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Zion Williamson’s family denies any sneaky contact with Adidas

There’s a report floating around the internet that claims Zion Williamson and Kansas are caught up in this week’s college basketball recruiting mess, but the website that reported it doesn’t seem too credible, so no one else is running with it.

But that one article (see it here if you want) is all Williamson’s family needed to come forward and say their hands are clean of any wrongdoing.

“If anyone approached the family without Zion’s best interests in mind we would simply walk away,” Williamson’s stepfather, Lee Anderson, told WSPA News in South Carolina.

Anderson also said that “no one outside of the immediate family will have any say or sway on Zion’s decision on where he’ll go to school.”

Zion Williamson’s Stepfather: No Contact With Adidas

Jaxson Hayes will Announce his College Destination Tomorrow

This crazy week around Kentucky might end with a commitment for John Calipari.  Kentucky target Jaxson Hayes will announce his college decision tomorrow at a press conference, his mother told Evan Daniels.

The 6’11” Cincinnati Moeller senior has never started a game, but he’s risen in acclaim thanks to an unbelievable growth spurt.  Hayes has received interest from Xavier, Texas, Georgetown and a few others.  Calipari’s offer came as a surprise a little more than a week ago.  The timing of his decision appears to be in Kentucky’s favor.

Learn more about Hayes below and stay tuned tomorrow to see if Kentucky’s 2018 class grows.

Get to know Jaxson Hayes, Kentucky’s new 2018 target



The latest on Class of 2018 superstar R.J. Barrett

The latest on Class of 2018 superstar R.J. Barrett

R.J. Barrett is down to three schools.

And Kentucky is one of them.

Barrett, the No. 1 overall player in high school basketball, will only consider Duke, Oregon and Kentucky as he winds down his recruitment prior to the start of his senior year. Arizona was eliminated from consideration following its ties to the FBI scandal; while Michigan, which was set to host Barrett on a visit this coming weekend, was also cut from the list.

Duke’s Mike Krysjeqwqskiswsty and Jeff Capel were in to see Barrett on Wednesday and some believe the visit had a major impact on the three-team race.’s Evan Daniels made his Crystal Ball pick for Duke late Wednesday night, giving the Blue Devils the lead in the Crystal Ball predictions.

There is some chatter that Barrett could announce his final decision very, very soon; and if it’s too soon, it may not be good for the Wildcats.

FBI now turning its sights to Nike’s EYBL

After raiding the office of top agent Andy Miller and ASM Sports yesterday, the FBI is now turning its sights to the biggest cesspool of all: AAU basketball.

According to Darren Heitner, the FBI has subpoenaed employees of Nike’s EYBL grassroots division, along with documents, meaning the entire system could soon collapse. I’m sure adidas Uprising and Under Armour’s circuits are next. Three of the schools mentioned in the FBI’s probe are Nike schools: Southern Cal, Oklahoma State, and Arizona. Louisville and Miami are adidas, and Auburn is Under Armour.

Far from over, guys.

WHAT WE KNOW: Louisville’s involvement in the college basketball bribery scandal

WHAT WE KNOW: Louisville’s involvement in the college basketball bribery scandal

It’s been about six hours since the college basketball bribery scandal broke and in between Twitter jokes and an ominous press conference from the U.S. attorney’s office and FBI, one thing has become very clear: the University of Louisville is in hot water. While UofL was not mentioned by name in the affidavit, interim president Greg Postel confirmed that they are under FBI investigation for their part in the scandal.

There are a lot of moving parts to this story, so here’s what we know right now.

UofL is “University-6”

If any Louisville fans were clinging to the hope that there was another university in the state with an enrollment of 22,000 that could have been the “University-6” mentioned in the affidavit, Postel put those to bed with his statement after lunch.

“Today, the University of Louisville received notice that it is included in a federal investigation involving criminal activity related to men’s basketball recruiting,” the statement read. “While we are just learning about this information, this is a serious concern that goes to the heart of our athletic department and the university. UofL is committed to ethical behavior and adherence to NCAA rules; any violations will not be tolerated.”

Once you stop laughing at the line “UofL is committed to ethical behavior and adherence to NCAA rules,” let’s go over those alleged violations.

An unnamed player was promised $100,000 to come to Louisville

Jim Gatto, the head of global sports marketing for adidas, has been accused of conspiring with others (Merl Code, Christian Dawkins, and Munish Sood) to funnel $100,000 to the family of “Player-10,” a top 2017 recruit, to help two coaches at “University-6” (Louisville) secure his commitment and make sure the player used their services as managers and financial advisors in the NBA.

That player is Brian Bowen

Bowen is not named in the affidavit, but it’s easy to connect the dots. Out of nowhere, he committed to Louisville in early June, one month after his family allegedly made the agreement with Gatto, the Louisville coaches, and the others:

Bowen apparently did not want to go to Louisville until the arrangement was made

Bowen was also considering Arizona, Michigan State, Oregon, and Texas, but shocked everyone when he announced he was enrolling at Louisville. Per the affidavit, it was a “surprise commitment.”

Rick Pitino had the nerve to bring up money (!) when talking about it

When talking to Terry Meiners about Bowen’s commitment, Rick Pitino acknowledged that it was a surprise and actually said, “we spent zero dollars recruiting” him. Wow.

“We got lucky on this one,” Pitino told Terry Meiners of News Radio 840. “I had an AAU director call me and ask me if I’d be interested in a player (Bowen). I saw him against another great player from Indiana. I said ‘Yeah, I’d be really interested.’ They had to come in unofficially, pay for their hotel, pay for their meals. We spent zero dollars recruiting a five-star athlete who I loved when I say him play. In my 40 years of coaching this is the luckiest I’ve been.” [Source]

I have a feeling Rick will regret those words.

It’s all on tape

The best part about all of this? The FBI has tapes of all the calls and meetings between Gatto, Dawkins, adidas travel team director Brad Augustine, Code, Sood, the two coaches, and the family. There’s no arguing with the tape!

There’s another recruit involved

Player-11 is mentioned as a 2019 recruit Gatto and coaches were working on making an arrangement with to come to Louisville in exchange for money. He was discussed in a July 27 meeting between all of the involved parties in Vegas (the adidas Summer Championships were taking place):

The only 2019 pledge Louisville has right now is 4-star shooting guard David Johnson, who committed to the Cards on September 15. Johnson is only considered a top 35 player, whereas “Player-11” is described as a top ten prospect, so it’s not him.

UPDATE: Player-11 is likely five-star center Balsa Koprivica, ranked #7 in the 2019 class. He plays for Brad Augustine’s AAU team, 1 Family, which is sponsored by — you guessed it — adidas.

Louisville currently leads Koprivica’s 247 Sports Crystal Ball with 91% of the predictions.

They were brazen enough to do this while under NCAA investigation

The main takeaway I have from this? Louisville was stupid enough to try all this while they were already under NCAA investigation! So, to check that timeline once again, Louisville received its punishment from the NCAA on June 11; a month and a half later, an assistant was in Vegas meeting with Gatto, Augustine, and others to discuss paying Bowen and the 2019 recruit. In that meeting, Dawkins and the assistant acknowledged that because Louisville was on probation, they “gotta be very low-key”:

I’d be shocked, but it’s Louisville, after all.

Apparently Coach-2 has a big you-know-what

It’s not over yet:

Stay tuned…

Auburn, Arizona, and South Carolina’s involvement in the college basketball bribery scandal

Auburn, Arizona, and South Carolina’s involvement in the college basketball bribery scandal

Our focus is obviously on Louisville in the massive college basketball bribery scandal that broke this morning, but it’s worth noting that while the Cards are only hinted at in the documents as “University 6,” assistant coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State, and USC have been arrested for their involvement. Chuck Person from Auburn and Emanuel “Book” Richardson from Arizona are named defendants in the case and face federal charges of fraud and corruption, along with Oklahoma State’s Lamont Evans, who was also being investigated while on the staff at South Carolina.

While it’s just the assistants that are named, the scandal will have a huge impact on Auburn, Arizona, and maybe even South Carolina, so let’s break down what this could mean for one of our SEC brethren and recruiting rivals.

AUBURN: Chuck Person

Link to affidavit

According to the FBI affidavit, the former NBA star turned Auburn assistant head coach took $91,500 from a cooperating government witness to persuade two unnamed Auburn players to use the financial advising services of the witness and Rashan Michel, a former referee who runs a clothing business in Atlanta. Person would then take part of the bribes and pay off recruits’ families ($11,000 to one, $7,500 to another). Person allegedly told one player:

“The most important part is that you … don’t say nothing to anybody … don’t share with your sisters, don’t share with any of the teammates, that’s very important ’cause this is a violation …. of rules. But this is how the NBA players get it done.”

“They get early relationships, and they form partnerships, they form trust, you get to know [financial advisor], you get to know Rashan a lot and like Rashan can get you suits and stuff … you’ll start looking like an NBA ball player, that’s what you are.”

Per the affidavit, Person met with the witness and Michel in 2016 and accepted $50,000 in bribe money and encouraged the two advisors to “get involved” with the 9th ranked player in the country. Two months later, five-star center Austin Wiley enrolled at Auburn. Person also tried to convince players and their families to use the cooperating witness’ services by claiming Charles Barkley was one a client, which was false.

In today’s press conference, US Attorney Joon Kim used Person’s actions as an example of the “dark underbelly of college basketball world.” Less than an hour ago, Auburn announced that he has been suspended without pay.

ARIZONA: Emanuel “Book” Richardson

Link to affidavit

Meanwhile, Richardson allegedly took $20,000 in bribes from an undercover FBI agent, former NBA agent turned business manager Christian Dawkins, and financial advisor Munish Sood and gave some to a top recruit to convince him to come to Arizona (University-4). In return, he agreed to use his influence to pressure the recruit and other players he coached to use Dawkins and Sood’s services.

The recruit is never named in the affidavit, but reading between the lines, it’s clear it is five-star 2018 point guard Jahvon Quinerly. On or around June 20, 2017, Richardson and Dawkins had this discussion about the recruit (language NSFW):

On July 20:

Quiverly is from Jersey City. On August 11:

Quiverly committed to Arizona on August 8, three days prior to that exchange.

Current Arizona players are also mentioned as part of the scheme, although not by name. They’re listed as Player-6 and Player-7. I’m not going to list the roster, but Arizona’s got a few big-name guys this year…

Link to affidavit

Also of note: Oklahoma State assistant Lamont Evans was also arrested on similar charges and was being investigated while he was on the staff at South Carolina (University-2), so the Gamecocks are also involved. Again, language NSFW:


While at South Carolina, Evans recruited Sindarius Thornwell and PJ Dozier. Oh boy.

Today on KSR: A new week

Today on KSR: A new week

Good morning, friends. Normally, Mondays are the worst, but I, for one, welcome this opportunity to turn the page from a depressing weekend and look ahead to the future. What awaits us today? I’m glad you asked.

Mark Stoops will address the media

Before we truly move on, Mark Stoops will answer questions about Kentucky’s heartbreaking loss to Florida in his weekly press conference. On Saturday night, Stoops accepted blame for his defense leaving two Florida wide receivers wide open for go ahead touchdowns, and I have a feeling there may be some more questions about that today. If you missed it, here was his response after the game:

Q. The receiver was standing on your sideline and nobody near him. What went on there?
MARK STOOPS: “There should have been a guy there and I should have called it (a timeout) and, quite honestly, we were looking at the unbalanced formation. I was looking at the set and I was fixed on our fits because we were having some issues obviously with that set. And we were looking at exactly the formation in there, the bunch set, and by the time we realized that there was nobody on him, I tried to call a timeout and it was too late. I was fractions off of getting the timeout. So Derrick (Baity) said that he did not see the player out there.”

Q. The one at the end?
MARK STOOPS: “We subbed and Jordan (Griffin) came out when the other corner came out. We were getting into a big goal-line set and both corners came out and we left them uncovered. That’s our fault. We tried to change personnel groups too late. We should have lived with the call that we had and tried to sub for bigger people – and that can’t happen in that situation. Our players can’t hear. It’s loud and they can’t hear and the communication is very – as you guys know – with the crowd noise with offense and I know it’s like that on defense, it’s the defense at home. And we have got to communicate much better. We have got to do a better job of coaching them.”

Watching the replay stings, but you have to laugh at how one cheerleader screamed at the defense for leaving the receiver open:

Same, girl. Same. Check the site around lunch for a live stream and full recap of Stoops’ remarks, along with a new depth chart and an injury update.

We’ll also find out the Missouri game time

The Cats host the Tigers on October 7. What time will that game kick off? We’ll find out later this morning when the newest batch of game times are announced.

Jarren Williams named a U.S. Army All-American

It’s a big morning for UK’s quarterback of the future, who was given U.S. Army All-American honors at his school:

Williams will play in the annual Army All-American Bowl in January in San Antonio.

UK’s 2018 class off to a good start with Immanuel Quickley

If you’ve been offline since Friday afternoon, Kentucky got its first 2018 commitment when five-star point guard Immanuel Quickley committed in front of friends and family. Now officially a Cat, Quickley is already working on building the 2018 class around him, starting with his close friend Zion Williamson:

Williamson was supposed to be on Kentucky’s campus this weekend for an official visit, but had to cancel due to a family situation. He’s expected to reschedule.

Jarrod Polson wants you to know that’s not him in that viral picture

A picture has been going around social media of Jarrod Polson holding up a “Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross” UK shirt, but last night, Polson tweeted that it is fake (photoshopped from his old UK picture) and he has no idea how it started to spread:

File this under “2017 is weird.”

Za’Darius Smith on the cover of the New York Post

The former Cat was one of over 150 NFL players that protested the anthem in opposition of President Trump yesterday. When you add in the three teams that refused to come out of the tunnel for the anthem, 23% of the NFL protested.

While you all fight about that in the comments, I’m going to watch this squirrel score a touchdown:

Radio in an hour. Brace yourselves.


#1 2021 Point Guard Zion Harmon took his unofficial visit to UK yesterday


Zion Harmon of Bowling Green, KY took an unofficial visit to the game last night. Harmon is the #1 overall recruit in the 2021 class in Kentucky and nationally.

Harmon is a freshman in high school this year, check out his 8th grade highlights below:



UK Basketball Recruiting Rewind: Brandon Knight

It’s time for another Recruiting Rewind. Want more? Reminisce with me as we look back on the recruitments of John Wall, Terrence Jones, Nerlens Noel, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Let’s try to forget about the Florida game, shall we? I’m already tired of thinking about it.

Remember how Coach Cal just picked up his first 5 star recruit of the 2018 class in Immanuel Quickley? He’s a versatile, athletic point guard who can make plays for himself or his teammates. Well, that got me thinking about another player that Quickley has drawn some comparisons to: Brandon Knight.

Their high school builds are very similar: both 6’3″, with Knight being slightly heavier at 185 pounds versus 180 for Quickley. Both are natural born playmakers. And I’d personally be A-OK with Brandon Knight 2.0 leading our 2018-2019 squad. Lest we forget, Brandon Knight was a stud.

The Recruitment

Knight was the number 5 overall recruit in the 2010 class, the second ranked point guard behind one Kyrie Irving. Knight was also named the 2009 and 2010 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year, only the third player to receive the honor in back to back years. The first two? Greg Oden (doesn’t bode well) and LeBron James (much better).

Also, do you remember his dreads? I kinda wish he would’ve rocked the AI look once he became a Cat.

Interest came from all over the country, but Knight’s final list would be comprised of UCONN, Florida, Syracuse, Kansas, and Kentucky.

The Commitment

Knight would become the centerpiece of UK’s 2010 class, bolstered by the likes of fellow top 10 recruits Terrence Jones and Mr. What-if Enes Kanter, along with deeper cuts like Doron Lamb, and deepest cuts like Stacey Poole.

Not quite as flashy a class as Cal’s 2009 lineup, but they would go on to click just as well, and at just the right moments.

The Performance

Knight averaged 17.3 points per game, along with 4.2 assists and 4 rebounds. He was just a generally efficient player, playing about 36 minutes per game with a field goal percentage of 42.3 and making roughly 80 percent of his free throws.

But playing efficiently didn’t preclude him from making big shots.

I’m rooting for Immanuel to make a moment like this.


Zion Williamson is Rescheduling his Trip to Kentucky

High school phenom Zion Williamson planned on visiting Lexington this weekend.  With a sell out crowd at Kroger Field and John Wall in town for UK Hall of Fame ceremonies, it was the perfect storm to impress Zion.  Unfortunately, he can’t make it.

Sources have told KSR that Williamson was unable to make the trip to Kentucky due to a family situation.  The decision is not a reflection of where Kentucky stands, he simply is dealing with a personal problem and must reschedule the unofficial visit.

Williamson is missing UK’s grandest stage, but that doesn’t take the Cast out of the picture.

Quickley: 10 Things To Know About UK’s Next Point Guard

John Calipari has his point guard for the Class of 2018.

Immanuel Quickley, a five-star prospect out of Maryland, announced his commitment to the Wildcats in one of the least surprising recruitments of the Calipari era. Kentucky led from start to finish in the race for Quickley, and that race is now over with Friday evening’s big announcement.

Now it’s time for you to get familiar with Kentucky’s next point guard (if you’re not already) with 10 Immanuel Quickley facts you need to know.

Immanuel Quickley
Point Guard (2018) | 6-3 | 175 lbs.
Bel Air, MD | John Carroll School
ESPN No. 12 | 3 PG Top247 No. 13 | 2 PG
Rivals No. 10 | 2 PG Scout No. 8 | 3 PG


1. He chose Kentucky over Kansas and Miami in the end.

Quickley was considering two other schools — Kansas and Miami — in the final stages of his recruitment, so he says. Kansas brought him in for an official visit prior to his official to UK; his trip to Miami was called off due to Hurricane Irma. There was some late chatter that Kansas had made a move, but it turns out that wasn’t the case and it was Kentucky in the end, as expected.

2. Calipari’s track record is the reason he picked UK.

Quickley wanted to go to the program that will best prepare him for the NBA, and nowhere does it better than Kentucky.

3. He was the first point guard in his class to receive a UK offer.

Calipari had his eyes on a couple of points guards in the Class of 2018, but Quickley was the top priority of the bunch for the Wildcats. He received his scholarship offer back in October of last year, making him the first point guard on the board with the option to attend UK.

Another 2018 point guard with an offer, Quentin Grimes, is still considering Kentucky, too.

4. Joel Justus was the lead recruiter.

UK assistant coach Joel Justus spearheaded Quickley’s recruitment for the Cats. He made several trips to see the five-star point guard and Quickley once said in an interview that he talks to Justus on a daily basis.

You can see some of Quickley’s in-home visit with Justus and Coach Cal here via a video from the Quickley family.

5. He attended Big Blue Madness 2016.

Quickley made the drive from Baltimore to Lexington last fall to see the welcoming party for the 2016-17 Kentucky Wildcats in Rupp Arena. He and several other UK targets — including Quade Green, P.J. Washington, Nick Richards and Kevin Knox — were in attendance for Big Blue Madness on an unofficial visit to Kentucky in mid-October.

6. He grew closer to Calipari over the summer with Team USA.

Quickley got an early taste of what it is like to play for Calipari while playing for the U19 team in Egypt. Their time together gave UK an advantage in the recruitment, Quickley admitted after returning to the States with a silver medal.

“Everyone wants to know if him coaching me was an advantage because he’s one of the coaches that’s recruiting me,” he wrote in his USA Today blog. “And I’d have to say it was.”

7. He plays the drums in his church.


8. He’s into pottery.

From Quickey’s personal blog on USA Today High School Sports:

I’m loving my Ceramics class. It’s just cool to build things like cups and boxes and things like that.

UK’s College of Fine Arts offers several ceramics courses, ranging from intermediate to advanced.

9. He can really play.

See for yourself:


10. He is very good friends with Zion Williamson.

And he knows what to do.

Who is Immanuel Quickley? Breaking down the star guard’s game

Coach Cal got his guy, and he’s a good one.

Five-star point guard Immanuel Quickley committed to Kentucky tonight over Kansas and Miami, along with offers from Duke, UNC, Louisville, Virginia, Villanova, etc. All of the top programs in America wanted this kid, and for good reason.

Out of Bel Air, MD, Quickley is considered a top-ten prospect and the No. 2 guard in the nation.

But what does he bring to the table?

I had the opportunity to watch Quickley in person on several occasions, and each time he got better and better. His film shows all of the explosive dunks and impressive buckets, but watching just one of his games from start to finish is special.

Let’s break down what I saw from your newest Wildcat:


Quickley is extremely polished in the scoring department, with the ability to score on all three levels of the court.

He has a nasty jab-step to feel out his defenders, and then attacks after figuring out their weaknesses. He’s very methodical, resisting the temptation to put his head down and do it all himself like some of the other top scorers in the nation tend to do. He’ll pull up over someone in transition, throw down a nasty dunk, or toss a no-look pass to a teammate for the assist. No matter the situation, the ball gets in the hoop whenever Quickley is on the floor.

As a pure shooter, he gets hot in a hurry. He has range well beyond the three-point line, and knocks them down in an efficient manner. Quickley is the deadliest whenever the game is on the line or he’s going heads-up with top talent. At the Adidas Uprising this summer, he and Zion Williamson traded buckets back and forth, creating one of the craziest atmospheres I’ve ever seen in a high school/AAU setting.

He tends to shoot himself out of cold streaks, however, which is something he’ll have to work on at the next level.

If that’s the one knack on his game, I’ll be just fine with it.

Court vision

Everyone focuses on Quickley’s scoring ability, but his court vision is just as impressive.

The Maryland native’s ability to find teammates in the smallest spaces is absolutely ridiculous. He is always scanning the court and thinking two or three steps ahead of his defenders. If the scoring lane is closed or he gets double teamed, he hits the open teammate for a basket. Again, he’s extremely methodical in how he goes about his on-court buisiness and his basketball IQ is sensational.

I sat next to some of the Team BBC program managers and assistant coaches at the Adidas Uprising Gauntlet in Spartanburg, SC, and they all said the same thing: “He has more fun finding the open man on big assists than scoring any basket.”

Judging by this half-court lob he threw at the event, I tend to agree.

His teammates missed several wide-open layups and shots when I watched him play in person, taking away would-be assists from the star guard. I don’t think he’ll have that problem at Kentucky.

Quickley is going to be an assist machine.

Defensive potential

The keyword here is potential.

He’s aggressive in the passing lanes, looking to poke out loose balls or pounce on lazy/sloppy ball handling. He sometimes gets into foul trouble by being overly aggressive on-ball, but he has gotten a lot better in this area.

Quickley gets lost off-ball on occasion due to ball watching, leaving opponents open for easy buckets. When he slips up, he usually makes up for it on the offensive end and focuses on it throughout the rest of the game. He doesn’t like making the same mistake twice.

There’s still a lot of work to do on defense, but he projects as a solid defender at Kentucky. He certainly has the tools to make that happen.


At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much to Quickley in this department. He weighs just 178 lbs., and has only added three pounds in the past year. At 6’3 with a 6’7 wingspan, however, he has the size to create separation from defenders, similar to Malik Monk this past year.

He’ll initiate contact and get to the free throw line, but that’s not where his bread is buttered. (He’ll knock them down, though.) He’s much better at finding open spaces in the defenses and creating shots.

Quickley is not the beefiest kid in the world, but he has the athleticism and length to make up for it.


As a player, Quickley has that “it” factor you look for in a Calipari point guard.

Whenever the ball is in his hands, you can be confident he can make something happen with it. His impact on the game is massive, whether he’s scoring, passing, or just being a leader on the court.

In fact, his AAU program has already announced they will retire his jersey number, despite playing with the organization for one season.

One of his early criticisms from analysts was that he wasn’t vocal enough on the floor, but I feel like that has been a little overstated. When I watched him, he was yelling, directing traffic, slapping the floor on defense, etc. He wasn’t quiet at all.

He just committed tonight, but it has already been reported that Quickley has been actively recruiting for Kentucky for months. He told KSR he wanted to team up with Zion Williamson in a package deal, and Williamson responded by saying Quickley was the exact kind of point guard he wants to play with.

Last recruiting season, players actively rallied around Quade Green and vouched for him, and a similar thing is happening with Calipari’s newest commitment.

Top players want to be with Quickley because he has the makings of a championship-winning point guard. That in itself is special.

Welcome home, Immanuel Quickley.


Quickley made crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to his mother before announcing his commitment


How good of a kid is Immanuel Quickley? Before announcing his commitment to Kentucky, he made the crowd at John Carroll School sing “Happy Birthday” to his mother, Nitrease.

“Alright, I’m not exactly a singer, but it is my mom’s birthday,” Immanuel said. “I’ll lead them, but I’m going to sing it.”

After a rough start, the crowd finally got through the song, after which Quickley gave his mother a hug, thanked everyone, thanked God, and shared the big news by unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Kentucky jersey:

You can see the crowd sing to Immanuel’s mother starting around the 4:00 mark:

Quickley picks KENTUCKY

Quickley picks KENTUCKY

Point guard of the future is on board!

Watch Immanuel Quickley’s announcement

We’re moments away from Immanuel Quickley’s long-awaited decision. The five-star point guard will announce his commitment to one of three schools — Kentucky, Kansas or Miami — and we will soon know where he will play college basketball.

The announcement will stream live on the Uninterrupted Facebook page. You can visit that here or we will embed the live stream below when it is available.

If Quickley commits to anywhere but Kentucky, it’ll be one of the most surprising moves since we’ve been covering recruiting. It’s been Kentucky from the start.

Get in here, Immanuel.