students. You can buy those tickets HERE.

As for the battle for an actual Top Golf in Louisville. It’s still heated. After their 4:30 p.m. dinners Hurstbourne residents are still trying to block Top Golf from calling the Oxmoor Center home. There is a meeting with the Louisville Planning Commission on October 1st. After that meeting we’ll have a better idea if Top Golf has a permanent home in Louisville. I’m still surprised it’s even a debate.

I hope UofL has insurance on the Johnny U statue (although I think that will be behind where folks are hitting, the Cards moved it to the Party Deck, aka the end zone where Austin MacGinnis banged home the game winner in 2016).

Kraft Beer With Kindsey: The Dam Brewhaus

It is no secret that bourbon dominates this state, but the craft beer industry is growing in Kentucky. I want to shed light on this amazing industry and what it means for Kentucky. 

Facebook: Dam Brewhaus

The taste for craft beer is growing every day in this state.

Breweries are being opened in cities and areas that aren’t named Louisville, Lexington or Northern Kentucky.

This is evident in Hopkinsville, Paducah, Henderson and Richmond, all “smaller” Kentucky cities with successful craft breweries.

And the taste for craft beer has found its way to Marshall County.

Jeff Swatzell opened The Dam Brewhaus, a tap house in the heart of Benton, Ky. in what he says was a “moment of insanity.”

“Actually we started out the conversation about going to Graves County and of course, Graves County is still dry,” Swatzell said. “But me and the other guy talking about going to Graves County said why don’t you go to Marshall County. I never really thought of it.”

So he went to Marshall County and opened The Dam Brewhaus. But, why a tap house and not a brewery? Like everything, it was cheaper.

“It started out as a microbrewery, the conversation, and then I went to Big Muddy in Murphysboro [Illinois] and he said don’t brew it, just sell it.”

“It’s much cheaper to sell beer. Plus there’s so much beer out there now. And we probably will start brewing in the future.”

The Dam Brewhaus opened on April 28th, 2017 and Swatzell knew the people in the area only drank domestic beer, but he wanted to introduce people to the beer he loved.

What he didn’t expect was how well people would take to craft beer.

“Actually shocked,” Swatzell said. “Of course this is Bud Light, Busch Light country, but I think we’ve made good progress. Actually kind of caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to expect either. And a lot of people don’t know what to expect still about it. It’s been an overwhelming response.”

Swatzell said he’s converted several customers from domestic beer to craft beer.

“There is a lot of people now who want to branch out. This is good, what’s next? They want to take the next step from a light(er) beer on the craft side all the way up to the stouts, and the porters and bourbon barrel stuff. It’s really quite shocking.”

The success of The Dam Brewhaus has to do with more than just introducing people to craft beer. The people of Benton and Marshall County are proud to have a place like this in their city and county.

“It’s such a unique atmosphere,” Swatzell said. “It’s not the bar scene, plus the craft beer is not really a bar scene anyway, per say. It’s the atmosphere mostly. A place to socialize and drink a good beer.”

When you drive up to The Dam Brewhaus, you might think you’ve made a wrong turn. You haven’t. From the outside, it looks like a regular house. But on the inside, it looks like a place you can spend a whole afternoon or evening drinking craft beer with friends and family.

Instead of tearing the building down, which was the original plan, Swatzell decided to completely demo the inside. He succeeded because the inside is awesome and a place you’d want to have a beer or try a new one. 

Whether you’re a craft beer veteran or a newbie, you need to visit The Dam Brewhaus. With 22 beers on tap, you are guaranteed to find one you’ll like.

“People walk in and see 22 taps and ask, “What’s good?” Well, they’re all good,” Swatzell answers each time.

1894 US-641

Benton, KY 42025



Kraft Beer With Kindsey: Henderson Brewing Company

Kraft Beer With Kindsey: Henderson Brewing Company

It is no secret that bourbon dominates this state, but the craft beer industry is growing in Kentucky. I want to shed light on this amazing industry and what it means for Kentucky. 

What happens when a pharmacist, an engineer, a lawyer, an accountant and a marketer come together? They open a craft brewery.

Sean Wilder (marketer) Doug Laramie (pharmacist by trade and head brewer), David Osborn (accountant) Rob Toerne (engineer) and Austin Vowels (lawyer and city commissioner) opened Henderson’s first brewery in 80 years since the end of prohibition, Henderson Brewing Company.

But how did five strangers, each with the perfect occupation for opening a brewery, come together? Facebook.

“Our lawyer, Austin, he posted a picture on Facebook that he attended a conference on how to help your client start a brewery in Kentucky,” Laramie said. 

People started commenting about opening one in Henderson. Laramie, a home brewer, saw the post on Facebook and commented that he would sell his Kentucky State Fair award-winning beer recipes. 

“The next day I got a message from Sean,” Laramie said. “He was the administrator of the Henderson Beer Club Facebook group. So I got a Facebook message from Sean talking about if I’d be interested in talking about a brewery in Henderson.”

Laramie agreed to meet Wilder and four others at a local restaurant on the Sunday after the Fourth of July in 2017. The five partners met for the first time at that meeting, not knowing each had a background that was vital to opening a brewery. 

“We didn’t plan on it,” Laramie said. “Those are the five people who showed up.”

The five partners left that meeting with assignments and low expectations of anything actually happening.

“I left the first meeting and my wife asked me how it went, I said, “We had a good talk and we have things to do before the next meeting, but it’s never going to happen”. I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Laramie said. 

The five partners met a week later. Everyone completed their assignments. They talked more and left the second meeting with more assignments.

“My wife asked me how that meeting went and I was like “It was good”,” Laramie continued. “Everybody did the thing they needed to do. We’ve got more things to work on for the next step. I still didn’t think it was going to happen. I never got overly excited like “Yes let’s do this! It’s gonna happen!” If it happens. It happens, but I don’t think it will happen. Just like with anything that you really want to happen, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. So I was trying to keep my expectations low.”

So when did Laramie and his four partners realize that it was actually going to happen? When they bought the building in September, two months after the first meeting.

When they started their process and during their meetings, a microbrewery was not allowed in Henderson. The five partners started the process having that zoning changed and it helped to have a lawyer on the team. They got the zoning changed. 

On July 5th, 2018, Henderson opened its first brewery in over 80 years.

So, how did the people of Henderson respond?

They were excited.

“I think when we first launched our Facebook page, which was kind of our announcement, I think that was in November right before Thanksgiving,” Wilder said. “I sent a note out to everyone and said, “Please like and share and tell your friends. I hope we get 100 likes by the end of the weekend.” We had a thousand in the first 12 hours.”

“It has been overwhelmingly positive,” Laramie said.

In a state where the craft beer industry is booming, that is no surprise.

Now people in Henderson and surrounding areas won’t have to travel across the river to Evansville, Ind. to enjoy local craft beer. They can drink a beer made in their state, in their town by neighbors and friends.

For people who’ve never had a craft beer or been to a craft brewery, the people at Henderson Brewing Company have one goal when you come into their taproom.

“I want them walking out the door thinking “Where’s the next brewery I can go to?” Because they’ve obviously gotta have something different because this is different than anything they’ve ever had,” Laramie said. “I want them leaving and wanting to go to a new brewery and hopefully wanting to come back.”

My beer picks at Henderson Brewing Co:

–  Trixie’s Alibi Hefeweizen: A very light, smooth beer for any new craft beer drinker.

Light Spot IPA: If you are new to IPAs, this a good one to drink. Like its name it is on the lighter side and not as bitter.

– Bridgeview ESB: ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter, but this beer is not bitter. This is a British style beer, that compares to an American Pale Ale. It’s dark in color, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not a dark beer in taste. It was my first time drinking an ESB and it was REALLY good.

737 2nd St
Henderson, KY 42420
(270) 200-4314

The best burger in Kentucky is…

The best burger in Kentucky is…

TripAdvisor released its list of the top burgers in each state based on customer reviews. Which burger in Kentucky reigns supreme? According to TripAdvisor users, the burgers from Mad Mike’s Burger and Fries in Newport, Kentucky.

TripAdvisor’s list accounts for ration and quality of the burger reviews compared to overall ratings, as well as quality and quantity of reviews received in the past year. Featured restaurants have a minimum of 4 out of 5 bubbles, 100 reviews, and 10 locations or less.

What makes Mad Mike’s burgers special? According to their website, they’re 100% black Angus Beef and made fresh to order. They look really good and all, but does it bother anyone else that they appear to be an Ohio chain?

Regardless, KSBar and Grille’s coming for that crown next year.

[USA Today]

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Breeders’ Cup coming back to Keeneland in 2020

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

The Breeders’ Cup is coming back to Keeneland.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Breeders’ Cup will take place at Santa Anita in 2019, Keeneland in 2020, and Del Mar in 2021. This year’s event will take place at Churchill Downs on the first weekend in November. An announcement is expected at Keeneland tomorrow afternoon.

The Breeders’ Cup has only been held at Keeneland once, in 2015, when American Pharoah capped off his amazing career with a wire-to-wire victory. Initially, there were concerns Keeneland couldn’t handle the crowd, but the event was a huge success, with record attendance on Friday and a sell-out on Saturday.

If you don’t live in Lexington, book your hotel rooms now…

[Los Angeles Times]

© Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Teater going back to the PGA TOUR

© Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky’s own Josh Teater will return to golf’s biggest stage next season after a second-place finish in the Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic on Sunday. Teater’s 19-under for the tournament earned him a $64,800 paycheck, which bumped him up 25 spots to No. 13 on the money list. With only one tournament to go, he’s all set to regain his PGA Tour card for 2019 by finishing within the top-25 of earners.

Teater first debuted on the PGA Tour as a rookie back in 2010. The Danville native earned over a million dollars in over 150 events in his PGA career, but spent the last three years on the Tour, trying to fight his way back to being a PGA regular.

His best PGA finish came in 2013 when he finished second to Tiger Woods in the Farmer’s Insurance Open. He also played in three of the four majors that year (did not play in the Masters) and made the cut in all three.

As a friend of the program and one of the biggest UK fans you’ll ever meet, we’re excited for Teater to get back on the big tour. He was grinding it out these last few years and it all paid off.

Rich Brooks is pumped.


The Fiscally Responsible Solution for City Hall

The Fiscally Responsible Solution for City Hall

The location at 100 Midland Avenue is a gateway to downtown and positions the city government at a literal crossroads of many of the city’s best new projects. The site anchors Town Branch Commons, a landscape that will be a defining feature of downtown’s resurgence.

The building will be convenient for citizens when conducting business at city hall, with adequate public parking and ease of access unlike the current solution, housing all city employees spread among five buildings.

“Papa John’s” Sign Removed from UofL Football Stadium


The Papa has left the building.

Today the University of Louisville officially changed the name of its football stadium to “Cardinal Stadium.”  Cranes removed the Papa John’s logo from the stadium’s facade two weeks after President Neeli Bendapudi decided to cut ties with John Schnatter after he used the N-word in a company conference call.

Removing the other gaudy sign won’t be as easy.

Louisville fans will have fond memories of the last time Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium hosted the Battle for The Governor’s Cup.

[WDRB News]

Living in Kentucky is miserable, says study

Kentucky is a miserable place to live. It’s one of the most miserable places to live in the entire county, according to a study. (I respectfully disagree.)

Over 160,000 human beings were interviewed to determine the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, which reviews how people live their lives. The index consists of five categories: sense of purpose, social relationships, financial security, relationship to community and physical health.

24/7 Wall Street then broke down the index’s findings by state, and found that Kentucky is the 45th most miserable state in America.

Here’s what it says about the Bluegrass:

45. Kentucky

Residents who like what they do every day: 70.6% (2nd lowest)
Residents w/ a strong social relationship: 76.0% (12th highest)
Residents in near perfect physical health: 48.4% (3rd lowest)
Poverty rate: 18.5% (4th highest)
Violent crime rate: 232.3 per 100,000 (7th lowest)

Using your strengths and enjoying what you do every day can greatly contribute to a sense of purpose — one of the most important pillars of personal well-being. In Kentucky, just 70.6% of adults like what they do every day, and 63.3% use their strengths to maximize their potential every day — the second smallest and smallest shares of any state, respectively. The relatively weak sense of purpose may partially explain the prevalence of depression in the state. Some 23% of respondents in Kentucky have had a depression in their lifetime, the fourth largest share of any state.

In addition, many also likely suffer from poor physical health. Only 48.4% of respondents in Kentucky assess their own physical health as near-perfect, the third smallest share of any state. Suboptimal health, for many, may be attributable to unhealthy habits. For example, just 57.4% of adults in the state eat healthily all day, the third smallest share of any state.

South Dakota ranked first on the well-being list with the highest percentage of residents who like what they do everyday and residents in near perfect physical shape.

Only Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia are worse than Kentucky.

[America most miserable? An analysis of well-being]

Hey Kentucky Profiles How Marshall County is Moving Forward from Tragedy

Hey Kentucky Profiles How Marshall County is Moving Forward from Tragedy

Tragedy struck Marshall County in January when an active shooter terrorized the high school, leaving dozens injured and two dead.

In the months since, the community has come together to heal as one.  Hey Kentucky’s Chris Tomlin spoke to community leaders, students and survivors to see how they will move ahead with the start of a new school year.

Click here to see the rest of today’s episode in Madisonville with Drew and Matt.

Kentucky wins “Best Looking Cruiser” contest (LESSGOOOOO!)

Kentucky wins “Best Looking Cruiser” contest (LESSGOOOOO!)

Thanks to your online participation, the Kentucky State Police took home the trophy for “Best Looking Cruiser” in 2018.

The American Association of State Troopers (AAST) announced its champion on Wednesday after a week of online voting on Facebook. In the end, Kentucky edged out Georgia with 29.9k likes and 1.9k loves to Georgia’s 29.k likes and 1.3k loves.

We’re proud to say we helped make the push for voters and we too feel like we’ve won. I have no idea what the KSP actually wins for claiming the title, but you better believe I’ll have this in my back pocket if I ever find myself pulled over for speeding.

Congrats to the KSP!

Microphones At Press Conference

Justify officially retires from racing

Justify is hanging it up.

It was announced Wednesday afternoon that the Triple Crown winner will no longer race again, not even in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup. Trainer Bob Baffert had hoped to get him ready for that one, but he is not responding to treatment and will instead retire for good.

Justify leaves racing with a perfect 6-0 record in his short career. He will now focus on fatherhood, having lots of sex, and playing football for Louisville.