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Kentucky man asks hitchhiker for sex, hitchhiker steals truck

Kentucky man asks hitchhiker for sex, hitchhiker steals truck

A Kentucky man lost his truck while being reminded of one of life’s most important lessons: Don’t solicit sex from a hitchhiker. I thought we all learned that at a young age, but apparently this 71-year-old man forgot.

The Laurel County man faces a charge of solicitation after Clay County deputies say he picked up a hitchhiker on I-75 and offered the hitchhiker money in return for sex. The hitchhiker, who is from Ohio, agreed and the two drove off to a nearby Old Town Road to complete the transaction. Once they parked and stepped out of the truck, the hitchhiker removed his clothing and then — Plot twist! — jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

The truck is still missing, the identity of the thief is unknown, and the truck’s owner was escorted off to jail after reporting it stolen.

[WYMT: Laurel County man offers to pay hitchhiker for sex; hitchhiker steals man’s truck, per police]

(Scott County Detention Center)

Kentucky middle school substitute teacher arrested for taking shots of vodka on the job

(Scott County Detention Center)

One Kentucky substitute teacher had a rough day at work on Monday.

Brook Ellen West, a 32-year-old substitute at Royal Springs Middle School, was arrested yesterday morning after she admitted to authorities she took four shots of vodka around 11:00 a.m. while on the job.

According to the arrest citation, West blew a .317 on a breathalyzer test, smelled like alcohol, and was heard yelling and cursing at students.

In a statement given to WKYT, Scott Count Schools said:

“On Monday, April 15, 2019, a substitute reported to Royal Spring Middle School to fill a half-day opening in the afternoon. The substitute demonstrated erratic behavior. School staff acted immediately upon learning of this behavior. Scott County Sheriff’s Department escorted the substitute off school grounds later charging her with alcohol intoxication. The individual is no longer employed by Scott County Schools in any capacity.”

West has been charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place and endangering the welfare of a minor.


Hey Kentucky goes One on One with James Comer

Hey Kentucky goes One on One with James Comer

Matt Jones hosted Kentucky Congressman Jamie Comer on Monday night’s Hey Kentucky. In an eight-minute discussion the two talked about the latest political developments from Washington D.C., from the Mueller report to the problems with partisanship.

Congressman Comer and Matt Jones talked about a lot more than politics. Click here to see tonight’s entire episode.

(Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports)

Furniture store having “Duke Got The Hell Kicked Out Of Them” Sale

(Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports)

An Eastern Kentucky furniture store is currently holding a mega sale, all because Duke failed to make the Final Four.

Hazard Furniture in Hazard, Ky., is offering special deals as part of its “Duke Got The Hell Beat Out Of Them” Sale.

Listen to the radio ad that plays in the area:

I don’t even need new furniture but I’ll buy a couch to support the cause.

photo via West Kentucky Star

Cheer up with Marshall County’s Tater Day celebration

photo via West Kentucky Star

If you were brave enough to listen to Kentucky Sports Radio Monday morning, you heard our good friend Harold tell the gang about Marshall County’s annual Tater Day. Believe it or not, the first Monday of April is always celebrated in Benton with tater-related activities – in recent years, the event has spanned multiple days. This year marked the 176th celebration of Tater Day.

The festivities actually began Friday, held alongside the Marshall County A and I Fair. This year, Tater Day(s) included carnival rides, food trucks, a demolition Derby, specialty vendors and a parade.

“The first Monday in April is our unofficial start of spring with the Tater Day Festival,” Marshall County Tourism Executive Director Randy Newcomb told the Western Kentucky Star. “Tater Day brings people from all over to enjoy great food, entertainment and family fun.”

Herold said there were 20,000 people in town ready to celebrate Tater Day. I’m not sure if these pictures show that many tater-goers, but it definitely looks like a busy Monday on the streets of Benton.

Apparently, local businesses even close for the day:

Can we please petition to make Tater Day a statewide holiday? I think the BBN could have used a day off to celebrate taters in peace.

Eastern Kentucky man claims Hazard Hampton Inn manager required him to undergo exorcism

Eastern Kentucky man claims Hazard Hampton Inn manager required him to undergo exorcism

The Hazard Hampton Inn’s job requirements are…unusual.

An Eastern Kentucky man has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the hotel and its manager, Sharon Lindon.  According to WDRB, Jason White claims he was harassed by Lindon once the front desk clerk revealed he was getting a divorce.  Blaming his marital problems on “demons,” Lindon allegedly asked White to get an exorcism to continue working at the hotel.

The suit, which names Lindon and Hampton Inn as defendants, alleges Fields was told if he was going to work for Lindon, he had to be “cleansed.”

In addition, Fields was given a form to fill out with questions about his religious background, if he had lustful thoughts, whether he was conceived out of wedlock or had been sexually abused and if he had ever “made a pact with the devil,” among other questions.

The form White refused to complete is bizarre, to say the least.

The lawsuit also claims that members of Lindon’s church came to the lobby of the hotel to pray for him while he was on duty at the front desk.  White eventually quit his job and filed the lawsuit March 21.

If you thought your work was hell, think again.


Only in Kentucky: Bride and Groom allow UK game to be shown during ceremony

Only in Kentucky: Bride and Groom allow UK game to be shown during ceremony

What do you do if your wedding is at the same time as Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament second round game? If you’re this couple from Somerset, you let your guests watch it during the ceremony.

Scheduling your wedding during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is still frowned upon, but shoutout to Devan and Randall Smith for making the most of the situation.

Ramel Bradley and AppHarvest to be featured on 60 Minutes


We’re very proud of the work our friend Ramel Bradley is doing with AppHarvest, and on Sunday night, they’ll both be featured on 60 Minutes.

The famous CBS News show recently spent a week in Eastern Kentucky to learn more about the high-tech agricultural company that’s building giant greenhouses to grow produce and create jobs in a region that desperately needs them. The “Rise of the Rest” Fund recently invested in AppHarvest as part of its focus on working with entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley and other coastal tech hubs. The fund is managed by AOL Co-Founder Steve Case and best-selling author J.D. Vance (“Hillbilly Elegy”) and is backed by more than 30 iconic business leaders, including Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

As part of the feature, 60 Minutes crews filmed Ramel leading the agricultural entrepreneurs class at Shelby Valley High School in Pike County. Talk about must-see TV.

Here’s a preview:

Sunday night, 7 p.m. ET. Set the DVR.