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Former PGA President wants Valhalla to be permanent host for PGA, Ryder Cup

Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club has a storied history with the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup, and now one former PGA president wants Valhalla to become the permanent home for the two of the sport’s biggest tournaments.

Ted Bishop, president of the PGA of America in 2013-14, has called for Valhalla to be the official host of the PGA Championship each year and the official host of all domestic Ryder Cup competitions. Bishop makes great points, too: he cites Valhalla’s 480-acre property; the fact that it’s already owned by the PGA; and the city’s proven track record hosting major events, like the Kentucky Derby, as reasons it could work.

Bishop also thinks permanent infrastructure on the property could be put into place (the actual course only takes up about 250 of the 480 acres) to better accommodate the annual major championship and the occasional Ryder Cup every four years. He tossed out ideas like on-site lodging, and PGA Championship and Ryder Cup villages promoting the events’ history, to better enhance the experience.

After reading Bishop’s proposal, I think it’s a great idea. And that’s not just because I’m a golf fan who lives within a one-hour drive of the first tee box.

But can it happen?

Jack Nicklaus called it “an interesting concept,” according to this story.

Read more from Bishop in his write-up: PGA, Ryder Cup belong at Valhalla

Bill Meck and 50 others Try Out to be a UK P.A. Announcer

You’ve heard his voice deliver weather forecasts.  In the near future you may hear Bill Meck announce a touchdown at Kroger Field.

The LEX-18 weatherman was one of approximately 50 people who gathered tonight at John Cropp Stadium to show off their pipes in the hopes that one day they may become a P.A. announcer for UK Athletics.  There is no vacancy that needs to be filled immediately.  UK is using the tryout to find young talent to develop for the future.

One of them could be 26-year old Adam Goodlett.  Dressed in a blue suit, he held nothing back.

“I’m just a diehard Kentucky fan,” Goodlett told the Herald-Leader after his turn at the microphone. “If UK was in a spitting contest, I’d paint myself blue and sit in the front row.”

Those who are still in contention will be notified Monday.  For more, check out the story from the Herald-Leader.

Badass Kentucky female fighter pilot running for Congress

Lt. Col. Amy McGrath was the first female Marine to fly an F-18 in a combat mission, and now, she’s running for Andy Barr’s seat in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. Her campaign ad will give you chills.

Contrary to what some of you may think, I couldn’t care less about politics, but someone sent me the video of McGrath’s ad announcing her run today and I was so impressed I had to share:

McGrath, an Edgewood, Kentucky native, grew up wanting to fly fighter jets but when she was 13, was informed by her congressman that she wouldn’t be able to because “women ought to be protected and not allowed to serve in combat.” She pursued her dream anyways and while she was at the Naval Academy, the law changed. From there, she started a 20-year military career in which she flew 89 combat missions, including bombings targeting al Qaeda and the Taliban. She’s not the only trailblazer in her family; McGrath’s mother, a polio survivor, was one of the first women to graduate from UK Medical School.

Now, McGrath’s story is going viral. Today alone, it’s been featured on CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News, The Hill, Esquire, and practically every major news outlet you can think of. Argue about politics all you want, but the one thing we can all agree on today is that Lt. Col. Amy McGrath is a badass.

Allen Iverson won’t play in the BIG3 in Lexington this weekend

Allen Iverson won’t play in the BIG3 in Lexington this weekend

One of the main attractions for the BIG3 3-on-3 basketball tournament this weekend in Rupp Arena was supposed to be Allen Iverson, but the Philadelphia 76ers legend won’t play due to suspension.

This morning, BIG3 commissioner Roger Mason Jr. announced that Iverson has been suspended one week for not showing up to his game in Dallas on Sunday, meaning he will miss Sunday’s game in Rupp. Iverson didn’t give a reason for not showing up, but did apologize on Instagram afterwards. Regardless, BIG 3 founder Ice Cube said he still felt as though a punishment as necessary.

“Well, we talked about holding up the legitimacy of the league and he knows that him not showing up hurts us,” Ice Cube said. “Who’s happy to be suspended? Nobody. But he understands that it’s a necessary step in the development of the BIG3 who don’t believe what we’re doing and what we’re going to do in the future. Our league is bigger than one man, and we’ve got Hall-of-Famers, champions, All-Stars, first-round picks, and we have to think about them. He understands that.”

Regardless, Sunday’s event should be a fun one. Iverson may not be able to play, but former pros like Rashard Lewis, Mike Bibby, Rashad McCants, Kenyon Martin, Jason Williams, Chauncey Billups will. The BIG3 is picking up in popularity, so if you want to see what it’s all about, get thee to a Ticketmaster to secure your seat. Unfortunately, Calipari can’t go due to a family obligation, but he’s apparently sending plenty of his former players in his place. Ice Cube is ready for them:


Blues Traveler singer won’t leave Kentuckian alone online

Blues Traveler frontman John Popper is caught up in a Twitter beef that’s lasted three years and a resolution is nowhere in sight.

On the other end of the feud?

A man from Versailles, Ky.

Forrest Rutherford, a proud Woodford Countian, first tweeted Popper in 2014, using a pseudonym to conceal his true identity. But a couple of weeks ago, Popper posted an aerial view of Rutherford’s Versailles home along with his address. A fan of Popper’s band then called on a Mexican drug cartel to pay a visit to Rutherford’s home, which, of course, did not happen because why would a Mexican drug cartel care about Blues Traveler’s Twitter critics?

In a story for The Daily Beast, Rutherford said he has tried contacting Twitter, but it’s gone nowhere.

It’s not just a Twitter problem, though; Popper has also taken the fight to Facebook. “On his Facebook post, he said I was a danger to his family and a stalker. That caused some comments on that post that were death threats,” Rutherford told The Beast.

Read the whole bizarre story of 90s pop singer versus Kentucky social media account: John Popper From Blues Traveler Will Not Stop Posting Aerial Pictures of My House

There are a lot of thin-skinned people on the internet, but John Popper’s skin may be the thinnest. He’s been blasting this guy from the Blues Traveler’s band page because he couldn’t handle a little Twitter heat. Let it go, man.

Sam Shepard passes away at his home in Midway, Kentucky

Sam Shepard passes away at his home in Midway, Kentucky

And now for a bit of sad news from the world of entertainment. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Oscar-nominated actor Sam Shepard passed away last week at his home in Midway due to complications from Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He was 73.

Shepard penned 44 plays, numerous books, and short stories, and won the Pulitzer in 1979 for his play “Buried Child.” Shepard was known best for his plays, but also acted, appearing in dozens of films and earning an Oscar nomination for his performance in the 1983 astronaut drama “The Right Stuff.” Most recently, he played Robert Rayburn in the Emmy-nominated Netflix series “Bloodline,” his last on-camera appearance.

Shepard, who grew up on an avocado ranch in California, owned a horse farm in Midway and became a fixture in the community over the years. He is survived by his children — Jesse, Hannah and Walker Shepard — and his sisters, Sandy and Roxanne Rogers.

William Shatner thrown from cart during Mercer County Horse Show

William Shatner thrown from cart during Mercer County Horse Show

William Shatner had a scary moment Wednesday night at the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show. Shatner, who apparently shows horses when he’s not doing Priceline ads, was tossed from his cart when his horse was spooked. Check out the footage via TMZ below:

Thankfully, neither Shatner nor his horse were injured; in fact, like the boss that he is, he went on to win the competition. That ribbon sure will look pretty on the trophy shelf at Shatner’s Belle Reve Farm in Versailles.

Meanwhile, as someone who showed saddlebreds at the Mercer County Fair growing up, can I tell you how surreal it is to read about it on TMZ?


Karen Sypher is a free woman

After nearly seven years in prison, Karen Sypher is a free woman.

Sypher has been living at a halfway house since January, but today, her sentence officially expires. Back in February 2011, Sypher was sentenced to 87 months in prison for trying to extort cash, cars, and a house from Rick Pitino. I’m sure you remember the details of the trial, which helped launch this very website into stardom, but in case you forgot, here’s Matt’s account of Pitino’s testimony, in which the former coach admitted he had sex with Sypher on a table in Porcini’s:

Pitino then said when asked about the sexual encounter, “unfortunate things happen.” They had a drink and moved to a booth just behind the bar. Pitino said, “one thing led to another” and then she “opened up my pants.” She asked Pitino if he had a condom and he said no. She said “well you have to pull out because I am fertile.” Pitino said this concerned him, but he continued and the entire sexual encounter “took less than 15 seconds.” He said he knows that he did not ejaculate inside of her. “We talked, I pulled my pants up and we left a short time later.”

Six-and-a-half years later, those statements still seem surreal. If you’re looking for something to do today, go back and read Matt’s posts about the trial. And, if you’re anywhere near Middletown, Kentucky, keep an eye out for Karen; she’s been spotted there in recent weeks.

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Lexington a more educated city than Louisville, per recent study

Lexington a more educated city than Louisville, per recent study

Here’s a new piece of ammunition in the rivalry between Lexington and Louisville: according to a recent study by WalletHub, Lexington is the most educated city in Kentucky and the 24th most educated city in America.

Louisville came in at No. 88 in the study, which compared the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas across nine key metrics. The data set ranges from share of adults aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher to quality of the public school system to gender education gap.

Other towns of note in the rankings:

1. Ann Arbor, MI
4. Durham-Chapel Hill, NC
9. Austin, TX
24. Lexington-Fayette, KY
25. Atlanta, GA
33. Chicago, IL
36. New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA
52. Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin, TN
57. Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN
81. Knoxville, TN
88. Louisville/Jefferson county, KY-IN
103. Baton Rouge, LA
134. Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH

Check out the survey and its methodology here.

Kent Bulle getting some love from

Kent Bulle getting some love from

© John David Mercer

If you haven’t been paying any attention to Drew Franklin’s Twitter feed, Snapchat story, or Instagram posts, Kentucky native and friend of KSR Kent Bulle is over in England playing in the 2017 Open Championship. Not only is Kent playing, but he is playing really well through the first two days. Bulle is tied for 10th after the completion of Round 2 keeping his overall score at even par.

Here’s a few looks at shots from his opening round, courtesy of Drew.

1st Hole: 😬🙈 18th Hole: 🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰

A post shared by Drew Franklin (@drew_franklin) on

What’s even better, is that Kent is getting noticed from the media on the PGA Tour.’s Sean Martin wrote a really great story on Bulle’s journey to being able to play in The Open. The piece starts like this:

Glasgow native Kent Bulle is in contention at The Open Championship. He’s not a Scot giving the British fans a rooting interest, though. He’s a Tour player who is a surprise contender at The Open Championship after earning his spot with a win in South America.

Bulle is from Glasgow, Kentucky, a town of approximately 15,000 residents and a dozen stoplights. It was named for the Scottish hometown of one of its founders, John Matthews. His mascot at Glasgow High School was the Scotties, and the town is known for its annual Scottish Highland Games.

Do yourself a favor and check out the entire story right here.

For the time being, keep making us proud over there Kent, and keep placing those smart bets on him Drew.


Lexington grandmother calls out rude grandson in epic Kroger comment card

Lexington grandmother calls out rude grandson in epic Kroger comment card

Kids, here’s a helpful tip: Don’t ever tell your grandmother to just “google” something or you might wind up on the bad end of a story gone viral.

Today’s awesome and cautionary tale comes to us from the Euclid Kroger, where a grandmother sent in a comment card to thank one of the store’s employees for helping her get the yogurt-covered cranberries she’d been craving. The customer wrote that the employee was a “fine young man” who went to the trouble to “help an old lady like me” — unlike her grandson Tyler, who just tells her to “google” stuff when she asks him for help. Check out her note, which the store posted on its Customer Comment of the Week sign:

Photo via

“I have trouble with all this new technology and it is nice to know that there are bright young people out there that will stop and help an old lady like me,” the customer wrote. “As I was leaving the store, I couldn’t help but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel.

“I know that’s terrible of me to say as a grandmother. Don’t get me wrong I love my Tyler to death, but he is so rude to me sometimes. Whenever I ask for computer help he just tells me to google it. He dresses in all black and it really disturbs me. His mother says it’s only a phase. I hope so.”

Come on, Tyler. Be more like Nathaniel.


Eric C. Conn spotted in New Mexico

Where in the world is Eric C. Conn? According to the FBI, he was recently in New Mexico. The FBI released this image of Conn buying a bottle of water and a snack at a gas station near the New Mexico/Mexico border. While in the area, he also bought a bike at Wal-Mart:


The fugitive attorney has been on the run for over a month after pleading guilty to defrauding the US government of over half a billion dollars. This morning, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky sentenced him to 12 years in prison and ordered him to pay almost $170,000,000 in restitution, a $50,000 fine, and a forfeiture judgment of $5,750,404.

A few weeks ago, Conn emailed the Herald-Leader claiming he was out of the country. While the FBI has pictures of him near the Mexico border, they say they have no reason to believe he has crossed it.

Maybe that’s what the bike is for?


Lexington named one of America’s best cities to drive in and I respectfully disagree

Lexington named one of America’s best cities to drive in and I respectfully disagree

Believe it or not, Lexington is considered one of the best major cities to drive in, according to a new study from Wallet Hub.

The website took a look at 100 American cities across 25 key indicators of driver-friendliness, ranging from gas prices to traffic delays to everything else related to the road. With the findings across those categories, the study somehow found that Lexington is the 12th best city for driving around; and, with all due respect, I couldn’t disagree more.

The 11 cities ahead of Lexington are in Texas (4), Arizona (4) and North Carolina (3). To see the entire list, click on Wallet Hub’s story here.

Yesterday, Wallet Hub named Lexington one of the “Best-Run Cities In America.”

Today, it should try to run errands in Hamburg or take a lap or two around New Circle.

Louisville police’s high-speed chase ends in Indiana after almost an hour

It took dozens of Louisville Metro Police vehicles to chase down a red pickup truck and bring the suspect into custody Thursday afternoon. The chase began in Louisville and ended in a field in Floyd County, Indiana after 40 minutes of pursuit.

I don’t know what happened that led to the chase, nor am I an expert on the matter, but I do know the LMP should invest in some sort of training for things like this moving forward. Maybe invest in a video game console with Grand Theft Auto or have the entire force over for action movie night.

Timothy Burke of @bubbaprog captured the video from WLKY:

The chase wasn’t a great performance, but they sure did put a whoopin’ on that suspect as they took him into custody.

And Twitter was there for reaction:


WDRB reporting the suspect was wanted for stealing purses. [WDRB]

Kentucky wrestler making noise as the “Progressive Liberal”

Kentucky wrestler making noise as the “Progressive Liberal”

A professional wrestler here in Kentucky has found a gimmick that works as the “Progressive Liberal” Dan Richards, a heel (villain) in Appalachian Mountain Wrestling.

Richards taunts AMW event-goers by telling them things like “You vote against your own interests” and “You people need to be reprogrammed,” among other arguments against the other side of the aisle.

You can see one of the Progressive Liberal’s promos and some of his action in the YouTube video below:

This Friday he’ll be competing in a “Cry Baby Match” at Wolfe County High School with a diaper and a baby bottle on the line.