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How has nobody caught the cow in Prestonsburg?

How has nobody caught the cow in Prestonsburg?

Nobody can catch an Eastern Kentucky cow that has roamed the streets of Prestonsburg for almost a week.

Described as “a very active cow,” the heifer is believed to have made the trek from Johnson County to Floyd County.  The mobile bovine started showing up on security cameras Sunday night.  Even more remarkably, the cow is minding all local laws.

“As we’ve tracked it, it has minded road rules and stayed on the shoulder,” Prestonsburg police said. “She also browsed our downtown local shops from the street on her way through and seems impressed.”

After four days, the cow has still evaded capture.  How?  It makes absolutely no sense.

It isn’t the first time animals on the loose have made headlines.  One of the more exhilarating stories I ever covered as a student journalist involved a loose steer on UK’s campus.  A member of the rodeo team had to lasso the beast that caused traffic problems on Cooper Drive.

Floyd County High School probably doesn’t have a rodeo team waiting to respond to all loose cattle calls, but somebody’s gotta be able to contain the cow.  There’s only one possible explanation: the Prestonsburg cow has only been seen on nighttime security cameras.  The black cow must have transformed into a nocturnal beast in order to move swiftly from town to town throughout the night.

If Eric C. Conn could evade authorities for weeks, this cow will never be captured.


Craig Yeast Named Kentucky Wesleyan Head Football Coach

Craig Yeast is taking his football talents back to Kentucky.  The former UK wide receiver will be Kentucky Wesleyan’s next head coach.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to build an excellent football program at Kentucky Wesleyan and the fact that KWC is in my home state made this position more intriguing,” Yeast said.

“I love the Commonwealth of Kentucky so being handed the keys to the Panthers Football Program is not something I take lightly.  I am very blessed, honored, and extremely excited for this opportunity.  I am familiar with Owensboro, but I have not been here since 1994. Much has changed so my family and I are looking forward to exploring and becoming a part of the Owensboro community.”

The Danville native shined in Hal Mumme’s Air Raid offense.  With the help of Tim Couch, Yeast set the SEC record for career receptions.  He still holds all of UK’s major receiving records after finishing his career with 208 receptions, 2,899 receiving yards and 28 touchdowns.

After a few years in the NFL and CFL, Craig got into coaching.  He coached his son Russ in high school, then spent the last three years calling plays at Franklin College, just south of Indianapolis.  In 2018 Yeast’s offense led D-III football in total offense and passing offense.

Yeast certainly has the resume to build a winner in Owensboro.  Most importantly, Ryan Lemond approves.

WATCH: Women wrestle over toy at Danville Walmart

WATCH: Women wrestle over toy at Danville Walmart

Black Friday means videos of Black Friday fights, and it pains me that one circling social media today is from my hometown of Danville.

Last night at the Danville Walmart, two women wrestled each other to the ground, reportedly over a hoverboard. The video isn’t the best quality, but as you can see, one woman has the other in a scissor hold before someone steps in to stop it:

Things got real in Walmart

Posted by Joe Burchett on Thursday, November 22, 2018

Why people do this when they can order the same thing online is beyond me.

UPDATE: Better video below.

Why haven't we turned Black Friday into a national sport? Or at least a reality show.America, you're slipping.This…

Posted by Carlos Miller on Friday, November 23, 2018


Kentucky dodged another mass shooting yesterday

(LEX 18/Springfield Police Department)

I know we’re all here for UK sports and to beat Louisville this Saturday and to eventually get basketball revenge on Duke in the Final Four, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge yet another close call that occurred too close to home on Monday, when police disarmed a man attempting a mass shooting.

According to LEX 18, Springfield police disarmed and arrested 37-year-old Matthew Smith of Lebanon after he pointed a gun at an officer in the parking lot of the LB Manufacturing factory in Springfield. Smith had an AR-15 that had been modified to make it fully automatic, as well as handguns and rifles in his truck.

Read more on the story here.

The news comes only a month after Dylan Jarrell was arrested as he was backing out of his driveway in Lawrenceburg with a gun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a detailed plan of attack on two nearby schools. He was stopped after a tip came in from a woman in New Jersey, who had received threatening messages via Facebook from Jarrell.

There is also the recent tragedy in Louisville, where a gunman killed two people at the Jeffersontown Kroger, on October 24.

Dunbar grad named UK’s first Rhodes Scholar since 1955

Dunbar grad named UK’s first Rhodes Scholar since 1955

Photo @UniversityofKentucky

Today, a University of Kentucky student accomplished something that hasn’t happened at the school since 1955 and has nothing to do with sports. UK senior and Dunbar High School graduate Hadeel Abdallah was named a Rhodes Scholar, the school’s first since 1955. She will use the prestigious scholarship to attend Oxford University in England to pursue a graduate degree in refugee and forced migration studies and global governance and diplomacy.

Adballah’s list of accomplishments is extensive. A strong advocate for educational opportunities for immigrants and refugee women, she founded and directs the Bilal Scholarship Endowment, which provides scholarships to underrepresented students across Kentucky, and has received several fellowships to continue her important work. She is one of 32 Rhodes Scholars this year, 21 of which are women, the most ever in a single class.

“Hadeel’s passion for public service and resolve to make a positive impact on the world are an inspiration to the UK family,” UK President Eli Capilouto said in a statement. “Her story embodies the values and ideals that our campus holds dear: dogged determination and unwavering good will. We are so proud of her accomplishments and wish her the best in her journey as a Rhodes Scholar.”

Congrats, Hadeel. I’m sure you’ll continue to make us proud.


WKU Volleyball Coach Offers Life-Saving Promotion

WKU Sports

In the world of college athletics, you don’t have to look far to find promotions that are intended to fill seats.

John Calipari has made it an annual tradition to give two students who attend the Blue/White Game free tuition for the spring semester.  One student in the Rupp Arena stands this Thursday’s women’s basketball game against Virginia will receive spring tuition expenses from Matthew Mitchell.  There’s a promotion on Western Kentucky’s campus that is not meant to put people in the stands.

WKU volleyball coach Travis Hudson will pay for a semester of tuition to a student who can help one of his former players.  Shortly after finishing her All-American career at WKU, Alyssa Cavanaugh was diagnosed with leukemia.  In order to win the battle, Cavanaugh needs a donor for a bone marrow transplant.  A difficult task, Hudson took matters into his own hands.

“As I watched people walk in this building, I just had this overwhelming feeling in my heart that there’s 20,000 of those people walking around campus, and it’s so easy to find out if you’re a match. It’s so simple.

“If anybody on this campus — if any student on this campus who will take five minutes to register, and it comes back, and they happen to be the match for Alyssa Cavanaugh, their next semester of tuition on the Hill is on me,” Hudson told the College Heights Herald. “That sounds like a pretty good gig. I was a poor college student at one time.”

Hudson initially setup shop at four different sporting events across to sign up potential donors.  Now he’s taking the search to the entire Western Kentucky campus.  If they can’t find one on campus, he’s willing to take it across the country to ensure Cavanaugh finds a match.

Hudson’s heart-warming efforts to help a former player in their greatest hour of need are just one reason why we love sports.

If you’d like to help be a part of the solution, potential donors can begin the registration process with Be the Match here.    

[College Heights Herald]

UK Student who allegedly made up threats made media rounds prior to arrest

This morning, Haily Duvall, a 19-year-old University of Kentucky student, was arrested for spreading and reporting a fake threat against White Hall, a prominent classroom building on campus. Before the police discovered she made the false threats via SnapChat, Duvall did several interviews with local media, even telling the Kentucky Kernel that she had a test in that building today but felt UK should cancel classes and fully investigate the matter.

“It’s a safe or sorry thing. Would you rather ignore it, and then somebody get hurt? I definitely take it seriously. I’ve even encouraged fellow students, ‘Hey if you don’t feel safe, don’t go.'”

“Your life is worth more than 10 participation points,” she continued. “Or notes you can get from a fellow student. This should not be taken like a grain of salt; there should be some concern in this situation.”

[Kentucky Kernel]

Not the smartest criminal, Duvall didn’t stop there, even going on camera with WKYT.

“Definitely at first, I was like, yeah, no, this is one mad kid who probably failed an exam, but the more they came, once I was added on SnapChat by the person, I realized it was a little more severe than initially led on,” she said.

One of the threats Duvall allegedly created and spread on SnapChat said “White Hall is about to be white ashes along with every a**hole student in it.” Another said “Thirsty thursdays are about become ticking time bomb thursdays.”

Maybe you should have just taken the F on that test, Haily.

UK Police make arrest in connection with White Hall Classroom Building Threats

A UK student has been arrested after threats were aimed at the White Hall Classroom Building on Kentucky’s campus.

In conjunction with FBI officials, UK police arrested Haily Loriane Duvall, a 19-year old sophomore from Glasgow, Kentucky.  She has been charged with terroristic threatening 2nd degree and filing a false police report.  From UK:

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said Duvall was the person who originally contacted UK Police yesterday afternoon to report threats that were being distributed via Snapchat.

Monroe said that while safety officials never believed the threats were credible or substantive, making a threat such as this one is a serious offense.

White Hall is one of the most used classroom buildings on campus.  The home of many prerequisite underclassmen courses, most students have at least one or two classes in the north campus building during their first year of school.

For those who must attend classes at White Hall today, UK Police will “maintain a heightened presence” on campus to provide more reassurance after the arrest.

[UK Now]

Rex Chapman, Mike Pratt to Expo Center: Ban racist items or remove our plaques


Former Kentucky stars Rex Chapman and Mike Pratt are taking a stand against racism, calling for the Kentucky Expo Center remove their Hall of Fame plaques from Freedom Hall after Nazi and KKK memorabilia were sold there at a gun show this past weekend.

The exhibition commemorated National Gun Day and featured authentic Nazi Christmas ornaments, Ku Klux Klan robes, Gestapo uniforms and swastika shirts, many of which were sold on Saturday, the same day as the anti-Semitic attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed eleven people. Last week, another hate crime hit close to home as a white man killed two African Americans at a Louisville Kroger after first trying to break into a predominantly African-American church.

Yesterday, Chapman issued the ultimatum on Twitter, asking Kentucky Venues, which oversees the center, to guarantee such items will not be on sale again. Pratt backed him up:

Kentucky Venues issued this response:


WATCH: New Jersey mom who helped prevent mass shooting in Kentucky on Ellen

WATCH: New Jersey mom who helped prevent mass shooting in Kentucky on Ellen

Last week, we told you about Koeberle Bull, a New Jersey mother who helped derail a potential school shooting in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Yesterday, Bull and her family were invited on Ellen to tell the amazing story and Ellen surprised them by bringing Josh Satterly, the Kentucky State Trooper who responded to the report, on stage:

A quick refresher of the story because it truly is incredible: Bull received a Facebook message with racist comments about her and her biracial children from a man named Dylan Jarrell, whose Facebook profile listed him as a resident of Lawrenceburg, Ky. Sensing danger, Bull contacted the Kentucky State Police, who caught Jarrell backing out of his driveway wearing a Kevlar vest with a firearm, more than 200 rounds of ammunition, and a detailed plan of attack on local schools. He was arrested on two counts of second-degree “terroristic threatening” and one count of harassing communications.

On Ellen, Officer Satterly thanked Bull on behalf of the Kentucky State Police and invited her and her family to the Lawrenceburg Christmas Parade. Ellen also gave the family a trip to Fiji. Both great gestures for a woman whose actions should be an inspiration to us all.

New Jersey mom helps prevent a school shooting in Kentucky

A school shooting plot right here in Kentucky was stopped in its tracks thanks to a woman in New Jersey.

LEX18 has the story of Koeberle Bull, a mother of three with no connection to the Bluegrass; that is, until last week when Bull received a private Facebook message from a man she didn’t know, spewing awful and racist things about Bull and her children. The message came from a man named Dylan Jarrell, whose Facebook profile listed him as a resident of Lawrenceburg, Ky.

Jarrell’s messages prompted Bull to contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department, which then led to the arrest of Jarrell as he was backing out of his driveway. He was stopped with a gun, more than 200 rounds of ammo, a 100-round high capacity magazine, a Kevlar vest and a plan of attack on the Anderson County and Shelby County school districts. Police believe he was on his way to carry out the attacks at the time of his arrest.

If not for Bull’s call to local law enforcement from 700 miles away, police would not have known to stop Jarrell before it was too late.

WATCH: WKU Football Lost in the Wildest Way Possible


It’s been a rough year for Bowling Green’s football team.  Saturday night perfectly encapsulated Western Kentucky’s 2018 football season.

While former head coach Jeff Brohm throttled No. 2 Ohio State, the 1-5 Tops were searching for their first C-USA win against 1-5 Old Dominion (yes, ODU’s only win before Saturday was against Virginia Tech).  A WKU win was all but assured when Western Kentucky scored a go-ahead touchdown with 1:37 to play.  After that, chaos took control of the college football game.

Just like the Louisville basketball loss to Virginia, everything that had to go wrong to give ODU a chance to win in regulation went wrong.

A comedy of errors prevented Western Kentucky from beating Old Dominion, but they still almost beat Louisville at Cardinal Stadium.  People forget that.