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Kentucky no longer an option for Jarrett Allen

As we continue to wait on Marques Bolden’s decision, it appears we can now mark Jarrett Allen off the list of backup/alternate options. Allen is one of the top targets left in the 2016 class and technically still had Kentucky on his list…until this morning. According to Jon Rothstein, Allen is down to Kansas, Houston, or Texas, and Kentucky and Notre Dame are “no longer options.”

If you’re the eternal optimist, I guess you could spin that phrase to mean Kentucky got some good news with Bolden that impacted Allen’s decision; however, if you’re a realist (which you should be), you would read it as Kentucky didn’t prioritize Allen enough early on and Allen simply dropped the Cats from his list. I’m going with the latter.

As for Bolden? He’s reportedly still “torn” over his decision; hopefully I won’t look like by the time it rolls around:

Lane Kiffin’s Bitmoji’s Thursday Morning Wakeup

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly accepted that some trends will just pass me by, and I’m totally fine with that. Bitmojis are a good example. I thought I was pretty hip and with it when I discovered the Bitmoji app and used it to make the cover for my OTT podcast (currently on hiatus, about to make a major comeback!) until I found out that Nick Roush’s mother has been using bitmojis FOREVER, GOSH. So, when Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin started using bitmojis on Twitter yesterday, I had to laugh, not only as a person over 30, but because Kiffin, is well, Kiffin. I mean, the man posed for this photo when he got the job at Tennessee:

(Speaking of, why is there is there not a bitmoji of this? #KnoxvilleSwag)

I’m sure Kiffin is using bitmojis to connect with the kids these days, but the rest of the social media world has been having fun at his expense, laughing at each one he’s put out:

Lane Kiffin said after using Tinder.

…Lane Kiffin said after — you know what, this is a PG-13 blog, I’ll stop myself.

Anyways, let’s turn our eyes to what’s happening in the world of UK sports…

What will happen with UK Hoops today?

Yesterday, Matthew Mitchell did the damage control media tour, coming on KSR and doing a press conference to address the state of the women’s basketball program after recent turnover and turmoil. Although Mitchell came off better during his presser than he did during his appearance on the show, we still have more questions than answers, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. My theory: Mitchell struggled to put together a staff with good chemistry and a coach or two to balance his sometimes harsh coaching style. Mitchell himself admits that he can be a very demanding coach, and without a “good cop” on staff, players grew frustrated and left.

But, who knows. Mitchell did say that he will announce further additions to the staff in coming days, so stay tuned.

Ed Davender is on life support

On Tuesday, the former UK great suffered a massive heart attack and remains on life support at UK Hospital. There are some reports on Facebook that he has passed, but we have yet to hear that from a legitimate news source. Yesterday, Kenny Walker told the Herald-Leader that Ed’s friends, family, and former teammates were holding a bedside vigil. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The NFL Draft starts tonight

Round 1 of the NFL Draft is tonight in Chicago, but don’t expect to hear any UK players called until rounds 4-7 on Saturday. Right now, Josh Forrest and CJ Johnson have the best chances of any UK players of being drafted, with Forrest projected to go in the fifth or sixth round and Johnson in the sixth or seventh.

Is there a Marques Bolden upda—


Here’s where you can catch Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray this week

Something tells me the crowd to see Ulis at the Tin Roof in Louisville tonight will be NUTS.


Hey, how about them PREDS! Looks like I need to learn about hockey real fast.

Four UK signees in the Top 15 of the final 2016 Top247 Rankings


Yesterday, ESPN released their final rankings for the 2016 basketball recruiting class, and today, 247 Sports followed suit. Most of UK’s signees slipped in the rankings, but four of the five are still in the top 15. Bam Adebayo and current targets Jarrett Allen and Marques Bolden moved up in the rankings, to #12, #17, and #18, respectively:

1. Josh Jackson, Kansas
2. Lonzo Ball, UCLA (2)
3. Harry Giles, Duke
4. Markelle Fultz, Washington (3)
5. Frank Jackson, Duke (7)
6. De’Aaron Fox, Kentucky (4)
7. Dennis Smith, NC State (1)
8. Jayson Tatum, Duke (2)
9. Jonathan Isaac, Florida State (2)
10. Malik Monk, Kentucky (5)

12. Bam Adebayo, Kentucky (3)
14. Wenyen Gabriel, Kentucky (6)
17. Jarrett Allen (13)
18. Marques Bolden (13)
24. Sacha Killeya-Jones, Kentucky (10)

Also of note: Turkish center Omer Yurtseven is #25 on the list. No word on if UK is still exploring him as an option for next season, but worth mentioning nonetheless. Also of note: Kentucky still has the #1 recruiting class over Duke.

Time to watch “Kentucky Reloaded” again:

[247 Sports]

Kentucky’s Class Shifts In ESPN’s Final Rankings

ESPN published their final edition of their top 100 players for the class of 2016 and the future Cats were on the rise. Here’s how the class finished along with their rankings at the time of commitment.

5. Bam Adebayo (Up from number 6)
6. De’Aaron Fox (Up from number 7)
9. Malik Monk (Down from number 5)
14. Wenyen Gabriel (Up from number 23)
-16. Marques Bolden-
24. Sacha Killeya-Jones (Up from number 56)

Kentucky will bring in 5 top 25 players next fall with the possibility of a sixth if they can reel in Marques Bolden. Five players from the top twenty five will be the second time Calipari has landed such a class. The first time was in 2013 when the Cats brought in five guys ranked in the top 10 and ended the season with five freshman starting in the national title game.

Could this class accomplish a similar feat next April?

Bolden struggling with decision, obviously


You don’t have to be in the Bolden camp to know Marques is having a hard time deciding between Duke and Kentucky. Yesterday the Montgomery Adviser in Alabama ran a story on Bolden and how the Tide was once in the mix for his services, with quotes from Bolden’s head coach, Chris Dyer.

“He says, ‘Coach is this a life-altering decision,” Dyer told the newspaper. “This could really impact my life.’  I said, ‘Yeah, OK. But you’re still going to school.’”

Though many fans have grown impatient with Bolden’s recruitment, it’s not all that uncommon for recruits to wait this long into the spring or summer. Four other ESPN100 players also remain undecided as of today, including Jarrett Allen.

Remember: Back when we were all anxiously awaiting Andrew Wiggins’ announcement in 2013, he waited all the way until mid May to pick Kansas. More recently, John Calipari didn’t land Jamal Murray until late June of last year, after failing to get Malik Newman in late April and Jaylen Brown in May.

Bolden is struggling with his “life-altering decision” and will announce when he is ready to announce, whether that be tomorrow, this weekend or three weeks from now.

Five Wildcats in Top 25 of final 2016 ESPN 100


ESPN Recruiting released its final rankings for the 2016 class today and five of Kentucky’s six signees are ranked as top-25 players.

Bam Adebayo leads the bunch, earning a fifth overall ranking from ESPN. De’Aaron Fox is right behind him at No. 6, followed by Malik Monk at ninth, Wenyen Gabriel at No. 14 and Sacha Killeya-Jones at No. 24.

1. Harry Giles, Duke
2. Josh Jackson, Kansas
3. Jayson Tatum, Duke
4. Lonzo Ball, UCLA
5. Bam Adebayo, Kentucky
6. De’Aaron Fox, Kentucky
7. Markelle Fultz, Washington
8. Miles Bridges, Michigan State
9. Malik Monk, Kentucky
10. Frank Jackson, Duke

14. Wenyen Gabriel, Kentucky

24. Sacha Killeya-Jones, Kentucky

Kentucky is ESPN’s top-ranked class, edging out Duke for the No. 1 spot. Marques Bolden, ESPN’s No. 16 player, will decide how that stands in the end.

Full rankings here.

10 takeaways from Calipari’s busy recruiting weekend

10 takeaways from Calipari’s busy recruiting weekend


If you spent your weekend away from the computer like I did, you missed a lot of recruiting news. This weekend was the second of the spring evaluation period and most of UK’s 2017 targets were in action at the Nike EYBL event in Indianapolis. As always, John Calipari was a busy man, holding court at the Jonathan Byrd’s Grand Park Fieldhouse from Friday to Sunday, with a quick detour to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon for the Adidas Gauntlet. Oh, the places you’ll go and the recruits you’ll see when you have access to a private jet!

A lot happened in the last recruiting period before July, so I spent the day catching up on the latest and breaking it down into ten takeaways for you.

1. He pretty much saw everybody

All thirteen 2017 players with Kentucky offers played in the event in Indianapolis, making the EYBL event the perfect opportunity for Calipari and staff to really hone in on who they want to prioritize in the class. Here’s a list of who Calipari and Kenny Payne watched in Indy Friday through Sunday:

  • Kevin Knox
  • Gary Trent Jr.
  • John Petty
  • Mohamed Bamba
  • Hamidou Diallo
  • Michael Porter Jr.
  • Trae Young
  • Nick Richards
  • Tremont Waters
  • PJ Washington
  • Wendell Carter
  • Jarred Vanderbilt
  • DeAndre Ayton

While the act of making that list is enough to wear me out, Calipari did as Calipari does, straddling courts and watching several targets at once.

2. Cal ran into Tubby Smith


This blurry picture of the two made the rounds Saturday morning, inspiring captions upon captions. It’s still a little weird to see Tubby decked out in Memphis gear, but here’s hoping Calipari passed along some good advice, like, “There are better rib places than Rendezvous,” or “I’m sorry to break it to you, but the pyramid really is just a Bass Pro Shops now.”

3. The Trae Young/Michael Porter package deal remains strong

I know, I know, NOT ANOTHER PACKAGE DEAL. While the majority of package deals between elite basketball recruits rarely come to fruition, Mokan Elite teammates Trae Young and (Not That) Michael Porter set the likelihood that they’ll attend the same college at 85%. Right now, a handful of schools have offered both, including Kentucky, and the Cats seem high on both’s lists, with Porter calling Kentucky a “dream school” and Young getting a ton of attention from Calipari this spring. What would you get in the 6’2″ Young? Calipari told the Norman, Oklahoma native he considers him a combination of Tyler Ulis and Brandon Knight.

Yes, please. We’ll take both.

4. Wenyen Gabriel is in Hamidou Diallo’s ear

A few days after getting a scholarship offer from Kentucky, five-star shooting guard Hamido Diallo scored 33 points (12-18 shooting) and grabbed 12 rebounds with Calipari in the stands, including this ridiculous dunk:

It turns out Diallo is friends with future Cat Wenyen Gabriel, who is already recruiting him to come to Lexington:

“Yeah, he’s basically telling me, ‘What am I waiting for?’,” Diallo told Ben Roberts. “He’s just been telling me to join and stuff like that.”

Kentucky already has a solid lead over UConn in Diallo’s Crystal Ball, but keep it up, Wenyen.

5. Four 2017 targets are already planning on coming to Big Blue Madness

We still don’t even have a finalized roster for the 2016-2017 season, but that’s not stopping the 2017 recruits from planning their visits to Kentucky for the fall. Wendell Carter, John Petty, Gary Trent Jr., and PJ Washington all confirmed to Ben Roberts they plan on attending Big Blue Madness in October, which, really, I’m only excited about because it will be the debut of the new center-hung scoreboard. Hopefully it will live up to everyone’s expectations.

6. Calipari really, really likes Romeo Langford

How much does Calipari like 2018 shooting guard Romeo Langford? After watching his 2017 targets play in the morning session in Indianapolis, he flew to the Adidas event in Atlanta just to see Langford play one game. Langford earned scholarship offers from Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas last week, and if that wasn’t indication enough that Calipari wants him, Saturday afternoon’s jetsetting should hammer the message home. With Calipari watching, Langford put up 20 points and 11 rebounds in a performance ESPN’s Adam Finkelstein called “nothing short of sensational”:

ESPN 25 guard Romeo Langford was nothing short of sensational this weekend. At 6-foot-4, he is a high-level athlete with a terrific wingspan. His physical tools don’t initially jump out, but he is the total package. He has a skill-set and the type of effortless smoothness that just can’t be taught. He is also a truly elite perimeter rebounder.

From there, Calipari flew back to Indianapolis to — you guessed it — do some more recruiting.

7. In Atlanta, Calipari was joined by Twany Beckham


Beckham lives in Atlanta and stopped by the Adidas Gauntlet to check out the action, and, coincidentally, see his former coach, who was sporting quite possibly the most Dad pair of Dad jeans I’ve ever seen. Twany even joined Cal and Robic courtside to see Romeo Langford:


8. John Petty talked to Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins about playing for UK

Petty was the first player in the 2017 class to get an offer from Kentucky, and many, including this blogger right here, think he could be the first to commit. The 6’6″ small forward from Huntsville, Alabama has been a UK fan since he was nine, and told Ben Roberts this weekend that he’s already talked to fellow Alabamans DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe about playing for UK.

“They tell me it’s a great school,” Petty said. “They tell me how Coach Cal is as a coach and as a man, period.”

Petty said the pull to stay home and play for Avery Johnson at Alabama is also strong and that he’s not in a rush to make a decision. Totally the right way to do it, but whenever I read his quotes, it sounds more and more likely he’ll be a Wildcat.

9. What is going on with DeAndre Ayton?

The oddest story on the recruiting scene in recent weeks has to center around De’Andre Ayton, the consensus #1 player in the class. Seems like everyone would be all in on trying to land the 7-footer from the Bahamas, who looked every inch the best player in the country over the weekend; however, when Ayton spoke with reporters, he said only one school is after him right now: Kansas.

Huh? Ayton said he thinks other coaches believe he will skip college and take the Thon Maker route; however, he claimed that isn’t so, telling SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell that both he and his mother think college is “a must.” Ayton insisted there are no eligibility concerns, but right now, I’m questioning his sanity after reading his response when asked if Kentucky was still involved in his recruitment:

“Kentucky, right now they’re mediocre. I’m not really big on who is really out there right now.”

Maybe “mediocre” means something else in the Bahamas. Or maybe Calipari and others are backing off for a good reason.

10. Nick Richards’ quotes about Kentucky and Indiana speak volumes

Kentucky is considered the early leader for the nation’s number two center from St. Patrick’s in New Jersey, where Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Dakari Johnson also played high school ball. The 6’11” New York native also has an offer from Indiana, and when asked about the two programs, gave TJ Walker a response that speaks volumes:

I realize the Hoosiers just got the best of us, but that’s pretty telling commentary on the trajectory of each program in the past ten years. Brag all you want about your two wins over Kentucky, Indiana fans, but I’m pretty happy with how things are going in Lexington.

That’s it — no more coaches at recruiting events until July. If only we had some commitments to keep the news flowing between now and then…

A Few Late Night Recruiting Notes for the UK Fans of the Day

A Few Late Night Recruiting Notes for the UK Fans of the Day


Two First-Time Football Offers

A pair of 2018 athletes picked up scholarship offers from Kentucky.  Both are listed as athletes.  Both are from the state of Michigan.  Both are receiving their first scholarship offers.  Jaylan Franklin and Matt Harmon have also received looks from Michigan State.

Another person was added to Kentucky’s offer sheet, 2018 outside linebacker DeAndre Square.  The Detroit native won linebacker MVP honors at Rivals’ Columbus Camp.  Square also holds offers from Iowa State, Cincinnati and Syracuse.  Before I move on, one more Michigan man to remember: 2019 offensive tackle Davontae Dobbs was given a UK offer earlier this week.

Mac Jones’ Team Wins at the Rivals Challenge

The jury seems to still be out as to whether or not Jones will earn a fifth star after attending Rivals’ premiere camp in Baltimore.  But it is safe to say that Jones performed at an extremely high level.  With teams divided amongst the different states to create a competition, his Florida squad took home the title.  Watch him air it out in the deep ball competition:

Cal’s NightCap

Calipari is doing the usual — not staying put.  He’s in between two courts at the Nike EYBL Tournament in Indianapolis.  On one court, Tremont Waters and Nick Richards are playing for Expressions Elite.  On another, Mohammad Bamba is taking on Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr. of MOKAN Elite.  Why Cal remains occupied, Kenny Payne is keeping an eye on Hamidou Diallo.

Cal sits with Twany Beckham and John Robic while watching Romeo Langford in Atlanta (@3stripehoops)

After Visiting Langford in Atlanta, Cal is Back in Indy

Cal sits with Twany Beckham and John Robic while watching Romeo Langford in Atlanta (@3stripehoops)

Cal sits with Twany Beckham and John Robic while watching Romeo Langford in Atlanta (@3stripehoops)

Calipari spent the morning recruiting with Kenny Payne at the Nike EYBL tournament in Indianapolis.  When the morning session ended, he hopped on a jet to meet up with Twany Beckham and John Robic in Atlanta to see Romeo Langford play in the adidas Uprising tournament.  Now, Cal is back in Indy to watch Kevin Knox against DeAndre Ayton.


I don’t understand either.  I know private jets are fast, but Clark Kent doesn’t go city to city that quickly.  I don’t know how he did it, but I know he loves the way Romeo Langford plays.  His actions speak for themselves.

His nightcap includes a game featuring 2018’s #1 player, power forward Marvin Bagley, and 2017 Findlay Prep power forward P.J. Washington.

Who knows, I may be back in an hour to tell you Cal is back in Atlanta.  The man can’t stop, won’t stop.

Just when you thought you knew where Calipari was Recruiting


John Calipari is a restless soul on the recruiting trail.  He spent his Friday night and Saturday morning recruiting at the Nike EYBL event in Indianapolis.  If you thought he’d stick around for the rest of the day, you thought wrong.

Calipari flew to the adidas circuit in Atlanta to watch Romeo Langford, the 2018 New Albany shooting guard that he offered earlier this week, shortly after Bill Self and Mike Kyrkszxexzxzewski extended offers.  Langford has created the quite the buzz on the adidas circuit.  Evan Daniels broke down his play after watching him on Friday.

With a wall full of coaches looking on, Langford scored 23 points on 8-for-13 shooting. He also reeled in nine rebounds and tossed out four assists.

At 6-foot-5, Langford has good size and length (6-11 wingspan) for the shooting guard position. He’s also a quality athlete that gets off that reacts to plays and gets off the ground quickly.

Offensively, he’s gifted and can score in a variety of ways. He has good form and shot mechanics on his jump shot and his range extends well past the three-point stripe.

Daniels also spoke with Langford about his big week.  He was excited to see all of the offers roll in, but he did admit that he wasn’t a Kentucky fan growing up, spending his childhood primarily cheering for the school across the Ohio River, the Louisville Cardinals.

For more from Daniels on Langford, click here.

Brace Hemmelgarn | Getty Images

Notes from The Morning Session at the EYBL

Brace Hemmelgarn | Getty Images

Brace Hemmelgarn | Getty Images

Trae Young is Good at Basketball

The point guard Calipari covets most has not disappointed.

Here’s highlights from last weekend’s performance.

Cal Kickin’ it With Ol’ Roy and Shaka



Roy looked a little tired while watching Jarred Vanderbilt take on Kevin Knox.  Kenny Payne was also watching courtside.

IU Remains Irrelevant 

The nation’s #2 center Nick Richards weighed in on who is recruiting him.  he had good things to say about the Cats, but not a lot to say about the Hoosiers.

Teammates with the other point guard Calipari has offered, Tremont Waters, Calipari bound back and forth between their game and Hamidou Diallo‘s.


Devin Booker joined Calipari once again on the recruiting trail, via @NextCats.

Who Calipari was Watching Friday Night

Devin Booker joined Calipari once again on the recruiting trail, via @NextCats.

Devin Booker joined Calipari once again on the recruiting trail, via @NextCats.

This weekend 12 players with Kentucky offers are just three hours away from Lexington in the second leg of the EYBL circuit in Indianapolis.  Before things really get rolling today, Calipari got in plenty of work last night, watching games featuring nine of the 12 targets.

He began by watching a battle between #2 shooting guard Gary Trent Jr. and #5 small forward John Petty.  Petty scored 23 and grabbed 8 rebounds, but he didn’t have the best shooting night (5-15).  Four three pointers couldn’t keep his WACG team in the game, taking a 19-point loss to Trent Jr.’s Howard Pulley.  Trent Jr. had 28 points and 6 rebounds on 11-19 shooting.  After the game he called Kentucky, “NBA University,” but Duke is the perceived favorite as of now.

Before the session ended Cal strolled on over to watch the #2 small forward and #6 player overall, Kevin Knox, drop 25 points and 13 rebounds in a 13-point win.

For the next session, Calipari was in between two courts, keeping an eye on Hamidou Diallo and Mahammad Bamba.  The pair has peaked Cal’s interest since the open season started last weekend, and for good reason.  Diallo scored 33 points on 12 of 18 shooting and pulled in 12 rebounds; Bamba had 14 points on 5 of 9 shooting and 16 rebounds.  Diallo also did this.

For the nightcap, Calipari was in the bleachers to watch MOKAN Elite’s potential package deal of #1 small forward Michael Porter Jr. and #3 point guard Trae Young.  In the 16-point win Porter Jr. went for 22 and 15 while Young dished out 11 assists.  After the game Young told reporters that Calipari compares him to Brandon Knight and Tyler Ulis.

After watching one of his potential future point guards, he turned to the other point guard with an offer, Tremont Waters.  Waters had 18 points and 6 assists alongside his teammate, Top 20 center Nick Richards.  Richards had 13 and 6 to help the Expressions Elite take down the Phoenix Family 69-65.  Waters’ stock has been on the rise since the circuit started last weekend, picking up recent offers from Kentucky and Duke, who he called his “dream school.”  Keep dreaming, Tremont.

One person Calipari didn’t watch was the nation’s #1 player, DeAndre Ayton.  Ayton has continued to perform at a high level — 24 points, 12 rebounds, 11-15 shooting and a made three-pointer — yet he told reporters after the game that every school has pretty much backed off except Kansas.  He’s not sure why, guessing that maybe they are worried the international player will take the same route as Thon Maker.  He isn’t too worried, insisting that he will play college basketball and eligibility issues are non-existent.

Thunder Over Louisville’s Saturday Morning Wakeup

Thunder Over Louisville’s Saturday Morning Wakeup


For those in Central Kentucky, it’s a sad Saturday, the final weekend of the Keeneland Spring Meet.  You still have until next Friday and plenty of good weather, but the end is nigh.  For those in Louisville, it’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year — Derby Season.

Half a million people will gather on the waterfront in Kentucky and Southern Indiana to watch the annual spectacle that begins with an air show at 3:00, with the fireworks going off at 9:30.  Even if I wasn’t commanding today, there are only two things that would motivate me to fight the massive crowd.

  1. The soundtrack to this year’s fireworks is provided by The Louisville Orchestra.
  2. The people watching.

People think the state fair is home to the best people watching, but those people are wrong — it’s at Thunder Over Louisville.  A place where face tats and mullets are not uncommon, high school kids will get into scuffles at the skate park and people in crocs will ride motorized coolers on the streets.

The top contender for “best people watching” is also happening today in the eastern part of the state.  Hillbilly Days is happening this weekend in Pikeville.  Unfortunately, there will not be any former basketball players taking in the sights and sounds as a part of their autograph tour, but you can still see the best the state has to offer, like these guys.

The EYBL Heads to Indianapolis

And you better believe John Calipari will be there.  All 12 2017 targets with UK offers will be playing throughout the day at Jonathan Byrd’s Grand Park Fieldhouse on the north side of town. Here are the 12 that are expected to participate:

  1. DeAndre Ayton
  2. Mohammad Bamba
  3. Wendell Carter
  4. Michael Porter Jr.
  5. Kevin Knox
  6. Hamidou Diallo
  7. Jarred Vanderbilt
  8. Gary Trent Jr.
  9. John Petty Jr.
  10. Nick Richards
  11. Trae Young
  12. Tremont Waters

We’ll provide updates throughout the day to let you know who Cal has his eye on.

Marques Bolden Watch Continues

Will the big man announce anytime soon?  That’s a good question.  His father had us expecting to hear something by the end of the week, yet we’re still here.  There is some good news that came out yesterday for the BBN.  Duke center Amile Jefferson was granted a fifth year of eligibility.  Maybe this is exactly the kind of thing that needed to happen to swing his parents in favor of the Big Blue.

Mac Jones is at Rivals’ QB Challenge Finals

The 2017 quarterback commit is in Baltimore with 12 other quarterbacks from around the country to compete for Rivals’ top prize for QBs.  He already picked an offer from Alabama, but if he wins his third consecutive camp MVP honor, more offers will roll into Jacksonville.

Mark Stoops Offered another Local Protege

Stoops was smart when he extended Landon Young an early offer.  Unheralded as a sophomore, Young ended his high school career as a five-star prospect.  The case could be the same for Scott County freshman Bryan Hudson.  Hudson is a 6’4″ 260-pound athletic offensive lineman.  Just like Young, he excels at throwing the discus and shot put for the track team.  It’s very early, but t’s worth keeping a keen eye on Hudson’s development.

Boogie’s Bobblehead Actually Looked like Boogie

Well, kind of.  It’s better than most bobblehead attempts that take a caricature one step too far.


NBA Cats in the Playoffs

There are a few Wildcats in action today.  Even though most of the games have been snoozefests, the first game at 3:00 could be a close one.  A look at the complete schedule:

  • Raptors (Patrick Patterson) at Pacers, 3:00 on TNT
  • Heat at Hornets (Aaron Harrison), 5:30 on TNT
  • Thunder (Enes Kanter & Nazr Mohammad) at Mavericks, 8:00 on ESPN
  • Clippers at Trail Blazers, 10:30 on ESPN

Prince is still Gone

My parents are haters, but I keep finding videos of mesmerizing performances.  People love to talk about his Super Bowl performance, but his Super Bowl press conference might have been even better.

Is Coach Cal evaluating or posing for pictures?

It has been a long first night in Indiana for John Calipari as he has watched several of his top targets in the 2017 class. As expected, he popped in to see glimpses of Kevin Knox, John Petty, Mohamed Bamba, Hamidou Diallo, Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr., and no telling who else.

But I’m wondering if he’s had time to actually evaluate these recruits when he’s having to stop and pose for so many photos.

Rock star.

Kevin Knox is up first for Calipari at second Nike EYBL


John Calipari begins the second evaluation weekend by watching Kevin Knox, the highly sought after small forward from Tampa. Calipari visited Knox on Monday and offered him a scholarship to Kentucky. Cal made him a top priority again tonight by pulling up a front row seat for his opening game in Indy, before checking in on the many other UK targets at the event. Tony Barbee is also courtside for Knox’s game.

Kevin Knox
Small Forward | 6-8 | 195 lbs.
Tampa, FL | Tampa Catholic
ESPN No. 6 | 2 SF Top247 No. 7 | 2 SF
Rivals No. 7 Scout No. 6 | 2 SF

Cal will likely make his way over to get a glance at John Petty, who is also playing right now on another court.

Hamidou Diallo, Mohamed Bamba, Nick Richards, Tremont Waters and DeAndre Ayton are all scheduled to play at 8 pm. Cal will be all over the place once that round of game tips off.