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About Thyme Cafe’s Friday Peach Jam News and Peach Jam Views

About Thyme Cafe’s Friday Peach Jam News and Peach Jam Views

Friends, loyal KSR readers and those of you trolling us from other fan bases, we need to talk about a little place called About Thyme Cafe. Tucked away in the mean and sunny streets of North Augusta, just a mile or two from the Peach Jam, About Thyme Cafe is the best restaurant you’ve probably never heard of. We had never heard of it until Thursday afternoon when it jumped out at us on our way back to the hotel from the gym. A sign out front saying, ‘Welcome Peach Jam’ caught our attention, and we’re damn sure glad it did.

We were a little weary entering the building — we’ve only been eating at wing and burrito joints and the exterior didn’t fit that mold — but one quick look at the menu and we knew it was the right call. My appetite hit its Dougie as I frantically perused the options: Pot roast sandwich. Kentucky Hot Brown. Pork tenderloin. Shrimp and grits. Chicken enchilada casserole. Lasagna. A Grown Up Grilled Cheese? I don’t know what that is but it sounds awesome.

After devouring our food — the pot roast won out for me — Matt noticed a KSR commenter told us About Thyme Cafe is owned by a Kentucky alum. We had to ask for confirmation before leaving, and it turns out, KSR commenter was right. The owner, Liz Victor, was behind the counter when Matt asked, and she told us her husband is a UK grad, born and raised in the bluegrass before moving to Aiken, South Carolina. And as if that discovery and the incredible food weren’t enough to win our undying love, she told us her husband reads KSR and listens to the radio show and they’d love to have us back again for another meal.

Done. We hope to see you there.

Now let’s get to a Peach Jam edition of the Friday News and Views…

peach Some say KSR had an exhausting Thursday in North Augusta, but we’re not half as tired as John Calipari and Kenny Payne. The two Kentucky coaches were in attendance for all six rounds of games to watch a number of up-and-coming talents in high school basketball. Malik Newman is one of the prospects the UK staff had eyes on and he did not disappoint in the morning game. Newman scored 40 points, an AAU high for him this season, in front of Cal and representatives from several other elite programs.

After the game, Newman admitted to reporters that he doesn’t watch very much basketball. He said he saw about two college games last season, but he does know who John Wall, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans are.

peach I don’t understand how the Mac Irvin Fire can lose a game with Jahlil Okafor and Cliff Alexander in the frontcourt. But it happened.

peach UK target Stanley Johnson got to show what he’s made of in front of Coach Cal Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t his best outing. I didn’t stick around to see the entire game, but I was there long enough to see his defending champ Oakland Soldiers go down by 30 points. The box score tells me he finished with 14 on 3-of-10 shooting and seven turnovers. His athleticism is as good as any, though.

peach Kelly Oubre told Adam Zagoria he has an offer following his team’s win against Newman’s 40-point performance. Oubre is a 6’7″, 200 lbs. shooting guard from Richmond, Texas, ranked 19th overall by He said he got his first phone call from UK about a week or two ago.

peach Trey Lyles: “Kentucky gets players to the league faster, but Louisville might develop them just a little bit better.” (via Jeff Borzell0)

Interesting quote. Anyone agree?

peach I’m still confused by this photo of Coach Cal hanging out with Doug Shows:

And did Shows eject him from Gym 4 before the game ended?

peach No one is having more fun at the Nike Peach Jam than our own Chris Tomlin. The man was put on Earth to cover AAU events, it just took him too long to find out. He and Frank Haith were also meant to be best friends.

peach Matt looks really excited to be sitting next to Lorenzo Romar. I bet they had a lot to talk about, like all the times Romar thought he had a player at Washington until that player committed to Kentucky.


That’s Rodney Billups in the Colorado t-shirt. He’s Chauncey’s baby brother.

peach The media workroom is occasionally used as an AAU locker room, unexpectedly, and as Tomlin mentioned in his post earlier today, things got a little intense following a loss. The coach was very furious with his players’ lack of effort and voiced his frustration with words you wouldn’t use around your mother. He emphasized how this weekend determines what college scholarships they’ll receive and that the high school season “ain’t gon do sh-t” for them. “This is your time and you’re too busy worrying about free gear and going to the mall to chase girls,” he emphatically said. Tomlin and I feel for the players, though, because we too are in Augusta for the free gear and chasing girls at the mall.

peach I can’t put into words my disappointment when I ran into the gym to watch Team Penny, coached by Penny Hardaway, only to see Penny wasn’t in the building. This was my opportunity to meet the man who inspired Lil’ Penny and the shoes I wore for at least three consecutive basketball seasons in the 90s. Where are you, Anfernee? Don’t tease us like this.

Side note: Team Penny’s fans wear t-shirts saying, “Team Penny, No Loafers.”  I want one.

peach We owe a big thank you to KSR commenter Ridge Runner, who hooked us up with a $50 Hooters gift card. We’re putting it to good use tonight. It was great meeting you.

peach One final non-Peach Jam note: Steve Delabar earned the last spot in the MLB All-Star game. Mrs. Tyler asked you to help the Kentucky native out Thursday morning and it worked. Good for Steve and great job by you.

Go Cats. Past, present and future.

Know Before You Go

To the thousands of BBN making their inaugural trip to Papa John’s Stadium this Sunday, please allow me to share some knowledge as to what expect from a UK/UL game presented by the palace that pizza built. I’ve traversed this enemy territory several times before and have some tips for a better experience at our host’s home turf. Before you head out to the game, you are going to need to make sure you dress appropriately.

UK coeds, I love the way you rock it at Commonwealth. Little blue skirts paired with cowboy boots or high heels are awesome. Jeans, snug blue t-shirts, and face stickers- even better. However, on this day, you will need to leave the heels at home. You don’t want to arrive at your stadium seat with your stilettos looking like Foge de Chao skewers of discarded menthol filters. The path leading to the stadium is littered with empties, rolling papers, and “5 core values” but those aren’t nearly as damaging to your shoes. I don’t know if anyone makes a blue and white rape whistle, but if you are parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium, I’d do a quick Google search and get one overnighted.

Guys, pick something beer resistant as Cards fans love to throw their beverage with all the accuracy of a Will Stein slant pattern. In a tight spot with unfriendlies, have some scratch off lottery tickets handy to throw down and distract them.

As you make your way to the game on Sunday, you may be tempted to listen to the home team’s pre-game radio show to get acclimated to the unfamiliar players’ names that will be featured during the upcoming matchup and late night police taserings. During portions of these radio broadcasts, you may hear what sounds to be an individual trying to read something from a teleprompter typed in Wingdings with a mouth full of peanut butter. Welcome to a press conference by Cardinal’s head coach Charlie Strong. Strong is by all accounts a good man and good coach. But, if the last obstacle on Ninja Warrior was clearly pronouncing his own name, Chuck would never reach the finish line. Even Representative Todd Akin would consider what Strong does to the English language as “legitimate rape”. Better to just tune over to Matt.

Upon arriving to the venue, the University of Louisville would like for you to bask in the awe of Papa John’s Stadium, turning a blind eye to the hot mess that is everything else surrounding it. Papa John’s Stadium is beautiful. Papa John’s Stadium is modern. Papa John’s Stadium is the $10,000 tit job on the Janet Reno of college campuses. I’m sure you are used to tailgating in the shade of UK’s arboretum while soaking in the last warm days of summer with a cold cocktail in hand. Leave that mental picture at home. The only people who find the atmosphere surrounding Papa John’s Stadium pleasant worked on the set design of the movie Unstoppable. If red and black adorned trains are your type of thing (I’m looking at you Becca Manns), you will love it. However, if you expect the same type of tailgating experience you’re accustomed to in Lexington, as Al Pacino would say and Pat Summitt would do, “fughetaboutit”.

After you park your vehicle in whatever yard is not yet roped off by crime scene tape, remember to put all valuables in your trunk should you have forgotten to leave them at home. Nothing is sadder than having your GPS stolen by someone who will never, ever leave Jefferson County. If you go ahead and program a “favorite” spot on your system such as a “library”, “graduate school”, or “dentist”, it will make the device easier to track down at pawn shops during the recovery search.

Once inside the stadium, the accommodations are much better. The beer will be flowing, the music will be pumping, and you’ll be so excited about the pending upset you’ll soon forget about the concrete slab you just spent 5 hours sitting on. You will notice the “brass section” of the stadium is no longer reserved for the band but rather the recycling of bullet casings, but other than that, it is not that bad. While the bleachers strongly resemble Arkham Asylum, the occupants of those seats are more “Idiocracy” and less “Fight Club”. With the liberal alcohol policy of the Big East, the only thing you’ll need to flask inside the stadium is Febreze.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll at least have an idea on what to expect on Sunday other than a UK win.

Wear your blue, make a ruckus, and remember, as ALWAYS….I really hate Louisville.

– TH


Rankings Are Out

In honor of Andy Griffith, a post from KSR’s (simpler) past. From July, 2006, Turkey Hunter’s rankings of the women of Mayberry, complete with the original comment section. Notice that back in those days, the only commenters were KSRers and their friends, Mosley, T Walters, Turkey Hunter, Intern, Mike Jones, etc….long time ago, but back during the KSR roots

Okay, the Barney post has stirred up some interest among our readers and I think this debate deserves its own forum. Time to rank the Hotties of Mayberry. The rules are simple: rank the women who appeared on the show in the order of your preference and explain why they deserve their position. I will get the ball rolling and submit my list for debate. Just as in my private life, I am willing to trade looks for, as they say in Animal House, “a certain morally casual attitude”.
Turkey Hunter Top 10

1. Manicurist– I forget her character’s name but she was played by Barbara Eden and brought a whole new level of culture to Mayberry-
Pros: smoking hot, blonde, employed
Cons: no health insurance, fixated on ex, talked nonstop

2. Skippy and Daphne-Fun girls
Pros: always up for good time, most likely to give “E” Entourage moment, Paris and Nicky of their generation
Cons: tendency to want to dance, old one sounded like James Earl Jones

3. Ellie May Walker, pharmacist
Pros: Tall, thin, milkshakes brought boyz 2 tha yard
Cons: Femnazi, wouldn’t give Emma her pills

4. Thelma Lou, Barney’s squeeze
Pros: attractive, had equity/homeowner, red head
Cons: was willing to hook up with Barn, bi-polar

5. Irene Fairchild, county nurse
Pros: hot, blonde, nurse (tough to gross out/access to antibiotics)
Cons: conservative-may refuse to wear nurse outfit at all times

6. Helen Crump, teacher/gf to Andy
Pros: strict disciplinarian/probably into kinky stuff
Cons: bitchy

7. Charlene Darling– member of Darling Clan
Pros: freak, family owned private distillery
Cons: many protective brothers, pretty sure we dated once already

8. Aunt Bee
Pros: Paula Dean in the kitchen
Cons: Paula Poundstone in the boudoir

9. Emma Brand-hypochondriac-
Pros: virtually impossible for unplanned pregnancy,
Cons: old, possibly contagious, drug dependent

10. Malcolm Merriweather, Englishman
Pros: soft presence, delicate features, made sweet newspaper tree
Cons: British, no motorized transportation, Ernest T owned him

Greg Anthony thinks SEC could be nation’s best

Greg Anthony thinks SEC could be nation’s best


Former UNLV standout and CBS Sports college basketball analyst, Greg Anthony, thinks that the SEC could be the country’s best conference.

Anthony, who also contributes to NBA TV and Yahoo! Sports, says that the Big East conference might have the best conference depth, but that SEC could be the better conference in terms of top tier teams.

“The SEC is much improved from last season. Listen, we obviously all know about Kentucky, and (former VCU coach) Anthony Grant is doing a solid job at Alabama.

Mississippi State has also improved, and Billy Donovan has Florida guard-oriented, perimeter-oriented, and overall is a very solid basketball team. They also have a couple of other teams that can compete.”

As of right now the SEC has five teams ranked in the AP top 25 poll (Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State) and seven teams with one loss or less. Anthony didn’t specifically mention the 20th ranked Vanderbilt Commodores, who have lost two home games so far this season. Despite the two losses (Cleveland St. and No. 11 Xavier) the Commodores have the guards and post players to compete in the SEC and challenge for a conference title.

We will know a little bit more about the conference after some tough match-ups this week as No. 10 Florida takes on No. 4 Syracuse and Kentucky takes on No. 5 North Carolina. The Wildcats will definitely benefit from the improved conference talent, consistently playing some of the best talent in the country will help get them ready for the NCAA tournament.

In Two Days…

In Two Days…


In two days, the fair city of Lexington will once again be forced to tolerate the influx of Louisville’s elite as they blow into town, pockets flush thanks to the cornucopia of next day check cashing services Jefferson County has to offer. As is custom, 64 East will be littered with shell casings and roach clips as the Cards fans show up in a wagon train of I-Rocs with a sense of self worth so overinflated Ice-T will be taking it to the 2011 BET Awards. For 24 hours, UK will have to play host to its very own Cousin Eddie, hoping against hope that come Sunday morning there will still be some copper left in the dormitory air conditioners. That I can take; every family has a black sheep. What I can’t take is the misplaced confidence UL fans will once again drag into Commonwealth Stadium like Linus Van Pelt’s blanket.

Cards fans, what makes you think this year will be any different than the previous four? Is it because when your coach speaks he sounds like he is auditioning for the lead in “Miracle Worker”? With his charisma, Charles Strong makes Stephen Hawking sound like Tony Robbins. Whether it is interviews or press conferences, Chuck stumbles over his words like it’s a course on Wipeout. Even if he were the greatest tactician alive, he wouldn’t be able to communicate it to his players. I can just see a director of a Rally’s commercial pounding his head against a boom mic as Strong butchers his lines like a Boone’s ‘Pick 5’. A new hire that can diagram a play is of little use if he can’t diagram a sentence.

Beyond the coach, do you “Da Ville” fans realize you are starting a 5-foot-5, ginger walk-on at quarterback? If your quarterback had less stars, he would be heading the fall lineup on the CW. I challenge anyone to differentiate Opie’s rock skip in the opening credits of the Andy Griffith Show from Will Stein’s game film. Usually when something that little, red, and annoying pops up, the UofL cheerleaders have to refill their Valtrex scripts. I do like that the kid has heart. But so did Custer.

Last Friday, I reluctantly watched you all take on FIU in the showcase that was the Sunbelt Conference. The Bay of Pigs didn’t feature as many South Floridians running rampant as what I saw in your backfield that evening. Your offensive line has more gaping holes than Samantha Ryan. Nothing you’ve done in the last half decade leads me to think you have anything more to look forward to Saturday night other than getting tasered. The good news is that you won’t be holding the Governor’s Cup as that has metal and is a good conductor of electricity. (Calm down Cards fans, I know I just used the word “conductor” in a sentence in a way unrelated to a train. I know you’re fascinated with trains and love to sit in their shadows while you drink Canadian whiskey waiting for non-conference losses. Just unfurrow your brow and know that the word has multiple meanings.)

UK fans, I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend and “RISE”, or whatever the hell that means. UL fans, Catalina Inn doesn’t have a late checkout so you’ll need to be westbound no later than 11:00 am Sunday.

I hate Louisville. Go Cats.

Former Cat Abney Speaks Out Against Crazy Idea of Eliminating Kickoffs

Former Cat Abney Speaks Out Against Crazy Idea of Eliminating Kickoffs


Rutger’s Head Football Coach Greg Schiano got a few headlines with his proposed idea to eliminate kickoffs from the college football game.  One of our SEC foes and UGA coach Mark Richt presented a similar idea, as well.  Sounds like crazy business to me.

Former UK WR Derek Abney agrees that it’s a bad idea – and he is slamming his foot down against this nonesense and bellowing out a big, “Hell No!”  Actually, here is what Abney truly said:

“To eliminate that would be pretty disappointing for me.”

“A lot of the kids that play ball, especially the younger ones, that’s their opportunity to get on the field. So it would be a shame to take that away from them.”

“Not having the kicking game is a travesty if you took that from the football game.”

Obviously, Abney’s words carry weight and will quickly quell the plans of Schiano and Richt.  Just kidding.  But, really, Derek Abney was a successful Wildcat when it came to kickoffs – he returned 2 for touchdowns en route to becoming and All-American Special Teams player, so his voice does carry a little weight in that area of the game.  Abney also spent two years in the NFL after being drafted in the 7th round of the 2004 NFL Draft, spending one season with each of Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears (sadly, never say any game action)

Sorry….terribly slow news day.

Story HERE

Three cheers for the Kentucky basketball All-Time Walk-On Team

Three cheers for the Kentucky basketball All-Time Walk-On Team

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the characteristics of a good walk-on player. At Kentucky, we’ve seen the spectrum: cocky chest puffers (Steve Masiello), hard-nosed hustlers (Mark “Clappin'” Krebs), and baby-faced Backstreet lookalikes (Jarrod Polson). While we love to scream “SHOOOOOOOOT” at each of them equally, some stand out a little more for their passion and pride in the Blue and White.

Since the first walk-on I can remember in earnest is Masiello (no wonder I hate hair gel on men), I had to dip into the dusty history books to attempt a fair assessment of Kentucky’s unsung heroes. And man, what a delightful research topic (thank you, for your wonderful resources, by the way).

Here’s where I would rank the walk-ons, in terms of a) Big Blue pride b) on-court performance and c) legacy:


Cameron Mills
Years: 1994-1998
Career Points: 365
Mills is one of the most memorable walk-ons in Kentucky history due to his super sweet three-point shot and tendency to step up in big games. Case and point: the three to give the Cats the lead against Duke in the 1998 Elite Eight. That clip still gives me chills. Fewer players have had more passion for the blue and white than Mills, who turned down a scholarship at Georgia to play for the Cats. Mills is now an evangelist who travels the state, speaking to churches, youth groups, and schools.

Ravi Moss
Years: 2002-2006
Career points: 376
Many people forget that Moss was a walk-on, which is understandable considering he was a starter for a while. Ravi was one of Tubby Smith’s best athletes and quickly became a fan favorite because of his unselfish, gutsy play. Unfortunately, Ravi ran into some trouble with the law after college, but his hustle and flat out effort should endear him to Cat fans for life.

Nehemiah “Junior” Braddy
Years: 1989-1993
Career Points: 327
I’ll admit, I’m too young to remember Junior Braddy, but the more I read about him, the more I like him. Braddy, also a member of the baseball team, brought a spark off the bench and helped the program emerge from its darkest hours. What did being a walk-on mean to Braddy? In his own words, from the 1991-1992 season:

Chance of a Lifetime by Junior Braddy
Every child in America dreams of becoming someone famous or just doing something special that sets you apart from the rest of the world. It is impossible not to dream. Every time we go to sleep at night or just daydream in class, we enter another world where no goal or achievement is impossible. Most of us wake up, but a select few dream on, until one day they realize that their dream has come true.

Fifteen people share the same dream, with each person striving to make that dream come true, but knowing that with one mishap or twist of fate you can be rudely awakened never to dream that dream again. But with determination and hard work we can dream on, until truly we become one of the select few on this earth. We have the chance of a lifetime, and I believe that we can do it. Not by might or by power, but by faith. And I do believe.

Preston LeMaster
Years: 2002-2006
Career Points: 30
Why include LeMaster? Sure, his stats aren’t as flashy as some on the list, but Preston LeMaster was the quintessential Kentucky boy that fans could connect with through shared childhood dreams of playing for the Cats. That’s why we all went wild when LeMaster, son of former Cat Jim LeMaster, scored a career-high 12 points on 4-5 shooing from behind the arc in an 80-40 victory over Ole Miss.

Todd Svoboda
Years: 1992-1993
Career points: 24
“But, Tyler,” you say, “This guy only played ONE YEAR. Why does he deserve a place amongst the fan favorites?” His three-pointer to send Kentucky to the Final Four over Florida State, that’s why. Svbododa took a big risk by transferring to UK from Northern Kentucky his senior season, especially considering Rick Pitino told him he wouldn’t get a single minute of playing time. That’s not that unusual for a walk-on to hear from his coach, but Svoboda took the chance anyways, and it paid off. Svoboda reignited the hopes of a team and fan base recovering from probation and the dreams of young Cat fans across the Bluegrass.


Chris Gettelfinger
Years: 1977-1981
Career Points: 28
Perhaps more infamous for his bright red curly hair and last name than the points he scored, Gettelfinger will always be a fan favorite. Unselfish and almost proud of the role he played for the team, he chose to play for Kentucky over his hometown Tennessee Volunteers, which should make you love him no matter what.

Mark Krebs
Years: 2007-2010
Career Points: 12
Future walk-ons could learn a thing or two from Mr. Krebs (and I’m not just saying that because he’s part of the KSR family). Like Gettelfinger and others before him, Krebs embraced the role of walk-on, working hard to help the team in practice and supporting from the sidelines (although Stacey Poole is giving him a run for his money for best cheerleader).

Mark Coury
Years: 2006-2008
Career Points: 65
Ah, the Coury Flurry. Exactly as awkward as he looks, Mark Coury is lovable for many reasons. First and most obvious, his freakin’ sweet good looks. Who can forget the rec specs picture (obviously not me, since it’s the one I chose to use)? Even more bizarre was his brief stint as a starter under Billy Gillispie and his career at Cornell after he transferred. Godspeed, Mark Coury.

Matt Heissenbuttel
Years: 2000-2004
Career Points: 21
Another homegrown Kentucky boy, Heissenbuttel naturally grew up loving the Cats. He was even a ball boy for Rick Pitino back in the day. He may not hold any scoring records at Kentucky, but he does hold a record for the longest last name of any current or former player. Take that, Matt Scherbenske!

Steve Masiello
Years: 1996-2000
Career Points: 42
I really didn’t want to put Masiello on this list because he’s such a you-know-what, but like it or not, he’s one of Kentucky’s more memorable walk-ons. After doing a little bit of reading about Mr. Masiello, it turns out that my alma mater, Davidson, rejected him (see, we ARE smart), which led Rick Pitino, a close family friend, to give him the chance to be a walk-on at Kentucky. So there you go. The admissions office at Davidson was the catalyst for Steve Masiello’s journey from Knicks ballboy to Kentucky walk-on/victory cigar to assistant coach/Molly’s regular to Manhattan College head basketball coach. You’re welcome?

I know I’ve left several favorites off the list, but it’s a start. Who did I miss? SHOOOOT!

Hello, Tennessee Fans

Hello, Tennessee Fans


Hello Tennessee fans! It’s that time of year again where you get to redeem the remainder of your gift card to the Alimony salon for the second of two ass waxings at no cost to you. Just sit back, bite down on something leathery (Pat Summit keep your shirt on), and know that it will all be over in forty minutes. Do not fear, as the pain of Sundays treatment will be quickly forgotten when the NCAA borrows Jimmy Dykes’ “nail” in a few weeks and shoves it directly up your “Cumberland Cavern”. Bruce, you must know by now that governing bodies do not take kindly to mistakes of veracity and candor towards their investigations. That really should have been a lesson you learned when the ex, Kim Shrigley, wouldn’t accept “individual workouts” as the stated reason for your fingers smelling like cat food after attending 2007 fall student orientation.

What? You thought that an eight game suspension for conference games would appease the Gods of Indianapolis for lying directly to their face when they had photo evidence to the contrary? Yeah, that is about as likely as finding a leprechaun, a unicorn, and a hymen all in Charlie Sheen’s boudoir. The faith that self-imposed punishments will satisfy the NCAA is as misplaced as a Randolph Morris fax or Billy G’s Titleist.

UT fans, it is time to wake up and see your coach for what he’s worth. Pearl has been turned away at more sweet sixteens than Roman Polanski. Last season’s Elite 8 was much like when Cinderella finally made it to the ball – yeah, I know, she coughed – before anything terribly good happened, her dress went to hell, the horses turned into mice, and the carriage turned back into a bright orange Pearl. See UT fans, Cindy tried to hide her flaws behind a well padded bra, a bump-it, and spanx, but in the end, the wheels came off at midnight. UT, when the NCAA tags your school, you’ll definitely know what time it is. Except, in your case, there will be no happy ending, save what Natural Light fueled tug Brucie can coax in a cove at Norris Lake. UT bball fans already know this, but the only ‘glass slippers’ to be found in Knoxville are size 12 Timberlands and they belong to your women’s coach.

If you’re lucky, UT, Sunday will be the last time this calendar year UK will have to hear you scream out your safe word. But then again…. there is always Atlanta. Just grunt or stomp or whatever it is you people in TN do whenever you fake like you ‘read’ something.

Peace and chicken grease,


CC: Hubert B. Going to Atlanta

UK Hoops beats Vandy 80-71

UK Hoops beats Vandy 80-71

Hey Coach Mitchell, can you teach me how to Dougie?

While the rest of you were dallying outside and going about your Sundays, the UK Women’s basketball team beat Vandy, 80-71, marking the first time the program has won in Nashville in 25 years.

Keyla Snowden, who has been slumping as of late, was the high scorer with 22 points, 12 of those coming from behind the arc. Other high scorers include freshwoman Bernisha Pinkett with 14; A’dia Mathies with 13; and All-American Victoria Dunlap with 10 points and 8 rebounds. This win was huge for the Kentucky women, as it keeps them in the hunt for the #2 seed in the SEC Tournament.

You go, girls.

Saturday Morning Sausage Links

Saturday Morning Sausage Links


Call me crazy, but there’s more than just one whole hog in there…

– Are the rumors of the Kanter family suing the NCAA picking up steam once again? (big article, hit ctrl+f and search Kanter)

– The Magic beat the Wizards, as John Wall gets ejected due to two technical fouls. previews tonight’s UK-UF battle in Gainesville.

– Florida fans ask, “What’s wrong with Tyus?” Clearly they do not read the Bible, or they would know about Kelvin Sampson getting his phone hair cut off.

– 4-Star (but soon to be 5-star) recruit Chris Walker will attend today. He lists UK as No.1 on his list, with UF right behind. UPDATE: Chris Walker will not be attending because of his ankle injury last night via twitter.

“Can’t make it to the florida kentucky game gotta #treat my ankle.”

Everyone wants to talk about Brandon Knight and Kenny Boynton being friends and former rivals. Also, I hate Kenny Boynton.

Bonus video for joining us this morning: (watching Anthony Davis play basketball never gets old)

Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife, TH is Hatin’


Dear Coach Strong,

Welcome to da ville! Congratulations on taking a job less coveted, but with slightly more drug and violence issues, than mayor of Ciudad Juarez. I noticed you referenced those and other items of concern about your players in your recent “5 Core Values” speech. You do know that President Obama has not yet approved a stimulus package for declaring moral bankruptcy? Next time you quote from a sign hanging in the visitor’s room at Shawshank, you should probably cite your source (APA or MLA style will be acceptable). Is there any criminal act you aren’t worried about your players committing? Were all the “stop snitchin” shirts sold out? Was it going to throw off the numbering to attach the ages of consent in KY and other neighboring states? Tom Jurich is understandably upset that Cal keeps taking Rick’s players but from the sounds of your “pillars” speech, the only person you’re recruiting against is Marlow Stanfield. Good luck with that.

I know this job as a head coach was a long time coming, but given your impressive resume as an assistant, I figured I’d better do some digging to flesh out the reasons why. The consensus was that you interview poorly to quite poorly. Still, the last time I saw a pass over like the one you’ve experienced yearly, a youth-size Egyptian grave was running about 4 goats and doorposts were stained like a Porcini‘s placemat. A return of anonymous surveys among ADs with whom you spoke indicated that your interview believability was somewhere between Casey Anthony and Joran Van Der Sloot, with your likeability well below both. Most indicated that your stories of success had more holes than a Chilean mine shaft and that you likely lacked the requisite skills to even Netflix “Interview with a Vampire”. Next time, remember to speak clearly and concisely, always focusing on the question asked. Also, your diction will be better if you keep Jurich from making tea in your mouth while responding.

Chuck, I know you said that nothing will come between you and success here in Louisville. Just remember, Pitino draws more water in this town, and he comes between anything and everything. However, when the hard times hit, you can always count on the basketball coach for sage advice. Former U of L coach Bobby Petrino sought Rick’s guidance in Atlanta when he encountered a rough patch in his first season there as top dog. As is his standard counsel for sports and parenting, Pitino advised terminating the deal a mere 13 weeks into the process. But, Bubbles gets to coach in a real grown up conference now. Maybe, with a bit of luck, you can do the same.

Again, Charles, I’m sorry about the way this has to be but your move from Florida has taken you from Coke to Crystal Pepsi. You’ve gone from banging the Brittany Daniel of yesteryear to the Brittany Murphy of tomorrow. I appreciate that you wanted to head coach so bad you’ve gone dumpster diving in the Big East but this is the best it will ever be for you here. Just remember, no matter what the score on Saturday, we hate you. When you leave for a real program like say, Mississippi St., after back to back .500 seasons, we’ll talk again.


The Governor’s Cup: A History Lesson

Coach Brooks celebrates a victory at Louisville.
Coach Brooks responds to whether Duncan Cavanah is his favorite KSR writer

“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.”
– George Bernard Shaw

I can proclaim, with reasonable certainty, that this Saturday at 3:30 Eastern, Kentucky and Louisville will kick off the twenty-third installment of their football rivalry. Beyond that, who knows. There are simply too many unknowns on both the dark side and the Lord’s side, for any prognosticator, amateur or otherwise, to be confident as to exactly how the game will play out. Still, the modern series has now given us sixteen samples to provide some guidance as to what will unfold in the seventeenth edition. And while some may argue that history has no bearing on how these particular teams will play on this particular Saturday, there are trends that bear watching. Here are a few.


The Cats lead the all-time series thirteen to nine, but trail nine to seven in the modern version. That means that over the last century or so, it’s been a virtual toss-up, with the Cards winning about 56% of the contests. That said, those numbers are skewed somewhat by three years of Kentucky probation and two subsequent years of significantly reduced scholarships, during which time the Cards won five of six. When both teams have had a full compliment of players at their disposal, the Cats hold a slight edge.


Despite much bluster from Card fans regarding the imposing home-field advantage generated by the awe-inspiring Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (which contains all chair-back seats you ignorant hayseeds), the Cats have rather enjoyed dining in during this series. The Cats are three and three at the Big Slice, compared to only four and six at the friendly confines of Commonwealth Stadium.


Another commonly held belief among the Cardinal message board set is that the grand opening of Louisville’s newly-expanded stadium will create such a hostile environment that the Cats will simply wilt under the pressure. And while it is true that 10,000 additional red-clad Louisville fans, many of whom look like Jersey Shore stunt doubles, sound imposing, series history says otherwise. In 1999, the Cats opened newly-expanded Commonwealth Stadium against Louisville with much pageantry and fanfare, and were summarily annihilated 56-28. In 1998, Kentucky returned the favor by ushering in Papa John’s with a 68-34 beatdown of the Cards. Thus, historically, new seats have not equaled on-the-field success for the home squad.


Over the years, this rivalry has produced an extraordinary number of game-changing plays in the kicking game. In reviewing the last ten games in the series, I count nine such plays. (Five kick returns for touchdowns, three fumbles by special teamers leading directly to scores and a blocked kick by Louisville in 2000 that proved to be the game winner.) Based on percentages, you can be fairly certain that there will be an enormous special teams play this Saturday.


A commonly held football truism is that rivalry games are always battles to the final whistle, even if one team fields superior talent. In this series, that has simply not been the case, as blow-outs have occurred every bit as frequently as nail-biters. In fact, in the sixteen games of the modern rivalry, there have been seven games decided by a touchdown or less, and an equal number of games decided by three touchdowns or more.


Despite the fact that both Coach Phillips and Coach Strong have indicated a conservative game plan for Saturday’s match-up, history says that there will be no shortage of offensive fireworks. In the modern series, the Cats and Cards have combined to average 57 points per game. Therefore, although we certainly do not endorse gambling here at KSR, the over is historically worth a look. In case anyone is interested, the number as of press time is 49.


There is no human utterance more devoid of original thought than to say that to win in football, teams must run the ball, stop the run and avoid turnovers. Having said that, the fact that the statement is cliché does not make the premise incorrect. I reviewed the box scores of the last eleven games in this series. Of those, in all eleven games, the team that produced the most rushing yards won the game. Additionally, in nine of those eleven, the team with fewer turnovers was victorious.

It seems fairly unlikely that either coaching staff, in these last few precious days of preparation, is devoting a moment’s thought to historical trends in the series. Still, I firmly believe that there is information there that can provide some clue as to what we will all see this Saturday. And, if you disagree, and found all of the above to be completely useless, you are still five minutes closer to kickoff than you were when you started. You’re welcome.

Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links

Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links

If you enjoy reading articles about the UK men’s basketball team, please visit my webpage at  You can also follow my webpage on Twitter. My webpage has been around for several years and I update it several times per day so UK basketball fans have access to the best and most recent articles about the team.

Now, The Article Links-


Anthony Davis has verbally committed to UK

UK makes the final seven list of 2011 five star forward Kyle Wiltjer

With a short roster, Calipari hopes to find out which of his young players can make crunch-time shots like John Wall did last year

Terrence Jones now is nursing an injured left shoulder, but will play in Canada

Jon Hood is looser and has gotten past the shock and awe of being a Wildcat

Calipari visited the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp for the second year in a row

You Say I’m Premature, I Just Call It Ecstasy

Well, you knew this was coming. You couldn’t think that this trial would take place in my own back yard and I wouldn’t be sneaking in to get a glimpse. I’ve joined Matt for some of the festivities at the courthouse this week and think there are some items worth revisiting from Pitino’s direct and cross examination. Children, avert your eyes.

Of all the nonsensical things for Pitino to protect, what continues to make me laugh is his continued spin of how he got himself into this mess that evening. To hear Rick tell it, he had a round of golf, a couple of drinks, and was looking for stimulating conversation. His version: he only stayed at Porcini’s that night after the restaurant closed to finish his drink and talk with a woman he hadn’t previously met about…well, he never really said. After $500 worth of drinks, what do you think ole Rick was wanting to discuss? Was she telling him her thoughts on Keynesian economics or, just maybe, do you think he was curious to hear about her ability to suck a watermelon through a garden hose? Rick was on a quest for some strange but he refuses to say it. You know, cause that would be embarrassing.

For good reason, Karen wasn’t Rick’s first choice that night, although he wouldn’t say it on the stand. Rick was obviously hoping to have a story about his balls landing in the rough with the golfer from the Yan Can Cook tour. He saw Karen, knew she wasn’t going anywhere, and hoped to get an upgrade before last call. It didn’t work, so the slowest gazelle went down because my man was backed up. He could take one look at Karen and knew her face would just look like a Japanese Geisha’s under a black light. He went for the sure thing, but he just can’t own it. Instead of chasing Pro V 1s and Slazengers around Valhalla, maybe he should have spent some time playing with the big blue balls between his legs and avoided the temptation all together.

Then there was the revelation of the 15 seconds of passion. We know Karen is “experienced”, but the finish time she commanded is still remarkable. I can’t imagine her love puddle able to provide any more friction than your average ice road trucker’s highway. But, much like Nolan Ryan’s last no hitter, she defied age, logic, and physics to create a magical moment. Karen Sypher may have the best stroke this side of Dick Clark and Rick, it even takes Dick longer than 15 seconds to count down from ten every new year’s eve. People ride bulls longer than that. In fact, in the time it took me to write this sentence you could have created a life, provided you didn’t create a spooge luge down your inner thigh. You are the Usain Bolt love making. Congrats on that.

Hungry yet? Why not try an eatery that now has to raise its hand whenever the question is asked “which restaurant has to mop its floors with spermicide?”. Outside of accidentally hiring Mel Gibson and Chris Brown to work the hostess station, I can’t imagine a more toxic PR casualty. Good luck selling $30 spaghetti O’s now.

And finally, I need to mention Karen. The one and only thing everyone agrees on thus far in this trial is that she hands out mouth hugs like they’re pennies from the tray next to the register at the Circle K. Only Lieutenant Dan rivals her in the category of amount of time spent on knees. At this point, I am calling on Too Short to step up his game and get back in the studio for one more honorary track. She looks just as off in person as I had imagined and love that she clutches an 8 by 10 framed photograph during the duration of testimony. I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing its one of her dressed in Wild West bordello gear and was made at Pigeon Forge Old Timey Photos.

All in all, this trial may have provided more unintentional comedy than I could have ever hoped for. Hope to provide you more updates as it continues.

An Open Letter to U of L Fans

Dear U of L Fans,

Thank you for alerting me within seconds of my arrival at work to the fact that UK will be “giving up all dem wins dog”. I understand that this misinformation you overheard was the highlight of your Memorial Day Weekend and was the cornerstone of conversation as you threw a beach ball back and forth to your line-bearded brethren in some mildewed, Bud Ice littered, above ground pool. I have to admit, I was not terribly surprised when I asked which part of the New York Time’s article you felt was most damaging to Bledsoe’s amateur status that you were not aware that these issues had arisen from an article in the aforementioned paper. I further gathered through your slack-jawed expression that you were not totally confident such a paper existed or even that information could be disseminated in the written form, other than tattoo, in a top to bottom, left to right method.

With respect to the accusations levied at Bledsoe, I might encourage you to take a more wait-and-see approach before talking too much trash at this early stage. You don’t want to count your Syphers before they’ve come full term and risk having UK not become the recipient of the NCAA sanctions you so desperately crave. Going forward, recruiting violations should not be a tremendous issue for UK as now we allow U of L to handle most of that process, save the signing. Since UK and U of L now share recruits in the same way Deebo and Red shared their bike in the movie Friday, I hope going forward U of L does their due diligence in checking the backgrounds of all future recruits to alleviate any future allegations of wrongdoing by UK.

Again, U of L fan, thanks for providing me this morning with information that was almost correct and nearly four days old. I didn’t know you could steal a smartphone that worked on a dial-up connection but I’ve learned never to underestimate you.

Best Regards,
Turkey Hunter

Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links

Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links

If you enjoy reading articles about the UK men’s basketball team, please visit my webpage at  You can also follow my webpage on Twitter. My webpage has been around for several years and I update it several times per day so UK basketball fans have access to the best and most recent articles about the team.

Now, The Article Links-


DeAndre Liggins expects to play a major role for UK next year and desperately wants to play in a Final Four

Patrick Patterson might surprise some people during his first NBA season

The Chicago Daily Herald says the Chicago Bulls are not considering Calipari for their coaching vacancy

The Boston Celtics are now Rajon Rondo’s team

Lebron James wants a shot at guarding Rajon Rondo

J.P.wnd Prince


After several long days at the grindstone, I managed to make it home Saturday night just in time to see the Cats put another notch in their proverbial bedpost courtesy of the glory hole that is the University of Tennessee. To be honest, I was so tired prior to the game I could only halfway muster the disdain that Tennessee truly deserves. I’ll leave the analysis of the actual game to those working on more sleep, but one play in particular got me excited to the point I had to write about it.

I don’t care that the Boogie Monster only had 5 points Saturday night. Likewise, it doesn’t bother me that on this night he shot free throws with less accuracy than the A Team on range day. I’m taking away two things from that game and two things only. 1- the W. 2- Cousins abuse of J.P. Prince on the offensive board at the 7:44 mark of the first half. You remember what I’m talking about- where Cuz took Prince’s defensive rebound from his outstretched hands, dunked on him, and stuffed him back in the gimp chest all in one fell swoop. As Sydney Dean so eloquently stated in the film White Men Can’t Jump, “it’s like this, you either smoke or you get smoked. And you got smoked.” Mr. Prince, you sir, got smoked.

If you weren’t sitting in a Rascal prior to that play and that didn’t get you out your seat, you might want to blink twice to make sure your wife isn’t executing your will. As Prince fell to the ground reeling from Boogie’s power, you could see him attempting to mutter his safe word “asparagus” as he tumbled into the cameras. At the conclusion of that play, Prince was so disoriented and shamed, he didn’t know whether to call a timeout, the Ghostbusters, or a SANE nurse. In short, it was awesome.

Boogie was able to take a small piece of Prince in an alpha male, dominating kind of way. It was sort of like how in prison life, other inmates won’t consider it “dainty” should one of their own take certain liberties by force of other freedom impaired individuals. Prince, you now know where you rank in this pecking order. This may actually have been beneficial to Prince given his Vol teammates/alumni’s proclivity for incarceration. By the way, has a TN player ever received a post-graduate degree without having “Care of Tennessee Department of Corrections” affixed to the envelope in which it arrived? I digress.

Now, some may think given that J.P. is kin to the beloved Tayshaun, maybe he should get a pass. The answer to that is absolutely not. Don Swayze will never be Patrick, Frank Stallone will never be Sly, and Chyna Kardashian will never be Kim. They don’t compare and each diminish the accomplishments of the latter by their mere existence. So, Boogie- cheers to you my man. You made a 30 year old white man jump around his living room like he was an extra at an And 1 Tour Stop.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Part 2: UK vs UNC ASHEVILLE


Last evening, KSR was once again allowed to fill a spot on press row to provide coverage of the UK/UNCA game (I heart you Mr. Peevy). After the popcorn ran out, I got to work with some random notes.

— After finding where you sit during the game, the second most important part of covering a UK game is locating the “media hospitality room”. Last evenings menu: Papa Johns and popcorn. Although both were colder than a Rob Bromley handshake, there were no leftovers. Beggars aren’t choosers.

— I actually like Freedom Hall as a basketball venue. However, the underbelly of the stadium still smells like the livestock expo from August.

— Thank you Freedom Hall for your outstanding wireless provider, Yoder’s Baked Goods and High-speed Internet!

— Although many weren’t occupied last evening, the placement of the luxury suites around the court is pretty cool. A lot of the bigger businesses in the area had their logos prominently displayed within their respective units. Given what we have learned from a certain basketball coach in Louisville as to what some places charge for their “medical services“ in the metro area, I was little shocked at the lack of “family planning providers“ represented in the suite contingent.

— Hood doesn‘t even look that comfortable in warm ups. I really want to see this kid do well but I keep having these mental pictures from practice where passes from Wall are bouncing off his dome like they were wrenches from Patches O’Houlihan.

Dodson warmed up with a big smile on his face- the doghouse may be back down to one occupant.

— Just saw Patrick Patterson’s dad- he would DEFINITELY start for UNC Ashville. He has swagger.

— Cousins effort early- lackluster. He had the enthusiasm of a guy whose girlfriend just surprised him with two tickets to Twilight. He has potential to be really special if he can develop just a tad bit more explosiveness in his leaping. If we get him back next year, I hope he does the summer program Pat did. (Note: Boogie turned it on pretty soon after I wrote that. If he can develop the passion Pat brings on every possession, he can be scary good.)

— Wall is better at his job than you are at yours. He is 19.

— Cal knows how to break an awkward silence- “SHOOT THE BALL!!!” could be heard throughout Freedom Hall on various occasions when a player passed up an open look. Somebody mentioned it on here before, but Cal yells to motivate and teach. The players appear to respond very well to this. It does appear slightly more effective than the drunken half-grin of the past two years.

— Best way to compare Coach Cal’s in game emotion vs. UNCA’s coach? Think watching 72” high def television at your favorite bar vs. an etch-a-sketch at a hospice. Their coach uttered about 5 words throughout the game and may have briefly fallen asleep during the under 4 timeout. When awake and wandering around the sideline, he had the stage presence of Willy Loman.

— Good, physical effort by Ramon- now realize who had Olivia Newton-John playing in their Ipod.

— When ever UNCA’s coach subbed in a player, the last instruction always appeared to be “tell em’ Goober says hey.”

— post game interview of Cal and the players took place in the backseat of a Kia, or at least it felt like it. I can’t figure out how a place as big as Freedom Hall only has walk in closets available for post game interviews. If you want to know what Alan Cutler’s moustache feels like up close, be a part of a media event in the bowels of Freedom.

— Got to speak with Cousins after the game. I know some people (especially Cards fans) want to think he has an attitude, but he does not. He could not be more flattering of his teammates, especially Wall.

– Near the UL home locker room, saw two Cards players getting taped up. Saw three more getting ink done.

The Interview the CJ Won’t Publish


In light of the recent allegations involving a certain college basketball coach and Generation Y‘s Hester Prynne, I considered it my journalistic duty to forgo my usual Louisville tirade and delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding their now most infamous encounter. To do so, I was forced to go to a source that, literally, got caught in the middle of all this. On the condition that I would only refer to him under the pseudonym “P”, I sat down with something intimately involved in the entire situation for a little Q and A. The following is a transcript of that interview:

TH: I want to begin by thanking you for taking this time to talk with me. Let me ask you right off, how has all this coverage affected you?

P:Coverage“? Seriously, you’re gonna use the word “coverage“ with me? I didn‘t get one bit of a coverage in all this going all the way back to the moment of impact. I mean, the woman is known as the “Louisville Creamatorium”, home of the ice cream paint job and I went there with nothing. Nothing. If it was yours, wouldn’t you have had it wrapped so tight that Dr. Dre would be sampling from it? It was ridiculous.

TH: You still have resentment for the lack of precaution afforded you and that is certainly understandable.

P: Seriously, you’ve seen this woman‘s photo if nothing else- she oozes instability- she has eyes like Vigo from Ghostbusters II. Success may be a choice; sans protection shouldn’t have been.

TH: I’ve heard some sympathizers say that given her “cougar” attributes, it would have been a tough situation for any man to turn down.

P: That is just false- comparing her to a “cougar” is like comparing Heathcliff to Garfield. Both were played out, with the major difference being that Heathcliff was a distant second in every important category except age. Same with her.

TH: Fortunately, this was just a single lapse in judgment. I’m sure this was just an aberration from the normal routine.

P: You honestly believe that? To use a basketball euphemism, he has taken way more than three teams to the final four. Every class of team too- from UCLA to Southern. Brescia if he thought he could. You guys in the media are too gullible. We’ve been through a lot together, but I’ve been telling him for years, just because there’s a coaching vacancy doesn’t mean you have to fill it.

TH: But, to the subject at hand, you had to at least enjoy some parts of that night.

P: Not true, TH. Simply not true. I had an obligation, but by no means did I enjoy it. I mean, do you enjoy paying taxes? I too was feeling the effects of the vino but not enough to ignore the situation I was being thrust into. To this day, I would rather have gone dumpster diving in a Haitian syringe bin than cross the goal line of the a la carte special being served up that night.

TH: But that said, you were, in fact, able to complete the job.

P: That is true- but not with the level of excitement usually reserved for such occasions. Most times, I reek of virility. That night, it was sort of like putting a drunk to sleep on a waterbed and having him slowly vomit out the side of his mouth. Not good. Not good at all.

TH: After all this, can you reconcile your relationship?

P: I don’t know. I still hang out with him, but I’m not sure we will ever work together in the same way.

TH: Thank you for your time.

Child Please


“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered,
Wondered whatever became of me,
I’m living on the air in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, WKRP“

Sorry for the hiatus, but a move to Louisville has kept me busy. Well, that and returning gifts to Babies R Us I bought from the Rick Pitino gift registry. By the way Louisville, don‘t just look at your basketball coach when it comes to making poor choices. That was a real nice move adding on to one stadium you already can’t sell out while building a second sans parking spaces. Maybe, just maybe, if you hand out free olde English “L” tattoos and plan “B“ coupons, you can fill up your pizza box. However, unless you hire Susan Smith to valet cars 10 meters deep in the Ohio chuck, you got problems downtown. But, hold that thought Louisville-we’ll get to you in a couple of weeks.

It is only four days till our beloved Cats kickoff against the Miami-Ohio fighting Abercrombies in the Queen City. Look for classically outfitted fall patterns, in hybrid cars, making the treck south all week to Cincinnati, collectively hitting their automatic door locks the first time they see an exit that has a Popeye‘s. While the school does sport an inordinate amount of hot females, their gentleman folk more often than not aspire for the virility of a Jonas brother. I whole heartedly expect to see the Redhawks skipping out the tunnels of Paul Brown to the theme from the Notebook. The only concern I have going into this game is that given Rich’s recent decision on qbs, the only UK player on the field with any experience from the shotgun will be Micah Johnson. No matter, we are winning and winning big. Everyone pack up your water bottles of bourbon and hit the road come fri night/sat morning- it is football time in the bluegrass…and the crime scene across the river as well. Bring lots of Pinot, Miami-its gonna be a long day.

Oh yeah, we are going to try something new this fall. We are all big fans of the Sports Guy here at KSR, so, to pay homage, we are gonna straight rip him off. If you have questions that need answering, (about UK things, the writers here, US Weekly articles, whatever), send them to [email protected] and we will see about answering them mailbag style. Get to writing and we will see everybody up the road come Saturday- Go Cats.