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The Depth Chart Podcast with Surprise Guest Jon Toth


Freddie Maggard received the surprise of a lifetime during today’s Depth Chart Podcast.  Out of the blue, he received a phone call in the middle of the recording session from his favorite player to ever wear Kentucky blue, former center Jon Toth.

In a rare moment of podcast spontaneity, hear Freddie’s immediate fanboy reaction.  They discuss Toth’s record-setting UK career, how he’s getting back into shape and an upcoming fundraiser for Reece’s Make-A-Wish this Saturday at Anchorage Presbyterian Church from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  For more information on the event, click here.  For more on what else happened in the eventful podcast:

—  Freddie’s altitude sickness-filled Guns N’ Roses experience in Colorado.

—  Early standouts from preseason football camp.

—  Improved play from the Quarterbacks.

—  Reaction to Jeff Badet’s comments about his time at Kentucky.

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Camp SZN: The Seven Best Things that Happened at Today’s Football Practice

1. Mum’s the Word on Bowden

Everybody was excited to see Lynn Bowden get to the Kentucky football practice field.  Now that he’s here, he’s figuring out how to play wide receiver.

To use Eddie Gran’s words: “He’s swimming right now…He’s trying to get six practices in one.”

The players, including quarterback Stephen Johnson, acknowledge his raw talent, but it will take some time before Bowden can significantly contribute.  In other words, just chill for a bit.

2. Saturday’s Scrimmage was Fantastic

After meticulously breaking down the film, Gran had nothing bad to say about Saturday’s open practice, a rarity this early in camp.   

“I thought we were sharp. We had the least amount of missed mental assignments on that day and the least amount of loafs as a group. We only had eight. In a full practice that’s winning football.  ”

3. Today was Not Too Shabby Either

For the first time the Cats spent the entirety of team period on situational work.  Gran liked what he saw during the third-down period.  In the two-minute drill, they split four series with the defense.  One of them ended early, thanks to a bad exchange from the center.  Mistakes happen, but these Cats know what’s at stake after 2016’s close calls.

“Last year we won two games in two minute and we lost one,” said Gran.  “We’ve gotta be able to win all of them when we get in those situations.”

4. Juice Played Outside

Jeff Badet gave UK top end speed on the outside in 2016.  Now at Oklahoma, without Badet the Cats have more size than speed on the outside.  That changed when Garrett “Juice” Johnson got some reps in at outside receiver yesterday.  His speed gives UK a deep threat and opens up the middle of the field for guys like Chuck Walker, and a few freshmen who have been impressive early in camp, Isaiah Epps and Josh Ali.

Hear Freddie’s analysis of this move on tonight’s Depth Chart Podcast.  If that doesn’t entice you enough, a special appearance from Freddie’s favorite player should.

5. Everything Gran Said Today

6. Redshirt Offensive Linemen are Impressing Schlarman

Mason Wolfe earned praise from Gran and John Schlarman.  Formerly a tackle, the Kentucky kid has moved down to guard and is also getting reps at center.

“He’s one guy that’s definitely stepping up and I think progressing nicely,” Schlarman said.

The offensive line coach also mentioned Drake Jackson and Tate Leavitt as two others who are showing signs of progress through the early stages of camp.

7. Nick Haynes is Getting Work at Center

The senior All-SEC performer has suddenly had his competence questioned since it was revealed he has diabetes.  He’s played with it for four years, and now it’s something that’s asked about at every media session.  I’m annoyed by it, but it’s basically given him an opportunity to prove just how good he is.  One of the best athletes on the team, Schlarman said he’s gaining weight and playing even more positions.

“Nick has gotten reps at every position since he’s been here,” Schlarman said.  “His redshirt freshman year, he played a game at tackle for us down at Florida.  He got reps out at tackle and did a great job.  He’s got the ability and the intelligence where he can play anywhere up there.  He understands the game.  He knows the assignments, whether you put him at right tackle, left tackle or center, it doesn’t matter.”

Who knows where we will see Haynes this fall.  Big George has received a chunk of reps at right guard in his place, but you will see Haynes somewhere on the field in some capacity doing great things for the UK offense.

Today on KSR: Eddie Gran talks offense, ESPNU is ESPN “The Ocho,” Goat Yoga

Today on KSR: Eddie Gran talks offense, ESPNU is ESPN “The Ocho,” Goat Yoga

You see that look in Eddie Gran’s eye? He knows football is just around the corner. Here’s what you and Eddie can look forward to today in the world of UK sports.

Eddie’s gonna give us an update on his offense

There was no football availability yesterday, but today, Eddie Gran and some of his players will address the media following practice. According to reports, Stephen Johnson looked remarkably sharp at the open practice on Saturday, specifically on his short throws, so it will be good to hear Gran’s take on his senior quarterback’s progress. On the flip side, will he confirm all the hype we’ve heard about Drew Barker? Finally, can he tell me if that sweatshirt he’s wearing is available for purchase online? Check back around lunchtime to find out.

Eastern Little League takes on Wisconsin in Great Lakes Regional

On Sunday, Lexington’s own Eastern Little League all-star team beat Indiana to advance in the Great Lakes Regional, but yesterday, they lost to Illinois, setting up a win-or-go-home showdown vs. Wisconsin this morning. Coverage of the game starts at 10 a.m. on WatchESPN.

Come on, kids. Channel all that hate you had for Sam Dekker two years ago and get us some much-needed revenge.

ESPN 8: “The Ocho” is real thing

To celebrate the eighth day of the eighth month (and their nosediving ratings), ESPNU is ESPN 8, aka “The Ocho” for one day only. If you’re not familiar with your early 2000’s sports comedies, The Ocho was a fictional ESPN channel in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Fittingly, they’re showing some awesomely random sporting events:

Raise your hand if you just googled “What is Kabaddi?”.

Podcast of the Day: Kentucky Thrones Radio

Still not over Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones? Me neither. Thankfully, Nick and TJ are here to feed our addictions. Refresh your KSR podcast feeds to hear their takes on the “Spoils of War,” by far the most dramatic episode of the this season.

Bizarre fitness trend of the day: Goat Yoga

On Saturday, I did goat yoga with @shenanigoatsyoga and it was pretty amazing. 🐐

A post shared by Tyler Thompson (@mrstylerksr) on

On Saturday, I tried the latest fitness trend taking over Nashville: goat yoga. As an animal lover, I had been looking forward to it for weeks, and I’m happy to report it lived up to expectations. Basically, you and 25 other people go through a basic yoga class while waiting for the goats to come visit you and jump on your back (it’s their natural instinct to jump to the highest point around). There were a few “eww” moments (yes, one pooped on my mat, but the Shenanigoats staff quickly cleaned it up), but overall, it was a great experience. When else in life do you get to cuddle with goats?

Channing Tatum Sighting of the Day: ?

Over the last few days, the Magic Mike star has been spotted in Lexington and Harlan on a promo tour for his upcoming movie, Logan Lucky. Will he show up in another random Kentucky town today? If so, I’m not sure the Commonwealth’s women can handle it.


Channing Tatum still hanging around Kentucky, spotted in Harlan

KSR Summer Tour Stop of the Day: Monticello

Get on out to the Wayne Theater to enjoy the show and register to win tickets to a game this season.

10 Signs You Are More Than Ready For Football Season To Begin

10 Signs You Are More Than Ready For Football Season To Begin

August is the cruelest month for many reasons, but mainly because it’s one long, hot, excruciating countdown to football season. With 26 days left until the season opener at Southern Miss, football is coming, but at the same time, it feels like it will never get here. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures and videos coming out of Media Day, Fan Day, and practice are great, but all they’ve done for me is whet my appetite for the real thing. Enough is enough! I am ready for some football.

If you’re like me, over the past few weeks, you’ve found yourself falling into some familiar habits, such as…

1. Watching preseason NFL games

Is there anything more worthless or pointless than preseason NFL games? No, but that doesn’t stop us from watching them, or at least the ones in the first few weeks. Preseason NFL games are a welcome drink of water in the offseason desert; although, after 15 minutes, you realize they’re more like the spit sip of a flat beer and didn’t quench your thirst at all. At the very least, it’s good to hear pads popping and whistles blowing once again.

2. Overanalyzing every photo and video from practice

Have you seen how big this year’s freshmen look? Or how much better Stephen Johnson is throwing short passes? Hell, in that one video, he even threw it to CJ Conrad! Poring over every picture and video from practices is a preseason pastime, and thankfully, we have one heck of a photographer to feed your addiction:

3. Pulling your “football weather” clothes out of the closet

Mother Nature has been oddly kind to us recently, putting a nip in the air that we usually don’t get until late September. As a result, you may have found yourself reaching for your favorite UK hoodie or long-sleeved tee. I know I did. As excitement for football and, more importantly, football weather, builds, there’s always the temptation to don your fall gear before the temperatures call for it, but don’t be that guy in the UK pullover at noon at the Eastern Kentucky game. At the very least, layer.

4. Hanging out with non-football friends before you abandon them

I actually found myself making plans with certain friends over the past few weeks because I knew that, once September rolls around, I won’t see them on Saturdays until (hopefully) April. So, if you have some people in your life that just don’t get football (there’s always one or two), make some time for them over the next few weekends so you don’t feel quite as guilty for abandoning them once the season begins.

5. Planning your first tailgate

Did you end up getting that new generator? What about that new bluetooth speaker? (I recommend the JBL Charge 3). That reminds me, your Spotify tailgating playlist could really use some updating. Are we over “Grove Street Party” yet? Please let us be over that…except if we beat Florida. Then, we’ll never be over it.

All of those questions could send you into a panic in the last minute, but with about a month left until the home opener, you’ve got plenty of time to perfect your tailgating setup, playlist, and recipes. Can you imagine the respect you’d get if you pulled into the Blue Lot with one of these?

That’s a real thing you can rent at Auburn football games, by the way. At $1,875 per game, that’s away cooler than the tiny tailgate houses (which yes, are back for another season).

6. Working on your cornhole technique

There’s a reason this video has almost 1,000,000 views despite it being terrible:

Now excuse me while I go outside and try all of that.

7. Googling “How many days until September 2?”

Sadly, this is probably my most frequent Google search, along with “how many calories are in Good People IPA,” “how many gallons are in a liter,” and “when does the new iPhone 8 come out.”

(To answer all of those questions: 26 days; too many; 0.26 gallons; and not soon enough.)

8. Watching football movies/TV shows

Netflix timed the release of season two of Last Chance U perfectly. Other movies/TV shows I’ll probably find myself rewatching over the next few weeks:

  • Friday Night Lights (TV show, obviously)
  • Rudy (sentimental favorite)
  • The Waterboy (guilty pleasure)
  • Draft Day (I mean, if it’s already on)

This is such a habit of mine that last August, Fake Barney, Chris Tomlin, and I did a whole podcast about the best football movies, which I suggest you check out.

9. Beginning to obsess over your fantasy football team

Nobody cares about your fantasy football team except for you, which is why you’ve probably started studying pre-draft rankings, deciding who to keep if you’re in a keeper league, and if it’s worth it to switch to a new team name (you should because “Show Me Your TDs” was never funny).

10. Listening to SEC schools’ fight songs on repeat

No, wait, that’s just Freddie Maggard. And no one is more ready for football than Freddie.

Charles Walker Discovers the Proper way to Pronounce Lynn Bowden’s Last Name

Charles Walker Discovers the Proper way to Pronounce Lynn Bowden’s Last Name

Few knew how to properly pronounce the last name of most popular freshman on the football team, until now.

In a Facebook video following today’s practice, Charles Walker interviews Bowden in a UK uniform for the first time as a part of a series appropriately titled, “Charles in Charge.”  Chuck takes the freshman under his wing and makes a simple request: “Say your name.”

Lynn pronounces Bowden with a deep “OH,” like a bow you would use to wrap a present, unlike the bow action you use to show respect.  That description probably didn’t sum it up well, so I’ll let you hear it from the horse’s mouth. If that’s not enough to entice you to watch the two-minute video, a cameo from Kash Daniel should do the trick.


KYWildcatsTV gives us a glimpse inside Practice No. 7

KYWildcatsTV gives us a glimpse inside Practice No. 7

With no media availability after Monday’s practice, the Cats’ seventh of fall camp, we’ll have to settle for this short video package from Kentucky Wildcats TV to get a glimpse of the action.

It includes a brief Lynn Bowden sighting:

USA Today projects records for all CFB teams; Kentucky’s not good

USA Today projects records for all CFB teams; Kentucky’s not good

The college football staff over at USA Today doesn’t have much confidence in Mark Stoops’ Kentucky Wildcats this upcoming season.

We already saw Benny Snell burn the USA Today College Football Preview that ranked Kentucky at No. 71 overall; now we have USA Today’s projected record for the Wildcats, and it’s not good.

In its predictions for all 130 FBS teams, USA Today predicted Kentucky would finish with a 5-7 overall record and 2-6 in-conference record:

Benny (or anyone else), feel free to print this out and burn it.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Country talks Mark Stoops with Mike Stoops

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows by now that the Stoops family has their hands all over the college football landscape. Kentucky coach Mark Stoops’ brother, Mike, sat down with Joe Mussatto of SEC Country to talk about the job that Mark has done in his years leading the Wildcats. Below are some interesting quotes from Mike, who who has been the head coach at Arizona, and more recently was the defensive coordinator under their oldest brother, Bob Stoops, at Oklahoma. You can read the entire story here.

On what his brother has done in his four seasons at UK:

It seems like it’s gotten better every year. Just maneuvering the pieces and getting the right people in the right spots takes some time. I think he’s got a good staff on both sides of the ball. I’ve been impressed probably the most by their recruiting. It’s been really strong. Think he’s done a good job there. Getting his staff in line is critical and I think they’ve gone through some offensive guys. I know that. I think I’ve been most impressed of late with Eddie Gran. Eddie’s done a really good job. You can see the physicality of the team improved, especially offensively. Just from afar. It’s hard for me to get too deep with it because I don’t watch every game. I watch good parts of it.

Mike gives long and thought out answers to all of the questions that Mussatto posed to him. Most interesting of the answers in my opinion was on when Mike equates his time at Arizona to what Mark has done so far at Kentucky. They both inherited programs that were in a horrible place, and built them to bowl eligible teams. Mike took over a 2-10 Arizona team, before leading them to three straight bowl games in his fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons there.

I think it has more to do with the talent. You have to get players no matter what. No matter what the coaching is, you have to have talented players. There’s too much of a disparity in players initially, and attitude and how they work. Once you take those programs over, I don’t remember how Kentucky was left, but we were 2-10 or something the year before. It’s not very good. It takes you two or three years to get to even, to where we can start to peek our heads above water, if that makes sense. It takes that amount of time. The first year or two you’re closing the gaps on everybody. That’s what you really look at. We were getting beat by 35 and are we getting beat by 17 now or 10? Are we closing the gaps on everybody? That’s what you’re starting to recognize. And maybe the next thing you know your third year you start beating a team or two that you’re not supposed to because you’ve gotten better internally. That’s what it takes.

I strongly suggest you check out the entire piece on SEC Country. I think it gives a nice insight from someone that Kentucky fans haven’t heard much from since Mark Stoops became head coach.


Jeff Badet opens up about decision to transfer to Oklahoma

Photo credit: 247 Sports

Since announcing his farewell to the BBN, former Kentucky receiver Jeff Badet has stayed relatively quiet about his move to Norman, Oklahoma to play for the Sooners.

Now, he’s ready to open up about his decision to transfer.

In an interview with, Badet says the opportunity to win a championship with Heisman trophy candidate QB Baker Mayfield pushed him to Oklahoma.

“I kind of already knew I was going to come here, just to be able to catch passes from (Mayfield,)” said Badet.

Mayfield was quick to compliment Badet’s speed on the outside and the massive receiving role he’ll be able to take over in Norman.

Jeff adds a whole different element with the deep ball,” Mayfield said. “He’s able to go up and get it. He’s a guy that’s able to track the ball really well, which is something you’re either born with or you’re not. It’s good to see we have a guy like that in our locker room.”

What does he plan on bringing to the Sooners? Veteran leadership, he says.

“I just bring my leadership in,” he said. “I’m the guy that actually knows defenses and when to run this type of route, or that type of route. When I’m talking to those guys, I can be that type of leader.”

When asked why he wanted to leave Kentucky for his final year of eligibility, Badet said he was ready to compete for a title, not continue to “build.”

“When I was at Kentucky, we were building a program,” Badet said. “‘Let’s win these games. Now let’s make it to a bowl game, now let’s win the SEC East.’ Here, it’s all championship … It’s just straight business.”

He won’t be playing for Mark Stoops’ brother Bob, but Badet will still likely have a massive year for the Sooners.

See you in Atlanta, Jeff.

Bud Dupree wants a sack for all 13 of his dogs

USA Today

Bud Dupree finished his second season in the NFL on a high note as he played well in the teams’s 3 post-season games, most notably delivering a memorable hit on the Miami quarterback Matt Moore in the divisional round. The former Kentucky standout is looking to have a breakout season as he is finally fully healthy and comfortable in his role as edge rusher.

Dupree recently sat down with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and discussed his love for pit-bulls, he currently lives with 6 of his dogs while he has 7 other dogs that he includes in his family that he found new homes for.

Dupree has been around the pit-bull breed since he was six years old and knows that there is a certain stigma that surrounds pit bulls.

“People think of pit bulls, they think they should be scared, my dogs get along with kids. They are like companion dogs; you can lay with them. I keep my nieces and nephews around my dogs all the time. They play rough with me, but when they see the kids, they get timid.”

Dupree wants to get a sack for each one of his 13 dogs this season, “It’s just for the love, really”.

KYWildcatsTV Recaps UK Football Fan Day


Yesterday was an exciting day at the EJ Nutter Training Center as Kentucky football held its annual Fan Day followed by an open practice for fans to see the teams progress as the season approaches. The Big Blue Nation showed out as the training facility was filled with Wildcat fans.

UK Football’s Twitter account released a video recap of the day’s activities:

Some current Wildcats took to Twitter to thank the fans for their support:


Check out Jack’s full recap of yesterday’s open practice, here.

Sounds, views, and news from today’s open practice at Fan Day

The Kentucky football team held their annual Fan Day this morning, and the cast of thousands in attendance were treated to a full-contact open practice.

The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the pads were smacking. What more could you ask for?

Here’s everything you need to know if you couldn’t make it:


In 11-on-11s, Stephen Johnson looked unbelievably sharp. The touch on his deep ball was excellent, hitting guys in stride with relative ease. Most importantly, he and CJ Conrad connected on several occasions after a year of misses last season. He also had a few impressive QB keepers and misdirections to keep the defense on their toes.

In 7-on-7’s, Johnson absolutely torched the defense. He looked confident, made comfortable throws without forcing anything, and put the ball on a string. In just two drives, Johnson had touchdowns to Snell, Conrad, and Baker, among countless other beautiful throws. He looks to have taken a major step up from last year.

Stephen Johnson earned first team reps, but Drew Barker came in right behind and performed well. On his best throw of the day, Barker hit Kayaune Ross on an NFL-esque throw in the corner of the end zone over a defender. He also had one beautiful toss to Charles Walker over the hands of Jordan Griffin. (On another note, it’s crazy to see Walker’s progression from walk-on to major contributor.)

As far as other QBs go, Gunnar Hoak looked decent, but had some misfires he’d like to take back. Deep in the redzone he overshot the crossing receiver a few times, and just flat-out missed on some easy throws. His reads were still strong and efficient, and the timing was there. Danny Clark didn’t take many snaps, but had a couple impressive throws to CJ Conrad, in particular.

Barker looked good, but Johnson looked the part of QB1 today. Regardless, this looks to be the deepest QB unit we’ve seen in quite some time.

Running game:

Benny Snell continued to do Benny Snell things. The sophomore back hit the holes today like a freight train, making several defenders miss throughout the day. He was the subject of a few trick plays that he executed to perfection. Snell looks to have gotten a bit quicker with similar power in his game, which should make upcoming opponents terrified. We’re going to see something special (again) out of him this year.

Oh, and he can still rap.

AJ Rose also looked great, both out of regular formations and out of the wildcat. He also caught a few impresses out of the backfield, causing some “oohs” and “ahhs” out of the audience. He and Snell will be a fantastic one-two punch this year.

Siheim King made some impressive plays out of the wildcat, as well. He looks to step in and complement Snell and Rose as UK’s speed back.

Receivers/Tight Ends:

CJ Conrad played out of his mind today, making grabs from all four quarterbacks on the depth chart. He looks a lot more comfortable in his route running, and the plays are coming easier to him as a result. Be prepared for a big season from the junior tight end.

Kayaune Ross and Dorian Baker also turned a lot of heads with their play today, two players with the opportunity for big seasons. There was one strike from Johnson to Baker that could’ve scored on anybody in the country.

Charles Walker looks to continue his Heisman run, as well. Made some very big grabs, one of the most consistent players on the team. He’s always in the right place at the right time.


After yet another impressive day, Mark Stoops said after practice that freshman DT Quinton Bohanna would likely end up in the two-deep rotation.

Another true freshman standout was four-star DE Josh Paschal. Teammates have raved about him since he arrived on campus, but seeing him up close and personal is a whole new story. This kid is a hoss, and will absolutely develop into a stud.

Kordell Looney, Lonnie Johnson, and Jamin Davis made plays today, as well.

Matt Elam did not participate in live-action sets, only position drills.

Other notes:

JaVonte Richardson looked more like a tight end than a receiver. Kid is going to be a stud, but at what position?

Lynn Bowden participated in his second practice with the Wildcats without pads today. He worked on punt return and several receiver position drills, but no action during the scrimmages.

Derrick Baity is wearing a boot on his foot and did not participate today.

Austin MacGinnis is still money.

Punt returner group now includes Garrett Johnson, Benny Snell, Charles Walker, David Bouvier, Lynn Bowden, Mike Edwards, and Siheim King.

Benny Snell teams up with fan to freestyle at UK Fan Day

As you saw on KSR earlier today, the Kentucky Football team hosted their annual UK Fan Day. Fans flooded to take pictures and meet their favorite players and coaches to offer their support and excitement for the upcoming season.

While fan/player interactions centered primarily around the usual photo and autograph, one particular fan offered his beatboxing services. Benny Snell took the opportunity to drop a little lyrical snack.

Mark Stoops Confirms Lynn Bowden’s Eligiblity

Our fearless leader Matt Jones tweeted out last night confirmation that Lynn Bowden was cleared and fully eligible for the upcoming season. Nonetheless, it’s still good to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Mark Stoops gave us just that at today’s Fan Day festivities.

So let any remaining anxiety wash away, folks. Bowden is here, and he’s ready to rock Kroger Field.



Kentucky football welcomes high expectations



ESPN’s Laura Rutledge is one of many in attendance at Kentucky football’s open practice, taking particular note of a motivational sign posted in the UK weight room. Head coach Mark Stoops has never shied from the lofty expectations he and his staff place upon his players, making it perfectly clear where the Wildcats aim to be at the end of the season.


Kentucky Sports Radio will have firsthand coverage of today’s open practice later this evening, but for now, check out some videos already floating around Twitter this afternoon: