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Kevin Knox shares an agent with several former Louisville players

Kevin Knox has signed with agent Aaron Turner of Verus Management out of Ohio.

Turner also represents Terry Rozier, one of the hottest names in the NBA, as well as several other former University of Louisville players. That list includes Deng Adel, Ray Spalding, Mangok Mathiang, Jaylen Johnson and Wayne Blackshear.

I have no idea what goes into the agent hiring process, but it’s a little odd that Knox sided with someone who represents so many former Cards.

Hamidou Diallo and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander each signed with agents who have former Kentucky Wildcats on their client list.

Hamidou Diallo shares an agent with the Harrison twins

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander signs with agent Thad Foucher


Wendell Carter’s mom’s comments comparing NCAA to slavery off-base, out of line

Wendell Carter’s mom’s comments comparing NCAA to slavery off-base, out of line

There’s no doubt that the last few weeks having been trying times for the sport of college basketball and those of us who love it. Back on April 25th the “Rice Commission,” an independent group that was put in charge of evaluating college basketball and calling for changes, released its results. And no matter how realistic some of those changes were, the simple fact remains that change, in some form or another, is coming to college sports.

Still the hit parade on the NCAA hasn’t stopped since then, with more and more people continuing to call out the governing body of college athletics. The latest to do so? Kylia Carter, the mother of Wendell Carter, who just completed a one-and-done season as a basketball player at Duke.

Mrs. Carter (who in full-disclosure, I interviewed a few years ago and really enjoyed chatting with) spoke on Monday morning, and – to be blunt – made some shocking comments on the state of college athletics as a whole.

Here is her full quote, with the last line in particular standing out:

“When you remove all the bling and the bells and the sneakers and all that, you’ve paid for a child to come to your school to do what you wanted them to do for you, for free. And you made a lot of money when he did that, and you’ve got all these rules in place that say he cannot share in any of that. The only other time when labor does not get paid but yet someone else gets profits and the labor is black and the profit is white, is in slavery.”

Ummm, wow. I mean, I get that the NCAA is a flawed, imperfect entity. Most are. But to compare it to slavery? Are we sure that’s the analogy we want to use here?

For starters, let’s get a few facts right out in the open, the most basic of which is this: No one forced Wendell Carter to go to Duke, or for Mrs. Carter to send her son there. As we all know, the one-and-done rule is an NBA rule and not a college one, meaning that no player is forced to go to college, they are just not allowed into the NBA until a certain point. Her son had no tangible obligation to go to Duke, and if it were simply about being compensated for his talent, there were plenty of options for him. He could have gone and played in the G-League, or gone overseas and easily gotten a contract for a couple hundred thousand dollars. At 18-years-old, he could have made more money in one year than most of the entire world’s population.


Mitch Barnhart defends Kentucky’s checkerboard uniforms

Mitch Barnhart defends Kentucky’s checkerboard uniforms

Kentucky’s checkerboard basketball uniforms have been a source of contention since they were introduced back in 2016. Many former players have told KSR they dislike the uniforms, but athletic director Mitch Barnhart continues to defend them. On today’s Morning Tip-Off with Michael Bennett, Shannon the Dude asked Barnhart about the checkerboard uniforms, which led to this feisty exchange.

Shannon: “A lot of people have expressed concerns not liking the checkerboard uniforms. So, are the checkerboards here to stay or are they here for another year? What’s the future?”

Barnhart: “I really find it fascinating that people get fired up about uniforms. We were just talking about this off air. It’s so interesting to me. As we talk to our players — if I asked our football team what uniforms they want to wear, they want to wear the platinum ones and the black ones, and the minute we put those on, I get 84,000 emails about, ‘Don’t wear black and platinum.’ I got one guy that writes me an email — when we go on the road, we wear white uniforms, which is by rule, we have to wear the white uniform. He says, ‘You’ve worn white. You’re already surrendering before you’ve ever taken the field.’ I said, ‘That’s great, buddy. I really appreciate you understanding the rules of college football.’ That’s the mindset of what I deal with.”

Shannon: “Is it a deal with Nike, Mitch?”

Barnhart: “Hey Shannon, are you going to talk over the top of me and keep going or do I get to answer what I want to? How about you be quiet and I’ll talk?”

Shannon: “I’m just asking you a question. All I’m asking –”

Barnhart: “If you stop long enough, I’ll answer it.”

Shannon: “Okay, go. You’ve got 30 seconds.”

Barnhart: “Oh, I’m on the clock?”

Shannon: “Well, the show’s over now.”

Barnhart: “I’m going to run out of time and can’t answer it the way I want to. I like our kids. We have a lot of our kids that like it. Frankly, we do have a deal with Nike and they came to us with some stuff from the silks of Secretariat. When we first started this, it wasn’t a checkerboard thing, it was the silks of Secretariat and that’s how we’ve honored it. A lot of our kids like it and we give each sport the opportunity to design their own uniforms, so that’s where we are. Thanks, Shannon, for the time.”

There you go. Listen to the exchange at the end of the podcast below:

Fashion Police: Kentucky Wildcats at the Derby

In what has become one of my favorite Derby traditions, several former Cats returned to their old Kentucky home this past weekend to enjoy the greatest two minutes in sports. Bam Adebayo, Kevin Knox, Hamidou Diallo, Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb, and Randall Cobb all made the rounds on the red carpet Friday and Saturday, and because I’m a little judgmental, I graded their outfits.


Embed from Getty Images

Bam Adebayo

Bam Adebayo sure knows how to wear a suit. Kudos to his tailor. I’m not crazy about the pattern, but it fits him well. Another strong showing from Bam, whose draft suit may be my favorite of all time.

Grade: B+

Embed from Getty Images

Kevin Knox

Look at Kevin Knox rocking a double-breasted jacket! This is a cool take on a classic, preppy look. I like the navy sports coat and white pants, although both look a smidge too short (I realize this is probably the look he’s going for). The pink bowtie is nice (I wish it weren’t satin), as are the shoes, which make it fresh and fun. For a first time Derby guest, Knox did well.

Grade: A-

Embed from Getty Images

Hamidou Diallo

Oh, Hami. I like the chambray jacket so much I’m willing to forgive the floppiness of the shirt collar (needs starch!), but those pants…I just don’t get the drop-crotch, cropped look. Also, those shoes are just…no. Sorry. #Old

Grade: C

Embed from Getty Images

Terrence Jones

Hey, look, it’s Terrence Jones! And he’s wearing a really ugly suit made of…burlap? Are those screaming gorillas on his polo shirt? Is that some kind of tribute to Harambe? (Do we still care about Harambe?) Why is he wearing a polo shirt with a suit? Does he not own a dress shirt anymore? Do I need to start worrying about Terrence Jones? I know the G-League life is tough, but someone needs to teach the real T. Jones bout fashion.

Grade: D-

Embed from Getty Images

Doron Lamb

In case you were wondering what Doron Lamb’s been up to lately, well, he was at the Derby with his new BFF Hamidou Diallo. What a pair. I won’t lie, it made me happy to see D. Lamb pop up on the scene, looking exactly how you would think D. Lamb would look. This ensemble is…something. Driving shoes with a suit feels too casual for the Derby, but you know what? D. Lamb gonna D. Lamb. At least he didn’t spend the entire weekend ordering room service on someone else’s dime.

Grade: C-

Embed from Getty Images

Randall Cobb

Cobb paired a tuxedo jacket with a black shirt for the Fillies & Stallions party. Not my favorite look in the world, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s Goldeneyes. The rest of the Packers look good, especially Aaron Rodgers. That plaid jacket is awesome.

Grade: B

BONUS: Von Miller

Embed from Getty Images

This look is so nuts I’m not even mad. Ditch the green shoes and the hat and that’s amazing.


KSR’s 2018 Summer Calendar

KSR’s 2018 Summer Calendar

With the Derby now over, it may seem like we’re about to enter a dry spell of Kentucky sports news; however, when you look at the calendar and all of the pieces still in the air concerning next year’s basketball team, there’s actually a ton of stuff happening over the next few months.

Here’s what you can look forward to this summer.


 May 9: Tyrese Maxey’s announcement

It seems all but certain that Maxey will be a Kentucky Wildcat — maybe as soon as this fall — but we’ll know for sure Wednesday at 4 p.m. CT.

May 9: SEC Softball Tournament begins

Kentucky, the No. 10 seed, will face the 7-seed Arkansas Razorbacks in the opening round of the SEC Softball Tournament, which takes place in Columbia, Missouri. First pitch is at 1:30 p.m. CT on the SEC Network.

May 9: KSR Bowling League begins

There’s still time to sign up for the KSR Bowling League, which will take place each Wednesday night this summer at Southland Lanes in Lexington. To register, visit

May 11-13: Last weekend at The Cliff

The UK Baseball team will play its final series at The Cliff this weekend vs. Mississippi State, Nick Mingione’s old squad. UK has several giveaways planned to commemorate the occasion, including stadium prints, jersey koozies, trading cards, and the ceremonial last pitch ball. For Friday night’s game, they’ll also have fireworks. The series will air on ESPNU (Friday) and SEC Network (Saturday and Sunday).

May 19: The Preakness

Is Justify really a super horse? We’ll find out in the second leg of the Triple Crown.

May 16-20: NBA Draft Combine

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kevin Knox, PJ Washington, Hamidou Diallo, and Jarred Vanderbilt will attend the NBA Draft Combine May 16-20 in Chicago. PJ has the most to gain from the Combine; a good performance could give him the incentive he needs to stay in the draft, while a bad performance will make it plain as day he needs to return to school. Meanwhile, the question of whether or not Vanderbilt will be able to participate still remains; if he can’t do any of the testing due to his injury, why bother going?

May 22-27: SEC Baseball Tournament

Mingione and the Cats will head to Hoover, Alabama for the 2018 SEC Baseball Tournament later this month before awaiting their NCAA Tournament draw.

May 30: NCAA early-entry withdrawal deadline

PJ, Jarred, and Wenyen have until May 30 (10 days after the Combine) to withdraw their name from the NBA Draft if they want to retain their college eligibility. There is no bigger “finish line” in sight.

Photo by UK Athletics


TBD: The KSR Summer Tour

The details of this year’s summer tour are still being worked out, but the guys plan to visit towns they haven’t been to across the state three days a week for eight weeks. Once the schedule is final, we will post it on the site ad nauseam.

First week: Basketball players return to campus

It’s now customary for the players to return to campus early in the summer to start summer classes and offseason workouts. Since the NCAA’s withdrawal deadline will have passed, the players who decided to come back to school will be back in Lexington with the rest of the team, including incoming freshmen. The only players we won’t see in early June are probably those still attempting to reclassify. Ashton Hagans reportedly won’t know his situation until late July. Tyrese Maxey — should he commit to Kentucky — could know much sooner.

June 1-4: NCAA Regional

Kentucky hosted a regional last year and beat Ohio, Indiana, and NC State to advance to their first ever Super Regional. The Bat Cats have a chance at hosting again, but will need to finish the season strong.

June 8: KSR Lexington Golf Scramble

There is only one spot remaining for this year’s golf scramble in Lexington, so if you’re interested, hurry on over to to register.

June 8-11: NCAA Super Regional

June 9: Belmont Stakes

June 12-17: NBA Top 100 Camp

One of the premiere events of the year for evaluating talent. TJ Walker’s boots will be on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia.

June 16-27: NCAA College World Series

June 21: NBA Draft

Graduation Day. All 21 of John Calipari’s one-and-dones at Kentucky have been drafted in the first round. Will that streak snap this year?


July 6-17: NBA Summer League

The summer league is bigger than ever, with all 30 NBA teams set to compete in the Las Vegas league. Another league will be held in Utah and, reportedly, Sacramento. Expect to see plenty of former Cats in the mix.

July 11-15: Peach Jam, Adidas Gauntlet Finale

One of the biggest recruiting weekends of the year. Top prospects will be split between the Peach Jam in North Augusta, South Carolina and the adidas Gauntlet Finale in New York City. TJ Walker will once again have us covered.

July 16-19: SEC Media Days

Fresh off his honeymoon, Nick Roush will travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual circus known as SEC Media Days. Sadly, Freddie’s new job means he can’t cover the event for us anymore, but Roush will bring you everything you need to know as we head into year six of the Mark Stoops era.

Late July: Football Media Day

Talking season continues a few weeks later as the local media gets their turn to grill Mark Stoops, Eddie Gran, Matt House, Vince Marrow, and the players.


Early August: Football Fan Day, Fall Camp begins

Prepare yourself for practice reports. Will Stoops pick a quarterback before the season begins?

August 6-13: Bahamas Trip, Calipari Fantasy Camp

The oasis we’ll all be waiting for! Kentucky basketball and Calipari’s annual fantasy camp will move to the Bahamas for one blissful week, which will include four games vs. professional opponents:

  • August 8 – vs. Bahamas national team (Made up of several Bahamian players competing for the World Cup Qualifying Team)
  • August 9 – vs. San Lorenzo de Almagro (FIBA Liga de las Americas champions based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • August 11 – vs. Mega Bemax (Serbian team coined the “European Kentucky” for its ability to put players in the NBA)
  • August 12 – vs. Team Toronto (Group of top select Canadian players put together by head coach Roy Rana, who led the 2019 U19 Canadian team to the gold medal at the FIBA World Championships)

KSR will make the trek as well. Join us in paradise, won’t you?

August 24: KSR Louisville Golf Scramble

TBD: KSBar and Grille opens

In our humble opinion, the event of the summer. Soon, you’ll be able to come party at our place, where we’ll serve bourbonade, free popcorn, and sandwiches I won’t make.


September 1: Kentucky vs. Central Michigan

Football will be here before you know it.

Diallo listed among official NBA combine attendees

The NBA released the names of all 69 prospects expected to attend the combine, and Hamidou Diallo is included.

Diallo is one of five Kentucky Wildcats listed as attending (and confirmed by UK), despite reports that he was planning to sit out. His high school coach, Tom Espinosa, told the Herald-Leader that Diallo’s brother said Diallo would work out at UK instead. Turns out, that report was inaccurate and Diallo will be in Chicago.

Here is the full list of participants from the NBA:

Rawle Alkins (Arizona)
Grayson Allen (Duke)
Kostas Antetokounmpo (Dayton)
Udoka Azubuike (Kansas)
Marvin Bagley III (Duke)
Mohamed Bamba (Texas)
Jaylen Barford (Arkansas)
Keita Bates-Diop (Ohio State)
Tyus Battle (Syracuse)
Brian Bowen II (South Carolina)
Mikal Bridges (Villanova)
Miles Bridges (Michigan State)
Bruce Brown Jr. (Miami)
Troy Brown Jr. (Oregon)
Jalen Brunson (Villanova)
Tony Carr (Penn State)
Jevon Carter (West Virginia)
Wendell Carter (Duke)
Hamidou Diallo (Kentucky)
Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova)
Trevon Duval (Duke)
Jacob Evans (Cincinnati)
Bruno Fernando (Maryland)
Melvin Frazier Jr. (Tulane)
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Kentucky)
Devonte Graham (Kansas)
Devon Hall (Virginia)
Jaylen Hands (UCLA)
Kevin Hervey (Texas-Arlington)
Aaron Holiday (UCLA)
Kevin Huerter (Maryland)
Chandler Hutchison (Boise State)
Jaren Jackson Jr. (Michigan State)
Justin Jackson (Maryland)
Alize Johnson (Missouri State)
George King (Colorado)
Kevin Knox (Kentucky)
Sagaba Konate (West Virginia)
Caleb Martin (Nevada)
Cody Martin (Nevada)
Yante Maten (Georgia)
Brandon McCoy (UNLV)
De’Anthony Melton (USC)
Chimezie Metu (USC)
Shake Milton (SMU)
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (Kansas)
Malik Newman (Kansas)
Josh Okogie (Georgia Tech)
Jontay Porter (Missouri)
Michael Porter Jr. (Missouri)
Billy Preston (Kansas)
Jerome Robinson (Boston College)
Mitchell Robinson (Western Kentucky)
Collin Sexton (Alabama)
Landry Shamet (Wichita State)
Anfernee Simons (IMG Academy)
Zhaire Smith (Texas Tech)
Omari Spellman (Villanova)
Khyri Thomas (Creighton)
Gary Trent Jr. (Duke)
Allonzo Trier (Arizona)
Jarred Vanderbilt (Kentucky)
Moritz Wagner (Michigan)
Lonnie Walker (Miami)
PJ Washington (Kentucky)
Austin Wiley (Auburn)
Kris Wilkes (UCLA)
Kenrich Williams (TCU)
Trae Young (Oklahoma)

Wenyen Gabriel is the only early entrant from Kentucky to not receive an invite. Jarred Vanderbilt is listed as attending, but his playing status is unknown.

UK’s five players are tied with Duke and Kansas for the most on the list.

The combine will be held May 16-20. ESPN2 will televise parts of it on May 17 and May 18 from 3-7 pm.

Hamidou Diallo shares an agent with the Harrison twins

Hamidou Diallo has hired Kevin Bradbury of BDA Sports Management as his representation as he pursues a professional basketball career.

Bradbury’s client list also includes former Kentucky guards Andrew and Aaron Harrison, as well as familiar NBA names such as Frank Kaminsky, Patrick Beverley and Evan Turner.

In related news, a new story in The Athletic has quotes from NBA execs about prospects out of New York City, including Diallo:

“He’s a wild card,” an Eastern Conference executive told The Athletic. “I think earlier in the year people had him ranked higher. He has upside because he’s so athletic. His skills are developing. Right now he’s more of an athlete than basketball player. Will his skills catch up to his athleticism? That’s the question. Right now I think he’s late first or early second-round pick. Some of the teams picking late may see him as an upside pick.”

Diallo spent the weekend hanging out with Doron Lamb at the Kentucky Derby, so there’s that, too.

UK Athletics’ Derby news streak continued

Almost immediately after last year’s running of the Kentucky Derby, Kevin Knox announced his surprise commitment to the University of Kentucky. No one had any idea the Cats were even in his top three, let alone the favorite to land the elite forward out of Florida.

But if you look at the numbers from historical standpoint, it really wasn’t a surprise at all.

Mark Story of the Herald-Leader wrote an article late last week about the overwhelming number of breaking news stories released on or around the Derby over the years, specifically involving the University of Kentucky.

In 18 of the last 22 years, a UK Athletics news story has broken on Derby Day or in the 48 hours leading up to the big race.

Last year we had Knox.

The year before, Alexis Jennings announced her transfer from the Kentucky women’s basketball program on the Thursday before Derby.

In 2011, Terrence Jones announced his return to Kentucky for a sophomore season, one that would end in a national championship.

According to Story’s piece, the only years we didn’t see a major UK basketball story on or before Derby since 1996 came in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009.

And that streak continued this year.

On Thursday night, 2019 five-star guard Tyrese Maxey announced his commitment date (this Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET). Kentucky is considered the heavy favorite not only to land the elite prospect, but to see him suit up a year early in 2018. If/when he ends up at Kentucky, it would almost certainly give the Cats the most dominant backcourt in America, especially if Ashton Hagans reclassified, as well.

Usually the news is basketball related, but we heard a major football story break, as well. On the same night of the Maxey news, Kentucky football pass rusher Denzil Ware announced his transfer from the school. Ware was expected to be a significant piece on the defensive line and a key veteran leader both on and off the field.

Yesterday afternoon, Nae Nae Cole, a 6-foot-5 forward, announced she was transferring from NC State to play for Matthew Mitchell and the UK Hoops squad. The women’s basketball team had a bit of a rough season this past year, and experienced more than their fair share of bad news over the last two years. Mitchell has signed two big prospects in the class of 2018, and bringing in another big transfer will only help their chances for a successful 2018-19 season.

Not one, but three significant news stories. And with that, the streak continues, as we’ve seen Derby news in 19 of the last 23 years.

To read the entire article with more Derby news stories over the years, check it out on the Herald-Leader here.

One Year Ago Today: Kevin Knox Picks Kentucky

One year ago tonight, John Calipari pulled off one of the biggest recruiting surprises of his time at Kentucky. The #10 player in the class of 2017, ranked as the #2 small forward in the nation announced his commitment to Kentucky, shocking much of the recruiting world.

Leading up to his announcement, many believed Knox was heading to play basketball in the state of North Carolina for Duke or UNC. As we have learned time in and time out, “In Calipari We Trust.” The now former Cat committed to Kentucky and it is hard to picture where this year’s team would have been without him.

The Tampa, Florida native 15.6 points and 5.4 rebounds in what will turn out to be his only season in Lexington. For most fans, Knox will bring a lot of good memories with the most notable being this performance:

Others will remember him for his trademark jumper from the baseline. If you ask a certain reporter, he might remember him for one of their first encounters:

Knox is projected to be picked in the #10-20 range in next month’s NBA Draft. Good Luck to Kevin in his future. Check out the announcement of Knox to Kentucky on KSR, the comments as always are fantastic:

Kevin Knox picks KENTUCKY


I Can’t Wait to See Tom Crean in Rupp Arena

It’s rare to be both genuinely and sarcastically excited about the exact same thing. Tom Crean becoming a head coach in the SEC is the exact center of that Venn diagram for me.

Did you know that our own Coach Calipari called Crean on the night he was hired? Cal seemed excited to have the former Hoosier head man at the helm at UGA.

“Are you coming to the league?” Kentucky’s John Calipari, the dean of SEC coaches entering his 10th season, asked Crean when he called him the night he was hired by Georgia on March 15.

“I’m coming straight to Rupp,” Crean kidded him.

Cal clearly felt that Crean was the right man for the job.

“He’s a terrific basketball coach, great guy, been a friend. I’ve known him for a long time,” Calipari said. “And he’s got a good job. Georgia is a good job. They’ve proven it over the years, and I think it’ll be great for our league, and it’s going to be great for Georgia.

[Augusta Chronicle]

The SEC has accrued a pretty incredible list of personalities: John Calipari, Bruce Pearl, Frank Martin, Tom Crean… and those are just the loudest voices. And Crean specifically might be in it for the long haul, considering the fact that his threshold for success at Georgia is considerably lower that it was at Indiana. Just making it to the Big Dance will be considered an accomplishment in Athens.

Am I irrationally excited for Crean’s SEC tenure? Very possibly. But that irrationality won’t stop me from counting down the days before we get to see Crean making a silly face on the big screen in Rupp Arena.


Next Season’s Backcourt Will Be Ridiculous (Potentially)

With Tyrese Maxey’s commitment imminent, which could potentially be coupled with a reclassification, it isn’t a stretch to say that Maxey pledging to play for the Cats could totally reshape the 2018-2019 squad, assuming his comments about playing with fellow 5-star guard Ashton Hagans are to be taken literally:

“We call ourselves The Duo,” he said, pausing a beat before correction himself: “A possible duo. I’m sorry. Trying not to laugh.”

[SEC Country]

Let’s assume for a moment that Maxey will commit to UK, and he and Hagans will both opt to reclassify to 2018 to make this “duo” talk a reality. If this comes to fruition, the Wildcat backcourt will be unreasonably deep.

We know that Quade Green has decided to return for the 2018 campaign, and even if Coach Cal is forced to cut his minutes, Green’s vocal presence will have ramifications both during games and behind the scenes at practice. Elder statesmen have proven to be valuable assets under Calipari.

Then there’s Immanuel Quickley, who was originally viewed as Kentucky’s next floor general. The 6’3″, 175 pound ball handler will still contribute heavily, even if his impact is diluted by the former 2019 recruits.

Tyler Herro will inject some much needed perimeter shooting prowess into the lineup, and will likely fill the same role that was once occupied by a player that Herro draws heavy comparisons to, Devin Booker. Given the woes the 2017-2018 Cats experienced from downtown, that sounds delectable to me.

Drop in Hagans and Maxey, guards with the same Calipari-friendly physical gifts as Quickley, and all of the sudden, the idea of a guard-centric platoon system starts to sound like a reasonable idea. It’s either that, or an endlessly intense war for playing time every day in practice.

I legitimately wonder if next year’s team will produce record breaking numbers of assists, considering the fact that top-quality guards will be on the court virtually one-hundred percent of the time. If some other weapons like P.J. Washington and Wenyen Gabriel make their ways back to Lexington, it’s entirely possible.


Terry Rozier continues to troll Eric Bledsoe in the NBA Playoffs

Getty Images

Former Louisville guard Terry Rozier turned heads in Boston’s opening round matchup against Milwaukee in the NBA Playoffs both on and off the floor. After replacing injured All-Star guard Kyrie Irving as the team’s starting point guard, he has exceeded all expectations, specifically when matched up against former Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe.

After Boston’s opening game victory, Rozier mistakenly called the Bucks guard “Drew Bledsoe,” the name of the former Patriots quarterback. When asked about the incident, Bledsoe said of Rozier, ‘I don’t even know who the (expletive) that is.”

Rozier followed it up by outdueling Bledsoe the rest of the way, scoring 16 or more points in five of seven matchups, including a 26-point performance in Game Seven to seal the series victory. Bledsoe scored 16 or more points in just three of those matchups, with just two performances shooting over 40-percent from the field.

We even saw a little scuffle between the two in Game Five.

The Celtics pulled off series victory, and Rozier topped it all off by wearing a Drew Bledsoe into TD Garden before Game One Boston’s series with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now, “Scary Terry” has taken it one step further, incorporating the Drew Bledsoe jersey into the special edition Kyrie 4 shoes he wore tonight in Game Three:

He also has the logo on t-shirts now, a product that is selling like hotcakes in the Boston area (and Louisville, probably.)

Rozier has taken trolling to a whole new level. But unfortunately, his play has been more than enough to back that up.

Stanford’s Reid Travis NOT invited to NBA Combine

Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, Yahoo! Sports released the list of seventy-three players invited to the NBA Combine later this month. Five Kentucky players received invites, including Kevin Knox, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Hamidou Diallo, PJ Washington, and Jarred Vanderbilt.

Not included on the list? Stanford’s Reid Travis.

Travis is a 6-foot-8, 245-pound hoss who put his name in the draft without an agent back in April. As a redshirt junior, Travis was third in the Pac-12 in both scoring (19.5 PPG) and rebounding (8.7 RPG), earning All-Pac-12 in the process. In his career, he ranks seventh in school history with 1,427 points and 10th with 758 rebounds.

And he’s eligible to transfer wherever he wants for one final season as a graduate transfer.

Back when the season ended, Kyle Tucker of SEC Country confirmed Travis was “on the short list” for Kentucky if they see unexpected departures in the NBA Draft from any of Washington, Vanderbilt, and Wenyen Gabriel.

In fact, Tucker reports Kentucky may go after the talented forward transfer even if they lose just one of the three draft entries, and that battle will likely come down to the Cats and Duke.

With Travis not earning an NBA Combine invite, odds are good he returns to school and opts to transfer to a blue-blood school to compete for a national championship.

And I’m ready for yet another Coach Cal vs. Coach K battle.

This was his most recent NBA workout:

And highlights of his 29-point outing this season against USC:

Obviously the best-case scenario would be for all three Wildcats to return to school, but if we see a surprise, I don’t think Kentucky fans would mind the addition of Reid Travis in the slightest.

Matt Jones interviews Lexington TV personality Kenny Rice on Hey Kentucky!

Matt Jones interviews Lexington TV personality Kenny Rice on Hey Kentucky!

We’ve officially reached one of the biggest weekends of the year for the state of Kentucky, with Oaks being run earlier this afternoon and the Kentucky Derby running tomorrow.

Matt Jones and the Hey Kentucky! crew took the television show to Churchill Downs today to interact with the crowd and follow the big races. In the process, Matt caught up with legendary Lexington TV personality Kenny Rice, who decided to join him on the show.

Kenny and Matt talked about the Derby, wild outfits, Alan Cutler’s departure at LEX18, and much more.

Take a look below:

Drew Franklin joined Matt for the rest of the episode, where they talked about Denzil Ware’s transfer, UK Basketball, Matt Bevin, and more.

Take a look here:

Go Cats!