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White nationalists considering rally in Lexington

Charlottesville, Va. protest (Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Groups of white nationalists are discussing a rally in Lexington in protest of the city’s planned removal of two Confederate statues from downtown.

Matthew Heimbach of the “Traditionalist Worker Party” has said he and others like him are eyeing Lexington as their next stop after Charlottesville.

A story from the Herald-Leader says, “Heimbach claims people in the Lexington area asked his group get involved in the issue. The group has members in Kentucky and plans to try to recruit more, he said.”

If you saw anything from Charlottesville over the weekend, you know this could get extremely out of hand and you should hope a similar scene doesn’t come to Kentucky.

And if you didn’t see anything from Charlottesville over the weekend, the people at Vice News did an amazing report, which Matt and Ryan mentioned on today’s show, on the events that occurred:

10-year-old Justin Thomas wanted to be a pro by early 20s

10-year-old Justin Thomas wanted to be a pro by early 20s

Louisville’s own Justin Thomas has said he wants to be the city’s best athlete, and he took a huge step in that direction over the weekend by winning the PGA Championship. Thomas’ first major championship was also the first for a Kentuckian in 50 years, and it likely won’t be the last major victory for Thomas and his state, as he is one of the bright young stars in the sport at only 24 years old.

In an old video shared online following yesterday’s PGA Championship win, a much younger Thomas said he hoped to play golf professionally one day. Only 10 years old at the time, Thomas said in the video, “I’d like to turn pro like in (my) early 20s or something.”

In another video from his youth, Thomas said he wants to go on tour and “see what he can do from there.”

10-year-old Justin would be happy to know he’s earned $13.7 million with five wins since turning pro in 2013.

Hopkinsville, Ky. featured on CBS Sunday Morning story on the Eclipse

Hopkinsville, Ky. featured on CBS Sunday Morning story on the Eclipse

We are one week from the total solar eclipse, and in turn, the national media is turning its sights to cities and towns in the path, including Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Over 100,000 people are expected to descend on Hoptown, to see the eclipse, which will last around two minutes and forty seconds, one of the longest “totalities” in the country. That could bring up to $30 million to the area, so, not surprisingly, area businesses are preparing to cash in with Eclipse-themed products.

Yesterday, CBS Sunday Morning featured Hopkinsville in its story on the Eclipse, specifically the Casey Jones Distillery, which is making a special moonshine just for the occasion.

“Our total eclipse, we guarantee the lights out. You can have an eclipse any time you want!” Distiller Arlon Casey Jones said. “You don’t have to wait. And I assure you if you have an eclipse with this, it’s gonna last a lot longer than two minutes and forty seconds!”

Brilliant marketing. I can’t get the video to stop autoplaying, so to check it out, click through the jump or the link below.

[CBS Sunday Morning: Preparing for the Great American Eclipse]


Andre McGee isn’t Solely Responsible for the UofL Sex Scandal


Since Katina Powell opened a can of UofL Scandal worms with Breaking Cardinal Rules, the University of Louisville has tried to put all of the blame on Andre McGee.  As Tim Sullivan of The Courier-Journal points out, the players should shoulder some of that blame.

During the appeals process, UofL has attempted to mitigate the players’ role in order to save their precious banners from leaving the Yum! Center rafters.  To do so, they’ve painted McGee as the unscrupulous villain who coerced all of the players to break the rules.  Sullivan is not buying UofL’s BS.

It’s hard to believe McGee could have staged so many sex parties at Billy Minardi Hall without at least one of the residents recognizing the damage disclosure could do to the basketball program. It’s hard to excuse participating players for failing to alert their coaches to a multi-year scandal that has already cost the university millions of dollars, an NCAA Tournament appearance and an incalculable amount of reputation.

Andre McGee deserves to be permanently disassociated from his alma mater and banned from college coaching, but he is not the only one who bears responsibility for this fiasco. At least some U of L players participated, placed their school in peril and remained silent.

Sullivan sees right through UofL’s argument.  The NCAA will likely do the same.

[The Courier-Journal]

Former Kentucky Wesleyan star scored 97-yard TD against Patriots

Former Kentucky Wesleyan star scored 97-yard TD against Patriots

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie Keelan Cole didn’t miss a beat after jumping from Kentucky Wesleyan’s Steele Stadium in Owensboro, Ky. to playing against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium on the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football last night.

A former Louisville Central standout, Cole shattered receiving records at Kentucky Wesleyan, which earned him an undrafted free agent contract with Jacksonville. Then last night in his first NFL preseason game, he torched the Patriots defense for a 97-yard touchdown pass from Chad Henne.

Cole walked on to Wesleyan’s football team as a cornerback before finishing his college career with 4,582 receiving yards and 59 receiving touchdowns for the Panthers.

New UofL Foundation CFO Fired for Shoplifting from UofL Golf Club

The UofL Foundation can’t do anything right.  Two weeks after Robert Mims was hired to be the Foundation’s CFO, he was arrested for stealing from the UofL Golf Club.

Mims was arrested in Simpsonville and charged with theft or shoplifting over $10,000 and under $1 million.  Card Chronicle’s Mike Rutherford reports the incident happened after Mims inquired about a membership at the club, given the his new job at the university.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

This isn’t the first time Mims had been caught stealing from a golf course.  Rutherford reports camera footage caught him stealing $800 of gear from another Louisville country club.  They took his photo and shared it with other golf courses, likely tipping off the UofL Golf Club staff today.

Just when you thought the stories coming from UofL couldn’t get any crazier, their Foundation’s new CFO got sticky fingers at the school’s golf club.  You can’t make this stuff up.

[Card Chronicle]

Infamous Wrestler “The Progressive Liberal” Joins Hey Kentucky!

Infamous Wrestler “The Progressive Liberal” Joins Hey Kentucky!

The world’s greatest and most infamous heel makes his debut appearance on Hey Kentucky!  The Progressive Liberal from Appalachian Mountain Wrestling joins Matt to liberate “East Kentucky Hillbillies” and spread his ideals of democratic socialism.

Daniel Richards also takes off his wrestling match to share how he got into the profession and why he loves it so much.

Click here for more Hey Kentucky and watch the entire episode form Flemingsburg after the jump.


Eastern Little League about to take on Michigan on ESPN

It may be a slow news day, but in 30 minutes, Lexington’s own Eastern Little League All-Stars will take on Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores of Michigan in the Great Lakes Regional of the Little League World Series. The game will be televised on ESPN for your viewing pleasure.

On Tuesday, Eastern avoided elimination by beating Wisconsin 10-5 thanks to a sixth inning grand slam by Joey Howard. To become the first Lexington team to claim a spot in the Little League World Series in almost 40 years, Eastern will have to win three games straight. The winner of today’s game will play Ohio in the semifinals Friday at 5 p.m. The loser goes home.

Go Eastern! You got this.

Photo: FameFlynet Pictures

Glen Campbell’s connection to Kentucky football and basketball

By now, you’ve heard that country music legend Glen Campbell passed away yesterday at the age of 81, but did you know he was a Kentucky fan?

Campbell, an Arkansas native, sang the national anthem before the Kentucky/Arkansas basketball game in Rupp Arena back in January 1992, but he started coming to UK Football games back in the 1970s after becoming friends with head coach Fran Curci. According to our good friend Oscar Combs, Campbell met Curci through a business associate and started attending games at Commonwealth Stadium, where he frequently roamed the sidelines and visited the locker room. Here he is sporting a Power K hat in the Commonwealth Stadium press box during the 1977 season, when Derrick Ramsey led Kentucky to a 10-1 record and No. 6 ranking:


And hanging out with Fran Curci after a big win:


Campbell remained a Kentucky fan over the years, even sporting a Kentucky shirt while traveling at LAX in 2012:

Photo: FameFlynet Pictures

Maybe for Campbell, Kentucky really did mean paradise.


Hey Kentucky! Talks to The Nation’s Oldest-Serving Mayor in Booneville

Hey Kentucky! Talks to The Nation’s Oldest-Serving Mayor in Booneville

While on the road in Owsley County, Matt and Drew sat down with Booneville Mayor Charles Long.  He’s no regular mayor.  Long will be 98 years old this fall and has served as mayor for 59 years.

He first took the job to bring indoor plumbing to Booneville and has not left the office since.  To make the Long even more intriguing, he was a 65-year Kentucky basketball season ticket holder who knew Adolph Rupp pretty well.

Click here for more Hey Kentucky and watch today’s entire episode after the jump.


The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in Kentucky

What are the safest cities in Kentucky? That’s a question you may have asked yourself over the years, and thanks to safety and security website, we have an answer. SafeWise used crime reports and population data to determine the 20 safest cities (population over 4,000) in Kentucky. Which was the safest of them all?

Flatwoods, Kentucky. According to Safewise’s data, zero violent crimes happened in the Ashland suburb in 2015 (the latest data available). The rate of property crimes was also the lowest, at 2.57 per 1,000 people. Next up: Greenville in Western Kentucky; and Independence in Northern Kentucky. Jared Lorenzen and Shannon the Dude will be happy to know that Fort Thomas and Mount Washington also made the list:

1. Flatwoods
2. Greenville
3. Independence
4. Fort Thomas
5. Prospect
6. Lawrenceburg
7. Taylor Mill
8. Villa Hills
9. Columbia
10. Highland Heights
11. Edgewood
12. Wilmore
13. Fort Mitchell
14. Mount Washington
15. Vine Grove
16. Central City
17. Grayson
18. Williamsburg
19. Erlanger
20. Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills

What are the most dangerous cities in the Commonwealth? also studied FBI crime reports, and their rankings probably won’t surprise you:

1. Hazard
2. Newport
3. Paducah
4. Bowling Green
5. Louisville
6. Shively
7. Frankfort
8. Princeton
9. Winchester
10. Campbellsville

Before some of you start bragging, Lexington does come in at No. 11.

Pigs shut down I-65 in Louisville today

The I-64/I-65 interchange is one of the busiest junctions in Louisville, but this morning, it was shut down because a semi-truck hauling pigs overturned and caught fire:

The Courier-Journal’s Matt Stone was on the scene and captured these pictures of the pigs, which roamed around the interstate until police could figure out what to do:

The pigs were being transported to the Swift plant in Butchertown when the truck tipped over, spilling the animals onto the instate. Sadly, some were killed and those that were injured will be put down. The rest will continue on to the Swift plant.

I realize the pigs were headed to the slaughterhouse anyways, but can’t we give the crash survivors a break and set them free in a field or a big mud puddle? No? I guess Americans love bacon too much, myself included.


LOOK: Kentucky fan also cheers for Wisconsin?

LOOK: Kentucky fan also cheers for Wisconsin?

This car with a Fayette County plate was spotted on Nicholasville Road in Lexington today with both Wisconsin and UK decals. Have we found the only UK & Wisconsin fan in existence? Is it a car divided? Or, did someone lose a bet two years ago and has to leave that ugly sticker on their car for eternity? Inquiring minds must know!

Regardless, now I’m thinking about the Wisconsin game. Sigh.

Eastern Little Leaguers avenge Kentucky’s loss to Wisconsin to keep World Series hopes alive

Eastern Little Leaguers avenge Kentucky’s loss to Wisconsin to keep World Series hopes alive

Lexington’s Eastern Little League All-Stars had to win today to stay alive in the Great Lakes Regional, and win they did, thanks to Joey Howard’s crucial grand slam in the top of the sixth inning.

With a 10-5 win over Wisconsin, Eastern got a bit of revenge for their home state, and will play the winner of Indiana and Michigan on Thursday. To advance to the Little League World Series, they’ll have to win out.

Congrats, boys. You got this.

Attorneys Request to Unseal Evidence in Katina Powell Lawsuit

Attorneys Request to Unseal Evidence in Katina Powell Lawsuit

Confidential evidence in a defamation lawsuit against Katina Powell may be unsealed for public consumption.

Attorneys who represent six women in a defamation lawsuit against Powell for being depicted in Breaking Cardinal Rules, filed a motion today to set aside a protective order that kept the case’s evidence from being released to the public.

The evidence includes everything in Powell’s thousand-page journal, depositions and financial records.  If revealed, the evidence would not include personal information or documents turned over by the University of Louisville related to the investigation.

The matter will be heard before the circuit court judge one week from today on August 14.

For more on the story, read WDRB News’ report.